Rangers at Senators … It’s Go Time!


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Game 70.senators
Rangers at Senators.


Ya boys have lost three of four, one of those in embarrassing fashion, and now hit the critical stage of the schedule, a point out of second place in the Lesstropolitan Division, with a top-three finish, rather than a wild card, extremely important. The two teams ahead of them have games in hand.

The Rangers have scored a total of two goals in the three losses. The culprits:

Rick Nash has no goals in six games, one in nine, two in 15. Martin St. Louis has none in seven games as a Ranger. Brad Richards has no goals in seven games, and one in 12. Mats Zuccarello has no goals in 11, and two in 15. Derick Brassard has no goals in eight games. Chris Kreider has four goals in the last 17. Derek Stepan has two goals in 15.

Carl Hagelin has four goals in the last two games, but one of them was disallowed despite video evidence that it entered the net. :)

Henrik Lundqvist gets another crack at breaking Mike Richter’s franchise record of 301 wins at the Arena That Changes Names Every Five Minutes in Kanata.

Same lineup, meaning Derek Dorsett, Justin Falk, Raphael Diaz and Ryan Haggerty are prucha’d.

After tonight the Rangers to go Columbus Friday, then Newark Saturday for more big Lesstropolitan games.

Other games that matter tonight: Boston at New Jersey, Carolina at Columbus, Colorado at Montreal, Toronto at Detroit, Chicago at Philly, Washington at Anaheim.


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  1. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" LETS GO LETS GOl!!!"...says Greg L. on


    We can do this!!!

    Oh yeah Carp , nuff is enuff .

    We win tonight!!!

    I Gregarentee it folks!! Grab your hat , put the kids to bed cuz this is gonna be a real rink a ding dong danddy!!


  2. Stranger Nation on

    This team needs to start to finish or we are watching the of the beginning of the end

  3. Lots of scoreboard-watching tonight!

    Things aren’t trending in the right direction for our boys right now, but it’s still only 1 point out of 2nd. Too early to panic, IMO.

  4. Not even bothering flip to other games during stoppages or timeouts. We don’t win nothing else matters

  5. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" LETS GO LETS GOl!!!"...says Greg L. on

    St.Louis must have a good game or the Ranger faithfull will lose faith.

    LETS gogo gog ogoggogoogoooo!!!

  6. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" LETS GO LETS GOl!!!"...says Greg L. on

    That’s the spirit Eric , must win , must win tonight!!!





  7. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" LETS GO LETS GOl!!!"...says Greg L. on

    SeeeeDubbbb , yes Gregarenteed TONIGHT!!!!


  8. @rangersreport

    Tough start for NYR. On the other hand, they haven’t done well when they’ve started strongly.

  9. Should we be sending Mike Babcock thank-you notes for asking us to put Nash on the PK?

  10. Something to consider after 85 years – keep forwards off the main point on the PP.

  11. Most games he’s not the best goalie on ice lately. If that’s the case pack up now.

    They suck. Been saying it for months

  12. Got on radio, TV sound off. The guy who’s with Albert tells it like it is. He’ll be fired soon.

  13. ThisYearsModel on

    We are generous, giving Ottawa 2 chances at each opportunity without so much as a stick check.

  14. It’s obvious that whenever we get an elite winger to compliment Nash, we can’t win

  15. That’s the way I always do it, coos. Stemmer ain’t afraid to call it like it is…

  16. You know how Hank will outplay other goalies? Let him face the Rangers, who pull up on 3-on-2 breaks and spin toward the wall.

  17. It’s kind of funny to think that Hank is one of the best goaltenders in the world yet he has horrible puck handling skills, a bad stick and a weak glove.

  18. One good thing, Dorsett up to 210 lbs from greasy roast beef sandwiches. Falk at 225, new kid only gained 3 lbs. so far.

  19. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    It would also help Hank if he corrected his weakness on the glove side, which everyone this side of Saskatchewan knows about.

    With a sample size as large as this, his save percentage and GAA aren’t stealing us any games.

