Rangers-Hurricanes in review



1) That’s a good win for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is that Philly and Columbus won and that collar would be getting a little tight if the Rangers lost. Also given the poor start against yet another — God, how many are there? — lousy Tire Fire of a team.Carolina Hurricanes v New York Rangers

2) But the signs are good, too. Especially getting the top guys going. Henrik Lundqvist, as AV said, “Oh, he’s ready” for the playoffs. Brad Richards — say whatever you want about him, and he sure hasn’t been good enough for most of the second half of the season — but if he can get the power play going, that’s a huge plus. Martin St. Louis is a guy, if he figures it out, who can win games almost by himself. I thought all four lines were good in all three zones, save the first Carolina goal, which was on the Rangers’ most reliable line. These are all good signs, as was Ryan McDonagh and Chris Kreider skating yesterday. Granted, I doubt McDonagh plays a game here before the first round, and Kreider probably misses at least the early part of the playoffs.

3) So, with the Rangers, Flyers and Blue Jackets all winning, it’s status quo in the Metropolitan, but with one more game erased. The Flyers clinched a playoff spot. The Rangers are two points (that they get, or Columbus fails to get) from clinching a 2-3 seed series and avoiding the wild card (and Boston and Pittsburgh). And they are four points (that they get, or Philly fails to get) from clinching the No. 2 seed and home ice in the first round.Carolina Hurricanes v New York Rangers

4) That game began looking a lot like the game in Carolina, arguably the Rangers’ worst effort of the season. Players skating at scrimmage speed, not taking care of the puck near the blue lines, shoddy D-zone coverage. Kevin Klein whiffed on a pass that, in fairness, changed directions off  the side of the net. But Patrick Dwyer was left completely alone by the entire Mats Zuccarello-Derick Brassard-Benoit Pouliot line — which, by the way, was awful on the first two goals in the Ottawa game Saturday.

5) But things sure picked up after the first PPG — Richards with another great shot. Yeah, it wasn’t how you draw it up. It was a scrambly play with a puck caroming every which way. But at least you saw some movement of feet, and some guys fighting for loose pucks. More important, Richards won the draw, and St. Louis fired a shot and fought to get it back, then made a great pass, and Richards fired a rocket. The second, Richards again won a draw and a shot, not sure who’s, broke a Carolina stick, and the Rangers went into the umbrella. Good movement of feet and puck. Good calmness. That power play will come in handy, and as AV said, (I paraphrase) it creates momentum and backs off the opponent physically a bit.Carolina Hurricanes v New York Rangers

6) The Daily Nash-O-Meter. I thought he and Derek Stepan and St. Louis were very solid in this game, all night, and on the power play. Nash helped Richards win one of those draws, and he created some havoc in front of Cam Ward on the second PPG. Made some good passes, skated. Was a little more involved.

7) Going back to Richards, he was in traffic, too. He made a very good backcheck to prevent a Jordan Staal chance, gave it an effort in the defensive zone, was better than usual along the walls. Ten 20-goal seasons is nice, too. Again, like the other “marquee” guys, and like him or not, the Rangers playoff chances are much improved if Richards is contributing, especially on the power play.

8) Lundqvist’s breakaway save on Alex Semin might have saved the game. Seriously. If Semin scores there, who knows? Then he made the late first-period juggling glove save on the figure skater, and if he doesn’t stop either of those, maybe the standings and the entire final six days here look a lot different. on the breakaway.

Carolina Hurricanes v New York Rangers9) Richards and Vigneault both said this was St. Louis’s best game as a Ranger. I agree. Better hope it wasn’t a Southeast Division thing. But he showed some flashes, didn’t he?

10) Jesper Fast. He gets lost in this. I thought he had one nightmarish shift in his own end early — but who didn’t? — and then he was fine. Adds some of that speed missing since Chris Kreider went down and J.T. Miller flunked his audition.

11) The Rangers players and AV got a big kick out of Zuccarello’s waving to the crowd after picking up the trophy. But good for him. That’s a great award to win, and it takes quite a bit to win it. You don’t win it on stats. Some great names on the trophy too. Zuccarello said he was humbled by it. He deserved it. Lundqvist said he thinks Zuccarello is one of the best in the league at seeing the play develop, and he sure was on that set up for Benoit Pouliot. Again, that line had a defensive lapse early, but it sure atoned the rest of the night. Nobody, nobody anywhere, could have imagined that line would be this good for this long … or that Zuccarello would be this kind of player … winning this type of award. Nobody.

12) I just love seeing Steven McDonald and wife and his kid on the ice. Maybe I’m getting old and sentimental. But it chokes me up. Officer McDonald’s son was just a baby when they started handing out that award to players like Jan Erixon and Adam Graves. And when that baby grew up to be a police officer, well, it’s just a wonderful story.

My Three Rangers Stars:Carolina Hurricanes v New York Rangers
1. Brad Richards.
2. Henrik Lundqvist.
3. Martin St. Louis.
Kenny Albert’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Brad Richards.
2. Martin St. Louis.
3. Henrik Lundqvist.
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Mats Zuccarello.
2. Brad Richards.
3. Martin St. Louis.

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  1. Thanks Carp, great perspective. Amazing what Richards can do when his shot is on net, hope he stays involved. The lines are looking good, is there an increase in bench numbers in the playoffs, or do the extra skaters become black aces?

  2. Thanks for another great write up, Carp. Toss up between Zucc and McMonster…well-deserved award. As you have noted, he has been our consistently best forward and talented producer all season long amid a field that is much larger (albeit less energetic). If we had one award for the forwards, another for the defense, they would have shared it.

  3. Where is Norm this morning? Probably had his best night of sleep for months…

  4. Great write up Carp.
    What worries me the most is that Boston and Pittsburgh have no serious cap or contract issues in the next 2-3 years. Pittsburgh will need to re-stock their 3rd/4th lines and bottom pair D, Boston are pretty much set apart from negotiating a new deal with Torey Krug in the off-season.

    We have a lot to do in the next 2 off-seasons to solidify our roster while we still have an all-world goalie in his prime. Richards must be bought out to allow that to happen

  5. iSiouxdie Machetto on

    I had it Lundqvist-Richards-St. Louis.

    It was St. Louis’ shot (one timer from top of the right circle) that broke dwyer’s stick.

  6. Philly do not have a goalie that can steal a game in the playoffs, only Boston and Pittsburgh scare me (and almost the entire Western conf!)

  7. I had it at Richards, Hank, Zuke in that order. Richie was way more involved than usual on both sides of the puck – he needs to be if we are to get past Philly, Pitt or Boston.

  8. …it creates momentum and backs off the opponent physically a bit.

    Amen. We have to hurt them on the scoreboard. It’s our only and best defense of the thuggery we’ll face in the post season.

    Great review Carp.

  9. Nice game by Richie….I am even willing to forgive his erramt behind the back blind pass…like the great one MSL got to him for the his 1st goal…congrats to MZA…well deserved!

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  12. Matty"BubbleWrapRitchieRocket!!!!!!"Boy on

    To point 11:

    Anytime you can take 3 under or non-performing assets as Brass, MZA and Pullout were, early in the season, and mesh them into a line that feeds off each other, it is:

    a. making a useful line
    b. turning lemons into lemonade

    As individuals, they are not as good as the whole. Great job to whomever figured it out. Keep them together. A rare Ranger commodity: a line with chemistry.

