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  1. I wish I could avoid the carbs, Doc. But I can’t turn down MAC N CHEESE!

    Also, Doc. Did you see your picture in the Beard Contest?

  2. Miami Playoff Pimp on

    The point is, ladies and gentle men, that being tied 1-1, for lack of a better word, is bush-league. Bush-league is the right word choice, bush-league works. Bush-league clarifies, cuts through and captures the essence of the situation. Bush-league, in all of its forms; bush-league in goal, on the power play, for perimeter play, for embellishment has marked the downward surge of this series. And bush-league, you mark my words, will not only take down the Rangers, but that other malfunctioning corporation called the NHL.

  3. (that’s a joke. He’s not really. But imagine!)

    NHL awards hosted by Luongo and Bryzgalov

  4. If Ovechkin learns to speak just a tiny bit better, he could run for Governor of California.

  5. Mrs. Manny on Paulina Gretzky: “she has a great body but she looks like used goods”

  6. Paulina to Dustin Johnson: “My daddy had almost 3,000 points!”

    Johnson: “That’s Sooooo Yesterday!”

  7. Fun fact: Wayne and Paulina have combined for the most points by a father-daughter tandem in NHL history.

  8. I don’t blame hank, i just wish he coulda stolen a game for us when we got ahead.

  9. Rob in Beantown on

    Wayne Gretzky and my cat have combined for the most points by a human-feline tandem in NHL history

  10. Anyways, I can’t get that link to work and post but the Blackhawks fans made T-Shirts that say:


    It’s horrible.

  11. Rob and I have combined for the most uses of the word tandem by a blog tandem in blog history.

  12. Thanks, Carp. Sorry. I just wanted people to be very, very angry at the Blackhawks fans.

  13. Accepted scientific fact now that ‘we’ cohabitated (for lack of a stronger term) with Neanderthals. Genes still running around. Play ‘Can You Spot Them?’

  14. @PuckPodcast Two games into the playoffs and Jonathan Quick’s GAA is 7.20. His SV% is .824. Woof! Seems like a typo but it’s not.

  15. Clicked twice, will click again. The old lady is more interesting than ‘ZZZQuil’ A. Vinegar.

  16. Daddy McDonagh: “Taking a bit of a beating out there lately, son.”
    McD: “You should have given me boxing lessons instead of having me repair sand traps all summer.”

    Daddy: “So challenge them to a sand trap contest.”

  17. Wakey Wakey is funny if its not referring to a guy being knocked unconscious on a potentially life altering cheapshot.

  18. I don’t blame Hank and I have always said he’s the best we’ve had. But he had to stop that Voracek goal.

    Lots of rationalizing on this board today. That was a bad loss on many levels.

  19. ThisYearsModel on

    If Montreal had home ice throughout the playoffs, they could win the cup. Espo lost it last night on the Tampa radio. He said that there is “no way a Frenchman referee should be assigned to a playoff game in Montreal.” The call was disgraceful for sure. The lack of accuracy on the part of linesmen lately is a concern. They screwed up a call robbing PA Parenteau of an empty netter the other night, and Minnesota came right back and scored to make the game 3-2. Then they hosed Stamkos out of breakaway last night.

  20. I posted this in response to Papa’s bear comment on the last thread. Thought I’d forward it on.

    One of the analysts (Maloney?) said wrist shots off the rush from the Blueline with no one screening or going hard to the net for rebounds wont cut it. He’d like to see Nash use his speed, back the D in and carry the puck towards the scoring areas.

    Dead on Papa Bear.

    Check out the angle Nash attacks the net at. When he’s non-engagement Nash, its always to the outside post, which basically means he’s conceding that area of the ice to the defender and the goalie. So by the time he’s at the net he’s always at a bad angle and sweeps around the net or lets off a bad angle wrist shot.

    When he’s engaged. He can pull off the same move Voracek did, bc with his speed and skill goalie flinch when you come right at them.

