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1) Going to get this right out of the way first. Video replay this season has just been an epic fail. EPIC. And these people who think shootouts and the new realignment are good ideas want to add more replay???? Seriously, if this is what video review comes up with, they’re better off getting rid of it and re-instituting power to the goal judges.
San Jose Sharks v New York Rangers2) No conclusive proof? You mean, other than the video of the puck going into the net. Yeah, there was no video of the puck in the net, just video of the puck entering the net. Also, if it’s going to take conclusive proof, IMO, the referee should not be making a no-goal call, especially, in this case, when Denis LaRue is in the opposite corner and nowhere near the back of the net when the puck, ahem, goes in. Look where he is in the photo above. If it’s going to be reviewed anyway, don’t guess. Let Toronto make the call — right or, very often this year, wrong.
3) Video replay or not, bad call or good, whatever, the Rangers finally showed a little desperation in this game. The problem is that this isn’t the game that’s going to ultimately cost them seeding or a playoff berth altogether. If they miss, it will be due to that absolute third-class mail-in at Carolina (you know, the one in which Rick Nash said he wasn’t aware that effort was a problem).
4) If they’d played this way in Carolina, they’re in good shape at this moment. I still don’t believe for a minute that Philly and/or Columbus or any of the other teams behind the Rangers in the Lesstropolitan are better teams. And the Rangers have head-to-heads with Philly and Columbus coming up. Win those two games, beat most of the many bad teams remaining on the schedule, and the Rangers get in. Lose to those teams, or to the crap teams, then the Rangers get what they will deserve.San Jose Sharks v New York Rangers
5) So now we will see what the Rangers’ best players are about, because most of them haven’t been close to good enough lately, or even in this game when so many of the supporting-types — Derick Brassard, Benoit Pouliot, Mats Zuccarello (despite his gaffe on the only goal), Carl Hagelin, the fourth line (which dominated San Jose’s fourth) as usual — plus all six defensemen and the goalkeeper — played their hearts out. Hard to say the same for Brad Richards (who stood 15 feet from the net and never moved toward the net on the Hagelin no-goal, and who was woeful on the SHG). Hard to say the same for Chris Kreider, who didn’t do much at all. Or for Derek Stepan, who had his moments, but also decided to try a fancy pass in a 1-0 game and didn’t come close to getting it through.
6) Which brings us to the Daily Nash-O-Meter. Yeah, Rick Nash drove to the net a couple of times, drew two penalties, should have gotten the call on a third, but didn’t. He cannot justify being a 20-goal scorer. He has turned into Petr Nedved — a big guy who can skate and has a great shot, but won’t initiate contact and can’t fight through a check. And hindsight being 20/20 (or about how many goals each has scored), would you do Artem Anisimov straight up for Nash at this point? Taking into account age and contract, I don’t believe I would. Nash so far: 20-12-32. Anisimov so far: 19-14-33. Never mind Brandon Dubinsky and the first-round pick.San Jose Sharks v New York Rangers
7) Henrik Lundqvist. Deserved better.
8) That power play. It has stunk since before the Stadium Series, which was Jan. 26-29 in case you’ve forgotten and mostly that has coincided with the switch of the Brassard line to the Stepan line as the No.1 unit. That first attempt was right out of Mike Sullivan-Perry Pearn territory. Never once even set up. The power play that gave up the game-winner was even worse, facing four short-handed chances, ultimately Zuccarello trying to make a move at center ice instead of moving the puck, Logan Couture picking his pocket, and Richards doing the ole’ as a defenseman.
9) At the same time, the penalty kill has been truly excellent for a while now.
10) Martin St. Louis. He had a good first period, set up some chances, but, yeah, it’s beyond time to put up. Two assists in seven games aren’t getting it done. Didn’t have a shot on goal Sunday. He still has time to get hot and make a difference, but that time is really, pardon the pun, short. And so the Rangers are 3-3-1 with St. Louis … or without Ryan Callahan, the “young and not that vocal” captain (Richards’ words in the New York Post last week). The young former captain is 1-2-3 in five games for Tampa.San Jose Sharks v New York Rangers
11) Ryan McDonagh=McMonster in both ends. A lot of that lately.
12) The Rangers have a way of making goalies look good, but I thought Antti Niemi really was fabulous, to be fair. Especially early on, then again late. Earned the shutout … despite allowing a goal.
13) The Sharks now play a lot like the ’11-12 Rangers only with more skill. The great Dave Maloney correctly predicted between periods that the second would be a “slog” fest. Boy was it ever. And that the Sharks, like most good teams, would get better. Boy did they. Larry Robinson, their assistant coach, is the one who taught the great Devils’ defensmen the lesson of “never leave your skates.” The Sharks don’t either. That’s why Vlasic was able to make that lunging poke-check to prevent McDonagh from tying the game. Though, to be fair, I think it was Dan Boyle who left his skates and slid to break up Stepan’s 2-on-1 pass.
14) The Rangers are now 16-20 in the transformed MSG. Not nearly good enough.
My Three Rangers Stars:
1. Henrik Lundqvist.San Jose Sharks v New York Rangers
2. Ryan McDonagh.
3. Benoit Pouliot.
Kenny Albert’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Henrik Lundqvist.
2. Ryan McDonagh.
3. Derick Brassard.
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Carl Hagelin.
2. tie, Daniel Carcillo, Ryan McDonagh and Mats Zuccarello.

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  1. I thought Niemi was the difference. He was huge in this game but we didnt work him nearly hard enough on the PP. It seems to have slowed down again to Perry Pearn levels, lets get across the blue line and move that puck around and bang a few on net. Pouliot and Kreider are doing a decent job in front of the net and McMonster is the only one who seems to want to bang one in there.

  2. Thank Brad Richards for his service…and send him home now! I won’t even look at his plus/minus…because it doesn’t necessarily tell the full story…but I bet it does…making his team leading points another useless measure. I knowMZA has to be better with the puck…but as the only player back..he (#19) needs to find a better outlet for that pass…oh..and if you are going to take a penalty….make believe those muscles you built at that CT training mecca are put to use. Here in Brooklyn..old ladies with their walkers will put a greater hurt on you if you step between them and an open register at the supermarket than your half ass attempt to slow Couture down! Richards makes watching a negative experience…he has no hockey smarts..makes poor passes….takes terrible shots…and has zero defensive skills…and if he gets hurt before this season ends…a cap disaster.

  3. Oh yeah…and don’t be talking smack about Cally..whose worst efforts on the ice are still better tan your best as a Ranger…and whose few words off the ice have to mean more than any words you have to share…I am sure the contract you got to play for the team he loved and captained ate away at him during his negotiation…hmmmm…I wonder why?

  4. Good morning, boneheads!
    Good review, Carp!
    The ledge is very crowded this morning. The will have to maintain the same level if play if they want to get in. Some important games this week. No room for another mail-it-in effort. MSL has to loosen his grip and play his game. He is trying to do what’s out of his comfort zone.
    Brad Richards is making it very easy for the management to do what’s right for this team and buy him out. Thank goodness!

    And Happy St. Patrick’s!

  5. Avatar-less but still a fan. Thanks Carp, was looking for your POV on the goal review, you always satisfy. They talk about a challenge for the coach but it still wouldnt have counted and burned our timeout too. Too many times this year we seem on the wrong side of these calls, the GMs should be looking at another official at each venue with replay authority rather than Toronto

  6. Hagerstown Md. Rangers fan on

    I don’t know if this puts me in the whiners category and I certainly don’t want to be one but that call by Toronto on an obvious goal is not a bad call it is downright despicable. Replay or review or whatever you want to call it is what it is but you cannot convince me that if the Logo on the shirt was of a black and white snow loving critter that would have been called a good goal by Toronto. Is it just me or does it not seem that these calls are universally not in the Rangers favor. That’s interesting, no? Hmmm.

  7. Let’s not forget the coach here, unable and unwilling to get hank off til 20 seconds were left. I sit by hanks end and could see his frustration. Torts would have had him off at the 2 minute mark.

  8. Sadly, the trade for Rick Nash probably signaled the end of the crest for this Rangers team. We traded some talent, some heart and got a big pile of Charmin.

