Game 3: Rangers-Flyers in review


FYI, our Live Chat with Dave Maloney is scratched today because the Rangers are taking the day off and Dave and I won’t have the opportunity to get together. So we’ll try to do it Thursday, and if that doesn’t work, then later in the series.


1) For a game in which they did some things pretty badly — especially in the discipline department — the Rangers were darned good and thorough in a lot of areas. I mean, really darned good. This team sure isn’t big and tough and rugged, but it has become a difficult opponent to play, especially on the road. No idea why the road thing exists. But it’s now 23-8-3 since that 2-6 start. PS, road teams in the Eastern playoffs are now 8-5. Out West, road teams were 0-11 heading into San Jose-LA last night.

2) Just want to get this out of the way quickly. The Rangers’ biggest advantage in this series certainly was that in Game 3. Henrik Lundqvist was, well, Henrik Lundqvist and Ray Emery became, again, Ray Emery. Three of the four goals Emery allowed weren’t good at all. Lundqvist gave up virtually nothing. And at the end, where Craig Berube put Steve Mason into the game late, I thought was risky. Because of the Rangers lit up Mason there, this whole annual Flyers goalie thing could have unraveled quickly. Mason starts in Game 4. Will be interesting to see where his game is.

3) Dan Carcillo. I wondered if putting Carcillo into the lineup on the second/third line was really going to work. It hadn’t worked when he moved up during the season, and I thought there was every chance that A) He’d take bad penalties and B) He’d fire up the Flyers as much as he fired up his own team. Plus I thought with Jesper Fast’s speed, that line with Carl Hagelin and Brad Richards was pretty effective in Games 1 and 2.

New York Rangers v Philadelphia Flyers - Game Three









4) And of course Carcillo gets the Broadway Hat from his teammates, plays an annoying, effective game and makes Alain Vigneault look like a genius. The whole night included, in no particuler order: A) him screening the goalie on the enormous Girardi goal; B) Carcillo making a strong defensive play off a careless giveaway by Richards; C) taking a very bad penalty; D) getting clobbered by a Matt Read headshot that will be reviewed by the league, but will probably bring nothing more than a pansy couch-cushion change fine; E) being called for a penalty that was completely bogus, a smart stick check that somehow was called a hook; F) nearly getting himself an extra two minutes or a misconduct for arguing that awful call; G) Jumping out of the penalty box to deftly convert Brian Boyle’s pass for a big insurance goal; H) celebrating effusively and really ticking off the Flyers’ faithful with some F bombs thrown in for flavor; and I) saying some uncomplimentary things about the people of Philly.

5) Daily Nash-O-Meter. Great start to the game by Nash and his line, which is becoming, once again, a No. 1 line. Had two assists on the first two goals, played defense, played hard, has been superb on the PK for a long time. But he didn’t score a goal, so I guess according to many of you, he sucked again. Been good in all three games. Some of you will never admit that. The Derek Stepan goal was a terrible goal allowed by Emery, as was the Girardi goal. Stepan’s been very good in this series, and for a long time down the end of the regular season, offensively and defensively. And Martin St. Louis is really, finally, looking like the TBL MSL, also offensively and defensively

6) Big bounce-back game by BlockNess Monster Girardi. The Rangers blocked a bunch (28) in this game. Especially on the PK — Brian Boyle, Carl Hagelin,  Marc Staal. Torts was probably smiling watching on the big screen at the 19th hole somewhere in Connecticut.

7) The emotion is all well and good, but the two Benoit Pouliot undisciplined penalties negated power plays and were completely unacceptable for a playoff game. One of them resulted in a 4-on-4 goal. Both the Pouliot penalty vs. MacDonald and the Simmonds penalty vs. Brassard could have carried an extra “embellishment” call based on Sunday’s standards. But again, a new game, an entirely new rulebook. Carcillo and Derek Dorsett also took offensive-zone penalties. That’s got to stop. Get hit or slashed or whacked? As Boyle said, “take a number” and keep playing. AV really needs to channel Torts here and read them the riot act about reactionary penalties in the playoffs.

8) The Flyers, especially Vinny Lecavalier, sure looked as if they thought they could intimidate Brassard.

9) Great plays by Hagelin, just off the bench, and Staal anticipating in deep, on the huge 3-1 goal by Girardi, BTW.

10) Not second-guessing AV, but I don’t get going with slow guys on the 4-on-4. Obviously Craig Berube believes in getting his better skaters out there, and AV doesn’t. Sure enough, Richards was on for the 4-on-4 goal. I thought it was, easily, Richards’ worst game of the series.

11) St. Louis > Ryan Callahan, who is done and, I imagine, has played now his last game as both a Ranger and a Lightning. I still say this team needs more guys like Callahan, not fewer … but at the right pricetag.

12) Going back to the dumb penalties, the Rangers’ PK, excellent all season, bailed them out all night long.

My Three Rangers Stars:New York Rangers v Philadelphia Flyers - Game Three
1. Dan Girardi.
2. Brian Boyle.
3. Henrik Lundqvist.
Kenny Albert’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Martin St. Louis
2. Dan Girardi.
3. Brian Boyle/Dan Carcillo/Henrik Lundqvist.
Josh Thomson, 26’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Dan Girardi.
2. Martin St. Louis.
3. Dan Carcillo.
David Rosengarten’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Martin St. Louis.
2. Rick Nash.
3. Dan Girardi.
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Dan Carcillo.
2. Martin St. Louis.
3. Henrik Lundqvist.

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  1. Great review Carp! Spot on. That effort was a throwback. Rangers throwing themselves in front of pucks with abandon. For all the haters, Nash was excellent last night, as was Boyle.



