Rangers at Canucks … It’s Go Time!


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Game 77.canucks
Rangers at Canucks.


Alain Vigneault returns to Vancouver for his first regular-season game there as Canucks’ ex-head coach. The preseason game last fall, though, kind of takes some of the luster off the return, as do the previous meetings between the Rangers and John (Hot Seat) Tortorella.

Ya boys have won six of their last seven. Third of four-game trip (1-1 so far) that ends in Denver Thursday. Then all that’s left is a three-game homestand and a season-ending visit to Montreal.

More line juggling in an apparent attempt to get Martin St. Louis going — because giving him his buddy Brad Richards wasn’t enough. So Dominic Moore, who played with St. Louis a bit in Tampa, moves to the left wing with Richards and St. Louis.

Carl Hagelin jumps up to the, ahem, first line with Derek Stepan and Rick Nash, while the actual first line — Benoit Pouliot-Derick Brassard-Mats Zuccarello — remains intact. Daniel Carcillo goes back down to the fourth line, with Brian Boyle moving to center.

Henrik Lundqvist in goal against Eddie Lack. J.T. Miller, Ryan Haggerty and Justin Falk remain prucha’d and John Moore (concussion) sits out but is getting close to returning.

Big few nights on the out-of-town scoreboard, too, with the Jackets and Flyers both playing quality opponents tonight, and then Columbus visiting Philly Thursday.

Click here for the NHL standings heading into tonight’s games.

Other games that matter tonight:

Colorado 3, Columbus 2 (OT); Philadelphia at St. Louis (in progress).


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  1. Imagine if Richards signs with Caps next year and centers Ovechkin and has a great year.

    Lot of veteran leadership, too.

  2. Prediction – MSL scores his first Rangers goal when nobody posts a comment predicting he will score that night. So tonight is ruined already :-)

  3. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I just dropped a serious ditty before I was carped – busts rhyme, nickel and dime, lemon lime, ooze that slime, commit no crime, what be the time, walk the line


  4. Matty"SCOREMARTY"Boy on

    Looking forward to tonight’s game. It’s cool that the scheduling just so happens to provide for a matchup between these two teams, trading coaches, PO’s on the line. Fateful matchup.

  5. @rangersreport

    Meanwhile, Rangers coverage on MSG waits while Devils go to their specialty, the shootout.

  6. Each home team this season should have given Tortorella a momento during each stop on his farewell tour

  7. Anyone with any thoughts on Manziel’s girlfriend (the one we know about, that is). She passes my scouting combine with flying colors and couch stains

  8. Matty"SCOREMARTY"Boy on

    Bless Chico. Every save by Schneider is the MOST amazing save ever. Every shot by the Devils that doesn’t’ go in was unlucky.

  9. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Booby – I’m naked too and I just dropped my anchor on the floor…..

  10. One reason I was never a big Jagr fan … that he wouldn’t do this for his team. One of the best offensive players in history.

  11. Matty"SCOREMARTY"Boy on

    Devils have to feel really good being pushed to the limit by the worst team in hockey.

  12. Matty"SCOREMARTY"Boy on

    Henrique fires it 5 feet wide. Chico says nothing but it was a good move.

    Buffalo fires it wide and “that was incredibly wide”

  13. “Crazy Earl: These are great days we’re living, bros. We are jolly green giants, walking the Earth with guns. These people we wasted here today are the finest human beings we will ever know. After we rotate back to the world, we’re gonna miss not having anyone around that’s worth shooting.

  14. Sorry, couldn’t bring myself to switch away from Flyers/Blues for a shootout.

    PP Blues now

  15. Hold it against a player for putting the team before himself? He knew he was not good at the shootout.

  16. Come on blues.

    Can u imagine if rangers were this bad in shootout I would have jumped months ago.

  17. Matty"SCOREMARTY"Boy on

    only scoreboard score that matters tonight is Filth v. STL.

    LET’s GO BLUES!!! Let’s GO BLUES!!!

  18. Entering tonight game currently clinch playoff spot

    Ranger magic number over caps is 5
    Over devils is 4
    Leafs 4

    With win 3 and 2 each

  19. Matty"SCOREMARTY"Boy on


  20. Putting himself above the team would mean participating in the shootout although he knew he stunk in the shootout.

  21. or he could try to score and, you know, help the team, show some leadership, work at it. Say, hey, I’m the best offensive player of my generation, I should be able to score a goal 1-on-1 against a goalie once in a while.