    Anisimov, Dubinsky & Callahan (not to mention the draft picks) are ten times better than Rick Nash and Martin St. Louis.

    Rick Nash really needs to be called out for the albatross of a player that he is. I said it last year when I called him the perfect Wizard of Oz player: No brains, no heart, no courage. He takes the word “soft” to a whole other level.

    Richards, I believe it was said yesterday, has a list of players he “just couldn’t mesh with”. Keeping him on the roster this season was a disastrous move. Forget the points he’s put up – watch the effort. It’s contagious around the team to play soft, perimeter hockey with horse teeth and Nash leading the way.

    I really feel for the ones on this team who DO give a crap about effort. Because the “top end” talent on this team doesn’t come close to giving 100% effort on most nights.

    Can they make the playoffs? Sure. Can they beat anybody in the playoffs? Doubtful.

    So sad when you think about what could have been with this group…

    Brad Richards, Rick Nash, Martin St. Louis (yes, I include him. He looks like he’s here to play for retirement)…the face of your New York Rangers.

    I can only compare them to Major League’s Roger Dorn: “Puck was out of my reach. What do you expect me to do? Dive for it?”

  9. Matty"UnbelievablySoft"Boy on

    Thanks, Carpy!!! Great as usual!!!

    Hank played well. MacD soared!!

    In my mind I think SJ just turns it up a notch if we do get the right video call. However, a spade a spade showed that was in and BS.

    Good effort by most of these softees.

    The more he is here, that Richard lack of effort, bouncing pass to Zucc’s, lack of response to Couture’s quick turn, and worse, lack of a last minute stick, slap, ANYTHING to let him know that someone’s guarding the store, even from the behind, is yet another sinful nail in his coffin. Outta here tonight is not too soon. Torts had this selfish, rich, shell of a player that was never complete anyway, right. Cancer.

  10. Matty"UnbelievablySoft"Boy on

    Who scouts these big name ‘stars’ and allows them to get big money and come here when there game is SO incomplete??? I would rather have 4 $3M two-way players than one of these incomplete, team morale-degrading sissy’s.

    I mean, really. Check someone, back check, drive to the net in traffic, already.

  11. Sioux-per-man on

    Great review Carp!

    You would think the Rangers could steal a game at home once in awhile. So much for a home ice advantage at 16 – 20.

    I can’t wait for the Rangers/Flyers game in 9 days!

  12. Come back in off the ledge.

    Brassard and McDonuts both had excellent scoring chances, as did Zucc. They just shot them directly into the Sharks goalie.

    IF those guys finish, we are talking about how we dismantled a top-tier team. We got the chances this game, we just didn’t bury them.

    I agree, the first line was again stale this game. I think THE Kreider plays better when he hits. He’s got to start throwing that body around more. Nash is Charmin, but we knew that when we got him. I’m sorry, but you still make that trade 100% of the time.

    I’m encouraged that Richards kept trying to shoot it this game. Throw the puck on net and good things will happen.

    I think they’ll be ok.

  13. Good observations, Carp. I think BR not only needs to be sent home now, his on-ice performance is poison to the rest of the team. To this fan, BR appears to be the anti-Cally. Also agree they showed some more fight on the depth level last night…sad that it does not translate to motivation for the top guard.

  14. MattL….what are you drinking this morning? Yikes…talk about a glass half full!

  15. Carp great review.
    You know what they (Sather) say “you gotta give up something to get something”…so the Sathers case. You gotta give up young good players like Anisimov, Dubi etc to get Nash…before he got here I knew it was a bust…
    An organization like the Rangers needs to groom home grown talent, not trade for it!
    I’ve been following the Rangers since the 80s and rarely, almost never has a trade worked for our benefit. Come to think of it…
    How does Dolan look at Sathers record and see a success?
    The best move of Sathers worthless GMship was McD…
    Not acceptable.

  16. I was going to stay away from this “non-goal” call. But I say this- if it was against the Rangers, and Toronto called it in, everyone in NY would be livid. Puck went in, alright, but there is no way to say it fully crossed the line. Even if the referee didn’t make a call on the ice, there was no way Toronto could see the puck crossing the goal line *fully*. Right call.

  17. Calling Marty St. Who?????? I have not even noticed this guy in the last couple of games. When we played Tampa he was all over the place. I don’t understand how this happens when players get to NYC.

  18. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    If they expand video review, maybe we can challenge Toronto’s decision to the United Federation of Planets.

    Seriously, the wheels are coming off at the wrong time. If you can’t put up more than .500 at home (look at EVERY playoff bound team), this one’s in the books.

    They will be drinking cabernet and working on their short games (haha) very soon.

  19. Doodie Machetto on

    Ryane Clowe. Derek Morris. Nik Antropov. Olli Jokinen. John Scott. CABER!

    Marty St. Louis?

  20. Stranger Nation on

    _You would think the Rangers could steal a game at home once in awhile. So much for a home ice advantage at 16 – 20_

    Home Losses to non-PO teams: 8
    Debbies – 2, Jets, Caps, Preds, Islanders – 2, Oilers

    Get a at least 1 point in those games and at 84 pts and comfortably in 2nd place

  21. iDoodie Machetto on

    Man, looking over Sather’s trade list, every non-salary dump trade, except maybe one or two (Mara, Avery) have been bad.

  22. The problem with replay as it currently stands is that there is no room in the current mandate for common sense. So we get a situation like last night where they follow the rule to the letter – they can’t definitively see on video that the puck crossed the line so therefore it’s not a goal.

    Now if the rule were relaxed to the point where they could use common sense – the pad is against the post, when the pad is pulled back the puck comes out, it’s highly probable that it crossed the line even though we can’t see it – then replay will become even more valuable.

    Would mistakes still be made? Sure. I’d rather have a few mistakes than no replay at all. The game is too fast, the puck too small and refs to far away or screened to get every call right.

  23. Mann-O-War, King of Metal on

    In honor of how much we miss *Dubinsky* and how we are all feeling about this team right now, today’s *Metal* selection comes from Ottawa Canadian Post-Metal/Sludge band, *Alaskan* and their most recent LP entitled *Despair, Erosion, Loss*

    *Alaskan* has evolved into one of the hardest hitting sludge bands out there. Their tracks, 5 in total on this 36 minute album, are hard hitting and littered with intricate sludge riffs and grooves.

    The album is available for streaming here and it would make Dubinsky crowd to be *Alaskan*: http://alaskan.bandcamp.com/album/despair-erosion-loss

  24. I’ve just seen the video proof – how can that not be given a goal?

    This really should be the curtain call on video replay and herald the use of a system of sensors etc..

  25. Mann-O-War, King of Metal on

    My main problem with this system or playing style, etc., although I have many and I complain about them frequently, is that it’s a system that needs to be mistake free. Poor passing can quickly turn into an odd-man rush the other way. I think the players are feeling that they have to be perfect. That’s why we’re getting so many players passing up on prime shooting opportunities.

    The system itself focuses far too much on speed which, I believe, does not help you win close games. Which does *not* bode well for playoff times.

  26. you see how quickly this team is transforming to pre 05-06 lockout stages? richie nash and st louis all old and all are complimentary 1st or 2nd liners. i have really hated watching or rooting for this team since cally was traded. i could understand duby was immature and inconsistent, arty was taking too long to develop it seemed, but cally? cmon. he is one of those guys u need to win a cup. hes grittier than anyone on the team. i like AV’s style of play, so i hope we keep playing like this, well, most of the team anyway. the skill level is definitely there, like carp said were better than all the teams in this division vying for spots, and more than most of the other division as well. ok, im gonna stop there cuz im just trying to cheer myself up. you know what, cally or not, why do we trade all our draft picks? so what if theres not many prospects ready to jump right in and help? idk guys. im goin crazy rooting for this team. after awhile im just not gonna care anymore. now watch, i’ll be the first crazy one here to love them when we win next game. i know it.

