Flyers at Rangers … It’s Go Time!


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Flyers at Rangers.


Light up the Empire State Building in orange and black, Mr. Snider’s Flyers are in town for what could be a first-round playoff preview.

The Rangers, who have won four in a row, lead the Flyers by a point for second in the Lesstropolitan Division, but Philly has two games in hand. The Rangers, for the moment, hold the tiebreaker (regulation/OT wins) 36-35.

While this would appear to be an enormous game, it really isn’t any more or less important than any other, unless home-ice, ahem, “advantage” matters to you. It shouldn’t. Home-ice has proven to be anything but an advantage in the playoffs, and the Rangers have been a far better team on the road than at home this season.

Basically, the two points are huge to stay out of the wild card race, though, and obviously if the Rangers can stay ahead of Philadelphia, that improves their chances of finishing second or third.

The Flyers have lost seven straight at MSG, outscored 28-8 in that stretch.

The Rangers will be without Chris Kreider who suffered a hand injury in Columbus Friday and will not play tonight or join the Rangers for their four-game trip through Western Canada and Colorado.

J.T. Miller was recalled from Hartford (AHL) and is expected to play on a line with Derick Brassard and Mats Zuccarello, while Martin St. Louis moves up to the first line with Derek Stepan and Rick Nash. Both St. Louis and Stepan are recovering from the flu, but ex-Flyer Daniel Carcillo still has the bug and is not expected to play tonight.

John Moore (concussion) skated this morning but is not ready to return.

Henrik Lundqvist starts in goal against Steve Mason.

In case you missed it, these were the remarks by Wayne Simmonds in the Philly papers today: “It’s going to be a tone-setter. We’re going to try to set a tone. If we do happen to play them in the playoffs, they’re going to definitely know what the Philadelphia Flyers are bringing to the table.”

So another onions check. Probably a good night to get the power play going, too.

Other games that matter tonight:



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  1. Jeff in South Dakota on

    Boston Firefighters – prayers for the fallen, prayers for the injured.

  2. So, these NBCS guys push the start time of the match a whole hour so they can waste our time yapping about nothing?

  3. Smurfs beat McCammons flyers can these guys?….. Hedberg got pix in the pregame. Wow didn’t think NBC knew who he was. Hate the orange.

  4. Thanks for stating in your preview that home ice does not mean what you most might think in the postseason. I agree. Get points is the key and stay out of the wild card.

  5. Mr. McDonagh text: “I’ll need some help with those traps and a few fairways that are collecting water, Ryan. Look forward to us working together this summer.”

    McTruck: “Booked all summer, Pop, but will make it my business to attend a couple backyard cookouts.”

  6. Stranger Nation on

    Brian Boyle ‘hat trick’
    Breaks stick on one timer, falls to his knees behind goal battling for puck and gets ragdolled by an opponent

  7. Before McDonuts really McTrucked, Carp said if you want a long-term jersey, buy #27. Prescient. Not too humble to say I agreed.

  8. Admiral Akbar on

    Start the friggin game already… Jeez

    This rivalry night thing is clown-fodder

  9. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© on




  10. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© on


    RANGERS!!! PHILTHY PHILLY YOU are sooooooo done!!!



  11. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Brassard milkshakes the puck to miller, miller London broil sit to zucchini who potato chips it past Mason…rangers score


  12. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© on




  13. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© on

    Yes Grabbbyyyy I am!!!!



  14. ThisYearsModel on

    Pierre is in love with the Flyers. What color is the Empire State Building tonight CARP?

  15. Carp read the standings sheet in the pressbox….just kidding. Flyers better forwards way more grit. NY better D and goalie…..close

  16. hey grabby… yeah, it was a good game. You shouldn’t take the crappy teams next time we play. I use overhead angle

  17. Carp the Nash-o-meter is similar to a 13 year old boy at a co ed pool party right now

  18. dorsett can play, to bad he is small and gets killed when he fights or he would be a ideal playable toughness guy.

