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Before we start on last night’s game, I wrote a column about a relationship Ryan McDonagh has forged with a local kid and former high school hockey player, Gino Mangiafridda of Pelham, who was paralyzed in a motorcycle accident.

Click here to see it.


1) I honestly would not have been surprised if the Rangers failed to follow up that gritty game in Columbus with another. But they did. Granted, the Devils weren’t as physical as Columbus was on Friday, but that’s a big team and there were certainly enough skirmishes and confrontations, and the Rangers, again answered the bell … which has kinda been out of character for this roster. So high marks.

New York Rangers v New Jersey Devils2) Henrik Lundqvist. Gotta ride him now. There’s too much at stake, and again, there’s no reason in the world to not trust Cam Talbot, but Lundqvist is their guy, and throughout his career he has thrived down the homestretch playing game after game after game. His shots-faced total wasn’t particularly high, but he made several spectacular saves, especially in the first period, on Jaromir Jagr’s breakaway, Dainius Zubrus alone in the slot and Travis Zajac, who went around Martin St. Louis and Dan Girardi.

3) And while plenty of people had plenty to say about his breaking Mike Richter’s wins record, about Richter having all those ties that Lundqvist never had because of the stupid gimmick they sometimes hold after hockey games end, well, then the one he set last night — 50 shutouts, one more than Eddie Giacomin’s long-standing franchise record — is as legit as they get. Doesn’t matter. By the time he’s done he will have lapped everybody.

4) The Rangers are defending again. They defended against Detroit on that Sunday afternoon. They stunk up the entire joint, if not the East Coast, in the game at Carolina. They had two breakdowns in the loss in Minny, a solid win in Winnipeg, a loss to San Jose that might have been their best game this month, that silly, ugly no-defense win in Ottawa, and now back-to-back beauties. So, really, it’s more than a little three-game winning streak. It’s not what Boston and Philly are doing, but it’s going to be plenty good enough if they keep it up the last 10. Nearly halfway through the game, the Devils had six shots on goal.

New York Rangers v New Jersey Devils5) I didn’t get why, though, some Rangers, especially on the power play, kept on trying to skate through the Devils at the blue line, as if they’d never ever played against the Devils before, ever, or weren’t aware of the way the Devils play. I thought their first power play stunk, didn’t move at all, like a Mike Sullivan Special.  And forget about faceoffs to open power plays. Puck goes right out. On the power play early in the third, with Raphael Diaz on the point, I thought they had much better movement and some good looks. Ironically, Derek Stepan’s empty-netter counts as a power-play goal, their first in nine games.

6) Brad Richards looks like he needs a maintenance week. Or two. Or month. Looks just like the end of last season. I know, he had some chances to score goals, and he can still shoot it. But that’s all he’s giving now. He’s slow again, doesn’t do much at all in the defensive end, and since the power play has dried up, well, that was kind of his saving grace the first three quarters of the season. Seriously, maybe a rest would be beneficial at this point. Just to see if it helps.

7) Again, this game wasn’t nearly as nasty as the night before, but it was a game for big boy pants again. Benoit Pouliot took a run at Jon Merrill, Ryan McDonagh exchanged slashes with Steve Bernier, Daniel Carcillo and Brian Boyle were in a fracas, Mats Zuccarello took one and gave one to Martin Brodeur (who embellished, of course). Better late than never.

New York Rangers v New Jersey Devils8) Daily Nash-O-Meter. Hey, he was not as dynamic as he had been Friday, but he was still better than he’d been before Columbus. Even made some defensive-zone plays. Got slew-footed by Bernier, very dangerous play. No call, of course. And when Nash did draw a penalty go Andy Greene, the Devils cried that he took a dive. They did the same when Jagr blatantly cross-checked Anton Stralman trying to create space for himself in front. Laughable stuff. His linemates were a mixed bag. Derek Stepan played a really strong game, I thought, before the empty-netter. Chris Kreider had some rugged shifts, and his driving to the net caused the Nash goal (and was going to draw a penalty before Nash scored), but his shifts were limited. Maybe because he doesn’t play special teams or 4-on-4, or sometimes late in a one-goal game. I don’t know.

