Hurricanes at Rangers … It’s Go Time!


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Hurricanes at Rangers.


ICYMI, ya boys clinched a playoff berth with the Devils’ loss to Calgary last night. They still have plenty at stake as they go for a 2-3 seed series and avoid a wild-card.

The Rangers’ magic number for clinching that is four — any combination of points they gain or Columbus fails to gain will do it. If the Rangers win all three remaining games they will be the No. 2 seed and open the playoffs at home next week. (for playoff ticket info, scroll down a couple of posts).

The Rangers are 7-2-1 in their last 10, but not happy about their performance in a regulation loss to Ottawa Saturday. They are only 18-21 at home (or the NHL would say 18-17-4).

The Rangers close their home season vs. Buffalo Thursday, and finish the regular season at Montreal Saturday.

Henrik Lundqvist starts in goal, and Jesper Fast (called up from Hartford Monday) goes into the lineup. Daniel Carcillo, Justin Falk, Ryan Haggerty are all prucha’d.

Ryan McDonagh (shoulder) Chris Kreider (left hand surgery) both skated with the team, during the morning optional, for the first time since their injuries. McDonagh is still listed as day-to-day, though it’s not likely he will play in the remaining three games. Kreider, who barely held his stick with his surgically-repaired left hand, is probably still quite a way away from returning.

The Steven McDonald Extra Effort aware will be announced, with office McDonald on the ice, pre-game. It’s expected to come down to either McDonagh or Mats Zuccarello. The voting was done by Rangers fans.

Other games that matter tonight:

Phoenix at Columbus, Philadelphia at Florida, Detroit at Buffalo.


After the game, vote for the Three Rangers Stars in the poll on the left.

Anybody who’s interested in selecting stars with me and Kenny Albert after playoff games, drop me an email at

Twitter: @rangersreport.



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  1. Rangers in 2013 were sixth in the conference, 12th overall and everybody said it was a step backwards (except the coach).

    At the moment they are clinging to 5th in the conference, 12th overall.

    So, yes, playoffs are going to tell the story, though honestly, I expect the same … a tossup chance to win the first-round and not much of a shot against Pittsburgh or Boston in the second round.

  2. If u r superstitious or believe in statistic – fight for a home ice, if not, or u r Carp, fuggetaboutit and glide a la BRich.

  3. Stranger Nation on

    Stranger Nation
    AV’s system will need to produce in the second season to pass muster. With similar players he got a similar regular season result.
    If he doesn’t, not necessarily his fault, as this roster is not built for a playoff run IMHO.
    Would love to see them make some noise

    April 8th, 2014 at 6:28 PM

    Repost – agree Carp. Comes down to April and will certain players Step up or just be “good”

  4. Forgot to mention that the Hurricanes have some guys named Staal, also, and that they have a former ballerina or something. Maybe it will be mentioned on the telecast. Better set the DVR.

  5. Stranger Nation on

    Also Canes have only 1 loss in last 6 so they haven’t packed it in. Need to make up for that last del zaster in North Cackalackie

  6. re-post:

    Sometimes I wonder why the comments dip between 4:30-6 … and then it occurs to me that some of you guys actually do have jobs even if you spend your entire day here :)

  7. My dream is to see an MSG show called “Endings” with Richards as the subject.

  8. The Good One, the Rocket and new band member MSL planning on a summer tour. Covering great Doo wop classics like Charlie Brown, yak kitty yak and poison ivy and more of your favorite hits from

    The Coasters.

  9. At the garden. Must win lol. Better off starting in Phil. Tonight win plus Columbus loss in regulation is the focus.

  10. If Mac or zucc don’t win award there needs to be an investigation.

    Heard a rumor only 500 tix on sale to general
    Public for playoffs per game.

  11. Let’s Go Rangers!

    After the last game against the Canes…does anything need to be said today?

  12. Is the Steven McDonald award handed out tonight?

    I always love the awkwardness of it! Nothing will ever beat Dubinky attempting to shake Steven McDonald’s hand. I don’t know if I’ve ever laughed that hard.

