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  1. iWicky "Where's my C"? on

    Rumour has it the Gatorade cooler is filing a suit against the nhl for allowing that blindsided hit by dubi.

  2. If you all remember, Dubi was a maddening player in New York; he showed the grit & determination and some skill but he never was consistent. Took dumb penalties at times, took games off it seemed, running around trying to hit guys. With CBJ, he seems to have matured, got the A on his sweater and is one of their leaders. Is never going to be a 30 goal scorer but a solid 2/3 centerman

  3. I haven’t watched Dubi much this season,other against our boys and in these playoffs. Dubi didn’t stand out too much against the NYR so I see what you’re saying, Carp. Still like him and his grit but Cally is a better player than Dubi, you’re right!

  4. I remember Herb Brooks giving Barry Beck the C and explaining how sometimes a guy needs that push.

    (probably didn’t make Dave Maloney too happy).

  5. iWicky "Where's my C"? on

    Excellent. I’ll ask Dave about beck getting the “C” from brooks during the chat.

  6. iWicky "Where's my C"? on

    Nothing like trying to schedule a hundred plus employees and your scheduling computer system has taken a huge Rinaldo for the past 3 days

  7. Orr,

    Young Dubi was still learning and developing with the Rangers. Different player now.

    Honestly, since the Cup team, I don’t recall any Ranger forward playing in the playoffs at the level that Dubi is playing this Pittsburg series. And that includes Jaromir the Great, Nash and all the other Superstars / Mercenaries.

  8. Dubi and Voros after every game on the back of the bus or plane talked about where they would go drinking and getting drunk. He was young but that was a behind the scene issue.

  9. Not that Major League Baseball is a stalwart of credibility but consider the following:

    MLB gave Michael Pineda a longer suspension for trying to doctor a baseball than the NHL gave Matt Cooke for trying to end a careeer.

    The National Hockey League: Not a sport, a running gag.

  10. Rob, 10 games is mandatory for the rule he violated. No discretion permitted.

    Meanwhile, the umpires will only “investigate” these types of infractions during the game if and only if the other team complains, even though the umpires may heave personal observed the suspicious activity.

  11. meanwhile the National Hockey League, suffering from the most brutal bout of amnesia on record as result of the ratification of a new CBA a year ago has no recollection of the dozen or so times Matt Cooke has committed what amounts to felonies while wearing a hockey jersey and decided he deserves a stiff slap on the wrist.

  12. Lloyd, just as bad, we all know the “unintentional” blind-side drive-by shoulder to the unsuspecting Carcillo’s jaw from Read would have been at least a 5 games suspension if it was committed against Sydney Crosby.

  13. Papa,

    Oh absolutely. If that was Carcillo hitting Crosby that way, which in all probability would send him into outer space for the next 9-18 months, Carcillo is facing Nuremberg-levels of punishment right now.

  14. I think the B’s are the toughest team in the East but I think John Amirante would stomp the tar out of Rene Rancourt.

    Book it.

  15. When Rancourt passes away, a Volkswagen with twelve clowns and four vampires in it parks in front of the Wake and all jump out.

  16. I just saw that Montreal swept Tampa Bay, 4-0. Based on the stats, former captain Ryan Callahan was almost invisible in the series. 0 goals, 0 assists, 5 shots on goal in 4 games despite averaging over 20 minutes of ice time per game.

  17. That 10 game suspension is mandatory in the minors, not the majors.

    Pineda did not attempt to doctor a baseball. He had on his neck the same foreign substance that all other pitchers use. It is an unwritten rule that teams do not report pitchers for using pine tar because teams don’t want the blow back on their own pitchers for using it.

  18. Callahan didn’t really do himself any favors in pursuit of that huge contract he’ll try to sign this summer (hopefully not in New York)

  19. Didn’t umpires at one time check baseballs if they suspected “foreign substances?”

  20. call it what you will, “Alain Amour” but MLB suspended him for trying to doctor a baseball. that the dummy was stupid enough to get away with it once and go about the same thing again against the very same team tells me he’s dumb enough to deserve a suspension.

  21. He did not “get away with it once” because it is an accepted practice in baseball.

  22. An accepted practice is rolling through a Stop Sign. Until you’re ticketed for it. Tell it to the judge that it’s ‘accepted.’

  23. I just realized Michael Pineda wasn’t suspended because covering your hand and neck with pine tar is an accepted practice and I hallucinated the whole thing.

  24. I love the Baseball experts (writers and analysts) who excuse the use of pine tar bt a pitcher as “only grip enhancing” and not really used to affect the flight of the ball. Oh really?

    I thought how well you are able to grip the ball is a major component of how fast you can throw your fastball or how well you can break off a curveball.

  25. common sense would suggest that both causing the ball to stick to your hand and adding weight to one area of the ball would effect its flight but Pineda wasn’t really suspended so who am I to question it

  26. He was suspended because one team broke the unwritten rules.

    You can drive through stop signs that have no markings on the back without penalty. Think before you type.

  27. Gaylord Perry won over 300 games and struck out over 3500 batters with the aid of ‘foreign substances.’ The ball danced and was almost un-hittable. Don’t tell me it was simply ‘grip enhancement!’

  28. Jon Lester used a foreign substance in the World Series last year.

    Are we going to question every pitcher that has ever used pine tar to get a better grip of the baseball?

    That would be insane.

  29. No BS….

    I just heard a radio sports guy on 710 AM excuse Pineda saying he may have been using pine tar so he wouldn’t hit any batters in the head. So, It was because he was concerned for hitter safety.

