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1) Guess they don’t suck today. Or don’t suck as much.

2) Seriously, an unsightly win is much better than a near-perfect loss. The Rangers played so much better in their 1-0 loss Sunday than they played in Kanata Tuesday. The difference was in the goaltenders — the two Ottawa goalies stunk it up — and that Ottawa is a team going down the toilet despite tons of skill. Don’t defend, take huge risks, turn over the puck.

New York Rangers v Ottawa Senators3) And I’m not taking anything away from the Rangers’ offense. Because once Rick Nash stole the puck and scored that beaut of a short-hander, the Rangers began to finally put pressure on Lehner, who had coughed up a giant furball in the final three minutes and OT in Montreal Saturday. Before that, they didn’t get nearly enough pressure on him, and some of that was due to bad penalties in the first period.

4) On the other end, yeah, Henrik Lundqvist probably would have preferred to have a little tidier game for his record-breaking 302nd victory. I’m not sure how the long 1-0 goal got in, if it was tipped or if there was a screen, but Lundqvist probably wanted that one back. After that, while it was close especially, I thought Lundqvist was very sharp. He had zero chance on the 2-1 goal. That all said, Lundqvist knows the importance of these games, and the competitor he is and the team-first guy he is, I’m sure he wouldn’t care if it was 8-7 as long as his team had the eight. And when he pulls away past 400 and 500 wins the next seven years, he won’t care a bit that this was a tad unsightly.

5) Good get by MSG Network to interview Mike Richter post-game. Always nice to remember the type of thoughtful, humble gentleman who won the franchise’s only Cup in the last 74 years. Except for the fact that he could wear down the battery in your recorder with a single answer, he was always a wonderful interview.

6) I do think the Rangers running around in their own end is disturbing a bit, if only because they have done it in quite a few games since the Olympic break, and it has cost them some goals for sure.New York Rangers v Ottawa Senators

7) By the way, for all the garbage Glen Sather took around here the last few days — and I am not defending him at all — some of his signings last summer have worked out pretty darn well: Pouliot and Dominic Moore. Trades for Carcillo and Klein have helped. Just saying.

8) And I know there are people on both sides of the Marian Gaborik trade and the return Sather got, especially now that Derek Dorsett is a spare part. And I know that Derick Brassard has been inconsistent at best. But, man, the guy can play when he gets it together. Never mind the two goals. He was the only Rangers center, of the top three, to consistently go to the net and the dirty areas Tuesday. And in many games this season. He and Mats Zuccarello were fabulous.

9) So, as has been the case for a lot of this season, Brassard, Zuccarello and Pouliot were the three best Rangers forwards. Alain Vigneault might eventually realize that those three make up a better PP than Nash-Derek Stepan-Martin St. Louis. Then again, he might not.

10) Interesting night for Carl Hagelin, coming off two games in which he scored four goals (only three counted). He had the bad penalty, made a bad play on the PK after Pouliot’s bad penalty. Then made a fabulous play on the Brassard goal just after a power play ended and forced the turnover on the Pouliot goal. The best thing about it is he’s using his wheels again. And his hands.New York Rangers v Ottawa Senators

11) The Daily Nash-O-Meter. Pointing up again. Not that he was terrific. He had two shots on goal, both went in. On the rush, the guy is money. It’s just that he needs to produce more off offensive-zone play, and, well, he doesn’t do the things he needs to do to produce that. His shorty was an enormous goal, and the ENG, well, it put away a game that was, somehow, still not completely in the bag. I am really interested to see how he does in his first game back in Columbus — an enormous game in the standings, and against a goalie who’s about nine miles better than the two Senators keepers — Friday. Interested, too, in the emotions and performances of a lot of ex-Rangers and ex-Blue Jackets.

12) The Rangers’ defensemen had 16 shots on goal, including five each by Ryan McDonagh and John Moore. And, about McMonster? I just don’t know what else to say.

13) Ottawa’s power play ranked below the Rangers’ power play coming into the game. Yet Ron Duguay and Anson Carter in the studio hammered away about how good it is.

New York Rangers v Ottawa Senators14) Martin St. Louis. One shot on goal. Oh, well, if he does break out at some point, it will no doubt be in an important game now.

15) The Derek Stepan goal. Spin the wheel. There is no rule on kicked-in goals in 2013-14. Obviously. I’m not saying Stepan kicked it in or that it should have been disallowed. Just that, we’ve now seen how many goals almost identical to that one, and probably as many have been disallowed as allowed, and with no apparent rhyme or reason.

16) The out-of-town scoreboard sure made Tuesday an interesting night, didn’t it?

17) Wow. Bryan Murray traded Ben Bishop for Cory Conacher, who was then waived and picked up by Buffalo, I was reminded by youse last night. And how about the system of coach Teddy Roosevelt. Give him the Jack Adams Trophy again.

18) I could probably keep going about this circus-tent of a game, but there’s only so much space on the internets.

Games that matter tonight: Tampa Bay at Toronto.

My Three Rangers Stars:
1. Derick Brassard.New York Rangers v Ottawa Senators
2. Rick Nash.
3. Henrik Lundqvist.
Kenny Albert’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Derick Brassard.
2. Mats Zuccarello.
3. Rick Nash.
David Rosengarten’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Derick Brassard.
2. Mats Zuccarello.
3. Ryan McDonagh.
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Derick Brassard.
2. Mats Zuccarello.
3. Ryan McDonagh.

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  1. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© on

    Great write up Carp .

    You guys were on glue the other night saying you would trade Nash for AA straight up( Columbus) . Thats sick. I know the stars must be stars everynight or laddaa ladda everyones a goof player from Sather to Dolan to every dam player. The team loses games and yes we suck alot .Like Ive said many times …cry me a river and I’ll go swimming .Eric whinnes so bad I actually feel good? The team need our support as mad as you all get , me included. We show passion and a fan of the Oilers told me the other day that If we (The Oilers) had fans like your team (The Rangers) we wouldn’t be the sad sack team that we are. Them over there have all those draft picks ( alotta first rounders) and young players and everyone is miserble. They actually like Sather still . Oiler fans are jealous of our NYR passion. I love it!!! WE have ZERO draft picks and we have a two over-ages Tampa bay lightning stars leading the way…gotta love it!!! GO RAAAAAANGERS!!!

  2. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© on

    Oh btw The way the Gregarentee was spot on folks!!!

    3 posts in a row..a hattie!!!

  3. ThisYearsModel on

    Brassard was beastly, all night. Time to put Pouliot back with him. Put MSL with Nash and THE with our worst center, Brad Richards. THE can be the sniper on that line. McD is so coming into his own at the offensive end. Scott Gomez? Ben Bishop for Cory Conacher? Bryan Murray and Bob Gainey must be buddies.

  4. Daily Richards-o-meter…..he had the best assist of the night..but it was on Mihaleks goal…to go with two sweet between the legs passes to nowhere. Another fine example of why to BENCH him now to keep him healthy for the buyout. Addition by subtraction….now some folk dont like the plus-minus stat..and we know Richards plus-minus is ugly…but Dave Maloney sure brought it up talking about Karlsson and his -3 at some point in the 3rd…..and I think the stat tells me some of the story on this player!
    Once again Carp…stellar review…congrats to the King on 302…Richter would be closer to 350 with no ties IMO…but when you are headed to 400…. it really doesnt matter…as both goalies truely represent what we look for in a Ranger…just like Eddie G….what heart!

