Game 3: Rangers at Flyers … It’s Go Time!


Game 3.flyers3
Rangers at Flyers.


The Rangers were 0-2 during the season at the Arena That Changes Names Every Five Minutes. One of the losses came during the 2-6 start of that nine-game road trip. Since then, the Rangers were 22-8-3 on the road, and tied for the Eastern lead with 25 road wins.

Home teams in the East are 4-6, as opposed to 11-0 out West.

Sounds as if ex-Flyer Daniel Carcillo will go back into the lineup in place of Jesper Fast, adding a little extra snarl to this series. Alain Vigneault would not confirm that this morning, and when asked if he thought the game would be more physical, he asked “why?” When told it’s Philly, and Philly’s physical, he said, “I’m from the West; haven’t heard of that.”

The Rangers are 19-9-3 with Carcillo in the lineup … of course, if Vigneault believed Carcillo was the reason they were 19-9-3 Carcillo would always be in the lineup, no?

Some changes for the Flyers, too. Vinny Lecavalier will move up to the second line, from the fourth. And No. 1 goalie Steve Mason is feeling well enough to be the backup to Ray Emery tonight. Mason (probable concussion) could then be available if needed to start Game 4.

The Rangers will prucha Fast (unless AV decides against the Carcillo change), J.T. Miller, Justin Falk, Raphael Diaz and Ryan Haggerty. Chris Kreider (hand surgery) remains out indefinitely.


After the game, vote for the Three Rangers Stars in the poll on the left.

Also, follow Josh Thomson on Twitter throughout the series: @jthomson22.

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  1. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    IT IS TIME!!!!!!

    Time to shine TONIGHT!!!!

    Rangers game time is….NOW!!!!!

    LETs gog gog og gogog ogogogogo!!!


  2. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Every game is a must and tonight PHILLY will BUST!!!!


    LETS DO THIS!!!!!

  3. Not good, ilb. Was reinforced before the playoffs, but pretty crowded and shaky very quickly in Game 2 … especially those who only come by when things are worst.

  4. $9.75 isn’t bad compared to those carved-out-of-a-snowy-mountain Coors Light.

    How much do those cost?

  5. I wouldn’t bet a single hot dog against that, Eric. He will be watched, too, given the place, his history and the garbage that’s gone on throughout the league in the playoffs.

  6. Ralph finds a suitcase full of counterfeit money … one of the counterfeiters comes calling for the money, armed. Norton thinks he’s from the investment firm, Merrill, Lynch, Pierce, Fenner and Ziggy.

  7. Carp

    I say must win in terms of this team playing from ahead in series. Thus isn’t the caps

  8. If they lose tonight, is it over? Are they done? Or can they win Game 4 and be right back in the series?

    Hence, not a must.

  9. Now I remember. Read that everyone rehearsed except Gleason. He would just show up. Genius.

  10. You can say it all you want, Eric. It’s not a Must Win game until you’re done if you lose. And I know you’ve probably seen as many playoff series as I have.

  11. Getting old sucks, I would have nailed that ‘mooners line in a heartbeat 20 years ago.

  12. “Talking about net presence and driving to the net, those are all facets that are very important to good offensive hockey,” said Rangers coach Alain Vigneault. “And that’s an area that we need to continue to do better.”

    Apparently AV is *Paying Attention* and has added a little more to the “get pucks at the net from everywhere on the back-up goalie” strategy

  13. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Uh oh, we’re in trouble uh-0h, we’re in trouble uh-oh…,,,,double bubble trouble. Uh-oh

  14. I am not the hank basher like mist people but it will be on him to steal one of these next 2. I expect us outplayed.

  15. Never fear, Miami Pimp is here!

    And I’m here here to tell you that these guys are cooked. I expect a Flyers goal within the first three minutes, followed by at least another (and likely two) before the end of the first.

    Carcillo on with Richards? Brilliant (AV, what a clown).

    I’ll just sit and pray that The Kreider comes back as soon as possible. Otherwise, we all may as well hit the golf course.

    Flyers 9-0.

  16. Add your Charchidi

    Loved that tweet about the Cap and the Flyers spending on netminders.

  17. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Rangers 5
    Filthy 0

    GWG Brassard

    Relax, my bruthas, this one is in the bag

    Book it

  18. Good evening all! Skating in just in the nick of time, no thanks to work and the need to quickly over stuff myself for dinner…

    LGR!!!! Tonight better be an improvement on my day.

