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1) The playoff picture. Not much changed Saturday, other than the Rangers’ failure to clinch a berth. That is virtually inevitable, given that the Rangers need one point out of their last three, or for the Devils to not run the table. New Jersey is home for Calgary Monday, and that could be the Rangers’ clincher. More important is the race for that 2-3 seed (and I still maintain, maybe more than ever, that the 3 is just as good as the 2, maybe better, especially the way the Rangers play on the road). If the Rangers get four points out of the final three games, they will be in the 2-3 series. And they can get there without getting four, depending on how Columbus does in its last four games.

Ottawa Senators v New York Rangers2) Did some checking yesterday, because I wasn’t sure about the way this new whacky playoff works. We all know 2-3 play in each division, and that 1 plays a wild card, based on best record playing worst wild card. What I wasn’t sure was how the next round is determined. The 2-3 teams stay in their division with the division champ, and that’s their bracket. So, if for example Pittsburgh plays Detroit and the Rangers play the Flyers, the bracket will be Pittsburgh, Rangers, Flyers Red Wings. The two winners play each other. Same in the other bracket.

3) And how did it came to this playoff format? Well, the NHL and its governors (owners, GMs) wanted the realignment for various reasons. The league wanted to go back to four divisions, with the top four making the playoffs in each, like the old, old days, to continue to build the natural divisional rivalries. The players’ union complained that two of the divisions would have seven teams and two would have eight and that wouldn’t be fair — not thinking it through, obviously, that the seventh and eighth teams are no factor in a four-team playoff race ever — and demanded the wild card scenario instead. The NHL, headed to the lockout, didn’t want to fight that battle and gave in. Thus this clumsy wild-card format.

4) Now onto the game. The Rangers, I thought, got what they deserved. They were a step slow, didn’t take very good care of the puck, especially in the neutral zone, weren’t very good in their D-zone coverage against a very gifted (and extremely underachieving) team. Ottawa needed this game more, let’s face it, and played that way from the start. And I think teams convince themselves about that “first game back from a road trip” thing until it becomes self-fulfilling. And yet they could have won it because Ottawa sure gave them plenty of chances — just as Teddy Roosevelt’s team usually does, especially with that rover playing, ahem, defense. There’s a reason they underachieve.Ottawa Senators v New York Rangers

5) I thought most of the D-men struggled, especially Dan Girardi, who sometimes gets into a “do too much” mode and tries to block everything and chase everything. The first two goals were on the Rangers’ defacto first line of Derick Brassard, Mats Zuccarello and Benoit Pouliot, who were all to blame and who did atone. The third was a mess caused by Brad Richards turnover and weak backcheck, and the stick-checking around the net by Marc Staal and Anton Stralman.

6) And this time, unlike that 8-4 game in Kanata, Robin Lehner was pretty good.

7) So let’s move onto the end. I thought, certainly, that Chris Neil could have been called for interference, charging or boarding, but certainly something on his late, predatory hit on a vulnerable Marc Staal. It was shocking that, after that mayhem, Ottawa got a power play, though to be fair, the Rangers’ power play hardly was ready to make a difference. I thought Staal showed a great deal of courage, but a fair lack of decision-making given his concussion and eye history, to rush in and drop his gloves with Neil. By the way, does Neil ever get called for anything when he tries to maim somebody? Ever? Guy is an absolute force, but the league and the referees sure let him be more of a force than he should be, IMO. And his hit on Staal, fully aware of his concussion history, and then pummeling away at him while he’s down, is a blatant lack of respect from one player to another. But that’s today’s NHL. The union should be ashamed.

Ottawa Senators v New York Rangers8) That said, though the Rangers hardly kicked tail and took names there, they did show up  in the fracas, and I think, judging by the feeling afterward, that they felt some of that all-for-oneness that the 2011-12 team had. Again, it’s not so much getting vengeance or winning fights or kicking tail. It’s about showing up, and I thought the Rangers showed up there and showed some onions again. They’ve done that a bit lately, and that’s a good sign going into the postseason. They also angered the Senators many times through the course of the game with big hits on some of their skill players, they really did, so that’s kind of new too,

9) Three last things on that. Derick Brassard did indeed get a misconduct for going a bit overboard in his verbal trashing of the referee for the non-call on the Neil hit. You have to wonder, after the Simmonds slash on McDonagh, then the Burrows hit that injured McDonagh’s shoulder, and this predatory hit on Staal, where the hell are the referees looking. … And I thought the linesman — I wish I knew which one — did a great job recognizing what was happening as Neil had Staal down and was punching him in the head. The linesman wrapped his upper body around Staal’s head to protect him. Well done.

10) The rest of the officiating was a joke.Ottawa Senators v New York Rangers

11) Daily Nash-O-Meter. Not even going there. He created plenty. Didn’t finish. Wasn’t a culprit on any of the Ottawa goals.

12) Brian Boyle with Brad Richards and Martin St. Louis. Hey, here’s an idea. Get St. Louis away from Richards and with either somebody who can skate, or somebody who can go get the puck, because the two ex-Lightnings together don’t work. St. Louis is so out of sorts. How about that play where he skated into the zone and left the puck outside the blue line? Then he had a breakaway and Norris Karlsson, who never does a thing defensively, did a great job of catching St. Louis from behind and getting his stick on the shot. Gotta add, St. Louis peels away from the net a lot for a guy who has scored so many goals. Maybe it’s part of this funk.

13) As the regular season winds down here, I want to mention that John Amirante’s national anthems just get better and better. Did both the US and Canada’s brilliantly again last night and the crowd appreciated it. So did I.

My Three Rangers Stars:Ottawa Senators v New York Rangers
1. Mats Zuccarello.
2. Benoit Pouliot.
3. Derick Brassard.
Kenny Albert’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Mats Zuccarello.
2. John Moore.
3. Carl Hagelin.
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Mats Zuccarello.
2. Derick Brassard.
3. Henrik Lundqvist.

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  1. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on


    Nice write up Carp.

    Next Game is Gregareented folks.

  2. Good write up, Carp. They do miss McMonster. Richards has poisoned this team. I genuinely believe they would accomplish much more without BR on the ice. I also believe he is wholeheartedly playing along to make sure he is not injured before the compliance buyout.

  3. Miami, you need to travel north to see Dog’s Breath Trillium…one step above Dog’s Breakfast. That’s how they’ve been playing. At least it looks pretty…

  4. How the zebra’s didn’t give Neil a double penalty or major penalty is beyond me, and beyond comprehension…I fully understand Staal’s reaction…Neil could easily have been the next league poster boy (since the Philly-Pittsburgh fiasco) and should be suspended for his actions. Could not believe the smart and courageous actions of the linesman in protecting Staal, while he was down and defenseless on the ice.