    But, no. I don’t like shootouts, so I don’t want to do it.


  22. Matty"SCOREMARTY"Boy on

    I really think tonight’s the night. Especially if Marty can grab some ice time with the best player on the team…self-proclaimed, of course. The Rocket.

    A truly visionary player. Captain material.

  23. Repost

    Lol, Stranger. Great line. Bunch of classic lines in that one. Very under appreciated.

  24. Marty will score tonight.

    I’m not good at the shootout, so I don’t want to do it.

  25. Most likely coaching job for Torts next year?

    My top 5:
    Islanders, Carolina, Washington, Dallas, Florida.

  26. Matty"SCOREMARTY"Boy on

    Actually, I’d be happier if THe Blues score tonight in the regular portion of the game.

  27. am i hearing things? i swear i keep hearing shots hitting the post even though the puck is in the neutral zone. is it the goalie hitting the post with the stick?

  28. I think Torts takes part of the year off, then gets a job for a struggling team late in the season or the next season. I still think he has to coach Philly at some point, but right now, Chief is doing a pretty good job there.

  29. Kesler was interviewed today and said nothing but nice things about AV and their time together.

    Burrows almost flat out said that Torts and AV are night and day and that he will always have a special relationship with AV

  30. Last time these two teams played, THE was the star… now, I want Zucc to shine to wipe Torts’ face once again.

  31. Regarding Dallas, they are in danger of missing the playoffs. But actually, I needed a 5th team and I didn’t think he would go back to Canada.

  32. Matty"SCOREMARTY"Boy on

    Marty STL is getting no respect. He is getting smushed against the boards.

  33. Stranger Nation on

    Boyle knocked puck out of Lack glove – should have been called, but we’ll take it.
    Great grind goal

  34. @rangersreport

    Three NYR forwards within a foot of the blue paint. How many times does that happen with the 1st and 2nd lines?

  35. Matty"SCOREMARTY"Boy on

    Now that our 4th line is finally playing well, Sather will trade or release them.

    Sather: “We don’t need no stinkin’ 4th line.”

  36. Matty"SCOREMARTY"Boy on

    We have a 4th and 5th line in jail in the AHL.

    Powe, Haley, Aasem, you name it we can roll FIVE.

  37. Not saying I know, but people around the Canucks say Kesler won’t play for AV. And they said that’s why he wouldn’t waive his no-trade for a NYR trade at the deadline.

    Hard to imagine somebody not liking that guy.

  38. Matty"SCOREMARTY"Boy on

    I have a hard time trading a 1st and a 2nd for a guy with a ‘5 o’clock shadow that’s grey’ no matter how good he has been.

  39. Rumor has it, Kesler screwed one of the AV’s daughters and never called her back…and now he’s avoiding her daddy :)

  40. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I swear if msl doesn’t start scoring goals soon, I’m not going to buy his movie when it comes out on blu ray next week!!!

  41. Matty"SCOREMARTY"Boy on

    Hank is looking good. Seeing the puck well. Just can’t handle it for beans.

  42. Carcillo > St. Louis

    For now just the Player. But if the Blues don’t beat the Phlyers….

  43. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Spot on about jagr

    Love to have Kesler on rangers, but don’t think it is happening

  44. Matty"SCOREMARTY"Boy on

    Richards was SOOOO lost out there, it’s silly. He BETTER not get a second assist there.

  45. I’ve given up worrying what the flyers do, rangers need to keep winning, that’s it, doesn’t matter if the rangers finish 2nd or 3rd, just don’t finish 7th or 8th.

  46. Consistent if you exclude the first quarter season for both and the ten games Brassard disappeared after the break.

  47. Some people are starting to think it might be better to get the wild card and play Pitt than 2-3 vs. Philly. I don’t agree. Plus you want no part of Boston.

  48. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Gravy – brassard plays big when it matters…5 goals in 7 games and he’s revving up for the playoffs….you do know who led the rangers in scoring during the playoffs last year, yes?

