Game 4: Rangers at Flyers … It’s Go Time!


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Rangers at Flyers.


Rangers alumni were invited to ring the Liberty Bell in Philly today. Yeah, right. NYC is the only city in the world that continues to honor Mr. Snider and his gang.

Ya boys have an opportunity to go up 3-1 in the series … but …

The Rangers look to go ahead in a playoff series by more than one game for the first time since they led Washington 3-1 in 2009 — a series they would lose. Since they they have had nine one-game leads, this being the ninth, and in the previous eight, they lost the next game to get back to even.

There have already been 23 come-from-behind wins in this crazy first round, including eight two-goal deficits and one three-goal deficit. Pittsburgh-Columbus is the first series in history in which the first four games were won by teams that wiped out a deficit of two goals or more.

One of the best road teams in the league, the Rangers were 6-1-2 on the road to end the season, and tied for the Eastern lead with 25 regular-season road wins. Visiting teams are 9-6 in the Eastern playoffs, 1-15 in the West.

Steve Mason starts in goal for the Flyers, after recovering from a likely concussion, against Henrik Lundqvist. Alain Vigneault said there will be no lineup changes for the Rangers, which means J.T. Miller, Jesper Fast, Justin Falk, Raphael Diaz and Ryan Haggerty are prucha’d. Chris Kreider (hand surgery) skated with the extras today, but remains out indefinitely.

Claude “the Friendly Ghost” Giroux guaranteed victory for the Flyers, BTW.


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  1. The peripatetic Brad Richards soliloquising grande eloquence (?) again, this time on 98.7. Boy do get around.

  2. The one thing I think we have going for us is Mason hasn’t played in a while and the guy was having trouble completing a practice last week.

  3. coos, leave the Golden Boy alone, – let him play without distraction of your “soliloquies(isms.” for hockey’s Gods sake…

  4. I’ll say it again. I really, really hate the Flyers. Lip flapping, gum smacking, cheap shotting team full of loser, wife beating, dog kicking gingers.

    I hate em, really.

  5. 4ever!!! Long time to chat….we need to catch up

    Seee, don’t sugar coat it, tell us how you really feel….

  6. I’m kind of worry for physical condition of our guys after this game. I have a gut feeling…about coming happening.

  7. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Melrose – “right now Pittsburg is a fragile team”


    Rangers vs BJs

    Rangers, home ice

  8. inthearmsofbrianboyle on

    Taxi for Ja Ruh.

    Sweet result for me an you.

    Echo Eddie’s skilled-centre-favorite will be the *big* difference tonight.

  9. Bylsma is going to get fired…He’s lost the team…

    He knows hockey and is a good guy…but he sure didn’t rise to the occasion in the Olympics…

  10. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Grab yer hat , put the kids to bed cuz this is gonna be a real ring a ding dong dandy!!! Our team is UP and we will take no prisoners, I GREGARENTEE this game folks!!!


    That’s right folks this game is GREGAREENTEED and my record is pritty dam good!!!!

    SO LETS DO THIS!!!!!


  11. Boyler needs to oil his joints a la The Tin Man, especially the wrist areas. Go Boyler!!!

  12. Jim Cerny ?@JimCerny 10m
    some dude wearing bright orange fedora really was giving it to Brian Boyle during warmups, Boyler glanced over and chuckled

  13. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on




  14. This game is going to be all about the Rangers counter-attack. Definitely need to capitalize on the odd-man rushes since I expect us to be pinned in the zone most of the game.

    Definitely need a good PP showing as well.

  15. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    This game is GONNA BE DIRTY!!!!


    Someone is gonna get tossed!~!!!

    I see goon people.

  16. Stranger Nation on

    Just need to make their D make plays. Use speed to put pressure on their D. Make their D carry the puck especially Grossman, he has been awful

  17. inthearmsofbrianboyle on

    Al: “Wonder what the Ranger fan is gonna do with the Philly towel tonigt”

    Go figure…

  18. you all have drunk the Kool-aid and now rinaldo is the new carcillo….Huh….He got the hat and all and I’m trying, but I’m still not totally buying….

  19. For the record: The Empire State Building is not lit up orange. That’s just the lights bouncing off Duguay’s shirt.

  20. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Momma love is a gooood thing!!! ALRIGHT!!!!


    Hank has never won the go ahead game in the playoffs , 10 -0 TONIGHT Hank will be the MAN!!!!