  5. Oh, and Neil is probably thanking god today that that linesman did protect Staal’s head…

  6. great to see the rangers react like that after the dirty, but unpenalized hit by that player. i said last night, i would rather see that reaction and give up the pp than stand back and do nothing

  7. Agree completely about John Amirante. He is a treasure and a class act and we have all been fortunate to hear him perform for so many years.

  8. Sat next to some Ottawa fans last night. So much better than Habs fans. So much.

  9. Ok Lets cut the crap and call it like it is:

    1. THis StLouis guy – the “trial” period is over. This guy hasn’t been so-so like many of you have said. He’s been TERRIBLE.
    2. Cant’t put it in the net, can’t pass, coughs up the puck, and he can’t even handle the puck. What the hell happened? Does anyone remember this guy was a SUPERSTAR?\
    3. This team will go nowhere in the playoffs if they don’t get there PP going, and St.Louis gets going

  10. That wasn’t the real Eric at 8:35 some jackass pretending to be me. I’m not open in arms just yet

  11. One thing all of us can agree on is that the officiating in this league is unacceptably poor and inconsistent. Carp, any chance of sneaking behind the curtain and providing some perspective?

  12. Good morning, boneheads!

    I knew it wasn’t you, Eric, the moment the guy said “in the playoffs”. I’m pretty sure you aren’t convinced they are going to make it. :-)

    Nice review, Carp.

    Sloppy. They thought they’d be able to win 8-4 again and call it a day. I hope this makes them concentrate better Tuesday.

    I agree with bull dog, McD was missed. And it will be more obvious if he isn’t ready for playoffs.
    Let me say this- it was nice to see Staal, Brassard, MZA, and Pouliot to respond the way they did. But it was also sad to see them try to do it against Neal and Smith on the ice. Sad.

  13. Thanks for the review Carp.

    Amirante is a tradition that I love. He is also key to any playoff success we might have.

    Wish msg would show an anthem every now and then.

    Who really expected them to get a point last night?

  14. Can’t argue with the calls against the Rangers in that scrum. How Neil gets less than four minutes altogether is beyond me. Even if they “missed” the hit, two punches with gloves off while Staal is down deserves five minutes.

    Agree with ilb, no matter what the calls, the Rangers were going to “lose” the offset considering the players on the ice.

  15. I kinda miss seeing the anthem. I guess that extra commercial is worth more than a little national pride.

  16. As I recall, impersonation is grounds for banishment. Excommunicate the fake Eric.

    Real Eric > Fake Eric

  17. I love going to games when I can hear the Canadian national anthem. It’s a really nice song.

  18. _Well that was borderline treasonous, and a disgrace to our nation and its proud and storied history. My father didn’t kick the Nazis’…and the puck drops!_

  19. Looks like we’ll have to clinch against the Canes again. Last year our captain scored the clincher, now we don’t have a captain. Now I’m sad and I want to go back to bed.

  20. Sens looked like a team that got embarrassed previous night.
    Don’t mess with the 4th line.
    Scrum was a good thing.

  21. IMO, Neil gets away with murder because he is a good old Canadian boy, clear and simple. The NHL is such a joke it’s amazing I still watch this crap. I can’t take much more of there incompetence from the NHL refs. This league wonders why they can’t grow the sport, morons.

  22. MSG is replaying the game this morning at ten. Letting you know in case you didn’t get enough agita watching it last night.

  23. I ran into brian boyle’s sister at a game. And neil came up. And Ill say here what I said to her. How a so-called religious and god loving man can play to hurt people out there is so hypocritical and boneheaded. Somebody should poise it to Chris Neil like that on the ice. Guy needs to wake up, practice what you preach

  24. Stranger Nation on

    Out last night and missed game – no reason to watch replay I guess

    Read the board before bed and it seems like a squeaky wheel is not getting any grease and has decided to wage war on others opinions
    Sad…very sad


    Yea and 7-2-1 is with MSL figuring out what he’s gonna be when he grows up. Imagine if the guy started playing like he thinks he can.

  26. Very good, Manny. It’s just that it’s two losses in a row and that I have to chew on that until Tuesday night.


    Carpy, I often say good, great, nice writeup. I think this is one of the best ever, I really mean it. Like Norm, coffee and……Just so explicit, so logical. So well written. So complete. So all encompassing.

    Thank you again and again!!!!!


    AV has two lines working well together. He’s got a ‘2nd’ and a 4th. Enough of the experiments. They work.

    Sometimes certain combinations get the most out of players. Do Brass, Pullout, and MZA (not as much) play as well with any other players?? Same with the 4th?? These combos work. Use ’em.

    Tinker with the other lines. So sad that amongst the 6 forwards that could comprise your 2 ‘complementary lines’, you have your 3 ‘stars’ and ‘#1 center’. Who would have thought it would be hard to get them going????


    Can we play with/beat Pittsburgh in round 2 (if we get there)?

    Can Boston get outed by Detroit? Montreal (that would be fun, but they would beat them to a pulp/submission like they did us last year)? Let’s hope so!

  30. 7-2-1 over the last ten is even more impressive when over that span the rangers have had the leagues worst power play, clicking along at 8%.

    If you counted the times they have cleanly entered the zone on the pp, in the last month, would you need two hands or just one.


    You have to love the brilliance of the NHL in so many ways. Scheduling? This is prime time last week. Ratings? Fan interest?

    In the west there is a pretty big matchup game. It is just about position.

    In the east, our marquee game tonight is ISLANDERS v. Columbus? And Philthy v. Baby Buffaloes. REALLY????? On Sunday before season’s end???

    Gone are the days of important divisional and rivalry games at the last minute.

    Maybe it’s me. Poor planning.

  32. boxcareddiehospodar on

    Until we decide to get someone who can protect our players it is the same old same old.

    Unbelievable we can’t find a goon.

    Tired of watching our best players get the $-i- beat out of them.


    SeeDubb, I believe AV will come to the same realization about BR as Torts did. If he takes him off the PP, voila, it’s 30% better. Not so sure he benches him.

    If that loser isn’t outta here, there’s something wrong.

  34. Oh, btw, everyone should click on the videos up above. Let’s send Carp on a road trip. For some reason he wants to go to Philly !! ??

  35. Sioux-per-man on

    Great review Carp!

    #12 – AV deserves to lose this game, if he thinks Boyle should be on this line. That like putting Pyatt on the top line with Nash. Kristo & St. Louis would be dynamite together. He did win a Gold medal playing with The Kreider & Stepan, you think he would get a game with Kreider out!

    It frustrating beyond belief.

  36. Last nights game was frustrating. I’m gonna meet Mr. Furley over at the Regal Beagle later today to blow off some steam if anybody wants to come.