  49. Torts on MSL, Cally and comparisons of he & AV: “We’re losing, so I’m the idiot; they’re winning, he’s the smart guy”



  50. I don’t trust Philly’s defense, either, and I think they can be distracted up front, and Mason is unproven, though he might be more trustworthy than MAF.

  51. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Gravy – it makes him consistent *and uber reliable* down the stretch when it matters most

  52. They’re not going to give it up, Gravy. We will have to see how it plays out and hope they are right.

  53. Blues win thank miller fantastic.

    15-1 odds win cup last July I made bet in Vegas . Miller gives me hope

  54. Miller wins the shootout, but the bright spot for the Flyers is that Emery would kick his ass in a fight.

  55. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Manny and gravy – go ahead and keep rooting against Brassard #real fans??????? #doubt it

  56. How about the New Ro kid and NYR fan (growing up) Shattenkirk, winning it for the NYR, I mean, for the Blues?

  57. Blues are a fun team to root for. Not that I do. But they are a really well constructed team now that they have Miller in goal.

  58. Carp
    i thought that Kesler’s problem with AV
    is that AV called him out following a
    game (regular season or playoff)

    anyone else here this?

  59. Only one Ranger has been consistent this year. McD. You could argue Boyle and D Moore in their roles. Everyone else has had some bad stretches.

  60. leetchhalloffame on

    Cally scores again tonight. Zero St. Louis. This is our payback for the McDonagh trade.

  61. Matty"SCOREMARTY"Boy on

    Well Marty didn’t score THAT period. He didn’t do all that much except get pasted along the boards a few times.

    Is that worth a 1st and 2nd? Or was Clowe??

  62. carp, that’s crazy, rangers have no shot at boston or Pitt. Rangers need to get 2nd or 3rd. I feel confident they can beat philly in 6.

  63. Gravy, Blues prices average around $100 per and the people who go to the games have something to be really excited about! NYR tickets average around $230 per and the team is mediocre.

  64. Who’s rooting against him? He hasn’t been consistent this year. He’s been one of their best players lately. I hope it continues.

  65. I’m getting sick of this Ovechkin FOMOH guy:

    “Alex Ovechkin was in town and I was going to see him score twice and go minus 3, but my father scheduled hernia surgery on the same day”.

  66. I totally agree, tommy. Then you hope that MAF melts down and somebody else takes out Boston in the first round.

  67. Carp
    meant to tweet this to ya
    didja notice on the pp how it slows down
    and bogs down when someone (in the case Richards)
    holds on to the puck to consider his next move
    Zuc got a pass, quickly passed and Pouliot quickly shot.

    as Yoda would say:
    “Do or do not
    there is no try.”

  68. Matty"SCOREMARTY"Boy on

    Torts: “Hey, Who’s that freaking midget wearing #26 for the team I don’t care about anymore??”

  69. Boring?

    This is the most entertaining game I haven’t watched the Rangers play in decades.

    And Kentucky Fried POULET is an all-around tour-de-force.

  70. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Not sure exactly how one quantifies “consistent” but Brassard is tied for second in goals scored, leads the team in PP goals, and tied for third in GWG’s, it seems to me that if that’s not consistent – it’s respectable.

    #real ranger fans appreciate Brassard

  71. Give everyone a break and put #19 on 4th line with CarProblems and Dorsett. They’ll muck and he can float. Just be sure you have Mac and Danny back.

  72. CC Sabathia, who was awful tonight, makes NHL league minimum per start (assuming he makes 32-34 starts per season)

  73. Jeff in South Dakota on

    I don’t know if I can stay awake with all this exciting action and I’m only in an 1 hour later time zone.

  74. It’s not about not appreciating Brassard. I love the player. But he has always had consistency issues and he has a lengthy NHL body of work to back that up.

    He’s had some incredible stretches here that make him a very good offensive #2 Centerman.

    I’m just not going to write off those seasons prior since he’s only been hear about 1 year now.

  75. Consistent meaning they make meaningful contributions and are noticeable game in game out. Like McD.

    Stepan and MZA lead the team in points. I wouldn’t call either of them consistent this year. Hank was poo for about twenty games. Brassard has had two long stretches where he disappeared, so I can’t call him consistent.