    Yes, I get it. The other 19 guys suck lately.

  20. Maybe Hank is trying to get used to the system as well. He does try to deflect rebounds into areas that his team can turn them into offense now. Maybe?

  21. Richie says MSL will be fine once he “understands the system.” Once MSL understands it, maybe he’ll relay it to Richie.

  22. Brassard is such a waste. This is the guy that was the centerpiece in the Gaborik deal?

    I still can’t believe we didn’t get a 1st rounder.

  23. AV: “I think we played good 4 on 5, but when we put that extra guy out there, the ice seems to shrink.”

  24. ThisYearsModel on

    The more I see of Martin St. Louis…..the more my admiration of Steven Stamkos grows.

  25. Answer: Because I’m a loser.

    Q: Why do I get excited about sitting down and watching a Ranger game?

  26. James Dolan. Wake the fugg up and fire this pathetic old fool of a GM. Enough is enough, Sather has ruined whatever the rangers had going in drafting and developing and in 2 years sather has blown it up. It’s well past due, FIRE THIS CLOWN NAMED SATHER!!!!

  27. I thought people here LOVED Brassard. I’m always getting crap for pointing out his inconsistency

  28. St. Louis busy redecorating Greenwich Mansion. Once that’s out of the way, look out!

  29. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    Makes you real proud of your team when you spend your night pinballing between games, praying for someone to lose.

    God forbid we just take care of our own business.

  30. leetchhalloffame on

    That sound you hear is the thud of the Rangers falling out of the playoffs. Cally took what little team chemistry this team had with him. Great job Slats.

  31. Stranger Nation on

    Yes Manny, Brassard is holding everyone back. Put Richards or Step on that line and you will see a disaster. At least they are getting chances with him at pivot.

    Either MZA still hurt or he is getting sqeezed in PO hockey mode

  32. Francesa: “I don’t know a lot about hockey, but I do know that if the score is 2-1 and you have the one, you’re losing.”

  33. We be lucky to win half of these 13 games.

    Starting to feel like the 92-93 season year before cup. Completely fell apart last month of season. List to Hartford in a Sunday afternoon after losing to isles in overtime on a Friday night.

    Who was in goal for Hartford who was worse team Mario goselin.

  34. ThisYearsModel on

    Welcome to the MSG chapter of MENSA…..starring Ron Duguay and Anson Carter. Sheesh.

  35. Retire Brad Park's #2 on


    Rangers – bad
    Devils – good
    Detroit – bad
    Flyers – trending bad

    Kirk Muller – “Losing is for losers.”

    Hanka Hanka has lost six of his last seven to Ottawa. Maybe it’s a Canadian thing. Good thing we’re not in Montreal. Hank would be in the fetal position in the locker room.

  36. Henrik should change the power windows in his Maserati to manual and exercise his left arm rolling it up and down.

  37. Stranger Nation on

    Nanny – I hear ya, we suck down the middle and havent had two qyality centers in 15 years and it sucks!

    draft big two centers please!

  38. Henrik’s dog: “What happened to Torts?”

    “I’m afraid he’s gone, dear.”

  39. We wanted a good 4th line for the longest time. We just had no idea it would come at the expense of the other 3.

  40. let’s see:

    according potvin NYR 4-20 when trailing after 1
    despite standing
    sens pp is better than NYR
    since they scored
    and we seem to play better normally
    when down a man
    rather than w/ extra skater

  41. gee
    you think if we traded for chris neil
    he’d come to New York
    and start playing on the outside
    because the team needs goals?

  42. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    Hank could u get us all 8 x 10’s of that glove save.

    It would be like the Zapruder film for me.

  43. Hank gets no credit for that save. Those are the saves our soon-to-be $8.5 million goalie *should* be making all the time anyway. (s)

  44. Guys wide open in front of our net all night. This midget can’t bury one.

    Put me out of misery

  45. since Dolan said that he thinks Slats is the greatest
    that shareholders of his company’s stock
    should immediately demand
    he take a drug test?

