Senators at Rangers … It’s Go Time!


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Senators at Rangers.


Ya boys can clinch a playoff spot by getting a point in any of their last four games, or via both the Devils and the Maple Leaves failing to win out. More importantly, they are two wins away from clinching a spot in the 2-3 first-round matchup.

The Rangers can clinch a 2-3 seed first-round matchup with two wins in their last 4, or if Columbus gets fewer than 7 points in its last 5. If the Rangers win just one more game, they get the 2-3 seed by Columbus failing to get nine of 10 possible points.

I think that’s all correct. I will ask Captain Obvious. Or any of youse. I will happily fix it if you find a mistake (eric).

Here’s how I look at the standings before tonight’s games, regarding the Rangers’ clinching and getting the 2-3 seed:

2-Rangers 91 points (39 ROW), 4 left.
3-Philly 87 points (36 ROW), 5 left (97 maximum points).
WC-Detroit 88 points (32 ROW), 5 left (98 maximum points).
WC-Columbus 85 points (34 ROW), 5 left (95 maximum points).
Toronto 84 points (29 ROW), 4 left (92 maximum points).
Devils 82 points (33 ROW), 5 left (92 maximum points).
(Washington can still get a wild card but can’t catch the Rangers).

The Rangers are 7-1-1 in last nine. After tonight, there are three games left — Carolina Tuesday and Buffalo Thursday, both at MSG, then a season finale in Montreal Saturday.

Ryan McDonagh (shoulder) remains out day to day. Brian Boyle is expected to move up, probably for some wall presence and defensive responsibility that’s been woefully missing from the Brad Richards-Martin St. Louis line.

Henrik Lundqvist starts in goal against Robin Lehner and the Senators, who are barely mathematically alive for a wild card.

Other games that could matter today/tonight:

Boston 5, Philadephia 2; Washington at Islanders (in progress); Devils at Carolina (7 p.m.); Detroit at Montreal (7 p.m.); Winnipeg at Toronto (7 p.m.).


After the game, vote for the Three Rangers Stars in the poll on the left.

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  1. Thanks Bettman, for making something as easy as eight playoff seedings ridiculously difficult to figure out.

  2. As I learned today, it was the NHLPA that overruled Bettman, who didn’t want to pick that fight before the CBA negotiations. They were pissed that top-four in each division might not be fair because some divisions had seven teams and some eight. When, in actuality, the eighth team isn’t a factor at all in any playoff race ever. So they were wrong, and he obliged them.

  3. You’re right Carp, Duguay isnt any better than those two.

    Caps have come back to tie it.

    No Elias, Clowe, Henrique or Josefson for Devils today.

  4. It’s easy to stay pissed at him. Wait till he starts telling us how great things are and what better time for expansion. Get ready for Quebec and Seattle.

    Howie Rose:

    Adam Oates’ suit from the Al Capone collection

  5. You guys should get in on this, seriously :)


    Send me your predictions for tonight’s game using #NJDevilsGWG! Correct answers will have the chance to win a t-shirt!

  6. LOL at the MZA interview recalling Sather calling him in Norway.

    Sather: Hey Mats this is Glen Sather we need someone to give the puck to Gaborik

    MZA: Oh wow hello ye i know a couple of guys that may be interested

  7. Larionov’s daughter asks Zucc if he and Hagelin have a bromance. Zucc should have replied like the “Most Interesting Man in the World”:

    “I don’t know what that is”

  8. Habs points don’t count as much because over half of them were earned in a foreign country.

  9. If Martin St. Louis doesn’t score the winning goal tonight, I will not watch the rest of the regular season.

  10. @WolfPackAHL

    Not even four minutes in and Dylan McIlrath drops the gloves with Bobby Robins and the crowd is fired up! #HWP

  11. Carp
    on tv (CBC broadcast)
    the crowd sounds interested
    and kinda loud in spots

    just good mic placement or no cellphone policy tonight?

  12. hey Sioux!!!

    starting to think
    if i’m going to watch
    the game and talk to myself
    i can just do that
    without typing

  13. Sam called St. Louis’ shot wide, but I think it Lennar saved it.

    Joe said he ran into Chris Neil before the game.

  14. *Carp* – any numbers out there on what Boyle will sign for?

