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1) Happy anniversary! It’s now officially 74 years with one Stanley Cup since the Rangers won it on April 13, 1940.

2) So it’s Rangers-Flyers like the good old days. So light up the Empire State Building in orange and black in honor of Mr. Snider. Sure has been a while since the Legion of Doom ran over Mark Messier, Wayne Gretzky, Brian Leetch, Mike Richter, Adam Graves, Jeff Beukeboom and all in the ECF in 1997. And longer since Smurfs vs. Cement-heads. I like the storyline that both of these teams had such an awful start, one with a new coach and one with a coaching change, and some dips along the way and finished 2-3, and a very close 2-3.

New York Rangers v Montreal Canadiens3) A real wild card, of course, is going to be the severity of the injury goalie Steve Mason suffered Saturday. Craig Berube said he should be fine. We’ll see. Because Mason has looked a lot better than the VW full of clowns the Flyers have tried in goal all these years. The Rangers are going to have an edge in goal whether he plays or not, but it will be an enormous edge if he doesn’t.

4) And p.s., under old playoff format (which really didn’t need to be replaced), it’s a 4-5 matchup against Montreal or Tampa Bay.

5) Going to have Josh Thomson, 26, with me for the playoffs.

6) I think it does indeed have great ramifications that Columbus snagged the first wild card and kept the playoffs set up as four from one division and four from the other, with no crossovers. Why? Because I think the way Detroit plays there’s a chance that the Big Bad Bruins might take a first-round header. Not sure that would be the case with Columbus. And now the Jackets can play with house money against Marc-Andre Fleury, who nearly cost the Penguins a series to the Tire Fires in the first round last spring.

New York Rangers v Montreal Canadiens7) Onto the game. I am not a big fan of resting guys or letting up on the gas pedal. I’m not. I’ve seen it backfire, especially in the NFL. But I also have great admiration for teams that don’t mail it in at the end, and it makes me think of the Giants and Patriots before their first Super Bowl tussle, and of Tampa Bay winning that meaningless game on the final day of the season to get the Rangers into the playoffs in 2011.

8) So I give full marks to the Rangers and their coaches to be able to rest Dan Girardi and Henrik Lundqvist and Martin St. Louis, and not rush back Ryan McDonagh, and then to still go out and play a game like that. It wasn’t just well played, either. It was nasty and snarly, and the Rangers have played a lot of games like that these last several weeks. They’re never going to be the 2011-12 team in terms of rough stuff and being so hard to play against. And their lack of overall muscle might catch up to them starting Thursday or thereafter. But they don’t back down, and they do, for the most part, stick up for each other. That will be put to the test vs. Philly. And anybody they are fortunate to play after Philly. They showed great professionalism in Montreal, took it very seriously, played “the right way” and defended really well.

9) Cam Talbot. He sure deserved better. Played more than two full games in Montreal this season and didn’t allow a goal until that great penalty shot by Brian Gionta. How about the save on Plekanec in the second period? That might be his final appearance of the season, and if it isn’t, as somebody said last night here, that can’t mean things are going well. But the Rangers are in the No. 2 seed because of his contributions this season. Heck, they are in the playoffs because of his contributions. And you can’t say enough about Carey Price.New York Rangers v Montreal Canadiens

10) Daily Nash-O-Meter. Still really good and dangerous on PK. Didn’t score. It’s not that simple. But he’s going to have to be nine miles better than he was last spring. Maybe he would have been better off playing Columbus?

11) I think the one decision Alain Vigneault has to make before Thursday — and of course he can change his mind mid-series — is whether Daniel Carcillo or Jesper Fast plays on the Brad Richards line. Because I think the other three lines are set and good to go, and you don’t want to mess with that fourth line now. Fast sure adds some Chris Kreider 2.0. Carcillo adds, well, you know. I am not convinced that the toughness he brings outweighs the speed and potential offense Fast brings. On defense, I think John Moore stays in and Raphael Diaz — who had a really strong game in Montreal, hit the double-post, and hasn’t been bad at all — comes out with McDonagh returning. Boy could they use Kreider, though.

New York Rangers v Montreal Canadiens12) Derek Dorsett sure was a fireball. His fight with Frances Boullion was his first since Nov. 30 (Tom Sestito) and he had some run-ins with P.K. Slewfoot. By the way, how about, before the Dorsett-Boullion dustup, when Subban thought about jumping Dorsett, then when Dorsett pressed the ejector button on his gloves, Subban, um, thought better of it and got out of the area. Then, after a second near-incident, Subban courageously cross-checked Dorsett, who was down, in the back three times. And when Dorsett got to his skates, Subban went turtle.