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  14. Matty"BubbleWrapRitchieRocket!!!!!!"Boy on

    Let’s not forget that last year, about this time, in an important game for PO status, Richie Rocket marched down to Carolina, also a pathetic team with no strength on ‘d’, minimal size and skill, and he had his ‘hat trick’ that was, IMHO, the UGLIEST trick ever. Never seen so many pinball or lucky goals in such a short span. Pure LUCK. But, it was a ‘hat trick’.

    Point being: Sorry, do this agains a good team that has a ‘real’ defense and forwards that aren’t doubling as ballerinas? I’m good with that. Carolina????

    His first shot was a 1-0, pick your spot. Really?? no one within 10 feet of him and no one charges him? Yep, marksman of a shot, but he IS a scorer, isn’t’ he? Shouldn’t he be able to do that?

    Second, also a nice shot. Same side. Needle thru haystack. Seen many of those from him go nowhere.

    Prust saying, play a real team and let’s see him play well. Hope this jump starts him and MSL, both who had a field day against….well….nobody.

  15. Matty"BubbleWrapRitchieRocket!!!!!!"Boy on

    And, yes, we do NEED that player slotted in for the $6M salary that is supposed to be THAT good playing THAT well. It would be great IF he all of a sudden made it $$$$ well spent.

    Is that player ‘The Rocket’?

  16. Boy, reading RR with a cup of coffee while the sun shines through the windows reall Feels like playoff hockey time.

  17. All these tire fires can’t be good for the environment. I hope the EPA doesn’t come down hard on the NHL.

  18. Personally, I think the Rangers have the obvious edge on both Philly and Columbus (Washington too), but I would much rather play Columbus for one reason.

    Philly is more likely to beat Pitt than Columbus, in fact, I think Philly has a pretty good chance to win.

    Playing Columbus in round 1 (and then Philly in round 2) while hoping someone knocks out Boston before the ECF is our best way to get to Finals.

  19. Briuns have cap problems next year . Iginla contract was loaded with insentives , and they will be added to next years cap Krug and other kid D also had incentive laden contracts that go against next years cap

  20. “So Butch and Sundance are saddling up for one more ride. The Rangers are likely to go where (and as) they go — as long as it’s not Bolivia.”

    That’s from BROOKS’ article today. He obviously reads this blog.

  21. Rob in Beantown on

    Did anybody else come to the realization last night that there is no way Richards is being bought out?

  22. Stranger Nation on

    _Nobody, nobody anywhere, could have imagined that line would be this good for this long … or that Zuccarello would be this kind of player_

    NYR-FAN imagined, thought and dreamed it could happen.

  23. #11 – Nobody?

    I can finally gloat. I knew this kid had the vision and the skill set. I got s*** for it from some people here. But I knew. You can’t teach the vision and determination he has. I’ve been waiting quietly for him to have a full season here to shut some of the doubters up. With 2 more games left, its time for many of you to eat some crow. Trust me, its delicious.

  24. Stranger Nation on

    Rob – they should not buy him out. He is obviously ready to lead this team to glory in the second season. Richie is a force of nature and teams can only attempt to slow him down. You cannot stop greatness!

  25. Stranger Nation on

    The crow taste ‘good’. Definitely was a non-believer given what he showed in his first two trials with the team.

    Kid always had the ‘hands’ and ‘head’, the question was could he display and heart and hustle required to excel in this league.

    Here’s hoping he puts it in an even higher gear in the POs.

  26. Rob, I had the same dreadful thought. But then I said to myself, if we win the Cup at the end of the year, I’d be fine with him staying. Then I slapped myself in the face.

  27. I already consigned myself to the fate that Richards isn’t being bought out.

  28. Rob in Beantown on

    Richards being back is fine, it even makes next season less complicated in a lot of ways. I just worry about the end years of the contract and the potential recapture penalty.

  29. jimG the desertrat on

    I wonder what goes through Nic Gash’s mind when Zucc picks up the big cahonies award. LGR loving it all.

  30. I’ve always been a big believer in Zucc. He epitomizes everything I enjoy rooting for in an athlete…and he’s pretty adorable, too.

  31. Rob in Beantown on

    Zucc is awesome. If I were the kind of person who bought sweaters I would totally rock a Zucc one. Maybe I will buy a Zucc jersey t-shirt to go with my McDonuts one.

  32. I guess Kris LeTang is actually going to play hockey tonight. That’s really impressive. He should get some sort of award for that.

  33. Richards has one good game, against a tire fire of a defense, and he gets to live out his $33.5M cap hit.

    Do you really believe, NYR Management lacks that much hockey sense?

    Nice to see him have a good game, I don’t want to take anything away from his 2 POWER PLAY goals. To bad he could net his 3rd at the end.

  34. Rob in Beantown on

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  37. Of course it doesn’t, Sioux. Physicality can negate speed but not vice versa.

  38. _Where is Norm this morning? Probably had his best night of sleep for months_

    “Its gonna be a glorious day,” thought Norm as he rose from bed, pulling his #19 authentic sweater on over his #19 shirtsey

  39. A few big “ifs”, but *if* the Brassard line keeps going, and *if* MSL figures it out on the Stepan line, and *if* Richards can get the PP going, and *if* McD and THE come back healthy…maybe they can take Boston/Pittsburgh to 6 games in the 2nd round.

    That gives them 2 legitimate scoring lines, a 4th line that you can roll, and Richards with Hagelin and THE that can contribute as well.

  40. “Wow, 15 minutes can save you 15% or more by switching to Geico.” “Pssh, everybody knows that.” “Well… did you know that Brad Richards DOES score goals every once and a while?”

  41. AV has done better with his team, and has coached them into the playoffs. Remember, we all said Torts had the “better” team at the beginning of the year?

    Good game, it was fun to watch the 20+ scoring chances.

    The Flyers games, in the playoffs, are going to be SO much better.

  42. Gravy – it’s *IF ONLY* one of Richards, MSL, or Nash could show up and score *each* game. The Rangers win.

    It’s the nights they all take the night off, that leaves us scratching our heads. The Carolina game 2 weeks ago.

  43. Who had Zucc ending the season with 20 more points than NASH at the beginning of the year?

  44. Gravy – Pretty hard to whip the boys on the meter today, when they all had a great game last night.

  45. It’s a rolling meter, so there’s always five. A bad game can put someone on there, but it’s hard to get off the list for the regulars.

    I am only the data collector. Don’t shoot the messenger.

  46. I concede Manny. Didn’t really think when I was posting and somehow forgot Toews, Kane, Sharp and Hossa physically overmatched the Bruins last season.

  47. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

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  48. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

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  49. 20 goals for richy. He’s here to stay. Use the buyout on Nash when he disappears starting next week.

    Then trade for Kane

  50. Good morning, boneheads!

    I choked up too, Carp. And I’m sentimental, but not old. :-)

    Happy for MZA, he earned. And Hank is right, Zucc sees the game similar to a GM in chess- many moves ahead.

  51. – Nash is 4 years younger than Richards

    – Nash has 2 less years on his contract than Richards

    – Nash has no recapture, unlike Richards

    – Nash is better at hockey playing than Richards

  52. I didn’t say Physicality was better than speed. You’re not listening to me. I just said that physicality can negate speed whereas speed cannot negate physicality.

  53. Better phrased: Physicality is predicated on engaging the opponent. It can be negated by an opponent who cannot be engaged.

  54. Stranger Nation on

    _AV has done better with his team, and has coached them into the playoffs_
    The Ranger’s record is very similar to last season. Let’s get through a round or two prior to proclaiming success for AV.
    Last year in the post lockout mess, Torts had a shell of a Richards playing and Staal out.