9) Martin St. Louis. Still without a goal. Even missed the empty net at the end. I think his teammates need to seriously stop trying to force passes to him and just play. I still say that, with 10 games left, if he has a little spurt of offense, it’s going to be a major contribution. Couldn’t ask for a better time than now on a  team that still has trouble scoring most nights.

10) With John Moore out, possibly for a lenghty spell, you’d have to guess that Diaz is going to get a good look. I didn’t mind his game at all, especially on the power play. But you don’t make long-term judgements based on one game, or a few. I did think that, especially early on, Kevin Klein looked uncomfortable, to say the least, moving over to the left. But Klein has played well lately. So we’ll watch that.

11) I wonder why Alain Vigneault would even bring up the fact that two unnamed guys were injured even though both ended up playing after testing it in warmups … except that he was asked about lineup changes and maybe he’s too honest a guy to get caught in what could be construed as a fib. I applaud him for that.

12) It’s ironic that Jagr, in his prime, would rather shave his head with a cheese grater while chewing on aluminum foil than play in that kind of system. And now here he is, honestly, playing better than he’s played since his 50-goal season, and maybe one of his top two or three seasons since he was in Pittsburgh. And still guys try to poke check him. So foolish.

13) Amazing, too, that the two teams that had the most success pre-lockout(s) — Detroit and New Jersey — still get away with all that calf-roping.

Games that matter today:

Columbus at Islanders (1 p.m.), Toronto at Devils (7), Minnesota at Detroit (7:30).

My Three Rangers Stars:
1. Henrik Lundqvist.New York Rangers v New Jersey Devils
2. Rick Nash.
3. Derek Stepan.
Kenny Albert’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Henrik Lundqvist.
2. Rick Nash.
3. Derek Stepan.
4. Raphael Diaz.
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Henrik Lundqvist.
2. Rick Nash.
3. Benoit Pouliot.

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  1. Nice article about Gino Mangiafridda and Ryan McDonagh, Carp…no dry eyes after reading it, just prayers. Another accurate and insightful review of last night’s game. Another gritty win, but not without some good bounces that went our way…yeah, I know, you make your own bounces, but…

  2. Good game. playing defense again.

    A week ago.I figured no way the Rangers make the playoffs.

    Pretty good showing the last few games……..

    lose to PHX and PHI…………they probably still make playoffs, but doubt they can go very far if they cant beat at least one.

  3. Great articles Carp, thanks. Thought Diaz played well, who remembers Del Zotto? Gotta love Zuccarello, he doesn’t back away from much. LGR!

  4. bull dog line on

    Pouliot has been tremendous these last 2 games. the Dmen as well. hard to say anything about Hank after pitching shutout. it is all about timely saves. the biggest one he made was on the 2 on 1 in the Columbus game, right after the Rangers had tied it.

  5. bull dog line on

    yes Kreider’s ice time is down because he does not play specials. can anyone guess who was screening the goalie the last time the Rangers scored a PP goal?

  6. Great review, great game. Nice to beat the devils indoors again.

    The Gino story is a good one and makes makes me love McD even more.

  7. Admiral Akbar on

    Really great story on Gino, Carp. Wish him all the best. And his girlfriend is a special person too. McDonaugh is a special guy.

  8. Admiral Akbar on

    For all the wrongs Sather has done, for all his mishaps…

    He really found a great one in McDonuts!

  9. Congrats to Hank! It a joke Kreider only gets 9:53 of icetime and he is not still on PP. Second on team in goals to his linemate and leads team in +/-. Helped create GWG last night in limited time.

