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  1. sorry to re-post; but here goes:

    Since I helped to start the Leetch discussion I’d like to clarify

    (1) Brian Leetch is and was the man and did not deserve to be benched. I want that to be clear and I’m not saying it “got us the Cup”; correlation is not causation…

    (2) More importantly, Keenan’s move, while risky, you could argue brought the team together (to paraphrase “Miracle…”maybe if they all hate him they’ll start hating each other…). Not the situation in ‘94 and not the situation now; but:

    (3) Accountability; it’s all I’m asking for- and we can argue and debate Torts’ style, both in coaching and press conference, er “demeanor” vis-a-vis AV. But, as a fan, and that’s all I am- I’m just looking for some accountability and team unity. Play like it means something.

    (4) Maybe, just maybe- that comes from the coach showing some tough love. As mentioned, shuffling lines now I don’t see as a real solution; but ice time can change. I see Zucc, Poulit and Brassard as being due and they seem to get better w/ more ice time (granted, no stats to back that up- bash me on that presumption if you will). Instead of having Nash in front of the net on the PP; put Boyle there. Richards should be 2nd unit on the PP. etc.

    (5) Give those guys the back seat that they have “earned”; look at SJ benching guys like Havlat and Kennedy (roughly 10% of their overall salary) in favor of Hertl and Nieto.

    (6) I’d rather go down playing with a scrappy, hungry team than a team that looks like it’s playing a step slow and with emotional temperament of a Stepford Wives. We all remember the early 2000’s (or dark ages in some unofficial Rangers history chronicles).

    (7) This team is the better team- this team can win. But it requires more; Gretzky said one of his realizations on what it took to win was when he saw the Islanders lockeroom after they lost to them in the Finals. There wasn’t a raucous celebration- it was guys having a workmenlike celebration and they were bandaged up beyond belief. This team needs to make a statement that it won’t take shifts off- that it’s talent isn’t just on paper (or that effort can stop and start in the final minute of the game).

  2. Papa, you’re aware of what was going on with Keenan through the conf. finals and the finals, right?

    those stories weren’t fabricated.

    Yes, give him full marks. He won the Cup. Bottom line. He very nearly sabotaged it. That’s a fact.

  3. What was going on with Keenan during the Finals?

    And- Carp; do you see last night as a lapse in effort or not?

  4. Kopitar, Crosby, Malkin, Parise all have ZERO goals and their series are tied or down 3-1. Nash isn’t the only underperforming “star”… but Nash is the laziest of the bunch.

  5. iManny-O-War on

    Mrs. Manny wasn’t happy with me. I told the baby if he love Philly so much he should live there. It was all in jest.

    Is that Kreider kid ever going to man up and play?

  6. You mean, that he was negotiating with Detroit AND St. Louis during those series? While also planning with Neil Smith how he could escape his contract? That he went nutso in the middle of the ECF and not only benched Leetch but refused to pull his goalie at the end of a loss? That his assistants had his agent call him between Games 6 and 7 of the finals just to get him off the practice ice because he had stopped adjusting? That he wanted to take the team from Vancouver to Lake Placid for a mini-camp between 6-7?

  7. Caps can fire whomever they want to fire. But, their problems won’t end until the dog Ovechkin gets traded or goes to the KHL.

  8. TrueBlue, not a complete lack of effort. Just not the effort they would probably put forth if they had been down 2-1 instead of up 2-1. Been a common factor with this team and the teams of the previous two seasons, too. IMO.

  9. iManny-O-War on

    Hey. Congrats to Capitals fans though. Really. Both those guys are garbage. I’m envious that they got to fire them.

    They might get their name on some trade lists now that players don’t refuse to go there.

  10. Wow- only that? That’s like a full-on Bridezilla right before the big day. Can a coach, under contract, even contact teams during the playoffs- not a lawyer but that seems like “tampering” and a breach of contract by Mike?

    Anyway, I hope they come out and play like they want to knock the stuffing out of Flyers tomorrow and play that way for 60 minutes or however long it takes. Doesn’t change being upset about last night- and now the prospect of playing an NBC game where I get to hear about “waffle-boarding” and “pitch-forking” and random anecdotes during play. And references to “Ed-zo’s” time with the Rangers where he continually has to remind his co-worker that he was a healthy scratch. Then we get treated to Anthony Michael Hall’s nephew along with a man who literally beat up a kid at a youth hockey game and poor Keith Jones who somehow has the patience to not just walk off set.

    Honestly, if anyone out there can figure out a way on TV to cut out the announcing feed while maintaining the feed of the sound of the game- I’d be forever grateful to know how it’s done.