13) The penalty shot was the correct call. But the fine officiating crew pretty much screwed up every other call or non-call throughout. Officiating has been a massive problem this season. Terrible. The bigger problem is that I don’t think the NHL thinks it’s a problem

My Three Rangers Stars:New York Rangers v Montreal Canadiens
1. Cam Talbot.
2. Benoit Pouliot.
3. Derek Brassard.
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Cam Talbot.
2. tie, Marc Staal, Derek Dorsett and Mats Zuccarello.

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  1. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    That was the way dorsett was playing prior to his injury.

    Need him playing like that badly.

  2. Another great review, Carp. Who do fans complain to about the refs? This is not new. I can remember many times wanting to send an email, a letter or a telegram to the league office about the outrageously shoddy officiating that cost the Rangers a game.

  3. Cam has been a godsend for this team…gives them a good chance every time he plays

  4. Admiral Akbar on

    I don’t know if this year’s team will go as far in the playoffs, and feel free to call me nuts here, but I actually believe this year’s Ranger team is better overall than the 11-12 team.

  5. Really impressed with the effort and onions shown by our boys last night. They deserved to win that game and they look good to go for Thursday. Loved how they stuck together and pushed back at every opportunity. Full marks to AV for how he got his team fired up.

    Subban is nothing but a chicken tender composed of everything but the meat. Talented? Yes, but a cheap shot artist with no character. I would instruct my team to hit him every opportunity and watch him implode.

    Carp, have to mention that I would have liked more remarks about the game, especially given the entertainment value and high character factor, and less about the upcoming POs. We’ve got four days now to delve into that.

  6. Stranger Nation on

    Coffee, Carp (and Masters Sunday – go Jimenez; http://www.golfeneur.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/miguel-angel-jimenez-smoking-cigar.jpg

    Would put Double Ds with Rocket Man/Hags and play Carbong with Olive Boil and Dinty Moops or put Dinty with Rocket Man/Hags.
    Can’t play Faster against the Filth – a whole different level he is not used to.

    Double Ds has been playing well for the last 10 – 15 games and has some offense to his game. He can go forecheck/get pucks in corner and with Hags will put a lot of pressure on forecheck and allow the Rocket Man to coast into zone and choose his spots.

    Dinty Moops can do the similar and is a better defender, but like the idea of spreading out some of our ‘toughness’ on to 2 lines instead of having it all on the 4th.

  7. Stranger, Jimenez is my guy too. He is an inspiration to paunchy fifty year olds worldwide.

  8. Carp, as always, enjoyed the review. I like your point about this team coming together to defend each other as a team. It really has been noticeable. It seems to have happened since the deadline. As much as a Cally lover as I am, I think his absence has allowed or demanded others step up and lead.

    Their going to need that in a big way in the divisional Semifinals, formerly known as the first round.

  9. Onecupin74andcounting on

    Carp, Thanks for the anniversary wishes..

    A pretty successful season for NYR so far.. but gonna need goals and toughness in the run.

    Cam Talbot a keeper, I don’t know how successful they would be without him

  10. Hell, 11-12’s faceoff percentage is actually better than this years team, but not that great to begin with. 18th in the league in 11-12, 22nd in the league this year.

    Why is it so hard for these guys to win some faceoffs?

  11. Stranger Nation on

    This team has better D and more balanced O. Can that translate in series win(s)…time will tell.

  12. Stranger Nation on

    See dubb – Jim A Nezz is the man. Google images has some classic photos, guy is a hoot.
    Nerves of steel as well

  13. How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, practice, practice…How do you win face offs? Practice, practice, practice…

  14. I always enjoy CARP’s review. First thing I read every morning (before email).

    But he does need to up the respect for THE Kreider.

  15. Good morning, boneheads!

    Nice review, Carp. I liked the game a lot. Didn’t think I would, but it was one of those 0-0 games that you enjoy watching. You don’t expect that kind of snarl between these teams. Dorsett was good, so was Carcillo. Carcillo was in Montreal’s face all game long. He wants to play.

    Btw, before PK turtled in the corner, Dorsett landed a pretty good gloved right on him, I think.

    Talbot is going to be a very hard decision during next season. They may have to decide around Thanksgiving, that’s when some teams have to deal with injuries/poor starts.

