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1) Well, that turned out well for ya boys. Rangers win late, Philly loses in regulation. The Rangers clinch the No. 2 seed in the Metropolitan — which, by the way, turned out to have been the better of the two divisions in the East, IMO — and will play either the Flyers or Columbus in the first round, likely starting Thursday at MSG. Hate to say it, and may there be a pox on the league and NBC if they do it, but I think Game 2 could be Easter Sunday.

2) But it sure looked for most of the night that the Rangers were going to be facing a must-win in Montreal Saturday, with a possible first-round series against Boston in the equation. Could you imagine the stress on the ledge, not to mention your mental health, for the next two days?Buffalo Sabres v New York Rangers

3) And I will repeat what I said during the game. If they played Boston or Pittsburgh because of this performance, well, that would have been exactly what they deserved.

4) Not to separate my shoulder patting myself on the back — aw, hell, I’m patting — I told youse they would finish second in the Metropolitan. Didn’t I? I still maintain that they are the third-best team in the East. Which guarantees nothing.

5) That was a weird second period, wasn’t it. The Rangers allowed one shot on goal, and it was a goal. They fired 18 on goal, and the last one went in. Not sure I’ve ever seen that before.

6) Before I forget, that is one horrible hockey club they have up there in Western New York, and one Tire Fire of an organization. They weren’t great before, but the match hit the gasoline when the owner allowed Darcy Regier to fire Lindy Ruff.

7) Where in the world would the Rangers be without Derick Brassard, Mats Zuccarello and Benoit Pouliot? The Rangers have two reliable lines, two lines from which they know what they will get game in and game out, and neither of them are the marquee name/big paycheck guys. The fourth line has been as consistent as hell since before Derek Dorsett’s injury and the acquisition of Daniel Carcillo. And what should be the third line has been their best line almost from the moment they got home from that nine-game road trip to start the season. Pouliot’s got a seven-game point streak now, they’re all at or past their career high numbers, and Zuccarello’s 40th assist was a pretty huge one.Buffalo Sabres v New York Rangers

8) Though Alain Vigneault was right. That line was a bit inconsistent in this game … and in fact has been one of the reasons for the slow starts the last three games. On the ice for four goals against early in each game. And Pouliot took an absolutely needless, brutal, offensive-zone penalty for spearing Matt Hackett in the onions in the third period of a 1-1 game.

9) I think some of that inconsistency, and some of the lethargic starts in general with the Rangers, is their desire to make too many passes early on. Fancy passes. Wish passes. Likewise, their success, and the team’s success, on the power play and at even strength, comes when they don’t make the extra, unnecessary dish and just get the puck to the net, or the front of the net. That line had some chances once it got back to that. So did some of the others.

10) In games like these, too, when it’s tough to get the legs going for whatever reason, soft teams have a tough time creating passion and energy. The Rangers, let’s face it, are hardly rugged. They’re not going to muck it up or fight or bang bodies just for the sake of lighting a fire. So I think it’s harder for them to do what they do best, which is to use their speed, when the legs aren’t there. If I could figure out why the legs aren’t there some nights, I’d be a millionaire instead of a hot dog-aire.

Buffalo Sabres v New York Rangers11) Daily Nash-O-Meter. This is what he does. Or what he’s supposed to do. I didn’t  think he was terrible, but I didn’t think he was very good, either, most of the game. Then, bang. The puck’s on his stick for less than a fraction of a second — good plays by Derek Stepan and Martin St. Louis to get it there — and the Rangers have a win. That’s 26 goals. That’s nine game-winners, two of those in the final two minutes. He could be a lot better, obviously. But this is why you need a guy like Nash.

12) Henrik Lundqvist. He sounded disappointed that he probably won’t get the chance to play in Montreal, his house or horrors, Saturday. He hasn’t played there much lately, and Cam Talbot probably gets the start Saturday. But Lundqvist looks to me to be ready for the playoffs, however long they last. And how long they last will be, in large part, up to him.

13) Martin St. Louis. Who knew he would be a playmaker and not a goal scorer? Three assists Tuesday, huge, huge pass to Nash for the GWG Thursday. How about that shanked shot in the second, moments after the Buffalo goal? He had some chances. Missed a few. Not to repeat, but if he breaks out, he’d be an enormous weapon for a team that needs weapons. By the way, did you see the ironic post-game Shirts Off Our Backs moment when a kid in a “Callahan” jersey got selected to get St. Louis’ jersey?

14) I thought Dan Girardi had a really physical game, and that the D generally speaking did a good job. The Buffalo goal was soft coverage down low, and there were a few others. Kevin Klein was a bit up and down, but he made a game-saving save with Lundqvist down in the third. They need Ryan McDonagh back ASAP, but not Saturday.

15) The PP went back to el-stinko after the two-PPG game Tuesday.

My Three Rangers Stars:Buffalo Sabres v New York Rangers
1. Benoit Pouliot.
2. Henrik Lundqvist.
3. Rick Nash.
Kenny Albert’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Rick Nash.
2. Henrik Lundqvist.
3. Benoit Pouliot.
David Rosengarten’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Benoit Pouliot.
2. Rick Nash.
3. Derick Brassard.
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Henrik Lundqvist.
2. Rick Nash.
3. Benoit Pouliot.

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  1. 1st, and as usual you were right Carp about where they would finish.

    Looking forward to a long Playoff run!

  2. Took care of bis niz? I guess so. What is up with this team on home ice. Constantly playing from behind. Apprehensive and over passing. Was at Ottawa game, leafs game and jackets game earlier in the season. All games down by 2-0 or 3-0 before storming back to lose. Break that pattern in the playoffs. Got a legit fourth line here. Henrik on a mission! Let’s go rangers.

  3. Good Morning. Good review of a horrible game to watch. Imagine if they had not scored that late goal or lost this one. It would have been wide spread panic.