  76. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Pretty much everyone was bad in the beginning and brassard didn’t contribute with points for that stretch, but he played hard and competed

  77. And I appreciate his game a lot more because I think he battles in a majority of games.

  78. Latona:

    See the ticket on my avatar? That was ’94 playoffs and it was $32. Regular season was $16 that year for me.

  79. Jeff in South Dakota on

    Center ice between periods-we’ll be right back for entire intermission- best part, I miss Bill PeeDoh.

  80. I do think Brassard is developing a lot more consistency as he goes along this year. And he centers the No. 1 line and No. 1 PP.

  81. If anything, it’s more frustrating that he shows so much skill during the good stretches because he could almost be a #1 if he played like that every games.

  82. I agree. Brassard has gotten better, etc.

    I’m just saying I don’t think people are against him as people tend to claim

  83. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I notice Brassard every game. It’s why I like him so much. He’s a magician with the puck. Rangers’ best and *most consistent* line has been Brassard Ben and zucchini

  84. I can’t believe the Canucks traded both Schneider and Luongo, now they have no goaltending.

  85. ThisYearsModel on

    Watching NBCSN….another killing of OV by Milbury as OV loafs back on the backcheck and Dallas scores.

  86. The least consistent Rangers this season have been Hank, Miller and maybe St. Louis (although he consistently doesn’t score)

  87. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Manny hates brassard. Uses a players previous lesser quality linemates against him when evaluating him but Stepan is all world with an astonishingly massive career high *53* points with almost all first liners through your his career…

    Maybe manny should stick to guitars, skinny jeans, video games, “metal” music, and staying on his skates.

  88. See. Vicky’s post is an example of people exaggerating my moderate opinions.

    Who’s the diver now?

  89. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I would love to see the devils, craps, and Columbus all miss the playoffs.

  90. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Just stating facts manny. Sorry if facts bother you.

    Should I start intentionally misspelling your name too?

  91. CARP, excuse me. That should be by/from that episode.

    Wow. Feels like that’s the first time in a long time I’ve missed one of those.

  92. _Cally scores again tonight. Zero St. Louis. This is our payback for the McDonagh trade._

    No. It’s our curse for having Sather as our GM.

  93. Back in November when we were all trading or cutting Pouliot and using ‘Caricllo’ as the word for, well, you know….could any of us imagined those two would be our offense in an important game in April?

  94. Kermit and Foghorn are on holiday together in the Caribbean. Apparently they’re staying in the same room that Zucc and MDZ shared on their last vacation together.

  95. That’s why that night when the rangers played the flames I was not happy, should have beaten the flames, rangers played a poor game against a bad team. If the maple leafs can beat the flames the rangers should definitely beat the flames.

  96. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Wicky – let’s hope the non believers someday see the light….

    #pray for their souls

  97. Lack is whack. Can’t stop jack. They’ll get he two goal lead back. Hang it on a rack. Cut Step some slack. Fade to black.


  98. So if Calgary beats Anaheim (twice i believe) does that terrible logic make Toronto better than Anaheim?

  99. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I do because Stepan “disappears” as much as brassard, but for some reason Stepan is “consistent” and brassard isn’t.

    Brassard has a physical element to his game and Stepan doesn’t when they offensively “Casper”

    If you switch linemates all season for brassard and Stepan, who has more points? Brassard easily and everyone knows it.

    Simply comparing two #2C.

  100. Rangers take too many slappers when they have open ice in front of them to move in.

  101. Didn’t I already say Stepan was inconsistent twice? Brassard has played on the better line this year and still has ten less points.

    Prust sayin.

  102. What’s Torts’ ultimate goal – to try to put our stars on IR so we don’t advance in playoffs?

  103. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Wicky – count how many times Stepan comes down on a 3-2 and just dumps the puck in….Snation will back me up…

  104. rangers better pick it up offensively, there not hanging on to this 2-1 lead, need 4 goals to win this game.

  105. Nash with spin pass on wall to no one. Canucks def getting in deep rangers better get there act together here.

  106. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Brassards line should not be the better line…perhaps their ace centre should be making them better, but he isn’t.

    Also less ice time for brassard and his linemates, so we can say it is the better line, but in reality it still isn’t the #1 line.

    He does make his linemates better tho!