  37. Stranger Nation on

    Hey – remember when Marty St. Louis was really good and used to torment Hank?

  38. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Great right up!

    Agree at the sad look of a response. Good they did. Pouliot had a very good hit on Neil before the Staal thrashing began!

  39. Stranger Nation on

    Just watched replay of 2nd goal – all three guys on line next to crease with Staal shoots…hmmmm….

  40. Love that point about John Amirante, Carp. The man is wonderful.

    How does the ref not blow the whistle on that Ottawa goal?! I mean geez, it seems like every game, there are plenty of times when the ref loses sight of the puck for a half a second so he blows the whistle. So why didn’t he blow it there?! Where’s the consistency?

  41. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Neil will start getting penalized and scrutinized by the refs and league when he puts on a ranger sweater (s)

  42. Czechthemout!!! on

    4 points in 17 games. Yup, great trade that was. No first round picks, well at least one season in what most hockey experts say may be the best draft ever.

    Good job getting ” value” in a 39 year old who looks like his playing ability fell off of the cliff the moment the trade was annonced.

  43. Stranger Nation on

    Watched replay fo melee
    Both Pullout and MZA checked Neil in corner after the Staal hit.
    Neil, at worst, should have gotten an elbowing penalty.
    Staal – should know that when you jack and cheap shot artist, you need to go for the gusto and fight fire with fire. Tried to take him on straight.\
    Pullout has to be the first to jump in there, not MZA

  44. From the team that has given you Horseteeth, Poopalot and Frodo we now have a newbie: MARTY ST. USELESS !!!

  45. “other” eric, please come up with a different screen name, even if it’s eric2 or something like that. too confusing having two, especially since the other one is a legend :)

    Thanks for the kind words, kids.

    Norm, I’ll cut you in for a percentage if you make it happen.

  46. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I’m going to watch the game again now, especially the end…want to double check what happened at the end.

    While it was nice to see Staal go get another bongo lesson from a bigger drummer, I still have no interest whatsoever in restraining him or his not so good D partner after this season (unless slats has something up his sleeve to get his brothers here as well).

  47. Terrific officiating once again..can’t wait until the playoffs when these morons will really get to show thier stuff..good for Brassard for speaking up…Neil obviously has friends in High places

  48. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    It was one of the wicksters 26th (2nd) birthday party last night so I only saw bits and pieces…


    Been thinking about MSL. He was in such a hissy fit that Yzermann didn’t ask him on to the Olympic Team. Perhaps Stevie Y. knows his stuff more than we thought.

    Maybe MSL will prove him wrong. For now, He looks like he didn’t, after all, belong on that team.

  50. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    It would be nice if the rangers would get a player or two that had a “reputation” of being physical and tough around the league.

    Speaking of, anyone see bordeleau just own the blues last night?


    Last night, Blogmoma asked who was against MZA coming up to the big team this year.

    I was. I was wrong. Could be our best forward. Crow eaten.

  52. Hmmmmmm…move MSL away from Richards.. well, DUH!

    MSL needs to learn how to pkay in this league….maybe he should watch MZA.

    Richards makes the dumbest passes..well I give him kudos for no between the leg passes.

    Best part of the game was seeing some of the guys step in to confront Neal….esp MZA. He has Staal down and keeps throwing punches…the guy has some real mental issues..unlike some other heavy weights in the league who wouldnt throw those punches. Do these guys get checked for steroids..because Neal looks a bit inflated..sort of Dykstra in his Philly days.

  53. Lost my feed last night in the third. And also the signal to the Rangers game [rim shot].

    So I went to look at the replay of the Neal hit and ensuing handbags, ready to glory in the injustice of it all. And granted that the asshattedness of Neal is well established, still, if you switched shirt colors, all we’d be saying is “good hit” and screaming about pansification if there’d been an interference call. Still hate the guy, but that was just hockey — not my favorite part, at all as the resident Lady Byng, but nevertheless: hockey.

  54. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    4 goals 4 assists 105pims -3 159 hits all with an atoi of 6:30


    3 goals 0 assists 43 PIMs 0+/- 56 hits with atoi of 8:41

  55. rangerjhw, to be obnoxious (hate the expression, “not to be…”) allow me poop on your parade. Now, while I believe that Richards put the wrong spin on that dumb pass to MSL for the breakaway, just as he did for Pouliot’s breakaway the other night, somehow, miraculously, StLooey managed to corral it and go in alone on the net. At what point do you credit him, wrong spin and all, for accidentally sending guys in alone?

  56. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I too was against mza, thought our team was too small and too soft without him added (still is with him). He has done well and it’s “cute” seeing him get involved in the physical stuff, it’s just so ineffective.

    I like his effort though.

    I think all the guys to a man on the roster want to win, what infuriates me is to what extent some of the players won’t go (get Falking physical and get involved…play through the whistle) to do it.

  57. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Ok, apparently we need to send out a search for DS370 again, he was clearly not visible on any radar last night (that’s ok though because at least he isn’t our 1C…oh wait)

  58. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Richards does some good things on the ice but, sadly if you’re keeping score, the negative are orders of magnitude higher…

  59. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Carp or anyone at the game
    On the tv broadcast the loudest the crowd ever got seemed to be when scrum with d Moops ensued with about five minutes left…correct?

  60. Can someone explain why Brad Richards has become the spokesperson for this team? And heaven forbid any reporter (mostly MSG) bring up any questions about BR’s pathetic performance on the ice. Head scratcher.

  61. To UKRanger, where ever you are!
    Now you see why I mean Zucc’s is worth more than Hagelin!

  62. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I didn’t think the Neil hit was dirty, it certainly wasn’t charging (he was gliding when he hit Staal), might have been slightly late but that is even debatable IMHO…but punching Staal when he was down was absolute garbage.

    Carcillo and dorsett needed to play more.

  63. Get Richards away from the top tree lines. I’m perfectly fine with D.Moore switching spots with him.

    But AV continues to commit to the guy. Keeps him there and on the point on the PP, because that’s working out really well.

  64. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    At the very end of the game, see how well methot cleared girardi from infront if the net so he had zippo chance at the puck?

    We have several d men that need to learn that

  65. Niel always punches guys when they’re down. I don’t understand why the league allows guys to get away with that. Beyond dumb! Especially after the Thornton/Orpik incident. That’s what can happen when a guy is down and in a vulnerable position.

