Rangers-Coyotes in review



1) Sometimes you get what you deserve, sometimes you don’t. The way the Rangers started, the way they played the first half of the game — and it was a dreadful game for both sides until it got really interesting late — they probably didn’t deserve the pair of points. The way they pulled it together late, the way they forced the issue, killed a couple of huge penalties, got some really dirty goals, overcame an own-goal, then got their “shutdown” guys in on the offense, they probably deserved two. And the cherry on top was the Kings’ win in Philadelphia.

Phoenix Coyotes v New York Rangers2) Whatever, as Henrik Lundqvist noted, a little more than a week ago they were talking about how well they played against San Jose and that it didn’t matter because they lost. Now they’re talking about how they got a win, a bottom-line win they desperately needed, and that’s all that matters. And it’s funny how some timely goals make all the warts disappear.

3) Though I must say, I wonder what happens if Derek Morris doesn’t shove Derick Brassard on top of Mike Smith. We’re probably all killing the Rangers today for a 3-2 slovenly loss that they couldn’t afford at this stage, another Carolina effort.

4) I will say this, too. The place was woefully quiet. I know I’ve been harping on this forever, but it really is sad that the transformed MSG provides no advantage whatsoever. Even the ceremony, it sounded like the Arnold Palmer Invitational. In the old days, if you put three Rangers greats on the ice together the roof would have shaken. Place was an absolute morgue. And yet, it started to pick up when the Rangers killed off Marc Staal’s penalty in the third, and for the first time since it opened, the Bridge literally (yes, literally) quaked after the Dan Girardi goal. A little scary, actually.

5) It was really interesting, to me, for Alain Vigneault to take the blame for letting Martin St. Louis and Derek Stepan talk him into playing despite being wiped out by the flu. They were both dragging terribly. St. Louis could barely manage a glide most of the game, and Stepan, whose game has come around very nicely lately, looked to be hurting too. AV did some nice juggling to get other guys some ice time, and it paid off.Phoenix Coyotes v New York Rangers

6) And I thought, because those two were hurting, it was even more special what A) Mats Zuccarello and Derick Brassard did and what B) Carl Hagelin and Benoit Pouliot did. They were fabulous. A guy who has taken a lot of deserved guff around here and from Rangers watchers everywhere. Brad Richards wasn’t great, but this was his best game in a long while. He even gave it a good effort in the defensive zone, and in the battle zone in front of the net. He fought for pucks along the wall. These are basics, I know. He needs to do them a lot more than he has done them. But he did, so credit where it’s due. And yet another really strong game, especially under the circumstances, by Brian Boyle-Dominic Moore-Derek Dorsett.

7) Brassard has been their MVP up front throughout the four-game winning streak. Just as Ryan McDonagh has been on the back end. And I thought McDonagh had some rough patches in this game early, as did Marc Staal. But McDonagh is just a thoroughbred, isn’t he? What more to say? Not just skill and speed and smarts, but the guy is tough as hell. And now Brassard is showing some grit to go with all his ability, and what a difference. In fact, if Richards plays that way, the Rangers aren’t bad down the middle at all. Not at all.

8) The Daily Nash-O-Meter. OK, it wasn’t Columbus. But I still like the way Rick Nash is playing since that game. Much more involved. Still tries some one-on-one moves that I’m sure frustrate you guys sometimes. But he’s trying to make a difference, and he backs off defenses and creates room for linemates, and he’s scoring some goals too.Phoenix Coyotes v New York Rangers

9) Now they have to pump St. Louis with some antibiotics and see if they can’t figure a way to get him going, too. But if he’s that weak, if he skates like that, then he’s not going to be much help.

10) Chris Kreider created his own trouble by missing the net by a football field with Staal up ice. But the kid, who sure has his share of mess-ups atoned by hustling back really hard and making the right play. Unfortunate that he scored the own-goal there. But, you know what? Sometimes that will teach a lesson more than if he’d totally gotten away with either the bad shot or a half-ass backcheck. Kreider needs to keep learning lessons. Otherwise, I thought he was pretty good.

11) For a while this sure looked like the Carolina game, and the type of d-zone muck-ups that the Rangers were committing against Philly and Boston and in that bad stretch they had. Now is not the time for McDonagh to get beaten flat-footed or for Staal to fall asleep in front of the net, as they did in the first two goals. I thought the third pair struggled a bit too, which seems to be a bit of a problem because they can’t decide who should play the left side.

