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  1. So is Jeff Gorton. But with our luck, Slats’ll hang around for another 5 years we’ll lose him too the Brooklyn Fishsticks.

    Hey wait….Gorton…Fishsticks?

  2. “Miller over Staal. LOL”

    laugh all you want but Marc Staal is one of the most overrated players in NHL.

  3. Sauvigneault blanc on

    MSL is lucky we’re winning now. There would be a lot more talk about it otherwise. To me the worst part is that he’s invisible out there. Perfect complement player to his buddy #19!

  4. “And again, picks?? This is the Rangers. They do not draft well historically. And will never finish low enough in the standings to justify a 1st round pick as a sure thing.”

    who cares how they draft, a draft pick especially 1st round has a very good trade value especially at the draft day, instead we just wasted 3 1st rounders on this undersized crybaby that wanted to be close to his Connecticut home. Maybe his ultimate goal is to get demoted to Hartford like Redden so he could play REALLY close to home.

  5. “You want to blame someone for St. Louis being here, blame Callahan, not Sather.”

    why? Nobody forced Sather to get a 38/39 yearold player in return and throw in picks on top. We would have been in better shape if we either traded Callahan for something else or somewhere else or used Callahan as our “rental” and kept our picks or even re-signed the greedy bastard.

  6. I want to make a list now of everyone on board with the trade … then re-do the list during the 2014 draft … then re-do the list during the 2015 draft. See how those percentages move.

  7. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    Old Man Folkyerself was given the Chair of Applied Electricity at Ossining…

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