    Why is Duguay wayyyyy over pronouncing LeCav’s name like that?

  19. Looks like the Empire State Building in there …

    Hey, I forgot to tell you guys, I was on the elevator with Mr. Snider, Holmgren, Hextall, etc. the other night. If one of you blew it up, I would understand.

  20. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I’m so nervous, I might have to release another Rinaldo before puck drop

  21. iManny-O-War on

    Always classier to insult the other team than support your own. Keep it classy Philly.

  22. JR – “The unpredictability of a hockey puck is only superimposed by that of a baseball.”

  23. Carp, it’s a good thing I wasn’t with you. Might have been an interstate incident.

    jpg is so lucky! He’s at Bruce show in Pitt…but we won last time he was at a show and missed game so I only hate him a little bit.

  24. stralman im worried about. he always seems to take that bad penalty we never kill. mcmonster and danny g have to double shift later on. i cant watch when strallzy on the ice. i get heart palpitations

  25. That’s the way to keep the crowd out of it. Emery should have had that first shot. 1-nil

  26. Hey Grabby!!!! Pray for mama if things don’t go well….she’s feeling on the edge of boudreau…

  27. I guess some of the rocket scientists from the Game 2 thread are waiting for something bad to happen before they hop aboard.

  28. Wasnt I just saying its a smart idea for Nash to throw pucks at the net from the boards at the blue line.

  29. iManny-O-War on

    People will still hate Hank, Carp. He gets paid the “never good enough” salary now. Well, next season.

  30. wow looks like lightning struck the lightning’s tonight. tb is lookin like burnt toast down 3-1 in elimination game

  31. Kentucky Fried POULET. What a freaking idiot. Seriously.

    I would sit him for the year for that epic $hit he just took.

  32. carp, i was a tad inebriated the other day, i know i gave hank a hard time. he wasnt that bad and i did make some stupid comments. i realize that. i just am so used to him being so good i am spoiled in a way.

  33. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I was stone cold sober, but I’m sorry too for whatever it was I said.

  34. The Rangers need to understand that Philly is going to get away with dirty crap just b/c the refs are unwilling to call everything and give the Rangers 15 PP. They are going to look to even things up when they can just to avoid lopsided penalty numbers.

  35. i’m straight up pozy petunias from now on. i am way too negative and my gf owned me after i ranted on hank the other night!! i know ur watchin the game at home babes! if u see this i sware i’ll be a good grabster

  36. ThisYearsModel on

    Rangers are playing well so far. Keeping them to the outside. McD has only given the puck away once.

  37. There been more blown 3-1 leads this year then any other. All three pens games.

    Safe to say next goal tonight big. Pp needs to find wY

  38. Carp,

    They said on pregame that there have been 6 two-goal leads blown so far. 8 in last year’s postseason total.

  39. Just had a pedophile looking dude try to sell me a car…then a dog (literally) try to sell me a house. I hate commercials.

  40. MSL looks like he’s been in a few playoff games before. Maybe very helpful to Nash.

    Hank, quietly, has been very steady too.

  41. Rangers must get the next goal if they’re to win tonight. They don’t want to give life to that team and arena.

  42. iManny-O-War on

    Everyone is playing well right now. Don’t worry guys. Phlyers are distracted with their intent to injure.

  43. Going to have to keep track of all the lower body injuries on this blog from jumping on the MSL bandwagon.

  44. nash has been damn good just could use a goal for his confidence. otherwise him and his line have definitely come to play tonight

  45. iManny-O-War on

    Poor Boyle. Every bounce went his way in 2011-2012 and he’s sure paying it back now.

  46. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Did anyone see the lady doing the Canadian natl anthem before the Habs game tonight…*AWESOME*

  47. Pouliot with the goat horns right now. That was looking like 2-0, possibly 3-0 going into the break. Huge turnaround.

  48. McMonster….. Not so much and BTW thanks 67. Flyers don’t like him and AV starting to hate him as well

  49. Only the freaking rangers could do this. Unfreaking believable numerous pop go up 3-0 pouliot is a moron.

  50. This is literally game 2 all over again. Rangers dominate, Flyers look terrible, Emery looking terrible and taking penalties.