  11. iManny-O-War on

    George McPhee should be working stock room at Kohls rather than anything near the NHL.

  12. (From last post)
    Carp, my point was that despite what Torts thought and demonstrated game in and game out, the rangers weren’t a two line team(and let’s be honest: by the playoffs, torts wasn’t using his third line much, so it’s really tough for me to see how you can say three lines). They had the soldiers to ice four lines, but not the coach with the stones to play a four line system. They were a deep team and torts never used that to his advantage. AV has shown he can roll 4 and that’s really been a strength of his system.

  13. iManny-O-War on

    I’ve actually tweeted at NBC about that idea true blue! I want on ice mics for the game instead of announcers. They can call it “expert” mode.

  14. Manny- that’s genius.

    Although, I’m sure the braintrust that puts those guys on the air probably wouldn’t understand why anyone wouldn’t want to hear about that time Emerick did something back in 1915- it was World War I and hockey pucks were in short supply….over to Edzo to talk about horse racing…oh, and it’s a GOAL!!!! (stated in a falsetto tone befitting a teenage boy).

  15. Cyrgalis in NY Post says McDonuts’ shoulder is fine. Cyrgalis is either blind or a fool.

  16. Coos- I’d believe that; I’d believe it’s not 100%…but last night it looked like his hand got hurt (I watched it in slo-mo a few times).

    Are you saying he hasn’t looked good all series?

  17. TrueB – he’s not his old self. He did get his glove caught, but, from his reaction, it sure looked like the shoulder rather than the hand.

  18. Always interesting when MSG and SalmonJoe go to five commercials, then we come back and find out there’s a power play taking place.

  19. Rob in Beantown on

    Good idea. You could push the SAP button for “Expert Mode.” Does hockey even have an SAP broadcast?

  20. The stones to use Rupp, Bickel and Mitchell — the last of whom you guys wanted out of here ASAP because he never scored? That’s a fourth line thaty should have played more?

    Tell me which of the No. 5 and 6 defensemen on that team should have been playing more.

  21. Yeah, but I find that they know when to turn that stuff off better than our friends at NBC.

    I did like that Sam’s first guess on the trivia question last night was “Brian Leetch” when the question specifically asked about “what Rangers forward…” It was a good guess- but; he wasn’t a forward so– wrong answer.

  22. All you need to know about the depth of this team and that is that this team’s fourth line would have been that team’s third line.

  23. Not sure I agree about McPhee and Kohl’s … drafted some pretty good players. Mucked up when he fired the best coach he ever had. Blew it with his goalies.

  24. SAP button for hockey is Senior Manuel Emericio- which is actually Mike Emerick trying to speak in Spanish; works about as well as his English announcing.

  25. Ovechkin, 51 goals, plays 100 feet, and they want him gone. Richie, 18 goals, plays 50 feet, usually flat-footed, and many here want him back. What’s wrong with this picture?

  26. Now that you guys got me to think about it … Rupp, Bickel, Mitchell, Prust, Boyle, Fedotenko, an underachieving Dubinsky, Eminger, Woywitka and a cast of thousands, half a season of no Staal … and 51 wins and 109 points. Hardly believable.

  27. Sure am aware, Carp.

    Heard and read it all before. Some of it probably true, some it probably not. But in fairness, I’ve also heard the writers and media had a real hard on for Keenan as well.

    And the truth is, It really doesn’t mean a hill of beans to me at all.

    Is there anyone who can definitively say that if Keenan had done anything differently, whether judged to be good or bad, the outcome would have been better than it was? So for me, benefit of doubt to Keenan.

    Saying he nearly sabotaged the Cup is an opinion which may
    be shared by many, but it’s still only an opinion nonetheless. Fact is, he didn’t.

    Team won the Cup in 94. Keenan was hired to win a Cup. He did what he was hired to do. The ends justifies the means.

  28. great point, coos. Ovechkin’s not perfect, but would you take those 50 goals on this team and live with whatever else there might or might not be? Or do we prefer the very imperfect 26 and 20 goal scorers?

  29. That’s fine Papa. But that’s totally unfair to suggest it’s a media creation. I don’t think anybody in the media — at least not anybody who was there every day, hated him. I sure didn’t. He was awesome for us and to us.

    That stuff I said above is all true, every bit of it.

    He nearly sabotaged that run. Fact.

  30. and I’m not saying you shouldn’t love Keenan unconditionally for what he ultimately accomplished. He deserves all the credit in the world for getting it done.

    but there is definitely a side of the story, a true story, that should be considered.

  31. I’ve seen Keenan interviewed 100 times, some of them in depth. Have yet to understand his fog of war. He seems vacant to me.