    RANGERS = Class ( minus Carcillo)

    Flyers = SCUM

  21. An ant that found its way into one of DooGaay’s “dress” shirts could have itself a wonderful psychedelic Hawaiian vacation for a limited time.

  22. Heads have checked in. We have a packed house and this place is rockin !

    LGR !!!


  23. Pat Leonard ?@PLeonardNYDN 2m
    Considering Flyers’ chatter this AM, you should know tonight’s officiating crew: Gord Dwyer, Dan O’Halloran, David Brisebois & Jonny Murray

    Figure this will probably come in handy multiple times during tonight’s game…

  24. We’re not rough and we’re not tough
    But, we’re sophisticated, and that’s enough.

  25. Why all this talking? This series will go back to MSG all tied up at two. You heard/read/saw it here first.

  26. Go to Doctor Emrick, he’s a good one

    Is red not the appropriate color? I will have to seek Doctor Emrick’s medical diagnosis.

  27. @rangersreport

    New game, new rulebook. Rinaldo does a swan dive … suddenly that’s not a penalty any more.

  28. imagine the goals froloaf couldve scored with all the extra room behind the net now? oh boy he wishes he was still here now.

  29. The wraparound is a lost art. Maybe it will see a revival with the extra room behind the net.

  30. and the Rangers take advantage of the odd man rush. Critical goal as the Flyers will have to take risks.

  31. Dan Rosen ?@drosennhl 14s
    Brian Boyle got a blocked shot and an assist on Dominic Moore’s goal.


  32. We are going to the Great Eight!!! Which means it can’t be that great

    Carp still says “ya boys”
    I don’t expect him to say my boys or our boys, but how about at least the boys, so he shows some ownership of this maserati

  33. Just because of a sharks shirt he passes up back seat wrestling? WEAK, and unrealistic

  34. @rangersreport

    Even if you have no rooting interest — other than being a Flyers fan — you should be happy for anything good that happens to D. Moore.

  35. I hope Carcillo gives the fans another chance to reminisce about the “11 Alive” commercials

  36. Did NYR say anything publicly about the Read hit? Slats, AV, somebody, anybody should have spoken out, taking a fine if necessary. Shame on them.

  37. I forgot who said it but Adam Hall is a dead ringer for Chris Pronger indeed! Doppelgänger!

  38. Why the hell was he down. Lindqvist is a shadow of his former self. It’s all down from here.

  39. I heard some comments about the Reade hit on NHL radio the other day. Basically, the unwritten rule is that a player like Carcillo doesn’t count, unless he was seriously injured. If that was Rick Nash, there would have been a 10 game suspension. That’s Toronto for you.

  40. ThisYearsModel on

    You know……..there is no way this should be a series at all. If this goes long it is a major choke job by the rangers.

  41. Watch a video of him two or three years ago and you’ll see. He looks completely uncomfortable now.

  42. “Can’t keep missing on all these shots…”

    If the Orange Crud crest were a dart board, Zucc’s shot would have been a bullseye.

  43. Maybe they should stop shooting low? Or go five hole. I thought mason had a weak five hole.

  44. every time he gives up a goal we hear about how awful he is. In five-six years he will still be one of the top half dozen goalies in the game.

  45. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Rangers are getting some nice odd man rushes…expect at least two, 2 on 1 goals.

  46. ask yourself this instead of calling hank a shell of himself. which goalies playing now or on teams that made the playoffs( like bishop) that you would rather have on the rangers?

  47. why does nash turn into the boards there instead of moving down the boards with the puck?

  48. ThisYearsModel on

    Nash got a head shot on that charge by Schenn. The trainer is working on his neck.

  49. Carp he’s a good goalie, but in no way should that goal have gone in. He went down early and didn’t even follow the puck well. Imo that was a weak goal. I hope he plays good but he looks unconfident.

  50. Brassard and Moore’s line are going.

    Steps and Richards lines need to pick it up.

  51. Any time you think Hanks is a problem, be thankful you’re not a Flyers fan. They go through goalies like Duguay goes through awful shirts.

  52. Romeo I tend to think that’s because they always point to goaltending as the issue. I’m not saying it hasn’t, but I never heard them complain about the terrible defense they had a lot of times.

  53. I in no way shape or form think hank is a/the problem but an apple is still an apple and a not great goal is still a not great goal

  54. At least the defense looks good. Speed game looks good and controlling the game looks good. Hope Nash doesn’t get decapitated and scared of going to the cage and hopefully the boys start communicating with each other. Too many guys having trouble finding the puck.

    Also, the ice looks soaking wet and awful.