  19. carp, I agree with you that philly isn’t more talented than the rangers, the problem that I have is playoff hockey is more intense and physical, something the rangers are lacking big time.

  20. Quick list of Rangers with the same amount of goals as Marty St Louis this season:



    Ulf Samuelsson

    Bill Cook

  21. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Give the 4th line major minutes. They’ve been great for a long time now…

  22. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© on

    BIG GAME folks!!!

    HUGE GOAL!!! Dorsett wayyy to go!!!!!!!

    RANGERS are bringing it!!!

  23. I don’t disagree, tommy. There are only two teams in the East they couldn’t beat four of seven, though, and Philly isn’t one of them.

  24. Manny any truth to the rumor that the Rangers are trying to sign the Sculeri brothers??

  25. Rangers 5
    Flyers 0

    GWG -Dorsett

    I sea Orange Grunge and smell dead people and cheese steaks.

  26. one glaring note is the rangers do have a 4th line. In previous years, especially in the playoffs, the rangers would get burned by the opposing teams 4th line. it appears the shoe is on the other foot now.

  27. Nash should just wait at their blue line and get an even bigger head start out of the zone.

  28. hey Carp
    let Sioux know that i’m sorry his man Kristo
    isn’t in the lineup
    but this Ohio boy
    is happy that fellow Ohio boy

  29. Easy, Tommy. Until we’re sure Richards’ line isn’t getting torched by the Gregory Campbells of the world in the postseason, I’m not sold.

  30. Well. That was a good save. We should probably win a defensive zone face off once in a while.

  31. I guess we could have traded Del Zotto to the Canucks for Diaz thus reuniting Del Zotto and Tort.

  32. *Regarding the performance of the Rangers 4th line:*

    Papa Bear performed research and conducted analysis of data to determine:

    The 4th line is:
    1) good on their shifts 52.7 % of the time,
    2) average on their shifts 32.3% of the time,
    3) below average on their shifts 22% of the time.

    When you add up their banding of their time on the ice, the 4th line is on the ice
    more than 100% of the time they are on the ice. (107%)

    Talk about giving more than 100%!!!!!!


    (Figures, complied using fingers, toes and hooves, wer verified for accuracy by Pythagoras Carp, the blog father of Math)

  33. Nice shift by Coburn, but he would be the 4th best defenseman on the Rangers. That’s all you need to know if these teams meet in April.

  34. So,now that everyone appears to be in agreement that we have a competitive and serviceable 4th line

    GRAVY, It’s Time to get Boyle of the WBM.

  35. rangers get your buns in gear the games not won cuz u scored first! that was a scary period. 2 more of those i cant handle

  36. _we have a competitive and serviceable 4th line_

    Not sure how much of it is Boyle’s merit but D Moore and Dorsett have been pretty good :D

  37. Klein had a chance to go with Rinaldo but didn’t after Rinaldo flung little Diaz into Hank and the net.

    I thought Klein could throw his mitts, what’s happened?

  38. 15 shots is too many but it seemed to me that a fair number were Rangerlike shots?

  39. CCCP.


    4th line was good when Dorset was down with the broken leg.

    Take off your Boyle Hater Goggles!!!!

  40. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Pittsburgh very beatable in rd 2 if they escape rd 1. If the rangers get lucky and someone upsets the Bruins….we are playing for the cup

    Book it

  41. I just went through Nash’s glove compartment and found a love letter to John Cheever!

  42. sorry, but after a 20 goal season, to where he is now, hes pretty much maxed out. for example, dan girardi has as many goals as boyle. think about that. i know not everythings about goals, but, he cant fight, he is slow as dog shat crawling up a tree in february, and cant score. ok i know he is great at pk, defense. imo he should be a dman. he used to be one too.

  43. Rangers will have a historic playoff run going 29-5-3 in 37 playoff games on way to hoisting the Stanley Cup in July!!!

    Book It.

  44. ThisYearsModel on

    I just don’t get all the abuse Boyle takes on message boards. He is playing in the role that is right for him this year and is doing a good job. This is the best 4th line the Rangers have had in years.

