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  1. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I guess I should send a kid pic in instead…too late to change my entry?

  2. ThisYearsModel on

    All good thoughts and prayers to MIAMI. Have watched the Carcillo goal and the celly multiple times already this morning. keeps my attitude positive through a grueling day of work.

  3. AV: “…When we had the PK opportunity…uh, I mean the PP opportunity…” Freudian.

  4. Nice comments late last night, Lloyd.
    No discipline for Read is just another embarrassment from the league.

  5. thanks coos. we didn’t end up leaving that sinkhole in Pennsylvania until pretty late – just couldn’t resist going to a bar and rubbing it in the face of Flyers fans for an hour or so.

    and for as embarrassing as the officiating was last night wrt Carcillo and the total lack of a response today, the saddest part is that none of us are at all surprised by any of it.

  6. Having Carcillo in the lineup is like Avery all over again. The ref takes one look at him and thinks penalty. Every little thing he does will be called against him.

    I can’t believe Read doesn’t even get a slap on the wrist over that head shot. Couldn’t be any more clear it was a deliberate hit to the head.

    If that was on a superstar, then it’s a suspension, for sure.

  7. Lloyd, I was speaking with a family member (fellow NYR fan, of course) last night after the game and we both agreed that there have been some of the best games we’ve seen in a while this postseason (CHI-STL games one and two, MIN-COL game three, to name a few). And officiating last night is really a big threat to such games; the refs are ruining playoff hockey.

  8. @rangersreport

    Not even surprised a little bit by the NHL’s wimpiness when it comes to these head shots. No interest in getting them out of the game.

  9. Let’s not forget that Quintal has an axe to grind with NYR … They suspended him for the end of the ’99 season (which begat Slats and Ron Low) because he said something stupid about wishing he’d signed in Montreal.

  10. let’s not forget that Quintal was as terrible a defenseman as the Rangers have ever signed (and overpaid)

  11. Incidental contact is one thing, but players certainly don’t want head shots. Owners couldn’t possibly want head shots. What’s the hold-up to eliminating them once and for all? I fail to see logic.

  12. Owners only don’t want their guys getting head shots. Just as much, they don’t want their guys suspended. Don’t care if guys on the other 29 teams take head shots. Want guys from the other 29 teams suspended.


    And the NHLPA is a party to this, and the players themselves have less than zero regard for their union brethren.


  13. because the league plays favorites and makes arbitrary decisions about who is worth protecting and who isn’t. as someone here said earlier, if Carcillo was part of the NHL’s meal ticket brigade, not only does Read get suspended today, but he’s called for a major last night. That Carcillo is only on the NHL’s radar for being a nuisance means he doesn’t garner any positive special treatment and you might as well take his head off. That’s the message the league sends with horsecrap like this.

  14. Carp, this isn’t exclusive to the NHL.

    I go around the office giving headshots every week.

  15. ThisYearsModel on

    I hope these guys suing the league use the video from last night to prove their case. The NHL could not care less about head injuries.

  16. So Ryan Garbutt elbows someone in the head. Gets 5 Games. John Scott does the EXACT same thing. Gets 7 Games. Matt Reade does it and he gets…nothing. Not even a warning. For pretty much the exact same thing. Sticking out your elbow to hit a non puck carrier in the head as he skates by.

  17. What Carp is saying is absolutely right. This was something I ranted about during the Patrick Kaleta hit on Brad Richards. Richards is high enough in the NHLPA that he’s essentially protecting Kaleta for injuring him.

  18. Sioux per HAT TRICK on

    Carp – It was an elbow to the chin. Does Carcillo lay there and have them take him off on a stretcher……

    ….. or make a fabulous defensive play lifting a stick and stealing the puck – while being called for a penalty – Just to come out the box to get a GOAL.

    The league is a JOKE. That was clearly a headshot / elbow to the chin.

    Someone link the head shot if you could.

  19. the comments on that youtube video I linked to last night and Carp just linked to again are proof that Philadelphia Flyers fans are a lower form of life than most people.

  20. Sioux per HAT TRICK on

    It sure looks like a sneaky elbow at the end of that clip.

    You would think he would get a game, or at very least a “couch change” fine to buy a subway?


  21. there’s nothing “sneaky” about it

    he blatantly stuck his elbow out. we were sitting nowhere near the spot on the ice it happened and could see it from there. not a chance in hell the officials didn’t see it.