    I hate to generalize (but I will ;-) ), the Flyer fans are a disgraceful classless bunch.

  2. Solid effort….the King lives……MSL continues to shine…Boyler in playoff mode…5-27-18 lead the defense….all is leastuntil Fri night!

  3. Run your mouth giroux. I love it when the flyers run their mouths. For the first time it really was the king vs the jester in the series. I can imagine mason plays better than emery i. Any way shape or form.

  4. Who else is already having a great day?

    I love the smell of a Ranger win in the morning!

    Thanks for the review, Carp.

  5. bull dog line on

    Ryan Callahan is a fool. I hope he enjoys going to Buffalo to play in front of his family. Callahan just did not understand what it meant to be captain of an original 6 team, who’s fan base loved him. Cally will now fall off the face of the NHL earth, never to heard from again, to go play at home. not realizing being captain of the Rangers brought him things like playing for team USA twice in the olympics. does he really think that would have happened if he was a Sabre? a complete fool he is.

  6. Far from conclusive, Pickle…but explains why the call. I had to turn off the game after the 2nd period….glad you boneheads were able to pull out a win!

  7. I changed my mind about Carcillo when I saw him play for Chicago in the playoffs. Must be the Phylthy Phly influence …amazing how a player can go from Carcillo to Carcillo just by switching teams. Fun to see him win the Broadway hat…

  8. Nice write up, Carp…funny how they reverted to that Torts-style shot blocking to save the game…high hopes for Friday night.

  9. Carp, #4 and #6 spot on but #5 it isn’t about people never going to like Nash. He was board line OK, that’s it. He gets a assist on Step goal but it should be credited to Emery, he floats yes foats one at the net, Emery bobles it off his catching glove and 21 pounces. Nash is not at all in dirty or tough spots on the ice, opposing player don’t have to keep their head up when he is around and he is just half hearted on the wall. He is good on PK and he will get a breakaway goal somewhere in these playoffs and does use his size for a wrap around once in awhile.
    The bar is set too low for this guy not too high… Better than last yr. nowhere near where he needs to be to push us thru a Boston, Pitt or Mtl. IMHO

  10. Oh, and Carp’s review always the best of the bunch with no need for any shootout…by a long shot.

  11. bull dog line on

    and yes Carp,
    St Louis is better than Callahan. but that trade was never about Callahan versus St Louis, it was only about one guy, Callahan. though some people here were trying to make it Callahan versus St Louis when Callahan was doing his thing in the regular season. this trade was about Callahan wanting to leave after the season. plain and simple. Sather realizing that traded him.

  12. Carp,
    Nash was “good”. Anisomov & Dubinsky are “good” players. When they are good, thatis acceptable. Nash is a “great” player. Considered one of the best in the NHL. Being “good” isn’t good enough. He got a nice assist, and of course he does some things that wow us, but his perimeter play is maddening. He has to be more of a factor.

  13. Reports from Philly was that less than a week ago, Mason couldn’t make it through a practice and now he is expected to backstop their way through a playoff series?

    That has disaster written all over it.

  14. They have big screen TV at the 19th hole somewhere in Connecticut? Wow :)

    Carcillo was effective. keep him in. End of story.

  15. Who needs Dave Maloney for a Charp? After last nights game, let’s show some love and get 1-877–CARS-for-kids to do it

  16. I’m sure many here were surprised, as I was, at the Carcillo acquisition. At the time he was in a select group of despised players better suited to a clown costume rather than our revered jersey. He has now shown skill and smarts that I was unaware of. Let’s hope he continues down the road less traveled and doesn’t take a detour down Cooke Alley.

    The hat could have been shared w/ Boyle last night. Impressed with his skating, smarts and sacrifice!

  17. Let’s all take an oath to stop pointing out how much better Nash should be for the money he makes. Who cares right now? Just win, baby

  18. Love carcillo getting the hat. We are the better team and will move on if we match their intensity again. ..without the mindless o zone penalties

  19. Sioux-per-man on

    Great review Carp!

    AV looks like a genius playing Carcillo. Glad to see him get a goal. After one the best defensive plays of the series, is called a penalty

    Boyler had a great game, if only he could have buried one of his chances.

    Nice to see MSL leading the Rangers in Playoff Points. That’s what you want from your deadline deal, a player that will make a difference.

    Marty St Loius > Callahan. 2 wins in the bank, 14 to go. Lots of games to play. Here’s hoping they play even better on Friday!

  20. Stranger Nation on

    _But he didn’t score a goal, so I guess according to many of you, he sucked again. Been good in all three games_

    Nash played OK, he didn’t play great, neither did Stepchild. We have seen Nash play great and last night he played good. In the second season, good is not acceptable, unless you are playing against Ray Charles Emery.

    It is not the output (2A), it is the process. Watching him glide and weave through the zone and not head to the net is not ‘great’ play. He looks like Andropov. Been a huge fan of his and the trade, but his lack of compete is disheartening.

  21. Admiral Akbar on

    Another stroke of genius by Uncle Glennie:

    Running a (greedy? Disgruntled? Homesick??) “Captain” off of team, and turning him into a player like MSL.

    That’s called making chicken salad out of chicken-Rinaldo, kids.

  22. Stranger Nation on

    The 1st Carcillo penalty was pansification. He skated over to Jah Rue and gave him a shove. After what we have seen the Filth do to our dancers, that was a bad call.
    Only trumped by Hags and Vorachek getting matching minors. If Hags stayed down, he probably would have drawn a penalty.
    We need to turn the other cheek and wave bye-bye to these clowns by the weekend.