  45. I’m hoping they’ll re-sign D.Moore too. Loved the signing when it happened. It took him a while to get his game together, but I guess that should be expected when you take a year off. He’s been really good for a while now. Love the guy!

    Especially if they’re not re-signing Boyle. Gotta have one of the two.

  46. When Ovechkin does a commercial, only one take, two minutes, because it can never get better, no matter how many takes.

  47. Just met Sioux and Mrs. Sioux. Great people. Sitting literally right behind the net. And I got some souvenirs of a certain university.

  48. i will call eric to tell him the rangers lost even if we win just so i can hear a loud THUD on the pavement after he jumps off the ledge

  49. Admiral Akbar on

    I can’t think of any defenseman in the NHL I would take over McDonuts right now.

  50. _Boyle is playing huge tonight. Too bad they won’t negotiate with him._

    “Oh, so you want to stay here but still not take a massive discount? Ha ha ha ha ha … we’ll see how that works out.”

  51. so far I am surprised in the flyers play. I thought they would be allot more physical and borderline dirty. Hopefully they continue to play like this the rest of the night.

  52. inthearmsofbrianboyle on

    3xE – Pierre’s got a sunburn.
    Boyle has them hanka.hanka,burnin hands tonight.

  53. Sather’s continual pattern of losing intangible and Irreplaceable players is awful.

  54. leetchhalloffame on

    Although he won’t win McD should absolutely be a finalist for the Norris.

  55. Admiral Akbar on

    I don’t think the Zucc has been the same since the Sochi Olympics. I wonder how strong his fractured hand is.

  56. Would be way too much work to just rewatch and notice Mason made a soccer-esque punchout save, he wasn’t hit.

  57. Sather’s continual pattern of losing intangible and Irreplaceable players is awful.

    …. He’s always looking for the next Darrol Powe.

  58. I just realized, Flyers are going to sign Boyle. He always plays great against them. I’ll produce tears.

  59. Timmonen, who’s back, and Coburn are Flyers two best D. I wouldn’t trade any of the Rangers top three for either of them. I think the NYR should make a run at MacDonald this summer, though.

  60. Tony Uncle Johnny on

    That’s an unrealistic commercial
    No way Michael Jordan goes to movies alone

  61. Shows what a Tire Fire the Isles are, that they can’t re-sign their own guys despite all that cap space … Streit, Moulson, Niederreiter, MacDonald. Why aren’t these guys Islanders right now?

  62. Carp, isn’t any big money (and MacDonald will be big money) defenseman weird use of cap space for us? Top pair can play a ton of minutes, 2nd pair we’ve seen the 2RD will play up with Staal and 3rd pair is 3rd pair. Much rather save it for Toews next offseason, who wants to come to NYR I’ve read on this blog.

  63. Admiral Akbar on

    Pierre: “I think they’re really responding to coach Berube’s challenge.”

    Hopeful thinking on Egg-Head’s part.

  64. Richards had time to skate in but than maybe not, he always looks like he skating in sand.

  65. _I know the Kings won the Cup, but that trade really sucks or the Kings._

    Straight up, you take Couturier and Voracek over Carter too. Somehow, backfired. Almost like they have a front office that cannot evaluate anything but offense.

  66. Kenny and Maloney are the best. I might even start listening to them instead of Salmon and too-pay

  67. He’s averaging 16 MPG over the last 3 games so I don’t think that 4th line label is accurate.

  68. Dorsett is really making the most of this opportunity with Carcillo in the sick room.

  69. Little Orphan Clammy on

    Cally would be loving a game like this but he’d probably have the flu from all the sleepovers

  70. Admiral Akbar on

    Door-stop has had a good few games now.

    This was the Door-Stop that was advertised in the Gabby trade

  71. Little Orphan Clammy on

    Will someone please get Keith Jones a tonsillectomy? It’s painful to hear

  72. Sather must have sent a bottle of liquor to Gainey, told him to drink up and than took advantaged of a drunk man, there is no other excuse for that trade. Gainey had to be drunk.