12) That Staal penalty=Pansification.Phoenix Coyotes v New York Rangers

13) Probably should have mentioned this sooner. The ceremony. First and foremost, it was pretty cool to see those three goalies on the ice together and the ceremony was, as the Garden always makes it, memorable. And, because of the asterisk (no shootouts for Mike Richter, no OT for Eddie Giacomin) the record is a little bit dubious (it won’t matter as Lundqvist slaps up 400, then 500). But everybody and his mother knew this would be a tough game for Lundqvist, who is an emotional guy, and a player who needs regimented preparation and focus to be good. So you can question whether the stretch run of a race like this is a good time to have that ceremony. On the other and, Lundqvist’s parents are here and if you have it later, it loses quite a bit of luster. Rock … hard place.

14) The first goal? Yeah, that’s a great shot by Oliver Ekman-Larsson, but geez, it didn’t look as if Lundqvist’s glove came close to it. The second goal he had no chance. Then he was very, very good again. Gave them a chance to come back. He admitted it was a “roller coaster” for him. But he got it done.

Games that matter tonight:

Detroit at Columbus, St. Louis at Toronto, Los Angeles at Washington, Buffalo at Montreal.

My Three Rangers Stars:Phoenix Coyotes v New York Rangers
1. Ryan McDonagh.
2. Dan Girardi.
3. Derick Brassard.
Kenny Albert’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Ryan McDonagh.
2. Carl Hagelin.
3. Dan Girardi.
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Ryan McDonagh.
2. Dan Girardi.
3. Derick Brassard.

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  1. Better this than San Jose. You gotta find a way. Shocked they won the game. Forty wins already. Wow

  2. Oops…! Had to skip the third period and hit the sack so I can leave at 6 AM, sounds like I missed an exciting finish! Thanks, Carp, for bringing it back in a great write up!

  3. Also, wonder why AV would play those guys with the flu when they could spread the crud to their teammates and other players…seems to be the mindset in these times, and I simply do not understand it. If they’re sick, it’s bad luck, but you find some substitutes for a few games…

  4. Congrats to the King….great night…did he wear gloves thru the ceremony? A two-handed homage to Michael Jackson? Were his parents on standby at the airport awaiting #302? Did Richards..in honor of this occassion pass/shoot between his legs a few extra times tonight? Have McD and Girardi decided that scoring timely goals are more fun than great plays on D? Can’t wait for Wednesday….we get to do this all again….and see what this team flu bug has in store for us! Aaaaah yes..kudos to the 4th line….whose tenacity enabled the team to turn this disaster into points..two points!

  5. I just watched the game a couple more times……..

    Hagelin was hot.

    Good performance by all.

  6. Doodie Machetto on

    I had it McDonagh-Girardi-Pouliot, with honorable mentions to Brassard and Hagelin.

    What a lousy start, but what a great finish.

    Callahan, 10gp, 2-4-6. St. Louis, 11gp, 0-3-3. Good thing we traded our captain and a bunch of draft picks for him. And I don’t buy the flu excuse for last night. If you suit up, you’re responsible for your play. If you’re unable to compete, then it’s on you to let the coaching staff know. In fairness to St. Louis, he did force the turnover that led to the Brassard goal.

    The 4th line dominates possession when they are on the ice, but holy crap, what a lousy set of finishers. I’d rather they dump Dorsett and/or Carcillo for JT Miller, just to try and give that line some threat of scoring.

    Faceoffs were embarrassing. Stepan should focus on them all summer long. Take 100 a day. Whatever he has to do in order to win more. Because it is going to cost us games.

    Staal has been pretty dreadful lately. Worst of all, he just looks slower than some of the other players on the ice. All of this right on the heels of everyone singing his praises for playing some of the best hockey of his entire career.

  7. To be honest i thought we were done after the Kreider OG. They’d been absolutely dominating the Yotes for almost the whole period and that goal 9 times out of 10 gets swallowed up by goalie pads or lands in Hank’s bread basket.

    I would have though the safer play is to get on your man and lift the stick and let the puck sail past?

  8. THE KREIDER, in spite of own l-goal, was best player on the ice … pure and simple fact.

  9. Sometimes reading a review of this team is like driving a beat up car to work..you’re just thankful for every mile you go without breaking down. And when you get to where you’re going you’re relieved but still know you wouldn’t drive the thing cross country

  10. Onecupin74yearsandcounting on

    MCDonagh seems to get better each game.

