Rangers at Flames … It’s Go Time!


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Rangers at Flames.


Ya boys start a four-game trip through Calgary, Edmonton (Sunday), Vancouver and you-know-who (assuming he doesn’t get fired first, on Tuesday) and Colorado (Thursday). They have won four in a row and 21 of their last 28 on the road.

When they return from the trip they will have four games left — three straight at home (against Eastern powerhouses Ottawa, Carolina and Buffalo), then the season finale in Montreal April 12.

They have won five in a row overall since a lot of you buried them and climbed out to The Ledge.

You probably know by know that Chris Kreider had surgery on his left hand today and, according to the team, is out indefinitely. Obviously his status for the playoffs is questionable at best.

Alain Vigneault will go with the same lineup tonight, meaning Henrik Lundqvist in goal, J.T. Miller on the third line and Derek Dorsett on the fourth. Daniel Carcillo and Ryan Haggerty are prucha’d. Justin Falk is not on the trip, home instead with his pregnant wife.

Will be interesting to see if Cam Talbot gets a start on the trip.

The Flames have played better lately, winning five of eight. Rangers beat Calgary in a shootout Dec. 15 at MSG.

Other games that matter tonight (in progress):

Toronto at Philly, Pittsburgh at Columbus.


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If anybody wants to join me and Kenny Albert in picking the stars for any of the remaining eight games, drop me an email at rcarpini@lohud.com.

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  1. I swear to God, if MSL is not start to score soon, I personally will send angry letter to Pope, asking to strip Saint from his full name by Papal Encyclica (or whatever they call it).

  2. rangers need to keep winning because apparently they won’t get help from other teams.

  3. Only game that really matters is Columbus, unless you think it’s important to have home-ice vs. Philly. Which I don’t.

  4. Lol at Pat Leonard’s tweets, freaking out about the catwalk above the rink. You’d think he’d be used to heights with the Chase Ledge, no?

  5. Good evening all! Lev, thanks for that mental picture. No sleep for me tonight.


    Oy, THE, what the!!!!

  6. @rangersreport

    stick check, stick check, snow angel, stick check. … that’s how the NYR were defending when they were losing.

  7. ugh!!!!
    we were scored on twice
    put in Talbot
    Hank’s mind is in Banffffffff

  8. ThisYearsModel on

    Nice coverage in front of our net. 3 goalies flopping around on the ice, puck in the net.

  9. It’s sick how a ppg player comes to the Rangers and goes cold…but then again when does that not happen to us? Jagr was an outlier.

  10. Ppg player now a .25 ppg player. I think a 75% reduction is a bout the average after arriving on Broadway.

  11. Agreed, ILB. If they lose this, it’ll be one of those 2-0 ones where we outshoot by 15 and you can’t do anything but throw your hands up.

  12. That’s what I love about these point per game veterans, man. They get traded, their salaries stay the same.

  13. i think Miller may have a goal before MSL

    then again, i don’t care who scores right now
    just as long we have one more than the flames

  14. Could be selective memory, but I feel like JT has missed 2 for every 1 he’s put in.

  15. Mister D, it’s almost KBS time! Btw, drinking a Rodenbach 2011 vintage, amazing for $10.

  16. The joy of listening to Maloney and not having to listen to Micheletti. May you please tear your other ACL, Joe?

  17. Joe’s right, Dorsett doesn’t want McGratton in the box (and doesn’t want the snot kicked out of him). Want that guy on the ice.

  18. I don’t like that Dorsett hit. Its legal, but its dangerous and its predatory and its just not needed.

  19. 4generations 4 cups on

    when you let someone coast directly down to the slot and with a shot like Giordano has, theres no chance.

  20. ThisYearsModel on

    We wouldn’t want to see Nash overdue it coming back. He needs to make sure he doesn’t overextend himself.

  21. are we going to end season the way it began
    with an UGGGGG-LEEEEE west coast trip?