  10. Yesterday I wrote

    What’s the story with Diaz? Anybody know much ? Swiss born, 5′ 11″, 190 from that he’ll make Stralsie look like Scott Stevens.


    Well SeeeDubbb, the kid played 16 minutes, in his first game, was solid on the pp and wasn’t noticeable for his defensive lapses. Why don’t you keep your snarky attempts at humor to yourself.

  11. I will let you guys do the gloating today about the last 48 hrs from rangers game. As happy as I am I am equally bothered by the capitals going on this California trip and getting 5 of 6 pts. Hard to believe. Throw in the fact that the red wings and flyers don’t lose. I mean thank god we won these two games or we done and buried.

    All we’ve done is hold serve in my mind and to win 2 big games and not pick up ground on caps wings flyers is disappointing.

    To me this is about finishing 2nd or 3rd in metro. A wild card spot means were out in first round vs Pitt or Boston.

  12. Great inspirational story on Mc D & Gino Mangiafridda. Another example of why Mc Donagh is up there in comparison to the great Brian Leetch, classy character guys both on and off the ice.

  13. C-Dubs is spot on. Diaz > Stralman.

    Yes you don’t make judgments On One game. But I’ve been watching Stralman for seasons now. And we’ve all seen Diaz before.

    He’s affordable and right handed and can move the puck. Have we heard that before?

  14. “yes Kreider’s ice time is down because he does not play specials. can anyone guess who was screening the goalie the last time the Rangers scored a PP goal?”


    Moron AV should play him on the PP (front of net) AND the PK (speed).

  15. All I’m saying is, as I’ve opined, Klein is a 2nd pair guy. It’s what he’s always been. It’s what he gets paid to be.

    Stralman would then be our 3rd pair guy on the right side. Well, he wants over $3M. Not worth it for what he would he. Diaz is affordable and pretty much the same type of player as Stralman except he’s a better puck mover and a better decision maker.

    Bye bye Stralman.

  16. That was fun to watch the hockey gods put the kibosh on St. LOUIS ‘ S empty netter.

  17. Stranger Nation on

    Stralman will be further exposed in POs. Anticipate reduced TOI with Klein beginning to play more.
    Would put Faulk and Diaz and 3rd pair, move Klein to 2nd and sit Norris Stralman

  18. I was teasing you C-Dubs. About the Stralman comment! Just go with the flow, buddy.

  19. Very touching story, Carp. Well done. To have that kind of attitude in that sort of circumstance is a thing I don’t believe I could pull off if I’m truly being honest with myself.

    On Richards? The contrast between his “compete level” and that of his teammates, to speak nothing of his diminished physical abilities? Scary bad. And it’s been that way for a long while now. His numbers are getting very close to the dreck he put up last season.

  20. tour de force[ toor duh fawrs, -fohrs; French toor duh fawrs ]
    noun [plural tours de force]
    1. an exceptional achievement by an artist, author, or the like, that is unlikely to be equaled by that person or anyone else; stroke of genius: Herman Melville’s Moby Dick was a tour de force.
    2. a particularly adroit maneuver or technique in handling a difficult situation: The way the president got his bill through the Senate was a tour de force.
    3. a feat requiring unusual strength, skill, or ingenuity.Stralman during festivus.

  21. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Great article Ricardo. Puts things in perspective.

    Snation – I think LB was sending me a secret message…did you note his Eddie…Eddie…Eddie??

  22. Eric’s Cassandra persona is only bested by pimps sheer hatitude. Best hockey blog on the internets. All we need is Greg to bring his über joy and we have all the extremes covered. With that said i hope one of these other teams lose eventually.

  23. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Last night I had a vision. It was clear as crystal. In bright blue neon lights it said Dirk Diggler and…

    Rangers 4
    Yotes 0

    GWG Brassard.

    Book it

  24. Richards had a couple weeks off like a month ago and still looks like he’s kaput. He has to be bought out. For a while I was worried about it. But, looking back at the Sather era we see that celebrity players that are brought in to enhance ticket prices have lasted only a few seasons at most before being moved out. So Richie ought to be playing elsewhere next autumn.