  27. Like the Petr Nedved comparison to -Nash-

    But, Nedved was a complimentary 2nd tier piece while -Nash- is sip posed to be “the man”

    Plus, although my memory being is somewhat sketchy,

    Nedved > -Nash-

  28. papa- yea nash is now just a complimentary guy now. he used to be good. before he came here. he was all smiles when he got traded here. all u see is a hazy fog in his eyes now

  29. It’s absolutely despicable to think that this team has a chance of NOT making the playoffs in this weaksauce division / conference.

    I would fire Sathet and AV if we don’t make the playoffs.


  30. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Richards is the white horse in the room. Amazing how that ONE roster spot is such a team killer. The moment he wasn’t bought out I think we all could fast forward and see this train wreck a coming…

  31. Not even all that upset about this loss. NYR are not in the same league as the Sharks.

  32. *seven (7) players on this team who bring a consistency of effort and heart every game*

    DMoops (?)
    Poilett (?)

  33. Papa, I would generally agree with that list, but you’d have to exclude Hank and Pouliot’s consistency aspect the first 20 or so games this year. But since, yes.

  34. As someone who loved the composition of the 2011-12 team, but also loved the Nash trade, it’s getting harder to defend it.

    Nash needs to be the player he was when he scored 11 in 11 games, and I’m not saying he needs to average a goal a game. But, he needs to be that type of player.

  35. A few points:

    a.) First off, good morning everyone and happy Saint Patrick’s Day! Enjoy your corned beef and Guinness but be safe!

    2.) While I think it was pretty obvious the puck went in, there was actually no video evidence of the puck crossing the goal line. We just saw the puck coming out of the net after the play was over. Of course, based on this video, logic tells you that the puck had to be in the net to begin with, but this is the NHL, where logic doesn’t exist. My question is: why don’t we have the technology that tells the ref or Toronna that the puck crossed the line sans video? Because the goalies pads are so ginormous now (not to mention, for some reason there wasn’t a camera inside the net), so you’re not going to see every puck that goes in. In soccer, I believe they have the technology where once the ball crosses the line, the ref’s watch vibrates (or something like that). It would cost the NHL like $29.95 to put that technology in place.

    D.) If the Rangers played that way for every game since the Olympics, we wouldn’t be in this dire situation now!! I guess it wouldn’t be March if the Chase Ledge weren’t in use.

  36. Gravy, There is nothing wrong with loving the Nash trade at the time it was made. We were told we were getting a superstar. I personally hardly ever saw the guy play. Now that I have, I understand why Columbus traded him.

    He is Petr Nedved.

  37. Face it – this team is as soft as rice pudding! However many do have hands of stone.

    If they are supposed to have team speed, how come they are beaten to the puck, particularly in the defensive zone.

    We are facing the need for a major team restructuring, but Sather is not capable of doing it.

    Playoff? Not a chance!

  38. Mann-O-War, King of Metal on

    @MrManager5 Thanks to a Co-Worker I caught this shot of WWE wrestler CM Punk repping @ViolentGents on “Talking Dead” pic.twitter.com/DQ2dQV3KF3

  39. Mann-O-War, King of Metal on

    *Gravy* at at 9:43 AM is pretty much exactly how I feel.

    On paper I make that Nash trade again. But in *hindsight* I just can’t justify it at all.

  40. _Technically they are both in the NHL, booby._

    Technically, you’re not wrong, and technically, proper nouns like Booby should be capitlized, and technically, today’s metal selection is AWESOME!

  41. I’m a glass half full kinda guy, but I just don’t see this team going anywhere if they make the playoffs. However, there’s still time to turn it around.

  42. Any animal with eyes attached to their hind legs enjoys the benefits of full time hindsight. Jealous.

  43. All I know is the rangers were headed in the right direction in drafting and developing players and sather blew it all up in smokes. I’ve been a ranger fan since late 60’s and I’ve had it. If sather isn’t fired after this season I will spend whatever time I have left on something useful.

  44. Can somehow who understands the xs and os please explain to me how and why the Rangers’ “system” always seems to leave pure scorers impotent?

    How many guys do we need to see come here and not score before it’s not just their problem, it’s institutional?

  45. Gravy, Staal would have made my list of 7 were it not for his first 20 and last 7 games.

  46. Fair enough. He was their second best d-man during that middle portion, but you did say “consistent”.

  47. It looks a bit scary with Philly and Columbus ahead of us in points with 2 games in hand each.

    But if you look at the schedule, the Rangers have the easier schedule of both teams. Rangers could easily go 10-3, for 20 pts. 8-3-2, for 18 pts, is probably more realistic.

    So is it a race to 94 pts to be in the top 3? Just to avoid Pittsburgh or Boston in the 1’st round.

  48. Mann-O-War, King of Metal on

    Rangers having an “easy” schedule is not comforting. They play their worst against bad teams.

  49. Stranger Nation on

    How happy are the Kings that they didn’t win the Richards’ sweepstakes? They get to hoist the cup and we have to carry around that anvil of a contract.

  50. Stranger Nation on

    Line names –
    1- Dumb, slow and lazy
    2 – Bucky and the loose chinstraps
    3 – Caspar and the spicy shrimp
    4 – The Tin Man & the middleweights

  51. Gravy if Marty St. Louis could just get going, it would make a HUGE difference. That one extra goal per game would come in handy when Hank only lets 1 in.

    One thing scares me. Nash looks to be in “playoff” mode already. No Hits, No Goals, Nothing If he doesn’t score he really is a ghost out there.

    Scary stat for him, he use to have 100 hits per year / pre-Ranger years. In ’12 – 104, ’11 – 91, ’10 – 121.

    This year 9.

    So he isn’t even the power forward that the Rangers traded for. He use to use his body ALOT more down the middle.

    This is why Marty St. Louis *HAS* to lead the team *on ice*, because we know its not coming from Nash or Richards.

  52. Dear TommyG….

    You and I are very similar in our time invested with this team and our current disgust levels.

    Feel your frustration and disgust,

    Your Friend,

    Papa Bear

  53. Zucc, Stepan, Kreider will have to lead this team into the playoffs if St. Louis, Nash, & Richards cant.

    Is it just me, but it feels like it took Stepan half the year to get going, and right now he is tied for the lead in points with 46. It wouldn’t surprise me if he ends up the point leader for ’14, and steps out and *leads* this team down the stretch.

  54. Even though I’m totally sick of him, I guess I have to give Nash a pass for this year. It’s so obvious that he has no interest in engaging and is playing scared.

    If we get the same soft Nash next year, then that is a huge problem.

  55. _Rangers having an “easy” schedule is not comforting. They play their worst against bad teams_

    Well at least they are not playing them at *Home* :)

    Keep the faith.

  56. _How happy are the Kings that they didn’t win the Richards’ sweepstakes?_

    …. they have Gaborik.

    Who has the better year, post trade? Nash or Gaborik.

    You almost have to close your eyes, flip a coin, and pick it in the air. Right?

  57. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Q: Why did the brutha wear a tuxedo to his vasectomy?

    A: “if I’m gonna be impotent, might as well dress impotent!

    Thank you. I’ll be at the holiday inn off Route 9 all this week

  58. Stranger Nation on

    _ he use to have 100 hits per year / pre-Ranger years. In ‘12 – 104, ‘11 – 91, ‘10 – 121_

    that’s a great find Souix; disturbing but insightful

  59. _Thank Brad Richards for his service…and send him home now! I won’t even look at his plus/minus…because it doesn’t necessarily tell the full story…but I bet it does_

    Plus/minus can make things pretty blurry, but if you break out the components on a per 60 basis, you can maybe learn a bit. Here’s even strength goals against per 60:00 of ES time, _unadjusted for quality of opponent or zone starts_ …

    Taylor Pyatt: 3.28
    Brad Richards: 2.88
    Rick Nash: 2.68
    Ryan Callahan: 2.61
    Michael Del Zotto: 2.49
    Dan Girardi: 2.47
    Carl Hagelin: 2.46
    Ryan McDonagh: 2.42
    Justin Falk: 2.38
    Derick Brassard: 2.35
    Marc Staal: 2.35
    Derek Stepan: 2.28
    Anton Stralman: 2.27
    J.T. Miller: 2.24
    Dominic Moore: 2.07
    Chris Kreider: 2.05
    Mats Zuccarello: 2.02
    Derek Dorsett: 1.91
    Brian Boyle: 1.76
    Benoit Pouliot: 1.74
    John Moore: 1.72
    Kevin Klein: 1.72
    Daniel Carcillo: 1.49

  60. Stranger Nation on

    Nash has completely outplayed Gabby – not even close. Would rather have a Gabby walking away then Nash for 4 more years of abject laziness and sloth.

