Rangers-Flames in review



1) When you score three in this league, you have to win. When you allow four, you deserve to lose.

2) I thought the Rangers were the better team throughout. But a few brain-freezes got them in trouble. Couple of bad turnovers. Couple of bad coverages. And too many guys not providing enough kept them from escaping. Plus they did get a little fancy after the three quick goals. Even a single point on this night would have been good, and they couldn’t muster enough to get that. Columbus lost in regulation, though, which is almost as good as a Rangers win at this stage.New York Rangers v Calgary Flames

3) The last thing you want to do in a game like this is gift-wrap a goal. Well, the NYR did just that, a bad offensive-zone penalty by Derek Dorsett, then some stick-checking and snow angels by Ryan McDonagh, Anton Stralman, Mats Zuccarello on the PK. That’s how they were playing vs. Carolina, Boston, at Philly, Minnesota … and losing games. McDonagh used the word “sloppy” post-game and he’s right.

4) I do believe that the NHL should outlaw these premature arena celebrations, lights and music and horns going off before a ref actually signals goal. I do think the Rangers might have stopped on that play because of all the lights flashing directly around the goal. How can the league allow that? Happens all the time, too. Not saying it’s an excuse, but it should never be allowed to happen.

5) On the 2-0 goal by Giordano … a weak play by Rick Nash along the wall in the offensive zone, very soft play by Dan Girardi gliding back.

ledge vert6) The back-breaker, obviously, was the Cammalleri goal with 7.8 seconds left in the second of a 3-3 game. And, yeah, that one is all on Henrik Lundqvist.

7) Daily Nash-O-Meter: I thought he stunk in this game. Gave an effort, but stunk. Bad play on the second goal, soft perimeter game again. One 50-foot wrist shot through two periods. Had a good defensive play in the third. But also, on the power play, the Rangers won the draw, got set up, and Nash took a bad angle shot and missed the net by 50 yards. Right out.

8) And, because of plays like that, the PP stunk again. Has since Yankee Stadium.

9) The third line, Mats Zuccarello, Derick Brassard and J.T. Miller gave them absolutely zero in this game, too. None of them was nearly good enough. Miller was benched for the third period.

10) I often wonder why Brad Richards, even in his prime, didn’t score more goals. Got a great shot. Misses the net a lot, I guess. Doesn’t go to dirty areas much anymore. But, man, can he fire it. And he’s been much better lately, the last three games or so. Not nearly $6.7M good, but much better than he’d been.

11) Martin St. Louis, ex-Flame, now 0-13. He did kick one in. I thought Toronto got that one right, though you never know what the ruling might be coming out of that war room (and you just know that there’s going to be a major muck-up of a review in the playoffs, don’t you?). St. Louis knew it wouldn’t count. You could tell he knew. Then he couldn’t lift a virtual gimme over the goalie on his belly.

New York Rangers v Calgary Flames12) What else can you say about the fourth line? Been good, and so effective, for so long, that you can’t remember when they weren’t. Glad I don’t have Brian Boyle’s feet today.

13) So, Alain Vigneault finally uses a timeout. Scott Arniel draws up a play. And Derek Stepan (whom I thought was pretty good) loses the draw cleanly. Right out. Ugh. That’s kind of the way it went.

14) A little bit earlier in the third, after a Calgary icing, the Rangers get a fresh line on the ice. Set up, obviously, a set play with Nash on the point, trying to get a pass to St. Louis down low. To me, it would seem that Nash — not a very good passer — should be in front and St. Louis — a better passer — should have been up high. Unless they’re so desperate to get St. Louis on the board that they draw up plays just for him. Anyway, they win the draw back to Nash, his pass gets deflected to the corner.

15) As you know, I’ve been wrong before once or twice. Got the hat trick in the Philly game review. First, I learned that the word “enormity” does not mean “enormousness.” Second, I said that the last time the Rangers played the Flyers in the playoffs marked the final playoff games in the careers of Mark Messier, Wayne Gretzky, Brian Leetch and Mike Richter, when in fact, Leetch played playoffs for Toronto. Third, for the hat, I said that Lundqvist didn’t set any club records that night, when in fact, every time he wins a game or throws a shutout for the rest of his career, he will be setting a club record. So thanks to everybody for throwing your hats onto the ice for me.