  25. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Put Richards out to stud. With that lineage, there is a future triple crown winner merely a mare away…

  26. Carp , nice review.

    As for Games that matter today? Cross the Devils off that lost. Put some butter on them. They are burnt toast.


  27. Need to sit BR on the PP and putMSL on the point 1st unit MSLeph Diaz Nash Step Kreider
    Zucc Brass Pouliot MSL McD
    Br has fallen into a funk again

  28. -Nash- was ok. But he reverted back to Perimeter -Nash-, playing mostly on the perimeter again. He had D Zone shift late in the 3rd that was memorable for his effort and hustle.

    His goal? I’d describe it as a Brad Richards type “hoper shot” – put it towards the net from a bad angle and hope for the best.

  29. ThisYearsModel on

    Read a couple story recaps from Devils beat writers. DeBoer spent his interview time whining about the referees, diving and so on. Not much to work with offensively, but geez.

  30. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Very very good story, well done!!

    Diaz doesn’t address our deficiencies on D (neither does NATW), but I do prefer him over NATW based on one ranger game of his and far too many for NATW.

    Did you guys see what the sharks did for that kid the other night?? Awesome!

  31. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    2 hypothetical questions here and I’m just curious what you guys think…

    Would you trade hank for gagner, yakupov, a 1st this year and next and markstrom?

    Would you guys try to get Eric and Jordan from the canes? They “might” be available.

  32. Well done Carp. Great review.

    The King held court last night, what a difference he made for you Manny.

    The PHILLY game is going to be HUGE!

  33. Was it me, or did it look like Stepan and Nash had more chemistry last night than they usually do?

  34. -If- when Richie is bought out, I suppose SOMEONE would take him, greatly reduced, but if I were he, I would retire gracefully.

  35. Although, if he skates off into the sunset, it will take him three weeks to hit sunset.

  36. hate to disappoint you guys, but the Rangers want to re-sign Stralman. Just a matter of the dollars lining up. No guarantee they will.

  37. Stralman is a solid d man. I would put him in over Falk any night. He’s been good for this team. He will never be Norris finalist but what’s with all the hate?

  38. Coos, lol.

    Too bad he can’t do a wade redden impersonation in Hartford for the rest of the season.

  39. Hank looked better, less dirty, and younger and more classy than that fat dirtbag Uncle Daddy in the Devils (*666*) net.

  40. Stralman is too expensive for what he is. And yes about to be way overpaid. I think you can get what he provides for league min.

    Also, the only Person that *hates* him is me. And that’s more based on people previously saying he was the best value in the league.

  41. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    My dislike for NATW is simple…vanilla redundancy!

    If our other 5 starting D men were bieksa, orpik, engelland, mcdonut, and phanuef, I have no problem having NATW being the other D man to round out the top 6.
    (I am just picking names people, it does not actually have to be those guys, but you get the idea)

    But, that is not the case so NATW must go IMHO.

  42. What’s with AV saying something like that Dorsett was skating better “if you can call it that?” His inner Torts?
    I think he lazily misspoke, thinking he was paying a compliment.

  43. And I do agree that MSL’s linemates have been overly concerned with trying to get him some goals instead of taking advantage of what’s in front of them. St L. can be a valuable play-maker even without filling up the net. He’s streaky.

  44. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    If we do not trade Staal (which we probably won’t), the only position to try and address some bite on D is NATW spot.

    In this scenario, I move Klein up with Staal, and add a mcquaid, engelland, or mcilrath type with j Moops.

    NATW is not the answer. The D needs bite and IMHO, NATW is the best guy to remove to get some.

