Another day of scoreboard watching


I’m guessing that for you guys, about the best part of this time of year is that pretty much every night, whether your team is playing or not, there are games that greatly interest you.

A bunch of teams who have them will be burning one of their games-in-hand on the Rangers tonight, as the Rangers relax in Columbus and wait for the Blue Jackets while the Blue Jackets do battle in Montreal.

Click here for a quick look at the strength of remaining schedules for the Leastern Conference teams, from

Games that matter tonight:

Columbus at Montreal, Minnesota at New Jersey, Dallas at Philadelphia, Tampa Bay at Ottawa, Pittsburgh at Detroit,  Washington at Los Angeles.

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  1. Nothing will break right.
    If caps win another game tonight on California trip it’s a winning trip regardless what happens in San Jose Saturday.

  2. Canucks pitched a shutout last night….just wondering if Torts has applied yet for medical marijuana to calm his nerves..if not..the next stage we will see himon is Dancing with the Stars….ladies and gentlemen it’ John Torterella and his partner with a Paso Doble! The reviews would be as follows:

    Bruno: John, you sexy beast, Such passion…such style…you have got to control you passion a bit more….I thought you were going to slay the crowd.

    Len: Well done, Torts..but your not holding your lines…try holding your lines throughout the performance and you can become quite the star.

    Carrie Ann: wow…I thought you nailed it…and I love you wearing a little leather bikini with a matching cape…just want to caution is ok to take a swig of water after the performance…but tossing your waterbottle at our audience…ia a no no no…you got that bad boy image like our last Miraball winner…Sean Avery. In should use his performance here as a guide to success…..

  3. All teams that “need” to lose tonight win.

    Rangers clown it up tomorrow night.

    over and out.

  4. I’ve been to Columbus many times. The Rangers must be bored out of their skull. I hope the boredom doesn’t lull them to sleep. Not the best place to spend a couple of off days.

  5. Stranger Nation on

    Bonehead Relative Glass Meter..

    Eric: No Glass needed, we suck
    ILB: Glass is full…all is well
    Nanny: Glass is made of metal
    Wicky: Glass needs playable toughness
    Eddie x3: Hash under the glass
    NYR_FAN: Shot glass for MZA
    Rod: Glass is being traded for a bowl
    Mama: Can’t find glass…in a hurry…ta-ta
    Papa: Glass full of the Dew
    Coos: Glass is ironic
    SeeDubb: Glass is half full
    WildPlaces: Glass needs filling
    One Cup: Glass will never be another Cup
    Tommyg: Glass is broken, but I already told you that
    Miami Pimp: THE glass looks great

    Charp: Glass has no Ranger Logo and is neither full nor empty…it just is

  6. Rangers and caps will go down to final weekend of season for last wild card spot and a trip to boston.

  7. I got some fancy earplugs made by Etymotic Research. Here is a line from their “tips” section: “Moistening the tip will ease insertion”

  8. Good morning all! rangerj and Stranger, those were brilliant!

    I’m spending time this weekend with my Boston-bred cousin. He’s killing me…..

    Ok, gotta run, TA!

  9. Lack was not whack last night, making saves behind his back, stopping the Preds attack, they couldn’t score jack, who hasn’t seen Lindsay Lohan’s rack?


  10. _we really should have had a caption contest with that photo_

    Rangers are coming on strong!!!

  11. I like the idea that Columbus has a hard game on the road tonight, in a tough building to win. Then have to fly home and play the rested Rangers.

    Table is set for a 4 pt WIN !!!

  12. If we had a caption contest with that photo all of the responses would be NSFRR (Not Safe for Rangers Report)

  13. Re: Tony – He’s still in Rehab. Doing better, slowly. He’s also taking classes at a college to get some mental stuff back. He’s going to start working out at a gym soon. Also, his dog died.

