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1) Going to state the obvious here, but the Ryan McDonagh injury at the end of the game knocks all the luster off what was a pretty solid win on a big (in terms of the playoff race) night. Not going to speculate, but it’s probably not the stinger Ron Duguay said he was going to assume it is. And I am not sure the Alex Burrows hit was the dirtiest, filthiest hit we’ve seen in a while, or even the worst in the league last night. I didn’t think it was a head shot, but I could be wrong. At best it was a dangerous, reckless and dirty play by a guy who plays like that. That the on-ice officials felt it was a major and a game misconduct for elbowing tells me that they thought it was a head shot. So it’s going to be interesting to see how NHL Player Safety interprets it. If the Rangers thought it was dirty, then their response was pretty weak.

New York Rangers v Vancouver Canucks2) McDonagh sure has been a target lately. I mean, he was even knocked to the ice, slamming the back of his helmet, by one of the Sedins (I can’t tell them apart). Stick to the mouth the game before. Repeated slashes by Wayne Simmonds Monday. And there is nobody who will be on the ice with him who can do a thing about it. Not that the heaviest of all heavyweights is going to prevent Burrows from hitting him like that. Not a chance Burrows doesn’t hit him. Shortly after Alain Vigneault said he didn’t know about the severity, the reports came out that the initial diagnosis was “not serious” though McDonagh had his left arm in a sling.

3) New York, your long wait is over! Martin St. Louis just needed to get past April Fools’ Day to score. Pretty funny that AV and the players all jumped through hoops to get St. Louis new linemates, to get him the puck late in games, on the power play, etc., and that he finally got it short-handed. It was a pretty cool goal, though. Maybe it really will get him going. BTW, since he’s been a Ranger — 15 games now — the PK has outscored the PP, 7-5.

4) The out of town scoreboard was somewhat kind to the Rangers, whose magic number to clinch a playoff spot is three points. Philly and Columbus each only got a Bettman Losers’ Point against top opponents. So the Rangers are looking really good for the 2-3 matchup. Some people are starting to think it might be better to get the wild card and play Pittsburgh than 2-3 vs. Philly. I don’t agree. Plus, if you get a wild card you could easily end up with Boston and you want no part of Boston. How about the New Ro kid and NYR fan (growing up), Kevin Shattenkirk, helping the NYR in the shootout in St. Louis. The deeper we get in these playoff races,  and the more critical each point becomes, the dumber the shootout seems.New York Rangers v Vancouver Canucks

5) Henrik Lundqvist. He looked really, really sharp start to finish. Saw a lot of shots, a lot of quality shots. This wasn’t the Rangers’ best game of the season in their own end — and it wasn’t terrible. But he had to make a lot of saves in a game that was 2-1 late. He made some eye-poppers, too.

6) No. 1 line and No. 1 PP unit (which gets on the ice second) has been their best and most consistent line all season long. Imagine. Derick Brassard is losing his “inconsistent” label (yes, he still has a stinker here and there). Early in the season people were saying it was a mistake to bring back Mats Zuccarello, who was just too small and ineffective; and many (me included) were saying that you could see why Benoit Pouliot had been on so many teams in such a short time. Well, he is turning into one of Glen Sather’s best signings ever.

7) Vigneault vs. John (Hot Seat) Tortorella. AV’s 2-0 now and looking like a really good replacement for Torts in NY. Torts not looking like a very good choice North of the border, though. I know it’s a lot of money to eat, but I don’t necessarily think his four years, $8M remaining guarantee he doesn’t get fired. Then again, the owner who forced GM Mike Gillis to hire Torts might fire Gillis (who has the same remaining contract). Somebody’s got to go, though, and it’s pretty evident that Torts’ shelf life up there will be shorter than it was here.New York Rangers v Vancouver Canucks

8) So AV made some interesting juggles before the game (up front) and throughout (Ulf Samuelsson shuffled his D pairs a lot). I thought it was a gamble, pulling Dominic Moore off that dominant fourth line to give Brad Richards and St. Louis some help. But the fourth line (which really is Brian Boyle and Moore and either Derek Dorsett or Daniel Carcillo) minus Moore was just as good again. Carcillo scored a goal huge … @JColch tweeted  “And if anyone told you NYR would trade for St. Louis and Carcillo, who would you expect more goals from?” On Carcillo’s goal, all three forwards were within a foot of the paint. How many times have you seen that from the Richards or Derek Stepan lines? Anwer: None. This really is the first trustworthy and effective fourth line they’ve had in years. Better try to keep it intact this summer.

9) Daily Nash-O-Meter. Thought Rick Nash and Stepan and new running mate Carl Hagelin had some good shifts. And some invisible shifts. Nash had a terrific set-up for Stepan early. But, I’m telling you, the guy is better on the PK than he is on the PP, and more dangerous. You can say the same for Stepan lately, too. Who would believe that?

10) So Dom Moore moves to the St. Louis-Richards line, forgets how to win a draw, how to defend. Ironic. There sure was some mayhem in the defensive zone on many of that line’s shifts.

11) Seriously? The Rangers are just getting worse and worse at faceoffs (won 22 of 56, 39 percent). Of the many things that will be on the plate this summer, that must be addressed. It cost them in this game, and has many times this season.

12) MSG Network schedules its games to run two and a half hours all the time. Trouble is, games never ever last two and a half hours. So it’s a problem for DVRing, for example. If you set the DVR for the scheduled game, you miss the last 7-10 minutes of hockey. Last night that problem was worse because Devils-Sabres was scheduled to end at 9:30 for the Rangers pregame show, which was a pipe dream anyway. When the Devils went OT and then to a long shootout, there was no pregame show at all, in an AV vs. Torts meeting and a critical game, to boot.New York Rangers v Vancouver Canucks

13) Ryan Kesler=Beast.

14) Speaking of which, you had to like that Brian Boyle penalty. Knocked Kesler on his Keyster in front of Lundqvist’s net. There’s not nearly enough of that going on.

15) Don’t want to make a big deal out of this, and it kind of became one post game here. Alain Vigneault is not to blame whatsoever for McDonagh’s injury. But McDonagh had already been on the ice for a long shift of 5-against-6, and two icings. With a two-goal lead and 1:04 left, why in hell wouldn’t AV use a timeout? I get on him a lot because he doesn’t use them, as if they can carry over or he can cash them in for frequent flyer miles or something. That’s almost always a joke when I do. But why not call a timeout there? Again, I doubt very much that a timeout prevents the injury. But maybe McDonagh, a bit fresher, avoids the hit, or whatever. I just don’t get why you don’t call a timeout in that spot if, for nothing else, to let your top guys who have played a ton of minutes catch a breath.

Games that matter tonight: None.

Games that matter tomorrow: Rangers-Avalanche, and the enormous Columbus at Philly matchup. The Rangers are seven ahead of the Blue Jackets now, three up on Philly. The Flyers have two in hand, but the Rangers have the tiebreaker by three. The Jackets have two in hand, but are six behind on the tiebreaker, so that seven-point lead is actually eight.

My Three Rangers Stars:Martin St. Louis
1. Henrik Lundqvist.
2. Benoit Pouliot.
3. Ryan McDonagh.
Kenny Albert’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Henrik Lundqvist.
2. Benoit Pouliot.
3. Martin St. Louis.
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Henrik Lundqvist.
2. Benoit Pouliot.
3. Ryan McDonagh.

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Martin St. Louis photo, right, by Associated Press.

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  1. not serious………….hmmmmmmmm…………I bet McDonagh sits out Thursday……… darn it. I say rest McDonagh a 2-3 games season if he needs it.