    But Im telling you , I said it to my father last March, if Nash didn’t come to the Rangers willing and wanting play that way from the get-go, how are you gonna teach that to an established 29 year old star. And to expect he’s gonna play like that after these concussions, knowing his demeanor is delusional.

    The team is in the middle of the playoffs, so I won’t say right now what needs to be done. But ask me when the season ends, and I’ll tell you the Rangers best course of action going forward. Ill hint at it, its being pro-active with a personnel decision.

    And my opinion Carp, Nash is not the guy I want throwing bad angle shots from the boards on the blue-line. To me, he of the mindset, where he’ll just do that all day long and then say to himself, I’m doing the right thing, look at the number of shots, maybe one will go in.

    The rangers need Nash with the mindset of Im going to put the puck in the net. Period.

    I feel like Nash like Richards is too easily content.

  21. I personally don’t see what difference Carcillo makes in this series unless you get one of those three-goal lead/linebrawls and he happens to be out there. He will slow down Richards and Hagelin even more, IMO. But he’s not a terrible player. It just hasn’t worked with him playing up a line. Same for Dorsett.

  22. Well I would move up Dorsett. Carcillo would replace Dorsett on the 4th line.

    As I said earlier, I think Fast has been fine and I don’t see a reason to pull a panic move and switch the lineup. But Carcillo is an experienced player and maybe might pop a goal in a tight checking game.

  23. and AV might be thinking, too, that after a loss and going into Philly, just a change would be good, especially one that could cause some havoc.

  24. JPP @ 3:31 … appreciate the words of support.

    Maybe I’m not such a moron after all!

    BTW, using the term “dead on” when referencing a guy my age could be a bit disconcerting, but not in this case.

    Keep on Truckin, JPP.

  25. Stranger Nation on

    Me thinks CarBong will play a physical, banging game and possibly get Simmonds off his game and focused on chasing the car bong. Simmonds seems like the kind of guy who is waiting to erupt. He is the main guy on that squad who really can inflict damage. Schenn can be a physical player
    The other supposed Flyer tough guys are who??? Hall? Read? Vorachek? Akeson? Vinny? Hartnell? Raffl? Couturier? please

    Going on record to say Jay Roo is one of the cheapest players in the league and the refs let him get away with a lot of BS last game.

  26. Carp,

    For me, the decision comes down to, who will be the most effective on the forecheck, Carcillo, Miller or Fast???

    And, if its a tie, Carcillo get your skates on.

  27. SN, when Ja Roo tried to choke out McDonuts, wouldn’t it have been nice if AV told Dorsett “it’s going to be a long series. Send the message back. Go get Ja Roo.”

    It’s gonna be a lot harder to do in Philly because Berube has last change.

    Should’ve happened yesterday.

    Protect your superstars.

    I said the night Toews got leveled by Orpick and there was no response by his mates, the Hawks will not win the Cup this year. Clean hit or dirty, his mates should have responded by at least running Crosby through the boards.

  28. I’d be totally fine if Carcillo never dresses for us again. He didn’t do anything really embarrassing during his half season and that’s good enough for me.

  29. Mr. D, I’ll be totally fine if we win the series, regardless of who is dressed and who is not dressed.

    Heck, I’d be fine with you dressing if we win the series.

  30. Honestly, strictly from a NYR point of view, I think we’re lucky to be tied 1-1. Both games were “dogs”- Rangers can play much better (I also thought the Flyers were better than this). This may not be the worst played series of all- but its been in contention. Lets see what happens on the road- any truth to the rumor that NBC wants to move game 5 to a 9 AM start in order to insure we get a high skilled thriller in front of truly rockin’ house?

  31. “I feel like Nash like Richards is too easily content.”

    It seems to me he became content after the head shots. I’m not defending him because I think he would have to take it up a notch to reach wuss status. But when he first came to NY he was a dip your shoulder and take it to the net type forward and in the first month a really decent two way guy. Since that first concussion last year, not so much.