  61. Mann-O-War, King of Metal on

    Enough with the stats, Doc. We watch the games. My eyes don’t lie. They are like Shakira’s hips.

  62. _Even though I’m totally sick of him, I guess I have to give Nash a pass for this year. It’s so obvious that he has no interest in engaging and is playing scared._

    That’s the new rule for $6MM+ Rangers, right? They each get one year to just not show up. Good thing we didn’t give Callahan what he wanted, he may have just tanked next year because I’m sure that’s totally in his character like the other guys.

  63. Stranger Nation on

    Mister D – it would be interesting to see how Bucky’s +/- stats read when they play on his line and when they play off it on a different line.

  64. Stranger Nation on

    For all of THE’s defensive lapses, his stats play out pretty well when compared to his other winger – the Dude.

  65. _Mister D – it would be interesting to see how Bucky’s +/- stats read when they play on his line and when they play off it on a different line._

    Would certainly be interesting. Like everyone has said and knows, those stats have a lot of issues, but when you’re a non-matchup, semi-sheltered forward leading the team in goals against, you can’t blame linemates. But I’m sure on most of those goals he was all ready to break out the other way if the play went that way.

  66. SN

    Gabby 5 games 1-1-2

    Nash 5 games 0-1-1

    Looks like a long tooth horse Race to me. Bucky only has 1 assist. So I guess you could throw him in there to *lead* the back of the pack.

    If I had to pick who scores more down the 13 game stretch, I think I would pick Gaborik. For the sole purpose he’s playing for next years contract.

  67. _For all of THE’s defensive lapses, his stats play out pretty well when compared to his other winger – the Dude._

    Probably because, for all of his lapses, he’s in on the play. I can’t count the number of breakaways or odd-mans Nash has led or been the 2nd man on and its not because he’s flying out from deep in the zone.

  68. _They are like Shakira’s hips._

    I could watch *THOSE* all day long. Not such a bad thing, if you really think about it :)

  69. Mann-O-War, King of Metal on

    I really do hate advanced stats type stuff. I’m the kind of guy that no matter how many goals Ovechkin scores I wouldn’t want him on my team.

  70. Stranger Nation on

    Sioux – thought you were referencing the Nash trade, no last weed’s deadline.

    Right now: No Nash > Nash @ $7,8M

  71. Stranger Nation on

    Ex3 – that is Norm’s favorite award. May hear someone singing “Do You Really Want to Hurt Me” from the hills of New England if it happens.

  72. With you on advanced stats, Manny. They bore me to death.

    I’d rather talk Shakira all day.

  73. Here’s a list of the current Rangers I would want on the ice if I were soft and needed someone to step in and defend me……

    Brassard (only if I thought a Hug would work)

    Pretty sad.

  74. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Boy George is pretty. “Do you really want to spank me?, do you want to see me cry?”

  75. Rick Nash is a bonafide loser. He can’t carry a team. He’s soft he’s worthless and I can’t fathom looking at him anymore let along half the crap on this team.

    Face it they can’t score it’s an ongoing problem every year. One game great next 10 back to a goal a game.

    The pp has fallen off the cliff.

    At best a trip to Boston as 8th seed 2nd wild card lose in 5 games.

    This is my only post today as I may end up saying stuff on here to get me canned for good. Anybody that defends this team get your head of your butt.

    Have a great day guys see you Tom night for it’s go time or should I say its close to elimination time.

    2nd place in metro lol.

  76. Who helps their team more post trade *this* year.

    Gabby for the Kings? or Nash for the Rangers?


    Callahan for the Lightning or St. Louis for the Rangers?

  77. Mann-O-War, King of Metal on

    So let’s focus on Shakira. Because she certainly is something. Talk about *max* effort…

  78. The Rangers organization is like the NHL version of Washington D.C.
    We send people to DC to fix problems but they inevitably get sucked into the system and end up as part of the problem.

    We trade/sign for players who come to NYR to make the team better. However they get sucked to the mediocre/subpar system and end up as part of the problem.

    If it wasn’t Nash or St. Louis, it could be Bobby Ryan or fill in the blank, it doesn’t matter!
    The front office is the problem…it sucks…just like the complete assens ruining…er…I mean running the country.

  79. Sather Must Go! on

    Brassard and McD (esp) had two grade-A scoring opps one needed to go; I tght both those players played well…
    The fourth line needed/deserved more ice time..

    ..I know it was a close game, but how can no one (Carcillo?) go after that Sheppard guy after the hit on McD (and one other hit, if I recall) – the opp was there… this team has shown no type of fight around the net or off the puck…the playoffs have basically started and this team is not built for playoff type hockey..

  80. Since we’re talking about this fine country now, if Shakira were to fall and break her hip it’s a national tragedy, right?

  81. Good morning, Sally!

    Don’t worry kids. Only four years at $7.8M per left and Nash is outta here. Unless he has a good season in there. Then they probably extend him.

  82. Staal Wart @ 11:00 …. Perfect!

    I think you’ve hit on something with the comparison of Ranger Organization to the Federal Government.

    Therefore it’s only natural to assume that Obama, when his term is over, would be the perfect replacement for Sather, when his term (life?) is over.

  83. Stranger Nation on

    Papa – put Klein and J Moore on that list


    Time for McD to stand up for himself

  84. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Staal wart – both parties are in the toilet. The system is broken and corrupt. You were right on point…

  85. Stranger Nation on

    Not sure why people hate on the government, but happily cash their Social Security checks and have confidence in the US armed forces.

    No politics!!

  86. Every quote I read from Nash or Richards makes me want to slam my head into a wall a little harder.

    Nash + Richards + St. Louis for Callahan + Dubinsky + Anisimov + 2 1st round picks + 2nd round pick + $6MM in cap space

  87. SNation.

    Sorry, in the words of Tom Hagen. “Can’t do it Sally”……..

    it’s my list and I’m not Putin them (Jmoore and Klein) on it.

  88. Sather Must Go! on

    Mr D., add in Clowe for a second and third – nice home grown youth movement orchestrated by slats.

  89. Stranger Nation on

    Brassard was whispering sweet nothings in his ear, distracting him from the task at hand

  90. Aren’t we permitted to expect good governance by our elected officials and when not satisfied, protected by the constitution should we chose to voice our dissatisfaction?

  91. Mann-O-War, King of Metal on

    I think she’s also dating some billionaire. Which is annoying. She’s got enough money. Let a regular guy get a shot!

  92. It’s pretty clear to me. If there is no video which can over turn the ruling on the ice, the ruling on the ice stands.

    Called no goal on the ice. No video available showing the puck crossing the goal line, therefore no goal.

    I can’t with argue the Toronto call unless video shows the puck over the goal line.

    Beef should be with the ref not being in position to make the proper call.

  93. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    If we the people could elect Sather……lifetime appointment…..like being placed on the bench….

  94. _Beef should be with the ref not being in position to make the proper call._

    And maybe the rulebook for not allowing an inkling of common sense gray into a black and white rule. Buut I agree, as written, you couldn’t overturn. We got that one a couple opening nights ago against Boston, I think. Couldn’t prove where the puck was in Lundqvist’s glove even though we all knew it was in.

  95. The fans behind the net didn’t react as if the puck was in.

    Although they may have been texting or whatever.

  96. Stranger Nation on

    That video replay was funny in a sad way as Sam rambled on about Basketball while the Rangers scored in a 1-0 game with playoff implications.

    Joe M thought it was about the shot from the corner and was more concerned with Hannan’s injury to his leg, hoping it was not his big thighs.