  5. you can direct the puck in … you just cant kick it in…

    the rules are pretty obvious. they have been perverted by some fools in Toronto this year.

    I have to admit… the signings of Pulliot, Zuccarello, and D. Moore have been awesome…….

    that means MSL is about to break out…right?

    Eight goals? that just proves there is some luck…. this team? eight goals? I watched it twice.

    Brassard? I never had a doubt…from the first day…… the guy has talent.

  6. Good morning, boneheads!

    2 points. Move on. But if they don’t improve their defense it won’t be pretty in Columbus.

    Second period, 5 minutes left, TV comes back from commercials. They show Carcillo bump Lehner. Dave Maloney says the Rangers are trying to get into Ottawa goaltender’s head. The score is 5-2 in less than 5 min. Probably coincidence, but boy is Dave Maloney good!

    Gotta go back and read The Go Time thread. How crowded was the ledge after Ottawa went up 1-0? 2-1? :-).

  7. bull dog line on

    if Stepan had made the poor pass that Boyle made leading to the first goal, it would have been numbers 1,2,and 3 in the review. but since it was Boyle, no mention at all. that is now 4 games in a row that Staal has been brutal by the way. no mention of him either.

  8. ilb2001, why didn’t someone bump Auntie Niemi on Sunday? Or crash into him? Several times? Last night – good game and good review, Carp! But Sunday was a game that they must learn how to win. They’re won’t be any Lehners in the playoffs.

  9. It is absolutely absurd that a NYR team coached by Ulf Samuellson can be so soft in the middle of their own zone.

  10. All good points, Carp…thanks for another great post-game review. A wild game that does not auger well for success against competitive teams…as noted by ilb and others, too many defensive lapses that would be fatal against a better team. And it’s the first day of spring tomorrow, time to come out of hibernation…send that horse out to stud now!

  11. Great review Carp. I was coming here to make those same 1st 2 points. We played MUCH MUCH MUCH better on Sunday night and got nothing to show for it. We played pretty bad (the game reminded me of the little streak after the opening road trip where we were winning but were making the mistakes that hurt us a bit later). They better tighten up for Friday’s game.

    Was really bummed Philly scored with 4 secs in OT. It would have been nice to hold them to only one point. Glad everyone else lost though.

  12. Oh, and I disagree about Hank. I think he’s fighting the puck again. I always know he’s on when he gobbles up pucks and there’s no rebounds. He seems to be having trouble freezing the puck and teams are getting second shots. Again, I thought he was MUCH better on Sunday. He wasn’t terrible, but he can, and WILL be better.

  13. Admiral Akbar on

    Philthy is looking scary.

    Sweep of Penguins and then coming back from 0-2 against Chicago?

    Is it just me or does Philthy looking like it deserve to be counted along with Pittsburgh and Boston as a top tier team from the Leastern Conf??

  14. Sioux-per-man on

    Carp, Carp, Carp, Carp, Carp, Carp

    What day is it?

    Always easier to get over HUMP DAY after a win!

    Nice to see the Rangers breakout, MSL can’t be too far behind.

    SIOUXper review! Extra Siouxp for you!

  15. McD joining the rush as much as he has over the past couple of months is great to see. Carp you are right a win is a win…but I still would like to see something out of Marty St. who???? I would think he would be more visible in this game.

  16. Good morning from the glorious beach all! Carp, I guess the needle on the daily ledge-o-meter was running pretty lately? LGR!

  17. Stranger Nation on

    MSL has had chances to score. It also has primary assists on 2 game winning goals

    There is just no balance to these lines – No jam

    Believe we had more hits last light than other recent games

  18. I hate to say this but Carcillo has been good. It made me smile that he and Boyle had a little laughter on the ice at the end of the game. I hope he’s fitting in with the team. I also wonder who D.Moore rooms with. I also wonder if Boyle was on a 3rd line would he score as much as his post-figure-skating-season?

  19. A little perspective on Hank/Richter convo. Yes, you have to consider OT/SO wins into that count, but: Richter- 301 wins over 13 seasons and 666 games. Hank- 302 wins during his 9th season and 564 games.

  20. “And Pouliot scores to make it 4 – 2!” “Yes, watch here how he takes the pu-” “Excuse me Dave, but while the Rangers are celebrating a big goal, we have to talk about Phil Jackson and the Knicks. I can’t wait to see what Phil does with the Knicks. The Knicks are going to be best team in basketball.” “Yes, you’re absolutely right, Sam. I can’t wait to watch that press conference tomorrow. It’s going to be really thrilling!”

  21. May have been talked about yesterday, but did anyone else get some of Dolan’s comments re: NYR? Wow, liked it better when he wasn’t talking to the media for years on years. Prit-eee Prit-eeee Pri-eeeee out of touch with anything that’s been going on with this club.

  22. In reference to #6 – Despite all the talk of AV’s man-to-man system, the Rangers look to be the same team they were under Torts.

    The forwards are not playing the point men, rather they are covering a spot on the ice – thus giving opponents free passes back to the defense. In turn, that causes the Rangers to start running around reacting to he passes.

  23. Ducks coming back to earth. Lose 2x in last week at home to eastern teams. Toronto wash.

    Have to gave next 2 losses by caps in la and San jose

  24. ilb, I was going to put MSL in the five spot. I’m going to give him another game.

    Sioux, exactly. Why? He’s been getting picked on a bit the last few games.

  25. Stranger Nation on

    A little perspective on Hank/Richter convo. Yes, you have to consider OT/SO wins into that count, but: Richter- 301 wins over 13 seasons and 666 games. Hank- 302 wins during his 9th season and 564 games.

    Someone posted that Henk would have only 256 wins without OT/SO. .453 winning percentage to Ricky’s .451. Very similar.
    Ricky had much better O in front of him, also couldn’t handle the puck and could be beat from the red line.
    Curious how PO stats match up?

  26. MSL is stuck in the state of grace, and has twice the post Staal has had.

    8 Games – No Goals. I guess with 16 assist out there last night he must have had 2 bounce off him. He ALMOST had a deflection goal, but it was the defenseman’s stick, that caused the goal.

    I’m a fan of MSL, but he’s ahead of Staal in WBM department.

  27. Oncupin74yearsandcounting on

    as long as they play teams like the sens they’re fine otherwise..

  28. Robby Bonfire on

    If D. Moore is keeping J.T. Miller’s NHL career on hold, if Stralman is keeping Conor Allen’s NHL career on hold (at age 24), The Slats struck out again, big time, in my book. Over age 30 “signings” are crap – just putting your flow of kids to New York backed-up. Enough kudos for “The Slats” for today, I hope. This team wins a first round match-up, this year, I will eat my 10-gallon cowboy hat.

  29. Those kids aren’t ready & it’s a waste to try to force Miller to play 4th line role. Not good for him or org.

  30. That’s awesome Manny! Good thing it wasn’t the Canucks, because Torts would never have played him: “the kid’s got a lot of potential, but he sucks on the PP. He doesn’t know what to do with the puck. Next question.”

  31. Doodie Machetto on

    I had it Brassard-MZA-Pouliot. Honorable mention to Hagelin for his great work on the Brassard and Pouliot goals. Frankly, he probably deserves it more than Pouliot, but that goal was an absolutely brilliant play by Pouliot. To me it was the highlight of the night.

