Rangers at Avalanches … It’s Go Time!


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Game 78.avalanche
Rangers at Avalanches.


Ya boys have won two in a row and seven of the last eight (even if the loss in that stretch caused the predictable mass hysteria here).

The Rangers enter action with a three-point lead on third-place Philadelphia (the Flyers have two games in hand, the Rangers have the tiebreaker by three regulation/OT wins) and a seven-point lead plus a runaway in the tiebreaker on Columbus, which has two games in hand. The good news: Columbus plays a huge game at Philly tonight.

The Rangers have won a club-record and NHL-leading 25 road wins, with six victories in their last seven on the road. After tonight, the Rangers come home for a three-game homestand (Ottawa Saturday, Carolina Tuesday, Buffalo Thursday) then finish the regular season next Saturday in Montreal.

They will be without Ryan McDonagh (shoulder) tonight, but coach Alain Vigneault said that McDonagh — hurt in a late-game, not-disciplined, predatory high hit by Alex Burrows in Vancouver Tuesday — is day to day.

John Moore (concussion) will return to the lineup in McDonagh’s spot on the left with Dan Girardi. Otherwise, same lineup for the Rangers. Justin Falk and Ryan Haggerty are prucha’d, and J.T. Miller was assigned to Hartford (AHL) yesterday. Martin St. Louis is on a one-game goal-scoring streak.

Henrik Lundqvist starts in goal against coach Patrick Roy’s Avs, who have won four in a row. The Rangers beat the Avalanche 5-1 in their only previous meeting, in February at MSG.

Other games that matter tonight:

Columbus at Philadelphia (in progress).


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  1. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    QQQrazy – I’ll keep smoking what I smoke and you keep swallowing those crazy pills you like to swallow!! Deal?

  2. Agree carp.

    If I had my choice though I want a flyers win in regulation but won’t be that upset if jackets win as long as regulation

  3. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Slatsko – werd. When the flyers play the pens, one hopes for both teams to spontaneously combust

  4. LGR!! Win one for Mac Truck. Do votes for R. McDonagh in the poll count for JMoops?

  5. ORR – true story. I lost my front tooth to a 9yr old playing hockey.

    Fathers vs Sons, remember your never to cool to wear your mouth guard.

    Lesson learned.

  6. Eddie, exactly right re: Lucic creating confidence and balls for teammates.

    If he were McDonughs teammate, Burrows would have been minus a few chicklets.

    And…….Next guy who gets a chance to run McD, might consider the payment first.

  7. Mrs Sioux says she could never live in New York, but loves to visit it. She can’t take the large crowds. I wanted to go to the ticket tape parade when the Giants won the Super Bowl, she had about an hour of packed streets and we had to get out of there.

    I wanted to “experience” Kats deli the last time we were there. Now that just flat out WAR, to get in, get a sangwich, and to find a table. As good as it was, she didn’t enjoy any part of it.

    So I get where Nash is coming from, when he says New York is a place he wouldn’t want to live.

    You would think you could adapt when you make $7M a year. Right?

  8. Stranger Nation on

    Avs had talent and now they have a leader – P Roy. A coach has to give what the team can’t five itself.

  9. Stranger Nation on

    Henk may need to stand on his head tonite.

    Is D Moore still with Richie and marty?

  10. hoping for the best tonight but
    not in a positive mood after another
    headache day
    i’m in a foul mood

  11. The Lucic Clarkson “fight” was about a 3 second scrap with Lucic throwing a punch as Clarkson was falling to the ice. Not worth waiting for.

  12. Gravy – funny how you aren’t eating your TV dinner already. I’ve lost my top 3 guys :(

  13. noticed several rangers tripped, no call. I bet you the rangers will get called for a soft penalty coming up. The rangers need to bury some of those point blank, close in shots but happy with there play so far.

  14. well, there you go, no call again on another penalty that should have been called against the AVS but of course the rangers get called for a penalty, nhl truly blows chunks.