  4. Carp, I did see the Callahan boy getting the jersey from St. Louis… That couldn’t have been scripted any better.

  5. Nice write up, Carp. Not an inspiring game…they were lucky to win it…not a good omen for the playoffs. They need to focus…as you point out, even the MZA-Poodle-Brass line had its ups and downs.

  6. Or are they the MZA-Brass-Poodle line? And when they don’t play their hearts out, the Brass-Poodle-Zuccs line?

  7. If Thursday Sunday and not Saturday as carp hearing then expect a back to back Monday 4/21 cause Phil arena booked 4/22 Tuesday

  8. bull dog line on

    does Richards over stay his shifts? looking at the box score you see guys playing 16 plus minutes, with 23 or 24 shifts in the game. Richards played 17 minutes and change, with 17 shifts.

  9. No coffee ready yet, but at least I have this. Please, Carp, don’t mess with your shoulder — it may impinge on some typing fingers. That third line appears to be turning into a +/- line, emphasis on the +. They will give up some goals in their zeal to score, but how they do score! And I couldn’t tell — were you kidding around on 13)? MSL not a playmaker? OK, he had one strange year where he had one more goal than assist, but otherwise he’s got more than 600 o’ them helpers. What a great player, nice to see him post-adjustment.

    bdl, Richards is on the power play for most of the two minutes if there’s no score. Rightly or wrongly — most folks here would say the latter — he does not spend much energy on the PP, looking only to be in position to pass or shoot. He has been the most consistent element in a much-improved PP this year, I think.

  10. “El-stinko”

    Love it, CARP!

    Perfect verbiage to not only describe the PP, but this whole team.

    It’s an atrocity that will further explode on the playoffs.

    They’ll with one game, if lucky. More likely they’ll lose the first three and then not even show up for a fourth.

    Clown are as clown do.

  11. Now that we can relax with Montreal…will we be seeing our now #7dman? Our newly signed collegian?Danny C? Some Hartford guy who could get call ups if some key guys go down in the payoffs? Are we still 50/50 on Calm..or with Philly out now 100%? Stay tuned for the answers after a word from our sponsor….Mr. Sniders pretzels! Always too salty and easily broken!

  12. Sioux-per-man on

    Better to win a stinker of a game, than lose a great game in the last second.

    Here’s hoping Rangers break out in the playoffs!

  13. Has there ever been a period in Ranger or NHL history where goals were 100% of shots and 0% save percentage? Guess they go hand in hand……While AV is not verbally commenting on the Vancouver situation…his non-verbal communication says it all!

  14. And who didnt think this years playoffs would be in Calm Talbots hands with the Lundvist collision in the final minutes. His leg missed by inches taking the full brunt of the sliding Hodgson?

  15. Matty"BubbleWrapRitchieRocket!!!!!!"Boy on

    Sioux, hope you are planning on rooting for the Dutchmen, of whom I am so proud. 2300 at that school. That’s all. And to rise to this level, well, quite something.

    Tough loss. Great effect for your guys. Our first round pick has some legs! (BS)

  16. Matty"BubbleWrapRitchieRocket!!!!!!"Boy on

    Yea, Carpy, you’re right. Nash can get away with dumb play after dumb, but if he’s a true sniper for 30 seconds, it does win games.

    Though I’d rather play Philly, as I believe we have their number, part of me says let it be CBJ, because when he went up there, his old home, he was a freaking monster. Perhaps he gets a few CBJ home games under his belly and truly learns how he SHOULD play every night!

  17. Playoff time again
    There’ll be rough play for sure but I think other teams hesitancy to do truly stupid things will play to our advantage
    We are gonna absolutely steamroll people for at least four games- tread marks up and down their backs. Dubinsky would be on fire in a playoff series vs MSG- him and Dorsett two scraps guaranteed

  18. Matty"BubbleWrapRitchieRocket!!!!!!"Boy on

    I don’t believe Hank has ever been more ready for post season. I have not always thought the greatest of him, but his level, now is ‘game saving’ high. Last night, minor example. As much as a goalie can help, he can. That should be interesting.

  19. Not the best game, but it shows strength when they win on a bad day.
    Even against a crap team!

  20. Stranger Nation on

    Hope we play Lumbus so Nash will play with some fire.

    Carp – as you note, still overpassing at times. Thought Step should have shot, not passed to StL on 3on2 as he was between the circles with speed bearing in, could not have a better scoring opp.

    Luv to watch Zucc carry in zone on PP

    J Moore playing well in McD’s stead is a good sign.
    Diaz scares me

  21. Funny story last night, a good poker friend of my wants free money off me. He team is the heavy favorite pregame. So he thought I would take my team straight up.
    I told every one deal but the odds are 4-1. #4 team playing a #1. I’ll take either team.

    Both guys took the Sioux. It still makes me chuckle every time they call to bet on their team, and I talk them out of it, and they taking mine, then their team wins, and they have to pay me money!

  22. Rob in Beantown on

    Union is a D3 school that plays up in D1 just for ice hockey if I’m not mistaken. They are not even allowed to give athletic scholarships. Pretty cool.

  23. Trying to wrap my head around the new format. If we want to play Columbus in first round and we want Philthy to play Pitt, then we need the Wings to drop their remaining games, hope that Philly gets a win or an OT point and that CBus wins their remaining two?

  24. If Columbus get three pts and Phil and Detroit only get 2 pts

    Rangers Columbus Pitt vs Phil Boston vs Detroit.

  25. Rob in Beantown on

    Sorry about last night, Sioux. But I’m glad you didn’t fly all the way to Philadelphia to witness that.

  26. Interesting scenario just looked at

    Right now

    Flyers 91 pts 38 row wins
    Columbus 91 pts 37 row wins.

    If they end tied in pts and row wins assuming ( Phil has a shootout win this weekend)

    It comes down to season series. Columbus won series 3-1 therefore rangers Columbus.