  22. Guess they decided not to show up again tonight. And really St. Louis go back to Tampa you have done nothing for 3 weeks. Can we have Cally back now ?

  23. Mister D. I live on Long Island and Bobbique in Patchogue usually always has the enjoy by releases on draft. 100 bottle list and 24 taps of craft, love that place.

  24. Me: “That was good, that went as well as it could. Everyone she knew showed up and then some. It was a really amazing turnout.”

    My mom: “And they made her look great, like I remember her. She would have been happy with this.”

    Eric: “Are you kidding me? It was way too hot in the room and the flowers looked cheap as hell. There wasn’t even someone at the door greeting people. What a disaster.”

  25. well, I got my answer. I thought the rangers were getting there acted back together after starting poorly after the Olympic break but not a chance.

  26. Hank makes a high glove side save, we get a bit of luck on St. Louis’ goal, and suddenly things don’t look as bad. Not panicking yet.

  27. It IS the Stampede after all…and what would the Stampede be without some bullspit?

  28. (I’ve spent 10 minutes trying to think of “Sans a …” and that’s the best I can do. No good.)

  29. So obvious the frustration with MSL. But gee-calzone just jinxed him for another couple games

  30. That interview was rough, I’m pretty sure MSL is more down than everyone here but Eric and a couple others.

  31. Stranger Nation on

    McGratton – great guy, fabulous neighbor, upstanding citizen…likes to beat the snot out of you, but a great guy

  32. MSL hasn’t gone twelve games without a goal since he learned to skate. He’s on pace for a Powe like season.

  33. Mister D…I’ve been racking my brains all game for a good one. I’ll refill my cocktail & see what I can do!

  34. Carp, people are jumping off the bandwagon because of what a period like that says about this team. Calgary stinks. But the Rangers managed to make ot hard for themsleves, just like this franchise always does.

    And let’s face it: Games like this one and the Carolina egg are the real games where you need a Ryan Callahan. last night Tampa played the Islanders at home and Callahan came up huge with two goals. We don’t have that anymore. The St Louis thing is so ridiculous its beyond comprehension.

  35. Carp is riding a mechanical bull in the lower level of the arena, to impress some stewardesses

  36. This skate stuff, like a fumble in football. If it’s a fumble, it’s a fumble. If it goes in off a skate, it’s a goal. Keep it simple, stupids.

  37. _I actually just meant for craft beer, haha._

    That too. There’s actually a decent place walking distance but, relative to Boston where we’re coming from, its a major adjustment. I forgot bars that only serve garbage exist and I’ve never lived near BYOBs.

  38. I can’t take these women interviewing hockey players. ‘Do you like to dance?’ (The men aren’t much better, some of them even worse)

  39. ThisYearsModel on

    For the record…..I am not sorry Cally is gone. He expected the Rangers to pay a premium to keep him and they refused. I am sorry that 2 high picks went with him. That makes me much tougher on the failure-to-date that St. Louis has been. The Rangers paid a lot for him and he has not produced. He is up near the top in scoring, comes to NY where he demanded, and falls off a cliff. Of course, I am REALLY angry with Sather for being worked by Doug Wilson last deadline and by Steve Yzerman this deadline.

  40. If MSL got credited with that goal, a lot of people here would be happy with him for being in front of the net and battling.

  41. Peter, so when Calgary beat San Jose, what did that say about San Jose?

    And are the Rangers supposed to win every single period of every single game?

    again, Hilarious.

  42. But he has to. He doesn’t do anything else, just like Richards. Just like Nash. You can’t overcredit a one dimensional player for achieving that dimension.

  43. Carp, speaking of The Ledge…sorry to mention the year that should not be named, but holy banana trees, can you imagine what this place would have been like back in ’94….blog CRASH!!!

  44. Ah damn, my cousin livea in New Brunswick? I think. They had a combo liquor/beer store that actually wasn’t so bad.

  45. seriously
    if Boyle missed that WIDE OPEN NET
    he should have just skated off the ice and
    threw his skates in the Hudson

  46. I didn’t want to look like an idiot, but I really was gonna say there’s a better chance that this game will be 2-2 than 4-0.

