Coyotes at Rangers … It’s Go Time!


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Game 73.coyotes
Coyotes at Rangers.


Another huge game will be preceded by a ceremony honoring Henrik Lundqvist for breaking the franchise’s career wins record of Mike Richter and the career shutout record of Eddie Giacomin.

Both Richter and Giacomin will be in attendance for the ceremony, as will Lundqvist’s parents, who are in from Sweden. FWIW, Lundqvist was also named one of the

Then Lundqvist will go out and try to get two more critical points against a Phoenix team more desperate than the Rangers. Don Maloney’s Coyotes have won three of four and have the West’s eighth-best record, currently two points ahead of Dallas for the final wild card.

The Rangers, of course, have won three in a row and are third in the Lesstropolitan Division, a point behind the Flyers, who have two games in hand and play at home against Los Angeles tonight. The Flyers come to MSG on Wednesday.

The Rangers have just 10 games left and are only 16-20 (or 16-16-4 in NHL accounting) on home ice this season.

The Rangers have three game-time lineup decisions as the flu bug has gone through the lockerroom. Derek Dorsett missed Sunday’s game with the bug, and neither Martin St. Louis or Derek Stepan skated this morning because of the flu. So they hoped to skate in warmups and then decide.

Shortly before warmups, the Rangers said J.T. Miller will not be officially recalled, meaning they expect to have enough healthy forwards for the game.

John Moore (concussion) remains out, though Alain Vigneault said he has made progress as he goes through the concussion protocol, and that Miller rode the stationary bike today. Raphael Diaz will again play in his place.

Other games that matter tonight:

Kings at Flyers (7), Habs at Bruins (7:30), Senators at Lightning (7:30).


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  1. It’s probably that slate, that everybody grabbed that’s making everybody sick.

  2. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Wow, seems like mannulok was being real productive with his company time again today judging from the last thread!!

    No wonder everyone hates Falking lawyers lol

  3. I know it’s not 100% effective, but can’t these professional athletes get the flu shot once in a while?

  4. Glad they’re honoring Hank and taking the loss tonight, because if they did it before the Orange Crud match-up we’d be down 4-0 in the first and Hank would be on the bench.

  5. leetchhalloffame on

    Love Hank but let’s not forget there were no shootout wins for Eddie-Eddie or Richter.

  6. They do get flu shots … maybe one of our resident doctors can explain it, but there are many strains of flu. No shot is going to prevent all strains, especially for people who travel.

  7. and no OT for Eddie.

    As I said, their records will be moot soon enough, but for now there’s kind of an asterisk on the win record.

  8. Oh great, Rangers always play poorly after these sorts of festivities. Expect a loss!

  9. nice ceremony!!
    pleased that
    jpg’s sister and i were able to watch it
    (a lot of times Center Ice package doesn’t show
    Rangers broadcast)

    now, let’s add to those numbers Hank!

  10. for starters
    how in hades
    did he come into the zone
    completely alone
    then Hank’s not starting out too well for 303

  11. Carp
    you sure the whole team
    doesn’t have the flu
    sure acting as if they do
    maybe they attended Allman Brothers show
    got bronchitis
    from Gregg Allman

  12. An American Werewolf In London on

    Coyotes really bringing the heat tonight but I guess since it’s Phoenix it’s a DRY heat

  13. This is CLASSIC.

    We have nothing on offense and we stink up the joint on defense.

    Complete amateur-hour league.

    And you just know Smith will grab a shutout here.

  14. Call me when our 4th line will score…and Hank will get back to “concentration” after tribute and sweet daughter’s kiss.

  15. Rangers continue a fine, long tradition of playing like crap after pre-game ceremonies.

    Not totally surprising, most people had tonight pegged for a major letdown. Still far too early to pack it in, but zero effort from the Rangers so far

  16. An American Werewolf In London on

    Hank plays like his glove has already been retired to the rafters

  17. See, at this point, any other team would have DESTROYED a Coyote.

    Instead, we respond by losing the puck in the neutral zone .