    I liked the Boyle hit too. I just remembered that. I remember thinking at the time.. I don’t care if they call that…..good for Brian.

  2. The problem with all these marginal or questionable hits is the culture of hockey. It used to be that a player would check an opponent to separate him from the puck, but now players line up opponents to make a highlight reel hit and injuring an opponent is an after (if at all) thought.
    There is very little respect for players or the game throughout the sport.

  3. Also, I think Torts misses Cally. He’s the kind of coach who needs that kind of Captain.

  4. That was a horrible, illegal type of hit that there is no place for in the game…especially with less than a minute to go…now..if this hit was in the 1st period…well, that would be okay…at least according to Duguay..whose next body check in the NHL would be his first!

  5. MSG 150..the must useless 150 seconds in sports! Believe me…I would rather watch a commercial (like State Farm..NOT like the Ranger cruise..I mean who shakes hands like that) than watch the MSG 150…

  6. Expression on Torts face after MSL goal = priceless!

    These late games are just killers to watch…esp when u can’t fall asleep without an update on your future captain..and maybe your most important skater!

  7. Duguay is as bad as it gets on TV. His career was a different story, never lived up to a number 1 but was way better than their other one that yr. Lucien DeBloius passing on Bossy twice I believe. But I will tell you this, he hustled, stronger than you thought, good teammate, had to fight for himself a lot, good PKer and could chip in and score. Now fire the embarrassment

  8. These reports are like the smell of napalm in the morning. Anyone who doesn’t read them is either ignorant or deranged.

    To the timeout issue, though, I don’t understand why it’s necessary to imply AV doesn’t know what he’s doing. Again, it’s not only your own top guys who don’t get a breath, it’s their top guys as well, so fair fight. Has AVs tendency to not bother with them cost the Rangers any games this year?

  9. most points by a Norwegian……..

    most road wins by a Ranger team….

    biggest win in Colorado……………….well I am hoping.

  10. Just saw the hit. Yech. Mcdonagh is a beast. Probably sits Thursday but that’s ok. We got that one in a shoot out. Lundqvist special

  11. Admiral Akbar on

    Must admit I fell asleep and missed the end of game. The win was nice, but this McDonagh injury news is quite sobering.

  12. What should have been an enjoyable bus ride to the hotel or airport after the game must have been a quiet, solemn ride. The lack of a response AGAIN calls into question the heart of this team.

    Random thoughts… At least Girardi gave Burrows an immediate response, weak as it was, to temporarily halt his gloating as McD went down. I wonder what Ulf was thinking? How would the 1994 Rangers have responded with a hit like that on Brian Leetch?

  13. Sioux-per-man on

    I’m worried McD seperated his shoulder. The hit wasn’t a dirty hit, but he hit him hard from the side. His left shoulder into the glass, arm in a sling, doesn’t look good AT ALL.

  14. Sit Mcdonagh for two weeks. Rangers can win a game 7 in Phil. That said a complete cheap shot. If its serious see you in October. We are done. He’s not replaceable.

  15. Matty"MARTYSCORED!!!!!!"Boy on

    Yes, Carp. I admit I did not like bringing in Zuccarello or Pullout (after he was here a few weeks). While that line is great to watch and should not be broken up again, I fear:

    1. Zucc’s will get hurt as he almost did last night
    2. Pullout can revert back to nothingness once he resigns (watch out)

  16. Matty"MARTYSCORED!!!!!!"Boy on

    Boyle played a good game but he didn’t score, so he played horribly (S)

    There is little doubt in my mind the GM gets rid of the well performing 4th line in the off season. One of our most important, they are meaningless to the moron. Of course, if you could get a big name, high priced, waste of money player for the 4th line, it would make it better, right?

  17. Stranger Nation on

    Henk – unsteady on his skates, too many times on his back scrambling for stick, trying to locate puck. Good saves, but poor rebound control
    Bucky the Backstabbing Floater – only top 9 forward with a minus rating; but stat means nothing. Sit this clown already
    Dispirited St. Louis – looking older every game, non-factor all game 5v5
    McD – lordy, lordy please don’t let this young man be out
    Norris – usual shaky game, Klein moved up a lot, probably more in POs
    Double D – had a great game, grinding the whole time, has his legs back
    Good – why only hustle on pk? knows Step can’t get him puck 5v5??
    Broshard – great pass, line was getting chances all night, need to finish more of those and that game is a blow out (again)

    Fire this clown already!!

  18. Stranger Nation on

    lack of response is this team’s calling card. MZA only player to at least try to jump in. Charmin soft

  19. Carp, I guess it’s your reporter nature to care about the pregame. I have grown tired of pre and post games. The few exceptions are post games if something like what happened to McD yesterday happened.


  20. I agree with Sioux, I am VERY worried about the possibility of a separated shoulder for Mac Truck. Oh my, where would this team be without that guy?????? Let’s pray that it is nothing serious and he comes back strong!

    I was very confused by Torts reaction after MSL’s goal? What was up with the smile? If I was a Canucks fan, that would have pissed me off so much? Was the smile because Torts is a friend of MSL and was happy that he scored?



  21. I think Torts expression was saying “he doesn’t score in 15 games, my rear end is on the line, and this happens?” the hockey gods sure aren’t smiling on him!

  22. Good morning, boneheads!

    That’s the worst I’ve felt after the win all year. I don’t think we will know anything about his injury until tomorrow, at best. The best case scenario- day to day.

    I didn’t think the hit was outrageously dirty, but it was predatory, Burrows knew McD was vulnerable and couldn’t see him. He admitted as much. He also knew McD could get injured. Let’s be honest, do you really think he believed they can get 2 goals back with just over 1 min to go? Not to mention, he knows his team is as good as dead in terms of making the playoffs this year, regardless the outcome last night. It was a predatory, dangerous hit out of frustration, anger, and disappointment.

    And that’s where the biggest problem is. There is no respect in this league, player to player. They behave like immature, spoiled adolescents, who make millions of dollars, but oftentimes haven’t grown up enough to know what are the real priorities in life.

    It’s not going to change. Do not fool yourself, the league isn’t going to step in to try and changed things. It’ll always be band-aids here and there. Do you know why? Because the fans, all of us, want this. We want fights, hard hitting. We want retribution for dirty hits. That’s what we ask for. That’s what we are getting.

  23. Was a gorgeous shot, by the way. Go back and look how he settles the puck with his stick by turning it slightly inwards, and releases it in one motion straight into the far upper corner. No chance for a goalie.

  24. What was with Torts smiling when St Louis scored that goal? Was he genuinely happy for him? Or was it more of an incredulous “I can’t believe we gave up a short handed goal” smile?

    I don’t think he makes it to next year, and I think I would fire Gillis too. Lack is not the answer in net, he traded his best goalie (the 26 year old one) to NJ for a draft pick… and then fires his coach who consistently had his team near the top of the conference but had a few bad playoff showings.

    Well, they won’t have to worry about the playoffs and losing in the first round this year!

  25. In the never ending quest to prove that bitching about shootouts doesn’t matter here’s some stats. Why doesn’t it matter? Because whether there are ties or shootouts the final records basically work out the same

    With Shootouts:
    Atlantic – Boston 110, Tampa 93, Montreal 93
    Metropolitan – Pittsburgh 101, Rangers 90, Philly 87
    Wild Card – Detroit 84, Columbus 83, Toronto 82, Washington 81, NJ 80

    With Ties instead:
    Atlantic – Boston 107, Tampa 86, Montreal 87
    Metropolitan – Pittsburgh 96, Rangers 86, Philly 84
    Wild Card – NJ 80, Detroit 79, Columbus 78, Toronto 73, Washington 72

    Notice that the top 3 in each division are still the same whether there were ties or shootouts and the wild card race looks very similar. The one wrinkle is the wildcard which under ties would have NJ in the lead.