  32. And Giroux needs to be dealt with for choking our boy McD. The best would be a graves like two hander to his bean but I’ll settle for sending him to the golf course of his choice while we game plan for Lumbus.

  33. Country Club Atmosphere on

    Seeing Dubi drive to the net and drawing a penalty and constantly going to high-traffic areas while Nash just hangs around the perimeter is pretty frustrating. As the analysts said on Saturday, he is a “gamer” in the playoffs. If Nash possessed Dubi’s work ethic and intensity, he would be a force in the playoffs.

  34. If there was a hypothetical forward with Nash’s skill and size and Dubinsky’s drive, I’d trade two solid forwards, a D prospect and a 1st round pick, even if that hypothetical forward got paid $7.8MM per.

  35. I agree. I think Nash got totally rattled after getting multiple head injuries. That’s why I want to play Dorsett with him. To give him the feeling of protection.

  36. Agree, ORR. I think that makes it worse because you see what could be on a nightly basis instead of once in a while.

  37. Pretty much why I never hustled in softball. If you do it once, they know you’re capable of it and they’ll only get madder when you don’t.

  38. LOL. Seriously. I posted that asking if the Whale made the playoffs, which they couldn’t have with their adysmal record. At that exact moment I get a “Thanks for your support” e-mail from the Hartford Whale saying “SEE YOU OCT 18!”

  39. Nash’s “hustle” during the Olympics and the way he was able to turn it on against Columbus are reasons why I feel attributing his long bouts of poor play and invisible ice presence during the last two years to a concussion is a stretch. He has had some really good games during sprinkled in, usually against weaker teams. Why doesn’t it affect him during those games?

    He is what he is….a highly paid consistently inconsistent perimeter / rush / solo player that has great skill and size. His effort level is disappointing most nights and for a “superstar” he doesn’t seem to make any of the players his plays with better.

    He had a couple of chances to “be the man” late in yesterday’s loss and he didn’t get it done.

  40. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Ok, just caught up…WOW

    From the review thread…

    Well done!!

    Wtf is wrong with some of you? How in any contrived state of inebriation did zuc get voted the first star by the blog?

    You guys should not be allowed to vote any more?

    Are we basing his first star on how far Simmonds was dragging him up the ice while zuc clutched his leg??

    Lmao, you have no business voting anymore!!


  41. I did the same when I used to play basketball for my school years ago. I was pretty good on offense, but I didn’t like the pressure, so I intentionally missed every time so nobody would pass to me. I scored zero points that year. Last game of the season my coach told me to stay down the court so when my teammates get the ball, they can roll it down to me and I can finally score. I missed two layups with no defense around me.

    I was amazing on defense though.

  42. Little article in NY Times on line under Sports/hockey about Dorsett. Medicine Hat Team psychologist, Saul Miller, asks each player to consider ‘what animal would define the qualities that you want to project while on the ice?’ Dors, (of course,) said Tiger.

    Anyone here interested in compiling what answer each of our 2014 Rangers would give to Miller? I’d like to read it.

  43. Actually a taxi squad will be coming up soon … just a bunch of guys who will practice and be ready in case this run gets like ’97.

  44. bull dog line on

    I am not exactly sure what it is Fast does, or has done, that warrants him being in the line up. I agree with Carp that Carcillo with Richards does not work, which is why I would play Miller there. but if he is not an option, I would prefer someone who can stir it up like Carcillo, than someone who is just kind of there, like Fast.

  45. Easy, they’re all dogs. Unless they win tomorrow, then they’re gazelles and lions.

  46. gross weight of hair removal

    Hags: .00421 oz
    CarProblems: .00419 oz
    Topo: .00417 oz
    Boyler: .00412 oz

  47. Based on stats, Vidal Sasoon hockey blog says Hags should play with Carcillo. Elton John blog agrees, but the reasoning is obscure.