  55. To All,

    We Dominated with speed, skill and quickness.

    If they Keep playing the same.

    The Goals will come in bunches.

    And We’ll get at least 5.

    Book It.

    Love, Papa Bear.

  56. Mason looks on tonight (after the softie) — Rangers will have to do more than shoot and hope.

  57. Stranger Nation on

    Dan Girardi absolutely slammed Simmonds behind goal early and we didn’t hear much more from him all period.

  58. Mason is outplaying Hank? I think they both want do-over on those goals?

    Come to think of it, when was the last time Hank gave up a wraparound?

  59. “Mason looks on tonight (after the softie)—Rangers will have to do more than shoot and hope.”

    Norm, don’t mess with tradition.

  60. It wasn’t a good goal on J. Moops part or on Lundqvist’s part. Probably not the last bad goal he will give up in the next seven years.

  61. Stranger Nation on

    McD is obviously hurt and playing below usually excellence, but still able to play his position well. Getting beat to the outside a lot and that has nothing to do with a shoulder…

  62. BickelsPickle on

    Richards just texted me and asked me to make reservations to the country club for next weekend.

  63. >>…wheres nash??? will this guy ever get a playoff goal??

    Perhaps at some point in time, but not in this year’s playoffs.

  64. i think weve all been spoiled by hank honestly. myself included. hes not gonna get any better or faster. lets just hope he doesnt drop off tremendously tremendous

  65. My Rinaldo just texted me ………said he’s ” doing fine, swimming freely in the swamps of Jersey. Don’t wait up”

  66. >>Hank was a little unlucky with the way that puck came off the boards…

    That’s exactly the reason why I said it was a lucky bounce.

  67. Grabby, if Hank were to win another Vezina, would it be safe to say he got better than he was this year?

  68. I meant if Hank were to win another Vezina in the future, not this year. I don’t think it’s a stretch that he could win again.

  69. BTW, just watched the Philly goal again.

    *Nash coasting on the back check, never picked up Reade.*

  70. Grabby, I’ve erased that Boston series from my memory bank. Nash’s 1 goal probably doesn’t even count in NHL records.

  71. ThisYearsModel on

    Henrik coasting post to post, didn’t stop Read. Department of Player Safety corrupt, should have suspended Read. THE KREIDER in the pressbox, should have parachuted down to stop Read.

  72. im not a hank hater ok. i love when he can win a game all by himself. im just a tad unsure of him since the beginning of the season.

  73. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Reporter – “coach Sutter, what’s your game plan?”

    Darryl Sutter – “hoobie Doobie wubba tubba rubba roo”

  74. Timonen made a good diving pokecheck…so naturally, he should’ve got a penalty for slashing.

  75. Carp, aren’t the Kings one loss away from the golf course? That reminds of when Gaborik scored 40 goals and Rangers didn’t even make the playoffs.

  76. who said that Nash made a lousy back check on the goal? … absolutely correct. Didn’t notice that until Joe just showed that replay.

  77. Um, I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again…hockey is a team sport….there are supposed to be five guys doing their job too…

  78. Steve Zipay ?@stevezipay 2m
    RT @mikemorrealeNHL: Read on his goal: “[Akeson] told me he meant to do that, throw the puck behind the boards, and it came right to me”

  79. I still don’t think whacking it at the net’s going to get it done. Mason is covering low.

  80. Flyers are literally playing nothing. But why do I have the feeling they’ll get the next goal?

  81. romeo- yea i love hank man, i just wish i had the confidence i had in him 2 years ago. but sure im not saying he wont put up a better season from here on out. i hope he does. i’m not gonna bash hank or anything if we lose the game or even the series. the guy has done enough in my book to have his # retired.

  82. Even when NYR power play performing well, it never looks as threatening as when a team is on the power play against us.

  83. 4generations 4 cups on

    i really dont understand, the amount of diving going on in this game is really pitiful. how is it possible the rangers were called for diving this series and not the flyers? shameful

  84. The Flyers are diving all over the place and the Rangers are standing around get scored on…wow!

  85. Boric heck and girioux have combined for over a dozen dives, and they complain about the pens.

  86. I am about to go off on one of my Nash rants.

    Please, don’t let me.

    I pray for restraint.

  87. and guys im not getting on hank ok, but you cannot expect him to steal every game anymore. we really do need some offense to help out every single game now. those 1-0 days are over

  88. Another one of those lulls where it doesn’t look like the rangers can ever possibly score again

  89. Rangers just need to keep pressing and get in masons face. They are down defenseman and it’s not like it’s their strong point.