    But otherwise, yuck! What a rotten, rotten game. And the goaltending was pretty lousy as well. Lundqvist made some big saves when the game was still in doubt (especially on Hoffman off the 2 on 1 just after Michalek scored), but that goal Hoffman actually scored is one you expect most goaltenders to stop. The Ottawa goaltending was just atrocious, as was their defensive coverage. Reminded me of watching other teams against us in our previous games (other than San Jose) if we didn’t have Lundqvist to bail us out.

    Zibanejad is going to be some player. Loved him in his draft class and he was one of three players I thought the Islanders were wrong to take Strome over (Couturier-Hamilton-Zibanejad, in that order). Then again, I thought Larsson should have gone in the top 3, so I (and the Devils) definitely whiffed there.

    That Hoffman kid also had some game last night. I had never heard of him before last night and he isn’t very heralded, but good for him. He’s scored a lot of points in the AHL, but the Sens have had a lot of high scoring AHLers who were NHL scoring busts recently outside of a few games here or there (Da Costa, Pageau, Stone).

  32. The WBM rules for the newcomers or uninitiated:

    1) It’s a measure of the amount of negative comments I perceive there to be on the blog. It’s not my personal opinion of player performance. I take into account the last game blended with daily banter (there’s no science).

    2) Players only. No coaches or GMs since they’d pretty much always be on.

    3) Lower number is worse. Boyle is always 0 no matter what. So, using today as an example, Richards is considered the most abused player.

    4) Carp doesn’t owe me royalties, per his TOS below, even though it’s “copyrighted”.

  33. BWBM
    1)Robby Bonfire

    Bonehead Whipping Boy meter. The gauge of the most Negative fan :)

    Sorry Gravy it HAD to be done :)

  34. bull dog line on

    just be consistent Carp, thats all.
    Hank could win 700 games, if fails to win Cup, it will still be Richter.

  35. Thanks for the great review Carp. Glad I missed this game. I would have broken a serious sweat jumping up & down from the ledge!

    Sire Father!!

  36. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    I have a pacemaker. Maybe the Rangers can sign me to play instead of Brad Richards. I will probably be less afraid of getting hit.

  37. Sioux

    2)Robby Bonfire
    4)Doodie Machetto

    Pimp wins the zero for ALWAYS starting a day in Bush League :) You can’t even eat your own dog’s breakfast without feeling good for yourself. Besides the sun doesn’t come up before THE KREIDER gets out of bed.

    Pimp 0) It’s a good thing. Right? Start out low than you are never disappointed.

  38. bull dog line on

    I was one of the few people who thought the Carcillo trade was a good idea. to me, right now, the only reason he is the line up is because of the teams record with him in the line up. he has not had any effect in a game in quite some time.

  39. Maybe we will give Eric the 0)

    Pimp won the trophy in the category of humor.

    Perhaps we should take a pole?

  40. Honestly i should only praise the guys you all love & rip the guys you hate instead of offering my opinions. Oy.

  41. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    Eric is clearly the 0. No one even comes close. Pimp is tongue in cheek.

  42. 0)Eric
    1)Robby Bonfire
    3)Doodie Machetto


  43. Pimp is tongue and cheek, but out of the kindness of my heart, I thought he would enjoy the 0).

    Pimp was I wrong?

  44. _You guys were on glue the other night saying you would trade Nash for AA straight up( Columbus) . Thats sick._

    Eh, I’d probably do it just to get out from that contract and change the culture. Honestly, NTC aside, I’m not sure I believe he’s tradeable at this point without retaining.

  45. Carp – I think the only point to be made vis-a-vis Richter and Lundqvist is that it’s somewhat disingenuous to for the media to make the ‘win’ comparison when wins were calculated differently for each athlete. There is no doubt that Lundqvist will ultimately hold the record once you normalize for shoot out wins.

    Personally, I would have loved it if Lundqvist had actually said “Talk to me about this when I have 302 regulation plus OT wins, then we can make a fair comparison. Until then it’s a meaningless stat”

  46. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    Everyone is tradeable. NTC and NMC are jokes. They just give the player a lot of leverage and hurt the team’s ability to move the player for max return.

  47. Pimp wins the zero for ALWAYS starting a day in Bush League :) You can’t even eat your own dog’s breakfast without feeling good for yourself. Besides the sun doesn’t come up before THE KREIDER gets out of bed.


  48. If I’m not 0 there needs to be an investigation.

    I don’t even say positive things in early October like game 2 or 3 of a season.

    I found myself more miserable last night with flyers ot win and caps win then our bunch of bonafide losers getting 2 pts.

    Let’s see what bonafide loser number one RICK NASH can do in his homecoming on Friday night. Dubi will throw him around.

  49. Doodie Machetto on

    I thought Nash does not have a NTC. Once he waived it to come to NY, I thought it is no longer an active clause in his contract.

    I think that’s why Visnovsky was allowed to be traded by the Ducks to the Islanders, no?

  50. Doodie Machetto on

    Nevermind, as always, Capgeek has the answer.

    “If a player waives a clause to accept a trade to a new team, it is rare he will do so without a promise that the acquiring team will continue to honour the clause. Brad Richards, when traded from Tampa Bay to Dallas in 2007-08, is an example of this. However, if the player is traded before a clause has kicked in, that clause is automatically ruled void.”

    So Slats agreed to continue to honor Nash’s clause.

  51. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    Yea. Anyone other than eric being the 0 is an absolute joke of epic proportions. If eric isn’t the 0 I will assume that the BWBM was put together by the idiots in ToroNO

  52. _Everyone is tradeable. NTC and NMC are jokes. They just give the player a lot of leverage and hurt the team’s ability to move the player for max return._

    They also help the player’s ability to live and play in a city of his choosing and perhaps raise a family with some semblance of stability.

  53. _So Slats agreed to continue to honor Nash’s clause._

    Of course, because Slats making a mistake never crossed Slats’ mind.

    (Pacioretty has 30 goals in 61 games this year.)

  54. You really do need to consider the human aspect of the NTC. If your law firm tried to trade you from Brooklyn to somewhere in Mississippi and you had no ability to say no, I don’t think people making less than you saying “I’d love to make his lawyer salary” would be of much consolation (or relevance).

  55. _They also help the player’s ability to live and play in a city of his choosing and perhaps raise a family with some semblance of stability._

    Players make a lot of money because they have a particular set of skills and because of certain freedom they give up. My brother makes a lot more money than me, but he works/travels a lot.

    You have to decide what your priorities are. A lot of people would be OK having their lives disrupted to only have to work 15 years.

    So, no NTC for you!

  56. bull dog line on

    thats not what I am saying at all Carp. I am just saying if you are going to rip a guy for a poor dump in that lead to a goal. then you should rip another guy whose poor pass in his own end lead to a goal. you have been going after Stepan for 2 years now. sometimes rightly, and sometimes wrongly. Boyle, it seems, can do no wrong in your eyes. if anybody rips him its because they hate him. I am not afraid to rip a player, and then comeback and say he is playing well. I don’t mind being proven wrong at all. you will keep going no matter what is happening.

  57. _My brother makes a lot more money than me, but he works/travels a lot._

    And someone who makes what you two make combined doesn’t travel at all. That’s not a comp.

  58. bull dog line on

    speaking of the Refs Carp,
    do you remember a ref by the name of Greg Madill? he was the worst ref I have ever seen. now the NHL is fool of Greg Madill’s. its like we are watching the WWE. guy slips on brass knuckles from his trunks. everybody sees it except the ref, who is looking the other way. plus Toronto can’t see it either.