  13. Duguay making it sound as if it’s the first time the Staals are playing each other.

    Eric if we’re better off starting in Philly then it’s a must lose no?

  14. “Rangers in 2013 were sixth in the conference, 12th overall and everybody said it was a step backwards (except the coach).

    At the moment they are clinging to 5th in the conference, 12th overall.”

    The step backwards was trading Gaborik! The leap backwards was firing Torts. The journey to the beginning of time was trading Callahan.

  15. I really don’t care that they traded Cally. It didn’t really hurt the team. They’re playing well, they’re in the playoffs, they’ll likely get home ice.

    I’m completely over him. I just don’t care aboot him anymore!

  16. The ballerina is a key player. Salmon joe need to go. Going to listen to Dave and Kenny and mute the TV!

  17. LGR!!

    No time for this playoff train to Staal. Time to Ward off these (In a)Hurri(to hit the links)canes. I want the Rangers to win by a couple of goals for a change, no winning by the Skinner their teeth.

  18. I am kidding about Cally. I do miss him as a Ranger but I honestly don’t think the record would be any different with him around. The thing is, I still love watching him play (he’s been a star for Tampa) and I hope he stays in Tampa and out of our division. Hard to root against him unless he is facing the Rangers.

  19. Orr thanks I just can’t stand that stupid pose ! Pocket pool did not even cross my mind.

  20. You guys prepped for a loss? This never goes well

    “Two words: We win. You lose.”

  21. Me too, Romeo, especially when I see his son, who was a little baby when this award started and is now a NYPD officer.

  22. It’s a good thing Joe Micheletti is not operating any hockey teams. “Teams don’t begin the season aiming for the President’s Trophy. They only aim to make the playoffs.”

    Low standards for Joe Micheletti, as MSG has for hiring him.

  23. Lol, ORR. Kreider stats for the PP. That’s hysterical.

    Pretty sure yes rarely On the pp.

  24. Wilbur’s head looks like Prince William’s. He sure is not royalty but gets treated like he is by the old stogie sather

  25. Loud, ringing *ping!* after that shot. Sam: “I think it MAY have gone off the post!”

  26. Why is our fourth line not our first line, starting the game against the enemy first line? Also gives our first line ice time against the enemy’s second or third line.

  27. “I have a huge hard on for Brassard, so he is the bestest center in hockey and his stats would reflect that if he had better line mates.”

  28. Good chance-trading stuff there, entertaining. And Lundqvist stops a live breakaway?

  29. wow!! the rangers defensemen tonight are brutal. That goal by Carolina was a mind blowing brutal play by Klein.

  30. Hank stopped a breakaway, which everyone will forget when he lets the next one in, and say he never stops breakaways.

  31. it’s more obvious tonight the rangers miss Mcdonagh. I hope he will be ready for the playoffs, if not, rangers won’t make it out of first round.

  32. That was vintage St Louis to Richards. They should play “Glory Days” at the Garden.

  33. MSL with the slick pass. Richie unmolested. I like that #19 understood that and took his time with the shot deke.

  34. Richards increasing his cap hit next year on another team with every goal. Team player.

  35. Richards can still really shoot. Provided no one is around him and he’s motionless.

  36. 4everanger

    Just another lucky bounce for this bum, right.? No skill whatsoever.

    Seriously? Wow…

  37. My argument with Richards has nothing to do with skill. My argument is that Richards, though he’s lost a step, could still be a major factor if he played all out. Simple as that.

  38. iGravy in Silver Medal position for that one — 9.2. Strongest element: Richards should try not to score in order to be a better team mate. LOVE it.

  39. Thought you might consider this for the gold, Norm:


    @rangersreport Lucky goal. BR wanted to pass so BAD. Had to shoot when the pass wasn’t there. Symptomatic of what’s wrong w/this team.

  40. This is easily my favorite part of scapegoating, all the creative ways to make a negative out of a player scoring a tying goal. Keep it coming!

  41. JMoore playing not so erratic and wandering as usual. Maybe someone told him he was a defenseman first and foremost. Hope so. Not in same league as McD, though.