  16. Playoff scenarios for Sunday

    Blues and Colorado tied. Blues play 12:30 vs wings avs 8:00 at Anaheim(ducks clinched 1 seed in west last night)

    Blues need finish ahead on pts to win division and play Minnesota. If not avs/wild blues/hawks

    Tampa needs win in any fashion be 2 seed and home ice vs Montreal.

    Expect full schedule come out around 11pm after conclusion of avalanche game. However maybe comes out earlier should blues lose in regulation thus clinching div for Colorado and after 3:00 Tampa game.

    Sat or Sunday game 2? Also next tues 4/22 Miley cirus in Phil. A possible back to back Easter Sunday/Monday.

  17. The Msg post game notes credit Nash with seven shots, three blocks and two hits. NHL.com gives him two blocks and zero hits. So I take a look at his season totals and over 65 games he is credited with 11 hits.


  18. Interesting stat:

    Cam Talbot has the lowest GAA and SV% in NHL history among goalies with at least 20 games played.

  19. Czechthemout!!! on

    Cam Talbot will be an elite goalie on his next team. He may even be a Vezina candidate. Too bad that he is 26 and not 21. Next year will be his last if he even lasts that long. Hopefully Sather can at least get something for him before he walks.

  20. Stranger Nation on

    _Cam Talbot has the lowest GAA and SV% in NHL history among goalies with at least 20 games played_

    Cam can, can’t he? Guy is an absolute stud. No Drama, cool as a cucumber.

  21. I think its extremely early to call Talbot elite. Plenty of backups have had great numbers in limited action only to not be as good when they start playing all the time.

    If he keeps this up obviously Talbot is a trade candidate next deadline since a backup goalie really isn’t needed after that as Hank will play virtually every game after that.

  22. jimG the desertrat on

    Hot dog-aire’ thanks for great season of insights after games and the band of boneheads never fails to entertain, makes me feel like I’am still part of the A

  23. Get ready.

    Over under on the number of times we’ll be seeing clips during this series of Rolfe getting pummeled by Schultz?

  24. especially on NBC, Papa. And they’ll re-air the rivalry show about all the fights, but won’t show the Smurfs winning those series.

  25. Let’s just fast forward to start of 3rd period of game 7 1-1 the score. This series is destined for 7 with pure anxiety reaching a whole new level.

  26. And they won’t show any scrums or fights that actually take place during the games this year.

  27. Good morning Carp! Enjoying the Masters?

    That was actually an exciting game last night, despite it being an exhibition game.

  28. Matty"BubbleWrapRitchieRocket!!!!!!"Boy on

    The FLYING DUTCHMEN. NCAA Frozen Four Champs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  29. Matty"BubbleWrapRitchieRocket!!!!!!"Boy on

    So, Eric. I am going to be in Prague/Vienna from this Friday (April 18) though next Sunday (April 27). Definitely going to this Thursday night’s opener.

    How many games do you think I will miss? (man, why do I let my wife to this to me with April trips EVERY *$*&$ing year?!?!?

  30. Matty, as much as I love NYR, Prague > NYR. And there are plenty of NYR fans there – I’m sure you can find a bar with the game on.

  31. Matty

    You will probably be here for game 1 and game 7 for sure which we be after 4/27. U may possibly be here for game 6 with all the schedule conflicts in Phil on 4/26 4/27 and concert 4/28

  32. Matty"BubbleWrapRitchieRocket!!!!!!"Boy on

    I hope so, Latona. I hope so. Missing a Flyers/Rangers series is a tough pill to swallow. Actually, I ‘m hoping, if there is a game 7, I’m back for it? Hoping.

    Will any of the internet packages be supported in Europe? Like Game center, etc? Anyone know?

  33. Matty"BubbleWrapRitchieRocket!!!!!!"Boy on

    Thanks, Eric. Hope we are able to end it and sooner than that. But, good to know. Much obliged.

  34. I gave credit to the Canucks players and coaches last night for coming back onto the ice and shaking hands and saying goodbye to Ryan Smyth. Notably absent were….el head coacho and el assistento coacho.

  35. Darren Dreger ? @DarrenDreger

    As others have noted, I believe we can scratch Peter DeBoer’s name off list of free agent coaches. Extension with NJD expected soon.

    more exciting hockey on the way to Newark!

  36. Carp Great post as usual, particularly pt 11. Must keep Fast on the Richards line. Tremendus speed and gets back on defense. Lots of savvy; just wish were bigger

  37. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I’m not so sure I trade cambot. This year hank showed he can be inconsistent.

    I don’t think we make the playoffs without cam.

    Unless someone knocks our socks off with a deal, I don’t trade him.