  46. ORR!!!
    he’s the sens back up goalie
    we should just be pleased that
    we got one past him

  47. Zucc takes one shot, it’s obviously still loose, takes one whack at it, then backs off completely and waits for the official to blow the whistle. Ridiculous.

  48. ThisYearsModel on

    Why exactly does the idiot ref skate behind the net and blow the play down when the puck was never covered?

  49. That was an incredible pass by St. Louis. He has more skill in his sleep than Callahan does awake.

  50. Goalie had no stick, struggling to get into position, and we couldnt even tee up a shot. Yuck.

  51. @rangersreport

    AV might eventually realize that 36-16-67 is a better PP than 61-21-anybody. Then again, he might not

  52. Bring in Messier to teach these clowns how to play hockey.

    Keep AV around to talk to the media and fans to sleep.

    Send Richards packing.

    Make Zucc captain.

    Recipe for an entertaining offseason!

  53. Remember when the whole country of Canada hated Brian Boyle because of how great he was in the playoffs a few years back? Remember how Neil concussed him?

  54. Any off season plan for this franchise must start with firing Sather.

    re Messier: They already brought Messier to teach them how to take faceoffs…remind me, how did that work out?

  55. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    If you enhance the audio on that 3-on-2, off-the-post shot by Ottawa, you can hear five guys yelling, “Glove side. Glove side.”

  56. Sounded today like Sather has the full support of James Dolan. Too bad Dolan doesn’t call the shots and leaves it all to the Old Man. I think Torts might still be here if he did!!

  57. It was Neil? I always think Carkner hurt Boyle. But that was probably when he got jumped.

    Those types of players shine in the playoffs.

  58. Sam, re: #19’s shot: “That one might have been going a little wide.” Right, about 2 feet wide and would have banged off glass.

  59. Right, Neil totally head-shotted him (no suspension) and Carkner jumped him. Dubinsky got tossed as third-man in.

  60. The Dubinsky body slammed the Gatorade straight into the hearts of NYR fans everywhere

  61. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    So right Carp. The Rangers had puddles underneath them as Zucc stood his ground by himself. Sad.

  62. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" LETS GO LETS GOl!!!"...says Greg L. on



  63. ThisYearsModel on

    Is martin St. Louis taking the train fro Tampa to NY? When is he gonna arrive?

  64. well
    gets a plus

    ummmmmmm…..that’s thinking positive, right Carp?
    i’m tryin’

  65. REPEAT (fixed):

    since Dolan said that he thinks Slats is the greatest
    should stockholders of his company
    immediately demand
    he take a drug test?

  66. For Cory Conacher. The Buffalo Sabre. guess Buffalo really needed a tiny guy to replace Gerbe.

  67. Wonder if Ottawa’s GM ever mocked “stat nerds” before trading for a guy with a 17% shooting percentage then releasing him at 5.5%.

  68. If John Moore can get just seven more goals we’ll have yet another no name with ten +

  69. John Moore, with his first goal in like 46 games. Maybe someone should tell him to learn defense for a year or two, then move up to McD territory, if, indeed, he has it in him.

  70. @rangersreport

    Devils down 4-2 late. Columbus down 3-0 late. Montreal and Philly both in tied games after 2. Toronto trails Detroit after 2.

    Leastern Conference.

  71. McDuck slowly but surely challenging #19 for goals scored. Richie should be ashamed.

  72. love to haveNeil on the Rangers even thought I hate his guts. Fourth line really earning their pay. Moore & Carcillo playing their assess off. Zucci also. Thnk God here playing a crappy & finally getting some good bounces.

  73. Stranger Nation on

    Phil Jackson could defend the inbounds pass like nobody else. Many a scoring sheet had him with under 10 seconds of PT to perform that task.

    Made Hawthorne Wingo jealous.

  74. When will they learn with this Richards? When will they ever learn? When will they….every learn?

  75. _Maybe they can give Karlsson another Norris and Teddy another Jack Adams._

    LOL. Seriously, this year’s Norris is obvious … [goes to see which defenseman leads NHL defensemen in points] … oh. I think Karlsson should win again this year.

