Devils lose, Rangers clinch a playoff berth


For the eighth time in the last nine seasons, the Rangers are in the playoffs.

Thanks to the Calgary Flames beating the Devils 1-0 in Newark Monday, the Rangers have clinched a berth at minimum.

The Rangers, who have three games left, cannot be caught by the Devils, who mathematically could still make the playoffs if they get a lot of help. A lot.

The Rangers play Carolina tonight, Buffalo Thursday and at Montreal Saturday. If they win two of those games they will be assured of being in the Metropolitan Division 2-3 seed series. They could also clinch that tonight with a win and a Columbus regulation loss. If they win all three the Rangers will get the No. 2 seed and home-ice in that series.

They can also get either of those spots if the Flyers and/or Columbus falter in these final six days, during which both of those teams have four games.

FWIW, Philly is at Florida tonight, at Tampa Thursday, at Pittsburgh Saturday and home against Carolina Sunday.

Columbus is home against Phoenix tonight, at Dallas Wednesday, at Tampa Friday, at Florida Saturday.

Photo by Associated Press.


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    Congratulations, Rangers!!! To all the players, to the coaches.

    Just not to Sather.

  2. Czech – now I remember who Ben Carson is. What a role model. Guy is too cool for school.

  3. Norm, I thought you were going to disagree that the Rangers are in the playoffs :)

    I’m sure a certain other, ahem, poster, will.


    Eric, don’t tell me you are smiling tonight?

  5. Hot dogs. I almost forgot!! HOT DOGS!!!!

    Piled high on a steaming platter with mustard!!!

    Frank Furters!

    eric, are you now formulating your theory about the impending first-round del zaster? :)

  6. Carp..does this put you back on the road during the playoffs? Thanks to Eddie, Eddie, Eddie for his comments yesterday…made me feel better about that Norm guy! Ok Norm..all is forgiven…for now!

  7. “Norm, I thought you were going to disagree that the Rangers are in the playoffs :)”

    The Rangers are NOT in the playoffs. The regular season is still underway.

  8. Damnit, Latona running logical rings around me. I resign as site curmudgeon.

  9. I have to say I didn’t know early in the season if the Rangers would clinch, but they did an excellent job adapting to Av’s style, and now let’s get McDonough and whoever else healthy for the real season. Man, the devils suck.

  10. I feel bad for Jagr…man, what the puck was he thinking when he signed with the debbies? Not a smart decision… there is no reason why he couldn’t sign with a team that had the best chance of winning…kinda goes against general believe that Jagr only cares about money and himself…

  11. HockeymanRangers on

    Good news, I just wished they could have done it Saturday night fashionably. So here’s to hoping they can close out the season with some fashionable wins.

  12. @rangersreport

    For those saying the Rangers backed in, they went 7-1 before their last two games. That’s not backing in.


    Only time the Rangers missed in last nine seasons they lost Game 82 in a shootout, or they were in.


    Also, the “backed-in” Rangers are not going to be an 8-seed. In fact, probably a 2-3.

  13. Lev:
    “The Rangers are NOT in the playoffs. The regular season is still underway.”

  14. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    We want the cup
    We want the cup
    We want the cup

    Captain Brassard, come get the Stanley Cup

  15. I think Brodeur has this picture in his den entitled,”THE KING AND I”…I still think we need to get a write you own caption contest going. I can also hear Henrik saying..”hmmm…I was thinking I am thinking cheesecake!”

  16. Somehow these no-talents backed their way into the playoffs. Amazing feat. Particularly since THE Kreider isn’t in the lineup.

  17. Rest everyone! And here comes a softball for whoever wants it. Should AV rest Richards? Only one acceptable sarcastic response.

  18. Like that picture. Hank to Brodiva: “Why so sad, buddy. Still have some life ahead… McDonalds are open 7/24 in this area after all.”

  19. Walters: “Our family is looking forward to the grand re-opening.” Exactly how many people are eating off that little pagoda?