  59. The point is, the player knows the risk going in. You know the business aspect. If that’s not a risk you’re willing to accept, then you can always plant yourself in the city of your choice, and get a 9-5 job making $50k a year.

  60. bull dog line on

    that was the 1st bad game I have seen Boyle play in a while. I like Boyle. I have praised him a lot this year. I like Boyle, and I ripped him a lot last year. because he deserved it. you see what I am saying here?

  61. Not really, Gravy, you’re arguing for something that doesn’t exist. A player knows he’ll have his rights owned through age 27 then, if he’s good enough, he gets to negotiate an NTC.

    (Diverging slightly, I want a Venn Diagram of posters who (A) screamed Callahan never wanted to sign here anyway and (B) posters applaud Sather for not giving him the NTC that was supposedly the breaking point.)

  62. bull dog, I get what you’re saying regarding your assessments. But, Boyle’s play was in an 8-4 win, and wasn’t Stepan’s in a 2-1 loss? Which play has more impact on the outcome?

  63. _Is there any comp for a professional athlete versus “real life”?_

    Kind of, atleast in that athletes and us regular workers are still people who have normal people concerns and stuff that money can’t buy away.

  64. bull dog line on

    it has been reported MrD, that by the time Callahan asked for the no trade, Sather had already moved on.
    I still believe that Cally wanted to leave in the summer, but if you ask me if I would have given him 5 years 30 mill, and a full no trade? I would have.

  65. I’m not saying it’s not something a player should seek, but a GM also isn’t obligated to give it. It’s a negotiating bullet point.

    And my argument is mostly as devil’s advocate.

  66. Bishop rode the pine behind Robin for yrs and is having a good laugh now.

    Every team provides for distinct match ups that make every game different, but you find ways to exploit the match ups to your advantage. AV is doing a good job of matching lines that is going unnoticed… IMO

  67. _I’m not saying it’s not something a player should seek, but a GM also isn’t obligated to give it. It’s a negotiating bullet point._

    Oh, totally. I expect most GMs get a concession back when handing one out. Like maybe Richards really wanted 12 years and $8MM per and Sather shrewdly worked him down with the NTC.

  68. MD, that’s kinda the point I was making earlier. I mean, for me, it’s important to have a job where I get paid pretty well, but am able to get home and put the kids to bed, coach little league, etc.

    Others may want to make the most money, choose a job where they get a sense of fulfillment from helping people, or be able to retire after working 10-15 years.

  69. Gravy – Who wins the horse race for points Champion for the Rangers?

    I can’t believe Wilbur is only a point behind Stepan and Zucc.

  70. MD, at the risk of having two separate conversations with you, let me just LOL your Richards comment.

  71. Same. I work from home so I could easily go somewhere and halve my cost of living … but then I’d be in some awful place I hated.

  72. And, more to the point, if I were offered a 50% raise to go to Mississippi or somewhere like that, I’d decline.

  73. Doc you don’t have to build your house where you play.

    You could give me $10M to play in any NHL city, and I would play. Which NHL City would you refuse to go to?

  74. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    You guys think that Slats refers to himself in the third person? The Doctor made me think of that.

  75. I think, even more than salary, its the perceived lack of interest in / effort on defense and the physical game that Nash and Richards show. Stepan and Boyle, whatever mistakes they make or flaws they have, aren’t goal hanging or playing timid inside their own zone. Mistakes will happen, its the genesis of the mistakes that lead to anger.

  76. _You could give me $10M to play in any NHL city, and I would play. Which NHL City would you refuse to go to?_

    That’s a tough one, given that there’s a lot of NHL cities I haven’t been to. Can we pretend the game is a 33% increase on my salary or something since $10MM (or $1MM) is obviously a life changing amount to me but not to an NHL player?

  77. Anaheim – Probably not
    Boston – Yes
    Buffalo – No
    Calgary – No
    Carolina – Probably
    Chicago – Yes
    Colorado – Yes
    Columbus – ???
    Dallas – No
    Detroit – No
    Edmonton – No
    Florida – No
    Los Angeles – Probably not
    Minnesota – ???
    Montréal – Yes
    Nashville – ???
    New Jersey – Yes
    NY Islanders – Yes
    NY Rangers – Yes
    Ottawa – No
    Philadelphia – Yes
    Phoenix – No
    Pittsburgh – ???
    San Jose – Yes (I’d live in SF)
    St. Louis – ???
    Tampa Bay – No
    Toronto – Yes
    Vancouver – Yes
    Washington – Yes
    Winnipeg – No

    The ??? could go either way given that I would have guessed no for Madison, WI before I visited last year. You never know what kind of oasis city in the middle of the country you might find. I’d need to visit.

  78. Doc – Ok.

    Personally I have no problem with Sather holding on to the no trade clause card. I can’t think of one player that deserves it on the Rangers team, outside of Hank.

    Hank has earned his card for the Ranger.

    I’m sure Marty earned his clause in Tampa, and Nash in Columbus. But they haven’t earned their card in NY. How this team got so desperate for Richards……THAT has to be on Torts.

  79. _What boggles my mind is how Cally will go to the worst team for a few dollars more._

    What if North Dakota had a bad team? I’m a mover, so its not the same for me, but I imagine the draw of playing at home is huge for some people.

  80. I get that. I do. But Buffalo hasn’t offered him anything yet?

    And the Captain of an original 6 team. Playing in the Biggest market. Passes up $6M for 6years.

    That is MIND BOGGLING!

    Richards. Nash. St. Louis. only wanted to play in NY.
    (Who knew they would stop playing once they got here :)

  81. _Now Doc – you have to go and ask EVERY AHL player this question?_

    Again, its relative. I hate how people pretend that white collar workers “earn” their jobs while athletes have been handed a special gift that takes away their rights to all other normal human expectations. We _should_ be able to scream and curse at them and they should just take it. They _should_ happily uproot their family, annually if told to. Meanwhile, there’s someone who would gleefully take half your salary in some awful city, but that doesn’t mean you should have to.

  82. Doc – Have you seen the weather in ND?

    I could move to any NHL city and be happy. As long as I have season tickets :)

  83. _And the Captain of an original 6 team. Playing in the Biggest market. Passes up $6M for 6years._

    But … without the NTC that’s not the case. If anything, he’s risking undercutting his own market while assuming the risk of being traded to his 30th preferred destination of 30.

  84. _I would play anywhere for money. But the problem is, I’m awful._

    Therein lies the point. I bet there are millions of people who would lawyer anywhere for lawyer money, but the problem is, they’re too dumb to lawyer.

  85. Doc – That’s the price of FAME & Fortune, playing a kids game for Big Bucks.

    It’s a part of the job, take it or leave it.

  86. (Also, while I love playing sports, I hate working out and running and stuff. In a hypothetical world where I get to be a pro athlete, its just the sunday softball schedule and the partying, not the actual prep and 24/7 lifestyle regimen and scrutiny and all that.)

  87. _Zucc 47_
    _Step 47_
    _Wilbur 46_

    I suspect Richards will pinball 12 points in the last 6 games, so my money is on him.

  88. Doc – Cally didn’t earn the no trade clause & BIG BUCKS.

    One or the other. Not both.

    Let him walk to the 30th place team.