  42. “Symptomatic of what’s wrong w/this team.” Too good to be true — someone’s just kidding around. Fails drug test.

  43. Don’t hang your hat on a first period tying goal after a playoff clinch, Norm. Gasping at straws.

  44. coos, are you trying to corner the Only Scores When It Doesn’t Matter market? Category D, was it? And “gasping at straws”? Anyway, not hanging hats, simply not unhappy that the Rangers tied the game.

  45. Carp 6:34
    Clinging, clinging you say…….I thought it was certainly 3rd in the conference? :)

  46. I was saying Richards was also helping the team next year by increasing another teams cap space used.

  47. Good evening all! Horray for the little Wegian!!!! That makes me so happy….I got home late from work…please tell me Zucca didn’t pull a Dubie.

    carp, is it just my TV or am I actually hearing so crowd noise tonight?


  48. If you’d read rather than just frenetically type, you would see that I referenced JR on that ‘gasping at straws.’ Pay attention! The semester is drawing to an end.

  49. Stranger Nation on

    Richie can still wrist it. How was he that open?
    Love Nash with stick out for pass as Richie takes wide open shot.

  50. Stranger Nation on

    Norm – it’s getting drafty in here. Can you shut the front door please?

  51. Richie has a deal. Don’t hit me and I won’t hit you. Another goal and the deal will be off.

  52. I’m not hip to the JR business. And a typo’s a typo. But I admit I thought it was something fun that I didn’t get. Like “gasping at cigarettes” or something. And you’re in Silver Medal position.

  53. Don’t have any idea what to make of this, but there are a ton of Western Conference scouts here tonight.

  54. Common! Who doesn’t want to go on a cruise with Dugay?

    Did anyone see the New commercial with Messier? Freaking hilarious.

  55. Norm, aren’t you about due for another hissy fit and declaration to Carp that you’re finished with this place?

  56. One supposes everyone will be looking at Richards since he’s soon available. Who else? Hmmm. Couldn’t guess.

  57. Sometimes the 3rd best team goes to the finals Carp it’s called upsets…..but if that’s the case they should be in Montreal

  58. OK, how many of you guys (and me) would have ripped Zuccarello for not shooting there if that pass hadn’t gone through?

  59. Zucc! And Pullout goes to net! Stral starts it. I think that award might even push Topo to newer heights, especially at home.

  60. I remember back in August when I telling anyone who would listen that if AV would only put Pouliot, Zook and Brassard together, we’d really have something. Wait, that wasn’t me.

  61. Speaking of three, those talented three brothers leave me gasping at Staals.

  62. Yesterday, as I was strolling through the Park…oh wait, that wasn’t me. (I should say ‘it wasn’t I,’ but that would only invite vitriol.

  63. It’s unreal how far Pouliot’s come since the beginning of this season. Still susceptible to those dumb penalties once in a while, but man what a difference

  64. Pouliot pretty much in line with career averages. Maybe expectations were high earlier in his career?

  65. With the amount of teams Pouliot has bounced around with, high expectations sounds about right.

  66. Kirk Muller – ” Will somebody PLEASE do something about that little chit #19 out there?”

    Uh oh.

  67. With Richie essentially (read: hopefully) playing for a contract next season, you’d think he would’ve played with all-out effort all season long.

  68. Richards is going to go Conn Smythe in the playoffs for the Rangers, and lead us to 16 wins :)

  69. AV: “Rammer, just got a text from the boss. He wants more bubblepack on War Admiral.

  70. Brower got hit from behind by Jackman…dazed Brower was making his way to the bench when he had a major collision with teammate Marcus Johanson. Both are in a lot of pain.

    And there’s Ovie’s 50th

  71. Little bit of overpassing between Stepan and St. Louis, but promising nevertheless. What a scoring slump, though. StL. makes a good play to hold the puck before shooting, but it’s only a good play in a different situation. And when he needs to hold it a tick at other times, he jabs at it instead. I get the feeling, though, that he will remember how to score again some time soon.