  97. _By the way, if Shakira looked like Joan Rivers, for example, does she sell even one record?_

    When Joan Rivers looked like Dot Matrix, possibly. Since she’s had all that work done…I don’t think so.

  98. LOL, was thinking the same thing, Stranger. How far MSG Network has fallen. Now it’s just a house organ to promote everything and anything MSG related.

    What’s happening on the ice? Unimportant.

  99. Sathers next big trade should be Kreider and Hagelin plus a first round pick in 2018 for Daniel Alfredsson.

  100. Mann-O-War, King of Metal on

    Joan Rivers is absolutely hysterical. An absolute visionary and a legend in comedy. She’s the first woman to really step up and show the men that a woman can handle humor just as well, if not better in her case.

    I don’t give a rat’s behind about fashion and celebrities but I sometimes watch Fashion Police just to hear her one-liners. She’s a genius.

  101. Mann-O-War, King of Metal on

    Have you guys forgotten about the Ranger desire to sign Dan Boyle as close to retirement as possible?

  102. The Rangers have a long history of making the opposition’s goaltenders look good. In 1967 the Bruins called up a netminder by the name of Andre Gill for his first NHL game. It was against the Rangers and he shut them out! It was the guy’s only NHL shutout.

  103. Mann-O-War, King of Metal on

    Maybe back in the day, Gravy. Our Jewish women have a stellar repuation.

  104. Cally was too adamant in his demands, but I feel that keeping Richie around this year, consciously or unconsciously, added to the contractual problem. And #19’s comments about #24 being too young and un-vocal to be Captain defines his own (lack of) character. His words point to the fact that he feels that he, personally, is in super compete form, but the rest of the team needs a kick in the azz. What a fool.

  105. Mann-O-War, King of Metal on

    You’re right, Coos. And coming on the heels of this team vs. Tort mutiny definitely makes me feel like there is some sort of divide going on in the locker room but I have no idea how to put my finger on what or who it is.

  106. McManny O'War on

    Happy St. Patricks day to the lot o’ you and thanks to Coos fer saving this day!

  107. Richards has become the guy at the office who can’t handle having a younger, smarter, more qualified supervisor because of birthdate alone.

  108. Papa, added to the funniest things ever said on this blog, don’t think I forgot your quip about my snow shovel!

  109. McManny O'War on

    Is it Richards? I mean he does have a lot of “side” projects going on with the engagement, wine project and *UNTUCKit* campaign

  110. matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties"Boy on

    So, the guys on NHL Radio, Sirius Satellite, do a recap of last night’s games in the morning. In talking about the Ranger game, they said that the disputed video goal was CLEARLY a goal and the video review system needs overhaul. It was about as blunt as these guys talk.

  111. McManny O'War on

    Would it make Nash feel more comfortable with Dorsett on the other wing? Because if that would make him feel more comfortable I would do it.

  112. This date always reminds me of a March 17 of ages ago when I worked with my Dad and he told me, early afternoon, that he was going home because he didn’t feel well and that I was to handle this and that. Half an hour later, I’m switching the dial on a radio and I hear him being interviewed by O’Shaughnessy at a local Irish Pub!

  113. McManny O'War on

    That is an awesome story, Coos.

    All I have to share about pubs is that one day my grandfather closed down his carpet shop to go get a drink with his buddy at this little pub in New London, CT called the “Half Keg” (because it was a little place made of tin that looked like a keg cut in half). While my grandfather was enjoying his favorite beverage, his friend drove up to meet him, but being already inebriated, drove through the front of the bar trying to park.

    The newspaper showed up and took a picture of the accident. My grandfather was still sitting at the bar, drinking a beer about 2 feet from the fender of the offending car.

    My mother was sitting outside in the backseat of her father’s station wagon the whole time,.

  114. McManny, that some time ago crossed my mind, too. Don’t think the coach would have the nerve to employ any experiment like that this time in the season, if ever.

  115. McManny O'War on

    Nash is no Gretzky and Dorsett is no Dave Semenko but it seems like it might help him out a bit to feel safe.

  116. Coos 12:005 Amen.

    It’s a little bit scary to think that he leads the team in points.

    Where would this team be without him?

    I hate to say it, but I don’t think Miller would have put up those points.

    I guess we will find out next year. Because Bucky HAS to go.

  117. McMannu, lol. Do you remember imbibing at a bar named The Playwright Irish Pub on Whitney Ave. during your Quinnipiac days?

  118. Manny, when you have a vulnerable 4 billion dollar Aircraft Carrier, you need some escort Destroyers.

  119. McManny – I remember being in the car as a kid :( My Father took over an hour one time, so I walked home.
    MoM told me to hide when I got home, she wanted to send Father out to look for me :)

  120. be careful, Staal.

    though I wonder if Alfie is a big enough name to register on Slats’ radar.

    Maybe Brodeur.

  121. Forgot to wish everybody a Happy St. Paddy’s Day!

    Ray O’Routsalainen.

    John O’Grodnick.

    Teem O’Selanne.

  122. Paul in sunrise on

    Think NHL need to rethink goal line. Once total puck crosses the plane should be a goal not total puck crosses the line because the back half of the line is in the net. It’s the plane that makes the difference. And makes that goal review easy since it clearly crossed the plane. Oh and the line is as thick as the post right so if he pick is tucked behind the post it has to be completely over the line. Just horrid calls all year

  123. Sioux, with the cellphone, now you tell your wife directly that you aren’t there. :)

  124. Stranger Nation on

    Allowing goalie equipment to cross goal line is unique to hockey (I believe) and part of the challenge for the official to see if pucks cross line. Should be illegal for the pads to be over the line (2 minutes minor) like Soccer and Lacrosse, the other two sports with goals (also B-ball ‘goal tending’)

  125. I disagree with Philly and Columbus not being better teams.

    Philly has a bona fide star – Giroux – that puts up serious points and can score timely goals. Rangers have Nash.

    Philly has shown resilience in countless third period comebacks. Rangers down a goal in the third period – might as well be 4-0

    Columbus has character and toughness. Rangers have ballerinas.

  126. Should be like baseball questionable homer, where if ump loses sight of ball and replay is inconclusive, you get at least 1/2 a goal.

  127. Doodie Machetto on

    St. Louis: “You’ve got to stay positive… Am I playing great? No. But I’ve played way worse than this.”

    Well that’s certainly not encouraging.

  128. Paul in sunrise on

    Oh and I think teams should get a bench minor when they try to make illegal icing player change as was done yesterday which provided 30 seconds of time to elapse after sharks iced puck and before next face off. That’s a penalty or should be

  129. Forget putting Dorsett with The Good One. He wants to feel safe, put him in a bubble.

    Actually MSG does that between periods, don’t they? The contest with the bubble boys bumping into each other. Get one of those guys to coach The Good One!

  130. Scott Arniel to AV: “What’s that big box FEDEX just delivered?”

    AV: “Bubble Wrap. I ordered it for Nasher and Secretariat.”

  131. Maybe you guys watched a different game than me, but the game I watched the Rangers:

    1) Outplayed one of the best teams in the West for 2 out of 3 periods

    2) The game should have gone to OT because actually DID score a goal (but I get why they said no goal)

    3) Our speed game created some issue through the neutral zone in the 1st period. In the second they clogged up the zone but in the third they were able to get through until the last 2 minutes.

    4) The problem, as it’s been for awhile, is we just don’t take advantages of our opportunities and score, while other teams do. I’m sorry but when you get 41 shots, and probably 15-20 good scoring chances and you can’t score, it’s not lack of hustle or hitting or whatever, it’s terrible shooting. Sam and Joe kept making the point that they kept the puck low and Niemi is good on low shots. They could NOT raise the puck up. And way too many shots INTO the goalie. If we had buried 2 of those (or even if that one goal counted) you would all be saying….what a great game against a top West team. So blame it on who you want but we coulda, shoulda won this game if we could just aim better!!

  132. Farmer in Kindersly Canada, texts to Dorsett: DON’T WORRY KID, BIG REAPER MACHINE STILL NEEDS EXPERIENCED DRIVER”

  133. McManny O'War on

    I don’t think we need to change the rules. I think we just need officials to be in much better position on a play like that and, if they don’t know the exact right call to make, they should go straight to video so we aren’t concerned about this whole “overturning” stuff.