    That is a statistical abnormality because they’ve managed to lose every single one of their 11 shootouts whereas the league average is 50% – meaning they really should have more points in the shootout/real life world.

  26. Duguay was one of my favorite players as a kid. That said, MSG should really rethink his role as an analyst – to me he is downright awful at that. No doubt he is knowledgeable about hockey, but it is not translating on the broadcasts. I don’t know if it’s nerves, or more concern over his wardrobe for the evening. Maybe he needs help learning how to express himself on the broadcast. Everything just feels forced.

    Compare him to Dave Maloney, who I feel provides a real insight into why someone made the play they did, or what is probably going through the coach or the players mind. He just sounds more credible to me. I feel like Duguay explains things with voodoo and vagueness.

  27. Noted for the record: whipping boy Richards hits a perfect pass up the middle up to golden boy Pouliot, who goes in untouched and fires a rocket a foot wide of the net. Situation reversed: blog riot. Situation as it actually went down: never happened. Richards is not what he was, not even close. But the irrationality here about his play is enough to drive one to a blog sabbatical.

  28. If Columbus will be able to beat Flyers tomorrow I predict they end-up as #3 in Metropolitan

  29. *Doodie* : as I have recently begun watching the show *Vikings* (just finished the first season last waiting for this late start) I completely agree with the *sacrifice* part.

  30. Norm once again 100% right. But not worth the argument because some here hate Richards as a person because their doctors neighbors third cousins landlord said he is a terrible person

  31. iDoodie Machetto on

    I know this opinion will probably be unpopular here, but I had no problem with the Burrows hit. Looked clean to me.

    Judging by the mechanism of injury, McDonagh’s favoring of his arm/shoulder, and the announcement that it’s not serious, I’m going to guess the injury is subluxation of the shoulder.

  32. iDoodie Machetto on

    Norm, it’s about salary and usage. Compare their money, minutes, and expectations upon signing and you’ll understand why Richards gets ridden harder

  33. jimG the desertrat on

    Yes that was a dirty hit with the elbow to the back of Mack’s tomato but thank God the king’s leg wasn’t broken by Kessler running him to start the game. Tort’s smile an understanding of what’s to come. Any body need their dog walked?

  34. Two weeks from tonight playoffs begin April 16. Rangers if open at Home as 2 seed can’t open till Thursday April 17 has Knicks last home game is the 16th.

    14-15 days until we need Mac for sure.

  35. I think people only dislike Richards because of the Cap Racapture

    Subluxation just means he separated his shoulder.

  36. I have a *BIG* problem with that Burrows hit. Call it predatory, call it a hard check, call it whatever you want but the fact of the matter is, given the situation and the time left on the clock, that hit was *dirty*, *cheap*, and *unnecessary.*

    Plus, the Rangers’ reaction was on par with the whole Gaborik/Carcillo thing a couple years ago. Weak! Speaking of, I wonder whatever happened to that Carcillo guy. Sure could’ve used him last night to get on Burrows.

  37. Separated shoulder is a BAD injury. Could very well not have Mac for the playoffs. Sorry to say that, but it is the truth.

  38. iDoodie Machetto on

    40 seconds left in a two goal game when your team needs every point to even have a mathematic chance at the playoffs? Seems fine to me.

  39. iDoodie, you are the only one, then, admitting to salary envy. Richards plays the way he plays — he’s a reader, a passer and a shooter. Any defense he plays well is based on his positioning, and all he really cares about in-zone is getting the puck out. Offensively, he does not enter scrums but instead positions himself for where the puck is likely to come out. He’s not a hitter, and he doesn’t block shots, which is why he and only three others(?) have played every game. He leads the team in PP assists and forward ice time. And so, of course, AV should bench him because he doesn’t play with Cally’s heart. It’s utter nonsense. There is obviously room for his game, his role, in this successful team. And his agent got him paid. Well, good for both of them.

  40. iDoodie Machetto on

    Subluxation just means it popped out and in very quickly. I had the same injury my sophomore year of college. It was very stiff and sore for about 3 days, but within two weeks I was good as new.

  41. leetchhalloffame on

    Tired of seeing our players constantly run without retribution. When will that idiot Sather realize that he has left this team defenseless when it comes to some real NHL muscle? Wake up stogiepuss and make sure next year’s roster reflects some toughness.

  42. iDoodie Machetto on

    No, my point is that given his TOI, his numbers should be higher. He doesn’t deserve the opportunities he is given.

  43. iDoodie, that is a load of doodie. There’s a difference between playing hard with 40 seconds left and playing irrationally. Burrows was irrational. ilb had it right, there’s no respect among these players. He knew what he was doing. Maybe his intention wasn’t to injure another human being, but it was reckless and these players should know better.

  44. iDoodie Machetto on

    Leetch, how would having even the entire 2011-12 roster have stopped burrows yesterday?

    And wasn’t that the same roster that let carcillo have his way with Gaborik?

    Having goons as “deterrents” does not work, at all.

  45. Also, if that’s true, and Vigneault refused to let Carcillo out there, then, well, you guessed it: *Vigneault hates McDonagh*

  46. iDoodie Machetto on

    How was it reckless? It wasn’t from behind and it wasn’t to the head. He didn’t take extra strides and he didn’t leave his skates. His hands were up in McDonagh’s chest. Big deal.

    I have absolutely no problem with that hit. I wish our guys could deliver those once in a while, too.

  47. The faceoff problem for the Rangers is that their two best are on the fourth line. But, Boyle and Moore aren’t offensively consistent enough to play on two separate lines. I’d consider separating them late in games with a 2 goal lead.

    More important than the timeout to me is why Richards is still taking faceoffs when Moore is on his line? Especially in the defensive zone.

  48. I thought Moore looked pretty good on the 3rd line last night though, Gravy. Might help solve some issues.

  49. It’s reckless because McD, with his back turned and eyes on the puck, is already being taken care of by another Canuck. So it’s cool that Burrows just comes in at full speed and slams McD into the boards as hard as he can? Call Aretha, we need a little r-e-s-p-e-c-t out here.

  50. I don’t hate the Burrows hit. I hate the end result of it only because McD is supremely awesome.

    Like Doodie, I wish we had a few more guys who would deliver some checks like that.

  51. Manny, he was fine for the most part. But, he doesn’t have a spot there when THE comes back.

  52. leetchhalloffame on

    Doodie this has been a problem all year long. Other teams know they can slam our boys around all night long without response. Have you forgotten the audio of the last Rangers Canucks game at MSG when one of the Nucks (might have been Bieksa or Sestito) went by the Rangers bench and smirked “what are you gonna do about it? Nuthin!”

  53. McD is tied up. Burrows doesn’t need to come with a full force check in that spot to get the puck.

  54. Size, toughness, enforcers, etc. does not deter these types of hits. I gave Exhibit 1A last week. When Cooke concussed Savard, the Bruins had Chara, Thornton, and Stuart dressed, and Lucic *made the pass* to Savard before he was hit.

  55. That said, I loved the way Graves and Beukeboom used to respond. I loved the way Dubinsky, Prust, and other used to. But, it didn’t stop those types of hits from happening.

  56. No time left on the board for Carcillo or Dorsett to do anything without next game repercussions, so the “doing something about it” argument is pointless.
    Speaking of Carbomb, good for him on getting the dirty goal.

