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1) The enormity of the win over Mr. Snider’s Flyers notwithstanding, let’s first get into this Norris Trophy conversation. Finally, it seems, Ryan McDonagh is getting some traction, well deserved. His coach, Alain Vigneault, came out and said he should get some consideration. People around the league — well, people who vote — are hearing his name. People who don’t see him every day are becoming aware. (of course, scouts and opposing coaches and GMs know). And, as I’ve always said, unless you’re going to be an absolute beast like Zdeno Chara was in his prime, you better have some offensive stats, and you’d better play in all situations. McDonagh now does.Philadelphia Flyers v New York Rangers

2) The days of the strictly defensive defenseman winning it are virtually over. Scoring defensemen, even if they are defensive sieves like rover Erik Karlsson, are easier to spot than defensive defenseman. That said, the Norris is usually a reputation/recognition award. So Ryan Suter, for example, has a leg up on McDonagh — and I’m not saying McDonagh deserves it over a guy like Suter. I will add this. In the old days, when it wasn’t just about goals and points, a lot of voters would look at a bogus stat like +/- to determine which D-men were good defensively. Asinine and lazy. Remember, too, a lot of these voters are the same people who had McDonagh ranked 10th or 12th when they were speculating which defensemen were going to make the U.S. Olympic team. And, indeed, it is more difficult to judge a defenseman when you don’t see him very often. Whatever. The point is, McDonagh should absolutely be in the conversation, should absolutely be on a lot of ballots. Not sure if he has a shot at being top three, even, but he should surely be considered one of a handful of the best defensemen in the NHL. By the way, he’s 24, hasn’t even approached his prime yet, is getting bigger and stronger and tougher, is captain/alternate captain material. His ceiling is unlimited.

3) So Glen Sather should be sending thank-you cards to Bob Gainey every day.

Philadelphia Flyers v New York Rangers4) Now, about the game, in which McMonster had a pretty awesome goal, some grit, and his usual stuff. I’ve said this a few times. I don’t think it matters if the Rangers get the second seed or the third seed, if they have to open the playoffs on the road. But they need to get one of those and avoid the wild card. So last night’s win wasn’t so critical because it was the Flyers, but rather it was critical because they gained two more points on Columbus and Washington while keeping the Flyers between themselves and the wild-card race. Philly’s three down with two in hand, and the Rangers have the tiebreaker at the moment. If the Flyers come on, or if the Ranger stumble a bit and fall to third, so be it. This was an enormous game in the race to not finish fourth.

5) Although, having beaten the Flyers eight in a row at home, having Henrik Lundqvist totally dominate them for a while now, sure won’t hurt if/when they do play that 2-3 series, no matter where it starts. By the way, the arch-rivals haven’t played a playoff series since 1997, which was, incredibly, the final career playoff appearances of, among others, Mark Messier, Wayne Gretzky, Brian Leetch and Mike Richter. You never would have believed that if somebody told  you that when the ’97 ECF ended.

6) So this was another onions game, and the Rangers showed ’em off again. They’re never going to out-physical teams like that, or even Columbus or Pittsburgh, especially Boston, and some of the big Western teams. But the Rangers took hits to make plays, blocked a ton of shots (like ’11-12), didn’t back down, didn’t throw away a lot of pucks to avoid hits, pushed back, and most importantly, toughened up around their own net. They did. Outside of the two division leaders, I give them a reasonable-to-good shot in any other Eastern best-of-seven.

7) Especially with Lundqvist in goal. He didn’t set any club records, I don’t think, Wednesday. But he was as good as ever. There were spots where the Flyers surged and he turned them back, as he has in so many important Rangers-Flyers games in his career. Just solid, and almost always better than the guy down the other end

8) I didn’t mind J.T. Miller’s game at all, though I wasn’t blown away by it either.Philadelphia Flyers v New York Rangers

9) I was blown away  by the fourth line, again, and those three/four guys (if you include Daniel Carcillo, and you should) have been effective-to-fabulous almost every game since around December. Good defensively, decent speed, great pressure on the other team’s forwards and zone time. Now, throw in some offense lately, and you’ve really got a line that contributes. Dominic Moore, after a slow start, has been really good, and the wingers — Brian Boyle, Derek Dorsett and Carcillo — all do their jobs. The Rangers did not have that kind of weapon last season.

10) Daily Nash-O-Meter: He didn’t score, but I thought Rick Nash continued his stretch of games where he’s been in the middle of the ice, not the perimeter, and where he’s been involved in the defensive zone. And we’ve seen that when he does those things, when he’s engaged, he will score goals. That’s all you want.

11) Martin St. Louis. He was OK. Made some really nice passes. Had one decent scoring chance that I recall. But for a guy who’s scored so many goals, he sure peels away from the net after a teammate’s shot pretty often. Maybe his confidence is really lacking, or maybe he’s feeling the pressure. I will repeat this. It’s not too late. He can go on a little binge and win a couple of games. That will make up for this. At least they’re winning with him slumping, and he’s not hurting them in other areas of the game.

12) Been saying this for a while, too, before they won five in a row here, while predicting all along, despite some of you ledge-walkers trying to convince me otherwise or chide me, the Rangers are the second best team in the Lesstropolitan, and IMO the third best in the East. I look at Philadelphia, for example, and I see some really good forwards, and some really horrible ones, including a cheapshot clown like Zac Rinaldo. I see a defense on which Kimmo Timonen and Braydon Coburn are the Flyers’ two best, and I wouldn’t trade any of the Rangers top three for either of them. I think Andy MacDonald was a good pickup, though. Not even going to compare the goalies, as good as Steve Mason has been most of the season.

13) So tell me which teams in the East are better again?

14) Thanks to our friend Eric for pointing out to me that, now that Montreal and Tampa have pulled away from Detroit and Toronto in the Atlantic, the Habs and Lightning games no longer matter to the Rangers on the out-of-town scoreboard. Really, the Rangers right now only have to watch Columbus, and maybe that fraud team in D.C. which has 25 regulation/OT wins in 73 games. Of course, if the Rangers have a good road trip here, they won’t have to watch any scoreboards at all.

My Three Rangers Stars:Philadelphia Flyers v New York Rangers
1. Ryan McDonagh.
2. Henrik Lundqvist.
3. Derek Dorsett.
Kenny Albert’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Henrik Lundqvist.
2. Ryan McDonagh.
3. Derek Dorsett.
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Ryan McDonagh.
2. Henrik Lundqvist.
3. Derek Dorsett.

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  1. When I saw philly dominate Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Chicago, and Dallas last week. I really thought the Rangers had little chance of beating them…

    Hank makes a lot of difference. outshot 15-6 in the first.

    awesome win.

    Hank is back…….. does he get a break?

    McDonagh is so good. crazy.

  2. Love reading your report, Carp. Always good stuff. Not to nitpick but Leetch did play in the 03-04 playoffs with the Leafs right after the housecleaning trade of 04. Had 8 assists in 13 games.

  3. I’ve said it before Carp. McDonagh for Gomez is KARMIC PAYBACK for the Rick Middleton trade. When all is said and done, it will be looked upon as the greatest trade in Rangers history. That is how good I think Mac Truck is!


    Oh and by the way, screw the obnoxious flyers and their fans. Wayne Simmons pre-game comments made me want to puke.

    Lastly, I still don’t get the irrational Brian Boyle hatred by some of the Ranger fan base. He has done an excellent job on the 4th line this year.

  4. Way to back up those comments simmonds. Way to show the rangers how youre gonna be in the playoffs. Way to make an impression there, please. Slow first period, but 60/40 possession us the rest of the way. Hank in form. Rangers dump these guys in six or even five if they meet in the playoffs. Big road trip!!!! Let’s go rangers

  5. Good morning, boneheads!

    Nice review, Carp! And a very well played game by many.

    A cheap shot artist Rinaldo deliberately pushes defenseless Diaz into the crossbar head first after the play was stopped. It could’ve been a bad head trauma, and if Hank was a little closer to the middle on his knees, a serious injury to one of the NHL star players. Is that what NHL wants? Their reaction? 2 min minor.

    3 sec to go, the game is over. Another cheap shot artist, Hartnell, goes after Girardi. Simmonds slashes McD knocking his glove off. He then slashes him again on his unprotected hand. Could’ve been easily a broken hand. It’s time to arrive, Dylan McIlrath. Either way, NY has to address it next year. Bad.

  6. Thanks for the great insights and review, Carp. Ilb, Hartknell is one of my least favorites…particularly for his nasty, dangerous after the game hit once upon a time. I don’t believe that hiring another thug is the answer…defeating his team is. And that’s what they did last night. Great hustle on the puck by all, passes that connected.