  22. i actually thought it was shoulder to chin, and Carcillo said it was shoulder.

    Carcillo, interestingly, also pretty much said that he thought his penalty vs. Giroux was the right call and that he needed to not take that penalty.

  23. and giving the NHL a benefit of the doubt it does not deserve, if it was an elbow, I think there’s a suspension.

  24. ThisYearsModel on

    Face it……they simply are not interested in gettin the head shots out of the game. That is really it. They cannot be suspending anyone from Mr. Snider’s team. He is far too important to Mr. Bettman.

  25. Sioux or anyone who follows college hockey. Had this same thing happened in the Frozen Four, what happens? Does the NCAA (another Mickey Mouse organization btw) penalize and suspend?

  26. Doodie Machetto on

    I said it last night that there wouldn’t be any discipline for it. Not surprised at all. It’s not a Department of Player Safety. It’s a department of limiting liability. No injury? No problem.

  27. Stranger Nation on

    All the talk of the Flyer tough guys, I just don’t see it.

    Amazing Car Bong got that penalty against Jah Rue, but Vinny ‘Skeletor’ L pops Broshard in the face with his glove 5 or 6 times and gets nothing.

    I hate to complain about the officiating but these refs suck

  28. WOW!!! Big shock!! No Suspension (S)!!! The Mickey Mouse League goes on or should I say the WWE the second. It’s amazing how much crap philly got away with last night. I mean Vorachek literally used his stick to take Hagelins head off, than beat him to death with right hands and all he gets is a 2 minute penalty, yea right. NHL is a major joke. I laugh when I read Buttman states he wants to grow the sport, fugging moron like the of the idiots who run the NHL.

  29. Doodie Machetto on

    Worst post ’94, that had more than a cup of coffee, is Chris Tamer. Lots of guys were bad, but only one wiped out Richter.

  30. Sioux per HAT TRICK on

    steve you get a game misconduct, kicked out for the rest of the game, and penalized the next game.

  31. The NHL will take no significant action about head shots until someone dies or is rendered brain dead during a national television broadcast and they are forced to change things by the public outcry. Even then, the league’s action will be motivated by money and not concern about the players.

    Miami,I hope your scans bring you good news.

  32. Tamer did stick up for teammates, though … some of the other worsts: Kevin Hatcher (completely done when he got here), Dave Karpa, Alexei Gusarov, Igor Ulanov, Boris Mironov, Sandis Ozolinsh, Roman Hamrlik, Eric Reitz. All worse than Quintal and McCabe.

  33. Sioux, the NHL should follow the same guidelines, and the third offense should be a lifetime (with no chance of reinstatement) ban.

    Worst defenseman post ’94 is no contest. Stu Bickel. I’ve never seen a defenseman so consistently out of position and slower to react. And he couldn’t skate nor did have have any type of offensive skill. He sure could fight though. Should be been in the WWE instead of hockey.

  34. Sioux per HAT TRICK on

    Carp go to 1:05 of the clip you shared.

    Clearly he steps into it, and stick his elbow out just a enough to catch him on the chin. Now if the elbow caught him or the low shoulder, but all he caught was Carcillo’s chin.

    Crosby hit that knocked him out for a year, looks less than this.

  35. Sioux per HAT TRICK on

    Stevenknj – Bickels not the worst. NO. NO. NO.

    Did you miss the Flyer game when he knocked out Tosteto’s teeth. He gets a pass for that game alone :)

  36. Carp, LOL at 2:22.

    Just read this quote from Carcillo from last night:

    “When you get pigeonholed into a role, it’s hard to change people’s minds in this league. When you get an opportunity like this, you’ve got to make the most of it.”

    OK Danny boy, I will take those words to heart and attempt to fully melt my hardened one on your behalf …. I think you kinda need to own up to that hole, but let’s do this …

    Oy. Vey….

  37. Sioux per HAT TRICK on

    Who makes this call at the NHL.

    Is it a committee, or just one guy?

    Perhaps they are still in a meeting with Cooke?

  38. Sioux, thanks for making my point about Bickel. If his most memorable play was knocking someone’s teeth out in a fight, that should say something about how good he was as a defenseman.. As a defenseman he was a great boxer.

    Not saying he wasn’t a popular player, just a really lousy one.

