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  1. got carped
    and i’m sure i’m about to get carped again

    not delusional about Diaz
    but i did like a lot of what he did tonight
    especially on pp
    and didn’t really look like he was putting himself outta place in the d-zone

    hoping J Moore
    recovers ASAP
    if he waits a bit
    i would like to see Diaz play

  2. a Wolfpack Update
    from twitter:
    John Rosasco ?@JRNYR 10m
    Jesper Fast with 2-1-3, JT Miller 2 assts, Danny Kristo 1-1-2 and Oscar Lindberg with a goal in 4-2 HFD win.

  3. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Repost : Brady Shay is a first ballot HoF’er and once he gets a uniform number, it will be raised to the rafters…

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