  23. Good morning, boneheads!

    Nice review, Carp. And a very good win.

    Something that is becoming interesting during this series is that Berube has had problems matching his defensive pairs against Rangers’ best offensive players. Their best defenseman so far has been Andrew Macdonald, but he can’t play against both Stepan and Brassard’s line. Coburn, who is usually very good, has been pedestrian with the exception of one or two offensive drives. Timonen is showing his age.

    On the other hand, the Flyers, seemingly, only have one offensive line. But it is going to be almost impossie for Berube to keep them away from either McD, Girardi, or Staal.

  24. Is it me, or does Boyle looks like he is skating better? He was catching up easily last night on a few backchecking plays. His pass to Carcillo was very good too. Carcillo definitely earned his spot going forward.

    Was anyone able to decipher what he was saying to the fan(s) through the glass after he scored? Maybe I don’t want to know, lol….

  25. Great review as usual. What a difference from Game 2. I just wish they would have gotten more shots off in the last two periods.

  26. You can say what you want about Nash, but he has been more than just visible so far. MSL became much better too after he was put with Nash permanently. I do not expect him to go into high traffic areas this year. Not after two concussions within short period of time. If you don’t understand that, it’s fine. I think he’s shown he can a few times, but isn’t back to it mentally. The more time passes since last concussion, the better. I think the offseason will help. He should be back to normal next season. But so far he’s been better this playoffs than last year’s. By a good margin.

  27. Miami Playoff Pimp on

    I’m going into a PET scan now, appreciate nice thoughts from my second family here. I don’t know any of you guys personally, but I always appreciate the positive thoughts from my buddies.

    Go THE Kreider! Go CARP! Go Rangers Report!

  28. Good luck, Miami. It’s been some time for you, but I know this one is important. It’ll be fine. We’ll keep our Cookie Monsters crossed :-)

  29. _Was anyone able to decipher what he was saying to the fan(s) through the glass after he scored?_

    “Wow, this was some game, huh? Really entertaining, hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did! Thanks for coming out and hope to see you again Friday night!”

    “F*** you you f******* piece of f****** s*** I’m going to f****** kill you and your f****** family.”

  30. I really believe wearing the orange and black does something to people. I agree, that one Carcillo left Philly and went to Chicago he learned how to play hockey, not be a filthy goon. You can see the difference in his game and he’s an effective fourth liner (yes, I know he was on 2nd line last night). And he has the hands to score occasionally. Yeah, he took some dumb penalties (as does Dorsett who took a REAL dumb one last night). These types will do that sometimes. But unlike Cooke, he really looks like, for the most part, he has stayed away from the cheap shot. I like at VLC who, now with the Flyers, has become a cheapshot artist.

    I have always said that Torts influence on this team defensively cannot be overlooked. He laid the foundation for guys like Girardi and McD to play sound defensive hockey, and you could see his influence last night on the team. He also stagnated the team offensively, and that’s where AV comes in.

    A couple of other things:

    * How about Haglin-Voracek “roughing” it up last night? Maybe the least likely fighters on both teams. And I don’t understand why that’s just roughing when gloves were dropped and punches thrown.

    * I’m with Carp on Nash. I think he’s playing hard and the #1 line is playing like it. I honestly don’t think our #3 line has been very effective though.

    * Flyer fans – you root for a team that plays on the edge (ok, dirty), yet every time one of your players is hit or falls down you boo if there’s no call? I thought you fans were supposed to be knowledgeable. Guess not.

    * Why doesn’t the NHL assign the same officiating crews throughout the whole series so that there’s at least SOME consistency in what’s called, the way baseball does?

  31. Czechthemout!!! on

    Nice review. Only thing I have to say is that AV has nothing of Torts to channel. They block shots because every team blocks shots in the playoffs. Torts is a clown and an undisciplined one at that. His time has thankfully past.

  32. _I agree, that one Carcillo left Philly and went to Chicago he learned how to play hockey, not be a filthy goon._

    Before Philadelphia: 13 goal season

    During Philadelphia: 12 goal season

    After Philadelphia, before NY: Less than a full season of games played, two suspensions, including a 7 gamer for a horrific board on Tom Gilbert where Carcillo tore his own ACL

    No need to rewrite history; Carcillo has done his job for us without doing any of that other job that made us hate him in the first place.

  33. Why are we comparing Martin St. Louis to Callahan? They are totally different players. Also, we didn’t trade Callahan for St. Louis. That was just some phantom add on deal. It’s not like he’s staying in Tampa.

  34. “Nice work getting Gomez for only Chris Higgins!” – Montreal fans, 2 months in

  35. If only Brian Boyle had some offense in his game. What a job on the pk. Dom Moore has been solid all year.

    2x the rangers had 2-1 series leads after game 3 wins on the road vs devils conf finals and caps after gabby triple ot heroics only to look lethargic in game 4.

    For once can we take control of series.

  36. Surprised to not see anything about the starts of all three games. Rangers have been the better team for the first 10 minutes all series long. The difference between the wins and the loss though was what happened minutes 10 through 30.

    What a good road first period though. Lots of whistles and a couple NYR goals had that crowd silent. It sounded like MSG during the regular season…..

  37. iDoodie Machetto on

    I had it Girardi-Boyle-St. Louis, with very strong honorable mentions to Lundqvist, Hagelin, and Staal.

    Carcillo, that piece of carcillo, made an equal number of good and total boneheaded plays.

    Anyone else notice that McDonagh has not been good in this series?

    Great road win. Need to do that again on Friday and wrap this series up on Sunday.

  38. @Manny a very nice assist at that. Though while the play was developing i thought he had held the puck to long

    @Miami, Good luck bro!