  73. Why ask Milbury anything?

    Liam- how would you get the flyers going?

    Milbury- you could try hitting them with their own shoe.

  74. Little Orphan Clammy on

    If the Canucks win the Cup, does torts get Coach of the Year before he’s fired?

  75. Little Orphan Clammy on

    Torts sleeps on top of the totem poles in Stanley Park and asks tourists for quarters on Granville Island

  76. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Hank is playing so well that I think he could steal a series with 4 shutouts

  77. Little Orphan Clammy on

    There is a >0% chance that Milbury isn’t wearing pants behind that desk

  78. Over on the Flyers blog fans saying they’d rather play Boston than us. Would take their chances against Rask want no part of Lundqvist after the past couple of years.

  79. MSL better be traded for whatever we can get on draft day. This cancer needs to be gone ASAP.

  80. What the thing that Milbury is worst at?
    1. Fighting
    2. Announcing
    3. GM
    4. Coaching
    5. Being a human
    There is no…..all of the above

  81. Lundqvist’s beautiful little daughter, in NY apartment, looking at that eerie helmet thing they gave Henrik, thinks he’s a scary dude, a la Marilyn Manson.

  82. Milbury had the onions to refer to his time coaching on the Island, as if it wasn’t a 4 year tire fire.

  83. Little Orphan Clammy on

    Manny. – Stones announced their June tour dates in Tel Aviv? That or a Ranger Cup final game if on the same night?

  84. Milbury, between periods, grabs hot dog from 8 year-old, says “what are you going to do about it?”

  85. Milbury wasn’t wrong. If you didn’t know who MSL is, you’d just see the little 3rd liner out there. Basically pre-2013 Zucc, but more invisible.

  86. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Kooz – if Lebron was 18 when he graduated from high school, then I was 5 when I graduated…

  87. Berube for 2 periods to Simmonds: “Don’t let that little #15 get you off your game.” Third period: “That didn’t work. Let him get you off your game.”

  88. Olga Folkyerself on

    If you didn’t know who MSL is, you’d just see the little 3rd liner out there.

    Much like the geico commercial there is a trail of money falling behind him.

  89. Bad call for the flyers…. Can’t believe I just wrote that. Looking like we want them back in the game

  90. I can’t wait to see the *box score* regarding face offs. Seems line we have been killed in that regard tonight.

  91. Olga Folkyerself on

    Richards is embarrassing himself out there. It looks like Messier’s last year here.

  92. _Richards is embarrassing himself out there. It looks like Messier’s last year here._

    It looks like an attempt at 2014 Messier.

  93. Little Orphan Clammy on

    Manny. – face offs
    Why is tonight anybdifferentvthan all other nights? Other than the reclining

  94. “I … I … I don’t get it. The puck … smaller than me … hit me … while I was looking … ” – Scott Hartnell

  95. ThisYearsModel on

    Hartnell reminds me of McDonalds right now…..chicken McNuggets with hot mustard sauce.

  96. Ginger boy got some tears, not only cheap which he can clean up, but he is Butt ugly which he ain’t never gonna correct

  97. Little Orphan Clammy on

    It wouldn’t make him a bad person but would anyone be surprised if Carp had on a flyers jersey right now, off camera?

  98. _I kinda agree with what Mad Mike said. There is no excuse for MSL’s poor play. Zero._

    Yup. Not scoring is nothing I’ll ever care about as long as the play is strong but he hasn’t been strong at all.

  99. I take it back. Mason didn’t have good coverage, but I thought taht was a point shot.

  100. Admiral Akbar on

    Simmonds: “If we do happen to play them in the playoffs, they’re going to definitely know what the Phila. Flyers are bringing to the table.”


  101. Last two season, the Rangers were dominated in the rounds they were eliminated from playoffs by the play of the 4th line of both the Devils and Bruins, respectively.

    It’s nice to have a 4th line.