  47. Carp
    i ALWAYS have one leg
    at the ready
    to give the players a good swift much-needed kick
    in the aaaaaaaasssen

  48. see what i was saying about diaz? at least they’re on net most of the time and eventually those are gonna go in…good for him

  49. This has to be the quickest ledge dismounting ever, right? A little part of me wants a Calgary goal just to watch the brake lights.

  50. Diaz has been fine. … but that pair is always a bit off because both play uncomfortably on the off-side, IMO.

  51. Doesn’t work that way, Alain. You vote first, then they send the top three to the awards ceremony for drama. The vote-counters know who wins when they name the finalists.

  52. anyone else watching via Center Ice?
    if so,
    is your picture breaking up
    like a messed up satellite feed?

  53. I don’t understand this ledge thing. All I know is the rangers didn’t show up against a bad team in the 1st period and looked awful and I displayed my frustration. I’m glad they decided to come out in the 2nd and start playing.

  54. Stop. The Rangers won everything but the goals in the first. It doesn’t matter matter in terms of winning, but it matters. And its predictive.

  55. Yea 18 shots on goal in the first, robbed point blank 3 times… but they “didnt show up”


  56. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Lev – that’s just nitpicking. Now if it were 40 shots in the first, you’d have a point…:)

  57. Terrible people (and/or people I simply don’t like) do wonderful things every day, Lev.

  58. Said last game and I’ll say it again…….

    THIS Diaz kid has a little Brian Rafalski in his gene pool.

    Except Diaz may actually skate faster.

  59. Often wonder why Richards, especially in his prime, doesn’t score more goals. Great shooter. Misses the net a lot, I guess.

  60. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ricardo – I’d rather the flames remain at 2….but if it means Brassard gets the GWG, so be it

  61. Diaz is shifty and can shoot it…I think he plays from here on out. Seems like a Vigneault guy. John Moore is the future.

  62. Carp
    not on the ledge
    but based on all the sloppy play
    coulda seen that flames goal a’comin’


  63. Another game, different refs, McGratton gets called for a cross check on Diaz before he scores the goal.

  64. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Black hawks look like the Exxon Valdez – leaking oil left and right…poor Olga

  65. So what are McGratten’s “big” off-ice problems? Guess I’ll have to go to the library.

  66. Ulfie tells the D, “use your sticks.” They do, but don’t realize he means use them on the opponents’ legs.

  67. St Louis deal is working to perfection.

    Guy looks like the 2nd coming of Wayne Dillon.

    Except Dillon scored every 7 or 8 games.

  68. ThisYearsModel on

    With Ulfie here, I expected a little more belligerent defense in front of our net.

  69. When will the torture of this mah-fuggin ny lottery commercial end? Along with wearing out my mute button I can’t even look at the tv

  70. Sam’s best days are clearly behind him, but the man’s a legend. Between Moore, St. Louis and Zucc he’s always confusing the three. Same with Stralman, Girardi and Klein

  71. Eddie

    you watching “The Grateful Dead Movie” on Palladia
    between periods?

  72. Wind and rain, now tell me why summers fade, and roses die. The answer came; the wind and rain.

  73. I bet Richards gives the boys a great talk and they come out and score another 3 quickies.

  74. So McGratten likes the occasional taste, plays a little hockey, writes poetry, and fights. What in hell else is an Irishman going to do in this country?

  75. Why did AV play Lundqvist against the Flames?

    Diaz keeps really impressing me. I hope we re-sign him and get rid of John Moore who has no hockey sense and plays soft.

  76. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Look you guys…these other teams have pride….it’s not like they are just going to roll over and play dead. Rangers will come out smoking in the third…

    Book it

  77. not when there are no back-to-backs, lots of days off, and he wants to play every game, and he always plays almost every game this time of year. No.