  66. Carp, going seeing you at the game last night.

    Quick funny story. I got to go to the game last night after winning tickets from Coke. Part of the winnings included going to a pregame meal with some NYR legends and also the opportunity to skate on Garden ice after the game. The event was very well done and it was pretty cool to converse with Gilbert, Anderson, and Fotiu. The best part of the meal was when Rod Gilbert came and sat with with family as we ate. I took my very pregnant wife and my daughter, 8, and son, 6. I don’t know how many of you know this, but my son has high functioning autism, although a lot of the time you wouldn’t even notice it. Anyway, Rod sits down and begins to talk to the kids, and they lit right up. He was very very nice and warm with them. During the conversation my son, not knowing who the hell he is, asked him if he was the Mayor. HAHA. He replied that yes, he is the Mayor of Rangertown. Then he asked my son how old he is, to which he replied, six, and then asked Rod how old he is. Rod said, “I am old, I am 100 years old.” My son’s eyes widened and innocently said, “100 YEARS OLD!?!? Does that mean you are going to die soon??” HAHAHAHA. My jaw dropped at my son asking this legend of the game if he was going to die soon. Rod paused, laughed, and said, “Well you know that is an honest question. Nah, I think I am going to live until 150.” It was hilarious. I thought he was going to just up and walk away after that, but he stayed right at our table and chatted with us, signed pictures and our hats. A win last night would have really capped off an incredible day, but I know my kids will never forget it.

  67. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Awesome bro!!

    Agree again, couple more months and no more secretariat

  68. Nasty, great story. I love Gilbert – he was always my grandfather’s favorite. Seems like NYR do a great job with those sorts of off-ice events.

  69. Stranger Nation on

    Nasty – awesome story, thanks for sharing.
    Gilbert – the mayor of Rangertown!

  70. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Hi Nasty – great story. My daughter has autism so I can relate. Children with special needs are challenging but angelic even in the worst of times…Many days it’s a real struggle I’ll admit but we do what we can….I bet your son is a lovely lil dude….

  71. Carp, I’ve heard it said by Dave Maloney, Daneyko, Milbury, Jones, Paul Stewart et el ad naseaum over the last week and have heard it said by Davidson, Cherry, Messier …….. And I believe it is a valid point and opinion I agree with………

    the lack of respect in today’s game which allows unfetted predators like Neil and Orpick to seek out and attempt to injure players like Staal and Toews is due in large part because the league no longer allows the players to police the conduct of play on the ice.

    IMO, the league needs to step back, loosen the reigns to a degree and let the players on the ice once again have more of roll in protecting the players on the ice. The league should be the protector of last resort, not the first.

  72. Wick @ 12:46

    I agree big time that our D need to be more physical in clearing the net.

    But that particularly play, Giradi made it easy for Methot by taking the inside lane to the net, as Methot was in that lane to begin with. If Girardi instead takes the outside lane and goes hard to the post he has a fat juicy rebound waiting for him to bury.

  73. Start by getting rid of the darn instigator rule. Then trade for Gazdic or Bordeleau

  74. Nasty, great story, thanks for sharing.

    God bless all of you parents dealing with special needs children. To hear you talk about it, he already has.

  75. The fact was that we are 7-2-1 in 10 with an – ahem – “unsuccessful” PP further proves the point I made yesterday that we obsess too much about the importance of a good power play as an indicator of playoff success. Anyone remember when the Debbie’s won the Cup with the leagues’s worst PP. The more important special team is PK and we’re one to the best in the league!

    Otherwise great write up as usual Carp. I hat Neal and it was great to see the boys jumping at him right away. There’s some fire there that will serve us well in the playoffs.

  76. OK, I understand we do not have a physical team and we have actually been playing quite well. But as the McDonough and Stahl hits demonstrate (especially Stahl with his risky physical history)it is going to be open season on the Rangers as they move into and, hopefully, through the playoffs. Vigneault has turned out to be the perfect coach for this type of team but he is playing with fire by not demanding that Sather get some type of enforcer or physical presence on the team.

    Rick, is McIlrath the only guy to fit this bill? And how come this No. 1 draft choice is still in Hartford? Is he gonna be another bust? I’ve been watching the boys for 50 years and I can see either someone getting real seriously hurt during the intensity of the playoffs or the team going out quickly in the first round depending on the physicality of the team they will play–which currently looks to be the Flyers who, despite their recent horrid play, will turn it up big time in the playoffs.

  77. The Neil hit was clean, unnecessary hard, but clean. Staal got caught not paying attention. Good for him for taking on Neil afterwards, and Zucc who is always in the mix standing up for teammates. No enforcer the Rangers could pick up would stop Neil from making that hit.
    Rangers should’ve acted in kind, but didn’t.

  78. Here is my grade on how this particular Ranger team responds when a star player or teammate is targeted and / or subjected to a predatory hit:

    *F as in Fairy Princess*

    (*F- w/o Zuccarello*)

  79. @John S.
    They have Carcillo, Dorsett and Klien who can throw em. Do you want to pick up a goon, so he can watch from the press box with Carp?

  80. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The flyers and pens are going down in flames. If the rangers can avoid the Bruins, we have as good a shot to play for the Cup as anyone in the East. If it turns out that we face the bruins, the rangers need to use their speed like they did in the first period in their last encounter….rangers DOMINATED that period. If our boys can bury their chances, we can beat them too

  81. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Klein can throw ’em fast and furious once he gets agitated….but his stint as a ranger has shown him to be mellow yellow

  82. I agree Johnnyboy that the hit itself wasn’t high or dirty, but it seemed like a textbook charge if you ask me. On one of the replays, Neil skated across the ice in a straight line from nearly the opposite blue line and wrecked him.

  83. Back in the good old days of self-policing, we had Shore ending Bailey’s career, Schultz and the Flyers almost single-teamedly ruining the sport, the Bertuzzi “payback” vs. Moore. So, yeah, as much as the Roman Colosseum denizens want to see more “policing” (translation: huge, concussion-inducing head shots of retribution) there’s only one way to get the garbage out of the game, and that’s to suspend the garbagemen, seasons at time if necessary. But it’s not really the NHL’s fault as much as our own. Every now and again they (and the courts) do the right thing, such as when McSorley’s career was effectively ended after his attempted beheading of Brashear, but as long as we fans continue to bay for blood, pretending we actually DON’T like it when Bertuzzi and Cooke end Moore’s and Savard’s careers — we want the thugs to return to the ice so we can scream at them; as long as we keep tearing back in from the men’s room if there’s a staged fight breaking out; as long as the only real complaint on this site, for instance, is the lack of vigilante justice, the senseless stuff will continue unabated. And we’re not honest about it — it’s not life and death, or hasn’t been yet anyway, but there’s a whiff of public hangings to all this: God, it’s so awful, are you going? You’re right, it’s a terrible thing, yeah, I’m going. Neal and Cooke and the rest are in the league because we fans desperately want them there. We fans and our children.

  84. JohnnyBoy…….I don’t get the “goon” question…. Why does advocating for team toughness seem to translate to some as “let’s go out and find a goon”?

