Stanley Cup playoffs: First-round schedule


From the NHL:


NEW YORK (April 13, 2014) – The National Hockey League today announced the dates, starting times and national television coverage for the 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs First Round, which begins Wednesday, April 16.

All times listed are ET and subject to change.


Date TIME (ET) #1 Boston vs. #4 Detroit Networks
Friday, April 18 7:30 p.m. Detroit at Boston NBC Sports Network, TSN
Sunday, April 20 3 p.m. Detroit at Boston NBC, TSN
Tuesday, April 22 7:30 p.m. Boston at Detroit NBC Sports Network, TSN
Thursday, April 24 8 p.m. Boston at Detroit NBC Sports Network, TSN
*Saturday, April 26 3 p.m. Detroit at Boston NBC, TSN
*Monday, April 28 TBD Boston at Detroit TSN
*Wednesday, April 30 TBD Detroit at Boston TSN

Date TIME (ET) #2 Tampa Bay vs. #3 Montreal Networks
Wednesday, April 16 7 p.m. Montreal at Tampa Bay CNBC, CBC, RDS
Friday, April 18 7 p.m. Montreal at Tampa Bay CNBC, CBC, RDS
Sunday, April 20 7 p.m. Tampa Bay at Montreal CBC, RDS, NBC Sports Network
Tuesday, April 22 7 p.m. Tampa Bay at Montreal CBC, RDS, NHL Network U.S.
*Thursday, April 24 7 p.m. Montreal at Tampa Bay CNBC, CBC, RDS
*Sunday, April 27 TBD Tampa Bay at Montreal CBC, RDS, NBC Sports Network
*Tuesday, April 29 TBD Montreal at Tampa Bay CBC, RDS

Date TIME (ET) #1 Pittsburgh vs. #4 Columbus Networks
Wednesday, April 16 7:30 p.m. Columbus at Pittsburgh NBC Sports Network, CBC
Saturday, April 19 7 p.m. Columbus at Pittsburgh NBC Sports Network, CBC
Monday, April 21 7 p.m. Pittsburgh at Columbus NBC Sports Network, CBC
Wednesday, April 23 7 p.m. Pittsburgh at Columbus NBC Sports Network, CBC
*Saturday, April 26 TBD Columbus at Pittsburgh CBC
*Monday, April 28 TBD Pittsburgh at Columbus CBC
*Wednesday, April 30 TBD Columbus at Pittsburgh CBC

Date TIME (ET) #2 NY Rangers vs. #3 Philadelphia Networks
Thursday, April 17 7 p.m. Philadelphia at NY Rangers CNBC, TSN
Sunday, April 20 Noon Philadelphia at NY Rangers NBC, TSN
Tuesday, April 22 8 p.m. NY Rangers at Philadelphia CNBC, TSN
Friday, April 25 7 p.m. NY Rangers at Philadelphia CNBC, TSN
*Sunday, April 27 Noon Philadelphia at NY Rangers NBC, TSN
*Tuesday, April 29 TBD NY Rangers at Philadelphia TSN
*Wednesday, April 30 TBD Philadelphia at NY Rangers TSN


Date TIME (ET) #1 Colorado vs. #4 Minnesota Networks
Thursday, April 17 9:30 p.m. Minnesota at Colorado CNBC, TSN
Saturday, April 19 9:30 p.m. Minnesota at Colorado NBC Sports Network, TSN
Monday, April 21 7 p.m. Colorado at Minnesota NHL Network U.S., TSN
Thursday, April 24 9:30 p.m. Colorado at Minnesota CNBC, TSN2
*Saturday, April 26 TBD Minnesota at Colorado TSN
*Monday, April 28 TBD Colorado at Minnesota TSN
*Wednesday, April 30 TBD Minnesota at Colorado TSN

Date TIME (ET) #2 St. Louis vs. #3 Chicago Networks
Thursday, April 17 8 p.m. Chicago at St. Louis NBC Sports Network, CBC
Saturday, April 19 3 p.m. Chicago at St. Louis NBC, CBC
Monday, April 21 8:30 p.m. St. Louis at Chicago CNBC, CBC
Wednesday, April 23 9:30 p.m. St. Louis at Chicago NBC Sports Network, CBC
*Friday, April 25 8 p.m. Chicago at St. Louis NBC Sports Network, CBC
*Sunday, April 27 3 p.m. St. Louis at Chicago NBC, CBC
*Tuesday, April 29 TBD Chicago at St. Louis CBC