  107. are you freaking kidding me!!!! how the hell did the rangers not score there, unbelievable.

  108. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I I know. Just prejudice against a québécois player vs homegrown softness.

  109. Matty"SCOREMARTY"Boy on

    So, next game, what line mates does the one and only great Richie Rocket play with?

    I have seen enough of this experiment.

  110. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Wicky – what I like most regarding Stepan is as he goes to throw the body, he skates to a dead stop first…

  111. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Don’t make fun of Stepan, manny will blackball you from his buddy list ;)

  112. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    No question about that, but more time on ice more chance to get points.


  113. We shouldn’t be talking about Stepan and Brassard when Richie is the true número uno.

  114. Sioux, congrats.

    But I have to share this: my brother-in-law posted on FB a pic of a positive home pregnancy test today. Got plenty of reaction for sure. Only problem is that both and my sister are in their 50s.

  115. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Gravy – it’s not easy to hate on Richards….I think we all pity that lad

  116. What exactly happened at the end of the period? My confidence in Joe M is such that I wouldn’t be surprised if we got the penalty.

  117. Matty"SCOREMARTY"Boy on

    Can I ask Mark a question??

    Mark, where did you learn to shoot right at the goalies chest when you’re wide open??

  118. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Don’t have the stats in front of me but I think Brassard leads the team in shooting % .

  119. Matty"SCOREMARTY"Boy on

    Richie Rocket: ” Well, AV, I tell you, we are close. Trust me on this one. And, oh, by the way, if you need a new captain, just let me know. I am almost 38.”

  120. Matty"SCOREMARTY"Boy on

    OK, OK….Marty didn’t score yet. THIS is his period. He is a scoring machine. And, 38.

  121. Matty"SCOREMARTY"Boy on

    Wonder if there’s anyone on the Ranger side of the ice that played for Torts that didn’t say hello

  122. Sioux’s pregnant, they need more worked in the oil fields and he’s just being a good Dakotan.

  123. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Manny needs to set up another twitter account titled “thingssecretariatproclaims”

  124. Congrats, Sioux! Here’s to hoping the kid ends up a Gopher fan because that would be hilarious.

  125. Matty"SCOREMARTY"Boy on

    Rangers better play clean from here. The WWE even up the calls meter is standing straight up.

  126. 4generations 4 cups on

    I really didnt watch MSL intently on the Lightning, but the guy really hangs around the perimeter an awful lot for someone that’s scored so much in the past few years. Anyone else notice this? He also gets shoved off the puck a whole lot.

  127. `When you have a complete girly brain fart on the ice, it’s always a good idea to go back to the bench and wait for the camera to come on you, and then spit like a man!

  128. Zucc sets a record for most points by a Norwegian. Beats out Espen Knutsen.

    Obligatory: “Who the **** are the Knutsen’s?”

  129. Espen was ESPN’s favorite player once upon a time. They used to make a big deal of it when they had a highlight of him.

  130. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Marty St. Louis, stand up and come get the Stanley Cup!!!!

    (Oh, he IS standing up…)

  131. Torts love the face.

    It’s hard to believe St. Louis gas 30 goals without scoring in 15 games

  132. Tortorella wants to clap for St. Louis but also wants to get a paycheck for the last 6 games. Im sure they’ll text after the game

  133. How many games have you predicted it, Orr? This was the first game I predicted it.

  134. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Stepan intentionally shot his breakaway into lack’s chest so msl could finally score

    Stepan=hockey god

  135. Joe M must be reading this site
    saying 4th line doing better than other 3
    especially Richards line

  136. Sam: “This gives AV the chance to roll 4 lines.” Guess he hasn’t noticed our 4th line has been our best for two weeks.

  137. @iwicky that’s some amazing anticipation by Stepan

    Lack has played a really good game as well. This could’ve been a Rangers blowout easily.

  138. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Rangers update
    Richards pulled from Canucks game and sent directly to Hartford to get mcilrath skating better

  139. Playoffs against Boston and we will have to play 2 pairs on defense, 30 minutes each.

  140. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    You guys are way off on AV him not using timeouts.

    It looks to me like the 3rd D pair have been in time out for a while now.

  141. Matty"MARTYSCORED!!!!!!"Boy on

    definitely shoulder. Pray for sprain but it doesn’t look so. Pray for 2-4 weeks.

