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1) Henrik Lundqvist ties Mike Richter’s franchise record of 301 career wins. He will probably break it in the next seven-plus years. Seriously, this was the kind of win Richter (and Lundqvist) appreciated. One where you had to battle, to hang in, to have a short memory and worry about the next shot. Lundqvist sure did that. He had no chance on the first goal by big Byfuglien, and though there were a couple of mess-ups on the Andrew Ladd goal, and Ladd fired an absolute laser in the upper corner stick side, Lundqvist wanted it back. Then he threw a shutout the rest of the night, including that sliding, whacked-out play above the circles, and a remarkable save on Frolik at 3-2 about seven minutes into the third.New York Rangers v Winnipeg Jets

2) And by the way, you guys know I love youse and your antics — you know, like, Carl Hagelin’s got to sit; Martin St. Louis is a bust; and especially, this one: “Our $8.5M goalie has to stop that shot.” So I guess for the next seven years, Lundqvist has to stop every single shot, and not allow a goal to anyone, on any kind of shot, ever. Whereas, at $6.875M — which is what he is still making this season — he’s allowed to occasionally give one up. Occasionally. And goalies who make less than that are free to give up a few more?

3) Lundqvist will destroy Richter’s record, of course. But part of me wonders what Richter’s record might look like if A) he played in an era where ties were broken via skills competition and goalies were allowed to wear mattresses on their legs, Incredible Hulk costumes under their shirts and peach baskets on their hands; B) he hadn’t had ACL tears to both knees; C) he hadn’t had his career shortened by the fractured skull and ensuing concussions; and D) If he wasn’t saddled with those God-awful post-1997, post-Mark Messier teams that never got a sniff of a playoff series.

4) Carl Hagelin. Good for him. You know, he’s been inconsistent, but he has also in his still very young career scored in bunches. Better hope this starts a bunch. The first goal was a good one, in that he went to  the dirty area, the second was huge in that he followed up the play with 6.7 seconds left in the period, a terrific decision at that point, and broke a 2-2 tie, and the third was a good pass by Brad Richards, and then all of Hagelin’s wheels — his best weapon.New York Rangers v Winnipeg Jets

5) Speaking of which, the Rangers sure hadn’t been getting a lot of bounces lately, nor have they deserved them. But you can’t get many more bounces than the Rangers got on the 1-0 goal by Hagelin. First Brad Richards took a draw and didn’t win it, but it hit the linesman’s skate and went cleanly back to the point. Then Kevin Klein’s shot was deflected out of mid-air by Benoit Pouliot. I thought it hit a Jets defenseman and Hagelin deflected it again.

6) And, funny, isn’t it, how scoring a few goals (and getting some big saves) hides some imperfect play. No game is ever perfect, but the Rangers had been mucking up just enough defensive coverages lately to lose games — because they haven’t scored enough. And, well, the Carolina game was just an inexcusable lack of effort. But they scored goals, timely goals, in this one, and all the mistakes were cleaned up.

7) The first line sure played a lot more like a first line. I thought that Derek Stepan was better — tremendous lead bank-pass to Chris Kreider, who finished by — ta-dah — hitting the net, which the Rangers didn’t do nearly enough in this game. The way things have gone lately, it’s shocking Stepan’s pass didn’t hit the leaping linesman. The Rangers need that line, and they need Kreider to be scoring again, and he’s getting some goals now. Could be huge.New York Rangers v Winnipeg Jets

8) Which brings us to the Daily Nash-O-Meter. Nash is Nash, by now that’s apparent. He’s never going to hit anybody ever. He’s not going to win any Selkes. But he drove to the net — and he drew a penalty, which happens about as often as a lunar eclipse — was involved around the puck. That’s as good as it gets. And he will score if he plays that way.

9) On the game-winner, with 6.7 left in the second, Martin St. Louis came out of the box after a good kill, made a magical pass under Al Montoya’s stick, and Hagelin wisely decided to not go for a change, instead flying to the net. And I thought Derick Brassard’s drive to the net helped Hagelin get open, too. Good play all around. Maybe it was smart of St. Louis to take that penalty (sarcasm).