  7. Great review. Loved this game. The fourth line in several occasions last night was able to break up a few flyer momentum surges and allowed us to dictate the game, mostly.

    That Simmonds shenanigans at the end of the game has me nodding along with ilb’s comment. We need someone to “take care” of players of Simmonds ilk. I know Dorsett is willing but he just isn’t imposing enough.

  8. And if I ever hear someone say i don’t mind simmonds again, just remember he came a centimeter from breaking mcdonaghs hand with that cheap shot slash. Is that the sac to back up his words you’re referring to? Philthy franchise, filthy owner and filthy team. Always have been always will be.

  9. It makes a huge difference to see our 4th line winning games for us this year when we’d got used to being beaten by other teams 4th lines in the post-Prust era.

    Dom Moore has been one of our best players in recent weeks, we’d be crazy not to give him another year or two at this kind of money, or even a little more $1.2m anyone?

  10. Carp, I hate Philly more than any other team, with that said and our home ice success I would still be leary. They have been playing great, they were awful last night. Hope I’m worn I can’t stand anything about them. The Habs are better than the Rangers plain and simple. Great review. Excellent game. Gotta ride Hank and McD as far as they will take us.

  11. It’s not about hiring another goon, wildplaces. It’s adding more size and toughness in general. You think Hartnell goes after McIlrath when the game is over like that? Or Simmonds slashes his hand? He may, but he would think twice after his nasal septum would have to be rearranged next day.

  12. I’d have reservations about having McIlrath on the ice in a close game 6v4 PK situation so I don’t see how he’d be a deterrent from the bench.

  13. McIlrath is a name used as an example, CTB. Their issue is they have no one to be a deterrent even if the game isn’t close.

  14. Very impressed w/ the improved passing game that’s essential to the uptempo transition style. Player’s heads up w/ sticks down, short crisp passes that are tape to tape. In the offensive zone, forwards are much better at putting themselves in shooting positions anticipating a pass. Look at Hagelin when McD scores.

  15. Thanks for the recap, Carp. Very to the point as usual.
    4th line is turning out to be a hugh asset for this years edition of the Rangers.
    Miami – get on the BB-bandwagon while your hero’s healing his hand… I’ll make place for you.

  16. Little Orphan Clammy on

    I’m no fan of the B’s but I’d love to see the flyers try that crap with them in a seven game series. It would last four, and Simmonds would get his. Oh yes, Simmonds would get his. Bwahahahahaha.
    “Mad scientist”
    “Mad scientist”

  17. Saw Sioux at the puck before game. Great guy. Big win take the two pts.

    This trip through western Canada will be harder then it looks.

    One shift one period one game. Let the good times roll.

  18. Admiral Akbar on

    The Rangers may not be the biggest team in the league, and may not be the most intimidating… But they sure don’t back down from bigger teams’ hits.

    The Rangers have onions, bigger than most.

  19. Remember after the Olympic break when youse guys were all ready to jump off the ledge? I said at the time that those games reminded me of the beginning of the season when the team was scrambly and weren’t used to the AV system. And what happened? They tightened up, and are playing great. Just like the first time around. I think AV’s system needs to be played without a long break. If it weren’t for the O break, the Rangers might be challenging Pittsburgh for the division, since they’ve slumped and lost Malkin for a bit.

  20. Little Orphan Clammy on

    I hope it’s some kind of Lanny McDonald night in the Stampede, so we can see some badass moustaches

  21. Little Orphan Clammy on

    If everyone on here thinks it was everyone ELSE who was ready to jump off the ledge, then who was left in the apartment to call the amberlamps?

  22. By the way, the onion factor was high last night. They didn’t shy away from physical play, and dished some hits out. But how many after the whistle cheap shots can a team take while timidly skating away? Remember what they looked like in 2011-2012? No pure goons, but enough size and enough players willing and able to participate.

  23. The sheild must be deactivated, if any attack is to be attempted. Once the shield is down, our cruisers will create a perimeter, while our fighters fly into the superstructure and attempt to knock out the main reactor.

    Love you Admiral!

  24. Little Orphan Clammy on

    I thought Zucc was gonna burrow himself into Schenn’s shoulder like a ring worm

  25. Stranger Nation on

    Right FG – everyone here is concerned about everyone else, not themselves…of course.

    Its the old joke about the guy who tells someone his friend has a serious drinking problem. When asked how he knows, he responds that he is with him every night at bar…

  26. Stranger Nation on

    Charp – spot on with Flyers’ roster. Slow/old D and one line offense when they move Simmonds up with Hartnell and Giroo. Did Claude play last night? Didn’t see him much on the ice…

    Double D, B Squared and D Moops were the difference last night. And that guitar player did OK to in net.

    Rangers D across board did a fantastic job in breakouts. Quick passes to push the puck in the other direction, not blind rips up the boards.

    Nash – not a huge fan of his game. While he is not totally wussing out, he has the size and speed to be a difference make all game and his onion factor is pearl sized.

    Pullout – has just been nothing short of amazing since the break. Drew a penalty last night hustling, been taking the body, going to the dirty areas, smart plays in neutral zone. AV gets high marks for this guys turnaround.

    McD – wow…just wow. As a Met fan reminds me of David Cone for Ed Hearn or more like Nolan Ryan for Jim Fergosi. Pleasure to watch him play.

  27. Always good posts, but I believe Leetch played some playoff games for the Maple leafs after he was traded. But 1997 was mess’s, Gretzkys, and richters last playoff game sadly.

  28. Stranger Nation on

    Bucky the Back Stabber probably has his best back-to-back compete level games since two seasons ago. Helps when you have Hags and Pullout on your wings, but also thought he made smart plays with puck, at times back checked and made some nice passes.

    14 min TOI is what he should get – tops

  29. Can the NYR 4th line compete with Boston’s? That was what we all screamed about last year. I love that we have a 4th line we don’t have to bench in a close game in the 3rd period. But, we all know Tort’s disdain for using a 4th line, so maybe that was half the problem. Prust if you recall played on the 3RD LINE when he was with us, not the 4th.

    I think our speed nuertalizes so much of the goonery. You can’t hit what you can’t catch, right? As for the after the play stuff, I don’t see the Rangers backing down. There’s a time and a place for retribution, last night was probably not it. At this point in the season, who wants a player we need suspended because he retaliated? I thought that was pure thuggery what Simmonds did. It was SO obvious to me that he did it to injure McD. This is where the LEAUGE needs to step in. A nice 10 game suspension down the stretch would stop this kind of thing. I did like how when Zack Jerk-O knocked our guy into Hank, we all rushed to push him against the boards.

    No mention of the Flyer dive? Honestly, I didn’t think it was a dive or any sort of embellishment, but I’ll take it.

  30. Diaz doesn’t look out of place on PP. Has a good shot and isn’t afraid to use it. Still a little concerned about his defensive game though. Would like to see him in the PO when it gets tougher. He is an UFA, but may make Stralman’s demands a little easier to walk away from.

    MSL’s resume makes me believe he will start scoring. And like Carp said, he hasn’t hurt them in other areas. Let’s hope they get a 30 goal scorer ready to go in April.

  31. Sioux-per-man on

    Morning Boys!

    Epic win! I can’t tell how much fun New York is! And how fun it is to watch this team beat the Flyers :)

    Il have to pen a guest blog as a guest of New York!

  32. yes…. he has been nominated for God status..

    pending approval from the nobles………

  33. Sorry Henrik lost his shutout because Staal knocks the stick out of someone’s hands…realky..is that really a penalty…and this guy looks at the ref as if he had been held up at gunpoint..talk about pansification. Loved the Klein trade when it happened…loving it even more now…and how about that basically unnoticed Diaz pickup….I looked back at theis past year…and I have come to admire AV and even appreciate Slats..now someone just make sure Richards is healthy through the balance of the season…shame instead of a buyout the team werent given the opportunity to buyout portions of the contracts and keep the player….I think Richards has pkayed for some time now with this buyout thing over his head. Regardless of the enormous financial gains that he has coming..I am sure he would like a feeling of being wanted by the fans..something I hope he has from his teammates…

  34. Typical flyer nonsense at end of game…Simmons slash was dangerous. Zucc’s hand must still be hurting….looks like he does not want to shoot

  35. MSL with the only minus of the night…

    I noticed a couple of good plays, but I wasn’t paying that close of attention…

    I have noticed him a few times… he is weak on defense and covering his man…….

    needs to start scoring

  36. Sioux-per-man on

    I got to meet Eric before the game, great guy. Nash almost takes me out at the knees, but don’t worry he doesn’t hit anyone :)

    Super Excited to meet Carp after the 1st period.