Date TIME (ET) #1 Anaheim vs. #4 Dallas Networks
Wednesday, April 16 10 p.m. Dallas at Anaheim NBC Sports Network, TSN
Friday, April 18 10 p.m. Dallas at Anaheim NBC Sports Network, TSN
Monday, April 21 9:30 p.m. Anaheim at Dallas NBC Sports Network, TSN
Wednesday, April 23 8 p.m. Anaheim at Dallas CNBC, TSN
*Friday, April 25 10:30 p.m. Dallas at Anaheim NBC Sports Network, TSN
*Sunday, April 27 TBD Anaheim at Dallas TSN
*Tuesday, April 29 TBD Dallas at Anaheim TSN

Date TIME (ET) #2 San Jose vs. #3 Los Angeles Networks
Thursday, April 17 10:30 p.m. Los Angeles at San Jose NBC Sports Network, CBC
Sunday, April 20 10 p.m. Los Angeles at San Jose NBC Sports Network, CBC
Tuesday, April 22 10 p.m. San Jose at Los Angeles NBC Sports Network, CBC
Thursday, April 24 10:30 p.m. San Jose at Los Angeles NBC Sports Network, CBC
*Saturday, April 26 TBD Los Angeles at San Jose NBC Sports Network, CBC
*Monday, April 28 TBD San Jose at Los Angeles CBC
*Wednesday, April 30 TBD Los Angeles at San Jose CBC

* if necessary
TBD – To Be Determined

To view the schedule online, go to:

For the 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs bracket, please visit:

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  1. Pathetic schedule. What’s with the 2 full days off twice in the series? Good for Kreider for recovery but almost 2 weeks to play 1 series?

    Also how are the Habs not playing on a Saturday night? The entire Western schedule is basically game every other night.

  2. @rangersreport

    Rangers did Games 6-7 back-to-back last year, too. Won both. Also went back-to-back Games 2-3 (OT loss and win).

  3. Last yrs rules we would be opening in Montreal. Either that would be better or stop whining. We got home ice on a iffy record in the East. Let’s take care of our house and finish the orange crud quick before we get cheap shotted to death

  4. Rob in Beantown on

    Wouldn’t make sense to stay in Philly between games 3 and 4. It’s like an hour train ride.

  5. Four nights in hotel instead of two? Home bed, Home rink, home lockerroom.

    I think they will come home … unless AV has some different ideas.

  6. Fortunately Metro North doesn’t go south of NYC. Unfortunately, often Metro North doesn’t go to NYC, either.

  7. Iffy record in the East? Would love to see your preseason prediction.

    I wouldnt have any bit more worries about playing Montreal than I do playing the Flyers. Rangers are better than Montreal. By quite a bit.

  8. What’s interesting is the ranger and penguins series are the only 2 of the 8 with the extra day of 2x in a series.

    Also no Sam and joe for two games both Sundays on nbc.

    Nbc has doubleheaders 12 and 3 pm next 2 Sundays.

  9. The. Thing I just realized is the Miley cirus concert scheduled in Phil 4/22 Tuesday. Did the nhl force the concert to change if so that’s nuts know?

  10. That was awesome!! I think those two will go again, assuming they both have jobs next year.

  11. It is a good thing the Avalanche did not trade Paul Stastny like someone suggested. The Avs end the season as the top seed in the West.

  12. Carp

    Correction btwn game 2 and 3 last yr vs caps no back to back. Sat 1230 Monday. Still love u though

  13. “Last year, Game 3, May 4 in DC, Game 5, May 5 at MSG.”

    CARP, what happened to Game 4???

  14. @BroadStBull

    Bettman: “Miley, can you do the NHL a big favor and move your concert?” Miley: “What’s the NHL?”

  15. Matty"BubbleWrapRitchieRocket!!!!!!"Boy on

    well, I am probably the only fan pleased the PO schedule is so spread out. I’ll be away 9 days, Friday till next Sunday and miss 3 games. Might even make it for the second Sunday game. Never thought that would happen.