  102. Our 4th line is going to carry us in the playoffs, sorry to be a downer but good luck with that.

  103. They still have time to take some cheap shots. They might actually be distracted by the importance of this game.

  104. Admiral Akbar on

    Simmonds: “It’s going to be a tone-setter. We’re going to try to set a tone. …

    –lmfao. What a perfect tone you set, jackwagons!

  105. Gotta love Strälmån standing a few feet behind the scrum doing nothing but adjusting his sweater.

  106. I must say I really surprised how the flyers have played tonight, not physical at all, no cheap stuff, very passive, weird.

  107. ThisYearsModel on

    Hartnell took his first one….running a guy who is already engaged with someone else. Still time for the goon squad to show up

  108. inthearmsofbrianboyle on

    Carp – seems like you’re right. I admit defeat. He would never have fought anyway…

  109. I know statistically it doesn’t matter but home ice sure wouldn’t suck if we face these guys in round one.

  110. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Hank needs to stand tall not be on his knees….that’s why he’s susceptible to high glove side

  111. ThisYearsModel on

    It took until 3 seconds to go for them to act like the Flyers. Simmonds should have an intent to injure slashing twice at McD’s hands.

  112. If, if, if, if, if … McDonagh is hurt, Simmonds has to get slashed just as brutally later on. That’s not toughness, that’s trying to put a guy out.

  113. _It looked like Simmonds caught McD’s bare hand with a slash._

    Because he did. He slashed his glove off then knowingly slashed his hand. Simmonds loses major points tonight.

  114. Little Orphan Clammy on

    Resurgent Flyers now on a losing streak

    Milburys ears must be smoking
    “Doesn’t equate, doesn’t equate”

  115. stick a fork in MSL he is done and looks it. Let’s hope he retires.

    Staal with his stick checks cost Lundqvist a shutout. Trade his Poti clone.

  116. -ORR!! What Is It Good For-

    Papa Bear

    Rangers win 3-1

    -Saint Looey finally scores!-

    March 26th, 2014 at 8:01 PM

    All knowing, all seeing.

  117. also don’t forget that
    sociopath simmonds
    also got a punch in on McD
    when ref got between them

  118. Percentage of Rangers fans who wouldn’t trade St. Louis for Callahan: 0%

    Percentage who die when they realize its not straight up, but w/ 2 picks: __%

  119. Who? commenting on Henrik’s work with Benoit Allaire: “Well it’s certainly led to success on the lice.”

  120. Stranger Nation on

    Simmonds set a tone alright…we cant score so we pull out the cheap Carcillo at the end

    what a punk

  121. ThisYearsModel on

    THE willed us to victory from the stands. Simmonds is lucky he wasn’t out there. He would have made Simmonds’ head explode with his special powers.

  122. Admiral Akbar on

    Rangers now 8 wins, 4 losses .667 winning pct since trading Callahan.

    Not too bad. And if st looooey starts scoring…

  123. “So far MSL’s play hasn’t cost the Rangers. So I can’t get that upset about it.”

    what about the 3 1st rounders that he cost us?

  124. Only watched the third period, but noticed Miller make a few nifty plays in the defensive zone, one that outsmarted (unsurprisingly) his fellow Blueshirts. Can anyone tell me how he looked the rest of the night?

  125. Admiral Akbar on

    Callahan forced his way out.

    Was a nice player and a good captain, but he wanted out, and got it.

    I don’t blame Sather for getting St.Louis in the deal. It’s a trade you’ve got to make. 2 first rounders? Have you looked at the rangers’ recent draft history (jessiman, montoya, etc)??

  126. From ESPN:

    The Rangers sent a first-round pick in 2015 and a second-round pick in 2014 to Tampa Bay in the deal, which was completed in the final hours before Wednesday’s 3 p.m. ET trade deadline

    There are two picks-related conditions in the trade. If the Rangers reach the Eastern Conference finals this season, the 2014 pick headed to Tampa Bay would become a first-round selection. If Callahan, a pending unrestricted free agent, re-signs with the Lightning, New York would receive a second-round pick in 2015 and Tampa Bay would get an additional seventh-round pick in 2015.