    Then after the 2nd period. Half of the Fortunado’s came down to say hi to us.

    I sat next to little Alyssa, it was her first game. She stole the show. Until Henrik showed up in the 2nd period :)

    What a SAVE!

  37. MSL is the second best player on this team. How dare you guys question his contributions.

  38. i always knew St. Louis was small, but he looks like a jockey out there. it’s amazing he’s been able to put up the points he has in his career. it’s also amazing how he’s been a complete non-factor since he’s gotten here. he’s invisible out there. if he finds his scoring touch again, we’re going to be looking pretty good.

  39. Wow, what a game! McDonagh is a McMonster, and I think Pierre McGuire’s in l-o-v-e love.

    Simmons, though… that was a cheap slash and jab at the end of the game. He could’ve broken McD’s hand. It was cheap and uncalled for, and it reminded me why I’ve always hated the Flyers in the first place. That made me so angry, and right before my bedtime too! Philadelphia typical.

    Oh yeah, and Henrik was Henrik. Gotta love it.

  40. Sioux-per-man on

    Carp – Marty St Louis had two solid scoring chances. He missed them both by four inches. Just a bit outside the top right corner.

    He is so little out there. He will start to score soon enough, here’s hoping it’s in the 1 goal game that wins it for the Rangers in the PLAYOFFS!

  41. Sioux-per-man on

    Yergs we jog in shorts in this weather :) just remember to jog down wind. Holy Moly was it cranked up yesterday.

  42. Sioux-per-man on

    Too much fun last night, now if I could just get this jack hammer to shut off inside my head.

  43. The worst part about Hartnell is that he’s not dirty and he’s not a huge whiny crybaby, he’s both. That’s an unbearable combination.

    And Simmonds is off my list. Crossed the line from rugged to flat out dirty and not by a little. Not sure if Manny has jumped ship as well, but he should.

  44. Did get to see most of the game and listened to the third in the car, but it seemed like they controlled most of it after Dorsett’s goal.

    Really liking this fourth line *chemistry* and hope they are able to re-sign the “dime-a-dozen” Boyle and Moore to keep it intact.

    And, while things aren’t sealed up by any means, the doubters should be giving Carp his due for sticking to his guns about this team since the preseason.

  45. Does Hartnell clown it up on his last shift in every game the Flyers are going to lose, or just against the Rangers?

  46. Stranger Nation on

    4th line provided tremendous *momentum* due to their *chemistry* and ability to *jam* and show major *onions*

  47. Simmonds pissed me off last night. That was bush league. But since he wasn’t drafted by the Phlyers I think there’s hope for him yet.

  48. I’m happy they won despite not taking my advice to just play the game 4 on 4 since THE is hurt.

  49. I was actually hanging with my buddy who also loves *Metal* so we were talking about *Metal* while eating burgers covered in *Bacon Onion Jam*

  50. Rob in Beantown on

    Carp, aren’t you going to tell us which university Sioux gave you memorabilia from? Huge mystery that needs to be solved

  51. The only *Metal* thing about Stralman is his absolute apathy about the physical well being of his teammates. But that might be more *Emo* than *Metal*

  52. Best hit of the night was produced by Miller in 1st period. The Philly guy wobbled away. He is going to be good, just needs some more time. Keep him in the line-up. His # will improve and dumb pen. will stop.

  53. Hartnell had a 20 second shift that he is probably feeling today. First, Girardi drills him into the boards while they are going for the puck and then he catches a hard slapper in a bad place.
    And then NBC catches him crying to the referee that Girardi should have been called for interference.
    Simmonds is a two-bit thug. Thankfully, McD’s hand was not broken from those 2 slashes.
    On to Western Canada! LGR!!!!

  54. I would say Stralman is as METAL as his countrymen, Entombed. But Stralman plays the right side and Entombed take the Left Hand Path. (They are also much more METAL than Stralman ever will be!)

  55. Sather Must Go! on

    Nice review, Carp – but, I tght that Nash was really bad last nite – he was noticeable, but in a slow, bad way..

    Fourth line has been the team’s best for 4-5 games now, Coach is giving them more, deserving ice time – led me to believe that Boyle and DMoops are better (or playing better) than I tght..

    I always believed Simmonds was a decent dude, after the TWO slashes, both deliberate and dirty to McD, I have chged my view…team needs a toughness overhaul in general to play in the East and the playoffs…and to beat the snot out of Rinanldo

  56. Nice win lstnte. Bein phys is how we’ve got to b the remainder of season. Keep it up NYR.

  57. I love Simmonds as a player but I did lose some respect for him last night. Definitely went too far.

    Still take him on my team any day, though.

  58. Oh man, now I want one really bad, Sioux. The plan was stuffed peppers but that plan might be in the toilet.

  59. Poblanos, some kind of lazy spanish rice w/ onions, garlic and tomato paste, probably beans, queso fresco. Its one of those meals that reads far better than it turns out.

  60. Sioux, if you want a nice beer, Blind Tiger (W. Village) is currently my favorite. Should be fine between lunch and happy hour.

  61. Sioux-per-man on

    Doc – grilled over mesquite coals with bacon cheese. With some BBQ with some kick to it :)

  62. Sioux-per-man on

    I just googled Walters hot dogs. It’s only a 6.45 hour walk :(

    Might have to skip that quest.

  63. That sounds really good. My co-workers and I just panicked and called around to find a place still delivering breakfast foods.

  64. Doodie Machetto on

    I could only watch this game in chunks with significant gaps in between. Bearing that in mind, McDonagh and Lundqvist were amazing every time I would watch. In my limited viewing, I had it McDonagh-Lundqvist-Moore, with honorable mention to Dorsett.

    McDonagh is something else. His goal was a great shot. He’s just improving leaps and bounds every single game.

    Carp has compared him to Leetch a couple of times, but I think, and have said several times before, that he reminds me much more of Scott Niedermayer. Everything flowing from his effortless skating.

  65. Doodie Machetto on

    Sather, you sent us a list of players with the last names that begin with the letter “r.”

  66. Well put rangerjhw.

    The ugliest CBA in pro sports and an ugly contract. I’m sure it isn’t easy for a well liked, well respected, prideful guy being a lame duck.

    One would think Richards would play the remainder of this season balls-out, knowing it’s his last here. If he hurts himself in the process it’s a win-win for him financially.

    A lot of factors at play here, can’t be easy.

    Oh, and Fire Sather!

  67. The only reason I still lean towards a buyout, beyond “common sense” and “maintaining my will to life”, is the Rangers not assigning the C this season. He seems like he’d be super whiny about it so may as well just kick the can until he’s gone next year.

  68. Sioux-per-man on

    SIOUXper-MaMa wants to find the Best pizza and NEW YORK cheesecake today.

    I can’t complain because she was a pretty good sport on our Irish Pub Crawl last night.

  69. Are you walking everywhere, Sioux? You should head down to Tribeca and eat at “Tiny’s and the bar upstairs” which is owned by Henrik Lundqvist!

  70. The best Pizza places in NYC are as follows:

    Juliana’s (This is the REAL Grimaldi’s) it’s in Downtown Brooklyn Under the Brooklyn Bridge (DUMBO) and can be accessed easily from the city.

    Lucali: Not open for lunch. In Carroll Gardens.

    Keste: West Village Pizza that makes the best Neapolitan style pizza in the city and maybe in the world.

    Di Fara: Middle of nowhere LEGEND

  71. Sioux, so nice to meet you and Mrs. Sioux last night. Picked a good game to attend. My Sioux-venirs will make an appearance on the blog at some point. Thank you again! :)

    Good morning, Sally!

  72. Rob in Beantown on

    The best cheesecake is S&S Cheesecake in the Bronx. But I don’t know if you want to go all the way over there for cheesecake.

  73. Remember, that the infamous Cap Advantage Recapture Rule was designed by Mr. Bettman solely as a punishment to those teams and GMs who found a little loophole in the old CBA. The NHL doesn’t care about what the players involved feel about it. All those contracts were approved by the league.

  74. Doodie, I don’t compare him to Leetch other than his great instincts, hockey IQ and the way he analyzes a game afterward. They are different players. But I will say this. I have watched this team since the late 1960s, and to me it’s Leetch, Park and then McDonagh’s right there closing the gap. Not even near his prime yet.

  75. Sioux-per-man on

    Great idea Carp!

    It sounds silly but you can’t find the Sioux logo Merch anywhere now that the NCAA banned it.

    Someone offered me $100 for my cap last night :). But I can’t replace it so I had to pass.