  39. I really believe wearing the orange and black does something to people..

    it definitely does steve. And it probably goes a little something like this.

    The flyers keep all the alumni around too. And between the owner, the gm, the coach, the arena, the fans, and then the alumni all reinforcing that dirty cheap mentality, players buy into it.

    The first time a guy gets into it like that and the fans goes nuts for him, and then he gets back to the bench to atta boy atta boy. And then the coach slyly giving him a punch to the back like atta boy. And then going into the locker room in between periods/after games and the scratches and alumni coming in with big smiles saying ‘atta boy, thats what it is to be a flyer’. then these guys come home and watch the replay and they see what they did, think to themselves ‘oh yeah i really did look tough’ and they saw the announcers applauding it and the fans going crazy.

    And yeah the organization and the culture brainwashes these guys into thinking this is who they are. blah blah blah

    Simmonds is a tough player, Courtier is a good tough player. Hartnell has always been a fake tough guy. And the rest of the players have Flyeritis. Put them on a different team and just for example, you’ve got Adam Hall the ranger and lightning, Streit and MacDonald the islanders, and Vinny the lightning.

    But what do you expect when the president of your club and the hallmark player in the franchise was a guy who broke the ankle of a opposing player in an exhibition series against another country, and for the last 35 years has been glorifying and giggling about it to whoever wants to listen.

  40. Sioux per HAT TRICK on

    TOP of the MORNing Boys.

    7 Hatty’s last night!

    Which brings 9 tied for first among the Bonehead ALL STARS.

    big ape
    Ranger-on the isle

    All in the hunt, now that the leaders stumbled :)


  41. Sioux per HAT TRICK on

    We have a couple strangers in the door, they don’t count because they didn’t use their bonehead name. Nothing worse than a Bonehead wanna be :)

  42. McD’s play has been worrisome at times. Looked like a rookie on the Flyer’s goal, gumming it up at center ice, and having no idea who to cover going back into the zone.

  43. Agreed, Norm. But you know who has looked anywhere from really solid to [redacted due to negative language]? Brad Richards! What a player!

  44. Nash – played well. Best 3 game grouping of his Ranger playoff career. Keep it up.

    Carcillo – advocated for him to replace Fast, glad AV listened. :) Carps nit-picking aside ( #4 C,F, H, I ) the man played a solid playoff hockey game for his himself and his teammates. And the Read hit, if it was Crosby on the receiving end, fugettaboutit.

    Boyle – the more I see this guy play, the more I want the Rangers to pay the $2.5M he is supposedly looking for.

    Strallman -bough this “A” game last night. quick decisions and puck movement to break the forecheck. Also had some impressive open ice hits. Won’t see a better game from him.

    Girardi- Beast

    McDonugh – struggling

    Staal – fought the puck and strayed early, picked it up after that.

  45. We noticed, Doodie. Talked about it before. It’ll take some time, I don’t think it’s just rust. I think he feels a target on his back, and his shoulder is still not a 100%. That said, at whatever % of his ability he’s been performing, it’s still miles better than what they have as #5/6, let alone 6/7.

  46. Sioux per HAT TRICK on

    I’ll give McD a pass, maybe it takes a couple of games to get it back. He got turned around, fell down, and they scored. It was one goal, it’s going to happen.

    Don’t forget the 1’st game he shut G’s line down, not a single shot on goal.

  47. @papa bear. Agree with you on boyle, he does so many important things for this team.

    Boyle is the ultimate trooper, does his job, never takes a shift off.

    Is he the most skilled guy or fastest guy? No, but he does his job and does it well.

    I asked the question the other night, at what total cap size doe people think Boyle at 2.5 per is reasonable. Also, is this number easier to swallow if it’s long term or short term.

  48. Carp, If Rangers want to make a run they need to put this team away in 6. Can’t keep going 7 and expect to go deep.

    The Refs were an abomination again. The hook on Carcillo was a great defensive play. He touched his stick – SO WHAT!

    Hagelin got 2 for catching and Voracek 2 for roughing. Should have been 4 for Voracek. The guy was throwing haymakers!!

    These guys have to be held accountable. I wish they would put their names back on their shirts. And of course 4 guys didn’t see what happened to Carcillo.

    Rangers did play much better. Great job blocking shots and winning puck battles. Still need to pass up fewer shots as Joe M. said.

  49. Agreed, Papa. The best part about Stral’s game last night was that I didn’t notice him aside from a hit or two. Nice, solid performance.

  50. @CTRANGER that was my biggest issue last night, too many passed up shots looking for opportunities to try and make Emery go east west.

    Know another thing that can make a goalie move? Shots in their feet looking for rebounds.

  51. Sioux per HAT TRICK on

    Nash’s line is the top line. I don’t care WHO scores, as long as they score. He has 4pts, his linemates have 4 goals. At least he is setting up scoring plays. What did he have last year 1 pt? Light years ahead of last years performance.

  52. _I haven’t felt like the 5/6 d have been that bad._

    I’m still working through this one in my head. I feel like I’ve thought they’ve been downright good but it could be because they’re less exposed and playing protected minutes. Not sure.

  53. I guess we face Steve Mason on Friday night. Is he the backup now? I need to know his actual status because we suck against backups.

  54. Good morning all! PET scans are bush league, Miami, no way you can lose :)

    Looking forward to attending the last game of this series on Sunday!

    I’m eventually going to have to change my mind about Carcillo, aren’t I…..

  55. @Mister D. they absolutely haven’t been exposed much but in the cases where they were caught out against the Giroux line I’ve noticed sound positional play and smart puck movement up the boards.