  55. I believe MSL broke that stick with his shot.

    I was thinking that they were reversing back to that play which got them into the stinky stretch they had after Olympics, but they picked it up, luckily. And for all Richards “lovers”- you can only hope he is starting to puck it up. Because he can make a ton of difference come April. Also, his production will have to be replaced after he is bought out. Don’t fool yourself, it won’t be very easy, and they’ll have to overpay.

    MSL is starting to look relaxed. Good sign.

  56. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    AV >>> Torts by a country mile. From an entertaining perspective alone, this year’s team is far more exciting to watch than any team Torts put out….and had AV coached the 2011/12 team, we’d have been in the finals.

    Say goodbye Argentina – la vida de Torts

  57. Blah. He’s like 75th in points and contributes only points. This isn’t like losing a guy who is 75th in points and a strong two-way player or something.

  58. Siouxdie Machetto on

    ilb, you are correct. It was a one-timer and he broke Dwyer’s stick with it.

  59. E3, you mean entertaining in terms of the team on the ice, right?

    Hindsight being what it is, Torts was a bit of a redundant fit as a defense-first-and-only coach on a team with a great top 3 and Henrik. And he’s a bad fit on a flying offense only team like Vancouver. But if you put him in Philadelphia, where they seem to have guys ostensibly capable of playing defense but just not doing so, his stule could work again for a few years.

  60. Rob in Beantown on

    I untucked my shirt in honor of Richards’ #1 star and impending non-buyout

  61. You should try to punch us while we try to run around and avoid you, Manny. By your theory, its impossible for us to not get punched.

  62. Stranger Nation on

    Not saying Torts style was entertaining unless you like no-offense physical, six goalies on the ice with no PP to speak of.

    It was, however, effective in getting this team farther in the second season than it has been in a long, long time.

  63. Siouxdie Machetto on


    It has recently come to my attention that I am a disgusting fat load. I have not been in anything resembling good shape for about a decade, but in the past two years, I have ballooned well beyond anywhere I would consider to be healthy. I would say I am now at 3/4s of a Brodeur, which is up from my 1/2 a Brodeur. I could blame it on a whole host of things, such as less time due to the birth of Doodie Jr., an increase in hours at work, and/or Mrs. Machetto going back to work, but the truth is I’m just lazy.

    So I look to you, my fellow boneheads, to provide me with the encouragement that I need so that I can get down to my normal weight of 1/2 a Brodeur, or even better, a normal human weight of 1/4 a Brodeur.

    It is just as much in my control not to be a “fatso” as it is to not be an “uncle daddy.”

  64. Lol. Good one, Doc.

    I guess I should clarify a bit. I’m not talking about a face puncher like John Scott. I’m talking about a team that plays a system based on an aggressive, physical forecheck and how that system can negate a team that comes out trying to play a “fast” or “speed” game.

    I don’t think the reverse is true, that a fast team can, for an entire game, contain a physical, hard forechecking team that focuses on puck possession.

  65. Doodie: For the past seven (7) months I Have been hitting the gym five (5) days a week. Weights five (5) days a week and cardio at least four (4) days a week. In addition to this I have been attempting to extend my walking on a regular basis, like for getting lunch, etc.

    You can always email me and we can inspire each other. With my heart condition and stupid pacemaker it’s been a real struggle but I have managed to put on 4-6 pounds of actual muscle in the last 6-7 months from working out pretty hard. I also got a lot stronger.

    Solidarity, Brother.

  66. It’s not like John Scott can contain Carl Hagelin. It’s more of a system oriented playing style type idea of mine. It’s why speed teams don’t win the cup. It’s because when games get tight and things SLOW DOWN, which is natural, that more physical, aggressive teams usually tend to possess the puck better and win.

  67. The Rangers have actually used their team speed pretty well against Boston this year, and many teams have had trouble defending it.

  68. Siouxdie Machetto on

    I seem to remember the Blackhawks winning two of the last four Cups. I am also having a hard time remembering any teams being much faster than they are.

  69. The Blackhawks are really, really balanced though. They have physicality and an awesome blue line.

  70. The Great Debate. Speed Kills!

    Chicago had a highly skilled team last year and won. Not as physical as the Bruins. But I think a defensive system that is physical wins more Championships over a 7 game playoff series.

    A speed game can win one game on any given night.

  71. Siouxdie Machetto on

    But their game is based on speed. They have a couple of big bodies in Bollig and Bickell up front, and Seabrook and Hjarmarlsson on the back end. In the Cup runs they also had guys like Byfuglien and Ladd (run 1) and Stalberg and Handzus (run 2). But by and large, their team game runs on speed, with the other guys providing that change of pace to keep defenses honest. Even guys on their team with big bodies like Hossa aren’t playing a physical game.

  72. Doodie – Boston’s physical game sure shut down Pittsburgh’s skill game last year.

  73. Siouxdie Machetto on

    Latona, I’ve been between that and working on a crab boat in the Bering Sea, a la Deadliest Catch.

  74. Siouxdie Machetto on

    Sioux, that’s because Bylsma had a terrible game plan of trying to play a physical game. Just totally outcoached himself. Just like he did in the USA-Canada game. Got away from doing the things that made his team successful in an attempt to combat what the opponent does well.

    Truth be told, I think Bylsma has demonstrated he’s a pretty mediocre coach.

    Also, Chicago’s speed game shut down Boston’s physical game ;)

  75. Those folks walk over 15,000 steps a day and still eat the good (bad) stuff! Unless you really like crab, I’d stick to Lancaster.

  76. Doodie – best advice, do what ever you can to move more. Walk, run, jog, bike, skate, ski, anything that is fun for YOU. Drink more water during the day, less sugar and it fills you up so you eat less.

    I was in top shape as a kid, and in my 20’s as a wrestler. But to get back into shape in my 40’s, I started jogging, and literally counted the houses before I had to stop and walk. Houses turned into minutes. Minutes turned into miles. Miles turning into Marathons. I’ve finished 3.

    It doesn’t matter where you start……. just DO IT.

  77. Siouxdie Machetto on

    I’m not huge on crab, but I really like boats.

    If you boat a lot, you’re known as a boating enthusiast. I like to boat, but I just don’t want to ever be referred to as a ‘boating enthusiast.’ I hope they call me ‘a guy who likes to boat.’

  78. Robby Bonfire on

    J.T. Miller passes 10 “cup of coffee” auditions here, for every one he flunks. This is called “Sather Higher Mathematics, 101.”

  79. Siouxdie Machetto on

    I actually don’t eat sugar, really. Never had a sweet tooth, even as a kid. I don’t even like chocolate all that much.

    I have a salty tooth. And a fried tooth. And a meat tooth. And a pizza tooth. And a carb tooth. Really, my smile is disgusting.

  80. Doodie – I boat a lot, but had to give up wake boarding. There comes a time in a mans life, that you simply say, I’ll drive the boat :)

  81. Protein’s good. Eat all you can. Give up fast food. Drop the bread/pasta that’s harder than you think.

  82. Siouxdie Machetto on

    And I actually drink a ton of water. Over three quarts a day. I don’t drink sugar in my drinks, not even coffee, which I take black with a little bit of artificial sweetener.

  83. Doodie, try one of the following:

    1) Start a home renovation project
    2) Have a 2nd child
    3) Give away your paychecks
    4) Move twice in less than a year
    5) Go into the playoffs *expecting* the Rangers to win the Cup

  84. Siouxdie Machetto on

    Sioux, that was actually a Mitch Hedberg quote.

    I don’t eat fast food. But man, do I love me some bread and pasta.