  39. Sioux per HAT TRICK on

    Danny Boy gets a pass as a Ranger. He really hasn’t gone down the Cooke road since he’s been here. He’s taken a couple of energy penalties, but he sure made up for his penalty last night.

  40. As Gravy noted, the song remains the same. NHL should at least give a reason why they deemed no discipline.

  41. sure looks like an elbow to me

    and regardless, a hit to the head is a hit to the head. no way lowering your shoulder to make contact with a player’s head, and one who doesn’t have the puck in this instance, isn’t an intent to injure, and at the very least, it’s a penalty. the NHL decided it was totally clean. yet again, proof the league is a joke.

  42. Read’s was the grossest kind of cheapy in that it was both intentional and outside of the play. But he’s not that type of player and thus unable to make that type of play.

  43. Stranger Nation on

    Figured once Cindy Crosby got his noodle scrambled, the league would step in but all they did was put some window dressing on it.

    NHLPA is a sham, but you guys know that

  44. Sioux per HAT TRICK on

    Steve – He had a limited role on the team, he didn’t play enough to hurt it. To small of a sample, and when he was in, it was for JAM only. I’m not defending him as an NHL defenseman, I don’t think he will be back in the NHL. (after all he was a Gopher :)

  45. Danny Boy wasn’t going to get a pass from me until he proved he deserved it. I love my Blueshirts but don’t always have full mama love for certain players…

    That said, given the way he’s played, and I just don’t mean skill but non-carcillo-like playing that is helping and not really hurting us – and the huge fact that the team gave him the hat – well, even my mind can be changed.

    And you have no idea how huge it is that I’m changing my mind about him.

    And yes, flipping off the Snider orange fans certainly helped……

    Carp, there is a great profile opportunity just begging to be had. Will the organization let you?

  46. anything short of an announcement that Matt Cooke has been banished from the National Hockey League will be a failure as far as I’m concerned

  47. Well, since I can’t say carcillo anymore, at least I can still say cooke….who apparently likes living in his pigeonhole….

  48. Quintal and Lefebvre were both terrible. Not only street cones, but street cones who couldn’t play the corners and had any uncanny knack for springing any forward they attempted to cover in what is now the edges of the trapezoid. Abysmal, abysmal players.

  49. Remember when Shonny took Hamrlik away to some upstate woodland cabin to get him in shape? THAT was no doubt an adventure.

  50. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Those hit stats carp retweeted are interesting…the bos/det series has 179 hits and 170 of them are from Boston lol

  51. Cooke, piece of crap that he is, got 10 games and missed a playoff round after the McDonagh elbow – his sixth career suspension. He got off scot-free for the Karlsson injury which I remain convinced was not accidental. Now he blows another guy’s knee out.

    it’s time to take this guy out of the game permanently.

  52. Doodie Machetto on

    A lot of those guys only played like 10-15 games. I wanted someone who was around for most of a season. And I forgot Tamer fractured Richter’s skull after he left the team.

    So I am amending my pick to Sylvain Lefebrve

  53. Wait, were really talking about worst defenseman of the Post 94 rangers and Dale “triple minor” Purinton and Ruman Ndur aren’t included on that list?

    Ndur scored one goal and almost killed the referee with his stick after doing so because he was so surprised.

  54. Lefebvre was miles better than those guys I mentioned earlier, IMO. Could actually play, had a brain and some skill, and wasn’t well past his prime.

  55. nah, Lefebvre was terrible

    and Ulanov, god-awful though he was, had basically a cup of coffee with the Rangers. he was just so bad it seemed like a much longer period of time.

  56. Ah, that makes more sense. Ndur was still hilariously bad. So was Peter Smrek.

    I do miss Kloucek and Pock though.

    Dear god the Rangers were bad in the late 90s…

  57. the Rangers were so bad that I literally have zero recollection of Chris Tamer ever being on the team. I feel like there’s a span of about three seasons where I’ve just completely blocked the Rangers from memory apart from Ron Lowe’s moustache.

  58. of the two of us I’m the only one who’s:

    (a) paid a dime to watch a Rangers game
    (b) is a fan of the New York Rangers

    I was going to include “(c) played junior hockey” but didn’t want to get you riled up enough to tell me you were a better hockey player than I was again. Always a legend, Carp.

  59. I wasn’t a better player than anybody.

    I am not a fan. That’s kind of in my job description.