    I was curious if he was going for PRUST numbers, and the Rangers might let him walk.

    Any news from your side of the fence?

  15. Boyle: “Neil, if you continue this, we will drop the gloves and you can bludgeon me.”

  16. Sioux, I wrote the other day that he’s looking for $2.5 per for four, which might happen someplace else, but won’t happen here. Maybe that’s just a starting point and he’ll negotiate, unlike the former young, non-vocal captain.

  17. is it me or does 99% of sens chances seem like quality
    and dangerous ones
    Rangers seem slightly better than
    in the goalie’s chest?

    well….now it’s 2-0

  18. This will be one of these nights. Got the feeling

    Unreal win a freaking faceoff it’s a major problem

  19. well,
    here’s hoping that
    this ugliness ends quickly
    so i can go
    see Captain America
    and forget about it

  20. If any of you thought getting this pt be easy nothing comes easy for this team.

    Holes everywhere in there own end .

  21. Looks like the boys are still feeling the effects of all that glaucoma medicine they brought home from Denver.

  22. Ottawa has nothing to play for. They are 6 points out with 5 games remaining and they have to leapfrog 5 teams.

  23. Carp

    You have the answer to the lack of urgency of the Rangers so far tonight? Linda Cohn says you have the answer.

  24. Let’s see if Dorsett challenges Neal during play.

    Still, since Prust left town, no one will go with Neil.

    What a disgrace.

  25. Tell you, I was pretty down after that period but then…..

    Bay Ridge Honda

    Yahtzee !!

  26. iDoodie Machetto on

    Woof. Don’t like the d pair switching. Stick Moore in mcd’s spot and leave the other pairs alone. Just balance out the usage to compensate for mcd being so much better than moore

  27. Ya just knew Neal was coming to NY as always to abuse this team. It’s a serious issue and the playoffs may expose it with a couple of teams.

  28. Biron is very good on TV. Smart, funny, but not a clown who wears drapery and an earring.

  29. Clear the freaking puck.

    That all starts with richy trying to thread a pass in offensive zine

  30. what the fargggg?!?!?
    amazing how refs don’t give Rangers
    any leeeway with freezing the puck!!!!

    what a bunch of horse-cooke!!!

  31. I tie it at 2-2 and never have that mess on front of Hank. How do u miss that? Again

  32. i blame that goal on
    and that’s TWO
    piece of cooke passes
    that caused the team to go scrambling

  33. Between the pass and the lack of effort in front, any sub-25 year old or sub $4MM player would be nailed down.

  34. “Sure he played a terrible shift and it led directly to a goal … but boy is it like you guys to point it out.”

  35. amazing how refs
    have consistently whistled the puck when
    it was out of view
    while ref was behind the net and puck was
    somewhere around Hank’s jockstrap
    play goes on
    and sens are allowed to poke at the puck

  36. Richie’s fault Richie’s fault Richie’s fault Richie’s fault Richie’s fault Richie’s fault Richie’s fault Richie’s fault Richie’s fault Richie’s fault Richie’s fault Richie’s fault Richie’s fault Richie’s fault. That ought to cover the next two minutes at

  37. Norm, will you admit Logan Couture’s goal for SJS in the Sunday 1-0 several weeks ago was Richie’s fault?

  38. I guess you hope MSL gets a goal in his first playoff game, wipes the slate clean and gets going. All we can do is hope. The Richie thing is just not working though

  39. Norm: [eats too much chili, throws up all over the floor, the 5th time he’s done it this month]

    Norm’s wife: “Again??? Dammit, Norm!!!”

    Norm: “Oh, _of course_ you have something to say when I eat too much chili and throw up all over the floor. Sooo typical.”

  40. Norm………

    if you didn’t see the blind backhand -clear- turnover by Richards up the center of the zone which Karlsen picked off just before the Senators 3rd goal…..time to take your Richie Blinders Off.

  41. Actually [insert bonehead logic processor] it’ all Zook’s fault because he’s -1.

  42. Such charming knuckleheads here. When you scapegoat, you can’t recognize when you’re doing it. I know you guys actually believe what you say, so knock yourselves out. In the meantime, LGR!