  90. “The only way girardi doesn’t shoot wide is if it’s blocked”

    Or if it goes in NYR’s own net.

  91. On Flyers PP, every player looked like they were about to shoot. No NYR looked like he wanted to shoot.

  92. The Rangers looking like they are not scoring again tonight. Too bad I do think they are a much better team but we constantly have to endure this inability to put anyone away.

  93. Bruins win a game in OT with a triple deflection. Why can’t NYR ever get a goal like that?

  94. Carp make some phone calls and get word to Alain that the Rangers need to hit the net to score a goal.

  95. LOL at Lundqvist! I guess he was thinking about the worst possible decision he could make with the puck.

  96. Guys we ae ranger fans accept it they are coming back 2-2 and the only way they win it is in 7. Just the nature of the sweater.

  97. 98% = the chance That, when handling the puck, Lundquist will put the puck on the oppositions stick

  98. Not my boy … but he just made a pretty good save on a deflection. That’s what I saw.

    Stralman’s back BTW.

  99. The five guys in front of the goalie are going to commit errors and must be able to rely on their Olympic Gold and Vezina-winning goalie to pick them up.

  100. Latona, I didn’t have lunch today but just ordered a good dinner…belated points for our boys I hope?

  101. hank just did alain. hes been fine. the 2nd goal was unstoppable. this game should be 3-1 rangers if nash would show up

  102. NYR have an entire intermission to draw up a power play.

    I’ve got $5 on Philly scoring shorthanded.

  103. I don’t know what’s going on with Nash. He looks to have regressed.

    Plenty of opportunities for the good guys. Just need a short span where the bounces go our ways. 4-on-3 is a MUST SCORE.

  104. iWicky "Where's my C"? on

    Apparently we are lacking some size/playable toughness/intimidation judging from the comments

  105. Nash is 7.8 mil dollar penalty killer. Our pp is the story outside of mason who yes has played well but it’s not like he’s making acrobatic saves.

    My dad Internet sucks therefore my lack of posts.

    Can someone tell me why we have 4 or 5 lefties on pp at once,

    Never freaking easy.

  106. Swear I’d rather see our fourth line on the PP with Girardi and McD. All would crash the net, keep the puck in, get back if necessary, and bite!

  107. To build on Eric’s point, the Rangers are not making Mason move. The Phlyers have effectively taken away the cross ice, east-west type passing. Have to get the puck in deeper and cycle.

    Also, the Phlyers PK is playing a HUGE box. Need to get in behind the two forwards.

  108. Rangers West on

    So are we trading everyone for 3rd round picks or are they playing well and just need a few good bounces?Center ice blackout strikes again. Makes me want to subscribe for cable and get a TV.

  109. Eric

    Nash is 7.8 mil dollar penalty killer who cost us Dubi, Artie and a # 1 pick.

  110. Admiral Akbar on

    As I said 2 days ago:

    Mason will steal game 4, look like a hero/miracle.

    Well, boys and girls, looks like this game is following the Script PERFECTLY!

  111. dom moore has more goals than nash. daniel mother carcilling carcillo has more goals than nash. hanka hanka will play the puck to a ranger faster than nash will score. pierre mcguire will sprout a lone follicle on his blind melon faster than nash will score

  112. At the game here in Philthy. Some observations.

    Nash is floating around as are most of the forwards except MSl , zuc and the fourth line.

    Most of the shots on goal are poor quality and right in the bread basket.

    Flyers are not exactly world beaters out there either. They are ripe for the taking but only if the Rangers turn up their play. Very disappointing effort for a playoffs.

  113. Admiral Akbar on

    Apparently, Captain JahRoo may have his Philthies back up his game 4 guaranteed win.

  114. yes i do have an agenda against nash. i want my 8 million dollar 1st liner to score a goal maybe once in awhile. if thats too much to ass then i’m very sorry!!

  115. Scott Arniel: “Instead of taking advantage of all the space in the offensive zone a 4-on-3 provides, let’s set up with two guys at the blue line!”

  116. Garbage Power Play with as little desperation as a team could muster…that was how you work a PP in practice during pre-season.

    Rangers won’t win this one. They don’t want to step it up. Again, this team doesn’t have an iota of killer instinct.

    Oh, well…on to Game 5

  117. iManny-O-War on

    This just doesn’t look like it’s turning around. Rangers are on a downhill decline. Steady.