    Would love to know where you played junior hockey and when you invented the game.

  60. Haha CABER! Carp, fr what you say and write seems that Mucklet
    Was pretty dazed and confused when he was here.

    I liked what Carcillo brought last night but still don’t like him.

    Wonder what kin of difference Mason makes in game 4.

  61. bull dog line on

    i’m cheating Carp.
    going through he media guide. boy there are some really good (bad) ones. Peter Smrek?

  62. I can see why you’d want to pretend that didn’t happen but it absolutely did and it remains one of the more puzzling experiences I’ve had on the internet. Mention, “hey, I played junior hockey,” and encounter a guy so bitter that he feels the need to say, without provocation, that he was better. Weird, borderline creepy stuff.

  63. Doodie Machetto on

    These are cup of coffee guys. Ndur was less than half a season.

    But holy crap, was he not an NHL player.

  64. I never said I was better than anybody. I stunk. I didn’t play a minute of organized hockey. Talk about weird and borderline (not to mention ill-informed most of the time).

  65. Doodie Machetto on

    honestly, 90% of the defensemen from 98-99 through 03-04, and then about half of the guys through 06-07.

  66. sorry, Carp, but you did say it

    maybe you were too busy enjoying that complimentary MSG beer to remember?

  67. Carp just FYI, if I had to run this blog and read through some of this, I’d drink every day.

  68. Sure missed this. All we need is “moron” or “idiot” thrown in, then we’ll have the full experience.

  69. Manny and I both played junior hockey longer and better than Lloyd. But Lloyd has been to more clinchers than we have. Three, I think.

  70. Rob in Beantown on

    I played NHL 94 recently with offside(s) turned on and the AI in that game is Pouliot-like in its inability to enter the zone correctly

  71. Carp, are you planning to stalk the Abe Stark rink? I haven’t been there in about 17 years.

  72. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I shot a 66 at St Andrews and 15 minutes later, a 68 at pebble beach.

    Hi Lloyd.

  73. Sioux per HAT TRICK on

    Here’s a good quote for Lloyd – “Money buys a man’s silence for a time. A bolt in the heart buys it forever”- Littlefinger

  74. Thought Carcillo’s ” bad penalty” for poking Giroux was the most important thing in the game that most people seem to have missed. He delivered a message to Flyer leader that if Philly wants to bust up our Hagelins and Zuccarellos that he (Carcillo) is going to come looking for Giroux- not whichever Philly goon is available. A real quiet night for Claude after that incident (and the reason Reade tried sending Carcillo home on a stretcher).

  75. I remember the days of Junior Hockey with The Doctor. He was a nasty player when you got on his bad side.

  76. Who did you play for, Lloyd? What years? We MUST have crossed paths. Is Lloyd your real name?

  77. My juniors friends actually still call me Junior because I was so good when I played juniors.

  78. Sioux per HAT TRICK on

    Eddie – it took me 2 hours and 30 minutes to finish my first marathon, then when I was done, I switched and watched the Red Sox / Yankees game :)

  79. Sioux per HAT TRICK on

    In Juniors they called me WildThing.

    I could get my fastball up to 88 mph, but I had trouble hitting the corners …… not so much the batters :)

  80. well, it was a quiet 2+ games for Giroux before Carcillo needlessly put the Flyers on that power play, too.

  81. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I’ve drawn to Grandmaster’s in the last 2 weeks in 20 board clock simuls.

  82. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Sioux – but I missed every rd but the first one…isn’t it cumulative?

  83. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    EJ Verbose. That dude says more without saying anything. … – and his go to phrase “That guy….”

  84. Sioux per HAT TRICK on

    Eddie in college I played a tournaments against 20 players on 20 different boards. Speed Chess. $20 Bucks a Game :)

  85. Nope, different doctor, but the surgeon is also the doctor when Susan dies and when George falls and ruins the Summer of George.

  86. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Sioux – I gave a simul one time – 25 players – won 24, drew 1. I used to play 3 minute blitz. Buck a game…

  87. Sioux per HAT TRICK on

    leader is 2. Get back in the game. You’re not out.

    Plenty of night of hockey. You could end up with a win.

  88. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The 66 I shot at St. Andrews included 7 tap-ins of less than foot….could of been a 59. See what I said there….