    RIchie Rocket: “If it wasn’t for me, this team doesn’t make the playoffs”

  21. Romeo with the nail on the head. I was expecting something broader like, “When is Richards ever not resting?” but you win the lounge suite.

  22. No, Norm, they need Richards out there for as many shifts as possible until they clinch. :)

    But they might want to bubble-wrap him so he doesn’t turn an ankle and botch the buyout.


    RIchie Rocket: “Don’t worry, AV, I am THE person to get Marty going. Don’t ask me when, but I will do it.”

  24. AV had a much tougher job getting this team to postseason than Torts… new franchise, horrible roadtrip to start the season, Hank having his worst season, injured Nash…

    +1 for AV

    -1 for Torts



    Richie Rocket aka ‘THE BUBBLE WRAP MAN’

  26. Norm,

    ….How would we know the difference.

    Ding, ding, ding, we have a winner!

  27. Norn, I was hoping the prize was something more valuable like a Ron Duguay studio-warn jacket.

  28. If Richards Isn’t already bubble-wrapped, that’s a failure of management. The only moving parts on him for the rest of the regular season should be his wrists.

  29. This team is amateur-hour, two-bit, no-talent garbage … and the playoffs will show this.

    The only hope is that THE Kreider comes back.


    Word has it first night PO giveaway is Richie Rocket Bobble Head Dolls.

  31. I will effort, Romeo, to get you his soul patch. Given I am actually Brad Richards, shouldn’t be too hard to sneak up on up (after I’ve plied him with fine wine) and shave that bad boy off. And then we’re all winners.


    Sather: “Brad Richads will be sitting the rest of the regular season. We want to….ahem….rest him because he is so important to this team”

  33. BTW Eddie….that Eddie Eddie Eddie chant the night he played for Detroit is one of the greatest moments in Rangers history! I couldnt get in–had to watch across the street in the bar…but the tears flowed when the chant went up. I get those same tears when I see Richards on the powerplay!

  34. Richie’s bobblehead doll has a small round turd-looking thing behind him on the pedestal representing a drop pass.

  35. seriously what? Just stating the facts, that is all :)

    Don’t you like comparing ’11 team to this team all the time, Carp? ;)

  36. If home ice in 2-3 matchup expect Thursday April 17th. Game 1 Saturday April 19th game 2.

    Knicks last home game the night playoffs begin on the 16th.


    Rhetorical question:

    How long will it take Mike Gillis to fire Torts after the clock runs down to 00:00 in the Canucks final game??

  38. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    RangerJHW – that was a Sunday afternoon game if the week. As I watched, I too, had tears flowing. MSG did a special “comeback” and I dvr’d years ago and still watch it about once a month ;) He was my fav player

  39. Not opposed to opening in Phil stealing one on road come home put pressure on flyers who have lost 8 straight at msg to avoid going down 3-1 in series.

  40. ThisYearsModel on

    Derbils circling the drain. The playoffs won’t miss them. I hope Columbus gets in.

  41. Jägr quote

    Doesn’t matter who was on the ice Gretzky or Lemieux they weren’t scoring tonight.

  42. agree 100 percent eric. Flys and their goalie are already going to be under a ton of pressure … and then MSG is in their heads.


    Norm, if you really are Brad Richards, how come you don’t speak in mindless colloquial expressions, meaningless phrases, and retreaded comments??

    Haven’t once heard you say things like “They came at us hard” or “we had to dig down deep” or “it was nice he was on our side”, to name a few.

  44. Jägr

    In my opinion we will get one more chance can’t end like this can it be too strange,

    I could listen to him talk all day

  45. I do go all out to avoid wild card so clinch 2-3.

    Let’s be honest here we lost 10 straight in Washington in a homer series before winning a game 7 on road we could win a game 7 in Phil.