  72. You can tell an improving hockey player when he exhibits patience along with alacrity.

  73. MSL one goal in 19 and 5 in 29. Still has 30 on the year. Hopefully a streak in store for the playoffs.

  74. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Id say a certain #19 is going to get a bunch of sugar cubes after this game…

    Neighhhhh brrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  75. ThisYearsModel on

    Greetings from Norway. I was so sure Zucc would win that I decided to come to his homeland to watch the game from here.

  76. AV leads him down the tunnel with a carrot. MSL follows closely behing with one of those crap bags

  77. Give the devil his due – the Kline and Diaz pickups solidified our D. Aye, Diaz! Andare Andare arriba arriba

  78. Reason for Richie/Olivia Munn breakup: He promised her 6 carrots and delivered.

  79. feel sorry for Ward, when rangers made it 3-1 in the 2nd it looked like Carolina had already decided to go home.

  80. It just may be that the fourth line is the fourth best line tonight. When was the last time you could make that claim?

  81. Dors’s head. This guy is undervalued. Rolling four lines keeps everyone fresh and gives the end of the bench a good feel for team camaraderie. Good Karsma.

  82. I can’t wait to see how our 4th line looks in the playoffs. We’ve always had goaltending and PK, but add a solid 4th line to our strengths this year and it should be fun to watch

  83. There’s your boy Norm making way too many passes that will cost this team in the playoffs…oh wait, it’s Brassard and MZA, must be the hand still bothering him!

  84. Cally – and AV will give them some minutes. So the top two aren’t gassed in the 3rd. That’s going to make a HUGE difference. IF HANK can keep them from scoring.

  85. Exactly Sioux. Not just a good 4th line…a 4th line that AV can actually trust. That’ll affect the rest of the lines in a way we haven’t seen in a while.

  86. I wonder if the *advanced stats* will support that the ‘Canes didn’t play very well.

  87. Leafs …. What a mess of a organization, what a way to lose to Boston then this year just pathetic

  88. Not BR’s fault – his trainer tweeted that he prefers the ice a little muddier

  89. Boyle beating out Richards in game votes. Probably because of the way boxes are set up when you select them…still funny though.

  90. Nah now they most likely are. With Toronto losing Lupul and Bernier for the year in the past week that all but ended their chances.

    But Columbus is going to be without Horton so theyre getting swept by Boston just like Toronto would have been. Doesnt make much of a difference except Columbus finally gets back to the playoffs only to get swept once again.

  91. If Bishop is seriously hurt it should be pretty easy first round for Habs and Bruins. Pens-Wings and Rangers-Flyers could be long series.

  92. It wouldnt surprise me at all if we sweep them but at the same time it wouldnt shock me if it goes 6 or 7.

  93. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I have a sneaky feeling that the 3 leading scorers this playoffs will be:

    1. Brassard
    2. Zucchini
    3. Pouliot

    With MSL and The Rocket close behind…

  94. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    Jeez, Vancouver fans chant “Fire Gillis” once and he’s fired the next day. I’ve been yelling FIRE SATHER for 10 years and that fat puck is still here.

  95. AV is all smiles and chuckles. Probably thinking about all the fun he’s missing in Vancouver.

  96. Not really…We lose last one to Montreal, Pnilties win all their rest, – Flies clinch home ice.

  97. ThisYearsModel on

    o after the Richards buyout, how about Eric Staal as our #1 center at $8.25 Million per? I guess he is feuding with Kirk Muller and the club just backed Muller. They are going to dump salary over the Summer.

  98. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Filthy will lose to the Pens…rangers have Regulation wins advantage should they tie…

  99. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    If the Rangers beat buffalo and filthy loses to Pittsburgh, rangers clinch 2 seed

  100. Haven’t watched the game yet, blacked out for the Sabres broadcast. From the sounds of it Gravy is going to have a hard time compiling the WBM.

  101. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    The onions line is just good.

    If Nash hadn’t actually hustled off the ice to get the change for Pouliot to get on after a long shift, I’m not sure the Pouliot goal happens…

    Stick tap to Nash

  102. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    How far ahead of us are the islanders? Weren’t they supposed to be the up and coming team and finish ahead of us?

    Same with Columbus right?

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