Chris Kreider injured … reports of a broken hand and long-term injury (updated)


The Rangers only announced that Chris Kreider will not be in the lineup Wednesday against Philadelphia in a gigantic Metropolitan Division showdown at the Garden (8 p.m.).

Prior to that, TSN’s always reliable Bob McKenzie tweeted that Kreider had suffered a long-term hand injury, possibly a broken hand, and that he would miss a month or maybe more. That tweet was removed from McKenzie’s twitter account shortly after it was posted.

However, TSN ran with the report as it was.

Shortly thereafter, the Rangers comfirmed that Kreider will miss Wednesday’s game, but offered no further information.

UPDATE: Watching video of game: looked like Kreider may have blocked Michalek shot with open palm of left hand in first period.

If Kreider is indeed out long-term, the Rangers lose some of their size and speed, obviously, and one of their top scoring threats. Kreider, though he has been extremely inconsistent lately, has 17 goals and 20 assists in 66 games.

Against the Flyers the Rangers could re-insert ex-Flyer Daniel Carcillo into the lineup — he was scratched Monday against Phoenix — and go with a more rugged group of forwards for what promises to be a physical game.

More likely, though, J.T. Miller will be recalled from Hartford as a long-term answer who could replace some of Kreider’s speed and offense, either in Kreider’s usual spot on the left of Rick Nash and Derek Stepan, or on one of the other top three lines if another forward is moved to Stepan’s line.

Kreider played only three shifts in the third period Monday — he scored an own-goal to give Phoenix a 3-2 lead — and none in overtime, which is not unusual since coach Alain Vigneault doesn’t trust Kreider’s defensive instincts during 4-on-4 situations.

MSG Network’s cameras caught Kreider removing his glove, shaking his left hand, and he had his wrist/thumb taped, after the second period.

So stay tuned …

ps, McKenzie’s original tweet was reposted shortly after 8 p.m., following a tweet in which he said he had no idea why the original had disappeared.

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  1. What the hell is this crap. Away from computer and now this crap with Kreider. Wonderful. Caps rolling and now this injury. Does anything good happen to this franchise.

  2. ThisYearsModel on

    Wow the hacked have been hacked by hackers?

    Reminds me of “The management wishes it known that the people responsible for sacking the people that were sacked, have been sacked. The titles have been redesigned at considerable cost to the producers of the film.”

  3. Unfortunate, but hope this means Miller is called up on a long-term basis. He’s been racking up the points in the AHL, and he’s played well in the sporadic playing time he’s had up here. It’s about time they brought him back up and gave him consistent minutes.

  4. Not good news, if true…he adds grit, size and speed that cannot be replicated up front and opens up the ice for his linemates. Speculation is fun for some…doubt we’ll hear the real problem this time of year.

  5. Orr

    Disagree need his size and speed vs flyers in playoff series. Yes he’s been avg but this loss hurts

  6. Why isn’t anyone reporting that JT Miller will play? Only mentioning Haggerty?

  7. Wait, really? So what happens? Someone moves up to Kreiders spot, Boyle moves to the 3rd line and Carcillo and Dorsett play with Moore?!?

  8. Tony Uncle Johnny on

    Kreider probably pulled an AJ Burnett – he punched a cinderblock wall in reaction to AV’s repeated benchings

  9. The injury sucks, no doubt, but I just got more annoyed after I read Miller won’t be called up. Makes -no- Ranger sense.

  10. Tony Uncle Johnny on

    I have one very important thing in common with the entire city of Columbus…I love me some BJs

  11. Tony Uncle Johnny on

    If you fold together Orr’s post like the back page of an old MAD magazine, it says “isles blow”

  12. I would not be surprised if Kreider punched a wall between periods 2 and 3. He looked mighty PO’ed. Not surprised at all.









  21. It doesn’t matter. THE KREIDER will return in the playoffs, where he does the most damage.

  22. Tony Uncle Johnny on

    I love this chick actress from The Town – is her name Rebecca Hall? But she may be doomed to play the same character forever

  23. Perhaps that OPENS the door for Kristo?

    It would be OK with me if they call up the Sioux player for my one and only game tomorrow.