  14. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on


    Photo caption…
    Dubi “ok glen, I’m ready for my contract offer”

  15. Are you admitting you don’t know when to properly use “for” in addition to “by/from”?

  16. Slow day here. Everyone have your Billion Dollar Bracket in?

    Crazy story over here. ND plays Oklahoma tonight in the big tournament, and the local cable company doesn’t have the station it’s going to be played on. Can’t imagine how full the Bars will be tonight :)

  17. Glass is always full, even when it empty. Deep…
    Rangers always win, even when lose. Philosophical…

  18. Fargo (ND State) beats Oklahoma tonight. Book it.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they win the next game as well.

  19. Dubby: “Could you, damn, keep some distance?…and take you stick off, will ya?!”

  20. Rob in Beantown on

    The best thing about Manhattan College is that it’s in the best borough, and it’s not Manhattan :)

  21. Rob in Beantown on

    New York Rangers @NYRangers
    #NYR practice underway in Columbus…All players taking part except for Benoit Pouliot who is back in New York for personal reasons

    Pouliot out?

  22. Rob in Beantown on

    He’s in New York. You can’t possibly get from New York to Columbus in 36 hours. It’s impossible.

  23. That Dubi photo reminds me that Anson said that one of the Rangers “had eyes behind the back of his head.” Guess they’re either on stalks or they float. Could be a large asset come playoff time unless Chara grabs them.

  24. Strange!
    And, Seee, ‘that’s why you wear the O’ lol
    All yiz guys are too funny today.

  25. The only baseball players I want on my team are David Wright, Mariano Rivera, and Pete Rose.

  26. A little late but, today’s *Metal* selection is from the band *Woods of Desolation*. Their new album is entitled _As The Stars_ and has been compared to both *Deafheaven* and *Alcest*. Thus, with comparisons like that, the album has been criticized by the harder, entrenched *Metalheads* as being, specifically and detrimentally, *NOT* Metal.

    My assessment of the album is that *Woods of Desolation* are in fact a metal band, perhaps overly influenced by the Southern French *Black Metal* scene as well as some more groovey, shoe-gazey type tracks coming out of North America.

    All in all, *Woods of Desolation* create an emotional album that is, at it’s core, *Black Metal* albeit a bit atmospheric and light at times.

    Stream the album in its entirety here:

  27. You gotta love this tough sport and people in Hockey’s Organizations and what they do on and off ice!

  28. CARP, are you trying to drive me and the insightful, strictly hockey related comments I provide away from this blog?

  29. *FROM TONY*

    Thanks [Manny], tell the blog heads I said hi and refresh, refresh, refresh!!!

  30. Nash unusually loquacious. If Cally was “too young to be Captain,” McDonuts being named would drive #19 to drink Hemlock.

  31. _Nash unusually loquacious. If Cally was “too young to be Captain,” McDonuts being named would drive #19 to drink Hemlock._


  32. Interesting question, Sioux, re: Dorsett. The guy plays his heart out. Can only figure they’re giving Carcillo such a long look because he comes so much cheaper than Dorsett and one of them will probably go, eventually. Sad-ish.

  33. Is something rotten in the Nashville Kingdom?
    Is Saint Louis never talked to his disciples about bringing him more ammunition to shoot?
    Is B.Richards career of moving puck will end in P.C. Richards Moving Department?
    Is MZA missing MDZ more than MSL missed BRich?

  34. In his defense, Dorsett’s last full season with Columbus, he did pot 12 goals, 2 on the PP, and chipped in with 235 PIM’s in addition to wearing an ‘A’.

  35. P.C. -Brad- Richards – “Superior Service before, during, and after the sale.”

  36. Either car is not moving or Stepan is in even bigger violation not wearing a seat-belt.
    Another version – both of them are on a back seat of this coupe. Amnesty to PoolOut anyway.

  37. It’s Eric Christensen … that photo was taken in Cancun prior to a Mayan Astronomers game … seatbelt usage is optional in Mexico.

  38. Whoever he is, Manny, def. not worth BOLD CAPITALS. Unidentified violator (or not), who happened to be with our most mocked, salary-friendly “offender”.

  39. LOL, Stranger.
    It’s either me or you, but I always find your posts delicately, but sexually charged.

  40. Just saw bettman dining w shanny and another i didnt know at langans on 47th st.
    Gary likes a corner seat by the wall with the bigger guys shielding him.