  32. I don’t think McD’s shoulder is 100% either. It hasn’t been long enough for him to fully recover. And if you look carefully, he is tentative oftentimes. He is cautious, trying not to re-injure it.

  33. What would Ovi command on the trade market? Kind of crazy to think about that- i.e. that he could be traded (doubt it would happen). But, what could a team offer- 1st round picks for three years and a % of the gate for home games?

    As inconsistent as Ovi can be- he’s big; you can’t teach that- and, properly motivated he doesn’t have to score to be effective (see complaints on Nash’s game as point of comparison- i.e. since he isn’t scoring he should be out there throwing his weight around more).

  34. Right ilb. He usually thinks 10% faster than the actual play on the ice. He’s now more tentative, like his mind is telling him what to do, but the body isn’t catching up. Not his fault, just obvious.

  35. Again, Carp, I very strongly disagree.

    He attempted to Sabotage the Cup run? He intended to *deliberately* destroy, damage or obstruct to gain an advantage?

    What advantage is it to Keenan that his team loses in the Cup Finals.

  36. It seems McDonugh is really fighting the puck when it’s in his skates, along the boards and at his feet. Puzzling to say the least.

  37. I clicked, I clicked! Everyone Pozy and click! Send Carp to California where he can report to us on the finals and enjoy some of eddie’s gracious fine dining offers.

  38. iManny-O-War on

    McPhee traded Forsberg for Erat. I think what Latie Carrera said, that there was a disconnect between coach and GM, was probably correct. I’m sure he was also hamstrung by the owners refusal to move Ovechkin.

    50 goals is great. But he hasn’t win. He doesn’t make anyone better. He doesn’t play defense. And there is no way he should be Captain.

    I would take him. But not as my tes center point to build around. It doesn’t work.

  39. Right, Papa. Before the shoulder, he was something of a consistent magician in those circumstances.

  40. iManny-O-War on

    Ovechkin is signed forever and he’s highly paid. I don’t know what he commands. I’m sure the KHL garbage scares people. Also, I think not a lot of GM’s want to deal with the ego. But he could probably get you a top ten pick.

    Maybe he brings back a legitimate goaltender and he gets traded to the Ducks to play under Boudreu again.

  41. If it’s between Nasher and Richie, Richie gets the train ticket, for reasons amany. See what I did there, ‘amany?’

  42. It’s one thing if Zherdev or Burmistrov goes to the KHL, but when a guy like Kovalchuckles leaves the game in his prime to go to the KHL, then you have to wonder aboot guys like OvechCANT. If new management doesn’t give him the treatment he’s used to, then what will his response be?

  43. iWicky "Where's my C"? on

    I think torts just needs his type of players to succeed. Probably why he never makes the playoffs first year with teams, he has to assimilate the roster with the right kind of players for his system.

    I don’t think AV makes the playoffs with that 11-12 roster, nor do I think torts would make it with this one.

  44. I clicked. I also rolled my eyes at “Rick wants to put his best foot forward on every shift”

    Just please don’t lose to the flyers.


  45. Torts on #19: “I love him, but I have to sit him down.” Truer words were never spoken, but it bought him a ticket out of town. Is Richie Dolan’s illegitimate son?

  46. Part of Torts’ problem was intimating that Sather didn’t give him the requisite horses.

  47. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Wicky – AV played a defensive grinding style when he was coaching Montreal. I think he would have done a good job with the 2011-12 rangers. He has shown the ability to compromise.

  48. AV too soon abandoned his fourth line in the third when the depleted Philthy D was most vulnerable to the fore-check.

  49. Shakespeare had Puck possession and all it resulted in was a Midsummer Night’s Dream.

  50. iWicky "Where's my C"? on

    Yep just like he did with the nucks. I don’t think he gets this team with its roster in.

  51. When the # 1 question debated by hard core fans is “what’s with the blatant lack of compete” in the superstar (ST) player;

    when the coach has to alibi for the the ST player during between game pressors by saying “he wants to put his best foot forward on every shift”;

    when the ST player coasts to the bench after completing a powerless shift of 20-25 seconds time and time again;

    when the ST player is rarely seen competing for loose pucks, skating hard on the back check, going to the dirty areas of the ice, following up his shot, getting to rebounds, screening the goalie;

    when the ST player fails to to score goals in 15 of 16 playoff games;

    when the ST player lacks fire and desire on the ice……

    can you win a playoff series?

  52. With all due respect to AV, Torts did motivate Nash to be Good during last years playoffs. :)

  53. I was there Papa. I saw it. He wasn’t deliberately trying to lose but his method & madness nearly brought that result. He was, in the end, bailed out by his assistants, his captains & his stars. Plus Matteau.