  78. not counting lundqvist’s gaffe, the rangers have played loosely defensively at times around lundqvist tonight.

  79. good time for marty to break out and be the hero though I’d love to see dorsey get the winner.

    obviously hank wants that last one back but i think overall he’s been pretty darn good and except for some pretty scary sequences they’re still in this game i think

  80. Not absolving Lundqvist whatsoever, but it’s funny that when McDonagh scores the exact same off-wing goal as Cammalleri, it’s a great shot.

  81. We need God to grant Richie a few of those impossible angle miracle goals he afforded him late last season.

  82. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ricardo – rangers /sharks final….I’ll have you seeing sound and hearing colors ;)

  83. Is anyone going on the cruise with Duguay? I imagine he’s got a pretty extensive banana hammock collection

  84. This kid – #4, from Columbia Switzerland,really have passion to shoot. He enjoys it like a drunk cowboy. I like it.
    This goal is unforgivable. That I don’t like.

  85. ThisYearsModel on

    It’s frustrating to see a guy as big as Nash that gets knocked off the puck so easily.

  86. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    (Ricardo hangs with e3 as rangers play SJ)

    Editor – “where is rick? Where is his copy?”

  87. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Jpg – I loved her. I thought she blended nice especially with bobby….plus she was beautiful,….small and petite

  88. they probably give you the option of going on a cruise with disco duck on the love boat or a free prime rib sammich. both cost about the same

  89. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    We can get medical cards out here by saying “I might get a headache next week”

  90. just found out i could have attended
    Bring Your Dog to the Game Night
    for local hockey team
    (Miller’s former squad)

    would have been better than this
    all pb
    and no

  91. Yea MZA hasnt been good for a while now. Since the Olympics. Been getting a pass because team has played well and because of the first 2/3rd of the year.

  92. That was one brutal PP.

    wow did you see that rush by Stralman? Why doesn’t he do it more often?

  93. ORRR!!!!!

    did you hear what i screaming or is it just a matter of great minds?
    re: Rangers screwing up on 3 on 2s by just shooting on outside

  94. lundqvist’s major gaffe cost the rangers at least a point tonight, oh well, on to the next game, hopefully better results.

  95. ThisYearsModel on

    Look at the bright side……..St. Louis finally did something in the offensive zone.

  96. ThisYearsModel on

    Drop a game to an utterly PATHETIC team. Really hard to watch after the good games at home.

  97. I would send St.Louis to Hartford because obviously that is where he wants to play. Then try to get MAYBE a 2nd rounder for this turd at the Draft.

  98. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Not to sound like Pollyanna, but I think some of you have experienced much tragedy in your lives….

  99. were definitely winning a cup soon. with hank and everyone in their primes. like nash, holy bejesus did u see the domination by him tonight? how bout the 2 magical hobbits? its almost like they are THE LORDS OF THE RING!! they just disappear at will

  100. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Not to sound like Pollyanna, but I think some of you havent experienced much tragedy in your lives….

  101. What was the point of playing Lundqvist this game I will never understand. This coach has brain farts of his own.

  102. 4th line best on the ice all night, AV sits them third period. Like a high school coach. And I like AV.

  103. well
    not a good night for me to vote for
    Steven McDonald Award

    oh well…..knew they’d phone it in soon
    actually looked good in first period
    other than 2 bad goals

  104. Zuccarello is awesome, but wasn’t having much luck with many of his passes, but at least he was all over the ice very noticeable. MSL is so invisible and so scared of getting hit it makes me want to puke.

    3 assists in 13 games this is an absolute disaster of a trade. And I hope whoever is responsible for this trade gets canned.

  105. trip q- that would be our favorite GM glen sather!! hes only 70!! he probably doesnt even know where he is or what he is doing right now. having a senior moment ya know

  106. ThisYearsModel on

    Hank did not lose that game for us. 1 bad goal out of 4. We should have scored 8. All those shots and just as many missed the net. This one is on Connecticut Marty. The way he is playing, he couldn’t make Quinnipiac.