    Perhaps we should continue to deter our opponents from targeting our skilled players (McDonough, Nash, Staal, Zuccarello, Brassard, Stepan) with the fear of a Zuccarello response? Or a Brassard hug?

    FWIW, watching some of the Philly / Boston game yesterday, it appeared to me that Hartnell and Simmonds play a completely different type of game against the Bruins than they do against the Rangers. Much more passive.

  85. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    We have someone who could provide pushback…..let Richards use those massive molars to bite the arms off anyone who touches one of our guys….norm – that’s really funny don’t think? Literally, taking a bite out if crime….

  86. Re: Carp’s #12 – “Gotta add, St. Louis peels away from the net a lot for a guy who has scored so many goals.”

    I’ve noticed that this is a recurrent theme, and not just with MSL. We all know the few who will attack the net. Unfortunately, our ‘too young, too quiet’ former Captain was one of the most fearless at it.

  87. Papa, re: your 2nd paragraph, it will only get worse once playoffs begin. Attention must be payed.

  88. Dalton Gang trying its best to be civil. Ain’t easy with the way we grew up. :)

  89. Wow!! Rick C. will not have to have his shoes shined the rest of the year:-).

    I enjoyed the “succinct” stuff, too. Especially re: 8-million anchor: “creates chances, doesn’t finish.” A great occasional avatarless poster here warned a half-dozen times before the trade that one of a half-dozen reasons not to make it (where are the admissions of guilt from the 100-out-of-a-100 guys…only a few have stepped up so far, no?) was a significant decline in his “finishing” numbers.

    And one of the little yellow raincoat brigade also succinct this Sunday: “…wish he was our our dirtbag.”
    And therein lies the rub….

    One of the regulars was waxing about the good Ranger passing game the other night. I watch only occasionally, and usually only part of a game, and have enjoyed that skill along with him. One of the things I hoped AV would bring, along with a role for guys like MZA. But, I don’t think they pass well enough consistently enough yet. And some nights, they are Torts-we-don’t-practice-that awful. Along with faceoffs, age-old inability to clear puck with poise under pressure (Danny-in-decline since near-Norris work mid 2011-12 had a similar bungle just minutes before the dramatic one), tendency to play on their heels in third with a lead (Tortorella comfort zone when feeling the heat), I am not optimistic they will play-off well.

    I was right about MZA (what a blow that olympic injury!), right, at least so far, about Rash.
    But, oh, was I wrong about MSL. Thought he would at least replace some of Cally’s “spark.” Wow! I’m even worried now, like so many of you commented, that he was close to the finish line, and would coast here next year.
    Wow, again…

  90. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Norm’s brother, no that quick, has arrived on the scene…..neighhhhhhhhhhhh brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  91. What more do we need papa? Dorsett and Carcillo should be enough? Where are you going to find a Lucic or Clowe now? don’t understand what you are looking to add…

  92. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Once the playoffs start, we must hope MSL finds his game. The biggest obstacle MSL faces is getting rid of #19, the white -elephant- horse in the room….till then he’s doomed. Richards is the biggest problem the team has….

  93. Norm:

    And as long as little yellow raincoat brigades say, “wish he was our dirtbag” and honor posters whose name honors
    scum who hate women….

  94. eddie: “That’s not math, that’s arithmetic.” :)

    Reminds me what Truman Capote said about Kerouac: “That’s not writing, that’s typing.”

  95. Norm..I believe you are looking at the wrong play…the pass Richards made thru traffic..oh wait..tried to make thru traffic was intercepted and tasen the other way..and it eventually wound up in the Ranger net…but thanks for playing!

  96. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Arithmetic is where more mistakes occur than anywhere else….the partial differential equation turns to an ordinary differential equation refers back to second semester calculus which turns to algebra and then finally the arithmetic ….

  97. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    RangerJHW – don’t bother with Norm and Richards. That love fest makes no sense….deep down norm knows Richards sucks, he’d rather play the contrarian….


  98. Johnnyboy:

    Not talking about a goon. Having Dorsett, Carcillo, and Klein sure didn’t help McDonough or Stahl, did it? And what was the reaction last night? Do you really want Stahl who could be one concussion away from ending his career taking on a truck like Chris Neil? And Zuch, of all people, stepped in because the guy is all heart. And yet the player he was dancing with just laughed at him because no self respecting player is going to engage a five foot eight player. Rangers used to have player named Orland Kurtenback (I know I am dating myself) who could actually play the game and was a well accomplished fighter, not a goon. No one, and I mean no one took liberties with the boys in the 1970s with Orland around. Look, hockey is a physical game and it involves a lot of intimidation. When you see the size of some of these guys on Boston, San Jose, St. Louis, LA, Dallas etc. you just wonder how are we going to avoid being worn down. Not even from fights. Just the constant hitting and incessant banging like what Boston dished out to the Rangers during last year’s playoffs. It is going to take a toll. I am not talking goonism but toughness and having the right player to take care of a team that is basically one of the softest (and I am not using that as a perjorative) groups of players I’ve ever seen the Rangers assemble.

  99. To the peel-away, some of it seems technical to me. I was coached to shoot off the opposite leg and let the shot’s follow-through take me to the net for potential rebounds. Nowadays, the shots come off the shooting-side foot and the players peel away to that side as a result. Not sure why coaches don’t fight that tendency a little harder, especially in high school and college, where coaches have actual power.

  100. Johnny,

    It’s pretty simple what I would like to see……..players with skill, grit, size, who are fearless , willing to respond, willing to stick up for a teammate, willing to play a man’s game like a man.

    Someone In the mold of Lucic or Clowe would be perfect.

    And, Johnny, I’m fully aware that when I advocate for such, it’s not gonna happen that we find that player(s) for this team, this year.

    It’s more a general call to arms for seasons yet to come.

  101. Gang to Dalton: “What’s for dinner tonight?”

    Dalton. “Nothing. Let’s go rob a bank.”

  102. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Whom is this Rick guy people keep talkin ’bout?

  103. Simplicity itself. When I was a kid, basketball or hockey, was told to follow up the shot. Rare event today in either sport.

  104. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Norm – Shooting with the old wooden sticks is why shooting off the opposite leg was taught….the snap you can generate with these composites allows for “worse” fundamentals…sort of like today’s tennis racquets and the larger sweet spot….someone like Serena Williams and her atrocious footwork and wide open stance would never win a match if she had to use a wooden stick…

  105. Whom, whom! Whom, whom!

    Also, can you say “predicate” on this family website>

  106. Best hockey fighters use both hands. Outweighed by 25 lbs. and giving up 6 inches in height, like Carcillo and Dorsett, it’s all they got. They have to take 2 to get one in, but the left can surprise if you maintain balance.