  46. LOL!

    Deb Placey to Daneyko: “So you”ll be here with us tomorrow”

    Daneyko: “Yes i’ll be with us tomorrow”

  47. Carp..have you alerted the ESB people to get the building ready in honor of Mr. Snider and his goon squad?

  48. Richie, after 1200 NHL games: “We started a little slow tonight, but we’ll learn from that.


    Hedberg, I agree with you. I wasn’t in favor of Torts not being around. Which meant I was not pleased with AV. That rough beginning was tough to take. Give AV credit for staying the course. That was some bad first 18 games!!

  50. I meant Latona, not Lev.

    I blame auto-complete. I type a “L” and it comes up “Lev”

  51. “A *pure* plus 28 free agent who already has won a Cup??? What is a player like that doing freely available on the open market???” all the GMs shall shout as they prepare their massive contract offers.

  52. “Deb Placey to Daneyko: “So you’‘ll be here with us tomorrow”

    Daneyko: “Yes i’ll be with us tomorrow” ”


  53. Olga Folkyerself on

    Also not opposed to Rangers starting at home, where we’ve beat flyers 8 straight, then putting pressure on them to have to win both at home or else come back to MSG and face elimination in game 5.

  54. #19: “I’ll try to slow Hagelin and the new kid down a bit until they learn to let the game come to THEM.”

  55. Matty"BubbleWrapRitchieRocket!!!!!!"Boy on

    Our depth on defense, given we still don’t have a crease clearing defenseman, is much better than it was in 2011.

    We also have a 4th line.

    Problem is we are just a tad too small, can’t physically defend ourselves, and need to figure out our 1st and 3rd lines.

  56. Torts: “The crew let me down. I was surrounded by mutinous officers. And then there was the strawberries…”

  57. Matty"BubbleWrapRitchieRocket!!!!!!"Boy on

    Not one to let the good feelings go on for long, Sather is about to announce that none other than Brad Richards will be named team captain at the end of the regular season!!

    Way to go!!

  58. This team (Rangers) are better on the road. I’m fine with a 3 seed. If you can’t beat the Phlyers…..

  59. Eddie-Eddie-Eddie pretty sure Giacomins first game for the Wings was a night game…

  60. Olga Folkyerself on

    Sather got rid of Cally so he could keep Richards. Add that onto the cost of 2 first rounders and another 38 year old boat anchor.

  61. Oct 31st 1975—Friday night–if it was on TV–I would not have tried to get in–the bar across the street had cable,,which the outer boroughs,,namely Queens..did not! I anuck into the garden regularly in those days..that night was impossible!

  62. except, Olga, if Flyers win one of first two at MSG, that monkey is gone and then the pressure is on the Rangers. Better to go down there, get the split and come home with the monkey still up on their backs. And I don’t mean Rinaldo.

  63. Let me rephrase

    I used to sneak into the garden-that was easy back then..but that night was impossible…so I had to watch from a bar across the street–it was definitely at night–and I have since verified with Wikipedia..which is never wrong…unless of course, it is!

  64. Olga Folkyerself on

    Just as likely that they drop the first two in Philly and have to come home to uphold the curse of “having won 8 in a row, how long can that last?”. Go down 3 games to 1 and have to go back to Philly facing elimination in game 5.

  65. oh and btw, I am *NOT* participating in the beard contest, if there is one. Thanks to Manny and Nasty 1 for ruining it :)

  66. Right next door to the Yale ‘Yacht Club.’ Had a davit on my dock. Them was the days.

  67. Carp, worth noting Philadelphia is a really, really strong home team. Detroit and Columbus, if we luck out, both are much better too. Beyond the obvious, it behooves us.

  68. The key to winning the Beard Contest is being desired by many women. That’s how Nasty won. I think even the women I work with ended up voting for him.

    Ladies Love Nasty

  69. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    RangerJhW – it was Sunday, 11/2/75 – game started at 1pm, NBC game of the week. Honestly ;)

  70. Olga Folkyerself on

    “if Flyers win one of first two at MSG, that monkey is gone and then the pressure is on the Rangers.”

