Rangers at Blue Jackets … It’s Go Time!


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Game 71.blue jackets
Rangers at Blue Jackets.


It really is Go Time, as in, better get going. As in, now or never.

There is no such thing as a Must Win game with 11 left and so little room among the teams in the playoff race. But this is about as close as it gets, with a four-point swing (assuming there are no Bettman Losers’ Points handed out) in the equation.

The Rangers and Blue Jackets are tied for third in the Lesstropolitan at 78 points. The Rangers have the tiebreaker (regulation/OT wins) by two. Columbus has one game in hand, having beaten the Habs in Montreal last night while the Rangers were relaxing in Columbus.

Both teams trail second-place Philly by three, and the Flyers have the tiebreaker on both and a game in hand on the Rangers. (Philly visits the Garden Wednesday, after the Rangers play the Devils Saturday and Phoenix Monday).

Obviously finishing in the top three in the division is critical in that 2-3 will play in the first round of the playoffs, while the Lesstropolitan wild card gets a visit to Boston for a first-round pounding.

Rick Nash makes his first return to Columbus since the July, 2012 blockbuster that sent him to the Rangers. Of course you know the rest of the cast of former Blue Jackets and former Rangers (notably Brandon Dubinsky and Artem Anisimov) in tonight’s game. I suspect a lot of them, Nash included, to be especially fired up.

Derek Dorsett, a former Jacket, is apparently playing in a late lineup change, which means Daniel Carcillo would be prucha’d along with Justin Falk, Raphael Diaz and Ryan Haggerty as Alain Vigneault goes with the same lineup otherwise. Benoit Pouliot rejoined the team in Columbus after the birth of his daughter Thursday. Henrik Lundqvist starts in goal against Sergei Bobrovsky.

Other games that matter tonight: Carolina at Chicago (as if), Boston at Colorado (B’s can clinch  a playoff berth).

Games that matter tomorrow: St. Louis at Philadelphia (1 p.m.), Tampa Bay at Pitt (1 p.m.), Ottawa at Dallas (3 p.m.), Montreal at Toronto (7), Rangers at Devils (7), Carolina at Winnipeg (7, as if), Washington at San Jose (10:30).


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  1. Doogie’s got two yellow teeth, right in the front, where you don’t want them. Where’s Miller the Driller, the Cavity Filler?

  2. That’s because he thought Dorset called him a “freekin jerk” but it was really Carcillo.

  3. Jeff in South Dakota on

    Tampa fans gave MSL the stink-eye on the way outta town, that is why he can’t score, he’s cursed. Does anyone know a good witch doctor who can fix his mojo?

  4. Jeff in South Dakota on

    Almost time to go home and find out which TV feed I get tonight CBJ/Fox or MSG. CBJ/Fox are super homers.

  5. Huge game. The outcome tonight will tell us a lot about this team’s playoff destiny. They have to compete for 60 minutes tonight for me to actually get excited about another game after this. This is essentially a playoff game.

  6. Wilbuuuurrr getting some intravenous pre-game -fluids- LASIX in the training room.

  7. Remember all those highlight reel goals Nash used to score in a Columbus jersey? Remember getting excited about that kind of offensive firepower in our lineup? Yeah…

  8. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© on

    IT IS


    Lets do this!!!

    Lets gog gog oggo og googoogogo!!!



  9. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© on


    RANGES!!! Big game , Nash is gonna ROCK TONIGHT and be GOOD!!!


  10. If Dubinsky establishes the pace up front for his hockey club, is there any wonder why the Blue Jackets are middling club?

  11. ThisYearsModel on

    Good thing Brooks told us all what a great trader Sather is. Dubinsky, Anisimov and Tyutin look pretty good out there. I might have gotten the wrong impression.

  12. I think ya boys have shown up … May not win, but they’re not playng timid and they sure look desperate.

  13. unfortunately
    i have c’bus announcers
    so what happened that Pouliot really wanted that fight

  14. Good for Pouliot. Has a baby girl and sticks up for J Moore.

    Having a child has changed him.

  15. We have to pummel couple of dirty heads here, before leaving Columbus for good and sending good bye kiss to them in rearview mirror.

  16. Way too much standing around, and of course not being able to keep it in after the faceoff hurt too

  17. 4generations 4 cups on

    by my count, that was 4 cross ice passes attempted from richards to zuccarello. completely shameful.

  18. Hey. At least they had a fight. Other than that a fizzlingly soft offensive effort.

    Probably because this style of hockey is STUPID.