  18. An American Werewolf In London on

    This game is like Poltergeist 2
    “Uummm, it’s happening again”

  19. And this period is even more sickening because this Phoenix squad is dogs-breakfast

  20. An American Werewolf In London on

    I had a big coyote in my front yard last week, and you Sir are no coyote

  21. RICHARDS is like a bad horror movie. That assenclown needs to be shown the bus to Hartford.

  22. BULL COOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    stick in face not called
    by same ref who had super-quick whistle
    and then
    the other ref
    calls a penalty
    for same thing that went on in phoenix zone?!?!?!


  23. You’d think a team on the cusp would be more concerned with putting up an effort. I’m not a millionaire living in Manhattan though so what do I know.

  24. An American Werewolf In London on

    The Rangers themselves must be in on the conspiracy bc they’re shaving points

  25. too bad this isn’t the philly game
    we could at least hope that
    Stepan and MSL
    would breath on flyers players
    and get ’em big time sick

  26. It’s worth watchjng if you have a bottle of Gentlemen Jack in one hand and absinthe in the other.

  27. funny how other teams have a knack for
    making passes to their teammates on a consistent basis
    rather than
    Rangers bumper pool version

  28. Some real deadbeats on this team dragging others down. Sucks when there is obviously some who want to compete.

  29. ThisYearsModel on

    And I’m going to Carolina in my mind…………..In my mind I’m going to Carolina.

  30. jpg…a bumper pool table fell on me when I was a kid and it broke my leg…

    So yeah, I hate that passing style too.

  31. I don’t get it.

    Bench the clowns.

    It’s simple.

    Next game, sit Ricahrds and play Miller.

  32. “You’re right about that, Joe. Oh, are you ever right about that!”

    I didn’t say anything, Sam.”

    “Well, you’re right about that, too.”

  33. An American Werewolf In London on

    Rangers saw Phoenix on the schedule and decided to go antiquing in Sedona tonite

  34. Don’t fret gang. AV, I’m sure will make the needed adjustments between periods.

    Nah, just kidding.

  35. iDoodie Machetto on

    They are not playing well. Should’ve known better with super jinx number one (Doodie Sr. ) at the game.

  36. Aristophanes Ridiculous on

    Rangers talent was hot wired and stolen by Paulie Walnuts at the Holland Tunnel tollbooth. You can pick it up under the Bayonne Bridge on SI

  37. Aristophanes Ridiculous on

    Al Trautwig dressed as the green Statue of Liberty mime out on 7th and 31st

  38. apparently someone told the Rangers that
    the puck is full of
    flu germs
    and that’s why they don’t want it to
    touch their sticks

  39. This latest Ranger phone-in is so slow and painful, it’s like they’re using a rotary phone.

  40. ThisYearsModel on

    Notice how our guys get aggressively cleared from the front of the opponents’ net?

  41. At least Richards isn’t picking up fake points at the end of the season like last year. We have a really stupid guy in charge so maybe this somehow helps the buyout chances.

  42. WAIT!!
    Richards was in front of the net

    i’m……i’m………….so confused right now

  43. Someone must have shoved Richards to the front of the net. That’s the only explanation.

  44. I’ve already declared it an epic-disaster from the second he was traded here.

    He’s another mercenary.

  45. LOL how COMICAL is it watching BOYLE trying to shoot while using the defenseman as a shield?

  46. Aristophanes Ridiculous on

    I am sorry we had to do it to Derek Norris bc he was a good soldier while he was here. I saw his first rangers home game and he pancaked someone (Pitt or Ottawa I don’t remember)

  47. Brassard is ridiculous. He oozes skill but tries his best to impersonate Kovalev on the effort level.

  48. My sweet lord. What a goal. The shot was magisterial. The finish is nothing less than stupefying.

  49. Brassard has an absolutely impossible task to hit that second time. Well, he just threw a pint glass into a shot glass. Astonishing.