  43. Norm @ 8:39 “Actually [insert bonehead logic processor] it’ all Zook’s fault because he’s -1.”

    Yes. But he’d be even if Richards didn’t make “the blind backhand -clear-turnover up the center of the zone which Karlsen picked off just before the Senators 3rd goal”

  44. Latona, sorry, missed your question. Answer: No. It’s ALL Richie’s fault.

  45. Logic is rarely employed here. “Boyle is the best Rangers player because he plays defense and the penalty kill.”

  46. Carp
    I will say this, Richards hasn’t sucked defensively as much as some other guys tonight.

    April 5th, 2014 at 8:43 PM

    Maybe Carp. But here’s no disputing that he did make “the blind backhand turnover up the center of the zone which Karlsen picked off just before the Senators 3rd goal”

  47. Rangers are so close!

    Just once if we had a guy in front of the net, to clean up. (Parise would have been there)

  48. 3-0 the team that’s not the 3rd best in the conference against the best coach in hockey’s team.

  49. MSG laying it on thick.

    Zucc for the Steven MacDonald extra effort award. Ive seen this coming all year.

    #campaigning haha

  50. It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to.

  51. Benn and Seguin have been awesome for Dallas. Scary if they can solidify the team around them!

  52. maybe just maybe, girardi can get his due with that award now that cally is gone? nah..

    Nah MSG gotta put over the exciting offensive dynamo replacement for cally. Zuc has been a good story but the coverage at is ad naseau

  53. I had Florida to win it all.

    But if UConn would have HAD 3 more points I could have been happy!

  54. This guy at my job had Florida. I told him, before it started, to bet on UCONN. He disagreed. He’s a loser now.

    In his defense I also told him to ride VCU to the elite 8.

  55. What’s with all the basketball talk? Is this the fastest 150 seconds in the National Hockey League?

  56. My school was the first or one of the first in on Brimah and in his final group but UConn was just too big and prestigious. Very sad face.

  57. just a reminder that
    despite a love for lower case letters
    not of

  58. Matty"MARTYSCORED!!!!!!"Boy on

    Richards with the great pass to Ottowa. He’s good for a reverse assist a night.

  59. that was kinda bizarre
    Girardi giving
    MSL a push with his hockey stick
    to hurry up and get up ice

  60. “Prust is missed because the Rangers have not advanced to the East Finals since he departed for Montreal”

  61. “If Brassard played with even a B- level finisher, he’d have 100 assists.”

    If Brassard were even a B- level finisher, he’d have 100 goals.


    Clearly, Richards has been a ‘shot in the arm’ for MSL.

    “Yeah, AV, I am the one that can get him on track”.

    Uh, Rocket-Boy, that was a decade ago.

  63. Totally, Latona, but that’s not his thing. My wife never asked me to breast feed, you know?

  64. I predict we tie this with less than 90 seconds left. The Foxwoods Final 1.5, if you will.

  65. Karlsson is sooooooo mad he had to play defense rather than just take point shots.


    We don’t need no Chris Neil, we got Dom Moore.

  67. Got to love the teams who play spoiler roles like its playoff for them. Also can the Rangers please learn how to shoot in the off season. They get a lot of chances but don’t know how to bury them.


    Nice to see this kind of desperation!! Good job, boys!!

  69. You can always tell which guy on the other team is the pretend toughest because he’s always the first to get physical with Zucc.

  70. Thank god it was this line (or the 4th) on when that happened or else Staal would have gotten zero support.


    Welcome to being out muscled by any team. Than you, Glen.



    Neil is not a repeat offender, right? According to Shanahahahahahan.

  74. No need for any grit Hun? At least Zuc threw the extra one on Neal, stuck together but they need a big boy in a bad way.

  75. Staal needs to get his gloves off before he goes at Neil. He could get killed like that. Can’t grab and hold.

    he knew who he was hitting
    cheap dirty bastard!

  77. Let’s penalize Staal extra for getting charged and then getting punched while laying on the ice!

  78. Next time someone talks about wishing we had Chris Neil, remember this. The guy is a piece of “it”.

  79. Recipe for beating the Rangers. Just get real nasty with them, they can’t answer.

  80. How can’t you make that even? Neil with the late hit throwing punches and gets 2?????

  81. Wait so exactly did you want to jump off the bench to “protect” Staal and get suspended for 10 games?

  82. The league has protected Neil forever now. He must know someone on the inside. He gets to run around and do whatever he pleases.