  19. awful
    power play

    WTF?!?!!? you’ve GOTTA SHOOT ON A 5 on 3
    instead of jerkin’ around and practicing your passing

  20. ThisYearsModel on

    THE now rides the pine in OT and on Rangers PP’s. Meanwhile, we get a full dose of Richards with zero production.

  21. I assume the call up would be Conor Allen to play the left side unless they want Diaz to get in there on his off side.


  22. So, no one at MSG Network is brave enough to tell Maloney [and Duguay] that it’s not ZuccarellA?

  23. I played golf with a guy for ten years who called a regular member Pizzuti, when his name was Pizzuto. Both Italian. Go figure.

  24. I must admit that Nash is way too often interfered with with no whistles. (with with?)

  25. No way Falk plays. Not in game shape . Has to be Diaz or Allen but highly unlikely call up. So duaz

  26. An American Werewolf In London on

    Zuccarello Zuccarella carpiniello Carpiniella Cinderella Tortorella Tarantella what a fella

  27. Four of the five leading scorers in Blue Jackets history have been in the Rangers organization.

  28. Ha, Dave says ‘If I were Nash, I’d go right to the crease and whack him one.’

  29. Are Brassard and DMoops getting double shifted? If not they should be. Stepan and Richards invisible ( except for lack of effort, mistakes by each)

  30. We are getting run over, wait until the real playoffs if we somehow survive. Sent Richie home….now

  31. Seriously, the difference between Nash playing with some motivation vs playing with none is amazing. Too bad we can’t face Columbus 82 games a season

  32. But Carp, the former Tampa Bay, veteran, experienced captain is making such a difference! (s)

  33. I think we’re back in “We should decline any and all PP opportunities” territory again.

  34. Saying it now when we lose 1-0 blame the game in all the blown pp. nothing else is relevant.

  35. That stick to the face did *not* feel good…if we don’t finally score on the pp here, we deserve to lose.

  36. Hey let’s pass it around a bit, flirt with a shorty breakaway n nobody both to get in front for 2 min

  37. 4generations 4 cups on

    soooo…blood on the call, no 4 minutes for the rangers.

    what the vulc is going on in this vulcan game? its vulcan annoying.

  38. An American Werewolf In London on

    Now I see why Asham was the only Ranger on Lindsay Lohan’s list

  39. If this game tonite doesn’t convince sather buy out Richie I don’t why else to say.

  40. Have we had any rebound opportunities in this game at all? No one’s willing to go to the front of the net for whatever reason. Tons of perimeter play.

  41. An American Werewolf In London on

    Had laughing so hard in the luxury suite that two old pieces of pepperoni just flew out of his moustache

  42. 4generations 4 cups on

    when pouliot is the best forward on the team night in and night out, its a big issue.

  43. Hockey game old rules: you don’t score on multiple choices – opponent scores on you. Book it!

  44. How about if Nash played with this much spirit and intensity night in and night out?? Ridiculous how big the difference is.

  45. Bob Rovsky with the ax earlier then swiping the stick away when he went to pick it up. Emotion.

  46. I agree manny, Nash jumped out of the way and got hit into the net. Refs have too much power.

  47. It’s all Refs fault – when didn’t penalized Bob for terrible cut Nash in 1st

  48. It’s Ok, Manny.

    This may be as close as we get to playoff intensity this year.

    It’s exciting and sometimes we miss things.

    I’ve missed Stepan and Richards all game.

  49. We finally crash the net, we get a no goal call and are shorthanded. Watch, no one’s going to go near the crease for the rest of the game now.

  50. An American Werewolf In London on

    Mr and mrs manny blogging together is about as romantic as it gets… They’ll be together until 100

  51. Manny 2 min for missing the most exciting series in 3 weeks. Serve it and get a helmet on and get back in there.

  52. How can you get hit and turtle? That’s all I ask. If you get hit you don’t have to fight the guy, but take his damn number and make him pay.

  53. ThisYearsModel on

    That ref waved off that goal vehemently, with great joy. Then played to the crowd by putting nash in the box and no one else. NHL reffing is disgraceful.

  54. I want Carsillo – The King of annoyance here in 3rd, nobody else can polish their ugly faces so nasty.

  55. what other fabricated excuse is the refs going to come up with to stop the rangers from scoring goals. The NHL is a joke.

  56. Is this the Nash we are supposed to be getting every night?

    Did Something Happen on the Way to the -Forumn- Garden?

  57. An American Werewolf In London on

    I can’t wait until the end of this episode when those meddling kids unmask these evil refs

  58. If we had Cally, we’d be sitting alone. In 2nd. Breathing down the neck of the Penguins.

  59. ThisYearsModel on

    I am sure fans of every team feel this way, but these screw jobs on goals are getting old.

