Rangers sign free agent D Mat Bodie out of Union


From the Rangers:


New York, April 15, 2014 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that the club has agreed to terms with free agent defenseman Mat Bodie.

Bodie, 24, registered eight goals and 31 assists for 39 points in 40 games helping lead Union to the 2014 NCAA Championship. Bodie established career-highs in assists, points, and penalty minutes (57), while tying his career-high in goals. Bodie, who was named captain of The Dutchmen prior to the start of his junior year in 2012-13, tallied the most points of any defenseman in the nation, while ranking first on the team in assists, third in points. He also finished second among defensemen on the team in goals, and led the team in penalty minutes. The senior posted a career-high, seven-game assist/point streak from Oct. 12 vs. Bowling Green to Nov. 8 vs. Colgate (nine assists over the span).

The 6-0, 175-pounder registered 28 goals and 96 assists for 124 points in 154 contests during his college career. Bodie made his NCAA Hockey debut on Oct. 8, 2010 vs. Sacred Heart, and tallied his first collegiate point with an assist on Oct. 9, 2010 vs. Sacred Heart. Bodie set the Union record for most points by a freshman defenseman at Union with 32 during the 2010-11 season. The East St. Paul, Manitoba native also earned ACHA Second Team All-American honors in 2011-12, becoming the second defenseman in school history to be named an All-American.

Bodie tallied his 100th career collegiate point with a two-point effort (one goal, one assist) on Dec. 6, 2013 vs. Princeton. His 96 career assists are the most in Union’s history since the school began playing in Division I in 1991-92.

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  1. Sioux -Hat Trick- Get in the Game on

    Nice to see he’s already gained 15 lbs. Weighing in at 175, the 160 number must have been the start of the year?

  2. ThisYearsModel on

    I need help from the Boneheads. I am struggling to keep myself from getting too overly optimistic for these playoffs. I can see the Rangers in the conference finals against Boston in my mind’s eye right now, and it is not a stretch at all. Problem is: we get there and the #2 we sent to Tampa for this year becomes a #1, and I don’t see up getting past the Bruins. I don’t want to go there unless we are going to go to the finals. Someone please tell me how we cannot possibly get past Skid and the human sieve, Mark-Andre Flopper. Thank You very much.

  3. I think you just showed why you shouldn’t be so optimistic, TYM. The worst case scenario is an ECF loss.

  4. Basically, Sather found a way to ruin even our temporary playoff happiness this year. Pretty amazing.

  5. ThisYearsModel on

    See what I mean? I hate this trading of conditional draft picks nonsense. It saps the fun out of the playoffs.

  6. TYM, I picked the Rangers to beat Philly, but I don’t have total conviction in that pick. I could see them going out very quickly if certain high-paid guys don’t show up.

  7. “Someone please tell me how we cannot possibly get past Skid and the human sieve, Mark-Andre Flopper.”

    Don van Massenhoven.

  8. But here’s the bright side: An early exit would hurt just a little less because (1) it saves the pick and (2) we all sort of know this team shouldn’t win the Cup. I won’t be happy, but I won’t be hat-that-I-can’t-find-anywhere-now ripping mad like I was against NJ two years ago.

  9. Allow me to whisper this to you guys … Brassard looked really bad going off the ice. Could barely walked, all hunched over.

  10. Sioux -Hat Trick- Get in the Game on

    What’s wrong with being optimistic for the Playoffs!

    Who cares about the pick TODAY? That pick won’t help this team for 4 or 5 years. End of the 1’st Round.

  11. You will be less happy, though, if the Rangers lose to Philly or Columbus or Tampa or Montreal and one of those teams goes to the finals.

  12. ThisYearsModel on

    MR D—exactly. Truth is, we could end up with 3 concussions and 2 separated shoulders against Philly and, even though we beat ’em, have no way of beating Pittsburgh unless Ryan Borque turns into Steven Stamkos. Pittsburgh could use a shooter tutor instead, or raise Tomas Vokoun from the dead and decaying flesh pile. Does the NHL adjust the draft positions based on playoff finishes, or it it based only on the regular season record? If they adjust the draft order, the pick would be in the last 4 of the first round, which is not so bad.

  13. “Could barely walked, all hunched over.”

    CARP, your grammatical demise approaches nearer with each keystroke.

  14. sorry i dont think were going to the ecf this season tym. i’m really hoping nash can become a beast but even if we keep getting contributions from zukes n richies lines, we wont beat pitt if nash doesnt showup like last year. and he even thought he played well last year too. thats scary

  15. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    MrD – in order for Brassard to be THAT hunched over….it must have been a mountain poop

  16. Sioux -Hat Trick- Get in the Game on

    So the Flyers lose Mason, and AV thinks Brassard might be ok by Thursday?

  17. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Brassard might be the toughest player in the game today.

    Brassard – “I will play and we will win game 1”

  18. AHA!
    my prediction of Slats hanging out to sign Union players was right!
    sort of

    get this guy to a gym and all you can eat buffet.
    bulk up!

  19. Sioux -Hat Trick- Get in the Game on

    Last time I had to “carry” my kid off the ice, he took 100mph slap shot to the stomach. It had that same effect. The made me take him to the hospital, just to make sure there was no internal bleeding.

  20. as far as Brassard
    here’s to hoping that AV is just playing
    mind games with philly

    then again
    maybe he’ll get what i used to call
    Terry Bradshaw Wonder Drugs
    in order to feel better by opening face off

  21. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I just hoe gnash, ds370, and the hobbit actually show up for the playoffs for once.

    If brass is out, we are done!! He is our best centre and best playoff performer.