  118. iManny-O-War on

    Rangers are really lucky that they are a fortunate bounce away from tying this. They look god awful.

  119. Admiral Akbar on

    They are lucky —

    I can’t say either team is playing particularly well.

    But the Philth have cashed in on their few opportunities and have used their goonery to slow the game down. Simplified.

  120. i don’t see this game being tied.
    not showing anything close to an effort i’ve seen in other playoff games (i.e. blues or avs when they came back)

    worse than a tied series
    is to hear how philthy cap’s boast came true
    and how goalie is a vezina candidate cuz he so darn good.

  121. ok
    i guess negativity is supposed to be followed by an apology for negativity.
    there you go

  122. Absolutely disgusting that they wait til the last minute to start showing some desperation.

  123. Why isn’t anyone complaining about AV not “motivating” his players? Wasn’t that a theme with Torts?

  124. Maybe if they had started this level of play even 5 minutes earlier we’d have tied….morons.

  125. Hey Gravy,

    how are you gonna defend Nash now. Did his head feel better that last shift. The guy is a dog.

  126. 3 high Priced Stars Who Should Apologize to Their Teammates:

    1. Di-ck Nash
    2. st. Louise.
    3. Secretariat.

  127. iManny-O-War on

    We lost because of an ineffective PP and because we got knocked off our game, which was dominating, somewhere around the middle of the 2nd period.

  128. I hereby institute the “Claude Rains” award which goes to a Ranger after a game in which that particular player does not show up to play. For those of you under 50 Claude Rains was a British actor from the 1930s through the 1960s and one of his most famous movies was in an adaptation of an H.G. Wells novel, “The Invisible Man.” Hence my first Claude Rains Award goes to Rick Nash who looks like he is going to be the latest in a long line of overpaid Ranger busts. Wasn’t he signed to come up big in a game like tonight’s?

  129. CraigWeather on

    Difference in this series could EASILY be attributed to the NO SHOW of Rick Nash! Want evidence? Look at his dominating shift with less than 2 minutes to go… But where the F was he the rest of the game? Dominic Moore is supposed to be our penalty killer (and he scored) so don’t give me that crap that he’s “contributing elsewhere”!!!! We got him to be the elite power forward he was advertised as/a guy who could take over a game. He turns it on when he wants to (game against Columbus, anyone?!) and I’m SICK of it. Some superstar he is…. gutless.

  130. Carp

    i’m bummed out now
    i’m sure not going anywhere near the Ledge
    this (disinterested) bag of players
    don’t deserve
    causing me that much action

  131. btw folks
    don’t get confused by
    the anger of
    lower case jpp
    the anger, bummed outness
    the one and only

  132. How do you lose two games out of four to a clearly inferior team? Outgoaltended again- Rangers are only team to put 40 shots on net and you have to search for a true great save by the other goalie- our guy let the Flyers back in the game with that soft first goal (often saving his best saves to preserve deficits). No way to hide it- series is a dog- virtually every other series is more intense, exciting, playoff hockey.

  133. I think you guys are dead-on about how dominant Nash looked on those last two shifts … and why he can’t do that at least a few more times in each game.

  134. Gary Thorne: “DO! YOU! BELIEVE IT! [Giroux] said we will win Game Four and he got flattened by a midget and took a dive!”

  135. Nash needs to be alot better but they miss the speed and size of Krieder on that line plain and simple. Carcillo as a 2nd line winger is pathetic.

  136. CARP, especially interesting is that Nash dominated those last two shifts with the Flyers in an entirely defensive posture.

  137. iWicky "Where's my C"? on

    Someone here kept saying this would be a 2-2 series after 4 games…now what blogfather might that have been???

  138. MSG loves the fact the rangers can’t dictate play on their own, being self-motivated. They love these 7 game series. I mean this company milks 4 sponsors out of the pre and post games. Ever notice how they’ve had two differently named post games the last couple years. Rangers post game, and Rangers extra. Sponsored by different brands. Now they’ve don’t the same thing with the hour long pre-game. And I’m sure they think they are genius doing it.

    Its funny man. What makes hockey second rate today, is not the game. It is the coverage. And I don’t mean you or Gross, Carpy. Its the shills, its the unqualified covering the sport.

  139. NYR sure lose a lot more games in which they are the better team than they do win games in which they are the worse team.

  140. Nash didn’t get it done.

    Again…..Bottom Line.

    Ranger fans want to see him get it done.

    Not disappear all game until the final shift.

