Sabres at Rangers … It’s Go Time!


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Game 81.sabres
Buffalo Baby Buffaloes at Rangers.


It’s pretty simple with two games left.

Well, actually, it’s not so simple thanks to Bettman Losers’ Points, Bettman Bonus Points, Breakaway Contests they sometimes hold after the hockey teams finishing playing the hockey game, ROWs, non-ROWs, and this new jackwagon playoff format which includes wild cards and in which a team from one division could end up winning the other division’s playoff title.

But … If the Rangers win both, provided one of them is in regulation or OT, they clinch the No. 2 seed and will start the first round at home.

If they win either game they clinch the No. 2-3 seed matchup and avoid the wild card. If they win one in regulation or OT and Philly loses one in regulation, they clinch the No. 2 seed.

On the other hand — and not to be Negative Nancy — if the Rangers lose to Buffalo, they are very much right back in the wild card race, with the possibility of having to face Boston or Pittsburgh in the first round, and needing to win in their House of Horrors in Montreal Saturday.

And if they lose to Buffalo, well, that’s kind of what they deserve.

The Rangers, 8-2-1 in their last 11, are expected to go with the same lineup tonight, meaning Jesper Fast remains in and Daniel Carcillo, Justin Falk and Ryan Haggerty are prucha’d. Ryan McDonagh (shoulder) and Chris Kreider (ha nd surgery) remain out.

Henrik Lundqvist in goal against any of the five goalies listed on Buffalo’s Tire Fire roster, none of them named Ryan Miller any longer.


After the game, vote for the Three Rangers Stars in the poll on the left.

Also, if anybody wants to join me and Kenny Albert in picking the stars for playoff games, drop me an email at

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  1. This game scares the living hell out of me more then the Carolina game.

    Get the 2 pts and avoid wild card.

  2. wicky, you beat me at the Blue Hair Special comment…I’m gonna hawk your mowhawk….

    ilb, in Florida, dinner at 5 is the norm for residents :)

    LGR!!!! (sorry cally)

  3. ThisYearsModel on

    Mama—it was an amazing spring day here today. Sunny and about 72. Walked all the way from Arc du Triomphe to Eiffel. Now, if only there weren’t so many Parisians around……….

  4. ThisYears…..sigh……I can imagine, been there…what are you doing there? The fact the you are up makes you Extra Effort worthy….

  5. ThisYearsModel on

    Had a business meeting until about 4 downtown. Had a few hours afterward, which is unusual. Have 2 more meetings tomorrow in Paris, and home Saturday. Also been to meetings in Prague, Munich and Oslo this week. Watched Zucc get the McDonald award from HIS homeland.

  6. inthearmsofbrianboyle on

    ThisYears – have you found an obscure bar up in Montmartre where they show les blues?

  7. ThisYears…holy hartnell…and ain’t Oslo grand!

    The fact that you are still up and posting is pretty tremendously tremendous….

  8. No blackout tonight….. Because they’re playing the Sabres. I’ll only get the buffalo broadcast but I’ll take it.

    Get this, they show the Anthem. Good to see Amirante. The guy is a boss.

  9. DO Rangers really want home ice advantage? This team plays better on the road than any team I know of.

  10. ThisYearsModel on

    Gotta support the Boneheads Blog. It’s about time the Rangers show some commitment tonight. They are sleepwalking so far.

  11. Really can they have any worse of a start.

    No one else last few weeks has trouble with this team of course we will

  12. inthearmsofbrianboyle on

    I wonder if the mighty Rangers are getting Peterdeboered during the intermission if this carries on.

  13. leetchhalloffame on

    This team thinks it’s good enough to just step on the ice and win without effort. What a joke.

  14. mama loves Tampa….OK all…off to watch while trying to beat Spider at words….let’s all calm down huh?

  15. inthearmsofbrianboyle on

    Carp – du you notice any french four-leter words comming out of the locker room?


    Ovechkin: ‘I am seriously liking the American Ford and am in happyiness to get check.’

  17. matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties"Boy on

    Sioux?? Did you watch game one? Awful proud of the Dutchmen, winning against a really good BC team. Let me know if you want to wager some hot dogs on the final IF your boys make it…..

    Good luck tonight!!

  18. Rangers are just taking relaxing walk in the Central Park, needed to be scored against to start probably roller skating…

  19. Stranger Nation on

    _Nothing intimidates an opponent more than the sound of a flag waving_
    Are we waving the white surrender flags yet?

  20. This is just un freaking acceptable from the leaders on down.

    Good luck in Pittsburgh u freaking losers

  21. Save for one nice shot and a couple nice passes, St. Louis has been almost entirely useless.

  22. Stranger Nation on

    According to Joe, Buffalo is hard working. How do we know that? He has said it 100 times.