  22. Sioux -Hat Trick- Get in the Game on

    Wicky – we are not done! The team isn’t a house of cards.

  23. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Hartnell came over to get one practice spear in on brass before the playoffs start.

  24. Sioux -Hat Trick- Get in the Game on

    Wicky – even if he is out, you could always put DMoore or Miller in. Zucc carries that line, when it comes to creativity, and D Moore wins more faceoffs.

  25. Sioux -Hat Trick- Get in the Game on

    So the “3rd line” which was our best line drops down to the 3rd line, and will still out perform the top line.

    Book it.

  26. Could you guys imagine if the Rangers play the Phlyers. Hank owns the Phlyers. Then the Rangers play Montreal. They own Hank.

  27. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Brassard makes that line, not zucc. It’s a sad reality check for many hobbit fans.

  28. Sioux -Hat Trick- Get in the Game on

    Manny – Maybe it’s just the Bell Centre, AV could throw in Talbot on the away games :)

  29. Sioux -Hat Trick- Get in the Game on

    Think Positive, he will be back.

    Beside Hank is letting any goals in. MSL & Nash will have the Rangers covered.

  30. bull dog line on

    worst case scenario is the Rangers loose in ECF? you say this because of a friggin 1st round pick? wow, just wow.

  31. If this team wins the cup or even plays in the cup final I won’t care about the 1st round pick thing. I will be elated and devastated (if they don’t win).

  32. “Bob McKenzie ?@TSNBobMcKenzie 5m

    If NJD, who are locked into 30th overall pick, were to win the lottery, there would be a re-draw so a team that is eligible would win it.”

    I hope this happens!

  33. Sioux -Hat Trick- Get in the Game on

    Rangers 4th Hottest team going into the playoffs.

    Colorado, Montreal, and Boston are ahead of them.

  34. Sioux -Hat Trick- Get in the Game on

    I’m not aware of that. Why do they get penalized for that?

  35. matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties"Boy on

    The only way the Flyers beat us is if they get crazy physical like they did against Pitt two years ago. Actually, it’s their only logical strategy. They are not beating us on talent.

  36. Nice to see inthearms and tommyg made a Bonehead bracket.

    ilb, jpg, eric, silent boneheads waiting on you..

  37. matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties"Boy on

    Lucky for us we have a whole slew of undersized ‘enforcers’ like Dorsett and Carcillo. If that ain’t good enough, we can throw in Haley, Aasem, or even, lol, Powe. John Scott or Big Show could take ’em all on at the same time.

  38. Sauvigneault blanc on

    Off topic – just red an article in NY Post about how good Stoudemire has been for the Knicks this season where he says about himself: “My game speaks for itself, I don’t have to toot my own horn. I play extremely hard and I work hard to return back to my dominant self.”
    And that’s after just aweful and disgraceful season his team had. But, who cares about the team, it’s “my dominant self” that’s important! Imagine some NHL star, say Lundquist or Stamkos, says something like this to the media? He would be tortured by people on this blog and anywhere else! Makes you appreciate hockey players so much more!

  39. Between the bracket challenge, the hat trick thing, yesterday’s first round contest and growing a beard I’m exhausted.

    Drop the damn puck.

  40. Coos, re: 2:07 previous thread.

    Rangers will require much more from Nash in the playoffs than what he did for Team Canada playing 4th line minutes during the Olympics.

  41. In defense of growing beards. It actually takes less effort than not growing one.

  42. Yes, Papa. But he played with energy and was dangerous on the PK. With his minutes here, he must bring energy and produce.

  43. Little darling
    It’s been a long, cold, lonely winter
    Little darling
    It feels like years since we’ve been here

    Here comes the Cup
    Here comes the Cup, and I say
    It’s all right

  44. April 15th. Guess why Tiger Woods moved from California to Florida? Can’t say I blame him.

  45. Waiter to JR as he leaves restaurant: “Have a good evening, Mister Roenick.”

    JR: “Clockwise.”

  46. I would also not pay state income tax if I moved to Florida, the gap would mean more to me than him, and yet I don’t. Because Florida is stupid.

  47. Richie is a patently blatant BS artist who finds a way to blame any and everyone but himself for his shortcomings. What’s he worried about? A buy-out would be the best thing that ever happened to him.

  48. Free orange juice re-fills, no snow shovels, early-bird specials, and another ten mil in your kick. What’s not to like?

  49. I agree, Coos, but I imagine once you have a certain amount in the bank, legacy and winning and stuff outweigh what you and I see as a profit maximizing situation. If my company bought me out at 75% for 6 years and I could go work elsewhere, I’d literally poop myself, cry happily then call a recruiter.

  50. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Richards – “I cannot worry about a buy out. I’m focused on gliding to bench and making it look like I’m exerting my all”

  51. I have a nagging feeling that we’re going to really miss having the Captain around the next couple months (weeks?).

  52. We miss him already, Coos, its just been masked by winning. 6-5-11 versus 1-7-8, no loss of picks … its a disaster trade.

  53. JR’s Olympic Memories:

    ‘I live in hotels, tear out the walls
    I have accountants pay for it all.

    They say I’m crazy but I have a good time.
    Looking for clues at the scene of the crime.
    Life’s been good to me so far!’

  54. bull dog line on

    masked by winning. you are rolling today. 1st its worst case scenario is loosing in ECF, and now that doosy.

  55. _masked by winning. you are rolling today. 1st its worst case scenario is loosing in ECF, and now that doosy._

    You’d rather lose in the ECF than before the ECF, knowing it costs a pick upgrade? For what? Is there some tangible “Final Four” benefit from 2011-12 I missed?

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