    I think that’s all I really want from them

    In cases where they were in their breadth, I’ve liked John Moore’s occasional puck carry.

  56. The Defenseman have played in this order from best to worst:

    J. Moore

  57. And even without the points, he/they had a strong game, Sioux. Only line that drove possession in a game where the Flyers dominated that stat.

  58. draxen- 5/6 haven’t been bad, steady. Although John Moore looks overwhelmed at times. McD is still miles better, considering who he’s playing against. I thought he had some very good moments last night, alnog with some brain cramps. He’ll get better.

  59. Love that game, love that the hockey gods smiled upon Carcillo. Having said that, I worry about the Rangers composure. The Flyers are getting in our heads, and we need to calm down. *SERENITY NOW*

  60. I can’t think of anything that let’s me easily distinguish between 4-5-6 enough to rank them Manny, but yes even with his few Gaffe’s McD has been better than them.

    Girardi and Staal sure have been good though

  61. Stranger Nation on

    _I’ll give McD a pass, maybe it takes a couple of games to get it back. He got turned around, fell down_

    If you watch the replay, he did not ‘fall down’ but was interfered/tripped by Jah Rue and then had Richie Rocket skate up his arse

    He is definitely off. We will probably learn he is not 100% after the POs which just shows what a beast/monster he is.

  62. WBM (c)

    0) Boyle

    1) Richards
    2) Stralman
    3) Nash
    4) Pouliot
    5) Stepan

    Kick some aasen, Pimp!

  63. Sioux per HAT TRICK on

    Remember last years 5th & 6th?

    With Hamr Time???? Rangers have 7 solid guys that can play 8 if you want to count Diaz.

  64. Stranger Nation on

    STaal played much much better in periods 2&3, Stralman played a much more physical game. Filthy tried to carry puck in and we stood them up a lot at the blue line.

    D Moops – wow, this guy has been a revelation. Love his battle with that cheap fugg Jah Rue.

    Who are these Siamese twins; Loo Ka Chen and Bray Den Chen

  65. Manny, sorry but I disagree with your list. I know you *hate* Stralman, but he was good last night, and probably 4th best overall.

  66. Sioux per HAT TRICK on

    I second Gravy’s Stralman Motion!

    Moving on up…… like the Jeffersons :)

  67. Nash is entering Richards-like proportions of WBM. He basically created the two goals he got assists for. Those weren’t cheap ones.

  68. Sioux per HAT TRICK on

    If only Boyle didn’t have hands of STONE.

    He would be worth Millions :)

  69. Complete list of players in this series who have less shots on goal than Claude Giroux: Stralman, Fast, Grossmann, Emery, Mason, Lundqvist

  70. RE: #4) H) and I): Carcillo only opened his mouth after the clown Philthy fan gave him the double finger. Did he take the low road? Maybe. But I know if I had been blindsided by an elbow (unpenalized and undoubtedly ignored by the league), wrongfully penalized for a pansy “hook” and had just come out of the penalty box to score the nail-in-the-coffin goal of the game I would’ve reacted the same way. Karma’s a you-know-what, Philth fans. Stay classy, Philadelphia.

  71. _Nash is entering Richards-like proportions of WBM. He basically created the two goals he got assists for. Those weren’t cheap ones._

    Yeah, I’ve been harsh on the $20MM club but they’ve stepped up in this series. The only gap has been ES Richards and even then there’s a legit excuse.

  72. A few things:

    That Girardi goal was not a bad goal given up by Emery. He never saw the shot and it was top corner. Great screen by Carcillo and the Flyers D-man. That Stepan goal? That was horrible.

    As the biggest Rick Nash detractor here (I’ve said he was overrated well before he was traded here and was against the trade), he’s played fairly well, especially last night. He still floats around the outside and rarely gets to the dirty areas, but that’s his game. Having MSL on his line has freed up a bit of space so he has the extra second to make good passes. He won’t score much because he’s not going to go to the tough areas where you need to go to score in the playoffs, but he can be a very effective playmaker with the attention he draws.

  73. Rob in Beantown on

    Best of luck Miami Pimp. Beat that bush league, amateur hour dog’s breakfast scan for all of us.

  74. Manny – I think you are under-rating Stralman. He’s been great on both sides of the puck and he’s been physical when he needs to. He’s laid a few guys out in open ice and has moved the puck very well.

    But I know he gets hated on a bunch here so nobody will admit to that.

  75. Regular season plus playoffs …

    Giroux vs Rangers: 6 goals in 35 games

    Giroux vs Bruis: 5 goals in 32 games

    Fades against teams with more than one strong D pair???

  76. Sure, Sioux, but we knew he’d be more noticeable, just didn’t know if it would help us or help them.

  77. (You kind of have to thank the official for not giving Carcillo more for unsportsmanlike. Yes, awful call on the hook, but you can’t risk reacting like he did protecting a 2 goal lead and already heading to the box. He/we lucked out there.)

  78. Rob in Beantown on

    I was amazed he didn’t get an extra two or the gate for unsportsmanlike. He pretty much bumped the ref didn’t he? It was a gift from the referee that the penalty wasn’t worse, because it legitimately should have been.

  79. The problem with Nash isn’t his game, so much as everyone’s expectations based on his salary. I mean, the guy scores 35-40 and contributes on the PP and PK, he’s a pretty good player.

  80. Carcillo could have gotten a 10 minute misconduct and might have in a regular season game. Also, maybe the ref immediately realized he made a Cooke call.

  81. Stranger Nation on

    Gravy – we saw what Nash can play like we he gives his all like against Lumbus recently. That Nash has only shown up once. Don’t need him to be Lucic, but he does need to get dirty to score in POs. Both assists came when he was outside, one on a horrible play by Ray Charles Emery.