    Honestly, the biggest thing for me is not taking a break from it. I have to understand that I can have 10 good days in a row, but that doesn’t mean that I can ease up on day 11. I’ve had a decade of easing up. I don’t get that luxury now.

  85. Siouxdie Machetto on

    Gravy… I’m trying to lose weight, not have a heart attack from stress.

  86. I tore a muscle last year water skiing, and it messed up my golf game all year. I decided I enjoy golfing more, than a few minutes on the water “behind” the boat. Now there’s a game, if you get hooked, you will walk a lot of miles.

  87. Siouxdie Machetto on

    Aside from the fact that I don’t like golf, I definitely do not have the time to play it, let alone learn how to play it.

  88. You guys crack me up. Always.

    Good morning, Sally!

    Doodie, I, too, have gained 1/4 of a Brodeur and am not happy about it. Fortunately eric never provided that piled-high platter of Frank Furters or I might be up 1/2 a Brodeur.

  89. Siouxdie Machetto on

    You should have told me that before last night. I would’ve beaten them out of that deadbeat.

  90. Sioux, wakeboarding is one of my all time favorite activities. Had to give up kneeboarding, though.

  91. I think a speed team that uses their speed properly can negate a team that is a good, agressive, forchecking team. And how you do it is how the Rangers when they play their best games do it. Quick passes out of the zone and getting to the pucks in the corner first before the other team gets there. But I will say that an aggressive forechecking team can probably cover up for mistakes easier. But remember, if a big agressive team is chasing your speed guys all night, they can get tired and that opens the ice. We saw this at times against the bigger western teams and even against Boston in stretches.

    I’m not saying the Rangers couldn’t use a couple of more forecheckers to win the battles in the corners.

    But that’s a lot different than bringing in a bunch of “enforcers” or big no talent guys on ever line to “protect” your scorers.

    BTW, the Rangers are 14-13-1 against the West. Which if you look at it that way, they have a 50/50 chance of beating them in the playoffs. Not too bad. The only team I think we have no shot against is St. Louis.

  92. In seriousnessity, I really believe in portion control. I don’t think you should deprive yourself of any food, unless you have a medical condition. Just don’t go crazy. Get fast food once a week, but order small fries and only a small burger instead of one loaded with everything. Put one scoop less ice cream in the bowl, one less scoop of pasta, etc.

  93. True Story. Mrs. Sioux decides to clean out the garage last weekend, getting ready for the GPT. All of a sudden my stuff is getting put on some sight and it’s flying off the shelf, to the point the neighbors are asking if we are moving.

    Last night she sold my weight bench, and my free weights.

    I was “snarly” for the rest of the night. Granted it wasn’t getting used “as much” as in the past, but still. There’s always room for it in the garage right?

  94. I like the whole Parisian thing; they eat carbs and cheese and drink but not massive servings, not processed garbage and they’re active. That seems ideal.

  95. Stranger Nation on

    _The Rangers have actually used their team speed pretty well against Boston this year_

    1 – 3 record is good?

  96. Manny – She has sold a lot of STUFF, so just maybe she will order the GRADO’s to cool me off :)

  97. Agreed, Mister D. Processed is icky. I’m a carb lover myself, Doodie, but eating homemade, even when eating a bit unhealthily, is still miles better than the processed junk.

  98. @MannyOWar Breaking News: A new unit of measurement has been codified. Six Feet of Girth is now known as a “Brodeur”. e.g. 12 Ft = 2 “Brodeurs”

  99. That’s tough, Sioux. Grados will surely make up for the loss of your weight bench though!

    Do what my dad always suggested, “You want to get stronger? Lift the TV a bunch of times!”

  100. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    “I eat because I’m unhappy and I’m unhappy because I eat”

    3 servings protein 3 times per day. 2 servings of carbs 3 times per day
    1 serving of dairy per day
    2 servings of fruit per day

    Exercise 30 minutes per day.

    You are welcome.

  101. Siouxdie Machetto on

    Thanks for all of the suggestions, guys. I know what I should do. I’m actually really well read on the subject. I am just way too lazy to go out and actually do it.

  102. _Agreed, Mister D. Processed is icky. I’m a carb lover myself, Doodie, but eating homemade, even when eating a bit unhealthily, is still miles better than the processed junk._

    Yup. And this is why I always defend Whole Foods when people derisively talk about the prices. Yes, they’re high, but what you eat isn’t something where the Walmart-mantra of pay the least amount to get the most crap quantity should apply. If you look at *commparable* products, Whole Foods ceases to be insane. I get that a ton of people can’t afford it and that’s a much, much bigger problem that gets into subsidies and capitalism rewarding mass produced garbage and all that.

    No politics.

  103. Whole Foods also isn’t _that_ insane if you happen to frequent any other grocery store in the City!

  104. We should all post everything we eat for a day so everyone else can make suggestions and/or mock.

  105. Manny, are you near any Garden of Eden markets? One is opening up close enough to me I could somesault there in less than 10 minutes. Pretty fired up.

  106. Rob in Beantown on

    Random but related question: do any of you guys use standing desks at work and do you think it’s helpful?

  107. Siouxdie Machetto on

    I’m not a scientist, but I did once have a job at the Kitchen Appliance Naming Institute. Refrigerator, toaster, blender; all I did was say what the thing did and add ‘er’.

    “Hey, what does that do?”

    “It keeps things fresh.”

    “Well, that’s a fresher…I’m going on break.”

  108. There are also healthy options you can choose at ShopRites and Stop & Shops that are still reasonably priced. I think. I usually only make it to the chips and frozen foods aisle.

  109. _Whole Foods also isn’t that insane if you happen to frequent any other grocery store in the City!_

    Right, and its often fake comps. You can pay $5.00 for organic peanut butter at Whole Foods or $2.50 for inferior, chemical loaded stuff at a normal supermarket. Or go to Wegman’s organic section and pay $6.00 for organic because Wegman’s is sooooooo overrated.

  110. I like Garden of Eden a lot. It’s like most other good stores in that SOME things are reasonably priced.

  111. I just suggested a standing desk to someone at my job. But I don’t use one.

    The only “cheap” grocery store is Trader Joe’s because they pay their workers garbage salaries and refuse to let them unionize.

    But Doc is right. Quality food is kind of important unless you want to save $12 and live 7 years less.

  112. There’s a Whole Foods near me, but I’ve never really shopped there. I try to do as little centralized shopping as possible, i.e. if I want fruits and vegetables, I go to the farmer’s market. I go to the butcher for protein. Maybe I’ll have to check out the Whole Foods again.

  113. Oh and the single best place to buy food in the city is a FARMERS MARKET! Super affordable and super fresh

  114. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I agree with manny

    Excellent review!

    Re #4…that was the hobbit’s lack of coverage but all were “not” good on that goal.

    I think if dorsett had not got injured, the extra effort award should have been his.

  115. Same way (in the summer), Latona. Where Whole Foods is great is with the boxed and canned stuff because you don’t even have to worry about it being chemical-laden pretend food. If you can supplement local butchers and farmer’s markets, its pretty much perfect.

  116. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I read a rumour today that bieksa might be available in Vancouver…man, how great would that be to actually get a physical blue liner

  117. Doodie – I think I’ve picked up a 1/5 Brodeur just this winter.

    I’m thinking I don’t burn as many calories at the poker table, than I did chasing down pony tails in a marathon :)

  118. I wonder if Bieksa would play for Vigneault again. Didn’t seem like Kesler wanted to.

  119. Other than that, Bieksa is affordable, big, right handed, physical and plays 25 Minutes a night.

  120. bull dog line on

    Fast was OK last night. did not stand either way, good or bad. if Kreider is going to miss the 1st round, I want Miller, not Fast to replace him. I think Miller brings more to the table.