    Do these analyst listen to what they say and are paid for their ridiculous commentary?

  30. “So, It was because he was concerned for hitter safety.”

    Hitters use pine tar so that the bat does not fly out of their hands. Safety.

  31. @LightningTimes

    Agent for Ryan Callahan said every report his client has given him about the Lightning is ‘positive,’ and team ‘in the mix’ for next season

    (I imagine he hasn’t yet told Whyzerman he wants 6x$6.5M.)

  32. If the team was so concerned with Pineda’s use of pine tar, why don’t they turn in their own pitchers for using it?

  33. Papa,

    That’s about as absurd as thinking pine tar doesn’t have any effect on a baseball.

  34. Gaylord Perry’s training regiment consisted of Reingold and Raisinets. Guy was a physical specimen. You don’t see as many doughy pitchers these days.

  35. cooscoos, isn’t your mother calling you for dinner? Trouble hearing her from the basement?

  36. Remember Schaefer?
    “The one beer to have when you’re having more than one”
    Try using that slogan in today’s world.

  37. Ligtning are “in the mix”, like there’s this incredible demand for a grinder looking for 6 years and 36-40 million. Great PR work by the slimy agent.

  38. ThisYearsModel on

    Dear NHL:

    If I had the Rangers’ money, I would win the Stanley Cup every year.


    Glen Sather
    President and General Manager
    Edmonton Oilers
    Summer 1995

  39. Anyone word on why the Hagelin / Vorucuk altercation was deemed roughing?

    Were Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder refereeing the game last night?

  40. ThisYearsModel on

    Dear Mr. Sather:

    WTF happened? We would settle for one or two. So far, you are zero for 14.


    NY Ranger Fans Everywhere
    Spring 2014

  41. Banning Pineda,a pitcher, for ten games is like banning Cooke from tonight to tomorrow afternoon.

  42. Admiral Akbar on

    Pineda should not be banned for 2 starts. It’s a baloney rule. Most if not all pitchers keep pine tar in their belt for ease of application. Pineda is an idiot for putting it on his neck when the world would be watching. Whatever. Maybe he should wear his baseball cap on straight, too.

  43. Admiral

    Just what we need to see cally playing for isles or pens. Praying he signs in buffalo or stays in tampa

  44. Admiral Akbar on

    Anyone notice how Brandon Dubinsky resembles Howard Walowitz from “Big Bang Theory”?

  45. No crying yet, they’re 12-10. We reserve crying for when they’re eliminated from the playoffs. In June.

  46. Stranger Nation on

    As a mutts fan who has a family full of mutts fans, we enjoy the transition right into football season on Labor day without worrying about baseball anymore…

  47. “That’s a jackhammer. That’s a flat out jackhammer”

    JD referring to Joey Kocur as he fired right after right on a San Jpse Shark.

  48. iWicky "Where's my C"? on

    Question for you…if cally gets like $6.3 mil per, which one of the 3 Cs (not the Ukrainian here) is closest to worth their contract? Callahan, clowe, or clarkson?

  49. Wick,

    That’s they way Neil Wilkinson spelt Jose after he got hit with the Jackhammer.


  50. looks like i wont be getting a hat trick tonight and i have no problem with that.

    GO Wings!

  51. Wow, after seeing that video Lev posted the other day, that looks like a dive from Chara. Pathetic!

  52. wick, IMO, Callahan. I think Clarkson is a whiny clown. Clowe is very damaged goods. Callahan, of course, will probably be hurt during the contract, and the back end of the contract will likely be awful. But at first he should be a good player on the right team.

  53. Wild arena is buzzing…. it’s sad how quiet MSG is in comparison to all the other playoff arenas. Hell Dallas was 10x louder yesterday.

  54. ThisYearsModel on

    Parise played all those years in front of a half-empty arena in Newark. He ha taken aback by the noise at the X.

  55. Carp, you can settle this..the crowd at MSG often saddens me, but I think during the playoffs, they’ve risen to occasion….of course, I’ll happily know in person Sunday…

  56. iWicky "Where's my C"? on

    Check last nights thread, it will all make sense re the avatar

    Thanks for the response. I agree. IF clowe was healthy it would be him without a doubt, but he isn’t. Clarkson’s is just terrible IMHO



  57. Stranger Nation on

    You can put Jah Rue and Old MacDonald in that video for the Filth. they are a joke

  58. Wicky, if I had he time to be here all the time, as I used to, I would…Right now I am trying to be all Wings…

  59. Seems like the refs let everything go during the first overtime, then tighten up during the second.

  60. ThisYearsModel on

    When the Kings get eliminated tonight, will we still have to watch Dustin “Kneecap” Brown’s FOMOH commercial?

  61. Lev, MIN outshot COL 32-12. That’s about as far from a Tortorella-esque effort as I’ve ever seen!

  62. FOMOH, AWESOMESAUCE, Somebody left the gate open, 15% on car insurance…. repeat… any other commercials these days?

  63. 5-2 Kings.

    2 goals for Gaborik…..

    that would be funny is the Sharks imploded in these playoffs too.

  64. All these songs NBCSN keep playing are horrible. Music today really sucks.


    I think this all the time now. Ill be the first to tell you there is a ton of great music being made again. But the corporate NHL has a deal with some talent agency. every year, its the same type of soulless pop music. MSG is using the same songs that NBCSN. Its all so controlled and proganada like, that the music being pushed is corporate owned music and terrible pop music.

    Its a pet peeve of mine, the music used by the networks at every chance. the big one is called survivor by Eminiem.

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