    MSL ? missing still lousy

  11. Let’s take the gift we received last night since so many calls have not been so kind this season.

    McD for the Norris
    McD = Captain!

  12. Carp. ..any chance for mcdonagh regarding the Norris? ?? Surely one of the best in the league this year. ..

  13. Matty"UnbelievablySoft"Boy on

    Thanks, Carpy!!

    Congrat’s, Hanka Hanka…….one of the best despite what that moron…(oh, where is he now??) said!!!

  14. Matty"UnbelievablySoft"Boy on

    1. Hey, that’s 4 in a row against….well….against non-PO teams. Can make you feel great, can’t it??

    2. Might have to change my “unbelievably soft” to “really small but play with a little fight”

    3. MacD….Just wow!! A very special player. Just wow!!!

    4. Richie Rocket won the game. He back checked. He forechecked. He took shots. He is the best player on this team. He has blinding speed. He is THE MAN. (S)


  15. The first period, as I said, classic trap performance. I KNEW that was going to happen. And that sort of thing happens at home more often than on the road. The rich folk that buy tickets these days are more interested in their smartphones and having a few than the game. Sad to say, but the MSG folks have priced the average fan out of going to games. The crowd is no help on nights like this.

    I thought the 4th line and especially Dorsett set the tone for this comeback (and D. Moore too). They were the only line going early, and their cycle and battle level was REALLY high. It’s a 4th line and I don’t expect scoring but I do expect that. Once the battle level was raised with everyone else, the team was clearly better than the Yotes. I gave Dorsett my 3rd star after McD and Dr. G.

    McD is just pure pleasure to watch. My favorite Ranger to watch since Leech. Sather did at least ONE thing right there. Please lock this guy up for years.

    I was thinking the same thing about the ceremony at such a crucial time of the season and I knew it would take Hank a period to get going. The average mortal would be distracted, and Hank is more intense than the average mortal. Glad he got his head in the game and he made some great saves.

    On to play Philly. If MSG isn’t rocking Wednesday, then that crowd has really sold out.

  16. Carp…great review. I would add that Girardi had a terrific game and a huge goal to tie it in the 3rd. One of the best Ranger 4 on 4 OT’s this season.
    Big showdown with a very good Flyer team on Wednesday. Hope that Madison Square Garden is rocking! LGR!!!!!!!

  17. Stranger Nation on

    So we talk about the 4th line being the difference and the MSG crowd not caring but the goal scorers always receive the 3 stars.

    My 5 stars:
    1 – Pullout: Has been there best two way forward these last 4 games. Has stepped up BIG TIME and shown heart.
    2 – Hags: His motor was running on high all game, more than once deep in O zone and flying back to get in the play.
    3 – Dorsett: Played his heart out, willing to drop them, going into the dirty areas all game ONG. Will get some goals soon at this pace.
    4 – D Moore: Comeback Player of the Year? At least on this club
    5 – McMonster: His will to win cannot be overstated. He cares, he puts it in another gear when the time needs it. STUD MUFFIN!

  18. Good morning, boneheads!

    This kid that Montreal decided wasn’t going to develop much offensively keeps getting better and better. What amazed me last night that he didn’t have his best defensive effort but still finished with 3 points, including GWG.

    Pouliot has been very, very good for some time, and he is one of their most physical players. You can see why he was good enough to be drafted in the 1st round. I think he wants a new contract.

    Nice win. But if they don’t bring their level of play up a few notches, it won’t be pretty Wednesday. Flyers are much better than we’ve seen over the last 4 games.

  19. I was thinking last night after the game. A couple of years ago we were all bemoaning secondary scoring. This year we have a team where ~10 players will finish between 15 and 20 goals. That’s not bad for secondary scoring.

    We still need more from our top guys but our middle guys have given us what we need to be a very competitive team.

    Another thing, and to just jump on the McD love fest. He’s a +10, I know, not the best stat but when you’re playing 25 minutes a night against the leagues best every night and you’re a +10 AND adding offense to your game, how bad off would we be if that trade never gets made?

  20. We don’t use antibiotics to treat flu, Carp. But I think pumping him, and Stepan, with some IV fluids should be enough to get them going tomorrow. A little surprised that Ramsay didn’t pull the plug on those two. They were clearly out of energy.

  21. By the way, doesn’t mean they actually have Influenza. The term “flu” is used loosely by many to describe different contagious viral illnesses.