    Sounds a lot like momentum, Carp.

  71. We should have a charity contest Manny, most money raised wins.

    I’ll nominate my winnings to Cully’s Kids. In honor of Matt’s Charity.

    Any idea’s how we could do that Manny?

  72. We are not nearly so adept at getting the puck out of our end quickly and smoothly without McDonuts. Tank God he’ll be back.

  73. My Irish beard sucks, that why I was thinking Charity :)

    Money talks, rigging walks!!!

  74. Eddie..had to be a night game…if not I have to question my theory of the Kennedy assassination…if Wilbur finally sold Mr Ed off to the glue factory and if it was wise to leave it to Beaver!

  75. Stranger Nation on

    McD’s absence has given J Moore some good TOI, hasn’t looked lost, will need him for POs, especially that shot from the point. Why doesn’t he play PP point?

  76. Flames goaltender fantastic. Devils had so many opportunities that it wasn’t funny. they just don’t get the brakes

  77. Jesper Fast. Great handle. Maybe he replaces MSL. Maybe some splinters up his ass will motivate him. Quite frankly the way we play at MSG I’d rather play on the road.

  78. Yesper Fast ……. he had 2 goals yesterday. Hot at the right time to get a seoncd chance. Makes it up in time to get into the team picture.

  79. If Nasty 1 participating in the beard contest, there is absolutely ZERO point in entering it. But hey…good luck!

  80. Olga Folkyerself on

    So why prefer to start on the road when we have such a record against philly at home? Because we might lose one?

    Why discount home ice advantage? To play philly more times at their place?

    Rangers still have to win 4, why not have potentially 4 games at home instead of 3? Especially if it goes 7…

  81. Ilb beat you too, CCCP. And Gravy and Latona (in arbitrary awards). Why don’t you malign them?

  82. Yeah next time I’ll make sure I post a cute baby picture and some photo of a beard full of gravy!

    I actually had a real beard :)

  83. Yeah, I’m not drawing a definitive picture here, just thinking they might be better opening on the road.

    Either way the series will probably be 2-2 after four games, as most series are.

  84. I like Calipari because he’s the most honest of a group of guys who are all BSing. Like I’m sure Coach K is preparing Jabari Parker for a career in marketing or whatever.

  85. Olga Folkyerself on

    Can’t win ’em all. However slight, I think home ice in the playoffs is an advantage.

  86. On the other hand, they will go as hard as they can to finish as high as they can. There’s no other right way to play.

  87. I’m going to look at every game as something like 53% or 54% favoring the hometeam, realize that means Game 7 matters and hope we have that slight advantage in Game 7.

  88. “And who knows, maybe the Garden can be THE GARDEN again…”

    Kern, I’ve been thinking about that. Hardcore NYR fans would probably be willing to pay more to see an NYR-PHI series (myself included) but at the same time an NYR-PHI series is probably more appealing to a businessman looking to impress some clients who literally could not care less.

  89. I imagine I’m technically a businessman and I could be very easily impressed by tickets.

  90. Olga Folkyerself on

    I got a lot of tickets for Sabres-Rangers games in Buffalo through business and I couldn’t not have cared any more or less.

  91. Robby Bonfire on

    It’s not enough that they killed Miller’s spirit, now the coach starts dumping on him. Can’t wait to see how long, two minutes or 10 minutes, it takes for this management to make Fast feel like he’s over-matched? Must not be any lousy 34-year old’s on waivers, this week,to bring up another kid for his first of many cups of coffee, up and down.

    Welcome to what you’ve been working toward all your life, kid. By the way, your train out of here leaves next Monday.

  92. Admiral Akbar on

    AV calling out Miller reminds me of Torts’ calling out of DelZaster.

    And look where DelZaster ended up.