  89. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I played shinny and some 3 on 3 hit the goal post for a score with Dave Smith when he was in college….

  90. Sioux per HAT TRICK on

    Took on the Boys in the house. I went 18-2. And the 2 had 3 guys playing each. We didn’t have enough boards.

  91. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    2 years ago, I had a draw, but missed the move, against Fabiano Caruana (world number 5) who today beat world champion Magnus Carlsen in the Gashimov Memorial Tournament in Azerbaijan

  92. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I also worked out often enough with a former 150 in the world tennis pro….

    I am pretty freaking amazing

  93. True story and perhaps the highlight of my athletic career … Lou Piniella once pinch-hit for me in a media/coaches game at THE Yankee Stadium. He doubled off Bob Klapisch. While wearing shorts and sandals.

  94. I once bounced a tennis balls off three walls into a small trash can. On purpose. No look.

    Well, some look.

  95. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Seedub – My neck can barely hold my head in place. I, too, amaze myself….

  96. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Of course I forgot about pop and backman…might have to put backman high on the list

    Didn’t tamer wear #6?

  97. In college, I received the Lady Byng award for the hall hockey league in my dorm. I took a few headshots but refused to retaliate.

  98. I just read about Teemu getting scratched today.

    Made me think of Richards last year. But there is no way Selanne is more of a liability than Richards, right?

    I mean, how many here would rather have Selanne than Brad Richards?

  99. >>I just read about Teemu getting scratched today.

    It’s about time! I’m sick of hearing about how great it is that he’s 40+ years old and still playing. How about he hangs up his skates and lets a young kid get a chance?

  100. Hi gentlemen!

    I’m back.

    Here to tell you that the NYR are utter-bush-league.

    But watching CBJ, I can tell you that they’re even more so.

  101. To upset the pens you need a goalie to play above well. Same goes for rangers/flyer winner.

  102. Stranger Nation on

    I hope MacDonald gets his skates sharpened before Friday’s game. he seems to go down easy, as easy as Greg Louganis that is.

  103. This embellishment penalty stuff is absolutely atrocious.

    It’s akin to “Oh, he shot the guy, but the guy stepped into the bullet’s path as well”

  104. Selanne literally picks up his check twice a month at the team offices. Can’t be too careful with all this newfangled wireless stuff.

  105. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Pimp – what’s the health word? All good in your hood? Hoping for the best….

  106. Pimp, it’ll be good news in the morning and good news at night.

    You got this, we got this.

    Mason, puhleeze.

  107. How dumb is this guy?


    Pineda ejected for having foreign substance on his neck. Phelps takes the mound for the #Yankees in the 2nd inning: yesnet.me/42314NY.

  108. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Pimp – it’s all good. Never give up. Never surrender. Hope is a good thing. Maybe the best thing. And good things never die….

  109. according to one tweet, Pineda got lit up in the first without the pine tar, loaded up and retired the first two batters of the second before he was caught.

  110. Orr, in basebowl, the pitcher can have an advantage if he puts mud or tar on the ball. It’s against the rules to have a “foreign substance”!

  111. When Pittsburg is down. Refs make sure to make as many phantom calls as possible. When they are up. Make sure they get away with everything.

  112. Ump: ‘You can’t reach down and grab your crotch before every pitch.’

    “Where does it say that?”

  113. I’d say Farrell is going to have to deal with his own staff over this one but I have to imagine he’s already in good there and they use something clear. I’ve never once heard or read about pitchers gaining an advantage from pine tar beyond grip. Batters like pitchers with grip.

  114. Bored so here is my top 20 hated flyers.
    Gene Hart
    Kate smith
    Ed snider
    Ok that’s 21 off the top of my head….who am I missing Carp?

  115. ThisYearsModel on

    Only 7 games for Cooke. Same old crap. As for the list of Flyers………Don Saleski, Jim and Joe Watson, Gary Dornhoefer, how can they be left off?

  116. Pineda struggled a bit in the first. Allowed 2 runs. Came out in the 2nd with a glob of pine tar right on his neck. After he got 2 batters out the Red Sux manager came out and talked to the umpires who then touched Pineda’s neck and threw him out. None of the Yankees even said a word.

    Guarantee that Joe Girardi will get the umpires to check Lester or Bucholtz some time this season. Those guys use it as much as anyone.