    Then they take a stupid penalty, the Flyers score a fluky goal and the game totally changes.

  51. 2x takes dum pen. I don’t understand these guys. Know time and score. Why awake this freaking team. The pp sucks god awful

  52. ThisYearsModel on

    Well, we could not avoid utter stupidity for an entire period. Now we have a game again. Let’s see how many more O-zone penalties Pouliot can take.

  53. This could easily be a 3-0 game. Instead Pouliot by himself negates over 3 minutes of PP time and the Rangers eek into the intermission with a measly 1 goal lead.

  54. That was among the worst and stupidest penalties I’ve ever seen a Ranger take. So dumb!!

  55. Stranger Nation on

    Mr. Offense, Marty St. Louis late on back check on the goal as well, but McD just looks, dare I say, human.

  56. latona- boyle never scores. i think he was a d man when he was drafted. i can see why. but yea its hard to hate him. he does try hard. if he wasnt so big he’d be a regular joe like us

  57. This Flyers team is absolute garbage and should be dispensed with in no more than 5 games. Rangers threw away game 2 and they better not throw away game 3.

  58. Blow this game there done. How often u see teams blowing 2 goal leads in 2 diff games win a series.

  59. I think Boyle does everything we can ask him to do except score. That’s fine. I think I’ll give him the money he’s asking because it’ll cost us more trying to find a replacement.

  60. I’ve been telling you guys about Kentucky Fried POULET all season. What a clown.

    He doesn’t belong in the Mexican Second Division, much less the NHL.

    Bench this court jester.

  61. iManny-O-War on

    McDonagh is clearly playing hurt. He’s not 100%. He’s getting beat on his right side.

  62. Good point about Richards 4-on-4. AV apparently doesn’t believe in speed in those situations. Berube obviously does.

  63. Ever notice how Richards is always involved in these 4 on 4 goals against. Wonder why? He skated right up Mac’s backside.

  64. You know, due to their most recent television ad, I’ll probably never have another Heinekin.

  65. “I am not the hank basher like mist people but it will be on him to steal one of these next.”

    Who are the Mist People? Must have missed that movie.

  66. Listen, we dominated the first 19 minutes. Pouliot fried chicken costs us a goal. One chicken. Too fried. Everyone else was solid enough. Plus our guys bumped in the neutral zone which shaked everyone up. Nevertheless, I say we play as long as we need to to get THE back.

  67. If the secret isn’t out yet, the way they beat this Filthiest team is to forecheck and keep the play in the Flyers end. filthiest DMen are AHL caliber.

  68. Reginald Dunlop on

    How do these 2 stooges get another game after blowing tampa bay montreal game the other night……????????????

  69. Richards brightest moments this year was pp. 5 on 5 4 on 4 he’s a horror show. He can’t skate.

  70. agree pickle

    amen pimpster except pullout deserves a 2nd chance at least. remember he was crucial in the final few reg. season games. i would like to see fast,miller or THE instead of carcillo though.

  71. Callahan’s stocks should definitely go up after his playoffs appearance. I wonder how many billions he thinks he’s worth now.

  72. 4 things prevent 3-0 lead

    Emery stop on step
    Boyle missed semi breakaway.
    Pouliot imploding( likely not score anyway on pp) 2x

  73. He was begging for a double minor on that play. Cross checking Macdonald, and crying to the refs. Lucky for us they didn’t call him.

    I don’t know what the fugg is going on with that guy, but he needs to take his head out of his french ass

  74. It really disconcerts me when I find myself agreeing with a pickle, and an avatar pickle no less….

  75. ThisYearsModel on

    CARP–The Nash-O-Meter is looking high so far this game. He played an excellent period.

  76. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Wow, you guys are nuts!! Ledge must be packed. Is it 4-0 flyers?

    Calm down everyone

  77. I think I mentioned several times over the season that French Poodle had been responsible for several Ranger playoff victories through plays like this. I think he is just trying to hard to make a difference and become a hero and ending up with brain cramps.

  78. i LITERALLY think this is similar to the 2nd game and if they LITERALLY dont score again, then we will have to not literally let in another literary goal, of which there is no literal defininition for.