  93. If I remember, Fast was Fasth when he first got here and dropped the ‘h.’ Kind of, in reverse, like a guy named Slow who adds an ‘e’ to Slow and becomes Slowe so you don’t notice he’s really Slow.

  94. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Wooo hooo *RIGGED* beard contest is almost here!!!

    Love the pic

    Congrats on your son’s achievement and good luck with your daughters search.

  95. ThisYearsModel on

    Wonder what JT did to be verbally wrecked by AV in the press. JT must not speak any French. Odd that the underproducing MSL doesn’t get called out. AV must like veteran players.

  96. Carp, they may be 7-1-1, but they’re not playing like contenders….cold, rainy weather has me sleeping in this morning. my cousins the Bruins seem to be out and around. The Rangers couldn’t trap the Manitoba Moose.

  97. Oh, and like that photo…neither one has a happy look on their face. Definitely not Norm.

  98. It falls to me as Vice Curmudgeon to establish the rules for today’s frolic at

    A) If he doesn’t play tonight he’s even softer than we all thought.

    B) If he does play he’s selfishly denying younger players a chance to shine.

    C) If he scores any points it was sheer luck and he can only do it when it doesn’t matter.

    D) If he doesn’t score (or is on the ice for a goal against) he can’t even help the team when it doesn’t matter.

    Let’s work within those parameters, please. Richie Sucks & Fire Sather!

  99. Stranger Nation on

    E) if he doesn’t play Ranger Faithful rejoice for not having to watch his half-hearted effort and fear him getting injured to ruin the chance at the compliance buy-out.

  100. Stranger Nation on

    Looking at standings, goal differential seems to be the leading stat on who makes the POs or not. Teams lining up almost perfectly in that order save for Mon/TB.

  101. Excellent start, SN, excellent. Entirely within the rules of engagement. Already in bronze-medal position for Scapegoater of the Day! Room for growth, but a great opener. I award a 9.1.

  102. ThisYearsModel on

    Rangers in-Vancouver out. Music to me ears. Now we’ll see if the Torts Michel Bergeron impression works.

  103. I’m shocked the Canucks didn’t make it to the playoffs with that amazing goaltending tandem they have.


  104. Oh plz, Vancouver was outta of it even before they traded Luongo. Stop kidding yourself, Manny

  105. Richie Rich?

    He will get playing time from this coach… he better hustle…

    I believe he can help….but I have seen him slouch for far too long to expect much……….

  106. Gary Bettman: “And the winner of the 2014 Con Smythe Trophy as the Most Valuable player in the playoffs, Anton “NATW” Strallman”


  107. CCCP: Sometimes I question whether you have stronger emotions/desires backing your hate than your love.

    “Love those you hate you.” ? Leo Tolstoy

  108. Rob in Beantown on

    That’s the only UConn joke I know.

    (Besides their basketball graduation rates lololol)

  109. I have a signed Travis Knight basketball card hanging in my office. Does that count as a joke?

  110. CCCP, he suis plunger dans la derrière de Richards pour avoir une longer d’avance.

  111. “he was in the plunger behind Richards for a follow ahead”

    Ok, Norm. Careful or you’ll get accused of hate posting! :D

  112. Rob in Beantown on

    Bob McKenzie @TSNBobMcKenzie
    “@Real_ESPNLeBrun: Hearing whispers change coming sooner rather than later in VAN, perhaps as soon as today or tomorrow…” Hearing same.

  113. Could you imagine if Torts and Adam Oates get fired and Torts ends up in Washington to manage the ego of Ovechkin?

  114. I do have the inside track on THE Kreider’s recovery:

    – Initiallt expected by the team and the world to be out about 6 months, he is a man-beast who’ll likely be back during the 1st round.


  115. Pimp he’s working out. That’s a good sign.

    Broken hand has to mess with your shot some don’t you think?

  116. Torts will be canned the day after the last game . Gillis wants to keep his job. Torts will sure have enough pin money to pay for his anger management sessions.