  15. Stranger Nation on

    Salmon Joe only cheer the Big money players on the team; Staal, Richards, Nash, St. Louie and seem surprised when anyone else does something good.

  16. Does this mean Rick Nash Superstar can run guys without the puck and get away with it?

  17. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    So basically ilb’s 4:06 post on the last thread is exactly what I have been saying all along!!

  18. I would pay to see rick nash run anybody with or with out the puck, I’m confident I won’t see that happen anytime soon, if at all.

  19. Jackets 2 pts back of flyers for 3rd both 6 games left. Phil has many 2 more ROW wins

  20. @rangersreport

    Don’t look now, Flyers have won one of their last six (with a couple of skills losses).

  21. come on rangers, very big points here tonight. Columbus is now knocking at the door, keep winning.

  22. “When they make a pass and take a shot, that’s when they’re most effective.”

    Thanks, Joe! Wasn’t sure.

  23. _Nash would like CBJ-NYR first round.

    “Good,” he might say._

    “I’m really fired up for this,” said Nash, attempting, but failing, to stifle a yawn.

  24. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I’m on break at work, so not sure how my boy bordeleau is doing :/

  25. CBJ remaining:

    Fri Apr 4, 2014 Blackhawks Blue Jackets
    7:00 PM FS-O Tickets
    Sun Apr 6, 2014 Islanders Blue Jackets
    6:00 PM FS-O Tickets
    Tue Apr 8, 2014 Coyotes Blue Jackets
    7:00 PM FS-O Tickets
    Wed Apr 9, 2014 Blue Jackets Stars
    8:30 PM FS-O
    Fri Apr 11, 2014 Blue Jackets Lightning
    7:30 PM FS-O
    Sat Apr 12, 2014 Blue Jackets Panthers
    7:00 PM FS-O

  26. Talk about a ranger flyer 2-3 could you imagine rangers jackets 2-3 with all that happened buckle up.

  27. Stranger Nation on

    Pullout with good puck possession battle behind net, MZA with a great pass across, Moops with a nice blast, and Bros-Hard with great screen.
    That was a pretty 5v5 goal

  28. Wick, not very good , both MSL and Zucc both giving him the business and he’s just taking it, very soft.

    Winky face.

  29. If November Mister D could hear April Mister D’s thoughts on Pouliot, he’d probably faint and barf.

  30. As long as the Rangers win one playoff round, this season will be a success.

  31. Roy got a damn good system in place, not easy to play against them, so far they are basically outplaying us easily.

  32. CraigWeather on

    Look a bit disjointed without Mac’s outlet passes…. and well, you don’t need me to tell you they look as soft as baby poop. Lucky to be up by a goal..

  33. Am I the only guy here who has no idea what this “Moops” business is all about?

  34. Carp – that is a terrible stat for our Centers.

    Manny can we have one of the Yotes centers now. They win 16 draws a game.

    Ask Gravy :)

  35. Toronto def ranger pushes Bergeron into bernier gets him hurt leaves game injured Reimer coming in with a bruin pp.

  36. Paul Ranger pushed Bergeron into Bernier and Bernier is leaving the game. Cant put weight on his leg

  37. Spot on Tommy!

    However, I think it is a coach trying to send the player a message, to work harder on his game on and off the ice.

  38. I imagine he’s trying to push the kid to wake up, tommy. Probably exasperated over his lack of progress (and perhaps conditioning). Not like AV to just rip into somebody publicly without a reason.

  39. Richie takes a hit! Great Googamooga! Did Slats, seeing that, text AV to move Carcillo onto his line?

  40. McD talking with NY media in pressbox ——>


    McDonagh just told NY writers he’s “confident” he’ll be able to return to play before playoffs begin.

  41. Norm, I think someone once mis-typed Moore as Moops and ever since John Moore is JMoops and Dom Moore is DMoops. Maybe I’m wrong.