  57. Doodie Machetto on

    McD was getting away from Kassian, who was on the verge of taking a holding penalty to stay with him. Burrows doesn’t take a stride from the dot down and hits McDonagh in the side/chest. Honestly, if we were in the same situation as Vancouver, I sure as hell would hope more than one guy would be in deep on the forecheck against their best skating and puck moving defenseman who is in clear possession of the puck.

  58. Gravy – But he can! I wouldn’t expect anything less from a Tort’s team. Hit hard, play hard.

    As for the Smile on Torts face, I think it was a combination of the Rangers just scored a short handed + Marty can’t score as a Ranger for 14 games = He has to score against the Canucks – when we really needed a goal on the power play. Right?

    When your only response is you just smile and shake your head.

  59. Im actually also in the not upset about the hit group. Obviously upset about the injury and specifically the player but it wasnt outrageously bad. Awkward hit with a bad result.

    On the other hand have the Pens beat writers jumped through the twitter hoops in defense of former Penguin Douglas Murray yet?

  60. Doodie Machetto on

    Having all those tough Bruins on the ice sure stopped Brooks Orpik from hitting Loui Eriksson.

    And then what Shawn Thornton did to Orpik really deterred him from throwing hits like that again! Right Jonathan Toews!?

  61. I think that hit was worse because it was a second player in situation and McDonagh had already been targeted earlier when he was ripped down from behind.

  62. But I would have called a timeout. Let them catch there breath, or put the 4th line out to grind out the last minutes.

    McD will get a rest so he is fresh for the playoffs.

  63. Doodie Machetto on

    But how is two players going in on the forecheck bad, at all? Isn’t that the whole reason you pull your goaltender, to create that man advantage?

  64. Doodie Machetto on

    The Murray hit was dirty. Classic chicken wing. He had a good line on Kostka, but since Murray is a statue and Kostka is not, Kostka adjusted and Murray, who, at his speed, had committed to the hit about 30 minutes prior, had two choices: miss completely and let Kostka blow right by him or throw the elbow. Murray made the wrong choice.

  65. If you want to even begin to make an argument that having tough guys on the ice deters the Rinaldos, Sestitos, Kaletas, Torreses and Orpiks of the world then you first need to convince the NHL to *drop the instigator* rule. That’s step one to deterring.

  66. Doodie Machetto on

    Anyone see Gudbranson get embarrassed? The guy instigated a fight with Carkner and just got pummeled. The best part is the whole reason he instigated the fight was to avenge Upshall taking a high stick… which actually turned out to be Upshall’s own stick.

  67. Doodie Machetto on

    Manny, even then, I don’t think it does a thing. It just escalates it. The instigator rule is what keeps the league from devolving into 70s-80s style brawls.

  68. Doodie Machetto on

    Think about it. There’s no instigator rule. Let’s go back to the Gaborik-Carcillo example. Wouldn’t the Rangers’ response without an instigator rule be just to line up Mike Rupp to take a faceoff with Giroux and just pummel him off the draw? How is that deterring anything?

  69. Doodie Machetto on

    The Flyers would respond by doing the same to Gaborik or Richards. It would just be line brawl after line brawl.

  70. Doodie Machetto on

    Johnnyboy, the difference here was Gubranson took the instigator, not the other way around.

  71. Doodie Machetto on

    I’m not saying it wasn’t entertaining to watch, but don’t pretend like it would lead to deterrence.

  72. I mean, I don’t really mind that style of hockey. I am the person that keeps whining to get Dorsett on Nash’s line. Nash is to Gretzky what Dorsett is to Semenko.

    But you’re right. It probably doesn’t deter. It just reacts.

  73. I just watched the hit again online. I don’t have as much a problem with the hit itself. The big problem I have is that McDonagh was already engaged with Kassian when Burrows goes after McDonagh. The NHL needs to get rid of these types of hits.

    The other thing that I noticed after watching it online was that the hit took place right on one of the metal stanchions that holds the plexiglass pieces in place. I wonder how the situation would have played out if McDonagh’s shoulder hits the glass (where there is some give) as opposed to the metal stanchion (where there is none).

  74. The complaining about stepping up last night is misplaced. It wasn’t dirty. The anger needs to be directed at the Simmons incident at the end of a loss for the flyers. He swings his stick knocks off a glove and swings it at his bare hand. Real dirty, Shanny should have put the hammer down, total joke. He got hurt last night and not against philly, but it was just unlucky or lucky depending on the incident. Apples and oranges and anybody who played know what the real dirty play was.

  75. I’m hoping its just banged up or at worst a subluxation like iDoodie. I had one too, hurt like hell for a day or two but after that it just ached after any exercise for a few weeks. Could be treated with a few games off and then ice it heavily after each game.
    If Moore is ready to go, slot him in and bump Staal up to 1st pair.

  76. bull dog line on

    I believe McDonagh has a previous shoulder issue. I seem to recall in his 2nd year, McD hurting his shoulder, and all thinking is was real bad. he played the next game. I recall him saying something along the lines of, this happens every so often to his shoulder, very painful when it happens, but does not last long.

  77. Norm, this is taking on a life of its own, and I don’t think it deserves to be … but after an icing, after two icings, the opponent can put out fresh players. The team that iced the puck cannot. Also, the team that iced the puck in this case is 5 against 6, and doesn’t win faceoffs, so is probably looking at playing the rest of the game without a break. If I’m defending a lead, I’d rather have my guys rested, even if it means their guys rest too.

    again, absolutely not blaming AV for the injury. And yes, it has cost them a goal this year when he left his gassed guys out there.

  78. bull dog line on

    you sure Carp? I thought it was a shoulder. at least you remember something happening, and I am not imagining it. that makes me fell better.

  79. It’s a miracle when I remember anything, but I do distinctly remember that was his knee.

    or, as a doctor might say, his luxating patella :)

  80. He was trying to shoot the puck, turned and dropped on ice, wringing in pain. Had to be helped off the ice. I believe he came back next period, no? I remember talking about that condition on the blog next day.

  81. bull dog line on

    as long as it is not the Met’s doctors saying its not serious, then he should be ok.

  82. How did McDonagh *not* get a concussion on when his head slammed into the back of the ice?

  83. bull dog line on

    so far the only update we have on McD is, that it is not his luxating patella.

  84. Do we actually *know* anything? Is *anything* in this world actually certain? Who are we? What are we?

  85. How do we know that we’re not just an ant colony and that somebody’s giant foot won’t stomp out our planet?

    Manny, don’t break the blog today.

  86. It’s interesting reading the differing views regarding the hit on Mac (our future Captain?). I’d like to know why the major and game misconduct penalties were assessed from the official who made the call.

  87. Doodie Machetto on

    Heave Ho, I think the officials thought it was an elbow to the head. I can understand how they thought so from their vantage point and McD’s reaction.

  88. Doodie Machetto on

    Staal, I had to keep my arm in a sling when I subluxated my shoulder. I did it doing judo. There was no sling in the dojo, so I had to tie my belt in a loop and loop it around my neck and my arm to sling my arm until I could buy a sling the next day.

    It helped tremendously.

  89. It didn’t look good. But as Sam and Joe have told me over and over and over and over again…McD is a tough hombro

  90. Carp, two things.

    A) Which game did the Rangers lose with gassed guys that a time-out could have helped with? I’m not saying it didn’t happen. I just don’t know which one it is.

    B) Consider this. Who (besides you) wanted AV to call a time-out more than anyone else in the rink? I think the answer is: Tortorella.

