Flames 4, Rangers 3 … post-game notes


Post-game notes courtesy of the NYR:

Flames 4, Rangers 3.

Click here for boxscore.

Team notes:

–        The Rangers were defeated by the Calgary Flames, 4-3, tonight at Scotiabank Saddledome, to end their season-high winning streak at five games.

–        The Blueshirts have posted a record of 41-30-4 overall (86 pts), including a 23-14-0 mark on the road this season. The Rangers remain one point ahead of the Philadelphia Flyers for second place in the Metropolitan Division standings.

–        The Rangers and Flames have been separated by two or fewer goals in 12 of their last 14 meetings (8-4-0-0 when separated by two goals), with nine of those contests being decided by one-goal (7-2-0-0 when separated by one goal).

–        The Blueshirts out-shot the Flames, 41-28, including an 18-10 advantage in the first period. New York has now out-shot their opponent in five of their last seven games (245-195 over the span), and have surpassed 30 shots in five contests during the stretch.

Player notes:

–        Brad Richards registered a goal and an assist, a team-high five shots, and a plus-two rating in 17:41 of ice time. He has tallied three points (two goals, one assist) and a plus-five rating in the last three games. Richards now ranks second on the team with 18 goals, and third with 31 assists and 49 points this season.

–        Raphael Diaz recorded his first point as a Ranger with a goal, was credited with four shots, and two takeaways in 17:36 of ice time. Diaz was acquired by the Rangers from Vancouver on Mar. 5 in exchange for a fifth round pick in the 2015 NHL Entry Draft.

–        Brian Boyle notched a goal, three shots, and two blocked shots in 11:44 of ice time. He has registered a point in each of the last two games (one goal, one assist), and is now one point shy of 100 career points.

–        Carl Hagelin tallied an assist, was credited with three hits, and posted a plus-two rating in 14:39 of ice time. He has recorded a point in five of the last eight games, registering eight points (four goals, four assists) over the span. Hagelin is now five points shy of 100 career points.

–        Benoit Pouliot registered his 30th point of the season with an assist, and posted a plus-two rating in 14:31 of ice time. The assist was his career-high, 18th of the season. It is the third time in the last four seasons Pouliot has reached the 30-point mark. He has now recorded three assists in the last three games.

–        Derek Dorsett tallied an assist, three shots, and two hits in 10:31 of ice time. He has now registered a point in each of the last two games (one goal, one assist).

–        Dominic Moore recorded an assist and three shots in 13:11 of ice time. He has now tallied a point in each of the last two games (one goal, one assist).

–        Henrik Lundqvist made 24 saves and is now 30-23-4 overall, including a 16-10-0 mark on the road this season.


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  1. Ordinary as they might have been tonight, if DelZ had Girardi’s or McD’s night, he would have fourteen votes.

  2. I think I’ll order one of those cars they advertise on MSG. $99 dollars per month, $65,000 down.

  3. Stranger, when all is said and done, that stupid, ill-conceived trip (all the GM’s fault) may have cost this team dearly. It’s a legit reason for their poor start with a new coach.

  4. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Rangers are in good shape…they’ll finish # 2. Flyers have a rough schedule. But, even the finish third, the rangers will best the flyers in 5

  5. ThisYearsModel on

    OK. Back after swinging and swaying from the earthquake out here. Earthquakes are kind of like the Rangers. You go up, and down, and up, and down in waves. Not unlike the emotions of the Boneheads.

  6. I have 0 concern facing the Flyers in round 1 whether it be on the road or at home. If they cant beat the Flyers in a 7 game series they shouldnt be playing in the playoffs.

  7. Every time I see the word “Banff” despite its beauty, I puke. All because of Sather’s pointless trip.

  8. I went to California once to visit my friend and an earthquake hit, and never having been through that I dived under the bed. When it was over my friend goes, “Hahahaha. Look at the big tough New Yorker, afraid of a little earthquake.”

    So I shot him.

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  10. Can somebody on this team besides the fourth line backcheck on D, and get the puck in deep on O? And Richards gets the one Press Ranger star! And Carp is about to give him another. I must be delusional.

  11. ThisYearsModel on

    It felt like the ocean’s waves were going under your house. Rolling, not shaking. A few shelves rattled. I am about 20 miles south of the epicenter. Anaheim and Disneyland felt it a lot more. Mrs. TYM works at DLand, which was bedlam after with some rides closed. It was a magnitude 5.4 with 3.9’s before and after. Good thing the Ducks and/or March Madness were not going on at the Honda Center. That could have been a panic situation, as it is about 2 miles from the epicenter.

  12. Carp, that blonde joke reminds me of Del Zotto driving down to Disneyland and seeing a sign ‘Disneyland Left,’ so he turned around and drove back to Nashville.

  13. ThisYearsModel on

    It was not a disaster of the magnitude of Martin St. Louis’ Ranger career to date, so we have that going for us. Doubt that there was any real damage and would be shocked if anyone got hurt. The rollers are not bad. The shakers are the ones that do damage.

  14. Didn’t we have one here in the eighties? I remember big rumblings in the night. Thought it was a nuclear explosion.

  15. Stranger Nation on

    everyone pozy now, but if they lose vs Earlers there will be blood in the streets

  16. Eddie Cubed

    Great show from Modesto on the satellite this morning as I was driving to JFK for the EARTHQUAKE here in LA that just greeted me.

    Dark Star > St. Stephen > The Eleven > Death Don’t Have No Mercy > Turn On Your Lovelight (wherein Pig did hisself proud)

    Brutal game tonight. Like a dead-on-arrival at the emergency entrance (period 1) then the stiff suddenly sits up, pours drinks, recites Yeats and Pound and Eliot for a couple of minutes (early period 2) and then goes back to being a stiff right afterwards.

  17. Martin St. Louis … Dan Newman … Mike Hartman … Jeff Brubaker … Larry Mickey … Martin St. Louis. (YIKES)

  18. I would love to know the % of NHL teams that lose the game after having scored three times in as little as three minutes

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  21. It definitely has to do with an — and then *a long sentence in bold following it.*

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