  42. @NYP_Brooksie

    McDonagh says he does not have full range of motion. “My goal is to be back for playoffs.” Says relieved injury was not worse.

  43. @AGrossRecord

    McDonagh also calls Burrows’ hit on him a “tough hit.” Adds “You never know what the true intent of a player is.”

  44. @AGrossRecord

    McDonagh: “I’m going to play as soon as I feel confident I can.” Says he won’t rest even if Rangers have clinched berth

  45. I imagine than that means McDonagh suffered a deep bruise to the shoulder and needs a week to recover.

  46. what did AV say about Miller?

    if it was posted earlier
    just give me the time and i’ll go back on this post

  47. coos, it’s a Seinfeld thing. George was playing Trivial Pursuit with the Bubble Boy, and the card had a misprint. The correct answer was Moors, but the card said Moops. So George and the Bubble Boy had a huge fight.

  48. Norm, it’s a classic Seinfeld reference. A misprinted Trivial Pursuit answer had the Moops printed instead of the correct answer which was the Moors.

  49. jpg:

    Larry Brooks ?@NYP_Brooksie 7h

    Vigneault says “hopefully Miller will figure it out…if not he will be a good minor league player.”

    Retweeted by Rangers Report
    Larry Brooks ?@NYP_Brooksie 7h

    Vigneault says McDonagh is “day to day.” Coach also says JT Miller “must show more committment on and off ice to earn right to be in NHL”

  50. these are the types of shots rangers need to bury, point blank ranger, had 2 in the 1st period.

  51. Norm, totally agree, rangers when they have these types of chances have to bury them or they will eventually lose this game.

  52. Carp, so you are saying Avs are not outplaying us?

    I hate how AV is treating Miller. The guy played fine, what is his issue with him? Why is he trying to label him as a defensive liability?

  53. @JimCerny

    McDonagh’s arm was not in a sling..says most important thing b4 he can start working out again is to regain range of motion in the arm

  54. If we can find a way to get rid of injury-prone McDonagh, we’ll have almost enough money to keep Richie.

  55. I am appreciative that the Rangers are in a playoff race. Whether they make or miss the playoffs is unimportant.

  56. That was gross all around. J-Moore left on an island and looked like he panicked on the island.

  57. rangers looked lost at times on the back end, understandable when you lose your best defensemen.

  58. Eric is correct in noting that we need to pick up our face-offs or suffer the consequences.

  59. Those FOMOH guys are never going to get done standing on the sidewalk holding that couch and talking.

  60. J. Moore to Girardi:”Where the byfuglien are you?”

    Girardi “oops forgot you are not McD”

  61. Totally unfair comment, Carp. Two guys “aren’t paid to play defense” and the third simply can’t. Blame Lundqvist!

  62. iManny
    if John Mitchell was still a Ranger
    that shot would gone wide or in the goalie’s chest

  63. True fact: One time throwing a couch away, we did “one, two, three TOSS” and it went perfect except for the staple that stuck in my finger on the toss.

  64. By the way, CarBong had just thrown a big hit, so it was up to the former Lightnings to decide to get back. Neither was inclined. But J.T. Miller needs to commit.

  65. total domination, probably will stop watching if it doesn’t change in the next 5 minutes.

    So can somebody tell me what Miller did wrong?

  66. Our D has it backwards. Someone is in front of your net, you knock THEM down, not the other way around.

  67. Carp, lazy isn’t fair there. Dumb is fair. He’s not pivoting and sticking out versus skating, he just reached while trying to make up the gap.

  68. So it was Richards that got Tort canned? That means Richards signing was good after all!

  69. Lazy is choosing the lesser effort “or” in an either/or scenario. Brassard chose the dumb “also” while pursuing. I’m not saying dumb is good, its just different. Effort versus smarts.

  70. “Our D has it backwards. Someone is in front of your net, you knock THEM down, not the other way around.”

    our D are all lightweights softest D in NHL.