  142. I’m not sure that was a terribly dirty play. High, but not head, from the side. Dangerous and reckless, yes.

  143. Hope that nice relationship between Burrows and Vigneault they talked about all game ended immediately right then and there.

  144. definitely shoulder, if it’s separated, that’s all she wrote, will miss the playoffs.

  145. Why make that play at the end of the game? Dummy Burrows. Fuggin’ unbelievable. Elbowing and a misconduct with seconds left. He should sit for the rest of the season and a few games next year…

  146. Matty"MARTYSCORED!!!!!!"Boy on

    Carpy, if we had team toughness or a few guys to defend our finesse players does that hit happen?

  147. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Burrows will be buying mcdonut a few dinners when he is on the rangers next season

  148. Matty"MARTYSCORED!!!!!!"Boy on

    Who’d we have on ice to make a statement after that hit?? Zuccarello?? This team cannot defend itself. It’s a matter of time they get worn down by bigger teams during the bring of the PO’s.

  149. Carcillo goes for retribution he gets suspended, AV gets suspended and anyone else that goes for retribution gets suspended.

    Stupid rule but it’s there.

  150. jpg's sister on

    carp, so true, shameful, all Girardi did was push the canucks not even enough to knock them off their skates. Maybe AV should have put the fourth line on the ice for last few seconds after Mac Truck was hit

  151. Notice who AV had on the ice late? He makes that mistake too often. Way too often. At least Girardi threw an elbow.

  152. jpg's sister on

    true Lev, no penalty when McD pulled down from the face mask, but Boyle called for a penalty clearing the crease on a penalty kill, go figure?

  153. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Agreed, way too soft. Mcdonut continually targeted for rough stuff by other teams (see Hartnell, lucic, burrows) because

    A) no one on rangers will respond on ice

    B) he will not drop the gloves himself

  154. AV moron doesn’t call a timeout with 2 straight icings and the aftermath is McDonagh is injured. This would not have happened if he called a timeout like any coach should and would in that situation.

  155. Matty"MARTYSCORED!!!!!!"Boy on

    Yea, let’s send our HUGE fourth line out there. The Enforcers.

    Let’s see now, Boyle….won’t fight. Dorsett get’s beaten up most of the time. Carcillo, almost all the time. Dorsett and Carcillo are about 200 lbs.

    Boy, they can really take care of the team.

  156. i’d have to see the play again
    but i think what happens is that
    the 1st canuck check McD and has his arm
    so that when burrows hits it causes the
    arm/shoulder to get caught and turn awkwardly

  157. i’m not sure if it was a dirty hit by burrows
    no matter what
    the Rangers should have responded
    in a more aggressive rage-filled manner
    to the incident

    cream puffs!

  158. Matty"MARTYSCORED!!!!!!"Boy on

    And, Wicky@12:43, just who would you like to respond? Which undersized munchkin?

  159. ThisYearsModel on

    Too bad McIlrath won’t be good enough to be a #2. If he were, this kind of crap wouldn’t happen to McD.

  160. Deterrence does work on the ice! Like the Death Penalty, count the number of felons who happily plead guilty to a major, but lesser charge and life in prison to avoid the firing squad. My opinion only.

  161. Stranger Nation on

    Zucc actually tried to do something but the Canuck player hurt his side laughing at his attempt

  162. Matty"MARTYSCORED!!!!!!"Boy on

    Our better players will continue to be targets. Even if we get some tougher players, but it does act as a semi-deterrant to have them. Certainly put together like this small team, you are allowing other teams to steamroll you.

  163. Alex Burrows said on the Canucks post game show:

    Was it an elbow, “I didn’t think so, I don’t know. I haven’t seen the replay. It didn’t feel like it. I was coming from the middle and I think he was looking at the other side and I was trying to cut him off and get the puck but I don’t know what really happened.

    Was it frustration like your fight with Getzlaf the other night, “Tonight I am just trying to get on the forecheck and get the puck back. My intention wasn’t to be dirty or hurt the guy I just wanted to forecheck and retrieve the puck.