10) Not sure yet about the St. Louis-Mats Zuccarello union. But it was better than St. Louis was with Hagelin and Richards. Zuccarello, on an odd-man rush (and Ryan McDonagh did it later, too) missed the net. That CAN’T happen. Almost guaranteed to be an odd-man rush the other way. Both were.

New York Rangers v Winnipeg Jets11) On the Dustin Byfuglien goal, I thought either Dan Girardi or Ryan McDonagh could have done more. That said, Girardi was on the defenseman-turned-forward all night long, and it looked like a fullback trying to block Vince Wolfork. But Girardi hung in, battled, blocked shots, and I thought had a fabulous game. McDonagh too.

12) The Anton Stralman-Marc Staal pair? Not so much. Stralman made a bad decision on the 2-1 goal,  then took a penalty, and with all of his bad play piling up lately, you wonder where his walk season is going.

13) Hey, the Rangers are soft, and they are softer now without Ryan Callahan. They’re not going to outmuscle bigger teams like Winnipeg, San Jose, Boston, St. Louis. But that doesn’t mean they have to play soft. And in this game, against a big team (in a loud arena), I didn’t think they played particularly soft. This is how they will have to play the rest of the way, and in the playoffs, for however long they last. I thought, the night before in Minnesota, around the defensive net on the game-winning goal by Zach Parise, and around the offensive net in the final seconds, were two of the softest plays I’ve seen this season. Both of them.

14) So now Richards hasn’t meshed well with Marian Gaborik, Nash, Callahan or St. Louis.

15) I say this almost daily. The Rangers really do get productive, effective forecheck shifts from their fourth line every game. What a difference a year makes.

My Three Rangers Stars:New York Rangers v Winnipeg Jets
1. Carl Hagelin.
2. Henrik Lundqvist.
3. Dan Girardi.
Kenny Albert’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Carl Hagelin.
2. Henrik Lundqvist.
3. Kevin Klein.
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Carl Hagelin.
2. Henrik Lundqvist.
3. Dan Girardi.

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  1. Thanks Carp, succinct as always. Enjoyed watching the game, thought there was good flow. Stralman has his shortcomings, but hes got some wheels and edge when hes on, maybe try him with Moore on 3rd pair and move Klein up? MSL has to be frustrated with the off net shots his passes are resulting in, he played with a great finisher in Stamkos. He doesnt seem to let it bother him effort wise, aside from a stick slam or 2 after the miss

  2. I have said this many times, but my favorite part of the Rangers wins is the next morning. I get to sit with a cup of joe and read Carp’s wrap up.

    What really impressed me about the Sharks is not just their physical play, but their skating. That team can skate! The rangers can hang with them in that dept though. In the physical dept, not so much.

    You didn’t mention John Moore Carp, I think 2 or 3 years from know, we will be talking about how we fleeced the Blue Jackets for this kid. Talk about skating ability!! WOW!!

    Your comment about the 4th line is right on. And, it is interesting because I hated carcillo, but, I have to give him props. He has done a great job since he got here and is MUCH more than a goon. The guy can play Hockey.

    Also, I listen to a podcast about the rangers called blueshirt underground radio. I love the two guys who do the podcast. They are hysterical and typical hard core crazy ranger fans. But their following (and the two guys) have this hatred of Brian Boyle. Is Boyle the 20 goal scorer we once saw? NOT EVEN CLOSE!! Is Brian Boyle an important member of the 4th line? Does he do a good job killing penalties? A BIG YES to both questions. Having an effective fourth line is KEY. It killed us in the playoffs against the Devils a couple of years ago. If we had THIS 4th line, who knows? Anyway, I am wondering if I am the only one who thinks that Boyle is having a good year for the Rangers?


  3. Robby Bonfire on

    Hags now has 14 goals while getting ZERO time on the power play. Neither Torts nor this new guy has ever experimented with giving him at least a month to see how it would go?