  89. _Doc – That’s the price of FAME & Fortune, playing a kids game for Big Bucks._

    And, as always with this argument, your side focuses only on the positives, real or projected.

  90. Gravy – I’m pulling for the little engine that could, and should win = Zucc. He’s been the best player all year, playing on the “3rd” line.

  91. Admiral, you are overly optimistic about Philly – just like when you sent Han, Chewy and a rag tag band of commandos in a stolen shuttle, using outdated security codes, to a far away moon to disable a shield generator guarded by a force more than 10 times their number.
    I don’t believe Ed Snider has an army of Ewoks up his sleeve either, at some point in the playoffs his team will come up against an unpenetrable shield and the 2 sieves at the other end will be their downfall, Emperor-down-an-exhaust-shaft-styley!

  92. _Let him walk to the 30th place team._

    … where he’ll get the no trade and the big bucks. Not sure that’s really a _we showed you_ moment.

  93. Zucc will wake up the sleeping giant in MSL, and when he does it will be a prairie fire of goals. Who knows how bright the Sun will bounce off the Silver Cup.

  94. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    Here’s something that I have complained about for a LONG time.

    It’s very expensive to live and work in New York City. For reasons of triple tax, as well as the fact that the rents and cost of living are just sky high here. So in comparison to playing in Florida, you need to get paid *more* money to play in NY than in Florida to come out equal in the end. This applies to hockey even more so when you bring in Canadian currency and Canadian tax structures. I believe the cap should be flexible to this point.

  95. LOL – a no trade clause from the WORST TEAM in hockey. That sounds more like a sentence, than a clause.

  96. _Guilty of being positive._

    I know, but there are a ton of negatives. I don’t want to be bothered by weirdo sycophants every time I leave the house, I don’t want people taking pictures of me if I want to go to a bar, I don’t want to be in a profession where a normal relationship is extremely difficult even if I’m not doing anything wrong, I don’t want to risk having my brain die or be in constant pain from age 40 on, etc, etc. Like I said, people treat the thought of professional athletics as getting paid for their rec league. I’m sure its great, even better than accounting from home (gasp), but its not without serious negatives.

  97. Just a quick comparison on the DZ-KK trade after 18 games
    Klein – 1g3a +1 15h 30bs
    DZ – 0g3a -5 16h 25bs

    Marginal benefit there, but I think the improvement in Jmoops has to be a big plus in that trade.

  98. Manny – FYI did you know it cost more to live in Williston, ND than it does in Manhattan?

  99. _LOL – a no trade clause from the WORST TEAM in hockey. That sounds more like a sentence, than a clause._

    Worst teams never stay the worst teams. And he’s leaving a high scrutiny, high tax perpetually mismanaged mid-playoff seed. Hardly the pedestal organization.

  100. O' Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Brassard has put the team on his shoulders. The stage is set for a tremendous run.

    Book it.

  101. _Brassard has put the team on his shoulders. The stage is set for a tremendous run._

    Totally. That’s a 4-1 loss last night if he doesn’t single-handedly turn the tides.

  102. Rob in Beantown on

    What do you guys think? Start Ryan Miller against Chicago in a close race with LW or no? We’re tied in goalie wins, but he’s winning the other goalie stats by a little bit.

  103. Brassard is weird. Very talented obviously and willing to get a little dirty. Totally not the lazy enigma type. Even when the results aren’t there, it never seems like he’s taking a night off. Or maybe I’m just stupid.

  104. Brassard, like most Rangers, will be completely unnoticeable for games at a time. In fact, the only players you pretty much know what you’re getting game in and game out are McD, Girardi, and Lundqvist (except for that stretch at the beginning of this season). I’d argue MZA, D. Moore, Staal, Klein, and Boyle in the second tier.

    Brassard, to me, falls into the Stepan, Nash, THE, Hagelin tier. Sometimes they can be great, and sometimes you don’t know if they’re dressed.

  105. _Brassard is weird. Very talented obviously and willing to get a little dirty. Totally not the lazy enigma type. Even when the results aren’t there, it never seems like he’s taking a night off. Or maybe I’m just stupid._

    Pretty much exactly why I like him.

    (Because I’m stupid too, not because of the consistent-effort-albeit-inconsistent-results thing.)

  106. I don’t think Brassard’s inconsistency is based in effort. He’s never going to be a “tough” player, but he isn’t afraid of contact, he’s actually responsible defensively. Still has a higher ceiling, imo

  107. Carp: You know who sucks today? And did yesterday? And will tomorrow? Dolans and Sather. What a two-some.

    The Rangers don’t suck. Florida sucks. So do the Sabres and Oilers.

    The Rangers are mediocre and are doomed to remain that way until those 2 incompetent idiots are retired or dead.

    It’s depressing.

    It’s also why lately, I find myself kinda shrugging when they win. In the end, I suspect it won’t mount to match, unless one considers being bounced from the POs early mounting to anything much.

    I don’t, especially considering the little reward a team reaps when not doing so well is realized every June Sather has traded away like yesterday’s leftovers.

    Mediocrity. Ain’t it grand?


  108. Stranger Nation on

    _I found myself more miserable last night with flyers ot win and caps win then our bunch of bonafide losers getting 2 pts_


  109. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    Is the dude from Mobb Deep on that list? Prodigy claimed that it occurred.

  110. Stranger Nation on

    Brassard can be a solid #2 center. His line has outperformed all the other lines this season. While he does seem to dip off the radar, it is never for lack of effort. He does go the dirty areas, can carry and create, has a hard shot and will battle along the boards (in sharp contrast to our other top 2 centers; Step child and Bucky the Anvil).

    Really enjoyed his Beginnings episode. IMHO he needs to add 10 – 15 lbs of muscle, shoot more and work on his defensive zone coverage. Playing on a bad team leads to bad habits. Too bad he doesn’t have a veteran role model to observe…

  111. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    I am surprised that Sports Star, Aaron Voros isn’t Sean Avery’s partner on _Dancing with the Stars_

  112. Brassard needs 11 points in 13 games to break 50 for the first time in his career. To be fair, his high was 47 in 74 games (projects to 52 over 82), and he had 29 in 47 last year (projects to 50 over 82).

    I agree that he battles, but this has been his career. Lots of talent, not so many results.

  113. What? No Rissmiller?

    I wonder how long the list is of worthless free agents that Glen Sather has signed to huge contracts who Lindsay Lohan has slept with.

  114. One thing is for sure – there are unlikely to be any Rangers Report bloggers/posters on the list. Right, Carp? I mean, you woulda said something at some point or, more likely, completely disappeared altogether from the blog. And from the planet.

  115. “BWBM
    1)Robby Bonfire

    Wow, I made the list!! I’m honored :)

    Imagine being whipped for being the most positive about the team than anyone here :)

    And I’m generally a pessimist by nature.

  116. I have to admit, I loved that playstation line. Dubinky, Voros & Zherdev.

    They had a nice stretch of games where they were great together.

    What a depressing team Torts took over. Zherdev, Voros, Gomez, Drury, Redden, Rozsival, among others. It’s amazing how they went from that to the 2012 team.

  117. I’ve been reading all the stories about Phil Jackson coming to the Knicks and it’s amazing that EVERY story in EVERY paper repeated points out what an incompetent boob Dolan is. There’s no sugar coating it or trying to put it in a nice way. But it’s like “The Emperor’s New Clothes”. The guy’s surrounded by yes men and so everyone else is wrong. And he thinks that Sather is doing a fantastic job! What an a**hole.