    Any time I’ve had the defensive T-O decision to make, I’ve asked myself, how’s it going out there? If we’re getting dominated, time-out. If the other team’s having a hard time breaking us down, I’m not giving the other coach a time-out in which to try to fix it by giving his best players a rest and/or drawing something up. I want his choice to be: keep sucking wind or put out your next six. At the high school level, it’s easy — the next six are going to be far less skilled. At the NHL level, I have no idea, but I bet AV does. In any event, I don’t think it’s anywhere near AV-Obviously-Blew-It country.

  91. AV’s biggest mistake, and it is made too often, is putting offensive smurfs on the ice very late in a game where he is leading, one that obviously calls for defense, grit, and intelligent snarl.

    If a ref calls a game misconduct on your opponent, camaraderie and team pride calls for a response regardless of whether the personnel on ice could or could not have prevented the vicious hit.

  92. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I am 100% with doodie on the hit, had no problem with it.

    I wish we had more guys that gave that type of effort throughout.

  93. It didn’t cost them a game. It cost them a goal.

    I also am trying to remember if there was a T.O. after the goal that made it a one-goal game and before the Chicago wide-open shot at the buzzer at MSG.

    Sorry, I’ll take rested guys defending. They are at much higher risk when gassed … blocking shots, blocking passes, being hit behind the net, battling in front … and god forbid somebody breaks a stick. Nope. I want my guys rested playing defense. Think it’s much more important than having rested offensive guys 6-on-5.

  94. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    The mcdonut injury blows though.

    You finally took my advice and watched Vikings? Like it?

  95. Some of you guys are delusional. You don’t rationalize away your enemy’s inhumanity like it’s just a game. :)

  96. I will *not* break the blog today
    I will *not* break the blog today
    I will *not* break the blog today
    I will *not* break the blog today
    I will *not* break the blog today
    I will *not* break the blog today
    I will *not* break the blog today
    I will *not* break the blog today
    I will *not* break the blog today
    I will *not* break the blog today
    I will *not* break the blog today
    I will *not* break the blog today
    I will *not* break the blog today
    I will *not* break the blog today
    I will *not* break the blog today
    I will *not* break the blog today
    I will *not* break the blog today
    I will *not* break the blog today

  97. @NYP_Brooksie

    Latest on McDonagh: No structural damage to left shoulder, accompanying club to Denver. NYPost.com/sports nyp.st/1pM01n7

  98. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Whoa!!! What the hell just happened to the blog?

    Did you guys see that?

  99. I enjoy it, Vicky. Vikings isn’t even close to the best show of its genre. I do love the historical accuracy. I just wish they had the budget for more blood, gore, nudity and fighting.

    I would also like more stuff on the sea since that was such a huge part of the Viking history.

  100. Stranger Nation on

    When AV asked Nash if he was tired, he replied, “good” so no timeout needed
    Did the Rangers D have a chance to change prior to McD hit? I know the forwards changed. #BlameUlfie

  101. Should be an interesting night in mile-high Colorado watching Richie repeatedly glide to the bench in triple slo mo.

  102. Doodie Machetto on

    Damn, we really needed McDonagh to deal with Colorado’s speed. I think MacKinnon is going to have a BIG game.

  103. One day, McD at the dentist, next day at the Orthopedist. Anyone see a pattern developing here?

  104. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Nice that you sort of like it.

    I think the embellisher broke it for a minute.

  105. Like horses, the NHL will eventually put the McDonaghs and Duncan Keiths to stud. And Richie, but only for Dressage.

  106. I like it, Vicky. I mean. I watch it in Marathon form. I don’t stop watching it. I watch episodes instead of sleeping.

  107. I’m not a doctor, so if they ruled out structural damage, separation, and dislocation, why is it unclear if he’ll be ready for the playoffs?

  108. Doc to McD: “I saw that play. Looked like you didn’t get any help.”

    McD: “Notice that, too, Doc.”

  109. Stranger Nation on

    Does structural mean skeletal?
    Can there be ligament, tendon or muscle damage?

  110. I thought structural included all those things. Maybe it’s a subluxation, like Doodie said. I guess that would count as non-structural.

  111. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Isn’t this the last off season that teams can use any or all of their compliance buyouts?

  112. Yes, Wicky, last offseason for compliance buyouts. But, teams can still use traditional buyouts.

  113. They can also still euthanize any players they deem unworthy of playing hockey.

  114. Is it ironic that it was IN Chicago that Coach Q’s timeout backfired when AV used it to rally the troops?

  115. Why not let McD enjoy a couple rest days with his wife in NY, instead of flying him thousands of miles in the opposite direction to sit in the audience with a sling?

  116. And, lest we forget, the VERY NEXT PLAY after AV not calling time-out after the second icing, Moore backhanded one off the right post. Which team was more gassed again?

  117. Interesting subject: If you were the Caps, Would you trade Ovechkin before July 1 when his NTC kicks in?

    What is a reasonable return?

    He is signed until 2021 with a $10M Cap hit.

  118. I hesitate to point this out, Coos, but the smurfs AV put on the ice after Torts’ time-out were Boyle, Nash, Stepan, McD, and Girardi. Average height 6’3″, average weight 214.

  119. Just turned on Francesa and he’s hollering like a rabid hyena at some poor, un-angry, demure caller. What a shock!

  120. Stranger Nation on

    _McD’s shift began at 17:41 or thereabouts_
    Anatomy of a cluster…
    Moore hits post on open net at 18:59
    Nash with lazy change and MZA slow getting across.
    Vancouver comes down the other way, dumps puck in.
    Giaradi has a chance to stand up Kassian at blue line, but gives him a little shove/tap and Kassian maintains speed into zone.
    Burrows coming in unimpeded down center of ice.

    Who does AV have on the ice in the last minute?? MStL and MZA.

    McD on ice still, so AV going to end game with a 3 min ute shift for McD?

  121. Wait a minute, I thought we loved it when Smurf Boyle took a penalty knocking over Kesler? If those five I mentioned are smurfs, then the complaint goes to Sather’s office, no? Who should have been out there if not the ones AV chose to successfully close out the game? And don’t let any facts get in your way on this one.

  122. Slats to AV: “Stop promoting Topo Gigio so much to the Press. I have to sign that little mophead.”

  123. Doodie Machetto on

    If I owned the Capitals, I’d fire McPhee, I’d fire Oates, but offer him the opportunity to stay on as an assistant to run the PP, and my new GM’s mandate would be to move Brooks Laich and Mike Green.

  124. Norm, I don’t mind AV sending those five out there, but that doesn’t mean Boyle isn’t a Kleenex on skates.

  125. Doodie Machetto on

    I’m OK with that deployment. Maybe even swap Hagelin with Boyle so I could use Boyle with Moore and one of MZA or MSL for the second close out unit.

    Either way, those are our 7 best defensive forwards. Just keep Richards, Brassard, and Pouliot away from the ice in that situation.

  126. Doodie Machetto on

    And I wouldn’t want MZA and MSL on the ice at the same time at that point in the game.

  127. And the complaint should go to Dolan, who should fire Sather. Sather’s office should be the subject line of the complaint.

  128. Doodie Machetto on

    Better not send it to Sather as an e-mail. I’m not sure he’s ever used a computer.

  129. What the hell is mcdonagh doing flying to Colorado. Fly back to ny. Rest see doctors and make sure your ready on 16th or 17th of April. Game 1.

    What this injury over five final reg season games means is were headed to Phil as they will get home ice.

  130. Stranger Nation on

    Nash & Stepan. Average height 6’2”, average weight 215.

    Onion Jam Factor – negative

  131. Why are we to blame brooks latch for caps woes. Yes bad contract but not the main reason

  132. By/from ducky to Dolan. Maybe an erudite, affable semiaquatic monotreme will get through to him.

  133. We may get our doors blown off tomorrow. Just beat out Columbus for 3rd and get ready for Phil on the road in game 1. Put pressure on flyers early in series.

