Rangers at Devils … It’s Go Time!


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Game 72.devils-logo
Rangers at Devils.


The Rangers follow up arguably their most impressive effort of the season with a back-to-back against an old and desperate rival.

Too bad they can’t play this game at Yankee Stadium on this beautiful night.

The nasty win in Columbus came with a price.  John Moore is out with concussion symptoms and two other Rangers have “bumps and bruises” according to Alain Vigneault, and will decide in warmups if they can play tonight. Derek Dorsett also has a stomach bug, so he will be replaced by Daniel Carcillo.

Henrik Lundqvist goes against Martin Brodeur, and every time that happens now it could be the final time. Lundqvist tied Olaf Kolzig for 25th on the all-time wins list Friday, at 303. Next up is Billy Smith at 305.

Raphael Diaz replaces John Moore in his Rangers debut, on the left with Kevin Klein.

The Rangers have won three in a row on the road, and 20 of their last 27 road games.

Other games that matter today/tonight:

Philadelphia 4, St. Louis 1 (final), Pittsburgh 4, Tampa Bay 3 (final/OT), Detroit 3, Minnesota 2 (final), Ottawa at Dallas (3 p.m.), Montreal at Toronto (7), Washington at San Jose (10:30).

Games that matter tomorrow:

Columbus at Islanders (1 p.m.), Toronto at Devils (7), Minnesota at Detroit (7:30).


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  1. No one has yet voted for the top players of the game and the game will start shortly. Get with it. You know who you are.

  2. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    I want to see the same spark tonight, now that I know they can do it.

    No Slackers!

  3. Having to watch a devils feed on Nutjob.eu – as my gamecenter is blacked out. Listening to the Maaarty love on this pair of homers makes me want to throw a cheeseburger or 5 at the screen!

  4. Blatant hook and these homers are trying to say it was all St Louis – little bit of veteran savvy but still a hook

  5. Richards………When you have such a high paid player, shying away from contact and not giving an appropriate effort, it has to have such a negative affect on team morale, whether they admit it or not.

  6. “Do these guys really think they’re going to skate through the Devils at the blue line on the PP?”


  7. Anyone going to Brit Floyd at the Beacon on April 2? Papa will be there.

    If you’re a Pink Floyd fan, I highly recommend.

  8. Rangers still trying to smash a square peg into a round hole
    when they play the devs

    remember that one game when Torts (or was it Renney) had ’em shoot the puck in offensive zone in such a way that the goalie couldn’t make a play on it?
    it worked
    so it was never done again

  9. What happened to the Newly Transformed Brad Richards that the MSG heads were trying to sell us at the start of the season? Let me guess…the Olympics killed his momentum?

  10. I want the Driver the guy on the Just for Men commercial has. Talk about Big Betha?


  11. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Richards never takes a hit to make a play. Total dinosaur arms and a turn away…

  12. ThisYearsModel on

    Hello from 37,000 feet over Texas, where I am following this game via the Boneheads Blog. The key to Fatso’s game is that he thinks the puck is a Hostess Ding Dong. He gobbles them up.

  13. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    Except for Richards. He’s just a skating paycheck out there. And a Big one!

  14. Handy new kiosks inside Prudential Center where you can take out a life insurance policy before leaving for your car.

  15. CCCP……you are referring perhaps to Roger Waters and not David Gilmore, Nick Mason, Richard Wright (RIP) and Syd Barret (RIP).

  16. An American Werewolf In London on

    Do you think Jagr lets Duguay borrow his front teeth between periods?

  17. “I think the refs close their eyes on icing calls”

    Might as well, Duberstein, considering the linesmen call icing. :)

  18. An American Werewolf In London on

    There are some games where you wonder if and how the rangers can ever possibly score

  19. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    Lennox Hill the Official Hospital of the New York Rangers.

    At least it’s not Bellvue.

  20. nj goalie was busy looking for a penalty
    rather than getting ready to stop a shot
    GOOD for NASH!!

  21. The was working the zebra about Marty right before that goal….there was a delayed penalty on Fatso there. Good work

  22. I turned on the Devils feed soon as the puck went in and Chico was whining how there was a delayed penalty that he didnt think was a penalty. No mention of course of how Marty didnt get back in position in time.

  23. An American Werewolf In London on

    Carp is on 888poker.com right now

    He thinks it’s still scoreless

  24. An American Werewolf In London on

    Does Hank give out even a third the cheap shots that brodeur does?

  25. High sticks should ALWAYS be called and there will be no more high sticks. You could get your eye poked out!

  26. Nash hasn’t been near the net or in the slot all night long!!!

    Perimeter Nash is Back!