  45. Stranger Nation on

    Norris Stralman is Serviceable 3rd pair guy from oct-feb.
    When the PO push begins his inability to move bodies around the net is a real problem. If he had some O upside, maybe gets cut more slack…but he doesn’t

  46. An American Werewolf In London on

    I know it’s sacrilegious but I don’t hate the Devils. I admire them in the same way I admire the Giants. They may not have the same high level of talent every year bc of the cap, especially up front, but they have been playing fundamentally sound hockey for 25 years now. Even when they had Bernie Nichols

  47. “I know it’s sacrilegious but I don’t hate the Devils. I admire them in the same way I admire the Giants. They may not have the same high level of talent every year bc of the cap, especially up front, but they have been playing fundamentally sound hockey for 25 years now. Even when they had Bernie Nichols”

    They sure have got the fundamentals of hooking, holding, and interference down pat.

  48. An American Werewolf In London on

    If the Cup final is St. Louis-Columbus, I’ll convert from Judaism to JDism

    Put him right in the HOF

  49. And the Devils have done it all without any fans aside from their -cheerleaders- strippers.

  50. Stranger Nation on

    So cheerleader strippers are a bad thing? They work at the Ba Da Bing on nights off? They’re just earning money for college

  51. Caps’ trip was impressive and timely, but let’s be honest here. They’ve actually only won 25 hockey games and have 11 Bettman Bonus Points, and are 34-38 with nine wins in that contest they sometimes hold after hockey games.

  52. I love the Euro defensemen hate by Rangers fans. So in the last two season, two different coaches have put Stralman on their 2nd D pairing. And two coaches have put Klein on their 3rd D pairing. And two teams have given up on Diaz. But Klein and Diaz are definitely better than Stralman according our esteemed posters here….right.

    Makes total sense except for the obvious fact that coaches and GMs still rank them Stralman>Klein>Diaz.

  53. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    And quite honestly I could care less where NATW (or any other player) is from…we need bite back there and NATW is the guy to remove from the equation in my opinion to get it…see my 1:06 post

  54. This blog is so American that it doesn’t recognize a whole litany of Eùröpånsy letters!

  55. Anywho, if TOR and DET stay 7-8 and match up with PIT and BOS respectively, I think that’s our best chance to get an upset in the first round. Neil Smith just said it on NHL Net: DET, if healthy, has skill, a veteran squad, and the best coach in the league. They did in fact come closest to knocking out CHI; think they lost in Game 7 OT or late in the game. As for TOR-PIT, I think both teams are so shaky on the blueline and in net and so competent in the offensize zone that this could be something like a PHI-PIT 2012 series all over again. Both teams have some nasty in them too. I’d love to see those matchups! NYR-PHI would be exciting as well. MTL-TBL, ehhhh.

  56. JJP, true. And Stralman will be on a second pair next season somewhere, and could play second pair with just about any team in the league.

  57. CARP, without Bernier in net, I agree. I just think if they manage to hang on they have a better chance against PIT than any other team.

  58. Both ej hradek and Duguay had a flyers bruins conf final and daneyko had jackets bruins.

  59. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I don’t know if 12 pts get it done, but I think they only win 6 more

  60. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I’d like the BJs and a healthy Detroit to make the wildcards….both could upset the pens and bruins. Rangers Filthy will be a war.

  61. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    NATW seems to have went through quite a career renaissance since getting *CUT* from the devils in training camp or perhaps then the devils vaunted all HOF top six is that one NHL team that doesn’t need NATW in their top 4 (or 6 for that matter)…

    Please people

  62. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Just because I’m so sick of hearing everyone here slurp the stupid bluejackets, I hope they don’t make the playoffs

  63. bull dog line on

    I dont mind Stralman for what he is. but to say he is top 4 on any team in the NHL, or that he is going to be hard to replace is overrating him quite a bit.

  64. Flyers can score. Will be enough to get them 2nd in division. Playoffs tend to tighter. Diff style

  65. bull dog line on

    just like the Islanders last year. everybody here raving about what a great young team they are.