  134. Oh, and our power play stinks. Why not bench Richards who’s no longer adding any value to the PP and put St Louis on the point. He was playing there for TB. Something has to change on the PP.

  135. matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties"Boy on

    Steveknj, don’t disagree. They played well. With that effort, backs to the wall, they can make the PO’s. Not expecting anything from there.

  136. matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties"Boy on

    Most of us keep blaming Sather for the seemingly complete turnaround from the ‘draft and develop young players’ concept of 3-4 years ago to the last 2 years, now, of trading away valuable draft picks for old, aging, but big name players.

    How do we know it’s Sather?

    Given what the Knicks look like with their big name (many over the hill) players, also, couldn’t it just as well be that moron, Dolan????

  137. When a team commits to one form of D, e.g.: clogging the neutral zone, other options open up and if they’re not utilized to advantage, either the coach is incompetent, or he hasn’t the right horses to implement the counter.

  138. Pierre McGuire saying tomorrow game vs Ottawa is a game 7 for both teams.

    Carp still finishing 2nd or have you realized this team we all love is a complete disaster.

  139. AV: “Not me, I would never say it, but some friends have said that Toronto (replays) make it up as they go along.” Smooth escape by the coach of a 20,000 fine. :)

  140. For Nieuwendyk, Calgary acquired Iginla. For Iginla, Calgary acquired Kenny Agostino. The Yale kid signed today.

    He’s almost a point per game player in college. Who’s better Agostino or Haggerty?

  141. Hank uses an inordinate amount of mask blocks. Since he’s beaten often glove high, unspoken left arm or shoulder problemo?

  142. Sioux, your Dad story reminded me of the great old Irish short story writer, Sean O’Faolain, whose stories often had a kid dragged to a Pub by his father, and being put in difficult situations between the mother and father. :) Classic Irish stuff.

  143. Paddtly McPapa O'Bear on

    Sarah, Sarah sitting in a shoe shine shop.
    Sarah, Sarah sitting in a shoe shine shop.
    All day long she sits and shines,
    All night long she shines and sits.
    Sarah, Sarah sitting in a shoe shine shop.

  144. “You’ve been away. Maybe you didn’t hear I don’t shine shoes no more.”

  145. The old Sather used to trade away young studs for older players, I get that. But outside of this last trade, where did that happen? We got Nash in his mid 20s, not old. Richards I was totaly against because I felt his numbers were inflated in Dallas and he wanted too much money, and I was right. Gomez, Drury, were both FA. He traded and older Gaborik for three younger guys with potential, maybe they don’t reach it, but they WERE younger.

    As far as the guys we traded away, which one of them exactly is going to be a star? They are all nice 3rd line players, but you can’t win a championship with a team full of third liners. I get they were popular and they stood up for each other, but their big year together, what happened? They couldn’t score, and the only games we won were when Hank stood on his head. And by the time we played the Debbies we were done. We all said we needed scoring. So we went out and got Nash. Who else was available? In hindsight it may not have worked out, but at the time most of us thought it was a good idea.

  146. we’re in trouble…I’m still p.o.’d by the marty for cally AND a 2nd AND a 1st next year(when marty hits 40)…I was wrong about nash..I have center ice and whenever I would watch Columbus,i would rave about nash…boy,was he noticeable…but here,if he doesn’t score,he plain sucks…but slats just rolls along..

  147. In retrospect, it seems we outplayed a large Stanley Cup contender and our ‘big’ guys simply failed to tweak the net. An OT victory would have us dreaming sweet dreams. Ain’t over yet, boyos.

  148. Question…always wondered this…why isn’t cost of living factored into the CAP? Seems to me a million just doesn’t go as far in Manhattan as it does in…say…Tampa Bay or even Buffalo.

  149. We sit here and complain about how bad Sather’s drafts are, but yet when we trade said draft picks we complain about that.

    We say we want grit and when we trade for a grit guy (for draft picks) and it doesn’t work out, we complain.

    We say we need scoring, but when we trade for scoring, and it doesn’t happen, we complain about that.

    We all agree Sather is part of the problem and that’s true, but really his track record has been better since the lockout. But again, lets say you take back the Nash trade, and the St Louis trade, who’s your big scorer? You have to trade someone to get someone. It didn’t work out, but it sure looked good when they made the trade.

    To me the biggest problem, and it’s always been is the Dolans. Dolan meddles in everything the Knicks are doing, but couldn’t give a rat’s butt about the Rangers. The Rangers are like a throw in on a big trade. So, to Dolan, unless the team makes the playoffs and brings in that playoff dough to MSG, they are a failure. So there could NEVER be a REAL rebuilding program like what went on in Pittsburgh or Chicago or TB now. They have to pay for the new Garden somehow. Dolan just lets Sather do what he wants because he knows NOTHING about hockey.

  150. I remember when many Ranger players rented inexpensive middle class apartments in Westchester. Dose was the days.

  151. Exactly coos. And outside of that first week, we’ve played those big western teams pretty well. Since that first road trip we are 10-8 against the Western Conference.

  152. AV has used that “friends say they make it up as they go along” thing at least once earlier this year. Classic.

    eric, hot dogs?

  153. Wonder how much Freddie Mercury’s family is collecting yearly, NHL-wide for ‘We Will Rock You.’

  154. BMac – I’m thinking a $Million house is ALOT bigger in MN, than it is in Manhattan :)

  155. Copyright owner of ‘Oh, You Look So Beautiful Tonight,’ on getting a NY Ranger check from Dolan: “I don’t understand.’

  156. Congratulating myself for deciding to pretend to write today and for hanging on the blog instead of meeting up with some chum lads at Fogarty’s in Bronxville. Last time I went on The Drinking Man’s Diet, I lost -twenty pounds- my license. (not really)

  157. Carp
    great review…..as usual
    maybe you should talk to
    Don Lagrecca
    about the disputed goal

    i had (civil) words with him about it on twitter yesterday

  158. heard that about Slats
    like a Rangers goal counting
    i won’t believe it
    til i actually happens

  159. Paddtly McPapa O'Bear on

    Carp, I’ve been saying it here since the start of training camp. In fact, I said it within the last few days.

    Sather will retire after the season.

    *Book It*

  160. heard that about Slats
    like a Rangers goal counting
    i won’t believe it
    til it actually happens

  161. Ralph from N.M. on

    AV would gain my total respect if he showed backbone & made Nash a healthy scratch

  162. McManny O'War on

    Somebody call Brooks! Another college age kid was signed and will have to hang with the big club!

    @hockeyfights Red Wings Sign Colin Campbell (Lake Superior State University) to Entry-Level Contract http://noglov.es/1ed0jj7

  163. Sather may retire, but the reporter got no response to inquiries. Like, Carp may be trying out for the Rangers next year, but I haven’t gotten him to confirm it yet.

  164. I can say a lot of things may happen. Then, I’ll report them here, but say that inquiries haven’t been responded to.

  165. Paddtly McPapa O'Bear on

    I believe the Rangers will ask -Nash- before the draft in June which teams he’ll wave his NTC. They will try to move him while he still has some value but they l’ll settle for take a -nash- for no -nash- type of deal as well. Richards is gone on a buyout. They’ll be at least a 50% turnover of the current roster.

  166. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Nice review carp

    Is it official? Do we start calling Nash “370”? Too soon?

    Wasn’t there a rumour towards the end of last year that slats would retire after this season?

    You guys always whining about draft picks that will be mid rounders at best quite honestly amuse the hell out of me. It’s like you whine just to hear yourselves whine!

    Oh, and speaking of whining…
    iWicky “Frag Out!!!”
    16 total hits by our girls.

    4 for brass, 3 for carcillo, 9 more for the other 16 skaters combined.

    0 for overrated Stephanie!

    March 17th, 2014 at 1:21 AM

  167. since the Rangesr are signing all these
    drafted and undrafted players now
    they can certainly
    sign Carp
    as one of the depth defensemen
    he could sit next to Falk and Diaz
    eating a $20 prime rib sandwich

  168. Paddy McPapa O'Bear on

    When Larry Brooks starts commenting about the failed -Nash- experiment, it’s only a matter of time.