  27. Rob in Beantown on

    Katie Strang @KatieStrangESPN
    #NYR Rangers announce that Ryan McDonagh is this year’s recipient of both the team’s MVP and Players’ Player Award

  28. @KatieStrangESPN 48s

    #NYR Rangers announce that Ryan McDonagh is this year’s recipient of both the team’s MVP and Players’ Player Award

  29. Me too, Rob. I want Sieve Mason and Timmonen and Coburn and everyone except Simmonds and Couturier.

  30. I wouldn’t put too much of an emphasis on this game as an indicator of anything. They were playing a bad team in a game that had only minimal implications…I don’t think the players walk around saying they don’t want to play Boston or Pittsburgh.

    The important thing is that no one got hurt, and they got the two points, so they can play a “scrimmage” against Montreal.

  31. My wife backed out of the garage and trashed the passenger side view mirror on her “relatively” new car the other day. #suburbproblems

  32. Rob in Beantown on

    Lundqvist won team MVP seven years in a row. He seems like a really proud guy. I wonder how upset he is not to have won this year.

  33. Rob – that’s the first thing my wife said to me this morning. “Just think of all the money you saved”

  34. Good morning, boneheads!

    Nice review, Carp! And where are all the jackwagons who were mocking Carp for predicting 2nd place in Metropolitan ?

    Yes, that’s why you need to pay a game breaker big money. Because they can shoot like that. And because they can give you 9 GWGs. Keep getting on his case all you want, but that’s what he can do. Plus, he kills penalties.

    Having said that, you think he had enough time and space to make that shot? There was not a single Buffalo player around him within a mile.

  35. CARP got the luck of a winning streak and somehow these no-talents ended up in 2nd.

    I predicted an 0-81-1 season. I came close.

  36. Rob in Beantown on

    Sioux, it’s because they are technically a Division III school where athletic scholarships are not allowed, even though they play up in Division I for hockey. I think the official rationale is that it could be exploited if they gave an athletic scholarship to a player for hockey and then that player played a different, non-D1 sport.

  37. I think MacTruck has a tear in his shoulder, the same SLAP tear that Hags and Cally had over the summer. I had the same surgery last year and depending on the severity you could do without the surgery for a bit. That’s what I’m assuming is wrong with McD. He’s probably getting treatment and cortisone shots to help alleviate some of the pain. He’ll come back for the playoffs, but he won’t be the same. Then over the summer, he’s getting the surgery. It’s damn shame and I hope this isn’t the case.

  38. Union:

    Not bad for a program that can’t offer scholarships to offset its $46,785 annual tuition, plays in a 2,000-seat arena, and has demanding academic standards. U.S. News & World Report ranks Union 41st among the nation’s liberal- arts colleges.

    How are they going to beat the Gophers, with 14 players drafted in the NHL? Skjei is just one of there 14.

    This is an UNDERDOG of epic proportions.

  39. Rob in Beantown on

    It gets more complicated though because there are some Division III schools, like Clarkson and RPI, that play up in Division I for a single sport that _are_ allowed to give scholarships. That’s because they were traditional powers in that sport prior to when the NCAA split schools into scholarship and non-scholarship divisions. They were grandfathered to allow them to keep giving scholarships for those sports. But Union is not one of those schools.

    More info about how that works here:

  40. Would we rather see Rangers play Flyers or Blue Jackets? I vote for Flyers.

    If Flyers and Jackets both win their last 2 games would Rangers play Flyers because Flyers have more wins?

    Just wanted to confirm that is the case.

  41. The “case” is that this team is going to go 4-and-out whether they play the Flyers, the Blue Jackets, or the Mayan Astronomers.

  42. Crazy stats for UNION. How can you not cheer for a team that has NEVER won the championship.

    Not only do they have to find a kid that can play hockey, but you have to have a family willing to pay $200,000 just for tuition. Add in room and board, for 4+ years, say $250,000.

    My Son’s tuition is 1/6 of that, do you really get an education that is worth that much more at a liberal arts college? I’m curious. Seriously.

  43. Stranger Nation on

    _There was not a single Buffalo player around him within a mile_
    Credit to Step in teh middle who went to the goal and brought the D-man with him.

  44. Stranger Nation on

    Student Debt is the result of federal subsidies for tuition which allows Higher Ed to raise prices knowing there is guaranteed govt money coming back to them.


  45. Rob in Beantown on

    On the subject of scholarships, Yale won last year and they don’t give athletic scholarships either (it’s an Ivy League rule). But I have a lot easier time understanding why a hockey kid would want to go to Yale than Union.

  46. Stranger Nation on

    Schenectady is much pretty than New Haven, but pizza not as good.

    Please consider:
    – parents earning $65,000 or less are not asked to make any monetary contribution to the cost of their child’s Yale education;
    – $15,857 average yearly net price for Yale College for all students receiving financial aid

    All the Ivy’s have ways of getting around it unless you of child of the 1%

  47. Stranger Nation on

    Wick – 17 games he missed if you only include the ones he was out for and not the ones he played but hardly did anything

  48. Rob in Beantown on

    Sabres PR @SabresPR
    If he dresses for tomorrow’s #Sabres game in BOS, Connor Knapp becomes the NHL-record 9th goalie to dress for Buffalo this season. (via ESB)

    Tire Fire West

  49. Union should come visit and play at the Ralph next year. They would be amazed at what the Sioux play in front of.

  50. Zucc needs 1 point to crack 60. I sure hope its a goal in Montreal. I don’t think Step is going to catch him.

  51. Rob – they are a tire fire now. But just imagine the top end talent they are going to grab over the next 3 years.

  52. Rob – my favorite part of that article is “shouting epithets towards Islanders great Denis Potvin.”

  53. Thank god ILB the house of horrors indeed. When I looked at schedule in July I knew by game 81 we had to be set. Go figure it happened.

  54. Somehow this team always get the position we want them to be. Now it’s a time for a run. I’m 35 I’m not getting any younger. I want move on from 94.