    Thank you scheduling folks!

  16. Maybe I could be a color commentator, you’re always saying I make witty remarks.

  17. Yeah, you make good remarks. But they tend to give those jobs to ex-ballplayers or, you know, people in broadcasting.

  18. I might be allowed to/from do it, but I have no idea how/when/where to do it.

    Manny, are you doing the Mara Competition and Picnic?

  19. If it was Columbus we would be playing Thurs, Sat and no extra days off. The minute it setup as Rangers/Flyers you knew NBC would have it’s greedy grubby hands all over it.

  20. Mata competition yes. I’ll email you tomorrow.

    Picnic no. But we could certainly all meet up sometime. I can get on that if you want, Carp.

  21. @BSH_EricT

    Pittsburgh had more goals last year than Buffalo did this year. P.S. Last year was only 48 games.

  22. Carp, will you be hosting the annual BBQ this summer? I really liked the pulled pork last year

  23. “Mata competition yes. I’ll email you tomorrow. ”

    What does Manchester United footballer Juan Mata have to do with anything, Manny?

  24. You goons should fill out the playoff bracket so we can compare how terribly wrong we were at the end.

  25. We had one “annual” BBQ a few years ago upstate. A few boneheads showed up.

    By the way, 45 wins places this team second only to 2011-12 roster which finished with 51. That’s, of course, since they introduced the SO in 2005

  26. I have my hands full with this pint of Ample Hills Creamery, Peanut Butter wins the cup, Lev.

  27. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Game 6 and 7 are irrelevant because the flyers physicality will bounce us in 5

  28. I don’t know Nasty. I’m considering an interesting beard pattern. But I’m not shaving to the skin. I’m also not eligible for the win.

  29. Matty"BubbleWrapRitchieRocket!!!!!!"Boy on

    There are other teams more physical than the Filth this year. They don’t scare me. THe diving Bruins do.

    Of course, we have the biggest bunch of ballerinas in the league, but I do believe we are better than our down the pike rival.

  30. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    It was 6 until I saw the Hartnell spear, now I think mcdonut goes down first game and we lose in 5

  31. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I’m just trying to help Miami out for a couple of days…don’t hate the player ;)

  32. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I actually think we can beat the pens, bruins are the only team that really makes me nervous. I wish they would have had the jackets in the first round

  33. Does anyone know what Ray Castoldi does if there is a Mets game and a Rangers game on the same night? Which game does he play organ at? Who fills in for him at the other game?

  34. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Do you lay awake at night thinking about these things nancy?

    Try reading some more of your Cosmo magazines to help you sleep!

  35. Just so you his know: April 13, 1997 was the final game the Hartford Whalers ever played.

  36. They killed Joffrey tonight? Man. The tv series has such a different order than the book. Seems fun.

    Did they reveal Who did it?

  37. Manny, I will take Hawks over Bruins any day…now excuse me, I have to go rogain my beard…

  38. Bruins didnt say bye to Uncle Daddy today. And in fact the Devils made today more of a goodbye for Chico than for Marty. Pretty weird.

  39. Ill be shocked (but thrilled) if he resigns in NJ. He’s been saying all year long that he doesnt want to be a backup and today said he’s only willing to be a backup on a Cup contender.

    He should just retire it’s not going to get any better for him. No other team will live with his performance (or lack of) this year.

  40. Vancouver Canucks ? @VanCanucks

    Daniel Sedin has been taken off the ice on a stretcher.
    Retweeted by Bob McKenzie

    what happened???

  41. @JeffMarek: Daniel Sedin is in a bad way after being hit by Paul Byron. This rink is silent. Stretcher on the ice.

  42. Really reminds me if that horrid Chimera hit on Schultz. Not the hardest hit but exceptionally dangerous

  43. @RogMillions: Daniel Sedin being taken by paramedics to Ambulance and then hospital. Be well well. He is conscious as I watched him go by.

  44. Cuthbert and Joe are sure taking advantage of a game that doesn’t count. They’re just having a conversation!

  45. Re: JS Giguere

    @MannyOWar: @helenenothelen Last standing member of the Hartford Whalers playing his last game on the anniversary of the Whalers final game. Unreal.