  41. Never play pool for money against a man who has green fingertips and carries a square of billiard chalk in his pocket along with the small change.

  42. Since the NHL is tax exempt, (ridddle me that!), Buttman no doubt presents the server with a government issued ID tax-exempt lunch coupon.

  43. Rob in Beantown on

    New York Rangers @NYRangers
    AV says he does not plan any lineup changes tomorrow, though did add that Benoit Pouliot is in New York still following birth of baby girl

    Pouliot had a *baby*?

  44. It wasn’t against *YOU* Stranger. It was more about how Stepan would never have a cool forearm tattoo.

  45. Though we have a PILE of differences, Graves, no reason we can’t HAMMER them out before my NAP.

  46. Rob in Beantown on

    All these kids being born really makes me question this team’s *commitment* and *focus*

  47. I’ll bet she’s a cute little nugget. Have to enjoy it now because someday she’ll want to spread her wings.

  48. Stranger Nation on

    Nash interview – he definitely says all the right things. Hard to believe he feels pressure playing here.
    May want to release some of that pressure by checking an opposing player once every third game.

    My guess is they all feel the NY pressure and then see Dolan has kept on the Wizard for so long, they must not care about winning.

    Richards 2nd year: Out of shape
    Nash 2nd year: Looks out of shape – possible pass with concussion
    Gabby 2nd year: 22 goals

  49. Rob in Beantown on

    I wonder why nobody has tried to shorten Ohio State’s name to just ‘THE’

  50. Jody Miles, traded by Philthy two years ago, returns to City of Brotherly Love. Frequent Flyer Miles.

  51. Is there a Knickerbocker alive or dead who knows what a Knickerbocker is? (maybe we’ll leave out Bill Bradley) :)

  52. Coos – isn’t it a descendant of Dutch in New York: somebody descended from the early Dutch settlers of New York. Perhaps they all wear the ol golf knickers.

  53. Sioux – yeah, ‘Fatha’ Knickerbocker. Made famous by Washington Irving (local boy makes good). Irving is still a joy to read when one is finished with all his household chores.

  54. Kind of bummed. I have NCHC Frozen Faceoff tickets to the for the Sioux this weekend, and will have to drive to it tomorrow. I hate the traffic in the cities when its glare ice.

  55. Olga Folkyerself on

    Jody Miles, traded by Philthy two years ago, returns to City of Brotherly Love.

    They are Miles ahead of us…

  56. Rob in Beantown on

    I’m driving up to Maine tomorrow for the Division III Frozen Four. It’s supposed to snow up there Saturday. Should be fun!

  57. Wow, sad story, Rob, but not totally unexpected. Now that he’s gone, I actually root for the poor guy.

  58. when I say ‘poor,’ at 3 mil a year, he’s hardly that. I think this is his RFA year. He’d better pick it up, and quickly.

  59. Manny I fly out early Wednesday morning!

    So if you and the wife want to go out for dinner Thursday or Friday let me know.

    I’m not sure if we got tickets to Jimmy Fallon or not.

  60. The 26th! I thought it was the 16th. Sorry! I will have a new jacket to impress you with by then!

  61. Rangers / Flyers – our seats are right behind Mason!

    My fantasy goalie, so I can watch the Blueshirts score 1st and 3rd periods. I was hoping VandeVelde would be playing with the Flyers, but I think he got sent back down when Rinaldo returned. He was a Fighting Sioux, and a local kid from our Fargo/Moorhead area.

    Here’s hoping he gets a game. Too bad Danny Boy, couldn’t get a call up.

  62. Poor MEZ (no D in Del Zotto, right Stranger). He’s gotten worse? Misses Zucc, wicked bad.

  63. Klien +1 in 18 games, with 4 points. But our defense is ALOT better on the right side.

    DZ – -5 in 18 games, with 3 pts. And now a healthy scratch.

    Safe to say we got the better end of this deal.

  64. Nice to have a strong 2nd pair Defenseman in Klein, and under contract for 4 more years. MDZ might not get resigned in Nashville if he’s a healthy scratch.