  24. and CARP reports it with so little emotion.

    Here you have the best player on the team (and, when all it set and done, perhaps the greatest player to ever don a Rangers jersey) go out for a month (in the middle of a playoff chase, nonetheless) and CARP reports it so casually … as if he had left his tea sitting out too long and now it’s lukewarm.

    This is news perhaps only rivaled by Putin taking over Kiev. Perhaps.

    It needs to be reported with a true sense of the calamity it embodies.

  25. Tony Uncle Johnny on

    I do not fear any team who won so little with three future Hall of Famers in their primes on the same roster. I’m talking you you, Caps. While I’m at it, F John Druce, too

  26. Tony Uncle Johnny on

    I didn’t think the hit on Lou Cheech was that bad

    Nor the spear in the chimichanga

  27. ThisYearsModel on

    Miami—-What a disaster. Clearly a conspiracy by the NHL, who realize what a stud THE is so they allowed Phoenix players to chop THE’s hands at will until he gets a broken hand. Clearly a Bettman-approved break.

  28. Orr

    U maybe only person in America watching that game. Even isles fans aren’t watching.

  29. Tony Uncle Johnny on

    Can you imagine if scoring was as life or death for Nash as it is for Ovie?

  30. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Richards – “I’ll pick up the slack. No worry boys. Climb on my shoulders”

  31. Stranger Nation on

    MZA – Stepchild – Good
    Hags – Bucky – Pullout
    StL – Broshard – Double Ds
    Boiled – D Moops – Carbomb

  32. Stranger Nation on

    would also play Falk over Diaz who has quick feet, nice hands but this is a Big boy pants game and he will not make any difference

  33. Might have to get Marty St. Louis to pick up the slack tomorrow, with THE KREIDER resting up for the playoffs.

  34. Tony Uncle Johnny on

    My brothers , I believe it was said unto us in The Book of Bettman, 19:40-

    Yea though thy shalt see the promised land in 1994, your lands shall lie fallow again until the resurrection of Chris, of the tribe of Kreid

  35. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Stepchild – “don’t worry about THE missing time. I’ll still dump the puck in every chance I get no matter who’s on my wing”

  36. Fat Guy has a point. Kreider might have broken it himself in anger mush like Kevin Brown and AJ Burnett.

    He scored the own goal and maybe punched a wall in between periods.

  37. @rangersreport

    Watching video of game: looked like Kreider may have blocked Michalek shot with open palm of left hand in first period.

  38. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Rammer – “AV – I’ve given Richards 3 vials of LASIX. He’ll be gliding better than ever”

  39. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    THE with one arm is still better than every forward in the league save Brassard.

  40. I wouldn’t play Falk. They suggested a conditioning stint not too long ago and Moore is out. Bad combo.

  41. Personally I would slot St. Louis on the top line. Let him dish to Nash. Keep the Brassard line in tact and move Dorsett up to the 3rd line.

    If we need a D-Man to fight we can tell Klein to man up.

  42. In fine with ORR’s idea as well. Probably like it more. I just was speaking assuming Miller doesn’t come up and AV goes with Dorsett and Carcillo.

  43. GameCenter Live with an iPad and AppleTV is absolutely setup for life. Plenty of options for the wife to watch whatever garbage she wants while I watch HD hockey on either iMac, iPad or iPhone.

  44. Stranger Nation on

    While on paper the idea of StL with Good may make sense, the reality is no one is there to get the Stepchild’s dumps from the neutral zone

    Would pair them on PK with Flyers D which Slow, old or both

  45. The Kreider injury really hurts (no pun intended) because you get smaller. This team can’t afford to get any smaller

  46. I hope so. I hate the Caps. I can’t wait to hear their fans clamoring that Ovechkin is the “MVP” (because they don’t know the hockey trophy that it’s actually named) because he scored to many PP goals!