  83. nancie pants on

    nhl officiating at its finest. sadly rangers have so little toughness that zucc has to answer. turris and neil own nyr. why have dorsey and carcillo if not use them? oh cuz we r going to win this with our stars


    Those calls did not make sense. They don’t want Staal retaliating. I get that.

    But a bee line to hit someone, especially from Neil is a charge. Punching a guy while on the ice? What’s that?

  85. 5 career regular season points in half a season, -8, but Chris Neil “owns” NYR. No, he just take perpetually unpunished cheapies against NYR. Big difference.

  86. Matty I despise people that hit when a man is down.

    Full Bench Brawl should follow!!!

  87. Hank had to make it look like he’s the oil one doing something right. Any other. Hollie would be aware to get it up ice.

  88. I can’t wait until someone, whatever team, finally gets sick of Neil and slashes his achilles in half.

  89. I hope Sather slinks in his chair every time when of these situations happen. Teams run the rangers bc there is no one to who is gonna punch back in the mouth. I can’t believe this crap.

    And its crap carp, that no one is gonna prevent some of these guys from running guys. you know how it work, you run my guys, my guys run your guys. then your skill guys tell you to quit it, bc they are the ones who get targeted. This is crap.

  90. Thorton hits Orpik while down, gets 20 games.

    Neil hits Staal while down, Senators get a power play?

  91. “I can’t wait until someone, whatever team, finally gets sick of Neil and slashes his achilles in half.”

    Matt Cooke, perhaps? He has a penchant for doing that to Senators.

  92. Sioux- yeah mac is literally the MVP and the Steven Macdonald award winner. But I have a feeling with it being a fan voted award, you might see Zucc get the votes.

  93. If only AV would put KRISTO in with St. Louis and Richards. BOYLE is not the answer.

    That was the Rangers weakest link.

    I hate to lose. But the kid keeps scoring goals “down below” ….. and our answer is Boyle????

    Seriously. Pisses me off.

  94. That initial hit by Neal was enough for supplemental discipline. Let alone the punching while down.

  95. Very classy stuff guys.

    Still waiting for an answer as to who was supposed to jump off the bench and “protect” Staal after the fact and get suspended for 10 games.

    Or is a Gazdic/Bordeleau playing on a line with Zuccarello and Brassard?

  96. Not that type of player, Romeo. You can’t be that type of player until you become that type of player and its tough to become that type of player when you’ve established you’re not that type of player.


    We lost a chance to tie Tampa Bay for 4th. That sucks. Would love to finish ahead of Callahan.


    Papa, all along we have been, and we still are….vibin’.

    Really sad. Scary to see how the injuries could pile up.

  99. Manny, Neil’s a bag. Covet a guy who plays hardass and legal and doesn’t run around targeting the blind sides of skill players then looking to pair with non-fighters.


    OK, ok, is it me, or does Marty Biron have some golf balls stuck in his cheeks?????

  101. Mcllrath isn’t really a good fighter. I don’t even think he’s an agitator. He’s a physical D-Man who plays hard in open space and makes big open ice hits.

    Like Phaneuf without the skating ability.

  102. Carlson must be in estrus refs trying to buy him a drink no 3rd man in? Right , call it on the Rangers absolutley no bias bs LGR! Really I know the ref’ sucks but when does reality set in?

  103. Slats Revere should tell Jerry Dineen to send Shanny a slow motion video compilation of the hit and Neil’s actions.

  104. actually mister d, being able to have your way with a team (like i did with your wife) without any fear of retribution is exactly the definition of “owning” someone (again, like i did your wife)

    suck it


    The going gets tough…..and Richards gets lost.

  106. Silly me.

    I thought the officiating in this game was pretty decent, in the “they’re letting them play the game” playoff type mindset.

    However, the calls off of the Neil play. Unbelievable. These refs are professionals??

  107. Rob in Beantown on

    Neil hit was not clean in my opinion. I dont see how the refs dont at least even up the penalty calls. Neil was punching Staal while he was down on the ice. I dont get it.