    No moral victories with last shift effort.

    This is the NHL. Not Pee-Wees

    Just results.

    That’s what Ranger fans would like to see from Nash.

  141. Reginald Dunlop on

    Read scores and shouldnt even be in game……..dwyer calls a tap penalty with no embellishment………..the officiating is as poor as ever…….but this team stopped getting pucks to net and stopped going to net…..still lacking 60 minute effort from all

  142. Onecupin74yearsandcounting on

    I can’t remember the last time the rangers scored a tying goal in the waning seconds of a playoff game, but I remember them giving them up esp against NJ in 94

  143. Yessir, Reg. Officiating at a clown level now. Rangers gave it a good 20, then a so-so 38. Then got desperate for two.

  144. “I can’t remember the last time the rangers scored a tying goal in the waning seconds of a playoff game, but I remember them giving them up esp against NJ in 94”

    I’ll give you a hint.. NEEEEEIGGGGHHHHHHHH!

  145. What a freaking horror show. The pp is so anemic it is now 3-20 in series. We said it would cost us at some pt and now it is.

  146. im not angry at all. Im used to this as a ranger fan. You’d be crazy if you let things you can’t control make you mad or let control you.

    Im like the monk that says to themselves, ‘oh, is that so’, but for the sake of keeping things real, I air it out.

    Doesn’t bother me though.

    I feel for guys who live for it and their moods the next and so forth are effected by the way their team plays.

    I feel for my dad.. My dad spent the 1st OT intermission and the matteau goal in the shower, cuz he couldn’t watch them lose.

    I actually got him back into hockey, well the team did, but he started watching again only in 2010-2011, the year Dubi and Staal had big years. And even now, he gets really frustrated at the swing of the level of play of the rangers. I’ve tried telling him, its across the board in sports, thats the way athletes are now. Very few teams, very few teams, know what it takes and put in what it takes to be dominant.

    So yeah, don’t confuse my tone with anger. Especially if Im speaking to you. Im not angry at you

  147. what kills me is there are plenty of soft star players who can find the back of the net atleast

    why cant nash just get the finding the net part right

  148. When they hitting gets rough the Rangers become very meek. they played the first 15 minutes and then after that they look like crap throughout the whole game . Who on the Rangers checked tonight you an’t control neutral ice just for one pperiod and expect to win. The Claude Raines invisible man award could be given to a few other players along with Nash. Our pp had no purpose. No chasing the net. No screen shots. We were playing keep away with ourselves.

  149. Nash also dogged his back-check on the Reade goal. Once Moore committed to the player streaking down the middle, Nash needed to get to his check coming up the weak side which was Reade.

  150. ThisYearsModel on

    This series should be over. Instead, the outcome is in doubt. Oh well. Maybe it speaks to how the team has improved that we get out goalied now and then. Used to be the goalie was the only guy we had.

  151. How did we get out-goalied? Half the NYR shots were logo bullseyes, and both PHI goals resulted from terrible coverage, and the first one was aided by a deflection off Klein which redirected perfectly to Read, who should have been suspended tonight. Mason was fine, not spectacular.

  152. No, Papa. Go ahead and direct it. you’re absolutely correct tonight. I didn’t even take it as directed at me.

  153. Stranger Nation on

    Chitown – St. Loo: wow, what a series – that’s what playoff hockey should be, not that drivel we saw tonite…Woof!

  154. Let’s face it. Without Carcillo and Dorsett, (and they’re not enough) we would be run off the ice by a tough team, even if we do win every other game.

  155. And as for Sather, Dorsett was a throw in and Carcillo was a scrambling afterthought who wouldn’t even be here had Dorsett not been injured.

  156. Stranger Nation on

    The PP is horrible – Richards should not be out there the whole time. over 7 minutes of PP time and what? zero, zippy, zilch

  157. Stranger Nation on

    So the rules are you are not allowed to touch Jah Rue or a penalty is called? What a joke.

  158. The other teams I’ve been watching during this playoff season would all beat Philthy in 4.

  159. Have we learned yet that you can do anything you want after the whistle? Other than #15 and #13, we are pleasant catchers.

  160. I’d just as soon have Bickel standing in front of the net on the PP as have Richie tossing the puck around the outfield.

  161. Filthy has an AHL worthy Defense.

    We were flying and definitely owned the puck in the 1st period.

    But, I really don’t recall whether we had any open shots from the slot area?

    We scored on a wrap around.

    It seems that no one passed or carried the puck into the slot.

    That’s weak.

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