  127. Orr, I agree.

    Now how many points out of the final 8 games do the Rangers need to wrap up second in the division?

    Their magic number to stay out of the wild card in 14 points.

  128. “I don’t blame Sather for getting St.Louis in the deal. It’s a trade you’ve got to make. 2 first rounders? Have you looked at the rangers’ recent draft history (jessiman, montoya, etc)??”

    Miller, Kreider, Skjei and Skjei was a very late pick and last draft we had no 1st rounder thanks to Nash trade.

  129. Sauvigneault blanc on

    What an amazing game by #30, McNorris and an entire 4th line! Very impressive stretch of the last 5 games with essetially the same team as we had before the trade dead line minus the captain. Which brings us to MSL…Apart from some poor play in the deffensive zone the guy is tottally invisible. It’s not like he hits the post twice a game and it’s a bad luck. And it’s kinda scary. Not because of Callahan, eventhough he would’ve been perfect for a new found identity we have now, but of the potential 2 first rounders that we just gave away. I know, I know, he’s played for the same team for the last 13 years but at this point he doesn’t seem to have much promise to change it at all. And yes, he’s only turning 39! What a steal!!!

  130. QQQ, I don’t know what new math you’re talking about. How exactly did MSL cost 3 first round picks?

  131. Simmonds = PUNK
    Hope McD isn’t injured, that bastages really laid the lumber on him.

  132. msl for Callahan and this years 2nd rounder and next years 1st. I think this year 2nd could be a first if the rangers make it to the conference finals, there is no 3 1st rounders.

  133. Romeo Callahan’s trade value was at least a 1st rounder that’s one. Callahan most likely will not re-sign with Tampa so we get nothing back. And there is a very good chance we reach the conference finals so that’s 3 1st rounders equivalent for a garbage MSL.

  134. The best thing about this winning streak is that they have done it without St. Louis scoring. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. When St. Louis starts scoring, he will be scoring a lot more consistently after that. I just think he needs 1 to get the monkey off his back. I have no doubt in Marty. The Rangers will be even better than they are now when Marty gets going.

  135. In the last 11 years, the only player that was picked by NYR in the first round that turned into a hockey player is Marc Staal. That is it.

    The jury is still out on Kreider and Miller.

  136. “The Rangers will be even better than they are now when Marty gets going.”

    get going? Did you see him play? he looks about as impressive as Richards out there. It is not like he is playing great getting chances and is snakebitten, no he is just old and invisible and looks like he should retire.

  137. Sauvigneault blanc on


    Definitely hope so, I just don’t see any indication so far that he will…

  138. His resume is enough for me. He just needs 1 goal and the points will follow. Just needs to find some confidence.

    Sorry but Richards isn’t even close to the all-around hockey player that St. Louis is. Even at 38.

  139. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    In the last 11 years, the only player that was picked by NYR in the first round that turned into a hockey player is Marc Staal. That is it.

    FIRE SATHER! Reason #27

  140. And you can go as far back as 1991 Kovalev’s draft. That is the last time we picked a first round player worth mentioning.

  141. Admiral Akbar on

    You trade a captain who wanted out for a perennial 30-40 goal scorer any day of the week.

    Martin St. Louis is a quality player and one of the most prolific offensive players in the NhL. And he is a veteran who has won a Cup before.

    Callahan was a nice player – but he was no Messier, Leetch, Jagr. And he ain’t a McDonagh. Let Callahan get his $6million somewhere else, that’s his right. But, Don’t let the door hit ya in the butt.

  142. _Have you looked at the rangers’ recent draft history (jessiman, montoya, etc)??_

    Right, and how about that “recent” song “In Da Club” by 50 Cent and “recent” movie “Million Dollar Baby”.

  143. Admiral Akbar on

    So Triple-Q, you can throw those picks away, because the Rangers will blow me anyway. Might as well send the picks and the disgruntled captain out, get St. Louis and call it a day.

