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  1. Sioux -Hat Trick- Get in the Game on

    Gravy your team is listed. It will post the picks on game time. Good Luck!

  2. Rob in Beantown on

    College Hockey News @chnews
    Flyers sign Shayne Gostisbehere to entry-level contract and assign him to Adirondack of AHL

    Interesting Kreider parallels. Wins a national championship, then signs right afterwards with his NHL team right before the playoffs. Maybe we should be lucky he apparently isn’t playing in the playoffs.

  3. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Rangers just signed Noe Goodenough. He’s 5’2″” 98 lbs of crease clearing muscle.

  4. Sioux -Hat Trick- Get in the Game on

    Don’t Forget – The 2014 NHL *Draft Lottery*,the first 13 picks of the 2014 NHL Draft, will take place Tonight at 8 p.m.

    Something the Islanders and Devil fans can get excited for! Who has the most 1’st Round picks this year?

  5. Sioux -Hat Trick- Get in the Game on

    Coos a lot of the guy play a couple of years in the USHL, before going to college.

    I’m sure he didn’t get an offer to go to Union until then. Don’t forget he has to pay tuition there as well, no free rides.

  6. Sioux -Hat Trick- Get in the Game on

    Rob – he could still get called up to play for the Flyers. Not sure they want to burn his 1’st year, when they are going to lose to the Rangers in 5.

  7. Sioux -Hat Trick- Get in the Game on

    24 and 160 lbs. Didn’t his parents feed him?

    Not sure he can put on 40lbs in a year.

  8. Sioux -Hat Trick- Get in the Game on

    Coos – He’s too small for the NHL, he may help the pack. Who knows.

    Get in the Hat Trick Game!

  9. Doogie appearing in galley lounge on Rangers Cruise with banjo, wearing Don Ho pineapple shirt and singing “She Was Only Sixteen.”

  10. Rick Nash enters the locker room before game 1:
    “I’m here guys! see? you had nothing to worry about. I showed up for the playoffs this year!”

    “umm Rick I don’t think you quite understand that phrase. It’s got to do with your on ice performance and production”


  11. I’ve been working out pretty hard over the last 7 months and have only gained about 4-5 lbs. So, based on my progress, this kid is clearly screwed.

  12. Nash never had much playoff experience or opportunity. Here’s hoping he steps it up as he did for Canada.

  13. Manny, based on your progress I’M screwed. You should spend a summer working out with A-Rod..and then a winter with Marty…you’ll be 400lbs and able to lie to anyone you want to.

  14. I think the big problem is that I have a day job. It’s hard to work out and put on the necessary proper calories while working.

  15. Somebody is a little high on himself…

    @kcarrera Grabovski: “I want to know, first before I sign, who’s going to be coach, who’s going to be general manager” http://wapo.st/1noC8QZ #Caps

  16. Rob in Beantown on

    Or you could try the Brodeur diet: Doughnuts, poutine, beer, and heavy cream

  17. Sioux -Hat Trick- Get in the Game on

    Throw a couple scoops protein powder for good measure, make it sound healthy :)

  18. Sioux -Hat Trick- Get in the Game on

    Mason has a Muzzle on him.

    Doesn’t sound like their #1 will be in net.

  19. That might just be his regular goalie mask. Sioux. They tend to look like the goaltender is muzzled.

  20. Well, for the first time ever…Goaltending may very well be the biggest issue for the Flyers.

  21. I really hope Brassard just had to poop and was embarrassed so he pretended he was hurt. Some people are like that.

  22. What would suck is Mason not being able to play, but Emery playing like a Hall of Famer.

    How many backup goalies v. Rangers looking like that these past couple of seasons?

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