  71. Rangers skate with any team in this league. And with some- much better. And their passing is night and day comparing to last few years.

  72. No way, QQQ, our D is only the 4th softest. Guess the three below them and I’ll let you know if you’re right.

  73. Richie needs to bank one in off a defenseman from an impossible angle so he can get the first star from the Press.

  74. The Rangers should listen to that sing that’s like:

    Shots! Shots! Shots, shots, shots, shots!

  75. Girardi just made the “how you check when close to the boards” instructional video for next year.

  76. rangers are the softest team in the NHL, not just the D-men. The whole team is ice cream soft.

  77. rangers are going to lose tonight because they can’t bury the shots that good teams bury.

  78. Mister D

    Callahan pots that.
    April 3rd, 2014 at 10:23 PM

    Callahan is sitting on the bench for that

  79. carp, 1-1 yea, should have been 3-1 but because the rangers can’t finish there is a good chance they will lose this game.

  80. Staal just killed a player, too bad he was actually trying to avoid him. Trade this softie.

  81. I hate David Chang in commercials. Might be even worse than when a band I like sells a song to a company I don’t because his face is there.

  82. ok, I agree, 50/50 but shouldn’t be 50/50 if the rangers finish those types of shots, making this goalie look elite.

  83. And the nightly, irrational Richie-scapegoating is underway. The price you pay for the otherwise high quality of this blog.

  84. almost. Dude what is your love obsession with Staal? He wasn’t been our top pair Dman for years.

  85. I am too tired to even go near ledge, much less be on if…I will likely pass out before you all jump on or off :) LGR!


  86. Oh you mean the 38 win and one of the top goalies in the league Varlmaov? We’re making THAT guy look elite?

    If only we were a good team….

  87. Isn’t it great how some people just hate this team as it heads for its eighth win in the last nine games?

  88. Love MacKinnon just sending the puck toward the crease. Nobody connected, but putting the puck in dangerous areas is never a bad idea. Kid’s got a good hockey BRAAAAAAIN.

  89. Its the new Richards defense. “Of course you’re going to blame him for things he should be blamed for … that’s sooo typical.”

  90. We could almost break even on the MSL trade IF Callahan re-signs with Tampa AND We get eliminated in the 1st or 2nd round AND we trade MSL for a 1st rounder at the draft day!

  91. Norm needs to sit in the third. With Richards. And they can talk about how people are mean to Richards and how its not fair.

  92. It’s really pathetic how many fake fans there are. The same people that are stupid enough to send death threats via twitter (tough guys).

    The pains of not being a good team.

  93. I haven’t seen a team this cheat to win since Penguins won the cup. The avs are just choosing when they get a pp with their embellishment. That guy who lost his stick and yelled at the ref clearly just dropped it. He wasn’t even slashed.

  94. I’m happy now. Carryover penalties are the worst feeling. Those 17:00 are like the time between when you wake up after drinking way too much and when you first talk to people and make sure you didn’t do anything really dumb.

  95. And how they’re terrible people because a mailman’s fourth cousin’s sister’s endocrinologist in Zambia said so.

  96. Brassard is nothing more than 3C. For his price tag, the Rangers must let him walk.

  97. _And how they’re terrible people because a mailman’s fourth cousin’s sister’s endocrinologist in Zambia said so._

    Lev, I’m going to ask Manny now if he has your email and will vouch for you so I can tell you something in confidence and trust you won’t be a jerk about it.

  98. You get into a wrestling mach, both go down, winner gets penalty. Makes sense to me.

  99. He said you’re a huge jerk and no way would he ever vouch for you.

    (He hasn’t responded.)

  100. So, if I’m understanding this correct, you’re saying Lev is a Richards family member or possibly Richards himself posting from the offensive zone rather than racing back?

  101. “Alain Amour often smells like farts.”

    That, sir, is libel. I always smell like farts.