My Three Rangers Stars:New York Rangers v Calgary Flames
1. Brad Richards.
2. Brian Boyle.
3. Carl Hagelin.
Kenny Albert’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Brad Richards.
2. Dominic Moore.
3. Raphael Diaz.
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Derek Dorsett.
2. Brian Boyle.
3. Raphael Diaz.

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(Ledge Lane photo by Carp.)

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  1. Admiral Akbar on

    Despite a good effort, still another sloppy letdown game, a la Edmonton, Carolina…

    Oh yeah, FIRST!

    Thanks for the review, Carp

  2. All I can say after this game is…… ….. BOOOF!!!

    They stunk so bad that the skunks got high.

    You can’t lose to teams like Calgary and Edmonton!

  3. Thanks for the great review Carp, I have been waiting for some good press for a long time…usually it comes from my NYC cleaners.

  4. Matty"Are WeReallyTeamTough"Boy on

    When Brad Richards, at this stage, is your best player, you lose.

  5. All appropriate criticism, Carp, although I thought they controlled the game for some of the 2nd period and threw the game away when their game regressed and became sloppy. When Richards shines, I worry that others are not shining bright enough to win a game. I turned off the TV after the 2nd, and sounds like I didn’t miss much.

  6. Matty"Are WeReallyTeamTough"Boy on

    it was really nice that Richie Rocket decided he’d play last night.

    Nick Rash makes $100k per game. A freaking $1.52 thousand per minute. Obscene he doesn’t play like the Columbus game ten days ago EVERY NIGHT!

    Why does his effort fluctuate so much???

  7. Stranger Nation on

    We suck again? You bet your arse! 40 shots and 15 hits – your 2013-14 NYRangers
    Nash gets paid a lot to glide around
    Marty looks spent, one more year of this?
    Stralman prone in pic is worth $3MM a year…
    MZA must be hurt, cannot shoot or pass

    had it Dorsett, Hags, Klein
    Sit Miller, play Carbomb, Moore needs to play more…
    D Moore center Bucky/Pullout, MZA with Step/Nash, Hags with Broshard/Marty, Carbomb with Boyle/DoubleD

  8. Sioux-per-man on

    Well look at the bright side last night . . . *THE SIOUX WON*

    You got to love the Underdog. When the #4 team upsets the #1 seed.

    Manny & Mrs Manny came out to enjoy the game with us. Such a Great night.

    The Rangers – they will get the next one. 5-1 in the last 6 games. You knew they would drop one along the way. Eric warned us. Right?

  9. All I can say is someone needs to keep Richards away from JT Miller. Because it’s apparent that Richards is teaching him how to shoot…wide! Miller might be good in the long run, but right now he can’t hit the side of a barn.

    I thought they really dominated in spots, but made too many mistakes and Calgary buried them and the Rangers didn’t bury their mistakes.

    And something’s got to give with that PP. It was pathetic.

  10. Carp, there is only so much about which one can remain silent. I must rob you of your hat trick — there was nothing wrong with your usage of “enormity”, even if its first usage does indeed have a moral component. It can and commonly is used synonymously with “enormousness”, an awkward noun any good writer will avoid. Your reader needs to check his OED pronto.

  11. Carp, I pointed out the Leetch playoff appearance in ’04. Didn’t know you would have a correction “hat trick” on the review. No worries, buddy. You’re post game review the morning after will always be what I look forward to reading the most. The fact that you admittedly are not a Ranger fan in particular makes me respect your analysis so much more, not to mention that your analysis is always concise and well-detailed. All the best!

  12. Sioux-per-man on

    Good Morning boys!

    Well all good things must come to an end. So sad when you have to New York City!

    It was another fantastic adventure! The hight light was gettin a chance to meet Carp, Manny & Mrs Manny, Eric, Raj, and Anthony.

    Good times had by all.