  79. Tentative, Mama. If the Rangers practice, we chat after practice. If not, we do it another day. Maybe Thurs.

  80. Got to hit the sack early…certain you boneheads will put the right spin on the 2nd and 3rd periods to ensure a Ranger victory…

  81. iManny-O-War on

    Yea. You can’t bench Pouliot. He is too valuable. I might let him sit out a PP of two but….

    It’s just like the start of the season. He will figure it out.

  82. I got a ticket for speeding today, literally. It literally made me hartnelling yell carillo!!!!

  83. My mama spoke philosophically and psychologically and a tad psychotically… literally! Once, once!

  84. Could be it was a (Andrew) Gross understatement, or a gross understatement…..the lower or upper case literally makes the diffreence on how you read it …

  85. ThisYearsModel on

    CARP—-I thought it was Nash’s best period since Columbus. And that was a rocket from Girardi. Huge goal.

  86. That was a “CARP SPECIAL” … missed the net on the shot and Flyers come the other way.

  87. Papa Bear
    Next team to score will win this game.

    Book It.

    April 22nd, 2014 at 8:52 PM


  88. AV advise

    2 days off till game 4. Long change in 2nd. Limit Moore icetime. Can have him in situations vs giroux line. Play top 4 with Klein some more now.

  89. Olga Folkyerself on

    Those coors light delivery guys only bring two beers at a time. Must be paid by the hour…

  90. If the defenseman joins the rush, whatever player takes the shot CAN NOT miss wide. PERIOD.

  91. I say it to my dad all the time. Richards and these behind the back passes. I can’t believe the coach still lets him do it. I would nipped that in the butt in november.

    I realized the dynamic between Torts and Richards.

    But how does AV allow it to continue.


  93. Needed to protect the lead, not get into the stupid stuff. Now a PK out of NOWHERE.

  94. iManny-O-War on

    Wait. If Hagelin and Voracek got 2 for roughing this should be a 4-on-3 PP. Right?

  95. vorachek for roughing, yea right, ref must be from philly, typical mickey mouse, wwe refereeing.

  96. ThisYearsModel on

    So far, I am voting for Nash and Boyle as stars of this game. maybe Dom Moore too.

  97. Hartnell you Philly….Look what you even bring out in Shaggy, and this a bullhartnelling ….

  98. Sioux per HAT TRICK on

    Rangers win the middle 10 mins. Now close out the last 5!

    Boys are going to win tonight!!!

  99. Keep it tight for 5 minutes, safe forecheck, dump the puck, clear the zone. Keep this lead.

  100. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    So I’m way behind live action, just saw the first Pouliot penalty and I have zero problem with what he did.

    He was lucic’d twice and then was slashed behind the right knee in front of the net before he cross checked the guy.

    Yes, it sucks it was on the power play, but the flyer deserved it and I would have done the same thing.

  101. I wonder if the Rangers actually wish upon a star when they make some of these pathetic clearing attempts

  102. I hope our boys have good security leaving the whatever it is named Snider arena…..I’ll be thrilled to snoot this team and fans….

  103. Didn’t Carcillo set a screen on the third goal? I think he has been OK. Not that stupid of a penalty. That’s what you expect from him…

  104. ThisYearsModel on

    Another Giroux dive. Spin to the boards and look directly at the referee. 2 consecutive embellishments, 2 consecutive power plays.

  105. wow!! this is why I’m having trouble being a fan of the nhl. I can’t take the nonsense refereeing anymore. The NHL is a joke.

  106. It’s hard to comment objectively on these refs, but this entire crew should not see the ice for the rest of the playoffs. Pathetic display.

  107. Dang — forgot to ask for no stupid penalties. But AV dressed both buffoons tonight and is getting his money’s worth. Two idiotic penalties 2-up.

  108. NHL Network ?@NHLNetwork 1m
    Power Play goal from Pacioretty and @CanadiensMTL lead @TBLightning 4-3 with less than a minute left.

  109. Nice close-out of the 2nd. AV can make things clear now for the 3rd. Counterattack only, stay out of the box.

  110. I hope the Prust Cally hug in the handshake line had some real meaning and softly spoken terms of endearment, like “we were supposed to win in MSG”

  111. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    The second pp penalty he took was a bad one. Like his attempt to get nasty after the call, but bad penalty

  112. Really enjoyable to watch #19 standing around on D during delayed power play, allowing spinning slammer from center slot. He had the best seat in the house.