  102. I’d love a list of teams that would let Brassard walk on an RFA qualifier. I’m sure there’s one or two, but I’d like to see it.

  103. I wish Pidto would stop rolling his sleeves up like that. He’s the creepy manager who tries too hard to be casual and ends up making you shiver when he walks by.

  104. who would replace brassard? Please don’t tell me statsny, not for the money he will get in ufa.

  105. I’d still take brassard over Dubinsky. Better shot, better passer. Maybe lacks some grit, but he’s a good playoff performer as we’ve seen. I think your hate should be directed somewhere else.

  106. “So, uh, Friday is Hawaiian Shirt day so, ya know, go ahead and…wear…your Hawaiian shirt.” Bill -Lumbergh- Pidto

  107. MSG info.

    Playoffs start April 16th

    Rangers if home ice will play Thursday 17th and Saturday 19th at home.

    16th Knicks last home game 18th billy Joel concert

  108. I’d take Brassard and Dubinsky because they perfectly fit two of the three player types I love. The third is just dreamable prospects.

  109. My statement about Brassard was based on the false belief that he is an impending UFA. As he is an impending RFA, I withdraw that statement.

  110. SalonJoe fading, praising every broke-dork player in the league during three on two’s.

  111. The Rangers must avoid getting the next goal. There’s nothing more dangerous than a 2-goal lead, other than a wounded mosquito.

  112. Pidto wearing Hawaiian shirts, next a soul patch under his lip. Come, meet him on cruise!

  113. Tonight is a major bizarro world here tonight …LGR…no more Interweb juice….nor mama juice…..fingers and toes crossed

    Face off winners ! :)

  114. Carp – If the Rangers “steal” this game from Colorado, does that make up for the loss at Carolina?

  115. These Avs I’m telling you. Their on par with the Penguins with acting and embellishment.

  116. Brassard one of the few forwards who will take a slap shot. Wish others did it more often.

  117. Right. Not a top 3 on St. Louis but an easy top 2 if teams were able to draft from scratch.

  118. I think the Blues need to change their name from St. Louis as long as Martin is here. Too confusing. Maybe the Missouri Blues? Or East St. Louis Blues?

  119. CARP, I would say Staal is fourth on St. Louis. Pietrangelo, JayBo, and ya New Rochelle boy are ahead of him.

  120. I don’t care if Staal is top 3 somewhere, if he doesn’t play physical he is dead to me.

  121. I really don’t get the hate for Staal. What more does the guy have to do to earn respect!?

  122. “I really don’t get the hate for Staal. What more does the guy have to do to earn respect!?”

    throw some hits maybe?

  123. CARP, nice to receive such a response by/from you. You make me feel like I know what I’m talking about, unlike Manny who ridicules and derides me.

  124. “Staal plays physically. He’s just usually on the other end of the physicality.”

    that is why I want him traded.

  125. can this pp get any worse tonight
    because i’m ready to fly to denver
    right now and Tonya Harding

  126. Staal plays excellent defense. That is not good enough for you. You want him to throw hits. SMH

  127. “I suppose we should have McIlrath and Bickel up here and bench Staal and Strahlman.”

    not necessarily, but why we never trade for or sign any big physical Dmen that can hit and clear the crease?

  128. To me, even bumping is hitting if the bump works. McD probably has 100 more bumps than Staal.

  129. As an example, last play in on Hank, Staal, instead of taking the man, backs up and plays stick game, searching for luck.

  130. yes throwing hits is part of Staal’s job last time I checked, same goes for John Moore and Stralman.

  131. I don’t know why the PP has to do good in the playoffs for success. Not saying it won’t hurt them, but it’s not like they depend on it now. When Boston won the cup recently their PP wasn’t good at all if I remember correctly. Losing face offs will hurt a lot though yes.