    Nice win for Slats.

  65. Got to laugh at AV getting questioned about McDonagh after practice.

    “How Montreal must still be shaking their heads”

    Great stuff. And to think they got Gomez in return.


  66. Who knew Del Zotto would be a “bust”, his first year showed a lot to look forward to. But not so much after.

    But Sather traded up to a better defenseman with more experience. Nashville traded on HOPE & Upside, it will be interesting if they sign him in the off season.

  67. This teams track record at drafting d-men has been such crap.

    Sanguinetti, Del Z, McIlrath. Pass up on some great talent with those three picks.

    Don’t know much aboot Brady Skjei, but I’m not very confident.

  68. McDonagh has to be the next Captain don’t you think.

    Age 24 – signed to a long term deal, and I highly doubt they would ever let him go.

  69. I still think Staal gets the C next. Though I think McDonagh could be a great captain and will probably be eventually. He couldn’t be a bad choice right now.

  70. Orr – Sauer could have been the real deal.

    You’ll like Skjei, he looks a lot like McDonagh did in college. As much as I hate the Gophers, he has looked really good for them. I could see him playing one more year than making the jump. He could take Stralmans spot if they don’t resign him.

  71. Coos, that was pretty good. Love Mel Brooks. Shocked to think the movie was made 45 years ago.

  72. I don’t think Sour would have been the “real deal”. Definitely a solid 3rd pair guy though. Sticks up for his teammates.

    I do miss him though, that’s for sure.

    I don’t think he was a first rounder though.

  73. I was wondering if the Rangers would offer the C to Staal upon signing his next contract, it would be a nice list to put your name on don’t you think?

  74. Orr – I liked him a lot. He was tough to play against. 2nd or 3rd pair he could have played both. Then you add in the Grit factor, that was just a bonus.

    If only his helmet would have stayed on.

  75. What do folks think about JD and the job he did with St Louis and now Columbus?

    Do you think he would be an upgrade over Sather?

    Do you think he would ever be interested in coming back to NY as president/GM?

  76. I would love that Matt. Seems to me he’s done a dandy job with those teams.

    …. But any change would be welcome.

  77. MDZ isn’t a bust. He is a product of an organization that doesn’t know how to develop top offensive talent. The Rangers are a bust. He was drafted to be a PP specialist and offensive d-man. He played with Stamkos and Tavares in junior and was great. He was rushed into the NHL at 19 and performed very, very well. Super talented. Expectations were too high in the sophomore season and his confidence was shot. 2012 was his best season with 10 goals and 40+ points for the best team in the conference. It was remarkable how well he played in 2012 after how poorly he played in 2011. The last 14 months have been a big struggle. I think the lockout and Torts firing are big reasons why he sucked so bad.

  78. I thought he was great for us at times. Feel bad for the kid. Clearly the talent was there. Immaturity was always a problem, though.

  79. Everytime he touches the puck, Carp. Man, I only wish that Parise signed with NYR. Could you imagine?

  80. They could also have Dubinsky, Anisimov and that first-rounder, plus Erixon. That would be a worse roster than the current one.

  81. And, who knows what *would of* happened with Gaby. He *might of* not been trade bait.

  82. Never really listened to them, ORR, but considering how they run the rest of their organization, I’m not surprised.

  83. Is Cally’s value dropping as we speak? He should have grabbed the 6×6..this will be sitting on his head for the rest of the season…and then some!

  84. Does JD take a shot at Cally? Columbus vs Buffalo…there are worse choices…not many..but there must be some

  85. What a freaking surprise just walk in the door from work. And to know avail I see what I said at 600 this morning, we will get no help. I’m so glad I didn’t waste three hours in agony tonite over these outcomes.

    To carp and the rest if you who see the bright side it’s over. Been saying it for last two weeks. Rangers set a sinking ship that will not get breaks night in and night out. Occasionally maybe but nog enough to get us in.

    Turn out the lights and tomorrow the jackets can put us out of our misery.

    Goodnight all

    Enjoy watching 4-1 caps later.