  118. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    You mean, like, worse than Putin and Omar El Bashir and Jean-Jacques Kabongo and Abdel Rahim Hussein and Jean-Pierre Bemba ?

  119. You won’t see Brassard walking away from the Rangers!

    He’s still young, he could crack 50pts this year. Maybe 60 pts next year. Not sure if he’s a 2nd or a 3rd line center, but I would bring him back, before Wilbur.

  120. Not that it really matters in the large spectrum of things, but I can’t imagine the McDonald Award going to anyone but McDonuts. Topo and Dom Moore are admirable, Pouliot grinds, but McD, effective all over the ice, plays almost half of each game with elan and we wouldn’t be where we are without him.

  121. Phil Jackson will improve the Knicks!

    That’s a pretty easy when they are one of the worst teams in Basketball.

  122. Very funny with Boyler and Carcillo, wide laughter between them when sent out late. I’m sure what was said was: “Guess why we’re out here.”

  123. Fwiw, there’s little reason to believe Dolan’s a bad person. His employees (mostly) love him & he does a lot of good. Doesn’t mean he’s not a nincompoop.

  124. McDonagh or Girardi for C. I like Girardi’s story better.

    Undrafted – to the Captain of the Rangers :)

  125. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    Dolan doesn’t seem like a bad guy. He seems to me like a dork with a lot of money who wants to live out some of his dreams. We are the result of his dorkiness and need to be loved by those at the top.

  126. Dolan doesn’t have any problem writing checks.

    He’s proven over and over the most expensive players can’t win you Championships!!!

  127. Agree about Dolan Carp. I have no doubt he’s a decent person, but he’s one of those owners who has to meddle when he’d be better off letting his professionals run it…oh wait, he’s done that with the Rangers :(

    The thing is, as The Boss did over with the Yankees, that you don’t need a superstar team, just one with good chemistry. But Dolan insists on having the shiniest new toy for his teams. And for awhile it might put “fannies” in the seats as the boss used to say, but after awhile the glamour wears off and you wind up with mediocrity or worse. The two times the Yankees built something great was during the times when the Boss was suspended. Can we get Dolan suspended somehow? Is there a politician he could bribe or something? Kickbacks to the hot dog vendors at the newly remodeled MSG?

  128. Robby Bonfire on

    Thanks for the “notoriety,” above. A certain celebrity said it best, about his fame: “When I was on page 17, nobody knew me; when the controversy surrounding me got me to Page 1, everybody knew me.”

    Hey, I think it a damn good trade!

  129. If the Dolans are still running this team in 15 years, you can put money on it that Crosby comes to the Rangers at some outrageous price. He’ll be on a line with Ovetchkin and MSL :)

  130. Best thing about being Jim Dolan is that when you are pulled over for doing 90 in a 40 zone in your vintage Ferrari Testarossa, you say to the cop, “You like Knick tickets or Ranger tickets?”

  131. Somewhere between good guy and bad guy is rich guy who makes sycophantry a mandate.

  132. Something we maybe forget about No Trade Clauses is the wife’s sometime adamancy in the decision, especially with kids in school and family nearby. For single guys, a lot easier. Insofar as AHL guys go, they’d probably all be happy to play anywhere in the NHL.

  133. Optimistic Bear on

    St.Louis is about to break out.

    Book It.

    There’s lots of $$ to be made if you do (Book It).

  134. Robby Bonfire on

    You know something? Negative fan my ass! Some children are such fawning, giddy, syrupy, groupie type fans of their team, when someone comes along who offers constructive criticism instead of soft ice cream, the candy-asses come out of the woodwork with their “Troll” b.s. and their venom.

    I am critical of this team for the excellent reason that I think it can do better, both on and off the ice. I have take the G.M. to task severely, and so many times, because of his philosophy that seems to be steeped in “safety first” mediocrity. Conversely, if he displayed guts, vision, and some basic “horse sense” once in a while, I would be among his biggest fans and supporters, here.

    If you cannot call a spade a spade, go buy a coloring book, where all the colors there are bright, too.

  135. Optimistic Bear on

    Coos @ 2:40

    As Woodward and Bernstein did, the “wife” will always follow the money.

  136. McBear, am I wrong in thinking that you were down in the Keys last St. Paddy’s day?

  137. Especially when you put his twin next to it, just make sure it’s not the identical twin :)

  138. Executives usually get a ton of perks and a nice salary boost for moving to a distant location. Hockey, it’s probably often just a big aggravation unless you’re going from Buffalo to Boston.

  139. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    Coloring books are just pieces of propaganda designed to teach children to see the world in one way and to act in accordance with the rules.


  140. Robby Bonfire on

    Mr. D. – In answer to your question – NO, a coloring book would not be devoid of color upon being purchased by people who see the world through rose-colored glasses!

  141. The reason why I’m so anti-Dolan and by extension Sather is that these guys made me not care about the Rangers. I grew up living and dying with the Emile Francis Rangers (I’m even writing a book about them) when every year brought a new kind of disappointment. But now, I watch and if they win, great, if not life goes on. They took one of the things I was most passionate about in my life away from me. And I can never forgive them for that.

  142. When I was a kid, my mom, helping me with the coloring book, always used delicate, pale colors and stayed inside the lines. The old man used garish, dark colors and wore down the points on my crayons with a brutish intensity. I learned early what was what. :)

  143. Maybe Cally is the smart one. Take a chance with Tampa and Stamkos for a Cup run. Then to Buffalo, play for the worst team for a couple of years, collect the next top 2 draft picks, and be the next Pittsburgh in 5 years. All while living at home making $10M more. It could happen. Look at the talent Colorado has stocked over the last 3 years.

  144. Tampa is another young team, that could be scary good if they could find some shut down D to play for them.

  145. NHL player hitched to an overbearing wife: “Bad news, I got traded to Anaheim, but I should be able to get home now and again.” “(he, he, he)” sub rosa.

  146. Robby – its just a water mark.

    But notice how all the Negative fans are “avatar less”

  147. Robby Bonfire on

    One Rangers G.M. (of many, my all-time favorite being “The Cat”) I really liked here, who is mostly disparaged in retrospect, was and still is Phil Esposito. No one in his right mind would deny that some of Phil’s trade backfired, but, damn, he had guts and a vision for this organization. He was a real gunslinger from the hip, never afraid to swing for the fences, unlike the sacrifice bunt “little ball” guy we have been suffering since we were all something like 16 years younger. I say bless you Phil, wherever you are, you are not forgotten for your time and contribution, here.

    Give me a man with a pioneering spirit, any day, to a man who missed his true calling in life as a junior college regent.

  148. Optimistic Bear on

    Coos, this year St Paddy was in Disney with entire Bear Clan. On a plane as I type waiting to taxi for the trip back North.

    8 days later, my liquidity and I have had enough of that capitalist pig Mickey.

  149. Robby, i don’t think most people here consider you to be a troll or much different than most fans. I sure don’t.

  150. Can’t imagine anyone on here who complains, complains, complains more than I do (about Richie in particular).

  151. Wait, so we should be hoping for a GM that trades Ridley and Miller for Carpenter, instead of a GM who trades a pending UFA for MSL?