  54. Nash came advertised as a top 10 player.

    30 teams in the League.

    Does he crack the list of top 90 players?

  55. Linesman didn’t even have anything to say to Babcock because he knew Babcock was right.

  56. McPhee’s epitaph: Forsberg for Erat. The clock was ticking on him the second he got fleeced in that deal. Also, get with the program, NHL’s new “little darlin” Bruins DO NOT EMBELLISH. Jerome Iginla plays on that team…a little respect please.

  57. >>…cut out the announcing feed while maintaining the feed of the sound
    >>of the game

    I would honestly pay extra for that feature.

  58. Well team USA under 18 good medal game vs Czechs tomorrow at noon. In case you were wondering. They’ve outshot opponents 250-104 in the tourney. And they lost a game too. We will be fine tomorrow. King style.

  59. _Somebody ought to cross check that loser Lucic in the face._

    Why bother, you’re only going to break your stick.

  60. Are you too small when you have 8 or nine guys who can’t see over the steering wheel?

  61. If Wings had Zetterberg from the start, I think this would have been a longer series.

  62. Boston had better take note. Habs only Canadian team still standing and there are many who want them to CONTINUE standing.

  63. ThisYearsModel on

    CARP–You think Ryan Garbutt can afford that $1400 fine for the Perry Spear, or will he have to ask Jamie Benn for a loan?

  64. I really hope Florida or the Coyotes get shipped up to Quebec City. QUE-MTL games would be awesome!

  65. Commonly referred to as the ‘wattle.’ As in “wattle I do if you leave me flat?”

  66. Fearless Fosdick detectives in Toronto replay room should be watched closely during Habs/Bruins series. Guess which way the room is tilted.

  67. Okay, let’s try it THIS way:

    Fearless Fos(richard) detectives in Toronto replay room should be watched closely during Habs/Bruins series. Guess which way the room is tilted.

  68. right, ’cause cally never helped change momentum in our favor with a big play or big hit…let’s judge him solely on his tampa performance. cool…

  69. You can’t have both Cally *AND* Saint Looey. One is a scorer and the other is a 3rd liner. Which one do you want right now? I want Saint Looey.

    If NYR lose this series, it’s not going to be cause Cally’s not on the team. He’s not a game breaker, never was and never will be. *That* is why he’s not worth that big disgusting contract he thinks he deserves.

  70. It would almost be pathetic for Cally to sign with NYR at this point. After everything that happened, the tough negotiations, getting traded. I can’t see him crawling back to Sather and accepting his final offer.

  71. iManny-O-War on

    Milbury says Lucic will fight ANYONE. Backs it up with a video of him fightin Prust. What an idiot Milbury is.

  72. “Just shoot the fuggin puck, Dubinky. 2 on 1 just shoot!”

    I see he hasn’t lost all of the Ranger blood in him.

  73. ThisYearsModel on

    When do the local announcing teams bow out in favor of all national coverage? Is it after this round or next? The thought of Jack Edwards and Andy Brickley calling another Boston-Montreal series is way too tempting to listen to Doc and Pierre.

  74. What a bull siht call in the last 5 minutes of a 1 goal game 5 of a 2-2 playoff series.

    *These NHL refs are absolutely brutal*

  75. Net front presence
    Garbage goals

    It’s not rocket science people.

    Can we just get some bodies to the net and traffic in front of Mason. To me the prettiest goal of the series was the first one. Zucc picking up some loose change. C’mon.

  76. Wake up, coffee at 8:30 ✅
    Take care of the 8:45’er ✅
    Get to 9:45 Mass and pray for Victory ✅
    Back Home, Get POZY ✅
    Ranger Victory ✅

  77. Be sure to get there early so you can get a good seat in back. Church may be the only place that fills up from back to front.

  78. Dave Maloney… “Nash needs to play with more determination, but I’m not sure it’s in him. He’s the Big Easy out there.”

    Amen, Dave.

  79. Reginald Dunlop on

    Hey Carp………..think George ends up in Calgary with Burkie…………..previous history there……

  80. This series reminds me of NYR vs Baby Buffaloes in 07.

    Down 2-0, NYR goes back home, wins two big games, leads in game 5 on the road, then they blow it in the final seconds and lose in OT. Then NYR loses their first home game of the playoffs and gets eliminated.

    Could happen to the Wild just like that!

  81. Officials “not trying to dictate the outcome of games” is basically dictating the outcome of games. Just make the calls!

  82. Sharks could be in trouble. Although, they blew a 3-0 lead to DET several seasons back and won Game 7.

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