  117. My Boston cousin asked how we’d do against a real NHL goalie in the next round…I said we could take Howard :)

  118. Barber was king embellisher, dornhoefer should be on what a big p***y, saleski a waste of time. Jim n Joe a little foggy for me as I was real young don’t know about the hatred

  119. Every pitcher uses pine tar as a means to grip the baseball in the cold.

    It’s an unwritten rule in baseball to not report players for using pine tar.

    The manager of the Red Sox is on record on numerous occasions as saying he has no issue with pitchers using pine tar.

    Jon Lester was spotted by FOX cameras in the 2013 World Series using pine tar.

    ESPN caught the pine tar on Pineda’s neck but noted that Pineda never used the pine tar once in the outing.

  120. Joe Michelletti short on money or something? In NY one night then Dallas the next then Philly and now back to Dallas.

  121. John Farrell did say that he hopes if Pineda uses it again tonight it wont be in as obvious a place. Well it was. In an even more obvious place. So he reported him. But now he just opened up his own guys for scrutiny.

  122. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    CBJ player ices the puck, but it’s on net. Fleury stops the puck:

    Pierre – “that was a tremendous same by Mark Andre. He is absolutely stopping everything tonight”

    What a tool

  123. Yes, every pitcher. It’s a means to grip the baseball in cold weather. It’s an accepted practice.

  124. trying to remember the name of the maniac — not a big guy — whow was involved in that mega preseason brawl at MSG. I think he fought Tony Feltrin or some non-fighter. maybe ruotsalainen.

    Joe Paterson.


    the PA guy.

  125. Holmgren was ok as a player and the only flyer I liked was Ricky Macleash, along the lines of Middleton and Gilbert Perrault …those three growing up were great to watch

  126. I had Propp wicked stick man, played on rat patrol line with linesman and holmgren….ran for congress as a right winger in NJ and got beat. Hedberg beat him up in a playoff game

  127. All Flyers are tools, past and present, though I’m having to have second thoughts about Danny Boy…and that hurts

  128. ThisYearsModel on

    The PA guy is Lou Nolan. Might as well add Don Earle too. he was the announcer with Gene Hart.

  129. Tim Kerr, poor bastard, came to the Rangers and accidentally said “I hope to finally have a health-free season.”

  130. iManny-O-War on

    I wouldn’t trust Fleury in overtime. If I’m the Jackets I shoot everything from everywhere.

  131. One-time Flyer Fred Arthur had the same name as the actual Lord Stanley of Preston, Earl of Derby — Frederick Arthur … who of course donated the Stanley Cup.

  132. ThisYearsModel on

    Dubi finally gets one. Now we know his problem with scoring. The goal needs to be empty.

  133. iManny-O-War on

    They might actually be about the same. But at least Fleury can at every day. I still think Fleury is top 15 in the league. Maybe top12. That’s how sad the goaltending pool is.

  134. Just saw the Dubinski goal.

    FLEURY is a clown. Worse at handling the puck than Henrik.

  135. iManny-O-War on

    So Cooke got 7? That’s the same amount of games that first time offender John Scott got.

  136. It’s amazing what this over time means. Pens score series over going home 3-1. Jackets score doubt creeps in. This is why this sport is the best.

  137. You let me down, Lev.

    Well, this is a prime test for the momentum believers. If there is momentum from game to game, this series is over.

    It sure as hell is not.

  138. It’s unreal. All the Jackets did was throw anything on net and Fleury just blows it.

  139. Carp…got to love your sense of humor, you weren’t much of a goalie, but a great instigater. Didn’t know Rangers were better than Boston, pretty bold, because you can’t still be off of the Habs bandwagon the way that freight train is rolling, or are you anti Canuck?

  140. Answer this question honestly my fellow rangers fans. Would Malkin and Crosby be goalless through 4 games vs us. No .

    As vulnerable and bad fleury is I still dint think we beat pens and I am not being pessimist it’s truly how I feel.

  141. Dubinsky 5 shots, 7 hits a goal and an assist in a not-quite-must win game. Now at 1-5-6 over 4 games. He is a 3rd liner. He is not worth $4MM per year.

  142. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I guess it’s a safe bet this blog will be empty if the jackets play us the next round because almost everyone will be on a Columbus site blogging…

  143. I refuse to root for any team other than the Rangers. I find it a lot more fun and enjoyable to root AGAINST some.

    Well, make that 4-2, Dallas.