  144. Marty St. Louis is viewed by NYR brass as the final piece that will change the Rangers from being a pretender to a contender. He could be right if they keep playing like this.

  145. _You trade a captain who wanted out for a perennial 30-40 goal scorer any day of the week._

    Sure, but when its a 38 year old perennial 25-30 goal guy, like St. Louis, it becomes a tougher decision.

    And you forgot about the 1st round pick.

    And you forgot about the escalator 2nd round pick.

  146. Admiral Akbar on

    Ummm.. I meant to type “the rangers will blow ’em anyway.” Sorry, autocorrect!

  147. Richards to MSL ” I told you this place is great, you get all kinds of money and really you don’t have to do much of anything. Good thing we weren’t drafted by these guys or we could never pull this scam off”

  148. Saint Looey and Richards should not even be put in the same sentence. There’s a big difference between the way the two plays.

    That effort by Richards on the game winner the other night is not something you see often enough!

  149. “You trade a captain who wanted out for a perennial 30-40 goal scorer any day of the week.”

    except we threw in 2 1st rounders on top and that scorer is at the very end of his career. So you make that trade 0 days of the week unless you are a moron or lost your mind.

  150. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    Don’t throw away 1st round picks. Throw away the flatulent GM-Prez that doesn’t know how to use them.

  151. _That is the last time we picked a first round player worth mentioning._

    LOL Marc Staal sux.

  152. I still don’t get how 1 OR 2 equals 3.

    In the real world, when a player (or his agent) makes unreasonable demands and you’re in the middle of a playoff run (and according to you, the Rangers are ‘probably’ going to reach the ECF) you don’t subtract a player of Callahan’s worth from your lineup for just a pick. Even if that pick is San Jose’s #1 which might be pick #30.

    You want to blame someone for St. Louis being here, blame Callahan, not Sather.

  153. “So Triple-Q, you can throw those picks away, because the Rangers will blow me anyway. Might as well send the picks and the disgruntled captain out, get St. Louis and call it a day.”

    no, I rather take my chances with the 1st rounders than with a player like MSL especially at his age.

  154. I have watched some TB games and i have to say, when Marty played there, he wasn’t mugged and pulled down as much as he is since he joined the Rangers. Seems like he gets no respect as a Ranger.

  155. Admiral Akbar on

    Callahan’s situation forced the trade. Rather than just lose him for nothing, it’s not a bad idea to get a player with an offensive pedigree like St. Louis, who, by the way has leadership qualities perhaps even more so than the player you’re trading.

    And again, picks?? This is the Rangers. They do not draft well historically. And will never finish low enough in the standings to justify a 1st round pick as a sure thing.

  156. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    You want to blame someone for St. Louis being here, blame Callahan, not Sather.


  157. Admiral Akbar on

    Romeo — you said it perfectly. Callahan FORCED this. Nobody wants to trade their captain in the middle of a playoff push! Later, Cally.

  158. “I still don’t get how 1 OR 2 equals 3. ”

    1. 2015 1st rounder
    2. 2014 conditional 1st rounder very likely condition will be met
    3. Callahan’s trade value is at least 1 1st rounder

    add it up.

  159. Stranger Nation on

    Sather has gas and bladder control issues? As long as he keeps parting that silver mane down the middle he wont look a day over 75

  160. Admiral Akbar on

    Either way, it’s a crappy situation.

    A situation the result of a captain of an original six team pricing himself out of town. There is no easy answer.

  161. Sauvigneault blanc on

    Looking from now, I think the best thing was to keep Callahan until the end of the season and use him as your own rental while keeping all your draft picks.

  162. “You want to blame someone for St. Louis being here, blame Callahan, not Sather.”

    why? Nobody forced Sather to get a 38/39 yearold player in return and throw in picks on top. We would have been in better shape if we either traded Callahan for something else or somewhere else or used Callahan as our “rental” and kept our picks or even re-signed the greedy bastard.

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