  22. jimG the desertrat on

    Carp and the sun both rise brightly in the desert, roller coaster, you bet. No mention of Zucc, whats up with that..

  23. On a side note, Coyotes made a huge mistake trying to protect 3-2 score going into third. They were thoroughly dominated by NY during the second period, and thinking that they could just hang on to it for 20 min was a mistake, imo.

  24. For people who say AV is awful in adjusting during the game( I was one of them earlier). Wrong. One of the reasons they dominated for 40 minutes was because they were able to adjust to Coyotes clogging up the middle ice- he changed the breakout, short passes, using boards and speed. If only he remembered that a timeout can be used before the game ends. :-)

  25. Av what’s a timeout?. Never seen a coach like him not use one

    Anyone going Wednesday want to meet at flying puck at 6

  26. Carp
    Great review. No

    One minor thing though
    Games of importance. Detroit and Toronto not catching mont so they will be locked in 2-3 with Tampa.

    Buff/mont no bearing towards rangers anymore.

  27. I think AV is hoping that Time Oooots carry over into the playoffs. That way he will have a bunch of them in his pocket. It’s all part of the PRO-cess

  28. Rob in Beantown on

    I didn’t realize his daughter was wearing a tiny Lundqvist jersey. That’s adorable!

  29. There’s a new holiday on my calendar. It’s called Bob Gainey day. You celebrate this one daily.

  30. Onecupin74yearsandcounting on

    These MSG pregame antics are embarrassing ..

    It will be interesting to see who Tampa bay drafts with the rangers picks.
    MSL will have to set the nets on fire from now on for this trade to make any kind of sense.
    talk about pressure

  31. Today’s *METAL* selection is a good one! New Orlean’s *sludge* master’s *Thou* have brought more brutal sludge and doom to New Orleans than Hurricane Katrina. The new album is called *Heathen* and it’s a real treat for us Yankee folk that don’t get a whole bunch of this brand of Garage/Sludge/Doom/Punk/Metal.

    While you might think that *Thou* is attempting to *Drone* you to sleep with *Metal* Sludge and interludes…they aren’t. They are actually forcing you to awaken your consciousness, question authority and groove out to their jammy jamz.

    Bucking convention, *Thou* actually toured _before_ their album was released. So if you listen to these tracks and love them you might have to wait until next time these DIY Punks decide to get into their van and drive around playing music for pennies.

    You can stream the *full* album, in all it’s brilliance, over at NPR: http://www.npr.org/2014/03/16/288676098/first-listen-thou-heathen

    _We are the stone that starts the avalanche / We are the cough that spreads the plague / We are the spark that lights the inferno._

  32. Onecupin74yearsandcounting on

    Next week MSG will honor the stick boy for breaking the NYR consecutive game streak. The family of the late Frank pace nyr equip manager from the 50-70’s will be on hand.

  33. The guy has the most wins and shutouts in team history. It’s not like they honored a nice save.

  34. RE: UK Ranger – The lack of class of Toronto fans is exceeded only by that of the Hab fans. Sick, immature people with far too much time on their hands. Having said that, why do these people need a Twitter account? Why put yourself through this nonsense from fickle, unhinged “fans”? Are they that starved for attention? Answer – YES!
    Agree completely with Stranger Nation – Pouliot, Hags and Dorsett were outstanding last night. Hagelin was at his speedy, pesky best

  35. Vigneault makes one in-game adjustment and suddenly he is no longer a terrible in-game strategist. Yeah…

  36. I hope Dave Tippett asked his players, including Shane Doan, what was McD doing standing alone, while holding a cup of cappuccino, in front of their goaltender on the GWG.

  37. I love Alain.

    The contention that one in-game adjustment makes him a good in-game strategist is asinine.

  38. _Brad Richards wasn’t great, but this was his best game in a long while. He even gave it a good effort in the defensive zone, and in the battle zone in front of the net. He fought for pucks along the wall. These are basics, I know. He needs to do them a lot more than he has done them. But he did, so credit where it’s due._

    Sad paragraph.

  39. Oddly enough about the B-rich paragraph. In the first period I said out loud to my wife, it looks like Richards is skating through sand

  40. Norris will be the usual suspects (unfortunately): Karlsson, Chara, Weber, Suter etc..

    McDonagh deserves to be in the same bracket, he’s one of the most complete defensemen in terms of balance of scoring, hits, blocks, +/-, minutes, GWG etc.. not to mention his general play, skating ability etc..
    To be +10 on a mid-level team being matched against the other team’s #1 line every night is good.