  48. It should be noted that Boyler’s hair was deemed heavier per strand by thickness, but not by length/volume.

  49. I just hope Dubi drives his stick into Crosby’s lower back upwards of thirty times tonight.

  50. LOL! What BS. Orpik doesn’t get called for an obvious board behind the net, PIT comes up the ice, and immediately gets a PP.

  51. Columbus could be a really cool place to play if that team becomes good.

    Jackets royally fugged up all those top 10 picks in the draft. Zherdev, Filitov, Voracek, Picard, Brule, Leclaire, Brassard, Klesla.

    Those are a lot of busts.

  52. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Going to find it greatly amusing if all of those rooting for Columbus now get their wish and then they bounce us from the next round.

    We would have an easier time against the pens, so

    Go pens!!!

  53. >>I would play Columbus 10 times out of 10 instead of the Penguins.

    Make that eleven times out of ten for me.

  54. Interestingly enough, I just couldn’t bring myself to rooting for the Islanders during their series against Penguins.

  55. Getting ahead of myself here,
    but if Pens lose in first round,
    Bylsma and Fluery…….
    see Ya!

  56. ThisYearsModel on

    I would mind the Rangers going out in round 2 to Columbus a lot less than seeing them go out against Pittsburgh.

  57. Sioux -Hat Trick- Get in the Game on

    I find Joy when Pittsburgh loses, and if a young team like Columbus is finding their first success in the playoffs it’s even better if it’s against the Penguins.

  58. Penguins are just letting the Jackets wear themselves out; they’ll then take over with their offensive power.

  59. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Wow, interesting take from you guys.

    I love my team more than I hate any team, but ok.

    I hope you guys are right, about an easier match up for us against the jackets than the pens (if the jackets and rangers win).

  60. Love how Kenny said that: “Penguins *handed* their third power play of the period.”

  61. bull dog line on

    just as long as the Rangers don’t advance past the 2nd round, that would be bad, it doesn’t matter who they lose to. don’t want to give up that 1st round pick according to some real knowledgable Ranger fans who think playoff runs happen all the time.

  62. I can’t believe how blatently obvious Penguins ref favoritism is. Might as well just say it publicly. It’s not like they hide it one bit.

  63. Sioux -Hat Trick- Get in the Game on

    Varlamov should win the Vezina this year, but he won’t Rask will.

  64. Sioux -Hat Trick- Get in the Game on

    The more you watch Dubi play, you want him back as a Ranger don’t you?

  65. NBCSN just wrote “Fluery struggling early”. I guess they’re struggling with his name.

  66. bull dog line on

    I guess the answer would be goaltending Olga. I don’t see Pitt as a better match up either.

  67. Keith Jones: “Neither goal should of went in.” Good grief, I’m glad I’m not learning English grammar from that guy.

  68. You know who’s a Norris worthy defenseman?

    Kris Letang

    Yeah right, guy watches more hockey than I do.

  69. LeTang had a stroke 3 months ago and he’s back playing NHL playoff hockey?

    He deserves some sort of trophy, for sure.

  70. Sioux -Hat Trick- Get in the Game on

    Refs are doing their best to get Pittsburgh back into this game?

  71. Little boreale just checked in….
    “What’s the score”
    “Hang in there Columbus”. Clap clap clap

    Raising him right

  72. Olga Folkyerself on

    Jokinen flapping his jaw at Johnson. He’d be quiet as a mouse if the ref wasn’t between them.

  73. Wild swarming as if they were the Gerbils in the last minutes of the game, but can’t break through.

  74. Is it me or has Crosby become less chatty on the ice ever since his jaw was shattered.

  75. Wild swarming as if they were the Gerbils -in the last minutes of the game, but can’t break through- fleeing Richard Gere’s habitrail.

    April 21st, 2014 at 8:30 PM

  76. I don’t think I’m leaving Brooklyn in May. But then I’ll be back in October for my birthday and also for someone to take me to a Rangers game. HINT HINT.

  77. Sioux -Hat Trick- Get in the Game on


    First shot!!!