  76. looks like the other Henik showed up. You just can’t look a gift horse in the mouth . No movement

  77. No worries
    AV will throw the red challenge flag
    No way Toronto rules against their own capital – that’s be mutiny

  78. _NOT a DISTINCT kicking motion. What a dumb rule._

    Seriously. Skate on ice is a goal, skate comes up for any reason, not goal. The end.

  79. Should they focus the attention on strong defense and save a few goals for next game. Lately drought with goals AND defense…

  80. The Senators are playing horribly. Good to see the Rangers taking advantage and not phoning it in.

  81. The NHL could make this rule black and white. If the puck hist your skate, it’s no goal.

  82. Carp. – in your free time do you find yourself snarking out loud to no one in particular, things you’d normally say on the blog?

  83. leetchhalloffame on

    Where the heck is this scoring spree coming from? Phil Jackson has changed the karma of MSG!!

  84. _Ottowa looks like Peekskill High School._

    They have atleast 2 current NBA players (or “current”, if you’re a non-NBA follower like me) and a treeeeeeemendous brewery.

  85. Ever notice how good teams’ Defensemen cross-check, etc and get away with it? Why are we pillows?

  86. Bench Nash and Bucky. It’s too painful to watch them glide around and fake defensive coverage. Do not take the body. Weak and soft. Oh and please no snow angels!

  87. MSL demands they go to Toronto for definition on that McD goal. If they can’t see it hit St. Looie’s stick, by Toronto rules, it’s his goal.

  88. If you had to count all the times the Rangers have gotten into the O zone, cleanly, on the power play, since the Olympics, would you need one hand or two?

  89. Thanks NYR_FAN. I Almost forgot – please try to make ONLY real crisp passes instead of that wimpy drop behind the back without looking Garbage which Ottawa will take down and score on.

  90. Richards fired that pass across with such great force that it propelled him backward into the boards.

  91. Wow. Look at all that electric chemistry between Richards and St. Louis. They’re on fire

  92. _Who will Neil jump late?_

    I’ll take John Moore and Moore literally kills him with a right.

  93. Hank is the winningest goaltender in NYR history. And without a cup.

    In other news Martin St. Louis Enters the longest goal drought of the season (10 Games)

  94. Stemmer questioning why AV has all the big guns on the ice in an 8-4 game late in the third….

  95. Henrik Lundqvist sets a franchise record with win No. 302, breaking a tie with Mike Richter. Wasn’t pretty. He won’t care.

  96. ThisYearsModel on

    Nash and THE should split the Broadway hat for that awesome 8th goal. What a clutch play to clinch the win.

  97. Very funny with Boyler and Carcillo, wide laughter between them when sent out late. I’m sure what was said was: “Guess why we’re out here.”

  98. If Teddy Roosevelt coached this team, no dinner, no blankets, no fires back at campsite.

  99. Clowe went with Lucic tonight, can’t wait to see that one.

    What’s the onion factor for that?

  100. If TR coached this team, Coos, it would be a different team! And he wouldn’t take any guff from Sather or Dolan…

  101. Engbloser just said Giroux never scored against Chicago. Um, what happened to the Game 3 OT goal in the Stanley Cup Finals? Hack.

  102. @PLeonardNYDN

    Vigneault says obviously this wasn’t a “defensive masterpiece” and concludes with “let’s forget about this one, guys”

  103. Wonder if AV’s daughters still talk to him since the midget interviewing him said: “You told me off camera that when your daughters come to town, you have to hide the credit card.” Very nice.

  104. Man, McD just keeps piling up goals. This guy is definitely going to win a few Norris trophies…

  105. 2-2…7 minutes left..

    we need to score the next one……

    yes… we don’t all watch them all live

  106. Sioux-per-man on

    AV – good stuff. Can’t critique a win right.

    Can’t wait till Fridays game. Even though I will have to watch on the DVR.

    See you on Wednesday :)

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