    I looked all over for a hat, just so you could whip it out for a Kristo interview – no such luck :(

  76. Robby Bonfire on

    who else, besides Mick is seriously in the Norris Trophy running? Because I think we’ve got a Norris winner, this year.

  77. Robby Bonfire on

    The Sioux logo is politically incorrect? If, so, what about the Black Hawks caricature logo? Frankly I think it’s awful, anyway, liking their Tomahawk “C” much better.

  78. Doodie Machetto on

    In fact, I’d say McDonagh is a long shot to even be a finalist. I’d imagine the finalists will be some combination of Keith, Suter, Chara, Karlsson, Doughty, and Pietrangelo. I’m guessing it will be Keith, Karlsson, and Doughty.

  79. Speaking of coaches, how about Berube ineffectively screaming at his team on the bench?


  81. Yea It’s Duncan Keith and then a mile and a half and then some other well known D-Men

  82. Doodie Machetto on

    Keith is a major part of what makes that Chicago talent run. I’d love to see that Chicago talent without him. Toews and Hossa would be fine, but I’m willing to bet their depth lines would be a lot worse off, including Kane and Sharp.

  83. Doodie Machetto on

    I’m not saying there isn’t a talent disparity, there absolutely is. But I think Keith is amazing. I don’t think McDonagh on Hawks is as good as Keith is.

    I think Doughty gets the third nod based on Olympic push. He was the best player in that tournament, by a country mile.

  84. Too bad McD didn’t get to play with high end talent like Cherepanov who went and died on us. RIP.

  85. Carp,
    I hate Philly more than any team, but they have been real strong since the early season coaching change. I also wouldn’t trade the Rangers team for them, but they have sure looked good and steady over some months now. The thought is the playoffs, if( and it’s a big if always in Philly about the goalie)Mason gets hot, they will be a handful. Cheap, big, skilled grinding forwards. They played there worst game in 2 months last night. just stating a tougher playoff team for us than we think. We owned them at home but it will be a battle. Habs are better though, have been all season.

  86. Taking nothing away from nobody, methinks McD is more valuable to the Rangers than Keith is to Chicago. Semantics.

  87. Doodie Machetto on

    That is too bad.

    Hopefully Lindberg becomes something. Lindberg was acquired in exchange for Werek, who was the player we drafted with the compensatory pick.

  88. Sioux-per-man on

    Robby and to think it was painted by native Sioux in ND. Everything about it stands for something.

  89. I don’t see the Habs better, either. I will add, it’s more likely Mason caves under the pressure than he gets hot in the playoffs.

  90. Doodie Machetto on

    coos, that’s probably true, but that speaks more to the poorness of our roster than the quality of McD or Keith.

  91. Doodie, I think Lindberg can be a D. Moore with some more offensive upside, which I’d be well chuffed with. I seem to remember from camp him having nice poise in the offensive zone, never seemed nervous or rushed.

  92. Here is a question: is there a better shutdown pair in the entire NHL than Dan Girardi and Ryan McDonagh?

  93. Doodie Machetto on

    I’ll say this about a Philly series: The Rangers better win in four or five, because the Flyers will absolutely pound on us throughout that series. The longer it goes, the higher the physical toll will be, either turning the series in Philly’s favor, or just ruining us for the next round.

  94. What a great game. Anyone notice that our boys outhit the Flyers 29-22? They are far from soft! Zucc, Miler, Dorsett, Girardi, McD threw some great hits. We’re back to the pre-Olympic periods of complete play – solid defense, solid forechecking. 5 in a row. LGR!

  95. Too many NYR are getting into the habit of flinging the puck wherever, a la Richie, when pressured, and it had better stop. I won’t name them; they know who they are.

  96. Sioux-per-man on

    It’s nice to See McD is in the conversation. We had a lengthy conversation after the game on this topic. Keith has it won already, but Mac is closing the gap.

    Thanks again Montreal!

  97. Doctor: are there stats about what defensive pair might be the best shutdown pairing? I don’t know how to calculate it

  98. I found a 2013 Bleacher Report article that has Timmonen and Schenn ranked ahead of McDonagh and Girardi. So that’s garbage.

  99. Does *Keith* still play on pairing with *Seabrook*? I thought I saw them split up recently.

  100. Mac does lead Keith in goals, 14-6, for what it’s worth. Keith racks up the points, but he’s got more talent around him producing those numbers.

  101. Doodie Machetto on


    Keith-Seabrook. And if both were 100% healthy, Chara-Seidenberg.

    I’m also tempted by Pietrangelo-Bouwmeester.

  102. Doodie Machetto on

    coos, Keith starts all of the breakouts and absolutely runs all of the play in the offensive zone. He also keeps plays alive in the offensive zone better than any defenseman in the NHL right now.

  103. I was going to jokingly suggest: Chara/Whoever because whether he’s with Boychuk or Seidenberg he has looked pretty darn good at blanketing the league’s best players.

  104. Doodie Machetto on

    If they split, it was recent, and surprising to me that they would be split. But if Keith is playing with Hjarlmarsson, then I still like it better than McD-Girardi.

  105. Duncan Keith also took that puck to the mouth, got 3 root canals, and got right back on the ice. He’s awesome.

  106. Doodie Machetto on

    Manny, I hear you on Chara. He’s played with like 5 different guys this year, but in terms of shutdown effectiveness, Seidenberg is clearly above the other partners he’s had. It’s Seidenberg, then a big drop to Boychuk (who is a perfectly adequate defenseman), then a big drop down to the other guys he’s played with this year. I think right now it’s Hamilton.

  107. Keith-Seabrook would be the best out there by a longshot. Weber-Jones is going to be a good one in a few seasons.

  108. Doodie Machetto on

    Chara does not tire late. If you’re referring to last year’s playoffs, he had a bad hip flexor injury that just made him a turnstyle because he couldn’t pivot, at all.

  109. Doodie Machetto on

    I think Weber’s defensive game is overrated. Once he and Suter were split up, it became clear who made them so effective defensively.

    Suter is just insanely good.

  110. “coos, Keith starts all of the breakouts and absolutely runs all of the play in the offensive zone. He also keeps plays alive in the offensive zone better than any defenseman in the NHL right now.”

    Except for all of the breakouts and all of the play in the offensive zone in the ~35 minutes a game he is not on the ice.

  111. ThisYearsModel on

    It is so appropriate that the Flyers coach is a former Flyers goon. I guess Dave Brown and Donald Brashear were not available. I find it so interesting how clubs seem to develop a culture. The Flyers culture has endured for 40 years and has not changed. When they acquire players, they assimilate into the culture. Imagine what a softie Simmonds would be if he were on the Rangers. Instead, he is a good player that morphs into a clown by putting on the black and orange jersey.

  112. Doodie Machetto on

    Look at his game log for the playoffs last year. The guy played over 30 minutes 7 times in 22 games, including over 40 twice.

  113. That’s fine, Doodie. It’s just that, even with Seidenberg out, he’s still so good. Even with a guy like Boychuk who is probably slightly overvalued due to his newfound partner.

  114. Doodie Machetto on

    Latona, wouldn’t that be true of every player who isn’t playing 60 minutes? When Keith is on the ice, everything runs through him.

  115. True fact: Keith leads NHL defensemen in assists by 2. He is 9th in primaries, 9 behind the leader (Yandle).

  116. Mister D, I always wanted to know what Crosby’s numbers would look like if they got rid of secondary assists.

  117. Keith is great, but he’s 30 and has a very Richards-like contract for the next *9* years. Would you trade McD for him? I wouldn’t.

  118. Doodie Machetto on

    Gravy, no, I wouldn’t trade McD for him. But if I was building an all-star team, I’d take Keith first.

  119. Doodie Machetto on

    For instance, I’d gladly trade Richards for 90% of the league based purley on his age and contract, but he’s better than a good portion of those players.

  120. Agree, Doodie, if we’re looking at it in a vacuum like that. If I’m building an expansion team, there aren’t many I’m taking before McD.

  121. _Mister D, I always wanted to know what Crosby’s numbers would look like if they got rid of secondary assists._

    If a new rule were implemented where everyone in the league except Crosby can receive secondary assists, he’d still be top 25 in scoring this year.

  122. Doodie Machetto on

    And two Stanley Cups, built largely on the back of his play, the first of which he was absolutely robbed of the Conn Smythe.

  123. Doodie Machetto on

    I agree on that point, Gravy. He’s got one of the best bang-for-buck contracts in the league, especially so for high end players.

  124. Doodie Machetto on

    For instance, D.Moore plays well enough to deserve 2 million, but he’s only getting 1. So he’s playing for half his value. I love McD, but he isn’t a 9 million plus player.