  78. Brooklyn’s kinda different, IMHO. But wanna come to Sandoony USA with me & boss lady? Or to a lecture on low-intervention obstetrics? Hey, where’s ilb?

  79. Sioux -Hat Trick- Get in the Game on

    Barrie could be out for the year, if that tore his knee apart.

    Cooke needs a shovel to the head, after that.

  80. So let me see if I have this right. We drafted Mclrath when Tarasenko was sitting there for us?

  81. Sally, I like Mermaid Spa in Sea Gate and Russian Bath House (on Neck rd) a bit more than Sandoony. But a Russian bath house is a Russian bath house so you cant really go wrong. Plus the food.

  82. Hi Lev! Thanks I will pass those along to boss lady! Our Schvitz in Buffalo is both amazing and a little gross, so pretty much anything else will be so exciting. I’m happy to go any place where women are allowed!

  83. Sioux -Hat Trick- Get in the Game on


    And EVERY Scout IN THE WORLD was at the WORLD JUNIOR U18 game, was McIlrath skating for Cananda – NOPE. Not even the top 6 D for Cananda.

    Tarensenko tore up the ice, in the USA vs RUSSIA game. Clearly the best forward on the Ice that tournament. He should have went in the top 5. (I’m guessing they didn’t want to take another Russian – but still).

  84. Tin soldiers and the pens are coming, the jackets are finally on their own. What if you knew Bob and saw him dead on the ground?

  85. Elliotte Friedman ?@FriedgeHNIC 2m
    Bobrovsky 50-plus saves in a row, then four goals on 12 shots.

  86. ThisYearsModel on

    Guess you missed Matt Cooke’s knee on knee that knocked Tyson Barrie from the game.

  87. That was an atrocious hit by Cooke, ThisYearsModel, but it doesn’t mean the game hasn’t been a good one.

  88. “Tin soldiers and the pens are coming, the jackets are finally on their own. What if you knew Bob and saw him dead on the ground?”

    How can he make a save when you know? Ohio..

  89. Sioux -Hat Trick- Get in the Game on

    I didn’t pick the Jackets to get 4 tonight.

    I guess I’ll have to give up my hatty. I would rather see them win.

  90. As much I’d love to see it happen, Columbus are not going to beat Pittsburgh in a seven match series.

  91. It’s official. The two goal lead is the kiss of death. Must get three goal lead tomorrow ASAP.

  92. Sioux -Hat Trick- Get in the Game on

    Fox Sports guys talking how valuable Cooke is to MN.

    What a bunch of Jackwagons!

  93. Sioux -Hat Trick- Get in the Game on

    Have to see if Parise can get a goal and get the Wild into this series.

    Parise vs Malone. Sioux vs Sioux.

  94. Sioux -Hat Trick- Get in the Game on

    I agree, but if that knee shot would tear Barrie’s MCL, he should sit for the rest of the year, if he ended another players career/playoffs.

  95. Sioux -Hat Trick- Get in the Game on

    Wild Win!!!!

    What a GOAl by GRANLUND!

    Goal of the playoffs so far!!!

  96. Where was the roofed backhander from the slot by Dubi on the last rush………..?

    Or Johanson crash the net from the right wing……..?

    I Hate Penguins.

  97. Anson Carter talking about the Cooke knee on Barrie …”A Hockey player never goes into a hit trying to injure the other player.”

    Anson, Are you for real?

  98. All of the series in the West are NASTY. So different from the hockey played in the East.

    To be honest Flyers-Rangers hasnt been nasty either. And that’s really good news for us.

  99. Stranger Nation on

    Very lucky refs have been rushing to break up scrums in our series except when Hartnell mounted Moops and punched him with a gloved hand in the face

  100. ThisYearsModel on

    Tyson Barrie had been a force for Colorado the last few months. Now he is out for 2 months while Minnesota loses Matt Cooke for a game or 2. He is their only puck moving Dman. How proud the NHLPA and Wild must be to have this clown employed…..the reformed Matt Cooke.

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