  117. carp, it’s not a big deal but you mentioned above in your report that the rangers play buffalo tomorrow, actually they play buffalo Thursday.

  118. lone – I’m thinking Gillis is gone before Torts. He’s the guy that traded both #1 Goalies.

    Tort’s had a lot of injured players this year, he may get a pass.

  119. once Torts went into the Flames locker room and didn’t make the playoffs, his fate is sealed. Gillis should be gone 1st but its Torts that will be. probably both by time of the draft.

  120. Good morning all! And thank you Calgary!

    At least now I can breathe a bit until playoffs begin. I might even enter the beard contest this year.

  121. Sorry if someone already said this but isn’t bringing Fast up really just the 2nd part of sending Miller a message?

    Akin to ‘Hey JT, you’re not the only guy in Hartford we could be giving NHL ice time to – so get your act together’.

  122. JJP – It will be fun to watch Fast & Hags fly up the ice together. His first shot was all 4th line minutes. He’s coming in hot with 2 goals his last game.

    The Fast and Furious line (Richie will have to pass the puck) just to keep up with their speed.

  123. Miller / Kristo / McIlrath lots to choose from, and throw in a 1’st rounder we don’t use them anyway.

  124. Don’t sweat it Kane’s coming. Draft weekend.

    Once sather realizes our playoff failures will be size along the walls and lack of consistent scoring Kane adds both.

  125. Bob McKenzie ?@TSNBobMcKenzie 5m

    One scenario, as yet UNCONFIRMED, is GM Mike Gillis would be fired, Linden would hire new GM and new GM would sort out future of Tortorella.

  126. Yes mister d.

    I would love life if I was involved anyway in hockey towards a living. 80 percent of people hate what they do for a living.

  127. “I would love life if I was involved anyway in hockey towards a living. 80 percent of people hate what they do for a living.”

    The other 20 percent are dead.

  128. Torts will turn the Canucks around if he’s given the support he needs. Gillis is a Goner! Trevor Linden probably already has the job.

  129. I think AV should rest McD & Kreider until the playoffs. Healthy and rested for rounds one makes perfect sense.

  130. Is it really true that Canucks ownership is sending out libel notices to those reporting they were behind hiring Torts?

  131. So, how to the big Bad Rangers protect Ryan McDonough from the Itty Bitty Flyers zeroing in on his shoulder both during play and after the whistle???

    What is the Ranger plan. Perhaps someone would be kind enough to enlighten me?

  132. “80 percent of people hate what they do for a living.”

    Yes Eric, but let’s look at the bright side. We could be part of the other 20% who are retired and longing for days gone by, wishing they were doing what they used to hate doing.

  133. _What is the Ranger plan. Perhaps someone would be kind enough to enlighten me?_

    Lemieux : Giroux :: Graves : _______?

  134. 4everanger
    …and the answer is – Zucarello kicking Philties’ bad boys Aasens.

    April 8th, 2014 at 11:44 AM

    (Buzzer goes off and Alex Trabeck responds) ……”Oh, nice guess Mr. 4everranger, but I’m sorry, that is the wrong answer “

  135. Doodie Machetto on

    Morning boys and girls!

    I am headed to the game tonight, but discovered this morning that the mustard stains on my sweater from Doodie Jr.’s first game did not come out. Anyone have any suggestions on how to effectively remove set in mustard?

    Anybody else going to the game tonight?

  136. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I would honestly like to see the rangers give mcilrath another game or 2 prior to the playoffs to see if there is any possibility he could contribute in the post season.

    Or Bickel

  137. Siouxdie Machetto on

    Dreft, the children’s laundry detergent?

    Mister D, it’s too late for the tide pen, and also, too large of an area.

  138. Wick, agree on Bickel and/or McIlrath. Why not? What do they have to lose?

    Mr. D, unfortunately Dorsett is a featherweight. A willing featherweight, but still a featherweight.