  169. if we trade Nash (yeah, right!)
    it should be to a Canadian team
    where he will rediscover ALL of his powers
    because he’s closer to maple leaves
    and Tim Hortons
    (just like in the olympics!)

  170. they should trade him to Tampa or Detroit since Stevie Whyzerman and Mike Babcock couldn’t live without his PK and defensive skills in Sochi.

    I said Babcock. Earlier I said Hitchcock.

  171. McManny O'War on

    I don’t think the Rangers Per Diem is high enough for Carp to eat a Roast Beef Sangwich.

  172. They’re done. and I don’t mean this year I mean until further notice. I started saying this about Nash the other day-Nash is a failed experiement. At his price tag we need 30+ goals a year from him. if not more.It won’t happen unless they find a center that has sick chemistry with him. Nash has never had that beside him. Don’t know if it’s out there. If it is we certainly can’t afford him. Bottom line is We can pay someone with 1/2 as much skill and 3x the consistency half of what he makes ro score 15-20 goals and have the team be in a far better situation.

  173. Brodeur, Byfuglien, Feaster and Hitchcock walk into a restaurant.

    That’s the end of the joke.

    ***until next year Carp, when you can add…”Torts walks up to the table with bread and takes their drink order”…

  174. How bout trading him for a 1st round pick? when was the last time we had one one of those? During the Bush administration??

  175. Next year at MSG – Concierge Omelet Stations. Order your omelet YOUR way! $39.50

  176. When Carp gets hungry, instead of visions of a large Rib-Eye and haricot verts, Eric’s face appears.

  177. Torts to Feaster “give me your *#$(#%(% order I have other &#($*(%#* tables here”

  178. O’coos when Carp gets hungry he pictures Palmer avenue at the corner of Richbell Rd : D

  179. SeeeDubbb O han on

    Great review Carp. Thought they played pretty well. We were robbed of at least one point and that hurts. #19 hurts my eyes, can’t wait to kick him to the curb.

    Also real glad they traded Cally, great move. (S)

  180. SeeeDubbb O han on

    Read that Sather might retire link above. Funny that they can’t wait to hang his banner in Edmonton and here well, we’d just like to hang him.

  181. If Haggerty wanted to play he wouldn’t have insisted on that stupid clause. If he’d gone to Hartford and impressed, he might have a chance to get a look here. Now? Not much chance of that, IMO.

  182. If that’s the case they should have just kept Ranch 1 as the go to spot. Now there’s tacos flying around MSG..


  183. James O’G – confused at first with Palmer and Richbell, then got it! WALTERS!

  184. Check the attached video. This Haggerty looks like a pure scorer, keeping in mind this is still college hockey. Knew he couldn’t play in the play-offs but we have to get there first and need all the help.

  185. McManny O'War on

    My understanding is that Haggerty signed a two way deal, but cannot be sent down this season per terms of the CBA. I assumed he would be eligible, like Torey Krug last season, for the playoffs if needed.

    This deal is nice for him because it burns a year of ELC and he gets a season or two in the minors.

  186. It’s a great deal for him, but they should have let him finish the last month or so of his junior year. With all the money being thrown around these days, I know I’m living in the distant past on that.

  187. Bigger mystery is that Falk would rather sit around watching hockey games and eating roast beef sandwiches than to suit up and try to advance at Hartford. Bad omen there.

  188. Tamaleeeee!!!

    McManny, it’s my understanding that Haggerty’s deal includes an agreement that he can’t be sent down the rest of this season.

  189. Falk’s situation had to do with the birth of his kid. Wonder if he’d go now. Maybe with Diaz here, he fears if he goes down, that will be it for him.

  190. Carp what difference does it make if Sather retires? He’s already screwed the team for the next 8-10 years.
    Are we drafting anyone in the next 4 years?

  191. It can always get worse, Staal.

    just read Katie Strang’s story on Haggerty. She says it’s standard that a kid who signs after the trade deadline cannot be assigned to the minors. Brooks seemed to say the other day that Haggerty demanded that clause and got it.

  192. Hags can’t play in Hartford this year, because he wasn’t on the roster at the trade deadline. Sather’s pick will be a goal scorer for Hartford for 2 years. Then get Parenteau’d off to another team to play in the NHL, and score 60pts a year.

  193. SeeeDubbb O han on

    I read something to the effect that there would be or are others in the same boat as grizzly Adams and that he won’t be alone because it’s standard.

  194. Regarding Nash – some people brought up the 11 in 11 before, please note that was against weaker competition.

    He had 2 in a loss to Columbus, none against Chicago, 1 against Dallas and Philly, none against Tampa or Detroit, 1 against Ottawa, 2 against the Caps and Islanders, and 1 against St. Louis and the Devils.

    The only top teams in that group are Chicago and St. Louis. The Caps had just lost 4 in a row going into that game too.

    The guy is who he is. He’s a great pond hockey player, always has been. Even last year, 70% of his goals came against teams out of the playoffs.

  195. Carp if it got worse eventually weed get a few good picks. You know in like 2018.

  196. O'Booby's Pub on

    Free wifi here. Orange juice is also free unless we add vodka.

    Try the soda bread.

  197. O' Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Nash is clever. He’s purposely not showing all of his best tricks to confuse opposing playoff scouts that are watching….He will be good come 2nd season..,

  198. A player has to be on team’s reserve list ( even if he has no contract yet, like Kreider in 2011)or on the team’s roster by trade deadline to be playoffs eligible. Haggerty was a FA, undrafted signee. He isn’t playoff eligible.

  199. Doodie Machetto on


    Comment of the day. I still yell “Tamale” whenevr I’m watching a one-sided fight.

  200. I enjoyed reading today’s comments. Seems many here are coming around to what a lot of said about this team in training camp and the first month of the season.

    The way this team plays now, as opposed to exactly 2 years ago, is like night and day. NYR aren’t nearly as hard to play against as they used to be.

    Now: There is no intimidation factor. There is no offensive pressure along the wall and cycling. There is real offensive weapon (Gaborik is gone). Richards is 10 times worse than he use to be. We traded our heart and soul for someone else’s heart and soul. As a hockey fan, I think Marty is one of the greats of the game. As a Ranger fan, I think it’s too little too late for a team with a myriad of problems since trading for Nash.

    Even if they won yesterday, I would feel the same way. The only positive about the team is Zuccarello’s emergence. The team has regressed from being a very tough out in the playoffs at the top of the conference to a mediocre team that rarely forechecks, lacks an identity, and will likely be an easy out in the playoffs (if they make it).

    It’s unfair to say that AV should be fired because he shouldn’t have even been hired in the first place.

  201. Like Carp said, I don’t think you can even get Anisimov for Nash straight up at this point.

  202. jpg's sister on

    carp, to borrow a phrase

    It’s Go Time DWTS (dancing with the stars) and Sean Avery

  203. Another assist for Callahan on the Stamkos goal.

    Torts was honored earlier in the evening for 2004. #BoltsMagic

  204. Stamkos quotes on Cally as a teammate so far:

    “you know what you’re getting every night”
    “plays both ends of the rink”

  205. Paddy McPapa O'Bear on

    -Nash- is trash. Been saying it here since last year when many said cut him slack he needs an adjustment period.

    For me, when Lucic twice knocked him down in the playoffs and stood over him, daring him to get back up and he responded by scurrying (practically crawling) back to the Ranger bench, I saw enough to convince me, -Nash- was a big mistake.

    Gabby had more courage in his farts than this guy has in his body.

  206. You’re right. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense when you compare it to Richards’ situation.

    But he is mailing it in. In your words “He has turned into Petr Nedved—a big guy who can skate and has a great shot, but won’t initiate contact and can’t fight through a check.”

    At least Lindros tried! At least Jagr tried!

  207. Guess they have to hope that this season is the product of the concussions and that eventually he will get back to being a scorer. He really was much better than this last year … until that “good” performance in the playoffs. Still younger than Richards, still can skate, no cap-recapture danger.