  23. This is why I am so pessimistic about this franchise. You could never trust them long enough

  24. in a worse mood today
    than Torts at a press conference
    i’m staying away
    just want to say
    what POS this whole team is
    to NOT be up by 2 or more goals
    over #30 in the league

  25. Why you guys lament what went wrong in 5 games vs Pitt I will talk about this in two weeks.

  26. Not a fan of the over-use by Sam and Joe of “good play by…..” or the “he’s a hard working player”…… or the “he’s such a good guy……” And so on; and so on; and son on.

    Quite frankly, I’m pretty sick of it.

    Will we ever return to sports broadcasting days when the go called lead broadcaster calls the the play and the analyst comments on the strategy either being employed or considered?

    I’m so tired of the bogus cliches night after night.

    And yes, I know. Sam is a great guy.

  27. If Sam says how much we’re out shooting Buffalo one more time, I’ll punch him in his face

  28. I have to agree with Eric. Only because St. Louis loses every single puck battle ever

  29. Someone tell Sam and Joe they arent remotely funny and that Buffalo goalie would probably do anything in his power to come into the game not “im not ready for this blah blah blah”

  30. Hey Zucc! that looked just like a BRAD Richards no-look cross ice back hand pass. (S)

  31. OMG what a pass by Zucc. One of the best flip passes I’ve seen on the backhand. Slather BETTER sign Zucc, and Pouliot.

  32. Mr. Dolan, can you give us Kenny Albert and Dave Maloney on the MSG Network…….PLEASE?

  33. SAMs play calling is noticeably different when he was with JD. I miss JD every time I watch the Rangers. He had good insight, and a good sense of humor.

  34. Stranger Nation on

    ThisYears – only Ranger forward with a negative, but that stat means nothing…

  35. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Great patience by Brassard….excellent pass by Zucc….and tremendous shot by Benny and the Jets.

  36. I actually like Troutwig. Or at least dont mind him. It may not be a bad idea for Sam to step away after 30 years…

  37. announcer during Frozen Four
    game just called Brady Skej
    an all around good shutdown defenseman

    yeah, i know i spelled his name wrong

  38. Oh but they’re weird and they’re wonderful
    Oh Bennie she’s really keen
    She’s got electric boots, a mohair suit
    You know I read it in a magazine

  39. @rangersreport

    Win a period against the worst NHL team, avoid the wild card, avoid Boston and Pittsburgh. Pretty simple.

  40. Stranger Nation on

    _around here we call him Wiggy_

    Trout face
    Trouser Trout face
    Wigged out
    Byfuglein Face

    all those work

  41. JPG….in addition
    If Skei ever makes it to the Rangers,
    With Sam and Joe announcing
    You can bet
    he’ll have a great family,
    Work very hard,
    be a great teammate,
    And only make good/great plays.

  42. Buffalo thinks they’re a Canadian team. You can tell by the way they spell Sabers.

  43. Remember when Trautwig called that kids parents at midnight to complain about their sons twitter behavior?

  44. Joe: “That Hitler kid has a lot of baggage following him around, Sam, but he seems to be trying to leave that all behind him and he’s gathering some respect around the league.”

    “That’s for sure, Joe. Whole new attitude.”

  45. Bernie Taupin…
    16 year old drop out.
    Wins a lyric writing contest.
    Gets paired with Elton John who won the music writing contest.
    40 years later…..
    Personal worth around $70million crackers.

    He should have listened to his mum and da and stayed in school.

  46. You have to give Buffalo some credit here. Their playing a good defensive game. Put down that bud light for a second.

  47. Sam: “Weber’s got sore legs”

    Joe: “…and they are bug and strong, Sam”

    Sam: “Mmmhhmmm”

  48. Say, Coosie and Eddie,
    have you seen them yet?
    Oh But they’re so spaced out,
    Ba Ba Ba
    Bennie and the Jets

  49. “He has legs like a bug, Sam, but a good bug, if you know what I mean.”

    “I do, Joe. That’s a good point.”

  50. Andrew Gross @AGrossRecord

    Just handed ballot for three stars of game. Sort of reminds me of some recent presidential elections: No good choices.

    Gross is getting banned isnt he? *No Politics*

  51. Rangers really lost an opportunity to connect with their Jewish fan base by not drafting this “Schmaltz” kid.

  52. Take away our obvious #1 line of Brassard-Zucc-Pouliot…we’ve sure got a lot of guys with zero battle level. Namely Stepan, Nash, Richards and the Marty St. Louis Retirement Tour

    Can’t wait to hear what Brad Richards has to say about this game. Because he seems to think he was nominated the club spokesperson since Cally was traded.