  132. It will be interesting this off season regarding Staal. Next year will be his last year on current contract. If Staal doesn’t want to sign a deal in the up and coming off season than Sather needs to look into trading Staal. Hopefully Sather doesn’t wait until the trade deadline.

  133. An impotent power play lets teams like Boston kick the chit out of us, not that they wouldn’t anyway.

  134. That Mercedes that stops itself? I saw one sitting on top of a stone wall, leaning against a tree and quite crumpled behind a firetruck and an ambulance today.

  135. I don’t want to pat 4 mil or more to a 6’4″ string bean defensive Dman that cannot hit, fight or produce offense.

  136. Manny – in spare time, institute class-action suit against car companies promoting reckless driving in their ads. Retire. Move to St. Croix. Sail. Snorkel. Order large Rum swizzles.

  137. our 4th line is getting schooled tonight
    compared to
    previous games

    yes, it’s doing enough (so far)
    to keep avs off scoreboard
    but not the same forecheck, intensity

  138. _I don’t want to pat 4 mil or more to a 6’4” string bean defensive Dman that cannot hit, fight or produce offense._

    Bogosian has less points and one fight this year.

  139. it’s times like these that i wish Torts
    was still coach and would tear new aaassenhauls
    in those 3 players
    who ABSOLUTELY deserve it

  140. Coos – you really want to live in St. John :)

    The island is 10x better. Cleaner. Beaches are out of this world.

  141. D Moore earning a star tonight. Winning one big draw after another.

    Roy gives the Rangers a rest!

  142. maybe somebody pointed out to AV what a moron he was for not taking a timeout last game.

  143. well, if the rangers would have scored on those close in shots this would have happened. My earlier point and here we go. I guess at least the rangers will get as point.

  144. A wicky…. Love how Sam and Joe are ready to go next show and call game….and holy Hartnell, as I type this Colorado scores….I blame MSG….

  145. Was lundqvist inside the net? Looked like he was on the line. Also good call by Roy.

  146. Girardi is MORE Boneheaded with getting the puck out of the zone
    than Beuk ever was with his shoot the puck around the boards

  147. Matty"MARTYSCORED!!!!!!"Boy on

    i’ll take a point with a chance to win here. love these 3 point games.

  148. Girardi has experienced as he is has to be better there. Flip it out. His attempt in boards was half ass

  149. Matty"MARTYSCORED!!!!!!"Boy on

    Hey, we’re playing without 2 of our better players. Good job, boys. Let’s get the second point and win this. One point is nice.

  150. It appears, according to faceoff percentage, that Brian Boyle’s “faceoff skills” are no longer very unique.

  151. I’m sure Girardi was making sure he didn’t fire it over the glass, but he had all the time in the world to make sure he didn’t and still sent a cupcake up the ice. Weak play

  152. I know if doesn’t feel that way now, but to go into Colorado, without McDonagh, and get a point? I’ll take it.

  153. it’s obvious
    that Slats and Gordie
    don’t check on a player’s
    Hockey Sense
    before bringing them into the organization

  154. Matty"MARTYSCORED!!!!!!"Boy on

    Not so sure I would have had MSL on that last shift in regulation, but whatever. We got a point.

  155. This game would have been a lot more fun to watch with McDonagh and Duchene playing…Both teams clearly missing their top guys

  156. only Boyle and Zuc played hard tonight
    get my votes
    even if the Hobbit made the idiot pass rather than shoot

  157. Matty"MARTYSCORED!!!!!!"Boy on

    Hank with the huge turnover. Uh, Henrik, please stay in the net and work on that in the off-season.

  158. Rangers think that if they play prevent during this 5 minute
    “period” they’ll get another point

  159. Colorado looks gassed too.

    AV whispers to Arniel grinning “Patrick used his timeout already”


    now Hank can practice for all the future breakaways on him

  161. No ROW tonight.


    Thus ends the hockey portion of tonight’s program. Now the hockey teams will stop playing the hockey game for an unrelated contest.