  60. Long as we have so many non-goal scorers, may as well sit someone and play Dorsett and CarProblems and at least make our presence felt.

  61. They need a proper quick review. Refs get way too much wrong. Maybe rightful so because the game is ultra quick, but still putting a call like that solely on an on ice official is obviously not working. Who cares about the pace of the game compared to getting calls correct.

  62. Admiral Akbar on

    I’m soooo tired of these freaking goal/non-goal calls going against the Rangers.

    That “waived off” goal was PANSIFIED!

  63. Admiral Akbar on

    Salmon Dave:

    “There might be a house for sale in Columbus, belonging to Rick Nash!”

  64. Not first.

    Put Dorsett on Nash’s line! Someone should challenge Calvert there in place of Nash

  65. Hank asleep at the wheel, daydreaming about his Rock Star future with Johnny MacEnroe.

  66. Breaks his stick just to add to the insult tonite….btw trade Nash n Step show a highlight tonite n be done. Thank you McMonster

  67. We’re lucky that CBJ doesn’t have a goon because Nash would be dead. This team has showed some grit here but we can’t have Nash in the box for 5.

    We need a big body.

  68. I’ll keep complaining about toughness until this team has someone we don’t mind sending to the box for 5+ minutes.

    We need Bickel and screw you guys for calling me insane. Blah blah blah. Physicality overcomes speed.

    Can Klein remember how to fight?

  69. Here’s another complaint: our superstar player with a history of concussions just had to fight. No one came over to take his side on the face off. Thanks Kreider.

  70. Nash has shown up… Hank has been there…. Any other big money players performing tonight?

  71. An American Werewolf In London on

    Nash needed the seven minutes to stop his pea brain from rattling around in his head- his brain is like a velociraptor

  72. Great game that should be 2-1…these calls against the Rangers really border on absurd, over and over again. It really is a joke.

  73. Admiral Akbar on

    I’d rather have Nash play with some fire and get into a fight than play that indifferent perimeter garbage he usually plays.

  74. Manny,

    you owe Kreider a pass after falsely accusing him of pinky warfare before when he was in fact engaged in rag doll activities with Anisimov.

  75. ThisYearsModel on

    Glad to see Martin St. Louis’ clutchness washing over the Rangers. Oh, and Bickel sucks.

  76. what i’ve noticed about MSL since he joined our team is that he has some major problems handling the puck. Anybody else noticed that?

  77. An American Werewolf In London on

    My big boy pants don’t fit
    Does the NHL sell Rangers MuMus?

  78. Carp
    please ask Staal
    why he (almost) always
    does that……….waits for opponent
    to be on top of him before moving the puck???

  79. My feed went blank! Lame. Heck of a game, great to see Nash with the confidence to throw em.

  80. StrahlaMan is racking up the assists. I’d rather he work on his checking and hit like a man! Hip check success rate is pretty low

  81. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Brassard in the room after the 2nd.

    “get on my shoulders boys, I’m carrying you home”

  82. Admiral Akbar on

    Of Dubinsky, AA, Callahan, Tyutin, Gaborik:

    It’s Dubi that I miss most on the Rangers

  83. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Might as well place your bets tomorrow….

    Rangers 5
    Devils 0

    GWG Brassard.

    *I see hear dead people*

  84. For me, it would have to be Callahan I miss the most. Thanks for saving a goal Girardi!

  85. The boys wanted to get the win for Nash. I wish they had a “good” reason every night to play hard and fight for the win!

  86. Nash better play like this from now on….what the hell is with him showing so much emotion all of a sudden?

  87. ThisYearsModel on

    Must admit………surprisingly gutsy effort by the Rangers tonight. They are no longer as soft as Charmin. They have been upgraded to that sandpaper like TP you get at Wal Mart.

  88. Good win, nice to see some passion by the blueshirts. Nash worked hard, deserved that goal.

  89. Keep in mind if Columbus wins game in hand rangers have more Row. Essentially 3 pts ahead not 2.

  90. Admiral Akbar on

    Carp — great point. Henrik would’ve been tossed off the Ledge if he blew it like Bobby V(ez) did.

  91. Carp right on about the goalies and you may be more of a pest than Linesman….3rd best blogger:)

  92. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    On the plane home Captain Brassard addresses the team:

    Captain Brassard – “boys, I’m scoring a Hattie tomorrow. Our work has only begun. Let’s go hard for 60 minutes. This one is for e3….let’s do it for him”

  93. Admiral Akbar on


    “Columbus fans made a huge mistake by booing Nash. This stunned Nash, got him upset, engaged, and the Ranger team followed.”