  164. Good point? What a bunch of idiotic commentary, especially from you, Carp — you should know better than to armchair coach. Let’s hope McD is not badly injured, but AV didn’t hit him, Burrows did. Any time you call a timeout, you call it for both teams. AV made the right call and his team won.

  165. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Believe me, I get your point. Any response by anyone (dorsett/carcillo) is better than nothing.

    I’d rather see someone go all Goddard from the bench than nothing at all

  166. Matty"MARTYSCORED!!!!!!"Boy on

    John: “I didn’t particularly think that line was really all that good” (about the MSL-Richard-DMoore line).


  167. Norm!!

    No, I think it’s a fair point that you have guys out of gas on the ice because you won’t call a timeout with a two-goal lead and 1:04 left after two icings.

    Why the hell not then?

  168. The timeout thing has gotten almost to the point of being stubborn for AV. I see no reason to hold onto it there.

    I do not see a correlation between the timeout and the Burrows hit. Burrows would have done that after the timeout.

  169. Matty"MARTYSCORED!!!!!!"Boy on

    So, AV is almost at the point Torts was by season’s end last year. He has tried Richards with everyone. And nothing is working. If he takes him off the PP, he’s nonexistent.

    Now what??

    PS. Funny, MSL scores his only goal when liberated from Richie Rocket and on wing with Nash. How often have we seen guys liberated from RR score almost immediately????

  170. Stranger Nation on

    Nash said he wasnt tired, which AV believed given his feeble defensive effort

  171. They were totally gassed. What coach asks his players if they are OK? What player will say “no please call a timeout” the coach should not be asking players if they are OK in that situation. Shame on AV, he should know this, he is the reason MCD is injured, I have a feeling he tore something in his shoulder.

  172. You can’t deter hits, but Burrow’s job there, down 3-1 very late, is to get the puck, not punish. Maybe he’s just stupid. At any rate, if I’m McD, I’d appreciate a little mayhem in return. That there is none is an indictment of AV, IMO, with the smurfs he constantly puts on the ice very late when leading in contentious games.

  173. “I do not see a correlation between the timeout and the Burrows hit. Burrows would have done that after the timeout.”

    McD would have been faster, quicker and more alert of a possible hit after getting a minute of rest.

  174. I feel like I’m taking crazy pills here, Carp. You’ve been watching this game for way too long not to know the time-out trade-off. Your guys are gassed, and their guys are gassed, so you stick with it and force the other coach to bring on his second string or go with his gassed guys, too. It’s a judgment. And Burrows acting like an idiot has nothing to do with it.

  175. This latest whine is actually more ridiculous than not wanting anyone named Marty on the team only to suggest two minutes later that Martin Hanzal would be the difference maker on this team.

  176. As usual, Zucc was the only one with the onions to seriously retaliate or at least do something. Girardi did also fly an elbow but wasn’t much. I’d really like to see this team toughen up! Stiffness is important!

  177. ThisYearsModel on

    Well, we can hope McD is OK. Hate to see the good players targeted like that. When the puck dropped afterward, Dorsett and Carcillo should have been out there and mounted some kind of response.

  178. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    So mcdonut gets hit like that (dirty or not) and goes down…rangers response…none

    Kopecky cross checks the mad bomber…rangers response…prust dogpiles on the rabbit and then rupp pulls kopecky from officials and beats his aasen.

    We need a couple of players like prust and rupp

  179. First Kreider, now McD…just like old times when you think of injuries taking out our best players at the worst times. Personally, I thought instantly of Brian Leetch breaking his ankle in ’90.

    Upper Body Injury is all they’re gonna say. If they say anything. Go to bed, everyone. The MSG Soviet-inspired media won’t tell us anything about our best player.

    And oh yeah, Brad Richards being unable to play with ANYBODY is absolutely hilarious and absolutely true. Can’t be off this team soon enough.

  180. Your guys are gassed. Their guys can change. McDonagh’s shift started at 17:41. Twice had to defend against six attackers, twice had to stay on the ice after icings. Not saying he doesn’t get hurt if he’s fresher. Just saying, why the hell not take a timeout there up two goals with 1:04 left?

    why the hell not?

  181. “Your guys are gassed, and their guys are gassed, so you stick with it and force the other coach to bring on his second string or go with his gassed guys, too.”

    the game was basically over and in the bag at that point, so your point makes no sense.