  41. Carp, Can’t believe the Journal News is charging for the online version. Never works.

    Did u see what happened to DZ? He is now a healthy scratch in Nashville. He never became the player he could have been.

  42. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Who wouldn’t trade McD for Gomez right now? Gomez is a first ballot HoF’er. McD? Serviceable 3rd pair guy.

  43. Sioux – i think its fair to say that McDonagh’s career may eclipse that of Chris Higgins, Doug Janik, Pavel Valentenko, Tom Pyatt or Michael Busto. Not sure he’ll ever match the Mexican/Alaskan legend that is Gober Pyle though!!

  44. Carp….”14) The first goal? Yeah, that’s a great shot by Oliver Ekman-Larsson, but geez, it didn’t look as if Lundqvist’s glove came close to it..”… wasn’t that puck was deflected by Hagelin ? …..any truth to the rumor Marty St Louis is getting divorced?

  45. UK – Gotta Love Montreal! They gave us McD as a throw in, and traded us Kristo. (Just wait till you see him play)

  46. A good character win against a team they seem to have problems with.
    Hope this warm fuzzy feeling lasts when we play PO teams.
    Dorsett and Carcillo need to be in against Philly. And I would think about Faulk in for Diamond Diaz

  47. I wish I could get mcdonagh to dress up as Elmo for my kid birthday party.

    Bob gainey day June 30th mark it in your calendars. Close your eyes and smile

  48. _Did u see what happened to DZ? He is now a healthy scratch in Nashville. He never became the player he could have been._

    If you read their boards, its almost unanimous “why is Trotz doing this” versus “MDZ deserves it”. Which means nothing beyond the standard don’t always take authority’s side as justified.

  49. Onecupin74yearsandcounting on

    Carp, Can’t believe the Journal News is charging for the online version. Never works.

    just clear your history when the stories won’t open

  50. I’m looking forward to seeing “The Count” suit up in a Rangers jersey soon Sioux!
    There should be one or two openings next year for guys like Miller, Lindberg and Kristo to claim with a strong finish to the AHL season this year and a good camp in Sept.

  51. UK – AGREED!

    I looking forward to Marty St Louie playing for the Rangers THIS year. When ever that may be :)

  52. Looking forward to RANGERS/FLYERS tomorrow. That game is going to be HUGE!!!

    I hope it as loud as it was last time I was there.

    Pretty hard to top 5 goals scored, and Bickel knocking out Tostido’s 3 front teeth. HA!

  53. You know why Marty St.Louis sits on that chair at the end of the bench? He’s worried he’ll catch whatever it is that has drained Richie of all his skills since he started sitting on that bench!! (or he’s ashamed to sit with him!)

  54. Sioux, were you at the pre-Christmas game in 2011? I was there – that was an awesome game!

  55. Rob in Beantown on

    Bob McKenzie @TSNBobMcKenzie
    “@penguins: Per Coach Bylsma: #Pens Evgeni Malkin has a foot injury and will be out 2-3 weeks.”/Ouch.

  56. After further review it could be a broken strut, he had a “John Wayne” swagger walking out the door.

  57. Considering how well the Rangers play on the road and how average we play at home, would we be better off as the third seed against Philly in the POs?

  58. steve, yes. … the home ice for Games 1 and 2 of any series, especially first round, are the most difficult games to play and almost impossible to sweep. Better to go on the road with the goal of a split. There is no advantage to being at home in the playoffs statistically.

  59. steveknj,

    I think NYR haven’t lost to PHI at MSG for some time, and PHI is one of the best home teams in the league, so I dunno how much, if at all, it would matter.

  60. I trust the rangers more to win on road then at home.

    That said stay the course. One shift one period one game. Western canada won’t be as easy as it looks.

  61. CTRANGER, I have no idea about that … I thought they had been charging for it for a while.

    eric, thanks for the playoff math. I need to pay attention to this new format :)

    I also like the Bob Gainey Day. Remind us to celebrate that day, booby.

  62. Stepan my toe on

    Love your right ups but I thought the building was the best I’ve heard it all year. (12 games). Still not great but better..Even going down 2 goals fans were still trying to get into it. Maybe it was just my section but it was the first time all year I was decently happy with the crowd.