  108. Neil is a bag but he should be OUR bag.

    But we play a stupid style
    Of Hockey with a lineup that leaves our ayers vulnerable.

    But whatever. We will clinch so enough.

    7-2-1 in our last 10. It’s pretty good.

  109. Why didn’t Giannone ask Richards about the “blind backhand turnover up the center of the zone which Karlsen picked off just before the Senators 3rd goal”


    That’s some Derbils lineup. If they make the PO’s, they’re out in 4. That would be a ‘bye’ for Boston.

  111. Maloney said no penalty was announced. And SalmonJoe didn’t announce any for him either.

  112. Bros-Hard was third man in, like Dubinky in the playoffs. Game misconduct.

    It’s amazing. Niel hits Stahl, and gets Stahl, Bros-Hard and MZA out of the game.

    Can’t believe they lost to another one of these garbage team!

  113. Oh. Then I’m lost. If brassard is hurt then we are in huge trouble.

    No McDonagh
    No Brassard
    No Kreider

  114. I want to apologize to cursing, and also for personally directing a negative comment at a poster. LEV I apologize.

  115. Would Brassard be required to body slam the Gatorade if it was a third man in situation?

  116. Malt @ 10:00: Its pretty well known that when my wife steps out of our relationship, she targets really doughy, bad smelling and super creepy dudes who wear their insecurities on their sleeves. So, congrats for getting picked, man. Way to go.

  117. If Zuccs skill and onions were wrapped in Boyle’s frame he would be our Crosby. He’s a top forward and the only one willing to come to a team mates defense. Too bad he’s tree foot tree.

  118. Maybe the linesmen thought Brassard was the one who hit Staal and he obviously deserved to be tossed?

  119. Like they confused Brassard with Neil and gave him a misconduct for the obvious charge?

  120. If anyone on this team coasted like ovechkin has been. Fans would be screaming for his head.


    Hard to believe with the quality of this officiating crew that they could have officially left out the game misconduct to Brassard. (SSSS)


    Yeah, Peter, you have character, but you ain’t got the players……….

    RIP Devils.


    Paccioretti for Nash AND how many 1st rounders????


    Ok, so maybe it’s not golf balls. But doesn’t it look like Biron has marbles in his mouth???/


    If Richards is in Stan Fischler’s Hockeys top 5 smart players. I will projectile vomit at my tv.

  126. Depends on the first goal, which I missed. Neither the second nor the third was something a defenseman could have reasonably prevented.


    Yes, he would have, Manny. But we lost the game.

    If there were real ref’s, we would not have been shorthanded late in the game.

    But, we lost.

    No problem.

  128. If the refs were focused at the end, we have atleast a 2:00 powerplay with 2:30 to go. Just an unbelievable miss compounded by actually reversing the advantage.

  129. Good question Manny. I don’t think so. We had forty shots and just couldn’t cash.

  130. At least Kreider would have hit, and injured, the Senators other goalie. He did it once before…

  131. The more I think about Matt Moulson the more the number I’d be ok w/ for him goes up. A mucky close-in finisher would be really nice on this team.

  132. Mister, and you guys would all be complaining about what a horrible power play the Rangers had with 2:30 to go.

  133. Stranger Nation on

    Moulson not afraid in front. This team needs some players in front of the net

  134. I’m a fan of Moulson at around $5M. Really. We need a guy who can hang around the net and finish.

  135. Moulson would probably go from “finisher” to “finished” if he signed with the Rangers.

  136. Speaking of finishers……..Based on the 15 games or so we’ve seen of him, St. Louis looks pretty finished too.

  137. Probably, Papa, but its a good profile for us to pay if we’re looking to pay someone a solid chunk of the Richards’ cap hit.

  138. He’s capable, no question. I was referring to those long absences from the score sheet which were common is his non forty goal seasons.

  139. That Ping that the Chinese ship is detecting in the Indian Ocean could be my old pitching wedge that I tossed into the Pacific from the 18th apron in West Australia twelve years ago.

  140. To date, that’s a bad comp. Nash is basically our Gaborik now, putting up the cumulative numbers but falling into role where there are far too many zero or worse performances.

  141. I think Moulson’s going to be the archtype guy that I wish we’d matched or better if we miss him or 25% less if we sign him, Manny.

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