    For that money he should at least pretend he cares

  82. bull dog line on

    where as Fast was helping nobody. give me Carcillo over Fast everyday against the Flyers.

  83. I somewhat agree that he needs to go to the net more, though I think he has more than some have given him credit for.

    We’ve seen him play that way, but I didn’t see enough of him in Columbus to know if that was his game. Not really fair to say he gets paid X so he needs to play like Y. Otherwise, he’s Drury and Gomez.

  84. bull dog line on

    Gravy, I have accepted that Nash is a perimeter player. he is actually more of a speed, fines forward than a power forward. though occasionally he will show a power game. Nash has been fine in the 1st 3 games of the series. a lot more noticeable than at any time in last years playoffs.

  85. Giroux: -I’m- We’re going to -get another shot on goal.- tie up the series and go back to New York.”

  86. Credit to NYR for containing Jah Rue, but in truth I feel just as much of his lack of production stems from his desire to run around the ice like a character out of Ringling Brothers.

  87. Agree, bull dog. Fully admit that he was not good in the playoffs last year. He has been good on the PK, so at least there’s something in the game he doesn’t score.

  88. Sioux per HAT TRICK on

    Ranger won all 3 periods last night!

    Philly might have won the first 5 minutes, but they didn’t steal a full 20 minute period.

    Great D, Hank’s sick “stick” save, #CarcilloEffect

    All add up to a great win. It was A Lot of fun to watch.

  89. _I like the guy in green in that gif._

    You can see the instant he remembers they’re his company’s seats and “you know, self, I better sit right back on down yes I should”.

  90. Sioux per HAT TRICK on

    If Step and Marty go to the net and score the goals, I’m alright with Nash feeding them!

  91. Best wishes, Pimp.

    Re: someone’s stat that Klein has been sans penalties since joining NYR, I think it’s a good thing. I don’t understand how anyone gets called for hooking, holding, interference, etc. anymore. You KNOW when you put your stick parallel to the ice in someone’s hands the refs will probably call it. Why even do it then? Makes no sense to me.

  92. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I also think the first line was good, Stepan had a couple of bad giveaways last night, but has been good lately especially for a 2c playing out of position.

    I thought the first Pouliot penalty was indeed a retaliatory penalty for a couple shots to the onions and a slash behind the knee, I don’t blame him and have no problem with him aggressively retaliating even on the pp.

    The second one was a bad lazy penalty that there was no excuse for.

    I agree with doodie re 3 stars. I’ve agreed with doodie a lot lately, sorry doodie :)

    I think the “fight” in the rangers actually surprised the flyers a bit…game 4 should be interesting.

    I honestly don’t normally disagree with carp but instead of being 2-2 after game 4 I think we might actually be up 3-1.

    Keep the voracek line off the score sheet, and the flys usually lose it seems..

    Carcillo is good luck, all his recent former teams seem to be making first round exits

    That is all

  93. Of course there are exceptions like denying an odd-man rush or something, but in general, I don’t understand why players continue to take those penalties.

  94. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Lol @ picking 4 game sweeps in every series except the rangers in the bracket challenge

  95. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I’d hate to get Orr excited so early in the A.M. but “rumours” say if the kings get swept they may shake up the core of the team including making Dustin brown available

  96. Jeff in South Dakota on

    Good morning Carp! Good review. Nash played well but for the price, I’d like to see more of him a schooch closer to the net and not so much on the perimeter. Agree on Richards, his worst game of the playoffs.

  97. Sioux per HAT TRICK on

    Who will be hungrier in game 4 wins.

    G-rooooo is already preaching they will win game 4.

    It will be a Barn Burner that’s for sure.

    Rangers out class Philly in the house of shame!!!

  98. If we trade Callahan plus two picks only to pay more players and picks for Brown, I will stab myself.

  99. I usually only threaten when I feel safe something won’t happen, although I’m scared to look back at deadline day.

  100. Emery wasn’t great, but Berube may need to look carefully at their defensive coverage instead of worrying about keeping Giroux away from McD/Girardi. First goal- Coburn/Timonen both go in the corner to cover Nash/MSL. So does the backchecking forward. Stepan had enough time to tie up his skate and still score. Second goal- Timonen falls behind the net, the backchecking forward fails to cover MSL.

  101. Rob in Beantown on

    Lost in all this is the fact that Mason is already outplaying Hank.

    Mason: 0 GA
    Lundqvist: 1 GA

  102. great review Carp
    wasn’t able to watch the game
    was at Bruce Springsteen concert
    (and now Mama love/hates/loves me!)

  103. from jpg
    to jpp

    couldn’t agree with you more in regards to
    your assessment of flyers organization
    and how a player “develops” that philthy mentality

    i said when we originally got Carcillo
    that he played a different kind of game
    when he was with chicago versus what he did with philthy

    the organization creates nasty fighting pit bulls
    that show their more admirable “colors” when they get away.
    really really can’t understand why ANY player would want to go there………and yes, i know money talks but contracts are available elsewhere.

  104. Doodie Machetto on


    Add this play into the Carcillo pile: on 4 on 2 odd man rush, McD carries in and drops for Carcillo on left wing just inside the blue line. Carcillo elects to shoot, missing far side wide, allowing Flyers to quickly counter in 2 on 1, which became 3 on 2 with McDonagh hustling back. Nearly resulted in a goal.

  105. Doodie Machetto on

    It was a bad decision to shoot, but the shot was even more horrendous than the decision.