  66. bull dog line on

    I dont want the Rangers to finish top 3. I want them to be the wild card. I know its not really a good match up, but I want Boston in the 1st round. wildcard teams cross over and stay over. I would rather take my chances in the 2nd round with MTL, or Torona, then Philly in round 1 and Pitt in round 2.

  67. Stralman is likely to be Post Toasties. Slats might even rescind the 3 mil offer. Too many players, including Staal, up for substantial raises. Conor Allen, Diaz, maybe even The Undertaker get their shot, although Diaz is, too, a UFA.

  68. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    CBJ has a young physical team with a goalie that can stop pucks…they are hardly last year’s Islander team. I want the flyers rangers rd 1. It likely will be Detroit squeezing that last spot. Can Detroit beat the Bruins? It’s possible..

    Bruins vs Red wings
    Pens vs CBJ
    Habs vs TB
    Rangers vs Filthy

  69. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Anyone like St. Vincent’s ethereal “prince Johnny”? A lovely melody…

  70. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    My first round winners:

    Boston, CBJ
    TB, Rangers.

    Rangers vs CBJ in ECF

    Rangers vs Sharks for the Cup

    Rangers in 6

  71. Watch them get our hopes up and blow this. The way things have broken for rangers lately highly likely to happen

  72. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Eric – at some point, something has to break right for the rangers…..the universe is NOT that cruel…

  73. Surprised the Islanders didn’t snap up Billy Joel from under Dolan’s goatee. Nash loves Joel’s “Only the GOOD Die Young.” (So does Neil Young.)

  74. Kern still 20 to go but at this point I agree. Still may be stinging from ranger loss. It’s the isles though not done yet.

  75. Penguins began in 1967. Just realized – William Penn, Pennsylvania, Pen Guins. Golly, Andy.

  76. Eric,

    maybe Carp will let you pay down the Walters Hot Dogs with a few Roast Beef Sangwiches.

    Anyone have the exchange rate between a Walters Hot Dog and Newly Transformed MSG Roast Beef sangich?

  77. If I lived anywhere near Walters would have gotten them. In Long Island. Don’t know much about these Walters dkgs

  78. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

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  79. Looks like the Predators called
    Up F. Forsberg today. That must really stick in the Caps side, especially GM GM.

    They traded their top prospect for MARTIN ERAT.




  80. Rangers better not come from being road warriors this week and look lethargic in non rivalry type game against the desperate Yotes.

  81. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Three key games for the Rangers are next Friday, Sunday, and Tuesday against the dregs of the west….could be leaving nuck land on a major streak…historically, the west coast has not been kind to the blue shirts…

  82. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Flyers still have a rough road ahead…kings, rangers, leaves, 2 with Boston, St. Louis, Pittsburgh….

  83. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The rangers are the Beatles and the flyers, the Dave Clark five….good band….but not the fab four

  84. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    What a time it was, it was….a time of innocence, a time of confidences….

  85. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Long ago…..I have a photograph, preserve your memories, there that that’s left of you….

  86. ThisYearsModel on

    We cannot win 2 rounds this year or we lose our 2014 #1 in the Martin St. Retiree trade. That would be 2 consecutive #1’s for a 38 YO soon to be youth hockey coach.

  87. “You’ve lost that Loafin’ Feeling.” Sung to #19 by Righteous Brothers upon his announced retirement.

  88. bull dog line on

    TYM rather not make the ECF than give up a draft pick. good fan, good fan. i’m sure eric agrees.

  89. “What should be our focus tonight, Sam, the Staal family or Giannone’s head-set? Let’s bring up again the time he got hit by the puck.”

  90. Every nook Giannone finds, Dolan adds two new seats and John has to go find somewhere else.

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  92. Wish I was a headlight on a westbound train
    I’d shine my light on cool Colorado rain.

  93. Coos – love some of your comments. The sun will shine on my back door someday.

    Others though, not so much.