  121. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Mister D
    An oft injured, younger, less physical D man that will probably make more than 4.6 mil per

  122. Siouxdie Machetto on

    bull dog, it was his first game up. Give him a chance. I saw him skating hard and being very willing to throw the body. I’m interested in seeing more.

  123. I was also completely fine with Fast(h). If someone had to play instead of him I would vote for Carcillo instead of Miller since the coach hates JT

  124. bull dog line on

    I know, can read between the lines with that one.
    I think Fast is going to have a role in the NHL, I like him. I would like a little more size with Miller in the playoffs. as Carp said, probably not going to happen.

  125. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Oh, woywitka, got it. Thanks.

    Fast, meh. Did ok. Id rather not see him again on the big club.

    Traid miller

  126. As I speak about Carcillo………….@AGrossRecord Carcillo hit with a shot while defending, gets up slowly. Goes to bench, smashes stick over boards.

  127. Lets say I’m not comfortable straight-lining the production of said defenseman with said profile as he moves through his mid-30s.

  128. bull dog line on

    I thin Kristo, Lindberg, and Fast should be ready to be called upon come playoff time. there will be injuries.

  129. Siouxdie Machetto on

    I just like having more healthy bodies that are capable of taking an NHL shift.

    Bottom line, it doesn’t matter who is taking the extra shifts due to Kreider’s absence unless McDonagh is back in the lineup, because we aren’t going anywhere without him.

  130. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Bear in mind *if* Kristo plays for the rangers at anytime (and look out if he has any success at all) there will be absolutely *NO* living with Sioux.

    We will probably have to shut the blog down or give him his own thread.

  131. Rangers West on

    I Miller and.McIlrath to bring NHL ready versions of their game to the Rangers–post haste. Just not sure they will. More confident in Miller.

    Love that Zucc won the extra effort award. He shut me and the other trade him/don’t re sign him folks something fierce.

  132. Siouxdie Machetto on

    vibin’ on injuries, bull dog. But we can’t use all four call ups on forwards. I’d say Lindberg is the guy that would have to be sacrificed, even though he’s a center. In an emergency, JT could play center and we’ve already burned a call up on him.

    We have to wait until April 20 before we can call up whomever we like.

  133. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Brassard deserved the secretariat mentor award. It is no coincidence that after his benching the hobbit went to brassards line and flourished.

  134. Siouxdie Machetto on

    Would be shocked if McIlrath sees any playoff action without us losing at least three defenders to injury.

  135. bull dog line on

    I agree about McIlrath as well, but, that is also what they said about Kjell Samuelson in 86. you never no.

  136. Siouxdie Machetto on

    I think he will be ahead of Falk. That guy hasn’t played a competitive game of hockey in 2014. No way do they drop him into a playoff game.

  137. If Kristo has to get called up to play on this team in the playoffs we are *DOOMED*

  138. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I know we haven’t even started the playoffs yet, but the most worrisome thing to me is the organization ends up doing little or nothing in the offseason.

    I hope it’s a busy one.

  139. I think Falk wrote his ticket out of here when he refused to go down for a conditioning stint.

  140. Diaz has proved to be a really, really good 3rd pair guy at a crazy cheap price.


  141. Shirtsy? Good one, I think — had to look it up in the Urban Dictionary, love it that there’s a word for that! But the day I put on a ‘shirtsy’ is the day I put on a Rangers jersey, which is day I’m signed to play for the Rangers. Not sure that’s happening any time soon, despite my fabulous backhand. Me, I wear a coat and tie to hockey games, as opera buffs wear tuxes to their Meccas. I’d wear an old-school fedora, too, if I weren’t afraid of being shot.

  142. @AGrossRecord Believe that was Brassard who just hit Lundqvist in the mask with a shot. Zuccarello checking on the goalie, who seems to be OK.

    The fugg is going on at practice? Someone shoots Carcillo and now someone shoots Hanka Hanka?

  143. Siouxdie Machetto on

    If we beat the Buffalo Baby Buffaloes, then I think we see Calmbot on Saturday in the finale.

  144. @AGrossRecord AV confirms McDonagh will not play tomorrow vs. Sabres. Says it’s still “50-50” he makes it back for reg. season finale Sat. at Montreal.

  145. Siouxdie Machetto on

    Barring exceptional circumstances, if we win one more ROW, we have the tiebreaker against Philly, unless in the other game, we lose by a ton and Philly wins its remaining games by a ton.

  146. In Carp’s defense of saying the Rangers being the 3rd best team in the East, they have the 3rd most ROW in the East.

  147. Vigneault liked what he saw out of Fast(h) because he’s playing on that same line again in Buffalo.

  148. St. Louis Blues captain David Backes is day-to-day after sustaining a lower-body injury midway through the second period of a 4-1 loss to the Washington Capitals at Scottrade Center on Tuesday night.

    The inside of Backes’ left skate appeared to be struck when teammate Alexander Steen fired a slap shot during a power play.

    Backes, who has 27 goals and 57 points in 74 games, came back for one more shift but quickly departed to the Blues’ dressing room and did not return.

  149. Yes, Manny. For all intensive purposes, it seems any combo of two Columbus points gain/ Caps points lost clinches it.

  150. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Rangers have 4th best GAA in the league. Defense wins championships especially if you can score…

  151. E3, also, if you didn’t include the games where they gave up 5 or more, they’d be in 1st.

  152. Manny – DOOMED until he scores the game winning goal.

    You never know until he gets a real chance to prove himself. I think he can do everything FAST did for us last night. I thought Fast played fine last night.

  153. E3, also, if you didn’t include the games where they gave up ANY goals, they’d be in 1st!

  154. If you take out the games where they got shut out, the Rangers are one of the top scoring teams in the league.

  155. That’s AWESOME news. Thanks.

    Yea a typical Hank performance in Montreal would *not* be a confidence builder.

  156. If you exclude the games Richards didn’t score, he’s the best offensive player in the league.

  157. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    If you discount the games where the other team scored more, they’d be undefeated…

  158. Wicky – so I may have “stumped” a little for Kristo to get a call up. Not to worry, It will be easy living once he starts to score for the Blueshirts.

  159. Both teams will be resting their best players for the last game. No need to put in McD for Montreal, or Hank for that matter, The Bell Centre has his number. Rest would be best.

  160. Yes one point by red wings and two pts by jackets will clinch last 2 spots in east and eliminate caps and devils.

    Columbus starts tonight game up 1-0

  161. BringBackMuckler on

    As I understand it, the second round of these playoffs are billed as the Divisional Rounds, correct?

    If so, is it possible that if the Penguins play (and lose) to the Red Wings in the first round and the Rangers beat the Flyers, then it would be a Rangers-Red Wings “Metropolitan” matchup? Would not that be a sham, as the Red Wings are not in the Metropolitan Division..?

  162. Carey price didn’t make trip to Chicago tonite will be in net last 2 games vs isles and rangers at home says thierrien

  163. Ahh, just remembered about the postponed game. I thought there was a glitch on NHL.com.

  164. Best case scenario is rangers beat sabres Tom flyers lose at Tampa or at Pitt on (sat afternoon prior to ranger game) and rangers go into Montreal locked in to 2 seed.

    Rest everyone they can

  165. It would be pretty wild if the goal was scored for Columbus by someone that is either currently injured or no longer on their team. But they would certainly show up in the box score.