  152. Complaining about Richards doesn’t count. It’s like breathing. It’s allowed at all times.

  153. Gravy, I’m working on a book, “You, Too, Can Profit from the Coming Catastrophes.”

  154. I grew up during “The Cat” era, first game around 1966 or so. And those teams were always close, but some misfortune always hit those teams or some unlucky bounce. And they were always thought to be overpaid back then too. That’s always been the MO with this team. Never tough enough, always “one player” away. So, like a Cubs fan or a Mets fan, you try and stay optimistic. After living through those first few years after making the playoffs that year with Gretzky, this is really not so bad, but I think this team is a lot closer than a lot of you do. Once they get out of the Richards albatross, they should sign a few grit complementary players and let the rest just grow.

  155. I have a lot of liquid assets in the stock market…chicken, beef, vegetable. You name it.

  156. I wish Dolan and Wilpon would switch teams. Wilpon would love the NHL salary cap and Dolan would spend $200 million to make the Mets either a winner, or the worst team money can buy.

  157. _Complaining about Richards doesn’t count. It’s like breathing. It’s allowed at all times._

    Yet he is one goal away from the point leader.

  158. _Yet he is one goal away from the point leader._

    And if you adjust for production relative to TOI and PP TOI, I bet he’d still be in the top 6!

  159. When Emile Francis saw, up front and personal, Dale Rolfe get ‘Hammered’ with no help, he decided immediately to make wholesale changes.

  160. richie: “Once Nash, MSL, Stepan, Kreider, and Hags learn the system, they’ll be fine.”

  161. RR: “Stepan did pass me in points last night, but that puck did bounced off his skate. How that counted in Toronto is a head scratcher”.

  162. IMO, so long as the skate is on the ice, it should count, eliminating all the convoluted Toronto nonsense.

  163. Coos did you read yesterday. The state is going to spend $1M in advertising, just to let the other states know we have over 25,000 jobs available *TODAY*.

  164. Doodie Machetto on

    I had to listen to a decent portion of last night’s game on the radio. Stemmer was absolutely terrible. Great guy, awful, AWFUL broadcaster.

  165. Coos – you can get $15 and hour to work at McDonalds, and a $500 sign on bonus if you work 6 months.

  166. Sioux, house building will be the next big BOOM out there. Future’s so bright, you gotta wear shades. Problem is, 2 eggs over easy will be $14.95. :)

  167. Rangers forwards’ +/- statlines adjusted for usage (ES, PP, SH TOI) based on the forward averages …

    Mats Zuccarello: +0.2 G, +10.4 A, +10.6 P
    Derek Stepan: -3.7 G, +9.6 A, +5.9 P
    Carl Hagelin: +6.2 G, -0.5 A, +5.7 P
    Rick Nash: +10.2 G, -5.2 A, +5.0 P
    Chris Kreider: +3.7 G, -0.3 A, +3.4 P
    Derick Brassard: +0.4 G, +2.6 A, +3.0 P
    Ryan Callahan: +1.2 G, -0.1 A, +1.1 P
    Darroll Powe: -0.1 G, -0.1 A, -0.2 P
    Brad Richards: -2.7 G, +2.3 A, -0.4 P
    Brandon Mashinter: -0.3 G, -0.4 A, -0.7 P
    Dominic Moore: -2.1 G, +1.3 A, -0.8 P
    Arron Asham: -0.5 G, -0.7 A, -1.2 P
    Benoit Pouliot: +0.2 G, -2.2 A, -2.0 P
    Jesper Fast: -0.8 G, -1.1 A, -1.9 P
    Martin St. Louis: -2.0 G, 0.0 A, -2.0 P
    J.T. Miller: -0.9 G, -2.5 A, -3.4 P
    Daniel Carcillo: -0.3 G, -3.1 A, -3.4 P
    Taylor Pyatt: -2.9 G, -3.0 A, -5.9 P
    Derek Dorsett: -1.7 G, -4.4 A, -6.1 P
    Brian Boyle: -4.1 G, -2.6 A, -6.7 P

    (So looking at Stepan: Given his usage, he’s 3.7 goals behind a hypothetical average Ranger forward pace but 9.6 assists ahead. There’s no adjustment for role or strength of opposition or linemates or anything like that because … c’mon …)

  168. I thought Stemmer was refreshing. He names names. You can’t get that honesty from SalmonJoe.

  169. Any truck mechanics out there?

    We will give you free housing, if you come to work for us in Williston :)

    We actually have an employee “bonus” if you can help find qualified employees.

    They will pay $2,000 just to find someone with 2 years experience. I can get $1,000 the day he starts, and another $1,000 after a year.

  170. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    Stemmer is awesome. His amazing checking ability graces the wall of my office in the form of an autographed picture. He can do no wrong.

  171. Coos – our farm is right on the edge of the wild wild west.

    Funny you should bring up housing. Working on a plan for one city for 800 new homes. And the wife might get the financing with her bank.

  172. Here’s a more fun, more damning one. Every Ranger forward w/ 20+ games scoring at their own pace _but_ with Richards’ usage …

    Mats Zuccarello: 19-41-60
    Derek Stepan: 15-39-54
    Brian Boyle: 24-28-52
    Chris Kreider: 25-27-52
    Derick Brassard: 20-31-51
    Rick Nash: 32-17-49
    Ryan Callahan: 22-27-49
    *Brad Richards: 16-30-46*
    Benoit Pouliot: 21-21-42
    Carl Hagelin: 19-17-36
    J.T. Miller: 11-24-35
    Dominic Moore: 7-16-23
    Derek Dorsett: 8-5-13
    Daniel Carcillo: 10-0-10
    Taylor Pyatt: 0-4-4

    (Boyle’s line is obviously a bit off due to his being effective in very little PP time.)

  173. Use Stepan again: If you take his ES, PP and SH goal and assist rates but apply them to Richards’ TOI, those are the statlines he’d have.

  174. (Boyle is an outlier, he has a goal and an assist in like 15 minutes of PP time, so if you extrapolate over Richards’ 262(!) minutes of PP time, you get a lot of points. Sort of have to toss that one out.)

  175. leetchhalloffame on

    Carp – You must be kidding when you say that Sather has taken too much crap from the readers of this blog. More than well-deserved criticism. He has left this team defenseless in the toughness department and traded away way too much for 38 year old MSL, just to name a couple of things. There is no defending him and as far as I’m concerned never will be as long as he keeps screwing up this team and ignoring the fans.

  176. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    According to those statistics Boyle should be on every PP unit. Double shift him if you have to.

  177. Rob in Beantown on

    Thanks! My birthday almost always coincides with restaurant week in Boston, where all the best restaurants have awesome fixed price menus. That’s my version of *ripping it up*

  178. Boston’s a nice city, lots to see and do and great food. Too bad I HATE it and all it’s sports teams and fans.

  179. Manny-O-War, King of Metal on

    @NHLInjury #Ducks announce Cam Fowler has a sprained MCL and will miss 3-5 weeks.

  180. leetch, do you think I said that?

    and even if I did say it — I didn’t — have you read anything I’ve written about Sather since, oh, June 1, 2000?

    Happy 26th, Rob!

  181. Happy 26th, Rob

    ‘When Paul Revere rode his horse that night
    And lit those lanterns before the big fight
    He must of been hungry when he got back
    Boston beans would of been a beautiful snack’

    would of

    (see what I did there)

  182. SeeDubbb – done.

    Eric has a way of being so negative that we skip over his comments.

    The first 0) was out of professional courtesy for the creator of the Dog Breakfast Team.