  86. Like the stock market…a sudden turn for the better…I shorted his stock…when it was MSL I should have shorted…harumph! Still trying to figure why one would head to Buffalo…Duff’s wings? Ted’s hotdogs? Niagara Falls? Anchor Bar wings? Struggling here…fast escape to Canada when Putin sends his troops over?

  87. If the president revokes all Russian visas..I think the Rangers are good with this…right…only Russian on the team is Bradovitch Ricardov aka Brad Richards! Goodbye Malkin-Ovechkin-

  88. Deboer looks like he should be saying,” Quantas, yeah..Quantas..never crashed..yeah..never crashed!

  89. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    Ladies and gentlemen, your hanging-by-a-thread, playoff pretender New York Rangers.

  90. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    Just to complete my run of luck for the evening, I went into a convenience store and gave the clerk ten dollars. When he asked if I wanted quick picks, I said, “No” and walked out.

  91. BJackets just took the lead with 4 minutes left on a steal and breakaway goal by Ryan Johansen. At least if Columbus wins I feel good for JD. Don’t think I could ever feel happy for the Flyers winning, unless it eliminated the Caps as I am stuck here in bandwagon DC.

  92. Gotta relax..take the Esa Tikkanen approach..loses game 6 and cant wait to play game 7…we will win our way into the playoffs..we are not backing in! We got Hank–Mc Monster…the other Girardi…and a Staal…what more do we need? Oh yeah..THE KREIDER!

  93. I’m glad I wasn’t around most if the night to watch these games. All these teams play with desperation we don’t. Carolina Minnesota game were despicable.

  94. Eric, superstition says you have to bet Carp the hot dogs for the Rangers to get in.

    *Eric please….BET THE FREEKIN HOT DOGS*

  95. Yes carp hot dogs. Sure .

    I respect you carp but face reality after watching what transpired tonight how can you even say we have same compete level as these teams. I didn’t watch at all tonite. It’s evident in scoreboard.

    These teams will win more games down the stretch.

  96. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    Carp, still think the Rangers are better than the Flyers and Blue Jackets?


  97. What would this Ranger team look like if JD took some kind of management position within the organization sometime within the last 10 years?

  98. I’m beyond the mad rage Eric.

    It’s more like dejected feeling sorry for myself I root for this team. Reality setting in for this year

  99. Buffalo…they think Carrabas is Haute Cuisine there! Get there at 6PM on a Friday and the wait is hours!

  100. That loss against the Canes was brutal. The Sharks game they should have came away with a point, but these dopes couldn’t get one damn goal, regardless of that Toronto no goal. They had plenty of chances.

    The game against the Wild, another game they let slip away.

    OT loss to the Leafs. Big comeback, but they couldn’t get the extra point.

    Game against the Flyers. Another one where they’re down 2-0, come back, but let it slip away.

  101. 2nd place might be a little ambitious at this point, if they can win tomorrow the game against the Flyers next week will determine if they can finish 2nd. Wouldn’t even really mind finishing 3rd and facing the Flyers in round 1. They can easily split the first 2 games in Philly. Getting a little ahead of myself, at this time tomorrow night I could just as easily be totally disgusted. Maybe a loss tomorrow could be a valuable lesson learned in how to build a team.

  102. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Must noogie game

    No way to parise, so glad he didn’t sign here

    Love the clowe

  103. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    All the Columbus slurping here is really starting to make me hate that team!

  104. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Brassard – “I’m the captain of this team. I’ll lead the way. You boys follow me and we are going deep”

  105. At least MDZ can now get his Prucha’s roast beef sandwiches for $8.50. So, there’s a plus, right there.

  106. Nash: “I don’t read the papers. I shooda studied better when I was little and getting good.”

  107. World’s ships and planes should arrive at floating debris sometime after Spring Training ends or April 10th, whichever comes first.

  108. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Carp – I watched Neal closely tonight. That tool could get a penalty on every shift…some 5 minute majors….

  109. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    One of these days, Neal is gonna be on the receiving end of a nice cross check to the noodle…put him out of 60 games…pinhead deserves it…

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