  113. JBytes

    Rangers will need one more goal to win.

    jbytes- dont do that man. i cannot physically take it, or am i willing to accept an emotional swing like that without proper medication readily available at my full disposal. this aint 94 my bp cant go above 50,000 mph!

  114. For a moment I forgot about stupid network timing crap and thought I could go to sleep with a win….but no, one more period…farging late starts!!!

  115. Spinning Slammer on

    And what, pray tell, is wrong with marveling at a well timed spinning slammer?

  116. Hey, coos is here. Nash is now off the hook. All Richards’ fault from here on in!

  117. the nhl specifically calls the flyer/ranger games like it’s 1974 and that’s the way the game should be called. Let the flyers, hack, punch, do whatever they want and get away with it while the rangers have to take it because if they try anything it will be a penalty, ridiculous.

  118. Norm……….”Counterattack only”????

    No way.

    Force the play and forecheck, forecheck, forecheck.

    Keep the puck in the Filthy end.

  119. eric- u wont be paying boyle the 2.7 or whatever it is lol. relax, just worry about 1 thing at a time, like how many sabretts u owe carp!

  120. Boyle reminded me the Easter’s Island stone faces…and I’m not talking about his hands

  121. Stranger Nation on

    Dorsett penalty was horrible but I will take that trade every time. Slam Jah Rue into the boards…priceless

  122. no way Rob. All these arenas look so much cleaner and cooler with these color blackouts or whatever they’re called. Probably because MSG is built height-wise? Other arenas are more gradual(?)….. am I making sense here?

  123. Anson Carter should get a job reading the small print at 10,000 miles per hour in radio ads.

  124. ThisYearsModel on

    Claude Giroux should change his number to 7, because he dives like Bill Barber used to.

  125. Cally can’t wait to book a flight to Buffalo so he can shovel the four feet of snow still left in his driveway.

  126. “Norm……….”Counterattack only”????

    No way.

    Force the play and forecheck, forecheck, forecheck.

    Keep the puck in the Filthy end.”

    I’m somewhere in between this. Definitely pursue a forecheck, but it should be all about low risk/low reward plays.

  127. These NHLers are all revved up
    What do you do when you get knocked out and it’s still April?
    Cabo with Tony Romo?

  128. “Wow, lot of empty seats in Detroit”

    Fits in with the empty homes, storefronts, and bank accounts.

  129. Gloves off. 5-6 bare fisted punches to the head. Roughing?

    I Hate Penguins and Referees.

  130. I’d rather have the gate left open…that commercial creeps me out, and is stupid.

    Poor Cally….

  131. ThisYearsModel on

    Cally is ready to shuffle up to Buffalo. It will be interesting to see how much money he gets.

  132. Stranger Nation on

    None of those Detroit fans are from the Motor City – all in suburbs. Fans left early

  133. When you don’t hear Sralman’s, JMoops’ or Klein’s name, you’re happy. Lots more expected of McTruck, all over the ice.

  134. Dean, no offense, but I’d rather a dead horse fall on you than that happen…I know this is a business, but I can only take so much

  135. lol. Dave M pro non-fighting, but keeps asking for Giroux to get plastered and taught a lesson.

  136. Latona, forecheck with the third man high.

    You do not go into a counter attack, defensive shell.

    No way.

  137. I agree with Carp – I dont know what you guys are watching but Klein looks awful out there. Soft on the puck, lots of giveaways, not hitting enough. He is a #6 or a #7.

    And no it would not surprise me if Cally ended up back here. Adter no points in 4 playoff games I dont see anyone else offering him what he wants and that includes Buffalo. Him being traded to Tampa definitely hurt his value. You are no longer getting the captain of the Rangers you are getting a role player.

  138. Hank looks pretty good. Bailing these guys out for starting slow in yet another period.

  139. Glad that the zebras finally caught up with Hagelin. Only a matter of time before he hurt somebody bad.

  140. ThisYearsModel on

    Ryan Callahan gets to watch the Rangers now. Thing is…..he will score about as many points for them as he did when h played for them in the playoffs.

  141. ThisYearsModel on

    Nice cheap shot by Read. Should be reviewed, targeted the head of an unsuspecting player. Of course, no call.

  142. you knew that was going in the second he went down the middle against the tired Flyers.

  143. Carcillo first star. Great D with bad call, great goal. More than made up for earlier bad penalty.