  125. Doodie Machetto on

    So in terms of total millions saved compared to value, he might have the single best contract in the NHL. But it’s not the highest percentage of contract money saved.

  126. ThisYears, I thought the same thing riding down the elevator with Paul Holmgren and Ron Hextall last night. Oh, and Joey Mullen, who was the opposite of those guys.

    I will say this, Dave Brown is one of the finest post-career gentlemen in the game. Swear to God. It’s mind-boggling now nice and polite and bright and soft-spoken he is.

  127. Doodie, was listening to XM the other day and they had on one of the Boston front office people. They were mentioning that Chara has been tiring lately and that they are planning on giving him some extra rest until the end of the season. I look at Boston’s D, and they just don’t scare me. There’s a lot of younger guys and when we played them, they were forced into some mistakes. That said, their goalie has been stellar, and they may have the best set of two way forwards in the league. Not to be taken lightly for sure.

    As for McD. I agree with Carp, It’s Leetch, then Park and then McD. I will give honorable mention to James Patrick who I always felt was very underrated. Gresch was a nice defenseman, but I never thought he was great defensively and his partner Dave Maloney covered for him quite a bit.

    To me, McD’s coming out party was the Olympics, where he went in as the #5 d-man and left as Suter’s partner on the #1 pairing. You could just see how appreciated he became and Pierre MCGuire pointed it out numerous times how great he played.

  128. Doodie Machetto on

    Claude Giroux’s current contract is the leader, BTW. It’s just that he’s going to be getting a very big raise next year.

    I think Tavares becomes the leader after that.

  129. What Dave Brown did to Tomas Sandstrom he can never live down, even after 50 Novenas and a trip to the Holy Land on his hands and knees. There’s a screw loose somewhere, even as he today sips Chi tea and signs napkins.

  130. NY Times Headline

    ‘Obama and Pope Exchange Views, Some in Accord’

    Didn’t know the Pope drove a Honda. Who knew?

  131. Sather Must Go! on

    Its strange how many goons (with notable exceptions) are really nice, cool and charitable off the ice..

    Btw, speaking of dmen; the rangers have a long history and not a lot of good dmento show for it … Hard to come up with a top five… Leetch, park, gresh, howell.. Zubov? James patrick? Norm McIver??

  132. I was at the Sandstrom/Dave Brown game. It only solidified the hatred I have had for the Orange Crud since the ’74 playoffs. I was 9 then.

  133. When you play smart well- practiced defense like our D does along with the team speed we have good things happen. Carp. we are taking the hits and we did control neutral zone for the most part. D. Moore has really helped this team & it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. Thought JT played a real decent game. Did anybody check todays Daily News Page 63 showing the celebration after Big Mac’s goal. Check right behind the glass, looks like a balding Tort’s. He may not make it next year. What a circus and what a clown. Was at the game last nite. Noise level was real good at times and they finally lowered that A/C unit that’s been freezing out most of Section 200 below the bridge.

  134. Step is on the ladder to success, but he needs to start roofing a few. He deserves an extension. Admittedly, I could be rung about that.

  135. Was too young to see Howell play.

    How about “Shoot the bleeping puck Barry” Beck? Rexy Routsolainin (I’m sure I spelled that wrong) Carol Vadnais?

  136. Beck is definitely after Leetch and Park. In his prime he was a dominant force and had numbers. Too short because of injury. McD is over taking him now behind Leetch and Park.

  137. I know I am getting ahead of myself, but if the Rangers were to win the Stanley Cup this season, who would be the first to hoist the Cup.

    Carp, great review, as always. This is the first site I hit the morning after a game.

  138. “Fiddler almost roofed one.”

    “Somebody on the Deegan flipped me the mitten.”

    Two of Carp’s most memorable quips. I’m still laughing.

  139. mickman, my son and I were wondering the same thing. I’m guessing it will either be all three getting it together or they will let Richie Rich take it first because he’s the most senior player. Or Maybe they let Staalsie take it because he’s been the A the longest and is a career Ranger and because of his head injuries it would be an uplifting (no pun intended) story.

  140. I hope it would be Henrik because if the Rangers win the Cup, its going to be 90% in goal.

  141. Ken S – I too was at the Sandstrom/Brown game wayyyy up in the blue seats. A 2-2 tie.

  142. Guards wear white gloves when they bring out the Cup because they don’t want to catch anything.

  143. ThisYearsModel on

    CARP—That is good, but I watched the 30 minute “Rivals” pregame about the Rangers and Flyers after the game was over on NBCSN, and Dave Brown was one of the guys interviewed. He was unapologetic about his crosscheck on Sandstrom. he said that Tomas was a dirty player and that he was sick of him getting away with it. This was the current, calm and mature Dave Brown. To me, it just showed that the Flyers culture is deeply ingrained in all of these guys, and will never go away. I am sure Bob Clarke, Dave Schultz, Bob Kelley, Don Saleski et al will be spoken of well by their friends. That does not mean that they did not get crazy back in the day. Hextall was on too, and he admitted hating the Rangers but he did not come off as a continuing nutcase.

  144. Carp,

    You mentioned Sioux was sitting behind the net. Is he in the photo at the top of the page?

    Buy a Porsche, Dave Brown.

  145. I was at that Flatley game and will always remember the hit. Bubba was never the same.

  146. Mickman, I asked that as a hypothetical last night, but I think it was as a new post was made so it died.

    Personally I wouldn’t mind if Bettman handed the Cup to Richards, as long as they buy him out after the parade.

  147. No goalie captains. NHL rule. Something to do with game delays with him leaving net to talk to coach, relaying disagreements to officials, etc.

  148. _Personally I wouldn’t mind if Bettman handed the Cup to Richards, as long as they buy him out after the parade._

    Sather: “And one more thing for Brad Richards! C’mon up, Brad!”

    [crowd wildly applauds, Richards walks to podium, his shirt untucked]

    Sather: “Brad, from all of us in the front office, we’d like to give you this. Thanks for everything.”

    [Sather hands envelope to Richards]

    [Richards opens envelope, finds cashiers check for $1.5MM]

  149. I kinda want to see Blue Jackets/Penguins in the first round. Maybe Bob gets hot and Dubie gets Sydney off his game.

  150. Some people seem to hate Richards the person and there is 0 actual reason to back that up.

    Manny, i live 5 min from “middle of nowhere” Di Fara pizza. I like it.

  151. “Especially with Lundqvist in goal. He didn’t set any club records, I don’t think, Wednesday.”

    Hey Carp, every win he gets, sets a club record … no?

  152. I kind of hate Richards and I back it up with the fact that he tanked an offseason and then took passive-aggressive shots at Callahan on the way out. And because I have 2nd hand knowledge that he’s kind of a D in real life.

  153. Stranger Nation on

    Hoisting the cup?
    Hoisting the Byfuglein cup?
    Are you Byfuglein insane?
    Byfuglein talking about hoisting the Byfuglein cup?
    Give me a Byfuglein break with all this Byfuglein talk about Byfuglein talk about hoisting the Byfuglein cup!!!

    …probably Staal

  154. Agreed. I want Ovechkin flying to Russia to assist Putin on his Invasion of Crimea/Ukraine on the first available plane.

  155. I find it hard to dislike Richards. In fact I like just about every about the guy (what I know of him), except his play.

  156. Its worth noting I’d probably be a D too if I were an athlete, either because I’m naturally a D or because I’d be annoyed by the attention. Current me would not like NHL me.

  157. He said Callahan’s impact was felt more on the ice than in the room. We kind of all knew that, he was stating the obvious. He said they have more than enough guys in the room who can speak up when something needs to be said. Again, stating the obvious.

    2nd hand knowledge, nice. Probably as legitimate as judging him as a person just because of his close friendship with Avery. Gonna need more than that.

    Guy does plenty of charity work, is actually respected by his peers (see what his teammates say about him), is a representative of the players, and has a pretty good resume.

    Dont have to like him as a player, not being in game shape because he was busy acting as representative isnt an excuse, but it sucks if you judge people as people on what little information you actually do have.

  158. ‘What did I think of his performance? What the *&%# did I think of his %#*#ing performance? Is that what you’re asking me, what the %^#@ did I think of his #*&%ing performance?’

    If you missed it, you have to catch that one on utube courtesy of Tommy Lasorda.

  159. _He said Callahan’s impact was felt more on the ice than in the room. We kind of all knew that, he was stating the obvious. He said they have more than enough guys in the room who can speak up when something needs to be said. Again, stating the obvious._

    Contrast it with Staal’s comments.

    _2nd hand knowledge, nice. Probably as legitimate as judging him as a person just because of his close friendship with Avery. Gonna need more than that._

    Don’t know how to help you with this one. I’m not making a sales pitch.