  50. Are you kidding me?

    That was absolutely celestial, heavenly finishing by Brassard.

  51. were both refs ordering a prime sandwich
    being the reason
    why they missed
    that trip on McD?

  52. Brassard was on to that one quicker than a jackrabbit on a hot date. Look at his finish! It was beyond world class.

  53. Aristophanes Ridiculous on

    Every time the Rangers score the only thing running they my mind is the Sir Mix A Lot video for Put Em On The Glass. Google and watch but NSFWives

  54. Carter and Richards getting booed every time they touch puck yet they got traded didn’t leave on own.

    Did carter nail hartnell wife.

  55. Step flu means extended ice time for richy. He can’t play any more minutes then he is right now.

  56. If MSL was anyone other than MSL he would be getting massacred on here. Enough of the excuses, make a play.

  57. Wow. More phenomenal defense from Kreider!

    And…an example of why I hate this system: shot wide leads to an odd man rush the other way.

  58. GAWD DARNIT!!!!
    shooooooooots WIDE
    then pokes puck past Hank
    into his own goal!!!!!!!


  59. Somebody should have told the NYR scorekeeper that it doesn’t count for you if you put it in your own net

  60. All that will happen is that he’ll score a hat trick and the Rangers will win this game 5-3

  61. Aristophanes Ridiculous on

    St Louis still on awe of the Ferris wheel in the Times Square toys r us

  62. Seriously, unexplainable lapses of our heralded defense.
    Makes so easy for opponents – they not working for…

  63. Aristophanes Ridiculous on

    If you need one, we’ll get you two
    If you need three, we’ll get you two

  64. Aristophanes Ridiculous on

    Has there ever been an NHL game between two teams with less animosity?

  65. Aristophanes Ridiculous on

    I can’t watch this stupid commercial for rockland Chrysler jeep dodge

  66. Wrong way Herbie…Miami, I think he needs to work a little on his mental game. Let’s keep him in the offensive zone? Right move, wrong goal.

  67. kreider finally scores, unfortunately for the opposing team. That one really hurts, especially after rangers worked hard the entire 2nd period to come from 2 down.

  68. Stranger Nation on

    THE was their most active player that save for maybe Hags.

    Keep hustling buddy

  69. Faceoffs are killing the Rangers.

    Where’s Manny? Hanzel and Vermette can’t seem to lose one.

  70. Richie unchecked in front of the net because no NHL defenseman has ever seen him there before.

  71. another screw up by


  72. Kreider getting punished for his screw up by being forced to play with the two guys with the flu. Clever.

  73. from jpg’s sister
    great line:

    maybe the kreider has the flu
    of the brain

    (after another bad move)

  74. Aristophanes Ridiculous on

    Rangers will have to forfeit the Philly game when the whole team gets chicken pox

  75. Kreider doing a bit of his east-west stuff again, instead of north-south. Energetic, though.

  76. another game where the Rangers
    act as if they haven’t practiced with each other
    nor understand some of the fundamentals of
    hockey such as passing
    going to the net for rebounds

  77. Aristophanes Ridiculous on

    Giving someone a Stralman Diaz is a felony in most South American countries

  78. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    Apparently a flu-ridden, slumping, exhausted 38 year old is better than anything the Rangers have in Hartford. Says something about the Rangers prospects.

  79. screw that Aristophanes

    here’s to hoping the whole team
    has the flu by wednesday and just
    spreads their germs
    all over the philly organization

  80. Phlyers are really on a roll.

    The Capitals must feel great about letting that D-Bag Ribeiro walk. He’s had an *awful* season

  81. kreider
    as if he smugly thinks he’s never going back to hartford
    should bring that up
    next time he goes to the bench

  82. Passing to no one in particular is almost as bad as the behind the back garbage some of these ranger fancy

  83. WTB?!?!?

    NEVER seen a team that pauses to make a decision as much as the Rangers
    and you see what good it does them

  84. amazing how the coyotes seem to find one of their players
    again and again in the offensive zone
    Rangers can’t even connect on more than one pass
    if that

  85. That poor guy. He’s so freaking good, on an endlessly mediocre team, and constantly hurt.

  86. Time to light up the back up that hasn’t played.

    Smith is in pain, that’s not good for him.