  94. On the bright side, Dolan would never think of giving out an important job based on being somebody’s son (s).

  95. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I went back to ohio
    But my city was gone
    There was no train station
    There was no downtown.

  96. ThisYearsModel on

    No way CARP. Nepotism would never be allowed in a company owned by the Dolan’s.

  97. _Brad Richards looks like he needs a maintenance week. Or two. Or month._

    He just had over two weeks of Olympic break to rest. I think what you see is what you get with Richards. He is cooked but i don’t think Sather is going to buy him out.

  98. ThisYearsModel on

    I, Vigo, the Scourge of Carpathia, the Sorrow of Moldavia, command you!

    On a mountain of skulls, in the castle of pain, I sat on a throne of blood! What was will be! What is will be no more! Now is the season of EVIL!

  99. Philly will finish behind the Rangers. Rangers schedule is much, much easier. Carp is right they come back to earth and I think Henk is the better goalie in a Rangers/Flyers series

  100. Caps scare me most right now.

    I want top 3 finish. Want no wild card crap. Let’s someone else play boston hopefully upset them

  101. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Peter – I mentioned earlier…Filthy has leaves, rangers, bruins twice, kings, pens, and blues on the horizon….they might even finish as a wild card….be stupendous to have them play Boston in the first round…

  102. _On a mountain of skulls, in the castle of pain, I sat on a throne of blood! What was will be! What is will be no more! Now is the season of EVIL_

    Best quote ever

  103. I hate the idea of the Caps making the playoffs. Dustin Penner gets really good in the playoffs and LOLtby can really play well against us.

  104. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    CCCP – my Ukrainian brutha. Vancouver has a 2.5% chance of making the playoffs. Always next year for Torts.

  105. Gravy – the Fighting Sioux are coming in HOT in the BBB :)

    Sioux also make the NCAA tournament for 12th time in a row. Longest active playoff streak!

  106. 16-10, is that good?

    I bet some people here would be complaining that they lost 10 games … like two years ago when they were two wins from the finals and people were saying they played .500.

  107. Matty"UnbelievablySoft"Boy on

    I was out of town the last 5 days. Missed this weekend. Just watched last night’s game, DVR’d.

    Gotta say this. Richards, that’s Brad Richards is looking like a star. Great game???? What a force!!!

    Extend Richards!!! Extend Sather!!!

  108. Richie: “The didn’t know how to use me in NY. I’m looking forward to my new teammates and hopefully, a Stanley Cup!”

  109. I will say, that Columbus team did remind me of the Rangers of old. Just not as good as that team two years ago. Also, it will be interesting to see if Haggerty, Kristo, Miller, Lindberg and Fast have great to good camps.What happens, they can’t all take spots, can they?

  110. Matty"UnbelievablySoft"Boy on

    Someone above said Richards had 2 weeks off in Olympic break. What’d he DO??? Drink fine wine???

    That’s why he needs to be extended. One of our all time greats!!

  111. Matty"UnbelievablySoft"Boy on

    Just can’t imagine how the hard working players, and there are a lot of them these days on this team, can look the guy in the eye. He’s an ‘A’????

    Not so sure that’s my choice for that. AV, Uncle Glennie, Jimmy, whomever’s calling the shots…..watch the tapes. Please.

  112. Matty"UnbelievablySoft"Boy on

    Agreed, Westy. Columbus will get better, especially with a great hockey mind like JD at the helm. They are somewhat close. We may have put a nail in their 2014 coffin, it seems.

    It is hopeful that some of our other smurfs down below get better and vie for spots on the NHL roster. Yet, we need to address the size issue. As the PO’s will prove, men play in PO’s. We may be a little lacking in that area, IMHO. They do play 7 game series, don’t they?

    We’ll see. Hope I’m wrong.

  113. This is now playoff hockey. Need our stars 2 shine. Hank McD Krieder. Screw St Louis n Richard’s. Send em 2 Hartfard

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