  13. West will be tough at times..hope this doesn’t snowball.
    Lol@ sit Miller play Carbomb

  14. Good morning, boneheads!

    Nice review, Carp. Well said, and lol @ that picture.

    If they were going to lose one, I don’t mind Calgary. Wasn’t a stinker, just a lot of brain cramps. And a softie.
    On Stepan, and his faceoff issues. If a player has a 60% chance of losing it, perhaps he shouldn’t be the one to take it when a game could be decided within the next few minutes.

  15. Good to see you back, Norm. Don’t disappear, please. You’re missed here.

    I think they need to win 4 games to be comfortably in. Could be less depending on what Columbus looks like down the stretch.

  16. Sloppiness all around. Biggest play of game the ramo stop on stralman. 4-2 there and diff game.

    Hank wAs awful on the game winner pp stunk.

    I warned all of you this be a losing road trip and if Washington can win a few games here it’s back to life and death.

  17. Proper usage of words aside, we may have a few candidates for the, umm..to use a milder term, least thought through comments of the year last night. The front runner is the one about future HOF MSL deliberately not playing well because he wants to play in Hartford.

  18. Norm! Great to have you back. Correction, however – the word is enormosity. (enormositier, enorsmositiest.)

  19. ilb, not only that, it takes you twice as long to get from Greenwich to Hartford than from Greenwich to Manhattan.

  20. 3rd Calgary goal should not have counted. Westgarth crosschecked Diaz to the ice from being to receive the pass.

    The Caps are the worst at the premature goal light thing. If the NHL had any guts, play would stop and a delay of game assessed to the home team.

  21. 2 referees on ice and they inevitably miss four out of five sticks to the face. Abominable.

  22. Lots wrong with this game…and some right. Hank and the boys need to forget about it and get ready for the Oilers. Perfect stop to play a smart road game…” earn” two points and fly off to Vancouver…which should be interesting. BTW…that big guy in Calgary=real monster. Sam’s little side note on how he was a bad guy..now he is a model for others…didn’t sync with what my eyes were telling me…but looks can be deceiving..right? Last note..something is still wrong with MZA…very wrong!

  23. W/b Norm.

    Ilb, from what I hear it’s nice but haven’t been there first hand:)

    A loss is a loss but re: disallowed goal ill just never understand how they make that decision in TO. I mean I keep going back to Cam Jannsen drop kicking the puck into the net back in Nov/Dec in that game the rangers lost at MSG every time I see one of those calls. No professional sports league is as inconsistent with this stuff.

  24. Oh and if there’s any team in a dog fight for playoff positioning that would go into Vancouver w 7 left to play and lose….it’s our blue shirts. Just putting that out there.

  25. “Hi, I’m Rick Nash, and I’m really not that good. I’m especially not worth my current contract.”

  26. Coos I’m saving my appetite for a couple doubles with potato puffs this week. Been a long off season!

  27. Does anybody think Nash is just going to be beast in the playoffs? Or will we see him floating in and out of our screens. Most players ramp it up even guys not known for it. Best example was Bernie Nichols, he would float around and cherry pick and score but when the playoffs came he brought a edge I never thought he had. Used to make me mad that it wasn’t there all season, yet i would still rather have that type than what we saw in Nash last spring.

  28. I bet Callahan ate a better breakfast this AM than St. Louis did. He does everything better.

  29. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Is the eNORMity back posting? Kooz – you better not get all boring going forward…

  30. Youse are killing it this morning.

    JHW, good post

    Does anyone else cringe when the pundits on the NHL network start talking up the Rangers?

  31. I’ve watched the McD interview three or so times this am. He is so sharp and well spoken. On and off the ice, a pleasure to watch.

  32. e: I tried to welcome Norm back, but I guess Fatso there just forgot to shake my hand. :)

  33. I think Secretariat thinks that he is the unofficial Captain. Just the right age, just the right vocality.

  34. In his ‘Beginnings’ episode, MacTruck seemed enamored with the Ranger goal song, so he decided to go out and get hisself a few.

  35. Norm!!!

    Good morning, Sally!