  107. “And what, exactly, is Stepan’s job?”

    help activate MSL’s cloaking device to make him fly under the radar.

    BTW the 2 2nd rounders we gave up for Timmy “mini cancer” Erixon are already part of the Flames team this season. But Sather LOVES giving up the future like it is nothing for other teams’ junk, players that they are looking to get rid of for very good reasons.

  108. Callahan would have had a hat trick tonight. Then gotten railed for asking for $6MM per with an NTC.

  109. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    You can’t win them all. CBJ lost too. Rangers will play Filthy in rd 1. Just a matter of who gets home ice. Rangers won’t need 7 to beat them…I say 5….so no need to worry…

  110. Chicago lost to Ottawa. Anaheim barely beat Calgary. Currently losing to Edmonton. I guess they are all “pathetic”.

  111. ‘You came a long way, M. St. Louis,
    You climbed the ladder of success . . .
    I’ve seen all those flashy cars
    That are parked out in front of
    Your fancy address!’

  112. ‘You blew in from the middle-west
    And certainly impressed
    The population here-abouts . . .
    Well baby, I got news for you,
    I’m from Missouri too,
    So, naturally, I got my doubts!’

  113. I hope we end up facing the Bruins. If we beat them great if not we keep our 1st rounder which is a good thing.

  114. We gave up possibly 2 1st rounders for a clear downgrade from Callahan to old small bed wetting MSL.

  115. Derek S anywhere near the faceoff circle at crunchtime –

    One-goal loss but Mi$ter 8.5 had nothin’ to do with it?

    This story to be told over and over next five or six years. Steal one, give one…

    One bad goal by Henrik “JVB” Lundquist.

  116. If the Hawks/Ducks/Avs, etc lose two/tree in a row, they’re still in a good position.

    NYR go on a losing streak, the can be in trouble.

    Can’t lose games like these. Can’t lose to the Oilers, can’t lose to the Baby Buffaloes.

  117. lol – Looks like Torts will treat Rangers match as Army/Navy game. You go 0-10 and you beat Navy, you keep your job.

  118. MSL is not doing anything, not even secondary assists and don’t forget the hitting that Callahan provides.

  119. I think it is obvious that all MSL wants is to be closer to his home in Connecticut and that means Hartford Wolfpack is his ultimate goal.

  120. I watched this game at a bar with Sioux. This is after the Sioux beat Wisconsin.

    Pathetic. You cannot lose to the Flames at this point

  121. Soft goal by Henik. Dumb penalty by Dorsett . Top players just need to score. (2) points lost. THEY lost to a terrible team. Can’t happen. (2) yrs ago Henrik would have won this game tis a shame

  122. “MSL will start scoring soon enough and we’ll all rejoice.”

    no maybe you will and a bunch of other morons, but there is nothing to rejoice about an absolute disaster of a trade.

  123. Dear -moron- eddie, tough to replace a Cally, but Dorsett plays like a semi-clone whirling dervish. Can he produce?

  124. If secondary assists don’t count, its Callahan 4-1-5 versus St. Louis 0-2-2. The subsequent 1st round pick and 2nd/1st round pick have no points to date.

  125. That’s right boys. And if you thought Sioux was great wait til you see the Mrs. Version!

  126. Walk’s as good as a hit. Unless it’s a one run game, bottom of the ninth with a runner on third.

  127. Stranger Nation on

    Richards is a shooter now – would move Moore up to play Center and have Bucky go to wing with Pullout on the other side.

  128. not me. I’m riding one of the best goalies in the league, on a roll, every game down the stretch. Now that Lundqvist crapped one, I might go Talbot next. But you open yourself up if you take that chance.

  129. I would absolutely LOVE to see this blog if Talbot (who hasnt played in like 3 weeks) starts and has a bad game against Edmonton.

  130. Carp, why do I feel like you are stalking/harassing me?

    I make good points all the time and I don’t give a crap if you and your lackeys disagree.

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