  46. Stranger Nation on

    Papa Bear – He’s either dead or tomorrow he’ll have the worst hang over off all time!


  47. I don’t envy the headache you will have upon waking. But since I can’t have you following me.

  48. Steve Ott ?@otterN9NE 1m

    It was a helluva race but congratz to Edler for taking @ovi8 and myself down! Gold jacket Green jacket who gives a carcillo.

    Edited the last bit but LOL.

  49. @botchford

    Torts: “It was embarrassing” to coach in the same game as Hartley given what was going on after Daniel was injured

  50. @botchford

    Torts: I shouldn’t say anything but it pisses me off. I don’t like the way he does business. I don’t like him.

  51. The Vancouver players didnt think it was a dirty hit nor was it malicious but they though the Flames guy couldve and shouldve pulled up.

    Torts didnt comment on the hit, but went after Hartley again. Said a couple of times he wont go further on it but obviously the Vancouver media pressed him and he ripped the coach. Then said “it pisses the **** out of me….i gotta get out of here” and left.

  52. Dont know anything about Hartley but he was pretty classy towards the Rangers when we were in town. And he’s got his guys to buy in apparently, had a much better season then people anticipated. But clearly this thing with Torts is personal.

  53. Good morning, boneheads!

    Let’s enjoy the playoffs. Seeing how many good teams didn’t make it makes you realize how difficult it’s become in a new format.


  54. Only series that has 3 in 4 nights and a back to back to end it. Blame arena in Phil being used 4/26 lacrosse 4/27 arena football 4/28 Cher concert. Don’t know why couldn’t move those around if they moved Miley cirus on 4/22 up a day.

    The winner may be impacted in round 2 vs Pittsburgh.

  55. Heard Pierre mention nbc chooses afternnoon games 1st then rest of schedule dictated by that. Not shocking

  56. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    Isn’t it some kind of conflict of interest for Mr. Snider to have that much say in scheduling a series in which he owns a team playing in said series?

  57. Rob in Beantown on

    They should do the Cher concert at the same time ad Rangers-Flyers. Problem solved.

  58. Lev as far as your 8:36 pm, my predictions were wrong on AV, Rangers got more points than I thought, Zuc played a whole lot better as did pullout. I don’t pretend to be Jimmy the greek all I was stating if the format was like last yr we would start on the road in Mtl, instead of at home against Philly. I think Price is the best goalie in the league right now and Pelle Lindberg aint coming back, so if I was a NYR fan I wouldn’t complain about the new format. also the only was we get the B’s is in the ECF.

  59. Stranger Nation on

    _Lundqvist steadied himself over the Christmas break, getting eight days between starts. He worked and talked it through regularly with goal tending coach Benoit Allaire. He consulted “a mental coach,” Dr. Fred Neff, with whom he has worked for the last three years. Neff lists himself as the Rangers’ official sports psychologist on his website_

    Head case much?

  60. Carp, Do you have a problem with Rangers playing on Easter Sunday at noon? I think its ridiculous. First of all was the Garden booked on Saturday. It it was its a shame that they couldn’t play Sunday late around 5 pm. or 7:00 or 7:30. All about greed!

    Rangers last year did play Game 5 on Sat. night in Washington and then Game 6 on Sunday night at MSG.

  61. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    Looks like Vokoun was recalled just in time to slot in for Fleury after he puts the Penguins down 0-2.

  62. *Metal* factor needs to be taken up a notch this week. Get tough. Stay brutal. Be consistent.

  63. Matty – I did NOT miss 1 SECOND of the Dutchmen Game.

    Nice to see Union get their 1’st National Championship.

    That’s what make college hockey so fun to watch.

  64. Ctranger

    Garden was not booked on Saturday. Only clean up from billy Joel night before. TV and nbc dictated 12 noon start.

    Last year nbc on mother day had a 4:30 game. I went to game but paid dearly from wife missing Mother’s Day dinner.

    It’s all about tv and the afternoon games 1st.

  65. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    ?@jmarshfof In 300 minutes of head to head hockey this season, the Jackets have lead the Penguins for a gross total of 56 seconds.

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