    All is well in the land of the BWBM

  183. Stu Bickel, 27, has banked almost 5 mil so far. McIlrath, next season, either $67,500 in AHL or $810,000 at Garden.

  184. The BWBM

    1)Robby Bonfire
    3)Doodie Machetto

    It’s 5 o’clock somewhere. Leetch makes the BWBM just in the nick of time before the bell rings :)

  185. Remember when Brian McGrattan gave The Undertaker a little ‘welcome to the NHL’ tattooing, then patted him on the azz, and said, ‘Good effort, kid?’

  186. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Brassard should hit 20 goals, 40 assists this year. His playoff surge has begun. Literally.

  187. Lucic would have a hard time with all that clutching and grabbing with Nicky F. He’d be lucky to get close enough to get a handful of sweater.

  188. O' Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    SeeDub – after the first, Brassard stood up in the room, and said “follow me boys, I’ll take ya home”


  189. Brass will play both ends of the ice and bang when he gets the chance. Puts Richie to shame.

  190. E3, those are the kind if comments we were expecting last night, when your boy tied it up. And don’t tell me you had something more important to do. Come on.

  191. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Seedub – my little angel has a ballet performance and I didn’t catch the game until later…

    But I know for a fact that #16 stood up and said “this is my team, and in ready to lead”

    #courage #inspiration #future wearer of the C

  192. Touch down EWR! Back from Disney.

    Mickey Mouse built a house.
    Papa Bear should owns part of it with all the change he dropped.

  193. Good night for Toews vs Oshie!

    And Boot of beer at the Wurst Beer house in town.

    Have a Siouxper night Boneheads.

  194. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Happy 26th

    If clowe had stayed healthy, that would have been a great deal for us…and man, could we use him now!!!

  195. coos, Sports Illustrated had a story on Rory McIlroy couple weeks ago. In it he said, “If I would of won …” Not only did SI’s writer not think of fixing it, but they broke out the quote in the story. “If I would of won …”


    Though I could care less to.

  196. wick 67 grand in Hartford, 810 grand at Newly Transformed Garen. That’s why Carp said incentive to take skating lessons. :)

  197. Wick, they traded McIlrath for the rights to Stralsies’s brother. Should work out swell.

  198. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    That waaaay too much time on his hands stat post from mr D earlier tells me that brassard is our best centre at this point.

    Not necessarily being a good thing, but considering secretariat and Stephanie as other options…I’ll take brass.

  199. Amazing that some of these ‘journalists’ today, after 4 years of college, can’t tell an of from a have, and worse. And it’s not just sports journalists. AND with proofreaders and editors who see nothing wrong, or don’t care. Mind boggling. Where does it go from here?

  200. Irony is that he could land in LA after banking Dolan’s obscene buyout, then grabbing another 8 mil or more 2 year deal in California. And, he could save on the Manhattan tanning salons and go directly to the beach.

  201. Oscar: Felix, leave everything alone. I’m not through dirtying up for the night.
    Felix: But don’t you see the irony of it? Don’t you see it, Oscar?
    Oscar: Yes, I see it.
    Felix: No, you don’t. I really don’t think you do.
    Oscar: Felix, I’m telling you I see the irony of it.
    Felix: Then tell me. What is it? What’s the irony?
    Oscar: The irony is – unless we come to some other arrangement, I’m gonna kill you! That’s the irony.

  202. Optimistic Bear on

    It’s 7:30 PM and I haven’t complained about you-know-who once today.

    Whoopie for me!!!!

  203. ‘Hi, I’m Brad Richards and I’m obscenely wealthy, relatively speaking. How are all my fans out there doing? Good, I hope.’

  204. Watch Richards end up in Philly playing with Vinny LeCav and totally protected by 4-6 goons.

  205. The greatest incentive for the kid has to be Stralman turning down that 3 year contract. Gives him a real chance.

  206. Great review, Carp!

    Brassard is talented and can be GREAT once in a while. Last night was an example. I hope he keeps it going!!

    LOL @ Voros! Haha, remember when he lead the league in goals as Ranger in October 2008? He had 5 goals and 4 assists in the first 8 games!

  207. If Brassard always played like Brassard played last night, Brassard would make $6MM+ per year.

  208. lol,


    GOALLL!!! Dylan McIlrath buries one from the blue line!! It’s 3-1 Wolf Pack midway through the third. #HWP #NYR

  209. Ottawa, Carp. Any player who doesn’t sign the teams offer wants to go back home or as close to home as possible.

  210. bull dog line on

    when he signs in Buffalo, are you going to admit to what Cally was doing? or continue to deny, and mock? my bet is you continue to deny, and mock.

  211. watched that Hank pain reliever commercial
    and counted all the pucks he stopped
    after hallucinating that they looked like
    a rhino
    turns out
    its 714

  212. I’m not sure how people are so sure Callahan will sign in Buffalo. Did he whisper in your ear? Again…what is so great about Rochester? You’re telling me they will offer him the most and he’ll just take it?

    I could see Florida, never mind Tampa, offering him even more and with greater incentives. Manny is spot on with the tax analysis.

    Taxes are a big reason why I moved to Florida. I get to keep 15% more income here than living and working in NYC.

  213. My mom gave me a nickel to buy some Bickel
    I didn’t buy no Bickel, I bought 9 McIl’s.
    (and had change left over)

  214. The Lightning have already made it clear they will not be retaining Callahan.

    The taxes part of the equation is nothing new.

  215. _I get to keep 15% more income here than living and working in NYC._

    I rather pay 15% more but live in the greatest city in the world… after Odessa, Ukraine, of course :)

  216. Taxes are no consideration unless you are bothered by paying $600 to $700,000 in extra taxes per year. And if you die, the State takes a huge chunk of your lifetime savings before your family gets their hands on it.

  217. Yeah, that’s what Chico was saying. He heard from a reliable source within Tampa that they wont re-sign Cally.

    Tampa is a pretty good team. It would be a big mistake to sign Cally to that BS contract he wants.

  218. Dolan says Knicks GM doing a wonderful job, has him report to Super GM. Maybe that’s a good way to get rid of Slats, by not getting rid of him.

  219. Robby Bonfire on

    Thanks Carp. Like a lot of true Ranger fans I waited a long time for that one Cup we have won in my lifetime. Like 38 1/2 years from the day I attended my first Ranger game and became a fan of the game and the team for life.

  220. LOL! Since when do we rely on Chico?

    I agree Tampa won’t sign him for the same thing he wanted as a Ranger before the trade. But, even if they give him $5.5M for 5 years…that’s a pretty good deal financially for Callahan and the Lightning…

  221. Robby Bonfire on

    With all respect for differing opinions, Carp, I must say kids with raw talent need to get up here and grow and mature at this level of responsibility.

    One of the best examples in sports history of this is the Atlanta Braves, pre-division winning era. From sad sacks in 1989 and before, to divisional champions for what, 14 straight years, because they were willing to lose big with talented kids, to eventually win big with the mature version of those same players who were talented but raw, when they arrived “too soon,” rather than too late – which is the Sather way of “making the playoffs,” forever, instead of being in the Finals mix, every year.

  222. I know it’s Chico, but I don’t see why he’s blurt out a rumor like that.

    Whyzerman probably knows Cally’s going to free agency no matter what he offers. Baby Buffaloes offer him huge contract, maybe a few other bottom feeders, and Whyzerman drops out instantly.

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