    Hedberg, Nicholls’ ’91 playoff was so bad and soft that it was right there at the Cap Centre that Neil Smith decided to blow up that team. And that Nicholls would be gone.

  36. I don’t think it’s applicable to compare a players salary with their level of effort. I think it’s just about the desire to compete and win

  37. ThisYearsModel on

    Sioux deserved that game. They outworked the Badgers the entire night. As for the Rangers…..Brian Boyle and Rafael Diaz both have more goals than Martin St Louis over the past 13 games. Not only is he not scoring, he is having no impact on the games. He is not setting up goals or making plays.

  38. Carp re: # 10:

    Yup, I think you nailed it.

    Richards, with his sniper-like shot should have been a perennial 35-40 goal scorer. Problem is, especially in today’s game, if you don’t score 10-15 greasy goals from the slot and goal crease area……even with a great shot, you probably at best only score 15-25 goals.

  39. Anyone been to Florham Park children’s museum? Worth taking my 20 month old to explore?

    yeah it’s a pretty cool place for the kids. my kids loved it. how far you coming from though? i am not sure if it’s worth a 3 hour drive

  40. Boyler closing in on 100 lifetime points. Give the big boy a guitar and throw him a night!

  41. Czechthemout!!! on

    Spot on review.

    MSL has to step up because CK may not be there in the first round. If we get nothing from him, we are toast.

  42. This team better toughen up mentally and learn how to play desperate with a lead. They didn’t play badly last night. They mismanaged the game when they had the lead and a few ugly mistakes were the difference.

    Zucc can’t always be the offensive catalyst every night. He’s been that in very many games this season. You can’t say the same about many other Rangers. If you want him to be the catalyst every night, then he should be making $7M. Nash has to make a difference every shift he’s out there with his salary. I guess we have to “hope he’s great” and not good. And, MSL needs to play with those two. This has to be one of the longest goal droughts of his career…no? Yet, those 3 are unequivocally our best offensive players.

    And, a guy like Brassard needs to be involved more in a game like last night if we want to think his performance last week was who he really is.

  43. Carp-
    Regarding #4 on your list. I agree, and have something to add. Why, if they don’t allow music to be played while play is going on, do they allow goal announcements? Why not wait until play is stopped? Especially nowadays when the PA announcers make such a BIG announcement when someone scores a goal. Either stop the practice or tell the PA guys to tone it down. It seems like it would be very distracting to the players. I think MSG gets it right. I don’t believe they get overly dramatic with the goal announcements. This isn’t pro-wrestling after all.

  44. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    This years
    That’s the problem with players like msl and SATW, if they are not scoring, they offer nothing to the team!!

  45. I don’t want more penalties, just more consistency in what is and isn’t a penalty.

    This is not meant to defend Diaz and how he was watching the play behind the net and oblivious to the presence of McGratton lurking behind him in the slot.

    I said it last night. I thought McGratton cross-checked Diaz from behind to gain his space in the slot before he received the pass from the corner and scored………….. Some games, some refs that’s a clear penalty….. other games, other refs, not so much.

    And I know, in a perfect universe, Diaz doesn’t stand by idly watching the puck, but instead, is acutely aware of McGratton, the danger he presents and rightly choses to check him.

    Then again, there are reasons why a player gets traded twice in three week period.

  46. And, w/o a crystal ball, who’s to say if McGratton doesn’t cross check him, Diaz isn’t in position to pick off the centering pass in the first place.

  47. Sioux-per-man on

    Color me happy. Chicago Blackhawk sports bar right next to my departure gate. Table in the Toews section – just for me!

  48. Listening to these Caps announcers you would think the Capitals are the best team in the league and have won about 20 games in a row… not a fraud team fighting for their lives.

  49. Sioux-per-man on

    Don’t forget if you need your Hockey fix for the day Sioux play at 5:30 CDT.

  50. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I would love to see carcillo or dorsett on the top line with SATW and gnash

  51. 4-1, announcers whining again about “bad call”… and no call because Holtby was supposedly interfered with.


  52. Sioux-per-man on

    Got to love when perfect strangers walk up to you in an airport and want to talk Sioux hockey!

