Game 1: Rangers-Flyers … Five things to watch



Goalies: We pretty much know what to expect of Henrik Lundqvist, who has handled the Flyers in his career. We don’t know what to expect of Ray Emery, who will start in place of Steve Mason (probable concussion).

Goons vs. Smurfs: OK, this isn’t the Broad Street Bullies or Herb Brooks’/Ted Sator’s Smurfs. But the Flyers are certainly more rugged than the speedy Rangers, and things might get nasty. It will be interesting to see how the Rangers react.

Home ice: The Rangers were mediocre at the transformed Garden, winning 20 of 41 games this season. But for whatever reason, they have had the Flyers’ number. Philadelphia has lost eight in a row at MSG. The Rangers also led the NHL with 25 road wins.

Power play: If the Flyers step over the line, the Rangers’ best deterrent would be a potent power play. Problem is, since January the Rangers’ power play, which was in the top third of the NHL to that point, has dropped off dramatically.

Game 7s: Three of the Rangers’ last five playoff series in the last two seasons have gone to Game 7s, and the Rangers won them all, including a shutout win in Washington last spring. In fact, the Rangers have never lost a Game 7 at the Garden.

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  1. Sioux -Hat Trick- Get in the Game on

    Carp – do you think this series will go 7 games. I feel like 5, but 6 is the best guess.

  2. Sioux -Hat Trick- Get in the Game on

    Zucc better be careful in this pick he might get an elbow to the head :)

  3. Jeff in South Dakota on

    ORR!! — “You unlock this door with the key of imagination. Beyond it is another dimension – a dimension of sound, a dimension of sight, a dimension of mind. You’re moving into a land of both shadow and substance, of things and ideas. You’ve just crossed over into the Twilight Zone.”

  4. Doodie Machetto on

    We gotta be triceps, biceps, arse-eps hard! Greek, byfuglien underground, gay porn hard!

    *GAY PORN HARD!!!!*

  5. Stranger Nation on

    The pic looks photo shopped. Zucc is up to his waist. Can’t hit what you can’t catch. Wait, there are boards? Damn…

  6. Sioux -Hat Trick- Get in the Game on

    Doodie looks like its Fast, Miller, or Carcillo. If they need goals they can always call on Kristo :)

  7. Carp
    i can guess (even with TV view) that forwards are changing and getting into position for breakout
    when Dman is standing there behind
    goal line and is waiting/looking at what’s happening
    there are a lot of times when Staal and Girardi are facing the glass and just wait for opponent before moving the puck at the last minute………
    a number of times there’s an outlet to another player available but they’ll wait
    it may be waiting for forwards but they’re setting themselves up to be smashed
    whereas they should pass to teammate or just move the puck.
    i see it happen more with Rangers than other teams
    which is why i bring it up

  8. Sioux -Hat Trick- Get in the Game on

    I’m thinking there won’t be a “Richards” line next year. So if Richie Rich wants to win another cup with Marty, he better show up to play tonight. I think he will.

  9. Stranger Nation on

    MSG decked out in blue T-shirts – very cool!

    I hope they give out blue towels if they must give them out. Waving white towels is what Custer was doing before he got scalped

  10. Doodie Machetto on

    I don’t like the seats being covered in shirts. Methinks there will be quite a bit of shirt theft prior to people getting to their seats.

  11. Sioux -Hat Trick- Get in the Game on

    Custer vs the Sioux!

    SN you know the Sioux are going to win :)

  12. LOVE that picture Carp.

    My stomach is in knots already.

    Not a good night to stop sniffing glue….

  13. Sioux -Hat Trick- Get in the Game on

    Doodie that must be a $100 T shirt, the fans need something for the extra cha ching, right?

  14. Dolan effectively stops paying players, jacks up prices, hands out cheap tee shirts.

  15. Sioux -Hat Trick- Get in the Game on

    6 Sioux play in the WEST games tonight, Frattin is the only Sioux in the East.

    Rangers will have this game in hand early.

    Toews vs Oshie & Porter!
    Parise vs Malone
    Greene vs the Sharks.

    This is the best time of the year.

    I wish I was in NY for the game tonight.

  16. Sioux -Hat Trick- Get in the Game on

    Coos – that’s what memories are made of……that tshirt that sits in your drawer for 10 years reminding you of the game you went to in the playoffs.

    That’s what Dolan wants.

    If he wanted the CUP, everyone would leave with a sippy cup :)

  17. Johnnyboy, I hear you. I’m dying over here.

    I suggest bourbon. Copious amounts of bourbon.

  18. Sioux -Hat Trick- Get in the Game on

    I forgot James Patrick, a 10 yr Ranger blueliner, is an Assistant Coach for Dallas, under Ruff.

    He’s the reason I became a NEW YORK RANGER fan. He was the *first* Sioux player I watched, that became a Ranger.

  19. Sioux -Hat Trick- Get in the Game on

    Parise should have been the second.

    Oshie the 3rd.

    Miller the 4th.

    Tinkerbelle the 5th

    I guess I can hold out for KRISTO.

  20. I had one of t-shirt I bought in ’94 that I reluctantly but happily gave away to Krisy’s son for Christmas in Norway. I figured a 13-year-old die hard kid would get more enjoyment and use from it than my drawer has for decades :)

    Of course, I still have others ….

  21. Sioux -Hat Trick- Get in the Game on

    Good Luck on your Hat Tricks tonight Boys. Someone is going to get one tonight!!!


    Have a SIOUXper night, see you on other side.

  22. My blood starts slowly boiling in every little vein starting from my toes and up…and goose bumps goes from my neck down. When it crosses… you will hear me.

  23. Sioux -Hat Trick- Get in the Game on

    I only have one Ranger T-shirt. It’s the reebok one, it has become a favorite, and coming from a runner I must have 50+ shirts that never get out of the drawer.

  24. Hal Gill ?@Skillsy75 7m

    I walked a mile in NYC and I experienced every odor known to man. #gothamcity #hotgarbage #burntnuts #streetmeat

  25. Jeff in South Dakota on

    Carp, is the game on live or a 2 hour delay in Mountain time??? #nevertrustnbc

  26. Stranger Nation on

    T – 30;
    pull up your socks and grab your jocks gents, it’s going to be a wild ride!

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