    Take away the PP goals for everybody else on this team and how is Hags doing in the goal-scoring department by comparison? In other words, given PP time Hags would be approaching 20 goals this season.

    He scored 12 short-handed goals his final season in college. Why the hell cannot some rocket scientist behind the bench figure out that that might translate into his getting a couple scoring opportunities per game on the PP, or at least setting up the “finishers” around here (all 1.5 of them) around the net?

    I do not pucking get it, especially given that this team is not exactly overloaded with a bunch of stud goal scorers.

  4. bull dog line on

    did I miss it! posters were benching Hagelin too? so now they have benched, or sent down, Kreider and Hagelin. Ranger fans used to be considered very knowledgeable. not so much anymore.

  5. 4th line played some good hockey all game and got the minutes deserved.
    Didn’t ssee the need for the D pinches all night, Kane’s speed almost made them pay
    Can you imagine the D if Girardi bailed.

  6. Byfuglien looks like the eighth grader whose parents purposely held him back twice so he could dominate the sixth grade CYO league

  7. Stranger Nation on

    Agree with Kenny Albert on Klein – he has played well and can contribute offensively

    Henk has to save every shot. The rule is when you make over $8MM you have to save every shot

    4th line turned game around on 2 physical shifts in the beginning of the 2nd

    MSL & MZA did not mesh

    Nash is a lazy oaf – woof

    Pullout gives extra effort every shift

  8. Thanks for the review. Center ice lost its hd feed and luckily I dvr’d the game, so I wasn’t home to change the channel and catch the last 57 minutes.

  9. You fans simply do not understand the responsibilities of making 7 mils and promising rich Uncle Glennie that you will not hurt yourself before the end of the season…you wonder why I just poke a stick into the scrum rather than take a chance of tweaking my wrists or being struck silly by a puck or a stick? Get real, guys…

  10. Accurate observations, Carp…interesting to see what happens when chemistry of such a strong personality (Cally) plus new coach/system are tampered with by the GM. The result is a team that seriously needs group therapy. Not that I believe Cally should have been signed at that price, and I don’t. I think that other GMs will think twice about offering Cally’s price after they see the train wreck of a result after he left. I genuinely believe that AV relied on him to cement the team more than was apparent on the surface.

  11. The real record is Richter 301 vs Lundqvist 253(ex shootouts).

    Robby Bonfire, I’m having trouble extrapolating short-handed play to power-play. It’s not surprising at all that Hagelin scored a bunch of short handed goals, his strongest skill is speed. Speed is great on the penalty kill but pretty much worthless on the power-play. You want shooters and play makers on your power-play, Hagelin is neither.

    I guess now that Hagelin scored a hat trick the Rangers should resign him for $5m a year for six years……Until the next game he doesn’t score. Then we should trade him.

  12. Great review Carp.

    Lol at “mattresses on their legs”

    Maybe Cally will be signed by the NYR on July 1st and then we’ ll have him back and MSL. Then we’ll say that Sather is a mad genius.


  13. Paul in sunrise on

    Last years fourth line was a bunch of aging enforcers or minor leaguers. This years fourth line is essentially last years third line.

  14. Agree on Klein too. Last three games he has really stepped up his play. Meanwhile Stralsie has regressed to the D man the Devils put on waivers. Wake up Anton!!

  15. I’m a Klein and J Moore fan let them play….out with Stralman and get yourself a banger back there. Possible move Staal, very nervous about him getting put to bed. The D is not our problem. Richards $ and everything about Nash are, in that order.

  16. Stralsie is playing like he knows the penthouse view and park avenue are no longer in his future. I’d move Staal also, sell high.

  17. Which d-men do we have coming up that can replace Klein, Sralman,Staal, and all the other back liners that should be traded?

  18. Klein *is* a second pair defenseman. That’s what he’s been his whole career.

    Good for Hagelin.

  19. Klein shouldn’t be traded. Stralman might leave, it might not be our choice. I agreed with Hedberg, Staal is skating on thin ice and next year he’s gonna cost, just IMO.