  27. Maybe Staal will one day learn how to use that “big body” a bit more and that “big stick” a bit less a la McD.

  28. 5’5, 365 lbs. “He’s a big-boned young man, Sam. He can carry it. Not too far, but he can carry it.”

  29. An American Werewolf In London on

    This is old time hockey
    I just wish MSG wouldn’t subject us to Knick lowlights at the bottom of my TV screen. Who in their right mind still cares about the NBA in 2014?

  30. When Marty stands on the corner, yawning, commuters try to stuff mail down his throat.

  31. Hated it as a kid when for school uniforms they always took me to the tall and husky section. I thought short and insignificant was preferable.

  32. An American Werewolf In London on

    Is there any worse job in sports than coach of the ny islanders?

  33. When I found out Dolan owns Radio City, I cancelled my Rockettes Christmas tickets.

  34. Don Cherry knows more about everything, everywhere, than anyone alive. Just axe him.

  35. Staal playing a bit too relaxed.

    Diaz looking much better than John Moore or Del Zotto for that matter.

    Brassard displaying some bad hockey IQ.

  36. “There’s a kid coming out of college, Sam, that the Rangers have their eyes on, who is said to have thighs like two pregnant beluga whales, and I can’t wait to see him up here swimming in the big pond of the Newly Transformed Garden.”

  37. Let’s relax with Diaz please been here for a cup of coffee. The more u don’t notice him the better.

  38. “Maybe Staal will one day learn how to use that “big body” a bit more and that “big stick” a bit less a la McD.”

    not here I’m afraid, maybe some day in Carolina.

  39. Rangers better find a second goal; we know Devils will manage to get a fluke one to tie it.

  40. An American Werewolf In London on

    Boyle skates like he’s mopping the floor with two phone books tied to his feet

  41. “Diaz has been fine, but to judge him against other players after two periods … please.”

    hey this might be the one and only chance to see Diaz play for the Rangers.

  42. Carp
    next time AV mentions that they do video sessions with the players
    please yell “BULL-COOKE!”
    once again
    robotic devils always in position and Rangers always looking like chickens with heads cut off
    desperately trying to catch up

  43. “Only 29 other teams would love to have him.”

    great, we can make out like the bandits in the trade then.

  44. Add Your The other 29 teams would love to have Chris Christie. The meal allowance would rise, though.

  45. ya know i can’t stand listening to
    Sam and Joe
    all the nj goalie kissassssingness

  46. I’m liking Diaz on the PP. Instinctive quick passes. The PP looked much better that time

  47. All these Lundqvist achievements mean nothing to me…until Stanley Cup is amongst them.

  48. Staal is a premier NHL defenseman. Trade him, get worse in the short run but maybe better in the long run.

  49. Thats the curse – the Debbies colour guy just mentioned that the shutout would put Hank top all-time

  50. Admiral Akbar on

    Have to admit, very impressed with Jagr and The Fat Guy.

    Where would the Derbils be without Jagr this season??

  51. Rangers pp so cooke-y
    that Stepan forgot
    that we weren’t on pk
    and just shot it down the ice

  52. Where the hell is mcdonagh staal. What kind if personal is thus out here.

    AV a freaking clown


    But anyway, why have clowns like him and Poo on the ice? Put D. Moops and Boyle out!


  55. rangers stink, devils just stink a little more than the rangers. I like how 1 devil player was whacking away at the puck in the crease while 3 ranger players watched.

  56. That was like watching the Brodeur family at an all-you-can-eat BBQ and seeing a little kid runaway with the ketchup!

  57. ThisYearsModel on

    4 point weekends are nice. We scored a PPG. All we needed was to have the goalie pulled.

  58. AV’s most brilliant move of the season: Keeping Richards on the bench final 2:00!!!!!!!

  59. ThisYearsModel on

    4 point weekends are nice. We scored a PPG. All we needed was to have the goalie pulled. What will DeBoer whine about tonight?

  60. MSL keeps making Sather look like the retard that we knew he was.

    Jagr looked like he was having a heart attack at the end of the game.

  61. It’s ironic I thought for the first time in a long time the refs were good, called penalties that were actually penalties and didn’t make up there own version of what they think is a penalty.

  62. What a turn around with Nash . He needs to get pissed off more often. It’s s really contagious. It affects the entire team. This would be bestget time to find the next level to advance deeper into the playoffs.

  63. It’s so nice to see the team play like the outcome of the game matters. Good follow up effort by Nasher and of course Lundy was a wall. Terrible news regarding Moore though, he’s giving me concussion like symptoms.

  64. An American Werewolf In London on

    Marv Albert is still better rangers announcer than Steve. No offense Steve

  65. An American Werewolf In London on

    We must easily lead the league in man games lost to concussions over the last five years

  66. If Gianone asks one more player one more time this season,,,

    “blankety blank, with this win, what did you learn about your team?”