  47. “I hope so. I hate the Caps. I can’t wait to hear their fans clamoring that Ovechkin is the “MVP” (because they don’t know the hockey trophy that it’s actually named) because he scored to many PP goals!”


  48. Crazy thing is Richards got hooked towards an empty net ref called hook didn’t award goal. They lose faceoff caps come down pull halak score.

  49. Could they film this Shootout from a worse angle? The camerawork is as dumb as the concept.

  50. We lead caps by 4 both have 9 games left and we have many more row wins. So we essentially 5 pt lead should they tie us

  51. Not a problem. Google has Marty St Louis listed at 6’0. That means Zucc must be 6’1. We will not be pushed around any more!

  52. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    Kreider broken hand? Just keep blocking those shots. A month out of the lineup is well worth trying to stop a bullet that the goalie is better equipped to stop.

    That’s what made Callahan’s contract not worth the money. Brittle.

  53. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Torts could still sneak into the playoffs if a bunch of Western Conference teams all spontaneously combust.

  54. His cruise commercial reveals two yellow teeth, front and center, where you would prefer saffron ones not to be. Earring, by contrast, glowing with blinding intensity.

  55. Fight on the ice, NBC cameras go to some shmo in the stands sucking on an ice cream cone.

  56. I’ll admit, I have no real idea about how this new stiff system even works. Need to read up…

  57. Olga Folkyerself on

    Fight on the ice, NBC cameras go to some shmo in the stands sucking on an ice cream cone.

    Looks like you blew a seal. “No, it’s just ice cream”.

  58. Maybe I don’t want the Wings to make the playoffs. I can’t imagine who they’d draft if they had a pick in the first half of the draft!

  59. Am I wrong in opining that, after the tenth first round pick, (and often less than that) it’s all a crapshoot anyway?

  60. I remember when Jeff Ruland went down with a broken hand late one season that the Press was told was a ‘practice injury.’ Everyone in the know knew that he cold corked some little 6’6 guy in a pickup football game on campus.

  61. Jeff Ruland won the Haggerty. Are you suggesting, Coos, almost subliminally, that the Rangers should play Ryan Haggerty?

  62. Wish we had ‘Rules’ on garden ice.

    “What do you think of Lucic, Jeff?”

    “That little scaredy-cat?”

  63. Czechthemout!!! on

    Ex3 !!!

    Miss Torts like I miss a hole in the head!

    Carp banned me for some reason, dont know why. I have been posting on Blue Shirt Banter. Great site, less uptight. But I miss some of my peeps like you Lev, Ex3 and several others. Dont know how long I’ll be here but its nice to speak to you guys.

    Tough break about Kreider, huh? I read they are not calling up JT, mistake in my book.

    Also very disappointed in MSL. He has been virtually invisible. I hope he picks up his game like tomorrow, we need the goals.

  64. Matty"NoKreider/EvenSofter"Boy on

    Man, Tony, Lev, Czech…….play some good hockey, never know who will show up??? Biggest game of the year is tomorrow.

    LGR!!! LGR!!

  65. Czechthemout!!! on


    Thanks bud. I was banned for some reason gave it a shot tonight after about five months and presto! Been posting on BlueShirt Banter. Good bunch of guys there too.

  66. Czechthemout!!! on

    I’m here tonight, dont know if I’ll stick around, will see. But i do miss several of you guys. Especially the old timers from the Sam Wineman days.

  67. Not really the end of the season; just makes our task more difficult. Let’s see if we have the mettle. Did they bring up Miller ???

  68. Young Kreid makes worst play of the year, scores goal against his own team and almost losses a huge game. Probably doesn’t think the team has the onions to come back a second time (as we did) and it’s all his fault. Odds are he punched something in the locker room…

  69. This board is the BEST.. some no longer call him “THE KREIDER.”

    He is now just “THE”


  70. He is a big loss. Streaky, but serious numbers for a rookie and he is a physical presence. Love when he parks himself in front of the net.

    That being said, I strongly believe that JT Miller is poised to make an impact. I think he will seize this opportunity and play very well.


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