    All based on this years sample set ;)

  38. Rob in Beantown on

    I don’t think GameCenter works for the playoffs because all the games are on TV and therefore blacked out. But it may be different internationally.

  39. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    See what I did there? My last post was #67 of this thread…see what I did?

  40. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    It’s never going to make a game seven, flyers in 6. Our lack of physicality up and down the line up is going to doom us in 6.

  41. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I think game centre might work on the first round only, if it does at all for the playoffs.

    I think it works as long as the games are carried on local team networks. Once they go to natl televised games only, it quits working.

  42. Who’s going to blame Vigneault? We maybe should take a poll on this. Just like the three stars but a “who’s to blame”

  43. Rob in Beantown on

    Good point, SeeeDubbb. I think all of the Rangers problems can actually be traced to that.

  44. Lev

    Stop it, man! You know Torts and Sully are wonderful and I mean WONDERFUL human beings!

  45. Leetchhalloffame on

    Although we have the better team I fear the series against the philthies will expose the desperate lack of toughness Sather has chosen to fill the roster with. The philthies will pound away early and often. Even if we survive round one how many of our team will be healthy enough to continue on?

  46. Stranger Nation on

    Who said Cam is elite?
    Highly effective and best bang for the buck on Broadway.
    he only plays like he is elite…

  47. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Rangers up 4-1 at end of game one, Hartnell and Simmonds both take late slashing runs at mcdonut because we have no toughness throught out the lineup (and let’s face it we aren’t the bruins to keep them in check). Girardi just looks on…msl try’s to jump up and take out their knees…ds370 has not shown up the whole game so why start now…Nash is has had a good game with 2 goals…hank is still fuming in the crease because everyone knows he is the 2nd best goalie on the team..mcdonut has a broken wrist…game over…series over…season over


  48. Rob in Beantown on

    _I think it works as long as the games are carried on local team networks. Once they go to natl televised games only, it quits working._

    I think all the games are on national TV though,even if the first round is also carried by the local broadcasts. That’s the way it was last year at least

  49. Stranger Nation on

    Toughness is not an issue if we win, only if we lose.

    AV has impact on game planning, player handling ,personnel deployment and game management.
    So far, the only issue is game mngt IMHO, can we get a time out please!

  50. Stranger Nation on

    Wicky – I thought Simmonds and Hartnell hold MacD’s arms while Downey slices his torso open with a rusty skate blade

    sorry, thought this was Game of Thrones related thread….

  51. I can’t believe the director of that Head & Shoulders photoshoot didn’t see that coming….

  52. jpg's sister on

    Too Bad NHL doesn’t think they have a problem with officiating.

    My suggestion to fiz it:

    1. The NHL should actually watch a game.
    2. They should read the rule book before watching it
    3. They should create a disciplinarian of officials position like Shanny’s former job, with video of course, that hands out discipline to officials, maybe monetary discipline and goes to officials fund or a charity.

  53. It’s amazing what happened to blues. 10 days ago pres trophy team. Lose 5 straight to blow division and have injuries mounting and will have to open vs hawks if they don’t win today.

    Was loving my chances at 14-1 to win cup last July now I don’t see them winning a round

  54. If blues lose this Tampa game at 3pm only game left worth something. All tonight game all meaningless.

  55. How much would you guys like to see a Neil vs. Neal knee-on-knee today?

    Actually, I think the entire league would like to see that.

  56. Karma HAS to come back and smash Neal in the nuggets one of these days. It just has to.

  57. I may have to put on TV Calgary Vancouver just to see.

    Carp who u like masters today.

    Fowler kuchar.

    2-0 wings blues suck

  58. jpg's sister on

    carp, jpg said your avatar was Sgt. Shultz. jpg’s mom (and my mom) used to call her Dad, Sgt. Schultz

  59. Carp

    Gut feeling schedule release 8-9 pm or earlier if bIues lose given avs the division. I got some family things hoping games aren’t those days.

  60. I know knothing, jpg’s sis.

    eric, I’m guessing late. NBC took forever last year because once they decide what games they want, then the rest of the schedules need to be set around arena availability. The Rangers had no idea on the final Sunday night when they would start, thought it would be Wednesday or Thursday and if I recall, it turned out to be Friday, which was brutal.

    Hate Fowler — the Justin Bieber of golf. Like Kuchar. Will be interested to see if Bubba or the kid Spieth can keep it together. I’m picking Jason Day :)

  61. Rangers/ flyers



    Maybe kings/sharks

    NBC series shown in afternoon


    Tampa/ Montreal



    These have no shot afternoon games

  62. then they were expecting Wednesday. Whatever it was, they had an extra day and weren’t happy about it. Or was it the year before when they had the long layoff? Or was it between rounds? And didn’t they do back-to-back Game 6&7 … and also back to-back in the last few years, Game 7 and Game 1?