  182. New York Rangers ? @NYRangers

    AV did not have an update on @RMcDonagh27 after the game..#MacTruck was on receiving end of elbowing major assessed to Alex Burrows #NYR


  183. I miss the days when MSG Network absolutely had the best hockey broadcasts. Nostalgia, I know. It’s been going downhill for years.

  184. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Makes me think of the leetch broken wrist/arm when he was hit in the corner against the glass

  185. No, no, no. I’m not blaming AV for the injury. Just asking why the hell you wouldn’t call a timeout there?

    and if the agenda comment is aimed at me, I have said over and over and over that I think AV is a really good coach, that the guys love playing for him, and I have no problem with him whatsoever … other than he can be pretty boring post-game :)

  186. “Some of you really blaming AV for McD injury ??? REALLY ??!!”

    hell yeah, this was almost as bad as Tortorella a year or so ago putting Girardi on the PK to block the shots at the end of 3-0 or whatever game.

  187. Matty"HOLYCREAMPUFFS"Boy on

    I’ll go out on a limb and say MacD has an ‘upper body’ injury. We won’t hear anything again for a week or so.

    Prust saying.

  188. Elbow or not, there should have been a better response. That’s our Captain!

    This is a Rangers thing. Always has been. Drury gets elbowed by Glengross, nobody steps up. Nash gets elbowed by Stuart, nobody steps up.

    Really goddamn annoying!

  189. “Who was it that hit Mattias? I wonder if Burrows had that in mind when he went after McDonut, cause I remember someone hurting Mattias”

    Girardi hit Mattias because Mattias hit McD had and rather late.

  190. ThisYearsModel on

    Running a guy like that when he is already engaged with another player with so little time left? That was a hit meant to maim by Burrows. He is full of it if he thinks anyone buys his lame excuse about “forechecking.” What a clown.

  191. You cannot call yourself a “team” if you (or your coach) treat you like expendable fodder, smiles at a win, and no one defends the guys in the foxhole with you.

  192. I meant: Girardi hit Mattias because Mattias hit McD hard and rather late.

    Anyway really disappointed AV didn’t call a timeout, that was a such a dumb move and I blame him for McD’s injury, but overall I still think he is a very good coach.

  193. Matty"HOLYCREAMPUFFS"Boy on

    Richie: ” I can take over for MacD. I can play real good ‘d’. Ever see me?????

  194. Tempers raw here — mine anyway — really hate to see a player targeted that way. Burrows can say what he likes, but McD was tied up, and that’s a dangerous play through and through.

  195. AV gets frequent flier miles for unused timeouts? I’m more bothered by his choice of personnel late in contentious games. Those are the only complaints I have about him so far.

  196. Game is not totally over there. They almost gave up a two goal lead with 13 seconds left to Chicago.

  197. Mac gets targeted plenty now that his value has been established. Plenty of sticks to the face, too.

  198. Peeeeno: “McDonagh went right to the locker room.” Where else is he going to go with 30 seconds left, to the Press Box?

  199. ThisYearsModel on

    Separated shoulder is the most likely thing. CARP—I had a flashback to Beck-Flatley when I saw the replay. A chilling thought, except Flatley’s was most certainly not a cheap hit.

  200. misterrogersmeanbrother on

    I was already troubled by Carp’s 12:51 when it got the iWacky seal of approval.

    You can shape the nature of the hits with a culture change.
    The culture change would require the people who run the game, and the people deluded that it’s important, to stop being 12 years old for a year or two.

    I am with Carp on the TO option. It’s not black and white, the colors Norm so often digs himself a hole from (I love curmudgeons, but they are right and wrong about the same rates as the rest of us).:-)

    Burrows is another clever Simmmonds – remember the whacks that coulda broken Donut’s wrist? There have to be severe penalties to player and team to get rid of the bottom-of-the-rock slime with time running out. To hell with the silly symbolism of penalty. Three games minimum
    for blatant cowardice; $100 G, and escalating each time, for team.

  201. misterrogers, the league owners and GMs don’t want suspensions. They have tied Brendan Shanahan’s hands. Not sure what I said earlier that troubled you, though.

    Maybe it was that no matter who’s on the ice, or who’s on your team, guys who are hitters are going to hit.

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