  55. Road to cup final

    Rangers over Columbus in 6

    Phil over Pitt in 6

    Rangers over Phil in 7

    Montreal over Boston in 7(price stands on his head)

    Rangers win game 7 in Montreal exercise the demons. Conf finals

  56. By the way, I saw last night people were talking about recalling a bunch of players from AHL to play Saturday. It’s not about the 23 player rule anymore, it’s about 4 call ups rule that’s still in effect. The rule that NHL wanted to get rid of, but the players insisted to keep. NY already burned one call up in Fast.

  57. Rob – There was a guy that traveled to EVERY arena, in the USA & Canada. All Pro, AHL, College, & junior rink in Canada. He put it in the top 2, but wasn’t sure what the other was he was going to put next to it. It was over 250 rinks.

  58. I expect it to be 1-1 after 2 games so the rangers will need to win game 3 or 4 avoid going down 3-1 regardless if Phil or Columbus.

  59. ilb – What if there’s 5 injuries the last game. They can’t call up anyone for the playoffs?

    3 left?

    They should call up Kristo to play against the team that traded him.

    If only for a taste of the NHL. Not that he needs any motivation, but it couldn’t hurt anything. YESper isn’t exactly lighting it up in 10 games, 0 points.

  60. I would rest Girardi, lundqvist, Nash and St. Louis and call up 3 players from ahl to replace Nash, St. Louis and Girardi.

  61. tommy, we already have Falk, Haggerty, and Carcillo with the team. Don’t think we’d need any call-ups.

    ilb, nothing special. It was still sweet though!

  62. Girardi will play, just to say he’s played all 82 games.

    Girardi, Step, Richie Rich, & Boyler should all play. Not many can say they played all 82 this year. Only 4 players from the Rangers can say they haven’t missed a day of work this year.

  63. Bet the Devils were also thinking that they were due for a SO win in their past 16 attempts.

  64. Manny – I’ve had better days. Wicky cheered me up last night with a text, says he’s driving over for a game next year. That helped :)

  65. Shouldn’t they rest Richards, because it would be pretty crappy if he couldn’t get bought out getting hurt in a meaningless regular season game.

  66. And someone posted a stat earlier in the week that Richards had a bunch of points in games after 3+ days of rest.

  67. On Falk’s third shift, he can vomit on the Montreal center-ice logo and chalk it up to lack of conditioning.

  68. The Defense spot could also go to Connor Allen, he hasn’t had a pro game yet.

    Who would you rather see McIlrath or Allen?

    Flip a coin.

  69. I presume that if #19 makes it through the regular season, then gets hurt in the Playoffs, we’re still liable for that enormous contract and can’t buy it out?

  70. So 200 bucks for the cheapest ticket at MSG? means theres a chance I won’t be able to go to a single game during the playoffs at home.

    I tried being tickets for Columbus’s home games. And it won’t allow me bc I am not an Ohio resident.

    Making it hard for me to get to a hockey game.

    The level of absurdity of the audacity of so many in this country and world is force the scales over the lines for these bozos.

    Every corner of life is infested by greed and power maneuvers.

    bah-humbug scrooges

  71. Yes, but if he gets hurt in the playoffs, at least it would make more sense that he was playing.

  72. Gravy – I was look at it as motivation for a top prospect. That 1 NHL game, before the summer, extra motivation if you give them a taste of the NHL.

    Beside the Bell Centre is not our friend.

    Kristo has to play, just for the back story alone.

  73. and do me a favor and don’t delete. with this number of boneheaded comments every single day. Allow that little tidbit to stay and simmer

  74. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    He doesn’t shy away from contact and is a bigger guy. Active after the whistle.

  75. Stranger Nation on

    Wick – not from/in Capitol Region, but have spent fun times in Saratoga Springs and upper Lake George

  76. Sioux, your self-imposed halt to clamoring to call up Kristo lasted about two posts the other day :)

  77. seriously there gonna be a movement, to have these type of people diagnosed as they are. mentally ill and imcompentent to be making decisions that effect the world. I have love for everyone, and its gonna be loving people, who won’t allow our present and future to be compromised by allowing mentally ill people to manage the dynamics which power human life on earth. Its our time to take responsibility and our place in this world. You create your world, if you don’t, your just allowing others to create it in their vision to their dreams.

    These people need to told, their services are not needed any longer, and that it is their time to go and heal. Free these types from being positions where they are able to make such destructive and immoral decisions

    want a bit of truth: any man or woman who says they want to go into public service and then joins one of our country’s political parties is a FRAUD and ill-suited for public service. They just want a platform to win this game of life.

  78. Rob in Beantown on

    I like that list better too, SN.

    Matthews Arena is a cool place in theory, but the sightlines are awful. When I went to a game there you could only see 2/3 of the ice from my seat. There are also lots of pole obstructed seats. The history is neat, but not a place you would want to go on a regular basis.

    I wish I had gotten to games at UNH, Maine, and UVM before my time in New England comes to a close, but it probably won’t happen.

    I really want to see Hobey Baker Rink even though I’ll probably be disappointed.

  79. Saratoga Springs! I do believe Parcells bought one of those large old houses leading up the the Skidmore entrance for use during the late summer meet.

  80. Manny – That’s what I was thinking.

    Genius is the word I would use. (Brutal-not so much)

  81. Gravy – this game means nothing to the team or the standings.

    But it would mean everything for the *player* that gets his first chance at the “SHOW”!


  82. Just imagine if Richie blows out his knee at the Bell Centre, and Sather could have called up Lindberg.

  83. at this point Sioux, like 6 at home and then maybe 4-5 on the road. in 2009 through like 2011. like 20 games a year.. I’ve been totally forced out, or forced to spend money that effects me to go support the team.

    The amount of times i want to go to a game and I pay attention to the prices of the tickets all the way up until like 5pm of game night, and then decide I’m not doing it, Im not dropping that money to go. Ill stay home, Ill cook myself dinner and save $125 bucks.