    I am going to vomit.

  67. “trade Staal, get worse. Simple as that.”

    it depends what you get back in the trade and which UFA you sign to replace Staal. Also we got this prospect Brady Skjei who is in the same mold as McDonagh, although it is too early to replace Staal with him, but John Moore definitely should be replaced by Brady Skjei.

  68. Well, only 60 minutes, but Diaz looks like a worthy addition for the playoffs. ALSO, keep a defenseman on the PP point! If you use Richie, put him low.

  69. ooo MSL will make up for this in insuing games. He’s trying real hard, feeling the pressure of these great expectations and mmaybe holding his stick too hard. He’s really a team player

  70. Papa, with some of these ‘interviews’ I can see why Bobby Knight threw chairs. “What’s your favorite color?”

  71. Diaz could be a good replacement for Stralman if Stralman refuses to re-sign or wants too much or if we choose not to re-sign him or if Sather grows a brain re-signs him and then trades him at the draft for a 3rd rounder or something.

  72. Rangers with second fewest goals against in the conference. Not too shabby for a “soft” team

  73. jpg was foaming at the mouth when Stepan iced the puck during the pp at the end of the game and lost several faceoffs. Good save though step, with open net goal.

  74. Anybody else sick of having players named “Marty” on the team? Makes me want to puke to be honest.

  75. Melonhead Daneyko says Rangers beat Philly if they meet in playoffs because of Henrik factor. Like to hear that.

  76. “Jagr crying…poor baby. Buy another puppy.”

    it is tears of joy realizing that he doesn’t have to play for free in the playoffs.

  77. “Rangers with second fewest goals against in the conference. Not too shabby for a “soft” team”

    Keep in mind all the goals we let up in those first 9 games, too.

  78. “Or even John Moore.”

    you are right it is so hard to replace the great John Moore, oh wait Diaz just did and we gut a shutout against a team desperate for a win.

  79. “Rangers with second fewest goals against in the conference. Not too shabby for a “soft” team”

    soft team has nothing to do with good goaltending and good PK and overall defensive game.

  80. Henrik is one tough, competitive, brass-knuckle SOB. You just don’t notice so much because I think he was brought up good.

  81. Just caught up. Wow! Defensive clinic and Hank there when needed. Nash great in all three zones. Pouliot hitting everyone. Diaz even fitting in and looks good on the PP.

    Be nice if the Flyers lost, but a happy weekend otherwise.

  82. Yup Diaz is a “keeper” especially after his giant body of work that includes one whole game…
    I remember MDZ had a couple “keeper” games too….good grief folks!

  83. Robby Bonfire on

    Re MSL’s age 38 – I am in disbelief that, in the good ole days when times were hard, I used to complain about the annual 34-year old pick-up by the “master” horse trader on our side. Any waiver wire over 40’s out there today, just so “The Master” can yet prove another point?

    And remember, those who cannot play can “mentor” (my favorite prissy word) in the clubhouse. Where all the rookies (how many do we have, anyway?) gather around for “inspiration” and their pre-game sugar doughnut hit, all the while being careful not to step on the team logo.

    Just think, there is ONE G.M. from here to Mars who would throw in valuable draft choices in exchange for a 38-year old, and he is OURS!!!! And then come out to the presser and answer affirmatively when the prompted media lackey asks if THIS brilliant transaction puts this team in the Stanley Cup mix? (Canceling my Three Stooges F.C. membership – more laughs per minute right here.)

  84. 10 games left. 5 at home and 5 on the road.

    Games against: Phoenix, Philly, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Colorado, Ottawa, Carolina, Buffalo, and Montreal.

    I say Rangers win at least 7 out of the last 10.

  85. Call me when Brady Skeij or whatever his name is has even as many NHL games under his belt as Moore. Should only be another four or five years from now.

  86. Lost three minutes on the DVR. Didn’t see the Devils had a goal reviewed. Questionable?

  87. Interesting game and typical refereeing…at least it usually evens out and both coaches feel like jumping off the bench and throttling the zebra stripes. Gnash continues to play like he wants to wear the next *C*

  88. not delusional about Diaz
    but i did like a lot of what he did tonight
    especially on pp
    and didn’t really look like he was putting himself outta place in the d-zone

    hoping J Moore
    recovers ASAP
    if he waits a bit
    i would like to see Diaz play

  89. a Wolfpack Update
    from twitter:
    John Rosasco ?@JRNYR 10m
    Jesper Fast with 2-1-3, JT Miller 2 assts, Danny Kristo 1-1-2 and Oscar Lindberg with a goal in 4-2 HFD win.

  90. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Brady Shay is a first ballot HoF’er. Once he gets a uniform number, it will be raised to the rafters..

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