  166. Nathan Horton as a matter of fact gets credited with goal tonite but won’t be in lineup due to lower body injury.

  167. Sioux on the ice in PHILLY!

    Here’s hoping they can steal a game from the Goofs tomorrow.

  168. Wow. Awesome recall, eric. I always knew you had an uncanny ability to remember facts from games.

  169. Rangers West on

    It’s very unlikely that this Rangers team could take Boston in a series but I think they have the best chance of any team in the East not from Pittsburgh.

  170. Rob in Beantown on

    That’s weird. How are the stats going to work? Is that a GP for Horton, even though he wasn’t in the lineup, but scored a goal?

  171. Just to keep this blog *METAL* here is a list of some of what I believe will be making my “Top Metal Albums of 2014” list.

    Behemoth – The Satanist
    Artificial Brain – Labrynth Constellation
    Alaskan – Despair, Erosion, Loss
    Thou – Heathen
    Conan – Blood Eagle
    Woods of Desolation – As the Stars
    Grand Magus – Triumph and Power
    Prostitute Disfigurement – From Crotch to Crown
    Coffinworm – IV.I.VIII
    Crib 45 – Marching Through the Borderlines
    Monolord – Empress Rising
    Skogen – I döden
    Shroud of the Heretic – Revelations in Alchemy

  172. I’m really happy that my wish for a non-player to have scored the goal to come true.

    I wonder if the Blue Jackets can actually scratch him or if they have to just play a man down?

  173. I would be reeeeeeeally surprised if McIlrath got the call before Falk. If he’s not our NHL emergency 8th, why are we even bothering to carry him around.

    (And its also BS if he’s being penalized for choosing to see his kid born rather than skate around in Hartford, CT.)

  174. Blue Jackets right wing Nathan Horton (lower body), who scored for Columbus before the March 10 game was postponed, will likely be out after he reaggravated an injury that had kept him out of four previous games during the second period Tuesday.

    From NHL.Com

  175. Doc: I didn’t think those two decisions had anything to do with each other. He could have gotten to the birth from Hartford and I think those decisions were a few weeks apart, no?

  176. Vigneault said Falk declined the offer given that he believes he’s ready to contribute at the NHL level and his wife – who lives with him in Manhattan – is expecting a baby. “When we got back from the break, I sat down with Falker and offered him the possibility to go to Hartford and play a few games since our schedule permitted it – and that’s always player’s option,” Vigneault said. “He felt in his situation, and I respect that, he felt he was getting everything he needed here if we needed him to play. You’ve got to respect that. He thinks that – obviously at some point we’re gonna need him – that he’ll be good to go. He’s our seventh defenseman. . .For the number of games he’s played this year, his attitude and his work ethic has been outstanding. He’s never said a word. He’s just done what the coaches have wanted him to. So if a player tells me he’s fine that way, I’ve got no issues with it.”

  177. Without knowing a thing, I’d speculate it could have been less routine and more one of those month long could-be-any-day-now pregnancies. And, further diving into his head, I imagine half the time with her in NYC versus Hartford and the other half the time in NHL cities being treated like an NHL player over AHL cities being treated like an AHL player (or possibly just not having a real airport) factored in.

    Or maybe none of that.

  178. Siouxdie Machetto on

    Trevor Linden starts his relationship with the fans and media with a baldface lie. Great start, Trevor!

  179. Siouxdie Machetto on

    That baby wasn’t born until April. They offered him a chance to play in the AHL coming out of the Olympic break in late February. He absolutely can be penalized for that. It’s not like Hartford is hours away from NY. It’s like 2 hours by car. If he’s really worried, don’t go on a long road trip with the Pack. Looking at the Pack schedule from 2/28 for the next two weeks, they were home for four games, and on the road for one. Play the four home games and skip the road game. Don’t stay in Hartford. Commute to and from the rink every day.

    If his wife wasn’t full term (which she likely wasn’t, given that four weeks passed before the childbirth), there was no reason not to go.

  180. Siouxdie Machetto on

    The Pack weren’t competitive for a playoff spot anyway, so it wouldn’t have been a big deal if he got a call during a game to get on the road and get to the hospital for the childbirth.

    And he couldn’t go to Hartford at that time, but he could go on the road trips the Rangers had to Philly, Carolina, Minnesota, Winnipeg, Kanata, and Columbus?

    That’s all BS. He just wanted to stay up and make some extra NHL money.

  181. Siouxdie Machetto on

    I think we are better on paper, but Montreal just seems to have our number in the past few years.

  182. Peter The Bore and Peter Lavi-Eau-De-Toilette would make a fun coaching tandem.

  183. I agree that we are better than Montreal. I think that team has some gaping holes on it. One of which being their top rated, highly paid Defenseman was a healthy scratch recently. That team has issues.

    But if we play in Canada we are done.

  184. Siouxdie Machetto on

    Head to head we are 1-1 this year. a 2-0 shutout by them and a 1-0 shutout by us. We have more ROW and a better goal differential.

  185. The house of horrors the bell centre in Montreal. We finally won there this year after not winning in 5 years

  186. Siouxdie Machetto on

    Right, that’s what worries me. Head to head they have had our number for the past half decade.

    I think it all started with that 5 goal comeback.

  187. All stats from tonight Columbus game erased in the first 6:30 mins of the game that was played except the goal.

  188. Siouxdie Machetto on

    That’s correct. The goal will be awarded at 0:00.

    So Horton becomes the second player to get a point in a game in which he did not play, and the first to score a goal.

  189. Montreal my playoff dark horse in east.

    The last time only one Canadian team in playoffs 1993 and it was Montreal. They went on to win cup.

    Deja vu? Can they make a run. My sleeper to lose in cup final to west team.

  190. Siouxdie Machetto on

    Eric, I like the pick. I think they are the only team with a legit chance against Boston. They frustrate Boston very much, and will have a soft opening series against Tampa without Bishop.

  191. Yes Montreal gives boston problems. There speed and pp cause issues. If they meet 2nd round it’s going 7.

  192. Anders Lindback isn’t that bad and he’s a huge body. He could theoretically frustrate shooters into being too precise in a pressure situation.

  193. Since Hank became number one goalie in NY, the Rangers have had NJ numbers by a mile. The did nothing in 2012 playoffs. I’ll take their chances against Montreal. Better goal differential, more wins. Better goaltending. They’ve had their issues with Montreal because they couldn’t handle their speed. This year they can stay with their speed and then some.

  194. You guys don’t think DET would have a chance against BOS? They went 3-1 against them this season. I think a healthy DET could really give BOS a run for their money. They did it to CHI last season.

  195. Siouxdie Machetto on

    Lindback has a sub .890 save percentage. I have a feeling Gudlevskis is going to finish out the first round.

  196. Siouxdie Machetto on

    No. Detroit is too old to be able to compete against Boston in the playoffs.

  197. Wait, so Columbus is going to play a full 60 minute game tonight? Then, what would be more strange, was if Horton was playing and scored at the exact same time.

  198. Rangers don’t have to worry about Boston until the finals.

    Now will they get through a healthy Pittsburgh?

  199. No Sioux the rangers will be short handed all series vs pens.

    Letang back changes entire defense.

    The rangers will need 3-4 goals a game beat pens cause there scoring on us

  200. _If his wife wasn’t full term (which she likely wasn’t, given that four weeks passed before the childbirth), there was no reason not to go._

    From experience, I can tell you that’s yours is an opinion founded on inexperience.