  63. Your right there was a year playoffs started on Wednesday and rang didn’t open till Friday. I recall

  64. jpg's sister on

    carp, that made jpg’s sister’s mom laugh. but she said it made her Italian Father, German calling him Sgt. Shultz.

  65. Rangers in 5.

    Game 1 Win
    Game 2 Win
    Game 3 Win
    Game 4 Loss
    Game 5 Win

    Just a gut feeling.

    This all goes out the window if we take a ton of penalties. They have a dangerous PP. If we can keep the penalties down, it is our series to take.

  66. It should be a rule that people who play left handed should not be allowed to win.

  67. Golf shoes/sneakers are so ugly. What’s the point of these hideous things? Nobody can wear the FootJoys like a regular man?

    Why are clubs pink? Why are people playing with hybrid woods? This sucks.

    This Fowler could should be taken out back with Stralman and Euthanized. Why does he wear so much disgusting orange?

    Do I sound like an old man?

  68. No sat afternoon next week at 3 pm for game 2 on nbc.

    Hawks/blues game 2

    Either sat night or early Sunday on Easter at 12 on nbc.

  69. Maybe the game being on Easter will encourage the Phlyers to not play like savage heathen jack wagons.


  70. Dang, Ochocinco! Wish you would have remembered your NYR heritage and ruined Fatso’s finale!

  71. Sam Carchidi @BroadStBull

    Hartnell gets 5-min. major for spearing and 10-min. misconduct.


  72. Good afternoon all! Despite the loss last night, I’m proud of how everyone had onions in their big boy pants and not unhappy that certain guys got rested, especially Hank, before the fun begins.

    Carp, two things in your review made be very happy. Josh!!! And the thought that the Bruins take an early swim in those dirty waters…..

    Let the games begin!

  73. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Will that filthy piece of sit, Hartnell, get suspended? Bubba bringing it home…

  74. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Concerned it wasn’t an effective spearing or that he may get suspended?

  75. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I agree, he should save those spearings for meaningful playoff games ;)

  76. Hey hey hey!!!!!!

    First, Wicky, you liar!

    Second, please do not take mama’s name in vain when discussing that hartneller, or anyone else….

    mama love..

  77. I hope the Phlyers want to trade chances with the Rangers. They have seemed very comfortable attempting to play a fast paced game with the Rangers despite their lack of actual talent.

    If they somehow learn to play an effective forecheck instead we could be in trouble.

  78. Who is going to suspend Hartnell? Shanaban is El Presidente of the Toronto Saps. Brian Leetch???? :)

  79. Sam and Joe M on Bubba Watson: “he comes from a great family, his thighs are to die for, he is liked by everyone, and is a really good guy.”

  80. Schedule out new post

    Game 1 Thursday

    Game 2 Sunday at noon nbc

    Game 3 Tuesday 4/22 8pm

    Game 4 Friday 4/25 7pm

    Game 5 Sunday 4/27 noon nbc

    Game 6 Tuesday 4/29 Phil.

    Game 7 Wednesday msg

  81. Date TIME (ET) #2 NY Rangers vs. #3 Philadelphia Networks
    Thursday, April 17 7 p.m. Philadelphia at NY Rangers CNBC, TSN
    Sunday, April 20 Noon Philadelphia at NY Rangers NBC, TSN
    Tuesday, April 22 8 p.m. NY Rangers at Philadelphia CNBC, TSN
    Friday, April 25 7 p.m. NY Rangers at Philadelphia CNBC, TSN
    *Sunday, April 27 Noon Philadelphia at NY Rangers NBC, TSN
    *Tuesday, April 29 TBD NY Rangers at Philadelphia TSN
    *Wednesday, April 30 TBD Philadelphia at NY Rangers TSN

  82. Thursday at 7 and Easter Sunday at noon, Tuesday and Friday in Philly.

    I stopped paying attention because that should be all we need to get it done.

    Now where did I put my broom?

  83. Robby Bonfire on

    It just occurred to me that the NHL “not thinking the officiating is a problem,” puts itself into the convenient position that slanted-officiated games are merely “incompetently officiated games.” Hey, this league, in conjunction with the TV power brokers, has been know to “go along” with the desired-outcome agenda.

    I think the powerful interests who pull the strings know what they are doing.

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