    Its absurd

    And its exactly how MSG wants it. They can make a killing off the corporate crowd, price out the regulars fans, and what does it do, it pushes up their ratings on MSG. They are getting their gate money and their TV money. And thats the way it is becoming across the board, and its that level of audacity which has already seen the tipping point crossed.

    IT is so blatant and for so long it has gone unchecked that even though things are being uncovered everyday and more and more of it is getting exposed, these people are so stupid that they are upping the level of its balantness and greediness to recoup lost revenue due to economic issues their FRAUD has brought about.

    You don’t know the level to it sucks for me, and pulling in two directions I feel, at the fact that the one sport, the one sports team, that I have a connection with, operates and is owned and run by who they are.

    Their are markets with great fan bases, and I could easily have season-tickets too. Instead I wrestle with myself over every game I decide to go to.

  84. So I wake up early this morning, first thing I do is read Carps review. (Doesn’t everyone)

    Next thing I notice, Phil Ivey followed me on Twitter.

    It’s the little things in life that make you smile.

    Forget about the loses. That was yesterday!

  85. Actually, they should dress Richards and sit him on the bench. There’s a lot of steps to get up to the pressbox.

  86. Good crack of noon, Sally!

    Happy Masters Friday everybody.

    I hope the NHL and NBC get bedbugs if they make the Rangers play on Easter Sunday.

    Latona, did you notice Stranger used from/in?

  87. not to mention the fact that they broke up a team that was growing an unbelievable type of culture in which they were the hardest team to play against in the league, to promote a more casually enjoyable product for the corporate crowds that spend at the garden.

    Could you imagine having had that 2011-2012 team now, without Richards and Nash, but still having added Zucc, Brassard, Kreider, Moore, Puolett, Klein. Insert another capable 2c like a Fillipula, etc.

    They should have grown that team, and they abandoned it to bring in Nash, to add to Richards. CAA weedy influence getting their players to NY, and abandoning such a REAL, honest to goodness special group, special mindset.

  88. Jpp – I luck out in a small way. I would have to drive 4hrs to see a pro game. So I only get to see 2 or 3 a year.

    Just to go to a Sioux game, its an hour north of me. But its worth every penny, and the game are only $25 a ticket. It’s an event when 12,000 people show up for a college game every night, and they cheer.

    The kid is done, so no more high school games.

  89. in 2011, I went up to traverse city and I did a guest blog for carp, hoping to use that to get some FaceTime with the Rangers brass, to try and co-create my way into a place in the organization.

    Today, I don’t think I’d take a job if I were offered one. Thats how much my feelings on the organization has changed. Not the players, most of them are really good caring players. Thats the only reason I still watch. Only reason.

  90. I was pretty happy to see 4 out of 5 of my Masters picks where in negative numbers yesterday?

  91. *CARP* – what are your thoughts on the Rangers pulling up a 2-3 players from Hartford for the last game.

    Good idea or not?

    Have they done it in the past?

  92. It’s unreal how Horton forces himself back or gets forced back, leaves the game and is now out another six weeks. Who ever allowed him to get back into the lineup is an idiot. He didn’t need to play at all since they clinched a playoff spot. Those guys deserve the Bruins.

  93. CARP, I missed it. Thanks for keying me in to it by/from me.

    Stranger, two things. One, I didn’t mind the pass from Stepan to St. Louis because if St. Louis connected it was almost a sure goal. Granted, I wouldn’t have minded if Stepan shot either. Secondly, I would advise you to stop emulating CARP’s grammar, or lack thereof. You will suffer the consequences in your personal and professional life!

  94. Duclair is a finalist for the QMJHL MVP, the other two finalists for the award are fellow 2013 draft picks Jonathan Drouin, who was taken third overall by the Tampa Bay Lightning, and Anthony Mantha, who was selected by the Detroit Red Wings at No. 20.

    So does that make Duclair our “1’st” round pick last year?

    I think so :)

  95. Boneheads – can we just nickname him *THE DUKE* right now?

    This team needs a little John Wayne swagger to it!

  96. mostly good people in the organization, too, jpp. But it is a giant money grab.

    Got it, thanks for the pic Sioux. Is that your backyard? Sorry about “our” Fighting Sioux. Flag’s coming down.

    I am not sure about the rules about calling up kids for Game 82. Anyway, I don’t think they will. No. 30 and No. 27 will be a safe distance from the ice. Better bubble wrap No. 19, though.

  97. What’s with the “worst blog on the internet” repetition? Is this another inside joke that I am not privy to?

  98. If anyone has the time it’d be interesting to see our predictions prior to the start of the year. There must’ve been a thread where we listed all of ours.

  99. I think we’ll do a first-round predictions contest Tuesday or Wednesday, with some cheesy, cheap (and no doubt late-arriving) prizes. And I believe Manny the Embellisher is going to run the playoff beard contest again.

    So save your picks until the contest thread … and put away your razors.

  100. And by cheap, I mean free, or something I can get my hands on.

    I see you’re back in business Alain. No idea what happened there yesterday.

  101. richie: “I break my ass around here to provide after-game analyses and Staal gets the Good Guy Award? Besides, he’s too tall and quiet.”

  102. Jackwagonenvy on

    Don’t come here every day, don’t read most posts, especially Avatar Royalty, but seems to me the back and forth about second in Metro was playful and friendly.
    How exactly does that make for “jackwagons?”
    And as one of the cousins said yesterday, second in Metro wasn’t much of a deal compared to Third Best In East/The Rest Are Garbage. THAT was the bold one, the one that drew most loyal opposition (disagreement is healthy, holier-than-thou, self-appointed jackwagon judges, Doctor ILlogic and One-punch Judy), and the one that still has to be determined. If Carp stays on a roll thru early playoffs, one of his fav charities gets a gift (I’ll double yesterday’s pledge:-). And I won’t be a hardnosed
    grader; if Rangers show any proof they are Clearly Third Best In East, I write the check with a smile and congrats to the Hockey Seer…
    But if they are that, why the worry about going to Montreal for a must-win, the hypothetical in #2 of the review? Clearly it’s just a workout for the Clearly Third Best to go into Kanata and demolish one of the many
    “The Rest Are Just Garbage” teams, no? Even jackwagons can work that out…

  103. Carp – picture from this morning, not my backyard, but it does resemble our pasture on the homestead back home. Outside we raised Herefords, not Bison. I did raise Beefalo as my high school FFA project, but that’s a whole different story.