  162. Night Night.

    I need to go to bed.

    Mrs. Sioux says we have a TV in the bedroom

    Who knew :)

  163. SUPERB by Zucc and Brassard at the end. Stop, start, spin, skated Colorado into the cement. Great games from a lot of Rangers tonight. I go Lundqvist, DMoore and Stralman. Big goal from Stepan, though, and the PBZ line excellent as always, save for the dumb penalties.

  164. I think it’s because when Nash goes down it doesn’t look dramatic like all the Avs players. Who look like they get shot in the leg.

  165. Stranger Nation on

    Good thing we got St Louis for these tight games

    How many goals does Cally have?

  166. whatta surprise!!!

    is there ANY RANGER that can lift the puck?!?!?!

    maybe they’re not allowed to do that in practice
    because it will make Hank look bad

  167. Yeah, when we win, I’m happy, but stupid stupid stupid way to end a game,….FUSO…..niters all

  168. idiot Richards, doesn’t he know by now that he cannot deke? He is a shooter and that is all and that is why he gets bought out.

  169. ThisYearsModel on

    Richards taking shootouts. Squandered a point because they quit playing in the 3rd. Too bad. They had a good run going.

  170. Stranger Nation on

    Got tired in 3rd with altitude and no McD.
    Great shots by Step and Moore
    also D Moops on the dot

  171. Carp
    This MacKinnon kid has a chance to be good.

    April 3rd, 2014 at 11:33 PM

    This MacKinnon kid has a chance to be good. (add) for a long time.

  172. Matty"MARTYSCORED!!!!!!"Boy on

    Great having the depth of 7 defensemen going into the PO’s. Multiple center men. We have more depth than past years.

    Still missing integral parts, but the NHL part of the organization has improved from last year, despite Sather.

  173. Stranger Nation on

    Boys will need the ice packs after this game. Guys getting drilled all night

  174. Vince Lombardi: “After due consideration, I will not accept this point and am herewith returning it to the League Office.”

  175. Carp

    Can you tell me how rangers can clinch with caps loss Tom in regulation.

    Yes caps are eliminated but devs win out get to 92 pts rangers have 91 they lose out devs clinch.

  176. Matty"MARTYSCORED!!!!!!"Boy on

    Carpy, YES. Not complaining, but I don’t get him or Richards on in that spot in 2014. In 1996, maybe. Not now.

  177. Rangers have 91, right, eric? Washington can’t get to 91 if they don’t get a point tomorrow. NYR will have the tiebreaker.

  178. MSL with Tampa is a Hall of Fame player, with the Rangers more of a Monte Hall player.

  179. Matty"MARTYSCORED!!!!!!"Boy on

    Richie Rocket: “See, coach, I told you I’d get MSL to score. He did. Lemme take cleanup in the shootout. Please?”

    AV: “Sure, Brad…..”

  180. To the Negative Nancies — anyone signing up for 5 points before this trip began? Nice job, Blueshirts.

  181. Wait, they can still lose out to Toronto, can’t they? I’m confused because the NHL updates the standings partially and slowly on game nights.

  182. Even when the Rangers play prevent defense, they can’t prevent. May as well attack.

  183. Carp

    Yes your right about wash I’m talking about devils/leafs both can get to 92 still rangers lose out 91

    Take a look magic number 1 on those teams.

  184. *Another John Giannone post game beauty*……

    Giannone to Girardi: “The team had one shot in the final 17 minutes of the 3rd Period. Was that by design……?”

  185. Matty"MARTYSCORED!!!!!!"Boy on

    In the meantime, the Flyers have been playing some really good teams that have let up a bit. STL, Boston, Pitt (2x).

    The two times they have played big divisional games of meaning they have lost. Colombus tonight. Us a week and a half ago.

    I am still nowhere near convinced they are for real. I’ll take them in Round 1.

  186. Toronto 84 pts 4 games left

    Devils 80 pts 6 games both can get to 92 pts

    Rangers lose out 91.