  87. Stranger Nation on

    Morris teally didnt push him that much. Think Broshard tripped over Smith while trying to play the puck

  88. It is obvious already that Carolina and now Phoenix lost of 4 points will bite team and ultimately, considering left scheduled games, ultimately keep them out of the PO

  89. Boyle not bad until he shot wide. Do these professional athletes actually practice shooting under pressure or what? Even wide open they miss!

  90. Boyle: “Hmm, this goalie hasn’t been tested yet. Maybe I’ll fool him by shooting wide!”

  91. Did I see a picture last year of Aladdin having fleur-de-lis rims on his car or did I imagine that?

  92. I’m not asking Boyle to score, but at least place puck in a goal frame, goalie included, from 5 ft.

  93. how can a professional hockey player be as bad as Boyle? wins key faceoffs, good defensively, good on the pk, yada yada, yada, the guy sucks

  94. Aristophanes Ridiculous on

    Trying to post on this site is like talking to your neighbor on two cans and a string

  95. The gods around Ice Hockey Heaven are looking down and saying, ‘It doesn’t get any better than this.’”

  96. Nash is so unsteady on his skates. No stamina and shies away from any contact. Is that the definition of a “power” forward.?

  97. Aristophanes Ridiculous on

    A rebound goal!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh vey, everybody!!!!!!

    He’ll talk about this game in his HOF induction speech

  98. What a great bad game! Great only because we fought and came back twice after the terrible, terrible 1st period. Last year’s team would’ve lost this.

  99. That worked well. Good job boys.

    Great effort by our 4th line. Especially Boyle tonight. Rangers are nuts to not renegotiate with him. Seriously.

  100. Great team win. There’s no “I” in team and there is still no “OT” in Kreider.

  101. Correct me if I am wrong, but I think St. Louis got Kreidered.

    McMonster the future McCaptain. Can we trade McStLouis back to McTampa for McCallahan now? Brother.


    1. McDonuts & Girardi

    2. Pullout & Hagelin

    3. 4th Line (Boyle/Moore/Dorset)

    4. Papa Bear!!!

  103. The rangers played 20 mins in 2nd period and last three minutes of 3rd and get out if here with 2 pts.

  104. leetchhalloffame on

    Name McDonagh captain tomorrow. Trade St. Boo-ee for a 7th round pick. Fire Sather.

  105. McDonut redeemed himself for a few defensive issues with his contribution on the other end. Our defense has more offensive talent lately.

  106. Im sure MSL will find his groove and contribute. But he was definitely Kreidered tonight. No question. Carp?

  107. wow!! huge comeback win for the rangers. This is a kind of character game that could get a team really going.

  108. Great! Stupendous! AV, however, escaped in his choice to play at least two flu boys. He’d have a lot to answer for if this game went the other way.

  109. Grit and onions to pull this win out. This is what keeps me coming back to watch the rangers year after year. Hope for the win every night. No matter how critical I am forever a NYR fan. Just please fire slather already and keep our heart and soul player core signed and motivated to win it all!

  110. They should get that dizzy girl who interviewed Henrik pre-game to interview #27 with the hat – “What’s your favorite color?”

  111. Gulp! I was waiting for the first star to go to Lundqvist, but the writers did the correct thing tonight.

  112. Dave Maloney right on: “Why are they honoring Henrik tonight, of all nights?” Too much Disneyland. Time and a place for everything.

  113. I’ll tell you guys …

    It’s like blasphemy criticizing THE KREIDER, because it takes a thousand Steinways to reproduce one note of his.

  114. AV said he realized he made a mistake letting Stepan and St. Louis play with the flu. … they were dragging he said.

  115. I’ll take Kreider’s sometimes miscombobulated energy every night over #19. Love the way Torts AND AV play Richards late in tight games. The blind leading the blind.