  104. Rob – The Duke is mine. I’m keeping it.

    Once upon a time, I recorded EVERY John Wayne film.

    My coffee cup reads : Every man has to have a code, it’s his creed to live by. The Duke

    I don’t see him jumping over the MONTE, or the Kristo Kid, but he has a shot at the brass ring of hope.

  105. Everyone should do something nice for their spouse this weekend because come next week it’s time to ignore the crap out of them and *Focus*.

  106. I picked Blues over Bruins in 6, but was *strong armed* into taking the Rangers over the Blues in 7.

  107. Your right Carp. When I use the term organization Im grouping a lot of people in there that I’m not meaning to. So Im being to general when I refer to the organization. Im talking about people high up making fundamental decisions, business organization and philosophy higher ups. I’ve met a lot of guys in the organization I think are good people who love hockey, want to do whats best, and Im certain there are countless people within the organization who are just everyday people with a sweet gig.

  108. Pouliot had a career year. I say they bring the whole line back. Not sure what Brassard signs for coming off of $3.2M year.

  109. Stranger Nation on

    Based upon beginning of the season predictions the Craps’ Boardwalk Empire Hitman, The Isle’s Used Car Salesman In Mineola and the Sen’s Teddy R had bad seasons

  110. Jackwagon, pick a name and stick with it. thank you.

    The third best in the East is my opinion. it’s certainly open for debate, deal with it.

  111. I know, Lev. I should have gone back and changed that. LOL. I seriously thought they had some crazy skill and could be a darkhorse. Teddy let me down, and of that I should not be surprised.

  112. Sioux, Pouliot averaged .43 PPG prior to this year, and .46 PPG with the Rangers. I just think it’s a case of expectations being higher earlier in his career.

  113. “Alex and the Caps are going to win Stanley Cups,” Leonsis said during an interview on 106.7-FM, referring to the club’s goal-scoring forward, Alex Ovechkin. “We’re either going to win it this year or next year or the year after. We’re going to get better, too. That’s the thing: I promise the team will be better next year than it is this year.”

    Great article about the Caps falling apart: http://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/capitals/washington-capitals-problems-began-long-before-their-playoff-streak-ended/2014/04/11/3fc8ede6-c0f5-11e3-b195-dd0c1174052c_story.html

  114. That is one of the single best hockey articles I have ever read that was written by someone other than Carp.

  115. Did they win enough regular season games?

    or is it all about the post season, and how many rounds they win?

  116. Manny – thanks for sharing. Great article.

    “Can you hear us” now has the Ducks as one of the best teams in the West. He HAS to laugh all the way to the Bank.

    You wonder if AV, has the same feeling for Vancouver. They fired him first, and now he’s in the playoffs, and Torts is walking his dogs.

  117. ?@JSportsnet Told that Johnny Gaudreau has, in fact, won the Hobey Baker as College Hockey’s top player. He and Arnold will fly to meet team in Van.

  118. Ps. Gentle men, I just went to this place: http://astrodoughnuts.com/about/

    It’s co-owned by none other than NYRANGERS GREAT JEFF HALPERN!

    Oh the joy when I found out.

    I suggested that they add the “weaksauce 4th liner” as another one of their special monthly offerings (ingredients: molasses, turd)

  119. “and their failure to score vs. Devils made it obvious they needed a Nash.”

    they needed a nash type player. they didn’t need nash. And nash isn’t even nash. This summer the rangers could have potentially signed Vanek for free. And potentially it would have been a better fit with all the RWs the rangers currently have.

    To Gravy, who i saw mention how important richards was to the 2011-12. He had a so-so regular season and there were times in the middle of it where fans were already beginning say so-old crap. However, having recently the game recaps of that the playoffs that year, Richards had a huge impact during the playoffs. Well he had some very timely goals which had a huge impact. So your right about that.

  120. THE Kreider (even with a broken hand) >> Nash (at any stage) >> Vanek >> Halpern >> POULET

  121. Manny, I couldn’t tell the difference between the article you posted and a CARP article, what with the typos.

  122. Pre-rangers Nash>>>Vanek

    the guy had 2 prolonged stretches where he didn’t score in the regular season last year, and then did nothing in the playoffs. The concussion issues pile it on.

    Believe me, there were years where I wanted nash, way before the 2011-12 season, the rangers had been linked to him for awhile. To be god honest, their were times when I wanted Richards, I was hoping the Rangers could land him when he was gonna be moved out of Tampa.

    But as the seasons rolled on, things changed. The rangers grew into a legit team with a lot of young players solidifying a spot and these players (Nash and Richards) started downward trending and then Richards had a concussion issue 3 months before free agency.

    And i could say it like this carp. Vanek, Dubinsky, Anisimov, and assets in Exiron and the pick >>>>>>>>>Ranger Nash (pre- or post concussion)

  123. Or even now, with the talk that the staal brothers are gonna be available. The rangers could have had assets to make a move if they didn’t go all in on Nash. It wasnt Nash or bust, someone or some group in MSG got fixated on Nash

  124. Don’t use me to try and burn carp, Latona.

    And get an avatar so you don’t look like one of these jackwagons!

  125. jpp, the Staal brothers also appear to be trending downwards. And with their contracts, I’d stay away. Would rather send Staal to Carolina for Faulk and someone like Brock McGinn.