  139. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I recommend lighter fluid, a lighter, and a credit card!

    Painless really

  140. Wicky – best thing the Rangers can do for McIlrath is trade him to Winnipeg, in a package, for Kane.

  141. Siouxdie Machetto on

    Papa, it was his first Rangers game. And I got mustard all over myself trying to handle him and knishes at the same time.

    Sioux, it’s already been through the dryer.

  142. “Wicky – best thing the Rangers can do for McIlrath is trade him to Winnipeg, in a package, for Kane”

    But Sioux, they could use him first as a playoff mercenary, before we send him packing.

  143. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    As long as they sign or bring in a d man like engelland, I’m fine with sending him in a deal for Kane.

  144. acuteavatarlessness on

    Grumpy Bill Parcells says you are what your record says you are.

    Grumpy Carp said third best in Beast. Wrong!

    Grumpy me said maybe not a playoff team….wrong!!

    Mediocre 5th, as of today.

    AV and staff done some nice work. And some not so nice.
    Have a great chance to continue gray belovedness:-).
    Whoop. EE.

    Hear here.

  145. Siouxdie Machetto on

    OK, thanks Eric, I’ll give it a shot.

    Something else I’m seeing a lot of is oxygenated bleach, and letting it soak in it for a while. I’ll try both.

  146. Siouxdie Machetto on

    I could never burn anything with Leetch’s name on it.

    Or spend the money to buy another one.

  147. To prepare myself for what’s about to happen, I recently watched on ‘HBO on Demand’ documentary on the Broad Street Bullies of the 70’s.

    Question? Where is the special they could air on Herb Brooks Smurf Team which skated circles around the Flyers in the 80’s? I sure could use it to counter the negative karma which has come over me since watching the Broad Street Bullies documentary.

    2 take always from the experience, To this day, I really hate Bobby Clarke more than any other sports figure in my lifetime……


    The Philties of 2014 are going to press the rewind button and go back to the BSB Days of the 70’s against this current Rangers group in the playoffs.

    (BTW, the Ranger team of ’74? The players on that team were definitely more suited to go toe to toe with the Flyers then this team.)

  148. Good crack of noon, Sally!

    You guys seem to be able to find every freakin’ stat on the planet … where would I find the record of home teams in the playoffs for the last few years?


  149. I feel you pain. I had a Roger Maris 61 for ’61 golf shirt and could not get it out, after Mrs Sioux put it in the drier.

  150. Doodie, I’ve successfully gotten set in stains out with OxyClean mixed with water, applied with a toothbrush. Assuming it’s a white jersey, and you have a steady hand, you can go directly with bleach and the toothbrush.

  151. Carp …

    5 year average: .558

    2012-13: .686
    2011-12: .453
    2010-11: .539
    2009-10: .517
    2008-09: .598

  152. For the last week before the playoff the NHL made some stupid game decisions. NO rivalries what so ever.

    Every team that’s in will be resting top players, it’s going to look more like preseason games.

    FAST get’s the spotlight tonight!

  153. Siouxdie Machetto on

    Gravy, it’s home blue, but Oxyclean does seem to be the internet consensus.

    And Sioux, I did it on low heat. I’m still hopeful it can be cleaned.

  154. Rob in Beantown on

    2011-2012 was the year the Kings and Devils met in the SCF, so not surprising home teams did so poorly

  155. Yeah, that stuff works really well. I think it’s a 50-50 mixture, but there are instructions on the container.

    Of course they year the Rangers finished 2nd in the NHL, the road teams had a better record.

  156. … The other twenty percent are dead. Lol, Latona. Even funnier had you used your Kermit voice.

  157. As with some marriages, the adverse monetary divorce settlement prospects keep the parties together. As in AV humiliating Miller, but satisfied with Richie, a father might say to an 18 year old partying, non-working, non-studying slug son, “I have to put up with your mother, but I don’t have to put up with you.” :)

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