  134. Bull dog

    U can’t be serious are u.

    I live and die with this team and they take my money for tix.

  135. I agree, Doodie. I saw some Capitals fans saying differently. That Crosby is more of an assists guy. LOL

  136. Rob in Beantown on

    If “more of an assists guy” means “makes every player around him much better” then, yes.

  137. They also like to claim that the Penguins stayed in first place without Crosby and he has less Hart Trophies than Ovechkin.

  138. matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties"Boy on

    I have never met Eric. I would walk right by Eric and now know him.

    But, Eric is a fan through and through.

  139. Yea. Excessive +/- is telling. As is Goal Diff. And the Caps are like -27 or something.

  140. bull dog line on

    I would take Crosby over Ovechkin every day. as Rob pointed out, Crosby makes everybody around him better. Ovechkin is more explosive, and a better pure goal scorer, but Crosby is an all around better player.

  141. I think the Rangers should get him, just to see if Richards can really stop *everyone* from scoring.

  142. matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties"Boy on

    How about this stat:

    Richie Rocket has 49 points and is -6

    Tell you anything? Only other Rangers that are minus are Jesper Fast, Asham, JT, MDZ, Pyatt, .

  143. Ah, this blog. So good to be back. Beat the Canucks 3-1 on the road, and how many teams now have more road wins than the Rangers? Hmm, let’s see, that would be: none teams. So, obviously: fire Dolan, fire Sather, teach the coach when to call time-outs, bench Richards, waive Nash and StL., fire ’em all except — whom is it we like again? Oh, yeah, Carcillo and Dorsett. And Zucc. except at the end of games when he’s a smurf. Promote Allen, Beach, McIlrath and maybe we can make a push.

  144. Matty, I don’t think +/- really means anything except in those odd circumstances. For instance, Richards was +8 last year.

  145. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    McDunner just called me. He’s ok. No serious damage. Miss a few games at most….

    Do mi do mi do

  146. Norm, I used to be like you. The sooner you accept things the way they are, the more enjoyable the blog experience becomes :)

  147. matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties"Boy on

    Ovie = selfish = all about himself and his own stats =cancer for team = Carmello Anthony = Alan Iverson = Stephan Marbury = Alex Kovalev = less likely to win championship

    Crosby = team player = non-cancer for team = makes everyone better around him = Magic Johnson = Gretzky = Michael Jordan = win championships.

  148. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I, too, am a fake fan. Born and raised a filthy flyer fan. I come here for the jokes and interaction. The flyer blogs are full of moronic stupid idiots.

  149. bull dog line on

    Ranger fans used to be considered among the most knowledgeable fans. I don’t see it anymore. this team is on the verge of making the playoffs for the 8th time in 9 years. the one year they did not make it, it came down to a shoot out in the last game. yet, you have ”fans”, who want to rebuild. want to not get to the ECF because it would cost them a 1st round pick. quietly root for the Islanders. find everything possible wrong with them. yes I know the cup is the goal, and they have not got there since 94, but this 9 year stretch has been pretty good. though you could never convince eric.

  150. matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties"Boy on

    Gravy, I can appreciate your thoughts, just disagree. I believe it can be used in combine with other stats, but is not the only comparable statistic.

    Certainly, you would agree, would you not, that it is a good indicator this year for Richards, as he is lost defensively, barely backchecks, is slow, passes as well to the other team as he does our players, BUT he is shooting more and with more confidence this year??

    Hence, given his +/- is what it is combined with the fact that the only other players that are in the negatives are ‘transient players’, I believe, it kind of tells you something smells.

    On a player like him I am not looking to points, as a matter of fact because he is on the PP almost 75% of the PP’s we have. Now, you want an over-inflated statistic on him? That’s it!!

  151. bull dog line on

    the best laugh I have had in a while was when somebody was trying to convince Doodie that the Oilers were going in the right direction. that one was funny.

  152. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Gravy – I know deep down, you wear # 16 when watching the Rangers play, yes?

  153. Doodie Machetto on

    eric, wasn’t blaming Laich. Just trying to unload the contract. They need cap relief, badly. His is the best contract to move.

  154. Doodie Machetto on

    That was Robby. I think, from what you’re saying, that you’re on my side. Coming in last every year is not the right direction.

  155. Nattering nabobs of negativity and pusillanimous pussyfooters, the lot of you. It’s the sort of thing up with which I felt I could no longer put, a couple months back, so I went out and got supplemental bone injections for my head. Coos no longer bores me.

  156. matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties"Boy on

    The Oiler’s aren’t going in the right direction??? (S)

  157. Nattering nabobs of negativity and pusillanimous p___y-footers, the lot of you. It’s the sort of thing up with which I felt I could no longer put, a couple months back, so I went out and got supplemental bone injections for my head. Coos no longer bores me.

  158. Graves, 2:33. Funniest thing I’ve read here in a long time!! Only, on second thought, not so funny.

  159. Yes, yes, Richards consistently prevents teammates from scoring — OK, 31 times they netted by accident after the puck bounced off his helmet, but most of the time it’s like last night, putting the wrong kind of spin on the breakaway pass to Poulliot, causing him shoot way wide. Get the spin right!

  160. Richie: “Give me Crosby and Ovi and I can turn both their games around within a week.”

  161. Stranger Nation on

    Sing, sing a song
    Sing out loud, sing out strong
    Sing of good things not bad
    Sing of happy not sad

    Sing, sing a song
    Make it simple to last your whole life long
    Don’t worry that it’s not good enough
    For anyone else to hear
    Just sing, sing a song

    La la la la la
    La la la la la la…

  162. Richie: “Give me Cooscoos for a week, and I can give him an original thought.”

  163. Stranger Nation on

    Sing, sing a song
    Let the world sing along
    Sing of love there could be
    Sing for you and for me

    Sing, sing a song
    Make it simple to last your whole life long
    Don’t worry that it’s not good enough
    For anyone else to hear

    Just sing, sing a song
    Just sing, sing a song
    Just sing, sing a song

    La la la la la
    La la la la la la…

  164. bull dog line on

    yes Doodie,
    I agreed with you. how can a team that is in the lottery every year be going in the right direction. the Oilers are a mess.

  165. Matty, I get what you’re saying, but then how do you explain Richards’ +8 when he was more terrible last year?

    E3, I was April foolin’ yesterday. Brass is my boy :)

  166. Coos could only sing one note
    And the note he sings was this:

    Poor Coosy one-note
    sang out with “gusto”
    And just overlorded the place
    Poor Coosy one-note
    yelled Wilbur Nilbur
    Until he was bleu in the face
    For holding one note was his ace.

  167. Richie glides off the ice when the opposition is developing three on twos so the guy who jumps on is stuck with the minus.

  168. bull dog line on

    everybody’s other favorite team, the Islanders, are also a mess. a fluke playoff appearance last year is about all they have to show for the last 20 years.

  169. To me, +/- will only tell you when you have an offensive player who is bad on defense, but not all the time. It won’t tell you when a player is only good defensively. So, to me, it’s generally useless unless you’re looking at Ovechkin with 48 goals and a -36.

  170. Doodie Machetto on

    What Ovi’s numbers tell me is that he dines out on the PP but isn’t effective 5 on 5.

  171. Q: What’s the difference between Coos and a new line of humor?

    A: Fourth grade.

  172. Norm channeling Judy Garland’s Greatest Hits. Apropos in that she had hundreds of more hits than #19.

  173. The Islanders are *emerging*.

    Where’s cmnsnse when you need him, saying something to the effect that the Islanders will be better than the Rangers by the end of this year?