  53. Dorsett and Carcillo are type-cast like villains in a Spaghetti Western, and should be given a shot at a larger role.

  54. Can only imagine the vituperative insults Avery would spew at McGratten as McGratten chased him all over the ice.

  55. Sioux-per-man on

    Last time we played Ferris State Chris Kunitz played for them.

    They don’t have a player under 20 years old on the team. Their 4 th leading scorer playea on the 4 line, and the Goalie is up for the Mike Richter Award.

    Vegas has them as the favorite. HA!

  56. Stranger Nation on

    tougher admissions standards: Ferris State, N Dakota State or Faber College?

  57. Sioux-per-man on

    A fact you may not know. UND is the top aviation school in the World. Pilots from all over the world are educated here.

  58. With all the $ and industry flying around ND, they’ll probably lead the nation in education before it’s all over.

  59. I love it. Dorsett, too, should be moved up. But, they will never have the gonads to do it. Easy to find 4th line grinders.

  60. Anyone who has lost interest in backchecking and picking up a man can play 10 minutes, so far as I’m concerned.

  61. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Rd 1: Rangers beat filthy in 5
    Rd 1: Bruins beat Red Wings
    Rd 1: CBJ beats pens
    Rd 1: TB beats Montreal

    Rd 2: Rangers beat TB
    Rd 2: CBJ beats Bruins

    ECF : Rangers beat CBJ

    Book it

  62. Matty"SCOREMARTY"Boy on

    Anyone watching The Dutchmen looking like next destination could be the Frozen Four, playing midway through the 2nd v. Providence?


    Keep it up, Boys!!!!

  63. Rick Nash is a selfish piece of sht. Showed off in front of the Columbus crowd – look at me! look what you’re missing! But in reality, they aren’t missing much…

  64. Man I miss Gary Thorne doing hockey broadcasting. Take him over Doc any day. Some epic calls by Thorne.

  65. Lev….agree….

    gary thorne’s call of Messier’s game 6 Hat Trick is one of my favorite calls of all time.

  66. Thorne also mispronounces just about every name, and had the epic “curse is over” comment after the ECF.

  67. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Thorne and clement were my favorites, still are.

    Pang and levy were great too!

  68. Huge game, Detroit-Toronto tonight … anybody like the Leaves’ chances? I sure don’t. Maybe 6-2, Wings?

  69. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Anyone think SATW will grow any onions with carcillo on his wing?

    Me either

  70. I dont really care about name mispronunciations as long as it’s not completely off. Doc still cant pronounce Stepan’s name. He’s one of the few that gets Brodeur and Zidlicky right but i dont need to remind you for what team he worked for.

    Thorne’s call of Bourque getting the cup from Sakic is one of my favorites.

  71. Wick, this Ranger team is filled with “After the Whistle” type players!!! :)

    Brassard = BHATW

    (Best Hugs After the Whistle)

  72. I’d like to see Kenny Albert & Dave Maloney jump into the Television booth.

    Time for Sam and Joe to move on.

    Sam should retire to teach a class in the Syracuse University Broadcasting Department.

    Joe, should go to work at a Planet Fitness Gym (where he could spend the day admiring men’s thighs)

  73. Love the leafs tonight. I think they roll 6-2 . Season on line I think they respond.

    Too many games played.

  74. ThisYearsModel on

    Thorne was the absolute worst. His being gone alone makes it worth ESPN never getting the NHL again. Constantly mis-identifying players, complete inability to pronounce names correctly. Manny Mal-whore-tra? Really Gary? Let him stick to baseball. it is not too fast for him to cover.

  75. I miss Gary Thorne too. He did butcher a few names and like Carp said, the “1940 is history” call is hard to live down. He still does Orioles baseball.

    I wish NBC would use Dave Strader more often. I’ll take him and Engblom over Doc and Pierre any day.

  76. LOL… Carter boards an Islander from behind and Chico is whining that the Islander is supposed to see the Devil coming from behind.


  77. Mrs Sioux is already checking for tickets to Philly for the FROZEN FOUR.

    Gotta love that positive attitude.