    I have sat up on the bridges a couple times where I figure you sit and it is unbelievably quiet without fans anywhere near you up there

    The garden crowd seemed to die with the inner rings IMO.

  63. I really don’t think 2nd or 3rd matters, as long as it’s either or.

    It would be a fun and irritating matchup, and at least it’s not the Caps again. I could see the Flyers jump to the top of the hated rival list (if they’re not there already) if they meet up.

  64. Seriously, who is ahead of the Flyers on the HATED list?
    Flyers games are the best.

    Not sure who would be the best 1’st round opponent THIS year Flyers or Columbus?

    Let the Flyers knock out Pittsburgh….maybe?

  65. iDoodie Machetto on

    Stuck in court. I desperately need a cup of coffee. Or two. With espresso shots.

  66. Rob- the same news hit my phone seconds after you posted it. That’s bad new for my BBB Fighting Sioux team :( Gino was one of my horses!

    Tommy will be smiling a bit.

  67. so the least popular player of recent decades in the least popular of all the major sports (including golf and NASCAR) gets voted off a dancing show because of lack of popularity!!

    Breaking news – The Pope IS Catholic!

  68. Yes. We’ll have to watch it on some TV somewhere. The Sioux also play on Friday night :)

  69. I picture Carp in front of seventeen monitors, feverishly typing and tweeting away, while stuffing one $18 prime rib sangwich after another down.

  70. I think you answered this already, but are you at least provided some hot dogs, or at least chips and soda?

  71. at Blog HQ, many snacks, Gravy. At MSG, an $8 meal (I don’t partake) and some chips during the game, beverages … and you can get a dog or a pretzel if you want to make the 10-minute trek through the crowd down to the fifth-floor press room.

    and, yes, mucho, mucho Manny.

  72. Stranger Nation on

    Carp – wearing black and grieving with the unfortunate, but necessary renovation at the historic Pagoda on Palmer, the Westchester Weiner Wonder, the Dog of Lore on the Sound Shore, worthy of a trek to Mamaroneck for Fantastic Franks and Fries – Walter’s Hot Dogs!

  73. Next time you’re up there tell her I said “what’s up” and let her know that many people think I look like some guy named Ryan Eggold from “The Blacklist” which is some horrible looking show I have never seen.

  74. Manny YOU DO! and it’s a GREAT show, however your character is not a “nice” guy. I would DVR it, it’s the best 40 minutes NBC.

  75. CARP, I just want you to know that I appreciate all the effort you put into this site.

    You work harder than a one-eyed cat covering three mouse holes.

    And I, for one, am grateful.

  76. I would think Blog HQ – looks a lot like the “WAR ROOM” in Toronto. Big screens for EVERY game, with a couple extra set of hands to do everything at once.

    Perhaps a Newsroom feel to it.

  77. Classic: “Avery’s right, of course, that producers ultimately affect the results on competitive reality shows with their creative editing and narrative invention. Like, for example, framing Sean Avery as “the bad boy of ‘Dancing With The Stars’” because the only reason he’s on the show is because he was “the bad boy of the NHL.” Wow, what a complete and total mischaracterization …”

  78. CarP – NOT sure what to bring from Siouxland, your Baby Buffalo Bonehead sure starts a lot of conversations in my office.

  79. ANYONE up for the FLYING PUCK on a FRIDAY night?

    Manny you should really get Mrs Manny out of the house :)

  80. don’t bring anything, Sioux. If you want to meet for warmups, that would be great. otherwise I can try to catch up after the first. drop me an email, let me know which works for you and where you’ll be sitting. thanks.

  81. Carp Spot on with all your thoughts except. Pt 4 Come on Carp all the people that used to make all the noise just can’t afford to go any more ergo the morgue. Also, they just upped the cost of renewal for this coming season. However, I do think the new configuration of the Garden softens what once was a very noisy place. Man Poilot is really turning out to be the quiet soldier

  82. Good afternoon all! Sadly back to be home from vacation, but glad to be back here….Wow, do we have the best Donut this side of Dunkin or anywhere or what!!

    Carp, number 4 continues to break my heart.

  83. Anthony!!!!!!!!!

    OK, blasphemy alert….I never thought Sweet 16 had a chance in holy hell to go even past first round, and when I watched the video of last dance, this is what immediately came to mind…http://tinyurl.com/lf4aakc

  84. I’m thinking this will be the Big Game for Rivalry Night on NBC, so this game will get bumped to NBC Sports. Right?

  85. @SNHockeyCentral Report: RT @Gambo987 Hearing Coyotes Goalie Mike Smith has a leg strain and will be out at least two weeks.