  174. Doodie Machetto on

    Another thing I would do if I were in charge of the Capitals: new coach would have to strip Ovi of his C. I don’t care who gets it instead, it just can’t be Ovechkin. Let him focus solely on playing hockey and nothing else.

  175. Doodie Machetto on

    “Knock, knock.
    Who’s there?
    Coos who?
    Richie sucks.”

    That would actually be a really funny joke if coos had said it.

  176. Gravy, yes, I do. Pulling for him this year, though. Hope he’s got something in the tank for the playoffs. And, Doodie, this is good — Coos needs some grade-school pals to laugh at his ghostwritten jokes.

  177. Doodie Machetto on

    Norm, I look at Richards the way I looked at Gomez. Way more overpaid than bad. Gomez had 70 points in his first season in NY, which is tied with two others for the second most in his career. He was also terrific in the playoffs, well worth his contract there. The following season he had only 58.

    70 and 58 aren’t worth 7.35 million for 7 years, just like 66, 34 (in the shortened season), and 51ish points aren’t good enough for 6.67 million for almost a decade.

  178. Whoa, Stranger, are you making a funny? You mean he’s like an over-the-hill horse, right? That’s so, so droll. Glad to see the yucks have evolved here.

  179. Norm returns after one month hiatus for mental maintenance, needs blog time to get his psychic legs back. Gotta give it time.

  180. Oh, Coos, that’s all you got? C’mon, buddy, let’s flash that wit! It’s in there somewhere, I know.

  181. Stranger Nation on

    Issue with Richards is effort; leading vote getter for the Extra Eff..t award.
    Slatsko needed to surround him with a two way banger forwards to allow him to float around, but hasn’t.

    Still has the hands and head, but no longer has the heart and hustle; those are the facts.

    That and the back stabbing of Cally…classy guy, tucked or untucked.

  182. Inner workings of the Coos brain: Richards, horse, horse things, Richards… BRIDLE!! Yeah, bridle. OK, things that go with bridle… TEETH!! No, wait, FURRIER! No, FARRIER!! No one will know that one. Oh, boy, oh, boy, oh, boy. Just one more… play on words, c’mon, brain, c’mon. BRIDAL PARTY -> BRIDLE PARTY!! [PRINT]

  183. McD talks like he’s a stoner anyway, maybe some free time in the Mile high city will do him some good. Chill bro

  184. Ooh, a Shakespeare reference! It’s coming, I can feel it, something really good…

  185. Stoner? Mac’s one of the very few who can answer a question directly, without cliches. I know you’re kidding.

  186. ‘The Fault, dear Brutus is not in our stars, but in ourselves that we are underlings.’

  187. Read a very good book, ‘Stoner,’ by John Williams. Nothing to do with drugs.

  188. I root for Richie, because he is one of ours, but he never ceases to exasperate me. There is so much strange silence in the corporation about his lazy liabilities that I give him a pass, thinking he is told to play that way to avoid any possibility of injury.

  189. “When sorrows come, they come not buy out Richie, but in battalions of boneheads jumping from the ledge. To Die, To Sleep, to root no more”

    How’s that Norm?

  190. If somebody is NOT telling him to avoid contact, that would surprise me. He was never much of a hitter to begin with, so you gain nothing by it. Can you have a floater who can pass and shoot a little over 82 games? Looks like it. Is he overpaid? Sure. Are others underpaid? Yup. Kind of how it works in pro sports.

  191. _I think the Rangers should get him, just to see if Richards can really stop everyone from scoring._

    Absolutely *Pure* Genius.

  192. Gotta run, but keep workin’ that Bard. If I might suggest working the “put money in thy purse” line?

  193. And if you can pull for Richie, Coos, even a little, hell, I’ll pull for Carcillo. Still amazed he hasn’t blown up yet…

  194. Render unto C Stars the things that are C Stars, and to Rod the things that are Rod’s.

  195. I notice that Carcillo had teeth the other night. He hasn’t had a fight in months, so now he wears the full bridge.

  196. On this day in 1931, 17-year-old baseball player Jackie Mitchell, who was the *second woman* to play in the all-male minor leagues and one of the first woman pitchers in professional baseball, famously *struck out Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig* in an exhibition game against the New York Yankees.

    A few days later, baseball commissioner Kennesaw Mountain Landis voided Mitchell’s contract, declaring women unfit to play baseball as the game was “too strenuous.”

  197. “Put Money in Thy Purse!” These words come from Iago, Shakespeare’s most notorious villain.

  198. Matter of fact, most of the ‘wise’ sayings in all of Shakespeare come from the mouths of villains or fools. Me thinks he was playing with us.

  199. I think coos is one of the funniest dudes I’ve never met. Guess that puts me in gradeschool.

  200. As long as you don’t live across the street. Ma doesn’t trust me enough to cross on my own.

    Oh, and I have to wear a helmet when I leave house. Clumsy boy.

  201. Dors to CarProblems: “Wanna fight?”

    Car: “Not until they trade you and I get the 2 mil you’re up for.”

  202. Richards is a very smart player, he knows the game inside and out, and he will tell you this.

    The legs, just not what they use to be, he wouldn’t be one of the point leaders without his shot. He can still score.

    If they don’t buy out his contract at the end of the year, it is CAP suicide for YEARS.

  203. Coos is really, really funny. In the way most of us aspire to be. But are not.

  204. Article in Yahoo about a guy who had a double eagle (albatross), a hole in one, and a birdie on the 18th in the same round and shot a very delicious 83. Sounds like my game except for the birdie, the hole in one, the double eagle, and the 83.

  205. Mannu, you’re too kind. You and a number of others have had me falling out of my chair.

  206. I know it five and everyone is on their way home but here goes.

    Vikings- great show
    Coos – Hysterical
    Norm – really glad you’re back
    Latona – Par Marts called said he appreciates your support, really, really would like to see Kermit return, perhaps for the playoffs.

  207. Stranger Nation on

    Odds that Nash visits a head shop in Denver?

    “Ricky, where ya going, bro?”
    “Seriously, where ya been, missed you at dinner”
    “You are too funny dude!”

  208. Nash is Spicoli from Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

    “Everything is groovy, I mean good”.

    He’s getting Baked Alaska in the mile High city.

  209. Norm: Enjoy your curmudgeonliness, especially today.

    You finally moved into the grays about the TO situation; think Carp has the better argument in context.

    You have the better (not at all flawless, but better) work about Richie. Just continually baffled, even among twelve-year olds, at the fixation of so many males about another male’s purported cosmetic defects. Know the leaders of that pack will all be teen beauties when they get past twelve. And the other males will be in awe of their beauty:-).

    Coos actually says some neat things; like with E3 and the others in and out of the Denton Gang, it’s the (wading, waiting) for them to appear in the usual swamp. When I’m tired, I sometimes miss the helpful pass-me-by avatars, and catch one now and again. Pricely!!!

    Dudie: failed logic. That Orpik did another dirty re: Toews does not tell you that Thornton’s shenanigans were
    useless, only that they were not as useful as we might have hoped. And the emphasis from some of us today has been culture change, not goon wars, about which you’re partially on the side of the Devils. And as I stated last night, and ILB and others this AM, you will not get serious change as long as the Gang of Twelves likes the kind of hits they, technically, in the worst tradition of American lawyering, call “legal.” Phaneuf was legal against Sauer. The hit was disrespectful and hateful, to those of us on the Other Side (I liked Big Hits when young and stupid and shallow; I was young and stupid and shallow WAY TOO LONG. I also live with the serious life-changing consequences of big hits (16 seasons of Rugby). Phaneuf’s dad couldn’t stop cheering….Wonder how Sauer’s Pop feels?