  160. (I’m not trying to play the insider knowledge card, just taking exception to there being _no reason_ to dislike Richards. There are valid reasons.)

  161. Lasorda was a contender, but Cub’s manager Lee Elia was the rant champ, sine qua non.

  162. Elia’s rant can’t be topped because it would have to be intentionally topped and that would undermine the entire effort.

  163. Rob in Beantown on

    Seriously though, since there’s no ‘C’ the only right thing to do in the extremely unlikely event of a Rangers cup this season would be to let Henrik hoist it first

  164. _Lundqvist wore an ‘A’ once… at that exhibition game in Sweden against Frolunda._


  165. matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties"Boy on

    Stranger @ 8:37 AM….right on, Brutha!!! Hit the nail on the head!!

  166. matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties"Boy on

    Carpy, great review!!

    Your pre-season prediction of 2nd place in the Lesstro, illustrates glowingly to us followers your astute hockey knowledge. Great prediction. I do believe you are correctamente!

    I am man enough to state that I thought you were way off base, especially after our awful start.

  167. “What more could he do to embarrass himself? There it is!” Brodeur said.

    “Woke up beside a #Supermodel to hear news that #Fatso made a comment…..@DancingABC equals Thousands of $ for charity”

  168. notsofastmyfriend on

    Always shook my head a little at local admiration for
    Simmonds – seeing him fairly often, he has much to like about his game, and much to dislike. Loses his way into classlessness much too often. The slashes are a great
    demonstration of all that’s wrong with American concept of
    “sport.” Little boys, fragile egos. Most players, most fans.
    Carp, and others: agree number eight. I’d be a tad more positive: he made a handful of those good little plays – goodlets? – that mark a fine hockey IQ.
    But 13: it was pointed out as a negative when the deal was in the air, that Rick’s shooting percentage was trending noticeably downward. The fancy and impressive approaches to the goal are genuine fun, but increasingly unproductive on the board. Think it’s a function of another negative: he’s kinda old and worn after so many
    best-guy-on-the-team hits over the years for a guy so
    otherwise young.
    Agree with Mean Dude: anyone who thinks Suter is that good is insane:-).
    Interestingly, Keith was all that in the O zone at Philly recently, but ordinary and less on D. Think it was he that gave all that foolish space for Giroux to line up the winning laser.
    Pietrangelo was ordinary and less in both zones in the Philly win – as was the whole Blue squad, whose focus mighta been the Hawks the next game.
    Why Philly MIGHT be better, Carp: IF (and agree it’s a big if) Mason can do the marathon at a high level, and IF they haven’t peaked too soon, they are better positioned to be competitive against the bigger, tougher squads, East, then West. But, yes, they are at least as flawed as the Rangers.

    Moops and Oops: Oops, the own-goal Kid Kris.

    Like many of you, like the Diaz move.

  169. They don’t need McIlrath. They don’t need any more toughness.

    They displayed what they’re capable of last night, and did so without Kreider.

  170. Brad Richards has done a great job in supporting pediatric hospitals and kids with cancer. For many, many years. Starting in Tampa, later in Dallas, and now in NY. And by the way, those UNTUCKit shirts are a big part of it too.

  171. Here are Brodeur’s comments about Sean on _Dancing with the Stars_

    “I didn’t watch – I don’t watch those shows – but I was watching NHL Network and they mentioned it,” Brodeur told NJ.com.

    And his thoughts? “What more could he do to embarrass himself?” Brodeur said with a chuckle. “There it is!”

  172. Avery responded on Twitter in typical Sean Avery fashion.

    @imseanavery Woke up beside a #Supermodel to hear news that #Fatso made a comment…..@DancingABC equals Thousands of $ for charity.


    @imseanavery Embarrassing is when u sleep with the #Nanny and get caught :)

  173. Rob in Beantown on

    They should make a rule against that kind of unsportsmanlike conduct on _Dancing With the Stars_. Not sure what they would call it, though.

  174. Robby Bonfire on

    If we had any history buffs around here, the name Ching Johnson would always be mentioned in conversations re all-time outstanding Ranger D’s, given that he was one of the two best D’s, along with Eddie Shore, in the NHL, in his day.

    I’ve got Ching Johnson, Park, Howell, and Leetch as my top-four. Probably over-looking a talented Ranger D from the 30’s or 40’s, all the same. And too bad Bill Gadsby got just a “cup of coffee” here. Outstanding 20-year NHL career man who never got his name on a Cup but was deserving, in every respect.

  175. Thanks Carp for answering my question on the last post re: the next captain.

    For some to say Leetch was good or bad, or Callahan was good or bad, Staal is not vocal enough… is tough for us, because we are not in the room. We are judging only by interviews with the media or play on the ice. And we compare a captain to Messier which is unfair as he’s arguably the greatest leader in sports.

    Face of the franchise is Lundqvist, as Messier and Leetch were back in the day. We also didn’t know whether or not Callahan was vocal in the locker room until Richards made the comment lately. But we saw him good at answering questions with the media, saying the right things to the fans and he threw ‘big hits’ on the ice so we all liked him as Captain.

  176. Carp
    nice review….as always
    look forward to reading when i can’t sleep
    or first thing when i wake up

    as far as MSL
    yes, he’s not hurting us and he is doing some of the little things you mention that we should appreciate for folks such as Boyle…..i.e. not giving up on the puck, passes
    just hoping that he finally figures out with SOMEONE on this team
    thought he was gonna click with Richards based on all the jabbering on the bench between those 2 and Hags
    and now
    it just seems as if he’s sitting on the bench trying to recalibrate or something

  177. as far as Miller
    saw some good shifts
    and few okay shifts
    like much of the team
    i’m hoping that he finds some of the
    scoring/assisting abilities that he’s had happening with the Wolfpack

  178. my biggest complaint last night
    was the usual…….
    too much bouncing passes off the boards
    in the hope that a teammate shows up to get the puck
    and not enough ACTUAL passes.
    i know that it’s one of their THINGS
    and that sometimes there isn’t much choice
    there were enough times when no opponent was around and it was done, which, basically GAVE the puck away

  179. Im a bit worried about the game in Calgary tomorrow. Ive watched a couple of their games recently and they’re not as bad a team as their record indicates.

  180. Good evening all! ilb, I couldn’t handle Boston/Chicago….I’ll just pray.

    And I am so digging Sweet 16’s response to bad Marty! Even if he did bomb, awesome response!!!!!

  181. Rob in Beantown on

    Lundqvist wears an ‘A’ on his sweater every game. Except when they wear the alternate sweaters.

  182. Hey Silly Mettle Heads with your brains all scrambled, repent from your foolish ways and listen to a talented musician and guitarist extraordinaire……

    *Mark Knopfler rules*

    #real guatarists play fender stratocasters

  183. Rob in Beantown, 4:38! I think you nailed it. Those catty, bragadoccio comments define the smug snail

  184. Carp, great review!

    This is how I would rank the top d-men in the NHL based on nothing but my opinion:
    1) Weber
    2) Doughty
    3) Keith
    4) Chara
    5) Suter
    6) *McDonagh*
    7) Karlsson
    8) Kronwall
    9) Subban
    10) *Girardi*

    No offense to Stralman ;)

  185. According to Thurman Munson and Graig Nettles, Reggie’s A stood for something else.

  186. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    ILB is absolutely spot on with his mcilrath type player (we need 2 quite honestly) being in the line up and they have to play.

    Nice to see some of you coming around to the playable intimidation need.

    How bad would it have been for us if Simmonds had broken mcdonuts hand, wrist, or forearm?

    Need some intimidation like NOW!!

  187. Too many hockeyists are these days enthralled with offensive defensemen, which is why so many promising offensive defensemen never learn first to perfect their defense. JMoops, MDZ, take notice.

  188. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Quintal was not a bad player for us. Neither was tamer. Cracks me up when people say they sucked.

    Of course they are the same people that say/said Pouliot was a bad signing too.

    Some of you really crack me up

  189. I’m surprised there hasn’t been any update yet. Usually the Rangers are so forthcoming with that kind of info. {s}

    As if I needed the {s}

  190. Booby, Step-off??? ……………Double Whoa!

    Why dont you and those pretty baby-blue webbed feet Paddle Off into the misty.

  191. This “team” of two-bit clowns isn’t going anywhere with THE Kreider.

    He is a one-man wrecking crew in the playoffs.

    You better pray he comes back soon so that these jesters have any shot of making it to latter rounds.

  192. The idea that a team somehow needs ‘playable toughness’ is laughable. So if Simmonds broke McDonagh’s hand or Rinaldo broke Lundqvist’s leg you know what would have happened if there was a ‘tough’ guy in the Ranger’s line-up? Most likely nothing, maybe a fight, maybe a fight the next game but probably not.