  144. _Dubinky is a UFA after next summer. I wonder if he’d want to come back to NYR._

    Interesting. We could throw a major deal at him since he’s not one of our free agents.

  145. Agree, eric. Plus … if they get past this series, they’ll figure it out. I still think they win this series.

  146. Maybe the rangers will finally beat Pittsburgh in a series then you won’t feel that way anymore

  147. I agree carp. Pens round 1 issues usually play better round 2. My sleeper was Montreal because I think they are only team that can beat boston not saying they will but they give the bruins fits.

  148. This PIT-CBJ series should be 2-2, but PIT should have won games 2 and 4 and CBJ should have won games 1 and 3. Weird!

  149. Montreal is team most likely to beat boston. NYR is team most likely to beat montreal. As long as king realizes its a hockey arena not a torture chamber.

  150. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Apparently, Foligno told the dressing room that he was going to score the GWG after regulation ended….

  151. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Help me out with this everyone, so the team that no one thinks we can beat (the pens), gets beat by the jackets in the first round (hypothetically at this point), but everyone thinks we can beat the jackets who eliminated the pens…do I have this right?

    I’m guessing everyone thinks our matchup is better against the jackets?

  152. I remember the days when most of the people on this blog couldn’t wait to get rid of Dubi…now they crave for him.

  153. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Is it just because of Sid and Malkin that everyone thinks we can’t beat the pens?

    I mean the jackets appear to have better goaltending than the pens, they are more physical, bigger, faster than the pens…

    Is it because everyone thinks we won’t have a chance against the refs in a pens series??

    How is the jackets match up better for us?

  154. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    everyone thinks we can beat the jackets who eliminated the pens…do I have this right?

    I can’t speak for “everyone” but, yes, now you got it.

  155. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Lol, yep. I remember those days, but dubi wasn’t playing this well overall and he fell down as much as Boyle remember.

    Also think he wasn’t on our first line, he was on 2nd or 3rd line I think.

  156. Dubinky was not Dubinky after his holdout. Just wasn’t the same guy.

    He was frustrating in the end. I really thought he’d be a Lecavlaier type player for us. The old Lecavalier, not the current one. Just never worked out that way.

  157. LOL@rangersreport on

    Ugh so many bush league fans here. Statistics don’t mean everything. Just because Dubi is a “3rd” line doesn’t mean jack in the playoffs. He’s outperforming Crosby right now, and playing with loads more purpose than Nash. Both him and Anisimov are putting Nash’s effort to shame. Every time Nash gets hi the stays down. That says something.

  158. If our D is steady, if McD shuts down the opponent’s gorilla, if Henrik is awesome and if our guns fire, we can beat anyone. And all within the realm of possibility.

  159. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    “Every time Nash gets hi the stays down. That says something.”

    Yes, but what?

  160. “Ugh so many bush league fans here. Statistics don’t mean everything. Just because Dubi is a “3rd” line doesn’t mean jack in the playoffs. He’s outperforming Crosby right now, and playing with loads more purpose than Nash. Both him and Anisimov are putting Nash’s effort to shame. Every time Nash gets hi the stays down. That says something.”

    Carcillo is outperforming Crosby.

  161. LOL@rangersreport on

    Slatsko. It was every time he gets hit he stays down, but my ipad likes to change words, and it says he’s bordering on wimp most of the time. Columbus game was the one exception

  162. Admiral Akbar on

    Richards – if he is effective this playoffs – should be the next captain. Notice how Wilbur has become the de facto spokesperson for the team since the “captain” pu$hed his way out..:

  163. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    This has been the best opening round, collectively, that I’ve ever seen….tremendous excitement and drama..

  164. “Dubinsky didn’t play like this for us” is, more or less, “Dubinsky didn’t literally force his way into our top 6 by trying to skate out on the wrong line”. He’s the same dude, plays hard, will never score 30 beautiful goals, will take some dummy penalties offset by the kind of tough play every team needs. Every team would like a guy like him, only some teams are special enough to have dumped him.

  165. ORR, I just checked Stubhub and there are Stars tickets on there for $56. When I checked the other day, cheapest I found for NYR were like $140. Dolan’s priced the real fans out.

  166. >>“Every time Nash gets hi the stays down. That says something.”

    It says he’s chasing after the next hi.