  210. I would never wish for injury, Coos. Please remain buckled into your chair at all times for safety.

  211. Daniel Sedin to Torts on visiting the Mile High City ‘Coach, I can’t breathe.’

    Torts: “Suck it up. You’ll have plenty of time to breathe when you’re dead.’

  212. All in good fun re: Richie. He is actually a handsome dog, after all is said and done. Ooops, did I say dog?

  213. So my wife asks me on our way home today (rare commute) what I learned in school today. Nothing, I say, but I learned something on a hockey blog I sometimes contribute to. A hockey blog? she asks, clearly not understanding how such a thing would operate. Well, sort of, I reply. It’s not so much about hockey as it is a shared interest in something hard to define, a sharing by [mostly] men who have no lives in precisely the way I have no life. We are Boneheads, I explain. Blank stare, but she persists, So what did you learn?

    I learned today, Sweetheart, from ‘cooscoos’, that Joan of Arc was literally ushered into heaven by a plethora of really hot faggots.

  214. Ryan Kesler=Beast?

    he is as soft as Richards. Vancouver can keep him. nobody offered them close to what they wanted in trade…and he was on the block. That should tell you something.

    42 pts and -15. 72 games played.

    He’s ok. but McDonagh is a beast.

  215. I wanna be loved by you, just youse and nobody else but ewes.

    I wanna be loved by ewes, al-o-o-ne, Boop Boop be Doo!

  216. Best news from last night: With Lou’s crew setting all kinds of records for ineptitude in the shootout, how long will it be before the league votes it out?

  217. Stats, like words, only have meaning within context. Words, like stats, only have meaning when used in conjunction with other words. See what I did there?

  218. Stranger Nation on

    tomb – serious about Kessler. Take him any day of the week on this squad

  219. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Escapin through the lily fields
    I came across an empty space
    It trembled and exploded
    Left a bus stop in its place
    The bus came by and I got on
    That’s when it all began
    There was Cowboy Neal
    At the wheel
    Of a bus to never-ever land

    Comin comin comin around comin around, comin around in a circle….

  220. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Joan of Arc was 19 when she fell into that ring of fire, that ring of fire….and she burned, burned, burned, that ring of fire, that ring of fire…

    The taste……of love is sweet, when hearts like ours meet. I fell for you like a child, oh….but the fire got wild….

  221. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Notsofast – thank you for your kind words….I don’t mind Richards’ molars….I think they are sexy…..

  222. Goin’ to St Loooey
    Sorry, but I can’t take you.
    Gooooooin’ to St Loooey,
    Sorry, but I can’t take you.
    Nothin’ in St Loooey
    For a monkey to do.

  223. Matty"MARTYSCORED!!!!!!"Boy on

    Anyone see McKenzie saying Callahan and Tampa may well sign a long term deal. Said he is comfortable down there and likes the tax break.

  224. Matty"MARTYSCORED!!!!!!"Boy on

    flicking the channels, the lack of fans at many NBA arenas is fascinating. Entire upper levels sparse in Cleveland and Philly. Looks like a Mets home game.

  225. Matty"MARTYSCORED!!!!!!"Boy on

    Yes, MacKenzie said Cally feels comfortable playing the role he’s playing. (I guess Richards would add, he’s a quiet guy so he shouldn’t be captain, anyway).

    But the tax differential was a factor, he said, too.

  226. Watching some of the NFL draft prospects yapping about they’re going into the Hall of Fame without yet being involved in a live pro snap. Vomitus!

  227. Cally’s too young to be a ‘C.’ Maybe on the contract after this one he’ll be ready. :)

  228. wow!! when you think the refs couldn’t get any worse they get worse. No goal called on boston stating chara interfered, replay shows chara screening goalie and not even touching the goalie, unbelievable.

  229. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Kooz – you are literally literary. Just remember, I’m leader of the Denton Gang.

  230. I’ll throw in 20 bucks for anyone who will slip into Norm’s barn up north country and put a #19 saddlecloth on his old gray mare.

  231. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Faggots and stones might break my bones, but insults about my immaturity will never hurt me

  232. Stranger Nation on

    Norm reappears and then a mystery poster also shows up agreeing with everything Lady Byng posted and continues arguing…

    You can lead a horse to water…

  233. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    This is my gang. You hear me hillbilly boy? I ain’t thru with you by a damn sight. Ima get medieval on yo assen.

  234. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I left a floater in the can this morning. That bad boy won’t be backstabbing anyone. You dig?


    Lady Byng, when you’re with me whoa whoa whoa whoa lady Byng

  235. Rob in Beantown on

    I read the NHL makes more from arena gates than the NBA. But the NBA destroys the NHL in TV revenue. Different business models. And if you read it, it must be true.

  236. Norm can be funny until he gets all lathered up. Sometimes needs a barn hose and a stiff palmyra brush.

  237. Whoever: “Be ready!” – “Always ready!” – the reply of Young Communist League members (pioneers).
    (Dedicated to Triple Eddie – one of the pearls in a Chess Crown).

  238. Hey, guys. Just catching up. Did Manny break anything?

    Good to see Norm back here. And I see youse did some minor bickering today. Please keep it civil. Norm is right a lot more than he’s wrong, BTW.

    bull dog, your point about today’s fan is right on. your point about eric is completely off.

    As you were.

  239. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Poor JT. Talk about a yo-yo on a string….perhaps next year.

    Ricardo – I don’t mind norm. However, his “I’m a grown up, and the rest of you are immature babies” routine is getting stale. The boy is a little too arrogant for my tastes…..that said,

    Neighhhhhhhhhhh brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  240. Matty"MARTYSCORED!!!!!!"Boy on

    Agreed, Orr. WOW!!! Great talent. Totally undressed old boy, Chara.

  241. Matty"MARTYSCORED!!!!!!"Boy on

    How does that organization continue to lock up talent?? They haven’t had a high first round draft in how many years? Everyone says THAT’s the reason the Rangers don’t draft well? Nyquist. Wow. Tatar? Wow.

    Great organization. Almost as good as Sather’s.

  242. Matty"MARTYSCORED!!!!!!"Boy on

    This Boston team is SO good. Talent, size, coaching, good speed. Got it all.
    When they have to play hard, watch out. This is equivalent to a pickup game for them.

  243. This is why I want DET to play BOS in the first round. I really think they have a great chance to knock them out!

  244. Stranger Nation on

    Norm came on the board to pick a spat with Coos who, to his credit, did not take the bait.

    When posters attack other posters, things get heated. Lady Byng would have been appalled.

  245. Matty"MARTYSCORED!!!!!!"Boy on

    excellent puck pursuit. Ah, this is what AV means. THIS is how it’s done. I get it.

  246. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Snation – I heard thru the grapevine that a certain poster was moved from soprano to alto and it hasn’t registered well…

  247. Stranger Nation on

    Lumbus v. Boston
    Red wings v. Pens
    Rangers v. Filth
    TB v Habs

    that would be a fun first round.

  248. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Leaves are raked and in the bag…They won’t be making the second season….I think SNation’s match ups are spot on….only change could be a swap of Lumbus and the wangs

  249. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Not sure there is room for Bickel, that little Beach, and Haley. I like Haley. Once they clinch, perhaps bring the rough boys up to the big club…

  250. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I agree with wicky. But, the jackets are capable of taking out their first rd. opponent.

  251. eddie is the boss. I just do what I’m told. (how’s that for a yellow-bellied cheese eater?)

  252. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    I agree with E3 agreeing with Wicky whom agrees with Latona .

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