  116. credit where due, Richards had, comparatively, some jump in his game tonight, and actually tried in the other end.

  117. And the McMonster comes alive. Beautiful first touch, there, settles it, brilliantly, putts it into the net. Look at this for a first touch, heavenly. Velvet stick, and then they turn into fists of fury. Dagger finish by #27. Waiting in front of the goal, I said in the first period, well, the little scorpion just jumps out and stings Arizona.”


    Biron to Joe M. “Two words: Girardi & McDonugh” ( PB’s 1st Stars of the game – see post @9:55.

    Dave Maloney to Joe M, “Two Words: Hagelin and Poillet” (PB’s 2nd stars of the Game – see post @ 9:55)

    *I see Dead People and hockey stars of the game*

  119. I still think the sweet tip pass Richards made for the third Ottawa goal the other night was as aesthetically pleasing as any of his work tonight.

  120. I made the mistake of saying that McDonough was having a bad game early on. He sure did turn it around. We’re seeing a guy turn into a superstar before our very eyes.

    Captain McDonough

  121. Look, the Rangers may not be the most illuminating with the puck, but, man, they are tighter than a fish’s backside.

  122. Rangers are going disco in a big way after this one. And I mean a big way. This is Barry White disco, this victory. And let the music play, guys. What a scorcher by McMonster, brilliant control, this is all deadly technique. This is practice ground hitting, but not for McMonster, because come show time the big man gets up and dances like Fred Astaire.

  123. Richards was DECENT, as he should AT THE VERY LEAST every night; certainly unworthy of all the accolades and a shout-out from AV. Like your nephew who finally got a C in Social Studies. He’s not a young, learning kid.

  124. for McD
    the inverse of the saying
    “1 ah cooke
    100 atta boys!”
    (he didn’t say “cooke”)

    glad we won
    moving on

  125. MSL and Sather you are such garbage.

    I haven’t seen a bigger bust than MSL. We just threw away 3 1st rounders for a player who shouldn’t even be in the lineup. He wanted so much to come to the Rangers. This guy makes me want to puke 3 assists in 11 games. This is a disaster. This trade did so much damage to the future of this team that it isn’t even funny. I rather play Fast or Kristo or Lindberg or Miller or Hrivik or Bourque than this bastard.

  126. couldn’t MSL and Stepan use their germ-infested selves
    to contaminate the flyers
    and if Brassard
    is going to knock out a goalie

  127. Make no mistake about it, gentlemen, prior to the McMonster winnner, the boo birds, the long knives, and everyone were out against this team, and then the boys woke up in OT and it was a new dawn.

  128. Stupid even having the fluers in the locker room to contaminate others. Let ’em watch at home.

  129. “Seems like it ’s personal with you and St. Louis, no?”

    yeah any time we give up 1st rounders for some over the hill player it gets personal.

  130. Here’s hoping MSL finds his game soon.

    Just think if Nash and Marty can chip in every other game. Then McD, Zucc, Step, & Brassard can pick up the slack.

  131. Pullout, I think, has punched his ticket for a contract. He should kiss AV’s mug for being given the chance.

  132. “Here’s hoping MSL finds his game soon. ”

    Here is hoping he gets traded on the draft day.

  133. Mr. McDonagh: “You gonna give me a hand with the sand traps this summer, Ryan?”

    “I think I need some RandR, Pop.”

  134. That winning goal was mop-up work from automaton, McMonster. The illusionista just pops up like a ghost out of the fog and bags the second point like a thief in the night.

  135. The best way to describe it:

    The bouncing bomb is kept low and skips off the ice surface beautifully, and the dam breaks. It’s fabulous from McMonster.

  136. Usually Henrik has to survive the ist 5 minutes b4 he gets into his groove. Prior to that he lets in Mr Softies. We wre lucky tonite because we started playing with desperation.

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