  107. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    James J Braddock improved his left working on the docks. His right hand was often broken and the left got naturally stronger…

  108. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    And the Cinderella Man became “the new heavyweight champion of the world”

  109. Speaking of docks, the great Dockworker Philosopher, Eric Hoffer, said: “Note well what your enemy threatens you with, because that is what he fears the most.”

  110. Been watching these guys steady since 75 and we have had team toughness only a couple of times….around 1980 and early 90’s played with grit a couple years ago but not that tough. Durning this time we have had numerous games and series we have been run out of the building. It’s just what the NYRangers are. Sad and sickening, everyone knows we need a banging D man and some sandpaper up front but Sather just ignores it. Playoffs are going to expose it big time, because every team knows it. Detroit is the only team on parr with us as soft and we won’t be playing them the way the league has it designed.

  111. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    An old girlfriend’s father caught me in the act and screamed get Hoffer

  112. If you ever wore a yellow raincoat in 2nd grade, you never forget the smell. Leitmotif throughout life.

  113. Stranger Nation on

    Badges? We don’t need no stinking badges!!

    Is the Dalton gang from the Upper east side?

  114. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I’ve been a fan boy since 68-69…..greatest team grit was 73-74 during that Flyer-Ranger series (Rolfe -Schultz being the exception) there were many scrum sand fights that entire series and the stood up for one another….

    The 2011-12 team was the best “all for one….” Team unity that I can recall…,

  115. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    SN – just found a nice 20 room spread on 82nd and 5th….only $120/month

  116. ‘You see, she was gonna to be an actress, and I was gonna learn to fly….’

  117. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I disagree with a couple of things here…

    Toughness does *NOT*have to be some “goon” from yesteryear.

    We talk about playable toughness/intimidation all the time here (some of us do). That is what this team needs, not a player that sits in the press box every game and never plays.

    A player with size, that has a rep as no nonsense, isn’t afraid to hit or drop them, and that can play a fairly regular shift.

    Second, I’m not sure how getting rid of the instigator would result in more concussions. If you are worried about getting concussions out of the game, slow it down and add a bit more clutching and grabbing. Do something with the rock hard plastic pads. You won’t stop every concussion in the league, it’s just not possible in a game of physicality played with big boy pants on. You won’t stop every questionable hit either, but opinions obviously vary on how to reduce them (I still think dropping the instigator rule is the best way to reduce the dirty hits).

  118. Stranger Nation on

    Early 90’s rangers had guys who would drop em, guys who would hit and guys who felt protected as a result. We know how that ended up…

    Prust saying

  119. Rich to AV: ‘Just gimme some time with St Looie and you’ll see what can happen.’

    AV: ‘Why, it’s a LION I see before me!’

  120. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Cats in the cradle and the silver spoon, little boy looking the in moon, when ya coming home dad , I don’t when, we’ll get together then…..

  121. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    The best playable toughness the rangers have had that I can remember is Chris Simon.

  122. I agree with a tough team, we had that 2 – 3yrs ago… different team now. Different approach to the game.

  123. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I will not, and you really shouldn’t even put my name in a post with that award lol

  124. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    SN – I’ll you my flat on 1 5th Avenue right off Washington Sq. Park – $35/month

  125. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Some of those mid 90s teams were fairly tough and I know most of you don’t like to think about that but the pre stupid slats trade deadline moves of 03-04 was a pretty tough team and one of my faves.

  126. I completely agree that the refs step in too much and doesn’t let the players police themselves. The refs essentially protect the offenders. It’s very very stupid. Officiating has gotten worse and worse.

  127. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I think both bordeleau or gadzic would be a capable player in this system. So would Neil or engelland.

  128. Stranger Nation on

    Boomer, Kocur, Wells, Kypreos, Graves would throw em
    Noonan, Matteau, Messier, Kovie and Esa would hit em

    10 out of 15 guys not including Anderson, Larmer, and Lowe who were tough

  129. Yes. Teams have won in playoffs without a good power play. I’d be confident in saying a lot more teams have lost in playoffs because they didn’t have a good PP. A lot. Rangers lost two in a row here they could have won with a good PP.

    And on the policing issue, please tell me the name of the human currently walking the earth who would have prevented the Neil hit. I don’t believe he exists.

  130. Ralph from N.M. on

    Nick Fotieu = don’t know if I spelled it right , but you know who I mean

  131. Guy like Neil has to be approached in warmups so that HE is looking over his shoulder, not the reverse.

  132. Nicky would have tattooed Neil four times while Neil was still searching for a sweater grip.

  133. Do you guys remember Nemchinov’s first fight? When he got to the bench he looked at Mess or Kocur (I forget which) and said “you’re next” … Cracked up the whole team.

  134. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I agree with carp to a degree about not being able to prevent hits like Neil’s (again I didn’t think it was an illegal hit).

    But IMHO if you can match d pairs to forward lines (ie mcdonut and girardi come over the boards to match up with Crosby everytime he is on the ice), then why not have carcillo over the boards everytime Cooke is on the ice.

    If carcillo is occupying/in cooke’s shadow the whole time in “tight man to man coverage”, you will more than likely at a minimum greatly reduce his opportunities to throw “cheap” hits.

  135. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I understand you “limit” putting out a 3 line forward unit by doing this, but AV like to keep 2 Fwds together so it isn’t an issue.

    Or, like having a d pair match up with a fwd, have a fwd line that has some playable intimidation/toughness on it match up with a “problem” player.

  136. Outside of pure goons/policeman more than a 4th liner or 6th D man. Hatfield, Graves, simon, king, bueke, beck,wells. Some board line guys Laidlaw, petite, Mallette. Some guys that were game Johnstone, kiscio, Don Maloney, Dugay, Gresch.
    Not including the big name policeman that couldn’t play all that much, it’s a terrible list for 40 yrs. I know I’m missing a ton, but a lot of the common denominator is we are never the scary team. Once in my lifetime we bullied our way thru a series….The kings in 80 or 81…. Ok maybe the Devils in 92 but we were better than those teams anyway.

  137. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ricardo – one eye glare from Petr Nedved and Neil would whimper like a little puppy

  138. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    The best way to try and match “problem” players IMHO though, is to simply have some players throughout your lineup that can not only protect themselves but can respond effectively for their teammates as well (ie the bruins)

    Again, no way to eliminate/prevent every “cheap” hit, but you can reduce with the right players/attitude.

  139. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Whom , Whom on the range …where the deer and the antelope play

  140. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Nedved used to skate along the red line daring an opposing player to try some rough stuff. At 6ft 3, 120 lbs, toughest ranger to wear the sweater

  141. Only the phony tough guys like Hartnell are kept at bay by guys like Beck, though. Neil wouldn’t change a bit.

  142. Beck effectively had peace on the ice with a whole lot big, tougher, s disturbers than Neil. Brown, Bridgeman, nystrom , gillies, Jonathan, Baxter, tiger Williams and on and on and on. Never did much when Bubba was on and healthy. Settled Carp

  143. leetchhalloffame on

    NY Rangers. Inviting goon attacks without retribution since 1926. Thanks for leaving this team vulnerable Slats.