    Guess what Simmonds or Rinaldo would do in the next game, even if they got the stuffing beat out of them? The exact same thing, dirty play. That’s the type of players they are and no one is going to ‘scare’ them into stopping, particularly guys like them who are willing to answer the bell.

    Tough guys are amusing/entertaining, I have no issues with fighting but they don’t win games and that’s all that matters in the end. I’d enjoy watching McIlrath fight but I’ll still think the team would be better served by having someone who can actually play defense at the NHL level.

  193. BTW, today is National Cleavage Day. May want to open your twitter feed and search that hashtag.

    Your welcome

  194. He really does, Manny. I usually don’t get crazy about a guitarist’s tone, but this guy had a GREAT sound. Plus he could legit play.

  195. Some guitarists that I think are severely underrated: David Gilmour, Mark Knopfler and Brian May

  196. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    You guys are nuts if you think speed neutralizes goonery.

    Ask mcdonuts how his speed neutralized that Simmonds slash.

    Or ask ENIGMA how his speed neutralized his broken hand from that tussle with the jacket player.

    Speed does not neutralize goonery. As long as guys get in each other’s faces and players come together after the whistle, speed means nothing vs goonery.

    You have to have playable toughness/intimidation to neutralize it and that’s the only thing that will.

  197. Also, the jazz guys never get enough credit.

    Wes Montgomery, Kenny Burrell, Charlie Christian, Grant Green to name a few!

  198. My son and I attended a Mark Knopfler show in Central Park several years ago. We, along with about 30 people, were randomly selected to go backstage prior to the start of the show to watch the musicians, directed by Knopfler, warm-up by playing several traditional melodies. It was a fascinating experience. At the conclusion of the warm-up, Knopfler circulated among the fans, personally greeting and posing for photos with each.

    It was one of those special moments of a lifetime shared between a father and son. Thank you Mr. Knopfler!

  199. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I respectfully disagree completely, used the proper way playable toughness absolutely makes a difference. Getting rid of the instigator would also make a difference.

    Unfortunately I’m going back to work and unlike some here (no names mentioned..*MANNY*) I’m not going to spend my time at my job that I am paid to do by my employer and not doing it by being on the worst blog on the interweb the whole time ;)

    So we will have to disagree and move on.

  200. Admiral Akbar on

    Larry Carlton is my favorite.

    Also love Wes, Jeff Beck, Clapton, BB, Albert King, Freddie King, Jim Hall, John Scofield…

    But Larry Carlton can play ANYTHING.

    IManny – why do you “hate ERIC CLAPTON”?

  201. Mike Campbell is an underrated guitarist. TPATH’s tracks don’t really demand elite level work, but the dude can shred.

  202. Manny perfect on the guitarist including Clapton. Under rated on acoustic is Steven Stills just great

  203. Rangers West on

    Eric Clapton is a great guitar player with amazing chops. But he is boring and basically playing sterilized suburban blues. IMHO. Then again, for perspective, Drive Like Jehu’s “Yank Crime” is the world’s greatest guitar rock record.

  204. Admiral Akbar on

    Jim Hall is the master of them all.

    Jazz Guitarists >> Rock & Blues Guitarists.

  205. Steve Winwood can go toe to toe with anyone on just about any instrument. Dude is a virtuoso.

  206. Brian May part of the best 25 min of rock anywhere….Live Aid Wembley. I was in Philly, hot as heck, excellent performers some real bad one too. Led Zep just awful and Dylan, Richards n Ronnie Wood so drunk to close it, but some excellent performances

  207. Admiral Akbar on

    Eric Clapton does have great chops. But he is also super melodic, more so than most other blues and rock guitarists.

    Furthermore, Clapton is an innovator on the guitar in terms of technique as well as sound.

    And as a blues player, Eric Clapton’s work with the Bluesbreakers, Cream, as well as Derek and the a Dominos is WITHOUT PEER.

  208. Rangers West on

    As for the playable toughness, if they can get McIlrath and Sam Noreau to be a viable third pair that would be great. But it appears that niether may ever be NHL’ers. Guys like Webber and Phaneuf are what they need.

  209. Admiral Akbar on

    Rhodes was a monster. Huge, huge sound.

    I would prefer him to Eddie Van Halen, even, in that musical genre.

    Yngwie Malmsteen (Henrik’s countryman) is also worthy of mention.

  210. JJP, exactly right. I like toughness and I believe your team needs to be tough — a stick-togetherness and a pushback and all that stuff, and I actually do enjoy the fights when they’re not staged.

    That said, people confuse revenge with prevention. The Rangers could have had 10 John Scotts or Tom Sestitos or McGrattons last night, or 10 Prusts and Dorsetts and McIlraths. Rinaldo would still knock Diaz’s head into the crossbar, and Simmonds would still whack McDonagh as many times as he pleased. You can’t prevent that, only avenge it, and avenging it does no good whatsoever except placate a lot of the fans and probably the players.

  211. If I want to hear blues I will put on some Mississippi John Hurt.

    Or the Allman Brothers for electric blues.

  212. You learn something every day and today I learned something. The second word of my review was/is “enormity” … and I was told by a reader that it does not mean the same thing as enormousness.

  213. Admiral Akbar on

    IManny —

    Put on the Layla album, by Derek and the Dominoes…

    Clapton plays like he is from The Other Side on that one. Full of emotion, technique, and innovation. And his partner for much of the record, Duane Allman, is also angelic!


    Clapton is a musician’s musician. Serious about his art. And a damn fine guitar player. Ask Duane. Ask Van Halen. Ask Larry Carlton. Ask BB King. Ask Jeff Beck.

  214. Admiral Akbar on

    Allman Brothers for electric blues??

    Ok – yes!


    Absolutely the REAL THING!

  215. Yea. Duane Allman is the man. What a terrible life to be cut so short.

    That’s a good song, Carp. I would love to hear the extended version.

  216. Admiral Akbar on

    For younger players:

    Don’t forget:

    Derek Trucks
    John Mayer
    Brad Paisley
    Kenny Wayne Sheppard

    All monsters!

  217. Admiral Akbar on


    That “Somebody Left the Gate Open” song is IMMENSELY PREFERABLE to that AWFUL LOTTERY COMMERCIAL with those dancing kids and fawning adult clowns!!

  218. I saw Page, Clapton and Beck in the Garden for a Ronnie Lane MS benefit show early eighties. I thought Beck was the best, page was strung out and Clapton was too cool for school. That’s the day the Firm started with Paul Rodgers.

  219. Boys, hard to argue any of the axe men mentioned here.

    Stevie Ray Vaughan was perhaps as good as they come at playing the Texas Blues.

  220. Admiral Akbar on

    Hedberg —

    I agree. Jeff Beck is the best of the British Trinity, I love his playing too.

    The Firm was a pretty cool band, though.

    Short of a Zeppelin reunion, I absolutely would have no problems catching the Firm on tour!!

  221. I saw the Allman Brother at the Beacon last year and was totally blown away by Warren Haynes.

  222. Admiral Akbar on


    SRV was really sweet!

    And… I must mention Jimi as another cat worth more than a few listens! ;)

  223. Admiral Akbar on

    Warren Haynes has a huge tone. And can sing his butt off.

    If you really love Warren — Gov’t Mule is his best work

  224. The Isley Bros. (Specifically Ernie) who can really play, taught Hendrix when he was starting out with them.

  225. iDoodie Machetto on

    I miss Callahan. I was very happy to pick up a bunch of Callahan gear on the cheap. Never will feel embarrassed to wear that.

    I got Doodie Jr. Some Callahan jerseys, too. One that fits him now, one that will fit him in a couple of years.

  226. Honestly havent missed Callahan much if at all. 8-3-1 since the trade and have played our most physical hockey.

  227. Doodie, sweater purchase has always been the kiss of death with my family. Somewhere in big Rubbermaid storage bins we have a Vanbiesbrouck, a Jagr, an Amonte and even a Niklas Sundstrom(my niece had a crush on him) and my son has a Dubinsky.

    The only one I ever purchased that didn’t shipped out was the #7 I picked up in ’92.

  228. iManny: for electric blues, besides the obvious SRV, ABB and Clapton, try the most underrated blues guitarist out there: Johnny Winter.

  229. Best guitarist slash writer how about Pete Townsend. Say him do Quadrophenia just last yr. surprisingly still great. Genius writer

  230. Plus, I have a Partocaster. It’s basically a homemade Strat, assembled out of all Fender parts. A project I did with my son a few years.