  167. Admiral Akbar on

    Eddie –

    First round is my favorite round of the playoffs. Love that there’s so much great hockey on every night, and that every team has a right to dream. Great matchups, upsets, etc… Love it!

  168. LOL@rangersreport on

    Jbytes that’s all you got? Why don’t you say something instead of acting like a nub. He guys got talent, but he’s obviously the “sensitive” type. Avoiding fighting and being agitated is fine, but being forced out of position to avoid contact is cowardly.

  169. LOL@rangersreport on

    So prove it then Carp. If Carrillo was in every game he would have more points and definitely be more involved.

  170. Admiral, Tampa Bay apparently forfeited their right to dream. And the Kings would rather dream about surfing than hockey.

  171. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    She doesn’t, so I don’t see how she is outperforming Nash!

    And Nash is outperforming Crosby,
    So it stands to reason we should be able to send Nash to the pens for Crosby, sutter, and despres and a first round pick right?

  172. _I would give Carillo a C._

    Nice one!

    Hey coos, could you pass that extra cheese slice, please? …and is there anymore orange fanta left?

  173. LOL@rangersreport on

    It’s the ipad I already said that. Grammar doesn’t prove your point anyway. Have any good points but weak jabs? Because I don’t see any. I wait it’s the ranger report crowd. Bush-League-fans. Keep screaming shoot nub fans.

  174. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    “So prove it then Carp. If Carrillo was in every game he would have more points and definitely be more involved.”

    When did Mary carillo become a he? Did he/she have an operation?

  175. One last piece of cheddar, 3C, and the Fanta is warm. But I sent Mom out to the bodega. She should be back by midnight, needs to change 2 subways.

  176. “I wait it’s the ranger report crowd.”

    iPad again! I meant “crew”, not “crowd”!

  177. rangersreport – you can say that again. But I don’t think it will make any sense the second time either.

  178. King Eddie Eddie Eddie VI on

    Nash is competing, the rangers are winning, and we should all be happy. Our boys are playing some great hockey…

  179. LOL@rangersreport on

    Dubi himself will be a better playoff performer than Nash. Anise mob possibly as well. The guys a big softee.

  180. I assume that the Cooke decision means he’s scratched from the Lady Byng consideration?

  181. would love to know who is protecting Matt Cooke and why

    the league’s video wherein they cite a technicality to make this piece of dog crap and non-repeat offender while in the same breath mentioning his 9, count ’em, 9 previous suspensions and/or fines is especially cute.

    no reason to ever take the NHL seriously

  182. I think that if the Lady Byng were called the Lord Byron the candidates might be a tad more enthused.

  183. “would love to know who is protecting Matt Cooke and why”

    Lou Armadillo. Because they’re both evil.

  184. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    While McIlrath is not in the AHL playoffs, Tarasenko is scoring big goals in the NHL playoffs


  185. “I think that if the Lady Byng were called the Lord Byron the candidates might be a tad more enthused.”

    I have spent my season, both interest and principle
    And deem what I deemed not, myself to the sin bin invincible!

  186. Cooke’s great great great grandfather was Captain Cook, who spent his life, (like Kreider on defense) looking for the North-West passage.

  187. Steinbrenner Jr. just handed an invoice at the Hyatt bar for pine tarred sheets and pillow case.

  188. says: “I don’t mind the bill so much, but could he take a gdamned shower now and then?”

  189. I was very amused at how Pineda makes the ump touch his neck and doesn’t argue and just walks away.

  190. BickelsPickle on

    You think Pitt still has what it takes to lift the cup? Got that potential. I don’t know what’s up with them.

  191. I like us against Pitt simply because this offense takes a lot of shots, regardless of quality, and playoffs MAF lets in a lot of shots, regardless of quality.

  192. Ever notice that hockey players will move on to a new employer over a few million measly dollars?

  193. 8:45 AM this morning.

    Sent my Rinaldo to the Community Pool.

    You could set your watch by my daily 8:45er.

  194. Slats: ‘Dolan was born on third and thinks he hit a triple. I had to walk and steal.’

  195. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Did I tell you guys the story about the lady that came into work the other day?

  196. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Wait, we can’t say Mary carillo??


    Sorry carp, guess I’m out too ;)

  197. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    Slats Disney: “Shorts and gloves? This really is a Mickey Mouse outfit.”

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