  144. Especially Baxter. I remember Brown’s first preseason game at MSG he sought out Beck 3x in that 400+ PIM game … Aka the Kleisinger-Froese Patrick-poulin game.

  145. Carp,
    I gotta go out to eat with the family, your usually right on our discord. My last post is so spot on….LoL. Just back up keep your pride and concede. The list is endless and Beck fit the policeman role perfect and scary. The game has changed but fear hasn’t.

  146. “And on the policing issue, please tell me the name of the human currently walking the earth who would have prevented the Neil hit. I don’t believe he exists.”

    Pär Mårts!

  147. Patrick surprised us all….at that game, wild. Beck would be the guy for this team Carp, more than Nicky or Kocur. Play big minutes, PP shot PK clearing of the crease. Burying people in the glass…….working off his 5th suspension probably.

  148. Boyler retaliation: “Why do you have to do stuff like that? Are you antisocial or something? Think about your mother watching this!”

  149. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Every morning at the rink, you’d seem arrive. Stood 6 foot three, weighed 125, kinda narrow shoulder ever more at the hip, everyone knew, you’d give no lip, to Big Petr, big Petr, big bad Petr….

  150. ‘The Whistle” told the story about responding to a complaining on ice player after calling, or not calling a penalty: “So I made a mistake. You make ten a game.”

  151. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Knock knock …Whom’s there?

  152. Richie to AV: “I’m the straw that can stir this drink.”

    AV: “A LION, I say, a LION!”

  153. ‘I believe what you say when you say you’re going steady with nobody else than I.’

  154. Clowe was the missing link, but he turned out, through no fault of his own, to be a frozen sausage.

  155. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Whom Improvement , Whom was looking over the fence?

  156. Waitress – “Garçon means boy.”

    Barney Frank: “Well, bring me one of those, too.”

  157. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    65, I was 17, running up 101
    69, I was 21, and I called the road my own

  158. ‘You just finish cleanin’ up your whom
    Let’s see that dust fly with that broom
    And tell your hoodlum friends outside
    You ain’t got time to take no ride.’

  159. Whom’s on second, What’s at short. Runner on first. Sharp grounder to short. What says, “Whom, can I turn two?”

  160. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Assistant, to Benjamin Franklin: “Man, that’s the key!!”

  161. ‘If I could be with ewe, one hour tonight –
    If I was free to do the things I might…’

  162. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't ewe Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Relax ewe are now Whom , Whom is where the heart is..

  163. I hope that blown point in Colorado doesn’t come back to haunt us in final week in positioning or the mail in game against Carolina.

    Tuesday will be tough game

  164. Carp
    great review….as usual

    did you see Adam Rotter post something about Brassard’s
    penalty? something about Nhl.com listed it as misconduct against sens player……….through all the madness i didn’t even think Brassard even said something to a ref

    yeah, neil is what neil is….and funny how he gets his jollies going after the Rangers
    so a pure goon ala John Scott wouldn’t deter him unless AV wanted to allow him to leave the bench
    but overall team toughness that would stick up for teammates and make an impression (i.e. win a fight)
    would help future situations

  165. Zucc is the toughest guy on the ice. Make him crazy, he won’t duke with you, he’ll just break your ankle.

  166. I hope we don’t have to bring #27 back prematurely. Keep slip sliding and they will do it.

  167. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    I was one whom said MZA should be on this team . I did n’t see the player he is now . No one saw it. Whom would of thought MZA would have been missed after the Olympics? I knew our PP would suffer a bit but hey the little guy IS pritty good. I like how he makes our other players pass better. With Torts , no one passed. They were too scared to pass up a shot. Torts SHOOT FIRST mentality was hurtin Zucco. Now the little Hobbit can pass his brains out without a coach glaring at every move.

  168. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I never thought Zucc was NHL material. Certainly in the playoffs he shrunk and was easily pushed off the puck like without much effort…Happy to be wrong

  169. Nasty!!!!!! That is a most tremendously tremendous story! So happy for you and your son and congrats on number 3….Gilbert rules.

    As does Zucca…..

  170. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Blogmomma . You RULE!!!!


    Nasty’s story WAS Great , Awesome to hear.


    I refuse to root for the Icelanders any time. Even tonight. Screw them. Always.

  172. Rangers West on

    I’ve been impressed with Zucc. Was not crazy about them signing him and thought they should simply trade him. He’s been great and one of the team’s (If not the)most valuable player not named Hank or McDognah. With that said they don’t need Hags, St. Louis, Zucc and potentially Fast all on one team. They need some size. Although St. Louis was arguably the best player traded at the deadline, I am not sure he was the best player for the Rangers. If they were able to get St. Louis at the deadline for Cally why not a McLeod, King or Stewart type player? Guys like Neil and Lucic can win a series against the Rangers all by themselves, just about.

  173. RangerJHW, sorry for the delayed response to your delayed response. I was not looking at the wrong play, I was looking at the play(s) nobody here ever notices, i.e. the good ones, the ones he makes all the time, else why would AV play him more than any other forward? He is not the best player on the team by any means, but it is absurd to claim he’s not a key contributor on a well-above-.500 team, even if it’s not as much as his salary says it should be. The desire for him to be 23, not 33, is a fan’s prerogative, but he is, in fact, 33 and playing like it, pretty well all things considered. It’s about the playoffs, though, and AV’s not going to put him on the 4th line, I bet, or bench him, so we’ll see what he’s got when it counts.

  174. Rangers West on

    Anybody hear any news about THE? Is he out and not back until training camp? Could he return for the Rangers’ second and final round of the playoffs?

  175. Stranger Nation on

    _Only the phony tough guys like Hartnell are kept at bay by guys like Beck, though. Neil wouldn’t change a bit_
    Me thinks Neil is a phony tough guy, purposely seeking out the easy marks and easily intimidated by the real tough guys. While he is not ‘afraid’ to hit, he always is hitting a Staal or McD late or questionably.

  176. Now that we approach the playoffs, teams are actually running #19 now and again. I presume if survives the regular season and he’s hurt in the playoffs we’re still screwed for years.

  177. Neil’s hitting bothers me not. That he tries and is successful with intimidation and late stuff and cheapies makes it mandatory that he and his ilk are countered.

  178. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Richards glides into post position 19. The horses are in the gate……and they’re off.