  126. I don’t think Staal brothers would be such a great find considering that their cap hit, combined, is $14.25M, and it would take much, much more assets to get them. Eric hasn’t been playing at this highest levels for at least 2 years, and Jordan, seemingly, hasn’t been able to get out of “I’m only a third line center” mentality since he left Pittsburgh. Vanek wasn’t a sure thing either. Nash wanted to come to NY

  127. This is from Eric????


    Road to cup final

    Rangers over Columbus in 6

    Phil over Pitt in 6

    Rangers over Phil in 7

    Montreal over Boston in 7(price stands on his head)

    Rangers win game 7 in Montreal exercise the demons. Conf finals

    April 11th, 2014 at 11:26 AM

    Okay what did you do with my boy, the real Eric?

  128. Yeah, Latona. you may be right about Eric. Id personally like to think, he become a little unmotivated based on the level of teams he;s been playing on for a few years. Like I think if you put him in the rangers culture and give him a half year, I like its more rust. But I want to believe that. He could be trending downward.

    Jordan’s a different story. Jordan’s a center, he’s proven he’s a great 200 foot player, still young, 25 or 26. I have no concerns with Jordan..

    A funny note on Faulk. When I was in traverse city in 2011, Ryan Murphy stole the show, all Faulk was doing was handing the puck off to Murphy and Murphy was going end to end. To see what Faulk has become and to see the struggles of Murphy made an impression on me.

    If I were to have drafted a guy solely on what I saw, I would have drafted Murphy 10 out of 10.

    Every time I see either Faulk or Murphy, Im left thinking about that tournament

  129. I can vibe with anyone. You just need to find that common groove. Even if that common ground is an understanding that we all have weaknesses and faults and flaws

  130. Possibly the last “stars” in the league that I’d have any interest in are the Staal brothers. Especially Eric. Woof.

  131. I’m not at all excited by the numbers Nash put up. 26 goals?

    Very Callahan like numbers and you guys didn’t want to pay him.

  132. ilb, we definitely vibe re: NJD.

    jjp, Jordan’s fine, but I don’t think he’s what NYR need, and I think his price would be high, especially considering NYR lost some assets as you already mentioned. I’d stay away from Eric. As for Murphy and Faulk, I was considering which one I would want, but Faulk seemed like the obvious choice.

  133. Honestly the last time I noticed Eric Staal in a game was when he concussed Marc. The last handful of times the Rangers played Carolina if Sam and Joe didnt mention the brothers thing every 10 seconds I would’ve thought he was scratched.

    Few weeks ago i was watching a Devils-Canes game and it was the first time in my life i was agreeing with Chico who went on a bit of a rant about how the Staals, Eric in particular, needs to take a look in the mirror and wake up if he wants to be considered a star again. Chico’s exact words were too much floating around the ice. Then he awarded Khudobin the Vezina for outplaying Ward.

  134. “Few weeks ago i was watching a Devils-Canes game and it was the first time in my life i was agreeing with Chico who went on a bit of a rant about how the Staals, Eric in particular, needs to take a look in the mirror and wake up if he wants to be considered a star again. Chico’s exact words were too much floating around the ice. Then he awarded Khudobin the Vezina for outplaying Ward.”

    Doesn’t it make you question yourself when you agree with Chico?

  135. I know what you guys are saying about eric staal, I see it too with his play. And therefore Its his own fault that the perception of him has changed. But I do think a lot of it has to do with winning a cup early, getting mega-bucks early and then the team not being competitive for a number of years. If your not extremely internally driven, I think that a situation that is recipe for what has happened. He’s certainly over-paid, not that tier of player as his salary would dictate.

    I personally think Jordan Staal would be an incredible fit, especially short term. Having Step on the first line, being able to keep brass-zuc-and puoliett together and then having a center with Size and skill like Jordan staal. To me, thats ideal. its help combat some of the rangers weaknesses right now, size and strength down the middle, big strong guy who can bring rugged play.

    I don’t think they are trading partners now, but I definitely think its a fit

  136. Latona, It makes me question everything about life and everything that I found to be reality.

  137. The goalie who made 55 saves vs canada from Latvia is in goal tonite for Tampa vs Columbus. No Bobrovsky.

  138. How nbc sports network didn’t pick up Tampa game or Dallas game is beyond stupid.

    Caps hawks meaningless.

    Thank god I have center ice

  139. I take it all of us are rooting for Columbus to overtake Philly correct? With Philly getting Pitt and Detroit vs. Boston, no?

  140. “I take it all of us are rooting for Columbus to overtake Philly correct? With Philly getting Pitt and Detroit vs. Boston, no?”

    Agreed, oleo. I think this is the best case scenario.

  141. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Lol at the old prediction thread and nanny picking the isles to finish third in the metro and make the playoffs…lol tire fires

    Roy for jack Adams

    Did we traid for the Staal brothers yet?

    When can I vote for nasty in the beard contest?

  142. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I don’t like the idea of playing Philly or Columbus or Boston first, I’d rather play pens or Detroit.

    Hopefully I’m wrong.

  143. Wait you guys are rooting for a Columbus series?

    Id much rather Rangers-Flyers, Columbus-Bruins, Detroit-Pens.

    Im guessing you want the other series because you’re of the belief that Detroit can challenge Boston and Philly-Pens is, well, Philly-Pens?

  144. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I want filthy. Wings and BJs are capable of upsetting Bruins and Pens.

    Who is Vancouver playing in the first round?

  145. A win over Philly would be much more satisfying than over the Jackets.

    Especially if NYR get eliminated the the semis. Beating Philly would be like winning a mini Stanley Cup. Beating Pissburgh would be even better.

  146. Rangers Columbus series all pressure on rangers. It’s like a can’t lose series for the franchise with all that’s gone on btwn 2 teams.

    Rangers flyers most experts I’ve heard like flyers.

  147. Lev

    We are better than both Philly and Columbus, so who we play in the first round is of no concern to me. It should be a win regardless.

    The idea is that the Rangers need someone else to beat Boston and more importantly Pittsburgh since we matchup terribly against both teams.