  106. Doodie Machetto on

    Speaking of horrendous, Richards was brutal last night. If that guy doesn’t have the puck on his stick in the offensive zone, he is just a complete disaster.

  107. Doodie Machetto on

    “If we trade Callahan plus two picks only to pay more players and picks for Brown, I will stab myself.”

    I don’t mean for you to get your knife sharpened, but that sequence of transactions has Glen Sather written all over it.

  108. Just two observations: Although I agree with Carp re; Fast working better with Hags & Richards, inserting Carcillo paid some dividends in that he provided much needed grit. Carcillo cuts both ways though. Also, Brian Boyle has become an underappreciated, undervalued player through this series. He quietly has become player that does just about everything (of course he can’t score worth a crap)and easily could have been one of the stars in these three games. Carp, love your point about Henrik becoming Henrik and Emory becoming Emory. Who’s going to show up Jeckle or Hyde. Could be bad move putting Mason in at the end of the game.

  109. Carp do the Rangers stay in philthy or do they come back home today& then travel back?Only because of the close distance.

  110. Doodie Machetto on

    Richards doesn’t even always need the space. That helps, obviously, but it isn’t necessary.

  111. CARP, you and I both know that this team is doomed without a appearance from THE Kreider in this series. When does he come back and does he score a hat trick in his first game or second?

  112. Doodie Machetto on

    Don’t forget that crossbar Boyler hit. He’s been great throughout the series. He’s getting a bit of the Voros Virus, though. Every game he gets a breakaway or left wide open for a shot almost as if the opposing team says “meh, leave him, no way he scores.”

    He also was wide open on a shorthanded opportunity, but Hagelin didn’t pick him up as he went to the slot and didn’t pass it to him. Would have been a great chance from there.

  113. Doodie Machetto on

    Miami, you’ve asked the wrong question. The question is how many hat tricks will he score in his first game back.

  114. Stranger Nation on

    Nash-O-Meter: need to have some criteria or assessments are ‘subjective’

    Great/ High/Straight Up:
    Plays his size, wants the puck and takes it to net, makes the smart pass, reacts quickly to puck. Throws a hit, as in one. Pumps his fist after goal.

    Very Good/High-Med/Trending Up:
    Controls puck, makes smart play, gets shot off and follows to net, doesn’t let D push him around. Generates a PK chance. Rips a wrister on PP

    Plays two way hockey, but doesn’t make a difference in the game, but has 7 seven shots from wide angles, No impact on PP.

    Not Good/Low-Medium/Trending Down: Attempts the loop-de-loop move, takes 40 second shifts, shies away from contact, gets knocked down in front by Streit or Timmomen.

    Not very good/Low/Down – takes 20 second shifts, dumps puck in and retreats to bench, slow to move puck on PP, chews his mouth guard to bits

  115. Bar is set to low for Nash
    1. Better than last yr. wow that’s a tough one to beat.
    2. avoids contact at any cost..either giving or receiving
    3. floats
    4. will get assits if his line mates go in the tougher area.
    Geez can we stop with this guy? if we are going to win big things he needs to be a whole lot better than even last night!
    I’m not asking him to be Cam Neely, but it is a contact sport, get your hands dirty son.

  116. Stranger Nation on

    Boyle has played great. He has exceeded expectations. Let’s hope Simmonds doesn’t go all Carkner on him and render him useless the rest of the series.

  117. Doodie Machetto on

    PET scan? Paul Allen once scanned my apartment for a dog, a little chow or something. He was trying to figure out why I had copies of the style section all over the place.

    In all seriousness, best wishes from all of us amateurhour, mickey mouse, no talent, dog’s breakfast CLOWNS.

  118. Doodie Machetto on

    I’ve generally disagreed with Carp on Nash in this series. I do not think he has been very good, at all. Just a lot of weak wrist shots from the perimeter.

  119. “If Step and Marty go to the net and score the goals, I’m alright with Nash feeding them!”

    And up is down and down up.

    the 5’11 23 yo center and the 5’5 38 yo winger going to the net and the 6’4 230 power forward lobbing the puck into them

    But yeah, we want to play as long as we can this spring. I’ll take what I can get.

    come on though, Gravy, everyone, this isn’t the player we placed the price we did for. His game is not what they need, its helpful, he’s so skilled and experienced, that yeah he can help us. But seriously, Dubi and Artie would be giving us as much and more and make the rangers harder to play against.

    Again and again I say the expectations and the standard has been lowered, bc it must. you see what you see.

    We lost on that personnel move.

  120. “Miami, you’ve asked the wrong question. The question is how many hat tricks will he score in his first game back.”


  121. Gravy – Nash doesn’t score 35-40. He’s a 30 goal scorer. He hasn’t broken 35 in 5 years and has only done it 3 times.

    He’s overpaid, but that doesn’t matter in the playoffs. If he can contribute offensively with assists and open up space for his line mates, that’s fine.

    Still a horrible contract though.

  122. Gotta smile when I read all the Nash criticisms when we have a rubber duck (#19) who talks a great game and floats around in a 100 foot bathtub playing with his Members’- Only doinkee.

  123. And #61 did crash the net last evening. He can be better, but at least he’s competitive.

  124. Philthies are befuddled in that their intimidating game isn’t working, even at home, against a supposedly soft team which is proving to be less soft than anticipated.

  125. Admiral Akbar on

    coos coos +1

    Rangers may be “small”, but they are not wimps.

    As evidenced by their road record, and their play in all 3 games this series.

  126. Stranger Nation on

    coos – agreed, this team also plays great on the road for some reason. The transformed arena to line Jimmy D’s pockets is no home ice advantage this season.