  78. So my OSHIE Olympic Jerseys show up today in the mail from China.

    I can’t tell the difference from my NHL Jerseys, outside that they are NIKE instead of REEBOK.

    $27 – each. Yet when we buy them at the rink $159 to $275.

    Crazy when you think about it.

  79. Johnny Gaudreau had a monster game today.

    Looks like Johnny Hockey has the Hobey Baker tied up for this year. The Flames will be licking their chops to get this guy signed right away.

  80. Robby Bonfire on

    See, here’s how it works with Miller in The Slats’ vacuous “brain pan.” Miller comes up here and plays well = Miller gets shipped back to Purgatory. Miller comes up here and plays “Twilight Zone” hockey, guess what? He gets to stay!

    See, Miller has figured this out, after about 14 demotions to the insurance capital of the world, so he is going to surround The Slats’ little covered wagons with a brilliant “tanking” strategy of his own, to annex the reward of staying here, until we can get a 34-year old for him in a trade.

    Somebody let AV in on this, because he needs to know what is REALLY going on with Miller and The Slats, here. Just tell AV that Miller can turn it on, anytime AV wants him too, except that Miller doesn’t want to, right now, in the interest of living in New York more than he lives on that “Midnight Special” commuter train.

  81. TYM – No kidding.

    To Manny Stupid penalties! If they let them hang around long enough they are going to sting us.

  82. Steven Fogarty plays for Notre Dame. He was a Ranger 3rd rounder in 2011.

    Brady Skjei looked good in the Minnesota game.

    I would say our drafts are looking good so far.

  83. ThisYearsModel on

    Toronto sucks. Carlyle will be gonzo after this season. I expect a loss in Edmonton tomorrow. I think they are playing better and we don ‘t play well when the opponent is terrible. Hopefully, St. Louis and Nash will not both be passengers tomorrow night.

  84. ThisYearsModel on

    If the Sioux win, it will be theft. They have been outplayed since the 2nd period of this game. Their goalie has been excellent.

  85. Devils have lost 14 straight shootouts dating back to last year. They have scored 1 goal in 30 shootout tries this year.

  86. I hate games like this, I’m not feeling 100% today anyways.

    Then you have to give me a heart attack of a game.

  87. Rob in Beantown on

    _Got to love when perfect strangers walk up to you in an airport and want to talk [insert anything here]_

    That sounds like my worst nightmare!

  88. Rob still time to watch the Sioux steal this one. 2OT about to Start.

    St. Cloud and Notre Dame are playing on ESPN NEWS

  89. One was the Captain of the plane. He went to UND.

    Two others at Blackhawk restaurant, it’s made for good banter between some Gopher alums.


    Life is good.

    20th trip to the Frozen Four.

  91. They have to win tonight, and play the Gophers tomorrow.

    If NORTE DAME gets in. Lucia the coach of the Goofs, has to play against the team his son plays on.

    That makes for a good back story!

  92. ThisYearsModel on

    Neil Smith is still suffering on the Bettman blacklist over the Sakic offer sheet.

  93. You would think at some point Jagr would just take one. He may hate them but if the season is on the line…do the Devils have an Olli Jokinen?

  94. A win is a Win. NICE to be IN!

    It sure felt like a steal. But they had a solid goal tender, he’s in the Hobey Baker running.

  95. ThisYearsModel on

    CARP–It was sad the way he was trashed by Bettman when Brian Burke was hired in Anaheim. The Ducks were really impressed by Neil and were close to an offer, until Bettman personally talked them into Burke instead. I know someone who was part of the process.

  96. Dany Heatley was scratched for the first time in his career today. Yeo might be on the hot seat!

  97. Habs 37 actual wins.
    Rangers 37 actual wins (with game in hand).
    Tampa 34 actual wins.

    Lesstropolitan, BTW, turning out to have been the far better division than the Atlantic.

  98. or, if you want to count the stupid contests after the hockey teams are done playing hockey:

    Habs 43-33.
    NYR 41-34 with game in hand and in better division.
    Tampa 41-33 with game in hand on Rangers.

    So, yes, Montreal and Tampa are much, much, much better.

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