    Yes wash is eliminated in regulation Tom not devs or leafs

    So Leonard saying rangers clinch if caps lose is not right.

    Trust me

  187. Staal: “We’re going to learn from that last minute and become a better hockey club.” Learn what?

  188. Rangers probably don’t need to win again, but Washington can get to 93 (or NJ to 92) and Toronto can get 92 also, no?

  189. 3 points 1 Giradi had to cLear the puck 2 you can’t give up neutral ice for the entire 3rd. peri od and expect. to win. 3 Nice to see MSL making such a big difference Good news, D Moore & the 4 th line had great game Henik s record in the shoot- outrtcut is not what it use to be
    When you play not to lose you do. Our game is possession & speed

  190. Gain none to Staal:

    “What does it tell you about me If I were to take my microphone and thrust it between your butt-cheeks? Would you think of me as a sexual deviant”?

  191. Yes another leafs/devs loss in any manner coupled with a wash loss they clinch.

    Why does Leonard gross brooksie zippy fail to mention leafs/devs

  192. It’s all moot. NYR will be the No. 2 seed. No. 3 at worst.

    Certainly top three in the East, right Hedberg? :)

  193. Doughty hurt and not coming back to the game. Also a shoulder. Important guys getting hurt late.

  194. If devs beat caps in regulation Tom rangers don’t clinch. Being reported incorrectly.

  195. “Staal: “We’re going to learn from that last minute and become a better hockey club.” Learn what?”

    that Staal is a moron and sucks at speaking and shouldn’t be even a consideration for “A” never mind “C”.

  196. Watching some replays. Girardi and St. Louis are not going to like watching the tape of the Avalanche first goal. Nor will they want to see what they did on the second. Neither will Lundqvist, but was absurdly good the rest of the game.

  197. Du-gay explanation on the “high altitude affect” was not only mind boggling…..he also said the visiting team has an advantage because of it……..

    A 2nd Grader may have been able to explain it better.


  198. ‘Visiting team has more energy at high altitude.’ Tell that to every football team that comes into Denver and gasps for breath. Doogie is a stoogie.

  199. Jeff in South Dakota on

    And thus ends the western portion of our trip. Please fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy night.

  200. I just watched a replay of the tying goal, wow what a cough up by Staal, get this string bean out of here.

  201. eric, you deserve credit for correcting all the writers who were wrong on twitter. Good job. Subtract one hot dog :)

  202. I think Du-Gay was showing the effects of the high altitude (even though he is apparently still in Manhattan)

  203. On the other side of this dooms day scenario is that the Rangers can easily end up 3rd in the conference being only 2 points behind Tampa and Montreal who both have 1 game in hand.

  204. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Letterman sucks anyhow, only good late night guy is craig ferguson who is flat out hilarious!!

  205. Would you believe me if I told you MSL had more hits this game than our “stud” Dman whom we been worshipping for years because of his last name.

  206. There are so many former Ranger players.

    Are they telling us that Du-Gay is the best they can trot out for the pre and post game insight?

    I’ll say it once again……


  207. Wicky

    i LOVE Craig Ferguson as well but only watch until the guests come on……especially can’t stand him interviewing females.
    way too pervy

    haven’t watched Letterman but i just LOVE his curmudeonly doesn’t give a cooke attitude
    will MISS HIM MUCH

  208. “Those Hitchcocks, Sam, keep everyone in suspense.”

    “Sure do, Joe.”

    “Ever tell you the story about when I was in Boston and…”

    “Goal! Sorry, Joe, you were saying?”

  209. good game.

    I had awesome seats on the red line first row of the second level. Right in front of the new jumbotron that went from blue line to blue line……that was worth it….

    my buddy is an Av’s fan….I took a coworker a few years ago and the Rangers embarrassed themselves…………this wasn’t too bad….till the last 5 minutes.

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