  127. The thing with NASH is that he is a 30-goal scorer who supposedly only score 30 because he was on a bad team. And now, on a “good” team, he was supposed to score 40+.

    But he won’t. Because he’s more attracted to a perimeter than 24’s CTU.

  128. Stranger Nation on

    Funny how Girardi nailed Hartsmell in the first game and he hasn’t been that noticeable.
    Funny the way it is…

  129. Dolan’s greed in charging the very highest and exorbitant playoff prices in all of hockey would be the same for Cablevision if he had no competition.

  130. I think Philly starting Mason could be a huge advantage for NYR. He’s coming off a pretty tough injury. How well is he going to play? He hasn’t played in a few weeks.

    This could be a good thing for NYR. Close it out in five, move on to Pissburgh.

  131. Nash just isn’t that player anymore. He isn’t.

    He sure has not sucked in this series.

    Good crack of noon, Sally!

  132. He got two assists by keeping plays alive and creating plays. He played a consistent shift on the PK that shut the Flyers out. But, he still needs to be better?

    Again, the problem is not so much his contract as it is the expectations that some have.

  133. Hands of Stone worked for Roberto Duran, not so much for #22. He’d easily be worth 2.5 mil if he potted a few now and again. Don’t order that Lundqvist Maserati yet!

  134. Nash has paced 35 goals over 82 games (regular season) in his time with the Rangers, but yes, he has only reached that mark 3 times.

  135. Boyle is a 4th line LW. I’m happy if he’s above average at everything else he does except score goals.

  136. coos coos.

    you’ve never heard my opinion of #19?

    neither one gets a pass.

    Nor should they. They were paid to lead the team forward, and for the most part it’s the rest of the team carrying them.

    Look, its obvious that they put up point production some what. But so would the players who would be in their spots, in the line-up and salary-wise. So the whole spin and angling of ‘its pretty amusing the abuse these guys get, when they put up 50 points’. Its such a caddy argument, look at the minutes they get, look who they play with, PP time, the whole 9 guys.

    I acknowledge and appreciate what they do do. Im not gonna pretend they do nothing. But both have been without a doubt disappointing and their contracts and statures are a headache and an obstacle to constructing a team that has everything it takes to win a cup. Period

  137. Precisely, Gravy. The worst thing that happened to Boyle was the season where all his shots went in instead of clipping off the bar.

  138. I think our 4th line has been the difference this season for a number of reasons, two of those reasons being energy brought and allowing AV to roll four lines. Certainly not the stars, but the difference.

  139. _Nash just isn’t that player anymore. He isn’t.

    He sure has not sucked in this series._

    The is the scary part because, if he’s floating, the difference between bad and good is almost assuredly on the scoresheet.

  140. I might even put Boyle on the PP right now instead of Pouliot. At least for a few shifts. Just to remind Pouliot to stop taking horrendous penalties.

  141. “Pivotal Game Three” morphs into “Pivotal Game Four,” then “Pivotal Game Five,” then…

  142. Re: Carcillo at the glass after the goal being given the aggressive finger: Like to see how brave that scungilli would be under less protected circumstances. Like two punk kids taunting a Rhino from behind a 10 foot cement wall at the zoo. :)

  143. Let’s not forget that Nash plays on the PK that was great down the stretch (and last night). So, I don’t think he’s a black and white, score or not score guy.

    I mean, I realize that he barely hits, and doesn’t consistently drive to the net. But, he is a necessary type of player.

  144. “I might even put Boyle on the PP right now instead of Pouliot. At least for a few shifts. Just to remind Pouliot to stop taking horrendous penalties.”

    I’d rather park D. Moops in front of the net. Seems like he’d be more adept at a nifty deflection or poking home a rebound.

  145. That’s true. I just thought Pouliot was out there for reasons that included his size.

  146. I thought of it more as “well, your line’s really good, and you’re probably the least skilled player on it, so go stand in front of the net.”

  147. bull dog line on

    as soon as you start talking about putting Boyle on the power play, is when you lose everybody. you know why Boyle has been good this year? it is because he is being used by AV perfectly. kills penalties, and plays about 10 minutes a game. last year he was playing 14 to 16 minutes a night. less Boyle, means a better Boyle.

  148. I’m only suggesting it because I think Boyle is huge and could do Pouliot’s job on the PP, screening the goaltender and keeping the puck possession down low, without taking multiple penalties.

  149. “Probably too late to wish you luck after the fact, Miami. But of course we’re all pulling for you.”

    CARP, don’t speak for me.

    PIMP, I’m pulling for you.

  150. Good to see Steve Mason putting tons of pressure on himself calling Friday a “Must Win”

  151. the guy in green’s thought process:

    “should i?
    “wait, Should i?”
    “Wait Should i?!”

    he probably felt very accomplished after

  152. I want to know what he said to his wife/fiance/girlfriend/blind-date/sister sitting next to him…

  153. The real psychiatrist’s dream last night was the cretin wearing the Schultz jersey.

  154. The doofus in green probably goes to Bryn Mawr College and his daddy runs Wells Fargo Bank.

  155. jpg's sister on

    jpg’s mom (& my mom roo) said about the Matt Read non-suspension, why do they even have discipline hearings if they’re not going to suspend hit on head?

    I said because it was Carcillo.

  156. Thought Carcillo’s ” bad penalty” for poking Giroux was the most important thing in the game that most people seem to have missed. He delivered a message to Flyer leader that if Philly wants to bust up our Hagelins and Zuccarellos that he (Carcillo) is going to come looking for Giroux- not whichever Philly goon is available. A real quiet night for Claude after that incident (and the reason Reade tried sending Carcillo home on a stretcher).

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