  201. Eric – I’m not sure Letang is 100% after taking 2 months off. We shall see.

    Hank is on top of his game right now, if he could steal a couple of games, it could happen. Especially if Marty starts to score goals, and set up plays like he did last night.

  202. There’s still a chance that Columbus could get the 3rd seed. Flyers up 2 pts, with 6 points on the table to be had.

  203. @TSNBobMcKenzie Confirming that MLSE prez Tim Leiweke has contacted @NHLShanahan for top hockey ops position with Maple Leafs.

  204. Interesting. Would certainly help unblur the lines between “Shanahan is awful at player safety enforcement” and “Shanahan isn’t allowed to enforce player safety”.

  205. I spoke with Glen this morning, eric. I let him know about our Car/Gas deal to go pick him up. He’s mulling it over.

  206. If Gudlevskis actually gets to play Round 1 against Montreal we know that he will play tough. He’s usually very sharp against Canadian teams (e.g. Olympics)

  207. Rob in Beantown on

    I assume they are playing 60 minutes because it sucks for fans to show up and watch < 60 minutes of hockey.

  208. You could argue that this point or that, but Montreal and Tampa aren’t markedly better or worse than the Rangers, in points or otherwise.

    The Rangers are headed into the playoffs on a nice streak, and Hank is looking sharp. That’s all that’s important and makes me think they have a shot against anyone not Pittsburgh or Boston (and even them depending on how good Hank is).

  209. Rob in Beantown on

    LOL I forgot Gudlevskis was the Austrian guy who gave all of Canada PTSD.

  210. I think Det. can hang w Boston with the way the Wings play. Can hang w anybody. Prob. not four rounds though.

  211. I’m assuming the fans who had tickets to the earlier game will have them honored tonight. So, they are getting 67 minutes of regulation hockey.

  212. Rob in Beantown on

    If they are lucky maybe they will get 72 minutes and a bonus breakaway contest after the hockey game ends.

  213. You’re not an idiot. It’s easy to mix up those meaningless countries.


  214. One of the Blue Jackets players should pretend to have a heart attack, then they can play even more hockey. They can keep doing that until Nathan Horton gets healthy enough for the playoffs. They’ll be replaying the game for the rest of the month!

  215. “And he’ll have an NHL defense in front of him, Manny, and guys that can score goals.”

    This is probably the most important part.

  216. Zetterberg is going to get a spot when he’s healthy, but I dunno about Samuelsson. He’s an experienced vet, playoff performer, power play specialist, etc. but some of those kids have been so good why yank them?

  217. How bout the ducks going with rookie john Gibson again rather then hiller in a game that clinches division tonight vs sharks.

    Gibson be real deal

    You heard it here first

    Jonas hiller the goalie in Long Island next year

  218. Rob, apparently, the Seinfeld writers didn’t know that Latvian Orthodox was a real religion at the time of the episode. They received thank you letters from the organization after it aired for broadcasting it to a national audience and increasing its popularity!

  219. Manhattan welcomes Coach Masiello back. Accepts his agent/attorney’s reasoning that he didn’t lie, but rather committed an “inexactitude.”

  220. Carp announced on LoHud home page that he’s giving $1 billion to anyone that gets a perfect NHL playoff tournament bracket

  221. To answer someone’s question earlier:

    with THE Kreider, we win in 4.

    without, we lose in 4.

    It’s as simple as that.

  222. I know I’m nuts but my East dark horse is Philly. I don’t want to play them, do Jew?

  223. I’m looking at some property in the Jewish section of Rye where I can loaf. Lots of bread up there.

  224. Siouxdie Machetto on

    I am fine playing Philly, but we need to win quickly. They will rough us up over a longer series, so even if we do win, we won’t be in good shape for the 2nd round.

  225. Siouxdie Machetto on

    Give me the team with Sieve Mason in goal and a top pairing of Coburn and Timmonen any day of the week.

  226. If we can’t beat Philly in 5 or 6……

    Honestly, I just don’t we this Rangers team having a shot at the cup. Obviously I root for them and cry when they lose but at this point I doubt they have a shot at winning 2 rounds

  227. What I’d like to see is a Game 7 against Philly.

    THE Kreider’s first “comeback game”.

    Scores in triple-OT to seal the deal.

  228. onepunchjudy on

    Refer to #6: But, Riccardo, is that the kind of encomium you were plannin’ to write when the 100 out of a 100 fever was at its pitch? Sounds like classic Damning With Faint Praise to the cousins..

    Refer to #8: in a cap system Hank not only has to play at an $8.5 million level most nights (impossible task: PLanning For Mediocrity, by G. Sather), he and Modest Nights Nick have to play two millions worth extra to make up for the missing, solid $4-million dollar right wing they could sign if they were each making a more sensible but still enough to pay the rent $6 paltry mil.

    Refer to 11: as someone stated above, Nobody? Several of the cousins, at least. Right along, arguing patience.
    Zucc, because the failure to sign/find mates for him woulda been equivalent to the Knicks’ undervaluing the point guard position for four fruitless decades. Zucc “sees the game” at a higher level than most, if not all, Ranger draftees.

    Refer #12: Me, too. Remember the kid’s first time on ice, wrapped in swaddling clothes:-).

    Let’s see millions of years of painful and painstaking evolution to make the miracle of a human brain. Expensive Whole Foods to keep it at peak performance.
    And a “one-punch beauty” to effectively damage or destroy it.
    The Punch and Beauty Show. Oh, yeah……..

    Gravy: Good point on the ROW and Carp’s prediction.
    oh, no, could he be right?:-).

    Still think it’s Boston by self, possibly a fragile Pen playoff team a ddistant second, then tghe rest of the playoff pack in any order you choose.

    In ’11-12, most of you (including Carp) had the Rangers with ease in the first round, four or five morning skates, sez youse. ALL of the cousins thought they might
    lose it (and they almost did); same against the 7th seed, after squeaking by 8th, then predictable loss, because they were fried, shot (literally – see Callahan and Boyle bruises) ‘xhausted, wasted, lost, can’t quite climb over these twelve-foot high Newark boards for a change gone – but not, to be perfectly in twelve-year-old yellow-rain-slicker step. FATIGUED. OH, no. Not FATIGUED. They all had their Torts Superboy ant-fatigue t-shirts to deflect what mere mortals were goin’ thru in the typical Cup Bataan toss. Yup.

  229. onepunchjudy on

    Haven’t seen enough of Habs to have strong feelings, but Rs have to prove they can consistently outplay them to earn the incalculable esteem of third in East:-). So, for now, the historically dominant guys get the vote.

    Flys have latterly proven they can at least compete, occasionally win, a contest against the beasts of the league. Rs, not quite, though some signs.

    Real test for AV here. See some good stuff (much preferred viewing relative to Torts’ clubs), and some not-so-good. Coulda had a Cup a few years ago with a little more blessing from the hockey gods. But coulda also done a few things differently then to sieze it as well.
    Learned from that? Next few rounds say maybe not.

  230. At best rangers go a round. Hence the reason msg jacked up prices for round 1 and not much more for round 2.

  231. Rangers West on

    Manny, do listen to Pelican, Mouth of the Architect or Russian Circles? My favorite metlers.

  232. Playoff OT is Brutal. Usually requires copious amounts of bourbon, coupled with the late hour it makes for long days after.

    Unless of course, we win

  233. I actually just saw Russian Circles. I like Pelican. I love Isis and Neurosis though. And Jesu.

  234. Something interesting to look at that’s possible

    Rangers go 1-1 with there win being a shoot out win they would finish 95 pts 40 row wins.