  94. ThisYearsModel on

    You are so right CARP. Rangers scored 3 on 6 shots in the 3rd. Henrik would be skewered up here if it were a loss.

  95. It’s not Nash’s and Pouliot’s first career fights. Dont overreact. They fought when they needed to fight. I dont understand why Carcillo hasnt fought in 2 months though.

  96. Admiral Akbar on

    So….. I ask again:

    If you are offered Nash for Dubi and AA, do you make the deal???? ;)

  97. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Papa – see my prediction last night. I saw this game before it was played

    *I know dead people*

  98. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ricardo – back page of the post…

    Brassard – “We will win Tonight”

  99. Eddie, if that’s true, you need to share more betteror.

    There is a lot of $$$ to be made.

    We’ll be filthy rich!!!!

  100. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Every morning at the rink, you’d see him arrive
    Stood 6ft 1 weighed 205
    Kind of broad at shoulder narrow at the hip
    Everyone knew you’d give no lip

    To D. Brassard

  101. Admiral Akbar on

    Car-sillo will now be Prucha’d until someone gets hurt. Dorsett was great tonight.

  102. Admiral, some clown on twitter was badgering me that it was a boring game when it was 0-0. Goals are all that matters, he said over and over.

  103. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Brassard skates hard scores big goals
    Likes to hit the bong, smoke some bowls
    Game winners are his thing
    Wears gold chains, loves his bling

  104. Admiral Akbar on


    That clown has no concept of the passion, beauty, intensity, and spirit of our game.

    That clown has led to corked basball bats, PED use, DH rule, 3 point lines, 2-point conversions, Bettman manufactured shoot-outs, etc. unfortunately, most people are clowns.

  105. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    I don’t think Slats is buying out Richards. Just a hunch. An ugly, sickening hunch.

  106. Dugay is entering chico resch, butch goring territory. Dugay makes really stupid comments.

  107. Eddie,

    He never knew my name
    He never knew my name
    Though I never met him,
    I knew him just the same
    Oh he was a friend of mine

  108. Yea I think he did, Carp. I know he fought several times with Columbus. He’s a big boy. If Crosby, Malkin and Ovechkin can fight there’s no reason he cant. Not against McGrattan though

  109. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Pass the puck to captain brassard
    Bangs home winners, shoots real hard
    Skates like the wind, faster than light
    Opposing goalies freeze in fright

    The other team knows brassard is the man
    Trying to stop him is their plan
    He will score against their best
    Flying at the goals like bees from a nest

  110. Carp has an autographed napkin from Bobby Kennedy which he might let go in return for a 5 year full membership at Winged Foot and 2 dozen Pro V 1’s.

  111. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    “I’d rather see a 72 year-old Pete Rose than #19.”

    Pete Rose: “I bet you would…”

  112. Nash to teammates:

    If you’ll be my bodyguard
    I can be your long lost pal
    I can call you Betty
    And Betty when you call me
    You can call me Al

  113. @PLeonardNYDN

    Lundqvist funny explaining how he didn’t skate down becuz Bobrovsky had moved out of melee. “Not tonight,” he said. “Lucky him.” (Smiles)

  114. Brassard, Brassard.
    You play the game so hard.
    You shoot….
    We hoot…..
    A smile, then a jump
    You give AV a Lump.
    Brassard, Brassard
    You play the game so hard.

  115. @stevezipay

    Nash on spark 4 Calvert fight: “Probably the 2 cross-checks to the head, the slew-foot and that he said he’s going with me and doesn’t care”

  116. Dugay and Pidto,
    I saw them in pink speedos.
    There eyes had a glow,
    A curl in their toe.
    Like pink Swans,
    Prancing on a pond.
    Dugay and Pidto,
    I saw them in pink speedos.
    I closed my eyes,
    I clenched my jaw
    And wished I was Kansas.

  117. What are all those banners out there hanging from the rafters, four for every playoff game the past ten years?

  118. ThisYearsModel on

    That LSD and coke from former days has permanently affected Duguay’s brain. Clearly numerous neurons have turned into morons.

  119. BTW # 4

    My 10:03 and 10:12 are owned by Pbear Publishing at Blow the Horn LLC.

    All rights reserved. Therefore, reproduction, modification, storage in a retrieval system or retransmission, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical or otherwise, for reasons other than personal use, is strictly prohibited without prior written permission.

  120. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Brassard Brassard he’s our man
    I cheer him on while on the can
    Dump and chase is the plan
    Pinched a loaf Black and Tan

  121. “Future Captain Daniel Girardi saves the game.”

    Makes up for him standing in the crease watching Pizza Pizza score with 7.7 seconds left in game 5 in 2007.

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