    Philly, for whatever reason, does well against Pittsburgh and not only would Philly be a much easier 2nd round opponent, but we’d have home ice which is critical as the Rangers don’t lose a game 7 at home.

    While Boston is likely to win regardless, Detroit is capable of beating anyone with the talent they have. They can steal a series and hopefully they advance too.

    And another thing. If the Rangers win tomorrow night and TB loses out, the Rangers would get home ice over them in the ECF if that were to happen.

  148. Agree with 8:43. I feel we’d have a tough time with CBus because they’re so hungry for their first series win, plus the personnel involved in that matchup. Agree that we’re better but they would be tougher than Filthy. That said I don’t think they’d have the staying power to out-last the Pens, and feel Filthy has a better chance at taking out Pitt. I’d rather try our luck against CBus to get Filthy in second round

  149. End of 2. 3-1 Tampa

    This holds

    Flyers go 1-1 non shootout they play rangers At Pitt home carolina

  150. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Nhl.com has rangers 7th in power ranking. Only Boston, #1 overall, is ranked higher in the east.

    Rangers vs Bruins ECF??

    Rangers in 7

  151. Looks like 5th in the conference. 5 points behind TB 3 behind the Habs. Don’t listen to Vincent Lombardi though when he said it’s what’s up on the scoreboard that counts. Or the Bill Parcell takeoff you are what your record is. We are better on paper. 3rd in the conference ….certainly.

  152. Do the Rangers have a plan for when the Philthies or BJ’s target McDonugh shoulder every chance they get before, during and after the play???

  153. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Papa – I’d have Carcillo go head hunting on Ja Rue if that’s the case….

  154. Eddie, I like it.

    An eye for an eye,

    a tooth for a tooth and

    Ja Ru’s head for McDs shoulder!!!!!

  155. brassard, benwa balls and the salty peanut are going to carry the Rangers in the post season.

    Book It.

  156. Look, Hedberg. In my opinion, the Rangers are better than those teams. OK? Is it enough yet?

    The Rangers have, by the way, won more games than both of them. But keep hammering away. Yeah, mighty Montreal, over 81 games, has three more points. Hence the Habs are clearly better. Please.

  157. ORR!! What Is It Good For!!??
    Did I hear this right? Chico Resche is retiring?

    April 11th, 2014 at 9:42 PM

    To quote Herbert Morrison: “Oh the humanity!”

  158. Montreal 45-36 (6 of those 45 wins in skills competitions following hockey games).
    Rangers 45-36 (4).
    Tampa 44-36 (7).

    Again, clearly Montreal and Tampa are better. I must have been wrong.

  159. Tampa wins 3-2

    A Phil win non shootout in Pitt Tom afternoon sends them to rangers prior to jackets game at night Tom.

    wings lose 2-1

    Columbus win in Florida clinches 7th minimum

  160. Chico is retiring so Ken Dayneko can take over. His wife also wants to move back to Minessota, her sister is apparently very ill.

  161. Without Chico rants to comment on, Blog traffic expected to decrease by 10-15% next season.

  162. Chico’s about to cry. Beautiful goals by the Islanders, stop whining Chico.

    Fatso allowed all 3 shooters to score. Love it.

  163. Devs will sign jussi jokinen as a ufa.

    Can anyone send brodeur on the island playing 50 games. I still think hiller goes there

  164. Trout on the Angels grew some extra beefy muscles since he came up. A little fishy if you ask me.

  165. Curtis Grandyman appears to be an excellent signing by the Metsies #JasonBayAllOverAgain

  166. Thanks for noticing, Orr. Xo

    ‘Lumbus is scary because of Bobrovsky. But honestly, they haven’t ever gotten it done.

  167. It’s Philly, Eric. There are few scenarios where that changes.

    NHL sees this as a divisional rivalry and a huge success. Expect a lot of Doc Emrick.

  168. I think we get Salmon Joe for Game 1 against Philly…then Easter Sunday will be -Jesus- Doc

  169. Caps traded Var-La-Mov to the Avs for a first round pick.

    They used that first round pick to draft Filip Forsberg

    Then they traded Forsberg to the Preds for Martin Erat & Michael Latta

    Then they traded Erat to the Yotes for Brown, Klesla & a fourth round pick in 2015

    Then they traded Klesla to the Baby Buffaloes for Halak & third round pick

    So from all that, they end up with Latta, Brown, a fourth round pick & a third round pick.

  170. Eric Staal would benefit from a change of scenery.

    He has a heavy Cap hit Tis’ true. (2 more years left)

    But, buy out of Richie will subsidize 80% of the Cap hit.

    At 29 years old, It’s a gamble I would take.

  171. And Re: Staal,

    if the rumors circulating out of Carolina about him losing a power struggle with Muller, you may be able to get him and his high salary for a measly draft pick.

  172. With only one Team from Canada in the playoffs, they’ll be heavy rooting north of the border for Darlin Sydney and the Pens.

  173. Glass half empty – “Blues on a five game losing streak. Bad time to get cold!”

    Glass Half Full – Good thing the playoffs didn’t start 4 games ago.

  174. Dallas shuts out St. Louis (Miller has been terrible last 5 games) and qualifies for playoffs eliminating Phoenix.

    They’re celebrating in Dallas as if they just won the Cup.

  175. My parade has floats and cheerleaders with huge Pom-poms.

    What’s does yours’ have?

  176. Ria( the silent bonehead) on

    I may be an avatarless peasant but I ain’t no JACKWAGON!!! I can enjoy a few days with “nana’s angels” without them seeing me having a melt down over a “hockey” game. Oh and royalty is SO over rated.

  177. Matty"BubbleWrapRitchieRocket!!!!!!"Boy on

    Gee, heard Chico is retiring. Sad day for the sport and for broadcasting. (S)

    The quintessential pro (S)
    Never a homer (S)
    Going out at the absolute top (S)

    Seriously, wishing you a healthy, peaceful retirement.

  178. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Matty – Chico is finally hanging up his weave….might be the most objective color man to do any sport…

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