  86. Rob in Beantown on

    Any idea why tomorrow’s game is listed as an 8 pm start? Looks like the only 8 pm start at MSG all season.

  87. Rob in Beantown on

    Good point. Maybe he should get dressed an hour early and get on the ice and Haggarty and Falk can shoot pucks at him, or something. Everything to make Hank *comfortable*

  88. *LOL* – How does one go about playing as dirty as you do while fighting less than the Swiss?

  89. jerome juwan on

    Nothing is ever deserved in life or in hockey. Much less is it predictable. We came back after being in a hole. That almost never happens. Be pleased with this NYR team that had just finished the emotionally draining back-to-back. But yes, St. Louis needs to be on the Richards line. Has not gone well having him and Zucc on the same line. Kudos to Kreider, Pouliot for newfound physicality, and to Hagelin who seems to lead to more production when on the ice as of late. And Brassard has been our best in 4 games, and really came to life in this one once he was elbowed in the 1st and no call.

  90. First time no Sioux players on either team? That doesn’t happen very often. ValdeVelde was up with the Flyers for 18 games, and no Kristo.

  91. One decent game in a month and Richards is the toast of the town. A star must have risen in the East when he was born.

  92. 500 LUNCH POINTS to anyone who has elbow macaroni with tomato soup for lunch tomorrow.

  93. Must root for wings over jackets even though wings 2 ahead. Always root against div first.

  94. If you owned a bar, how cheap would your shots be ?


    Great review, as per usual. Pretty solid effort in the last thirty minutes, honestly surprised they mustered the come back.

    Sure glad they did.

  95. Sorry, I see Sioux posted that one already. Maybe I’ll just repost stuff on a three hour delay.

  96. I do think we have a pretty snazzy fourth line for a total of 4.1 mil. I’ll say that. Wait, I already did.

  97. The 4th line has really played some great shifts, in the last 5 games.

    Did you see Boylers shot last night? LOL

    Just a bit outside….

  98. And, speaking of grilled cheese, Pullout owes AV a tuna fish sandwich for promoting him into revitalizing his career, which was in toilet swirl mode.

  99. Couldn’t hurt to get some engineers to take a quick look at that Garden Bridge. I remember when a populated Hyatt Hotel Bridge suddenly started swaying and took a dive.

  100. Carp: ” Coos, I got enough to worry about. Mind keeping your catastrophe scenarios to yourself?”

  101. Bob McKenzie ?@TSNBobMcKenzie 4m

    Chris Kreider expected to be out of NYR lineup for extended period: at least a month, maybe much longer. Hand injury, possibly broken bone.

  102. Giannone interview of Chris Christie after the bridgescape scandal.

    Ginnone: “without legitimate purpose or adequate warning to the commuting community of New Jersey, your team closed lanes, diverted traffic uneccesarily and put lives at risk – all for political payback. Gov, *What does it tell you about the make-up of your team?”*

    CHRISTIE RESPONSE: “I’ll eat them all during my next Executive Staff meeting.”

  103. fantastic. Marty and Stepan have the flu and now the injury bug comes for a visit. 3 out of 6 “top 6” guys down.

  104. I thought he played and energetic 2nd period and couldn’t understand why AV benched him during the 3rd period.

    I guess he wasn’t benched as reported by Joe M and Dave M on the Postgame.

  105. I heard he was standing by the left face off circle and was hit by a shot from Boyler who was at right dot, aiming AT the NET.

  106. Guys, my sister-in-law’s brother works at the country club that Nash and Krieder frequent to discuss their relationship on the grass. Anyways, he got me in one day and I overheard Nasher tell Krieder, “just fake the injury. The hand is easy, try concussion!”

    True story

  107. Rob in Beantown on

    New York Rangers @NYRangers
    #NYR Update: @ChrisKreider will not play tomorrow night against the Flyers..there is no further information at this time

    Now they hacked the Rangers!!

  108. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    My sister just off a plane. She was Sitting next to THE. She told me THE had a cast on his hand.

  109. ThisYearsModel on

    Wow the hacked have been hacked by hackers?

    Reminds me of “The management wishes it known that the people responsible for sacking the people that were sacked, have been sacked. The titles have been redesigned at considerable cost to the producers of the film.”

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