  179. Stranger Nation on

    Richie Rocket is our best option on the PP point.
    Richie Rocket is our best center 5v5
    Richie Rocket is a back checking machine
    Richie Rocket always hustles
    Richie Rocket cares about the team
    Richie Rocket supports his captain
    Richie Rocket likes to battle
    Richie Rocket will help Marty get going

  180. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I just hope mza doesn’t go all ds370 in the playoffs and disappear

  181. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ritchie Rocket, he can cock it, eat a hot pocket, tease but don’t Mock it, put a sock….on it, the trial and the docket, remember Rick Toccet, haven’t tried it? Don’t knock it…


  182. The Little Zucchini is playing like he believes he belongs in the NHL and can also make a difference.

    He has Confidence (and some balls to match)

  183. Yes, well argued. But nevertheless I shall effortlessly throw some more pearls before you swine tomorrow, at no charge. And so, goodnight.

  184. AV in playoffs to Zucc: “Watch it with those retaliatory stick penalties.”

    Zucc: “Well, put someone on the ice to keep me from gettin’ killed, boss.”

  185. Stranger Nation on

    And there at the starting line….and there off
    Prince Edward Island’s Star trailing the pack followed by Jean Béliveau Trophy and close behind them is Third Round Pick.
    The next group has Ten Year Highlights grouped with Conn Smythe Trophy, Stanley Cup Winner and Lady Byng.
    And down the stretch they come. Big Money Dallas Deal with One Year of Playoffs, Blueshirt UFA tied with Dolan’s Dollars are second grouping.
    In the final furlongs, ECF Finals, No Back check, Untucked and Compliance Buyout are all neck and neck.
    The photo finish TBD

  186. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Stormin Norman – sleep tight and don’t let The Ritchie Rocket bite (you could lose an arm)

  187. The NY media votes for Rangers MVP which isn’t Steven McDonald or Players’ Player. And it isnt Best Player. So I voted for the Little Italian Kid. What do youse think?

  188. I could have gone McDonagh. I just know that 36 kept the Rangers afloat and was the leading scorer and the reason the PP was humming when Nash and Richards and Stepan and a bunch of others were doing squa-zool.

  189. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    You don’t think SATW, mr all world 1C, ds370 is the winner?


  190. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Every so often, maybe once or twice a semester, I’ll have a lecture that just isn’t good. And when it happens, I feel horrible….does #19, feel that way after most games?

  191. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Brassard and Zucchini support one another and one cannot be praised without strong mention of the other….in fact, per wicky’s post, I’d agree and say its on Brassard’s skill more than MZA.

  192. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    ORR – If I was rubbing up against Olivia’s Mums, I wouldn’t feel bad either

  193. 2-0 flyers.

    Isles sabres combined 6-0 tonight. We had zero shot getting any help.

    We better not lose to this awful sabres team thursday

  194. Eric, it’s the last home game of the year, Steven McDonald is there and will make another speech. If they lose to the worst team in hockey on a night like that, they should be banned from the playoffs!

  195. “Eric, it’s the last home game of the year, Steven McDonald is there and will make another speech. If they lose to the worst team in hockey on a night like that, they should be banned from the playoffs!”

    So, we’re losing, right?

  196. Good thing the non Ny media doesn’t vote for MVP or Nash or the rocket would get it.
    I think Zucc is a good choice but I never could have imagined I’d be saying that when the season started.

  197. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Losing record I think.

    I work tomorrow, but must of the ‘heads love them and if they are as inefficient as the embellisher nanny is at their job, you will have a long and well attended charp ;)

  198. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Wicky – I think nanny is unemployed. No way one can post that much from work,..

  199. Can’t imagine it was good from ’97-03, Voice.

    Yeah, the embellisher will probably have nothing better to do, Wick. :)

  200. @rangersreport

    Rangers getting a ton of help from those other two fine, well-run NY State hockey franchises. (sarcasm).


    Islanders and Sabres going through a lot of stamps tonight.

  201. Rangers should take care of business and not lose to inferior garbage at home like last night. Probably better off not having home ice

  202. Just saw that Rob. Those morons probably cost themselves a chance to have a game next year or maybe beyond.

  203. Rob in Beantown on

    Yeah. Pretty dumb that they couldn’t play a charity hockey game without that happening.

  204. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    If Scott was on the ice when Rinaldo delivered the hot, *then* I agree with carp ;)

  205. Mrs Pimp just said that this bush-league Rangers squad isn’t going anywhere without THE KREIDER in the lineup.

    She is wise.

  206. Carp
    i voted for Zuc for Steve McDonald
    turned out to be what we told before he arrived and much more
    yes McD is blossoming into Norris territory
    Zuc resuscitates a fairly comatose offense
    and shows more heart
    that 95% of the team
    and on a consistent basis


    JPG, thanks much for relaying Mama’s info on Bruce.

    Made my day, week, month!! Needed a fix. Just discussing he’s gotta be announcing a tour to these parts soon.

    Rising into Land of Hope and Dreams……….ahhhhh…..

    ALmost as good as Bertha into Good Lovin’ into Playin’…….


  208. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I got to move…..really got to mo ooo ooove, I’m on bended knee, Bertha don’t ya come around here anymore…

  209. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I left Marty St. Louis, city of blues. In the midst of a storm I’d rather forget…

  210. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Moses stood up a full 6 ft ten, said ya close the door when the walls cave in…

  211. Carp why do you need reinforcement on your choice for the Steven McDonald award.?? you know you made the right choice. The hobbit is by far the winner


    Man, watching them in Dallas, It’s clear we know his music and love him more in the streets of Jersey!!!!!!

  213. Matty
    going to what should have been the
    tour opener in Cincy

    looking forward to being
    soul enriched
    and exhausted
    after 3 hours or so….


    No Stevie, this show. Glory Days a bit rough…..bug we’ll deal!!

  215. i’m guessing Steve is filming his tv series….i guess

    yeah, when you with a direct soundboard link and have real live rock ‘n’ roll with all the piped in pre-recorded vocals you’re bound to run into a rough spot here and there.
    kind of shocker ’cause we’re not used to it.
    i’ll take it!!!

    g’night all!!!!!

  216. Stranger Nation on

    Top 10 List: Bench clearing brawl NYPD vs. FDNY charity game:
    10. Overtime is not paid at time and a half
    9. Someone call the cops, a fight broke out
    8. That’s a Five Alarm Donnybrook
    7. Instigator charged with First Degree Assault
    6. The Cops win in a shoot-out
    5. Fireman upset their player got hosed
    4. Went to a charity event and a hockey fight broke out
    3. Need to re-institute No-beer on bench policy
    2. Fireman goalie makes the best saves

    1. NY Bravest + NY Finest = NY Dumbest

  217. Not the Steven McDonald, lone. That’s chosen by fan vote.

    I voted for Zuccarello for team MVP.

    And I don’t need reinforcement, though I think McDonagh might win both, and would be a fine choice.

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