  208. Nash’s contract carries no recapture penalty, doesn’t matter if he retires or gets traded. If they want to buy him out using ordinary buyout, they still save $3M per year comparing to Richards’ recapture disaster.

  209. As I’ve said, I pray you guys are right about the Richards buy-out. It has to happen. Yet, if they were seriously going to do it, they would have done it last year, no? Why risk a broken finger during the buyout period this year?

    My “idea” to use the amnesty on Nash was no more than an impulsive emotional response to the putrid lack of effort (Extra F-it?) and the comments I read today :)

  210. I’m more skeptical now about the buyout than I was before they got MSL. But if Sather does retire, as it sounds it may be the case, then they will buy Richards out.

    PS. Does Olga know about these recent news? Or has he read earlier and passed out after excessive hyperventilation? :-)
    I haven’t seen his comments on that…

  211. Slatsk O'Folkyerself on

    You guys better be right about Sather retiring. You’re toying with my affections.

  212. Cally just interviewed during the intermission was asked about Torts and if he had an impact on the way he plays.

    He said Torts definitely molded him into player he is; finishing all his checks and blocking shots. Said he enjoyed his seasons playing under him.

  213. O' Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Dolan ordered a golden urinal from pottys r us. it looks to be official. Slats is retiring

  214. “Torts thought me how to put my hockey career in danger by dropping in front of 80 miles an hour flying pucks” – Callahan

  215. #19, Man o’ War, off to a slow start, hugging the outer rail on the first turn to avoid contact and injury, wearing bar shoes to protect hooves, makes a languid pace. In backstretch, asked for more, refuses. Mud being thrown back into his teeth makes him even less eager; continues on from farther back, seems to lose all energy, falters. 50 yards back on near turn, ducks under rail, distracted by infield grass tufts, luncheons. No factor.

  216. O' Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    It looks like “the process” in vancouver will finish around 13th in the conference.

  217. Yeah a friend on another board always surmised that there was no player mutiny against Torts, it was all Sather and his arrogant garbage. And really there is nothing to back up the mutiny theory other than Pat Leonard who hasn’t actually produced a source. Lets face it, Sather bugged out for a few years, they developed a great team and system, then he decided he needed his grimy hands all over it again and ruined it. He is the worst GM in the league.

    Nash for Paciorety? HAha dont make me laugh, Pacioretty plays with an edge and can score. Habs would not even remotely consider it.

    I love how my playoff ticket invoices and season ticket invoices with their rate hikes always arrive when the team hasn’t scored in like 2 weeks. Just another part of being a Ranger fan.

    Now we not only have no present, we have no future.

  218. Slatsk O'Folkyerself on

    Much like the Rangers winning the Cup, I’ll wait for the announcement before planning Sather’s retirement parade down the Avenue of Zeros.

  219. O' Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Get back to us 3 years from now when cally has no arms or legs and he shuffles up an down the ice on a saucer sled. 5 million for 3 years was all slats should have offered. Why he finally chose to draw a line in the sand with Callahan is the real mystery.

  220. Slatsk O'Folkyerself on

    3 years from now Cally will be making 6.5 million for 3 more years, Captain of a fast, young, contending Buffalo Sabres team, and all of you will be wondering what possessed Stogypus to keep Richards and give the 38 year old St Louis a 7 year, 7 million dollar NTC contract, on a ninth place team coached by ex-Ranger Tom Poti.

  221. Paddy McPapa O'Bear on

    Jimmy, We had a problem. Ya know that thing. He’s gone. He’s gone and there’s nothing we can do about it.

  222. Slatsk O'Folkyerself on

    Baby Buffaloes contending in tree years? I would have thought the Poti reference was farther out there…

  223. Cally didn’t rule out coming back to NYR. That is definitely a larger possibility if the Old Man steps aside goes to Banff.

  224. Hey Carp-
    I’m kind of surprised you didn’t post an “It’s Go Time” for Sean Avery’s debut on Dancing With The Stars. : )

  225. Oh, you remember. He’s the one who used to dance with Marty Brodeur in front of his net.

  226. O' Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Tom Poti might be the greatest shutdown D man to ever wear the ranger sweater..

  227. Brodeur: (and you can BET this was said – “I’ve seen some real wackos in my time, but that guy takes the cake.” Did I just say cake???

  228. Aves didn’t throw his skates in the East River, he threw them behind the bar at that place that Posie Posie hangs out.

  229. Avery, on a couple few nights, alone was almost worth the exorbitant price of admission.

  230. LMAO, Slatsko.

    I don’t know if I can ever not care about those guys on that 2012 team. Avery included. So many characters. Great memories.

    I don’t hate Cally. Seems Cally only got traded because of the NMC. In terms of the negotiations, all indications were that they were close enough in terms of dollars and years. So, I don’t hate him for trying to get what he feel he deserves and wanting to be a Ranger with a lot of money. He has earned that right as far as I’m concerned.

  231. Torts: “Hey, no girlfriends in the locker room!”
    Aves: “That’s my mother.”
    Torts: “None of them neither.”

  232. It was dollars too, NYR. Rangers didn’t want to go to $6M but they might have to get it done. Callahan wanted more. And the NTC.

  233. Stranger Nation on

    Cally knew he would have to leave and come back as a UFA to get a over market deal


  234. Stranger Nation on

    Rumor Avery will lace up his skates for a special DWTS ice capades version of River Dance

  235. I would have added Dorsett to my flying combat list, but I wanted to make sure we came home.

  236. O' Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Of course there was a mutiny. Torts playing the role of Capt Q made Jimmy Cagney look like a choirboy. His antics and his process needed to bon voyage….au revoir, ciao, sayonara, hasta la bye bye

  237. Bogie was Captain on ‘The Caine Mutiny.’ Cagney the Captain on ‘Mister Roberts.’ ‘Mutiny on the Bounty’ – Charles Laughton.

  238. And, Coos, if I may take it one step further, they weren’t strawberries. They were “strawbries”. What a great movie!

  239. Avery tweet: ‘Looking to score a pair of new or gently used Fred Astaire Model two-toned dancing shoes, 10 D’s. Will sacrifice signed bar napkin in recompense. Hit me.”

  240. O' Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Eddie J – you are correct. Humphrey was the crazy Captain.

    Leaping lords….Aves was prancing around that stage like Nerve-yev

  241. watch out, coos! I think Putin sent a few million of his people to different parts of the US. In a few years, with financial help from Russia, they will initiate something similar to “Maidan”. After the winning phase, those same people will pretend to be the victims, scared for their own lives, will force the referendum and half of America will be taken away by Putin.

    so…be careful ;)

  242. Yeah, that prancing was a little scary. He didn’t look too comfortable with it, though.

  243. Paddy McPapa O'Bear on

    Boyler staggering out mumbling to anyone who cares, “that effing -Nash- ruined everything.”

  244. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    All three of those movies are classics. Mister Roberts and The Caine Mutiny especially….

  245. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    EddieJ – Aves looked a tad stiff. But his leap into a floor slide were out of this world…

  246. 0’CCCP, if this keeps up, I will have to ask you to not use my blender. Don’t make me add the ice cube tray, which is also mine.

  247. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Gnash will be -amazing- -game changing- -super duper- good once the playoffs start

  248. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Richards needs to do dancing with the stars….the way he glides on the ice – he’s a natural…

  249. :) Putin’s top guy today called O’Bama a ‘prankster.’ I doubt that will be well taken. However, World Markets are way up in response to our response of not allowing 10 Comrades into Disneyland. Crazy world we gots.

  250. Gabby got a raw deal from Torts. He was twice the all around player Richie is. And all Richie gets is accolades – however, lately, it has been silence.

  251. If Frederick March III married Tuesday Weld, she’d be Tuesday March the Third. (I don’t know how many times I will get away with that joke before someone finally tells me to shaddup. :)

  252. Must be embarrassing for Caesar to have a salad named after him. I guess Parcells feels the same way about Tuna Salad.

  253. If Tuesday Weld married Fuzzy Knight at the movies, she’d be Tuesday Knight at the Movies.

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