  231. Strange, isn’t it, Lev? Lots of Rangers fans are still talking about how much they miss Prust and how much they want him back… two seasons later.

    I don’t hear the same conversation about Callahan…and Cally was a heart and soul of this franchise for a long time…and a much better player than Prust.

  232. Acoustic:
    2013 Martin 000-15SM
    1972 Martin D-35

    1970 Gibson SG w/ Vibrola
    1956 Gibson ES-335 Stereo

    Important Note: Mrs. Manny thinks in awful and pretty much laughs at me whenever I pick one up.

  233. Callahan would be a nice addition to this team for about 5.25mil./year…don’t you think?

  234. The pickups and switches were wired already. Only had to do some soldering. Pretty simple.

  235. I did farm out the neck adjustment and some additional sanding of the frets at the very end.

  236. Soldering doesn’t sound simple! That’s so cool. It’s like how Brian May’s electrician dad helped him build guitars, Amps and pedals.

  237. Hey author! I was just reading about exile on Main Street being recorded and got really into him. Man is he good.

  238. Regarding Callahan, to me the most telling thing about his next contract will be the length of it, not the dollars.

  239. The guys I was (and am now)rooted for from the moment they started (for different reasons though):
    Matt Zucarello-Aasen
    Ben Puliot
    Dom Moore
    and now for MSL.
    Very positive for: Brassard, Stralman(if asks > 3mil., will switch to scrawny Diaz)

  240. Smooth as silk, Manny

    Truly beautiful Blues player who complemented Keith’s raggedness to a T.

    He’s appeared with the Stones at numerous gigs during their recent tour – Midnight Rambler as his signature song.


  241. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Clearly, my input on guitar discussions is as accurate as all of yours when talking about hockey lol

  242. Stranger Nation on

    Still cannot believe the Cally trade – what a horrible deal the Old Man cut.

    Trucks/Haynes – melt your face

  243. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I think the best known guitar player of all time has to be the guy from the staircase in animal house

  244. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    So one time in band camp this really groovy guy in skinny jeans took his guitar and…

  245. The relevance of guitars to Hockey was made, somewhat, at the Hank lovefest earlier in the week. The got him a NEW Gibson Les Paul. Which is nice, but it’s like getting a new Mustang as opposed to mint ’67(even if it is a Gibson Customshop model, which I doubt). Still, it’s better than the Epiphone he was using.

  246. Somewhere between wacky and Carp: consistent playable toughness will avert some of that Simmonds-style cheap
    junk, even unconsciously. The eventual hurt from the comeback will begin to be tallied in the dark recesses – human nature. Will take a while for team like Rangers to establish that there WILL be a suitable tax on bad on-ice conduct. (One of the reasons Flys were flat last night MAY have been that the Blues and Kings, among others, don’t let that stuff go, and Flys were a little body-weary, and so body-wary.

    (Otherwise, what exactly is the cost to Simmonds within the game – in effect, a thrre-seond penalty for risking Mac’s season/year/career?).

    But league should come down hard on all that crap-when-clock-is-stopped stuff that some teams make a tiresome ritual (bully Chara? and Co?. Zdeno wants to fight a Hab for a classic, clean hip-check against one of his head-hunter friends? Always wondered how Chara and Lucic and such would play at 5’10” and 180 lb. Think kinda differently?

    Rule changes: the late-coward penalty, for guys like Simmonds. Extends next three games, for failing to understand the spirit of the competition. Flys start each game down 1-0. $100,000 fine to Snyder, who thinks hockey must be played this way to draw the neanderthal minority of the fan base.

    Faceoff tossout. Offending team cannot compete for face- off, must back up (a la some rugby penalties) x-yards, dependent on offense/defense and ice position.

  247. iWIcky: That was Stephen Bishop, who a wimpy, sappy one-hit-wonder tune from the 70s called “On and On”

  248. Stevie Ray Vaughan, as a kid, opened once for BB King, and after the gig, King said he didn’t want that “kid” opening for him anymore. Too good.

  249. Stevie Ray was so F’ing good. I saw him at a club in Dallas called St. Christopher’s in 1980. I had never heard of him before that. He was a local legend down there and I have been a fan ever since.

  250. Admiral Akbar on

    My guitars:

    1966 ES 335
    1973 Les Paul Deluxe
    1991 Sadowsky strat
    2006 fender Custom Shop Strat

    1962 Fender Precision bass
    1964 Fender Jazz bass
    1968 Fender Telecaster bass
    2002 Michael Tobias Design 535 bass

    Don’t get me started talking about bass players… ITS A TRAP!

  251. Admiral, I used to have a LP Deluxe, always liked them. The 330 is the only ES I ever owned. I never had a 335, always meant to get one.

  252. No reason MP, but I think the Rangers are more likely to sign Avery than Cally at this point. Sadly.

  253. Slats will trade anyone. He doesn’t care who they are. Cally? Try Gretzky, Messier, Leetch, Kurri, Coffey to name a few.

  254. Wouldn’t doubt it for a second, Miami.

    Btw, I would have paid Cally, but I’ve mentioned that once or twice before.

  255. Anyone care to guess why MSL has turned into the prototypical NYR mercenary since arriving?

    I mean, seriously … what’s up with this court jester?

  256. iManny, I once googled that Gate Open song and heard the whole thing … it does not get better.

    Anybody mention Mr. B.B. King?

    Gary Clarke Jr.?

  257. Admiral Akbar on

    Papa –

    Berry, Geezer, and Lesh are the most underrated, IMO.

    Lesh is a fascinating player!

    Don’t forget:

    Jack Bruce
    Geddy Lee
    John Paul Jones

    (For rock bassists)

  258. Admiral Akbar on


    Mike Gordon
    Les Claypool (not my type of player, but he’s still really great!)
    Paul McCartney (not a technical bass guitarist, but still played some sick stuff with the Beatles)

  259. Admiral Akbar on

    Session bass guys:

    James Jamerson (like, on every Motown song)
    Donald Duck Dunn (like, on every soul Stax song)


  260. Admiral Akbar on

    And oh yeah…

    I would sign Callahan back – why not? Don’t know if I’d reinstate him as Captain, though. McDonuts, G-man, and Staal should get first crack at that honor.

  261. I’d take Cally back too. If they sign him, I’d give him the C, but if not, give it to McD and give Cally an A with Staal or Girardi. It would be too weird for Cally to be letterless. Sadly, though, I don’t think it will happen.

  262. I listen to some of that.

    I went to a school of classical music……won many advanced piano competitions…..

    I like the basic 1-2, 1-2 3-4 , 3-4 rhythm…..

    basic Billy Joel. Elton John…. I am flawed

  263. Admiral Akbar on

    Carp – I googled that atrocity of a song, as well. It is pure rubbish.

    I did mention BB King earlier (with Albert and Freddie King to boot.)

    Gary Clarke?? Meh… He’s well below John Mayer, Joe Bonamassa, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, derek trucks, Brad Paisley on the depth chart for me. He sounds sloppy to my ears.

  264. Miami Pimp Why in the world would you want to give Cally 6 yrs 6 mil. I want what you’re smoking. He’s a frail body playing a tough game and is terribly injury prone.

  265. Marc Weissman on

    Rick, I must say, up until last night’s game, I was very reluctant to boldly compare McD to Leetch, even as well as Mac has played all season. Seemed unfathomable to think that ANY Dman could remotely replicate Brian’s HOF play during a single game, let alone over the course of a season or even career. But *my word*, if Ryan plays the way he did last night more often than not, we’ve DEFINITELY got ourselves a *multiple” Norris winner on our hands once again. For sure! Unreal performance in every aspect of the game by #27: Reading plays the way he did in all 3 zones, transitioning to offense at the blink of an eye, masterfully deking to keep it in at the blue line, neutralizing stars like Giroux at his own blue line, relentlessly and legally hitting opponents in his own zone – especially along the boards, being tough in front of Hank as we saw at the end, and, of course, ripping that absolutely incredible goal off the post for the game-winner. For the 1st, every facet of McD’s game conjured up images of Brian in my mind last night. Every single one of them, let alone collectively for 60 minutes. Just an outstanding, head-shaking display of all-around hockey by a mere 24 year old. Broadway Hats off, indeed, for the Mac Truck. And, like you said, the best is yet to come. :)

    And as for the Norris criteria itself, I would be curious to get your thoughts on this proposal that I offered to the HNL panel a few years back (see link below) to solve the dilemma of acknowledging the 2 types of Dmen. The idea would be to create a Bobby Orr Trophy for the Leetchs, McDs and Coffeys of the world, and keep the Norris for the Langways & Girardis. Thanks for your insight. :)


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