    Flyers go 2-1 both regulation wins they have 95 pts and 40 row wins.

    Next tiebreaker head to head series both 2-2 vs each other earning 4 pts each

    Next tiebreaker goals for vs goals against

    Rangers plus 25 flyers plus 3. Rangers finish in 2nd.

  235. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Rangers will be in the finals. And if the west beats each other to a pulp, the Rangers just might win the Cup. You heard it here first.

    Book it

  236. Rangers West on

    I think the Rangers could take Boston. I would not bet on it but they are more likely than Tampa, Philadelphia or Columbus. Although Columbus could be legit very soon depending on their prospect pool and UFA signings.

  237. *ISIS* & Neurosis are two of the greatest bands ever.

    Wish Pelican had a better drummer but I really dig these guys too.

    Jesu is really good, but I like Godflesh more.

    Russian Circles are one of my favorites of the last 5 years. Pretty much a flawless band.

    And since this a hockey blog, I’m also into the Rangers.

  238. McKenzie just said that Gorton is a possibility for VAN GM. If they hire him, maybe Torts would stick around. That would NOT be good – Gorton and Torts reunited. Last time they worked in tandem they got the conference finals!

  239. The Neuro Shells
    The East Chesters
    The Port Jesters
    Harry’s Son
    The Large Mont
    Yong Kiss
    The Plain Whites
    Mama’s Roneck

  240. Although i don’t nearly understand most of that i fear words are being put in my mouth again.

    As opposes to, say, Frank Footers.

  241. It sucks that NYR are probably going to lose Gorton before Sather dies. I’d really like to see what this guy can do.

  242. Don’t really understand AV and bench laughing at Topo as he waved appreciatively to the crowd for his well-deserved award.

  243. Great review!


    “Nobody anywhere thought…that Zuccarello would be this kind of player … winning this type of award. Nobody.”

    Except me! Go back to the the archives and read my comments since he was signed in 2010!!!! :) Always knew he was this good.

  244. Agreed, Coos. Didn’t see anything remotely funny about it. Unlike The Large Mont.

  245. Dare I say….we’ve only seen the beginning for Zucc…He has his whole NHL career ahead of him…

  246. NYR Fan, except you. I think Stranger made mention of you in that regard and that point earlier.

  247. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    When Avery comes back, scores 50 goals, and leads the Rangers to another Cup, CCCP and I get all the credit….

  248. I don’t think MZA can really do any better than he’s doing, not unless he starts playing with better players. I’ll settle for seasons like this though, as long as he doesn’t get greedy like Cally.

  249. Has to be weird walking into arena tonight with your team already losing.

    2 quick goals by Columbus might as well leave

  250. I completely agree with Carp. Wings can and will hang with anyone. They’re going to give Pittsburgh their money’s worth and wouldnt shock me if they win if Datsyuk and/or Zetterberg come back. Datsyuk is already back right?

  251. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Rangers 23-8-1 in their last 32 road games. That is seriously impressive.

  252. ORR, I don’t mind Howard playing against BUF. Might have wanted to guarantee the two points against BUF because they might not have beaten PIT with Howard anyway.

  253. Love how Miller lofted that puck high into the air to end the period. I don’t get why more players don’t attempt such a play instead of whacking it off the boards and icing the puck. A nice high lob into center ice would do the trick just as well, if not better.

  254. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Wings will win their first rd, whether it’s against the Bruins or the Pens. Hoping the wings play the B’s in the first round…

  255. The red wings have been one of the hotter teams in the eastern conference the past month and a half without there star players. The red wings are getting healthier as the playoffs near. I could see the red wings upsetting the penguins in the first round. It would not surprise me at all.

  256. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Papa bear – the rangers will beat the wings and the cock, should they meet on the PLayoffs

  257. Crosby Malkin Neal Kunitz and there def finally has there top 6. We’d have no shot vs the pens. We would need 4 goals per game as an avg which we can’t score

  258. Bottom line if Rangers lose at home to Buffalo they deserve whatever they get.

  259. Eric, agree with you Pens. Even if Fleury starts letting in beach balls (which is certainly possible), Rangers would have trouble getting that series past 6 games.

  260. Rangers are 23rd in penalty minutes. Only playoff teams with less penalty minutes than us are: Minnesota, San Jose, Detroit and Chicago.

    We’re not shorthanded often. And our PK is pretty good. These Pens dont scare me at all.

  261. Oh and Tortorella who usually has low penalty teams…. his Canucks have the 3rd most penalty minutes in the league. St. Louis is #2 and im sure you can guess who is #1.

  262. 1-0 Montreal hold on beat isles at home tomorrow and Saturday game vs rangers means nothing to habs locked in as 2

  263. Brutal goal the Habs back up just let in. Mtl 5 points up on Rangers, and Price has missed about 12 games due to injury. They have the fishsticks and Rangers at home

  264. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    Well, I don’t care if it rains or freezes,
    Long as I have my plastic Jesus
    Riding on the dashboard of my car

  265. Matty"BubbleWrapRitchieRocket!!!!!!"Boy on

    Anybody question how respectable this Detroit team is? REAL DEAL.

  266. Matty"BubbleWrapRitchieRocket!!!!!!"Boy on

    E3, my man, my estimate was off. You got the right numba. Tree.

  267. Matty"BubbleWrapRitchieRocket!!!!!!"Boy on

    Realizing full well Detroit has much more to play for but they look crafty and talented. Tough combo.

  268. Get your self a Sweet Madonna
    Dressed in rhinestones sitting on a
    Pedestal of abalone shell

  269. Matty"BubbleWrapRitchieRocket!!!!!!"Boy on

    Cream of Tatar….way too talented to be a Sather draft pick. Especially if he loses Gorton. What a sad state that will cause.

  270. Matty"BubbleWrapRitchieRocket!!!!!!"Boy on

    Abdelkadder, Tatar, Nyquist, Datsyuk, Alfie, ……Kronwall, Howard, Zetterberg, Franzen……..This is the surprise team of the east in PO’s.

    Interesting, like the Swedish Elite League in the US. How’d they get so many Swedes??? I count 9.

  271. Matty"BubbleWrapRitchieRocket!!!!!!"Boy on

    Build Fleury’s confidence now. He’ll falter, as usual, in the PO’s. Love having him on Pitt.

  272. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    All of Rangerdom needs that.

    (Rangerdom? Sounds like Sather’s Master Plan…)

  273. Matty"BubbleWrapRitchieRocket!!!!!!"Boy on

    Man, this Columbus team will be quite good in a couple of years.

  274. Martin Biron ? @martybiron43

    Desperate times calls for desperate measures. Lindy Ruff pulls his goalie with 12 minutes left. 6 on 4 PP goal. Ballsy call.

  275. Sestito was leading the entire league in fighting majors. Although Gazdic sad really close.

  276. Told by a Norwegian friend that Zucc has made all hockey followers in Oslo Ranger fans.

  277. Dorsett is our highest with 9. He hasn’t fought since coming back from injury post Olympics.

  278. Stranger Nation on

    Double Ds had a great pass to Olive Boil who rang it off the post last night. He has been playing great over the last bunch of games.

    Love watching the Red Wings play, save for the ongoing interference. Keeps their players safer though…

  279. “(Rangerdom? Sounds like Sather’s Master Plan…)”

    Slatsko, you really think he has *A* plan, let alone a master one?

  280. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Cage match for title of “The Prettiest”

    Hank vs Duguay: when the bell rings come out gazing into each other’s eyes!!!

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