  53. Haven’t seen much if John Scott. Assume he would have tried to fight Zuccarello already….

  54. Wtf is wrong with these refs. They just decide when they want to take the rules seriously or not.

  55. Sioux-per-man on

    Jpg – too bad Kristo isn’t in. He shoots – He scores :) but we done need goals to win a game against the 30th beat team in the league!

  56. Oy,I blame myself for asking after the Folks…hey Olga, I know where you can stick your salute :)

    Come on all, is this what playoffs will be like here…we’re only in the “place your ad here” final five!

  57. First time in a little while where I’m wishing we still had Cally. Haven’t thought about the guy recently.

  58. The Rangers might be second in 3rd period goals allowed. But all 56 they have given up feel like they were given up in the last minute.

  59. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on



  60. Just got back from choir to catch the end. So-so Richie-hate in the comments tonight; I’ll expect a stronger finish in the last game.

  61. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Stranger Nation

    get Nash off the PK please – so flippin slow


    Whoaaaa eassssyy hope your jokin bud , don’t wanna see that kinda MORONIC comment…

  62. Honestly guys – how did this sloppy band of mostly underachievers get to 95 points? Watered down league?

  63. mama love Greg…

    Nelmet nuzzles, stick salute and happy shirts off their backs…I love this team, I do,I do, I do…..

  64. Really Gravy? That’s awesome. Poor kids heart was broken on March 5th.

    Mine too.

  65. Good Adam Gravey, we just ended the season on a fine note…I’m going to savor that and see you all on the back nine..TA!

  66. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    STICK SALUTES to Blogmomma!!!!


  67. a one and only wicky tonight….GREG!!!! A man after my own heart!…

    Now, I am off to zzzzzzzzz I hope…

  68. Wow…a little like watching your best friend sleep walking near the edge of a 1,000′ cliff and then watch him wake up at the last second and heading back to the tent…yikes, that was a close call.

  69. Wow Douglas Murray in his first game after 3 game suspension gets another Match Penalty for a hit from behind on an Islander.

    Another suspension coming.

  70. Alright!! Carp had it early. Thanks again for taking the hot dog bet. You’re the best Eric!

  71. Matty"BubbleWrapRitchieRocket!!!!!!"Boy on


    You were right when most of us didn’t believe. It sure seemed impossible after the start.

    Not quite ‘The Babe’ or ‘Mess’ with the prediction, but it ranks up there. Well done!!

  72. 99.9 percent

    Game 1 Thursday 4/17

    Game 2 sat afternoon vs Phil NBC 3pm or sat night vs Columbus on MSG.

    Knicks play 4/16 first night of playoffs

    Billy Joel 4/18.

  73. Eric…you’re a master at providing relevant info…and you save everyone a ton of research. MVP material.

    I’m pozy!

  74. Agreed, Manny. I was thinking the same thing. No team has helped us more in the last five or six years.

  75. Maybe that’s why we traded Callahan to the Lightning, C-Dubs. To help them help us…

  76. Wicky and Stu Bickel are rooting for the gold team, Eric.

    Sioux is rooting for the green team.

  77. By the way my blues cup bet at 14-1 odds look terrible as they are imploding and blowing div to Colorado. Instead of playing Dallas they will play Chicago round one

  78. Tambellini actually chose to leave college and play in the minors, Eric. That’s why I crossed out his name. To screw with Sioux.

    He and JT Miller

  79. Sioux have one if my favorite young players in Rocco Grimaldi. He’s tiny but really exciting at the College and Junior level

  80. Carp

    Any chance we see some call-ups for the game Sat night? Makes sense to sit guys like Girardi, Richards, Staal and anyone else who needs some rest.

    Might be a good idea to try out some rookies and give guys like Falk a game in case we need them in the playoffs.

  81. I must say, that one time laser off the pass by Nash was a thing of beauty. I must tip my hat to Nash, big goal, big spot. If he can do that in the playoffs consistently, rangers might make some noise, big if since Nash disappears for many games after scoring a goal.

  82. bestshoeshiner on

    Yes, Carp deserves credit for the “second to Pittsburgh”
    prediction. I didn’t think they were up to that, even in a weak-on-paper division. Good goin’, Rick.

    But the one at the center of most discourse the last six weeks has been “third best in East.” And that still has to play out, and I remain not at all cynical, but very skeptical (e.g., AV still having Derek S. take crucial faceoffs; e.g. Rangers’ near-brutal stretches of awful passes).

    If Rs do anything at all to demonstrate they are best after Bruins and Pens, I’ll donate a C-note to one of his fav charities.

    And CCCP, enjoyed your 9:28.

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