  20. I’m going to make the assumption that, since our front office made an offer to Stralman in excess of what I think he’s worth, that the organization does *not* believe in any of the players down in Hartford.

    Which means, Fat Guy, that they have no one to replace them. In the opinion if the organization.

  21. Carp # 2….Hank doesn’t have to stop every shot. Just the really big playoff ones that will be the difference and get us at least another Stanley Cup.

    Richter did that. Hank has not.

    Richter #1
    Giocamin #2
    Lundquist #3

    Hopefully that changes in the years to come.

  22. Matty"NeedWinsAndNoRichardsInjuryPlease"Boy on

    Thanks for the write up, Carp. You are the absolute best!!!

    To analysis and clarity in writing, you are what Warren Buffett is to investing, Michael Jordan was to basketball, and Henry Kissinger was to diplomacy.

    Your insights are so appreciated!!! I admit I am addicted!!!


  23. Matty"NeedWinsAndNoRichardsInjuryPlease"Boy on

    Papa, as I was reading the review, I was thinking similarly about goalies. In my mind, Richter, to this point, was better. Agreed, had he not had the injuries, what could he have achieved?

    Despite that HE won a CUP. He stepped up on the BIG stage, stopped Bure’s PS, HE was a huge factor why 1994 happened. HE was a leader on and off and willed certain games his way.

    Yes, I do realize he had, for a few years, a better team in front of him than Hank might ever have. But, I still gotta go with Ricky and his “no choke” game.

    After him? I have little question Hank will move to the #2 slot soon. E3 was a great goalie, too.

  24. Matty"NeedWinsAndNoRichardsInjuryPlease"Boy on

    As to team toughness, there were a few guys that stepped up last night and it showed. Actually Boyler had a number of hits and ‘tough’ plays. I liked his game, have always liked him and what he adds to the team in so many unsung ways. Last night was good evidence of what he can to.

    If goals are what you assess good play by, he sucks.

    If the little things to help a team win work for you, then he’s a good 4th liner. If the price is right.

  25. Matty"NeedWinsAndNoRichardsInjuryPlease"Boy on

    Brad Richards = similar to Ovechkin, Stephan Marbury, Alan Iverson, Carmelo Anthony

    He was lucky to win one championship. At this point of his career, he is a spoiled, lazy, “in it for me”, boasting, loud mouth, “effort only when he has a chance to score”, cancer to team-type player.

    There is no ‘i’ in team. Get him out of here please. His sloppy defensive, whining, stab-the-ex-captain in the back ways, coupled with shying away from anything with effort………………cancer.

    Plain and simple.

  26. Request Carp, I’m a big fan of the blog but enough w the Nash o meter, frustrating. He is what he is. I’d trade him right now for Dubinsky n Anisimov.

  27. Matty"NeedWinsAndNoRichardsInjuryPlease"Boy on

    I realize our defensive players have gone from snow angels to dropping to block shots to stick checking the puck (only) in front of our net.

    Is there, though, a happy medium…..perhaps…like taking the body????? Or are they just to physically small??

  28. Richards doesn’t mesh with other players because he seems so incredibly slow. He is unbelievably soft…I have never seen him throw the body…
    I think he’s a keeper for the new softer Rangers.

    I still can’t get over Dubinsky and Anisimov for Nash…the player so many thought we should have.
    I’d take those two back in a second…

  29. Matty"NeedWinsAndNoRichardsInjuryPlease"Boy on

    The only way Nash could be traded is to some team out west that doesn’t see him too much that has a Bozo for a GM.

    Mike Gillis……..”come on down….you’re the next contestant on ….”

  30. Sioux-per-man on

    Great review Carp you make it look so easy :).

    Now I’m thinking I should have made the trek up to Winnipeg. Rats

  31. leetchhalloffame on

    It so amazes that in his playing days Sather was such a rough and tough NHLer but yet has left this team totally defenseless in that regard. Plain and simply there is absolutely no way this team can win a 7 game playoff series against bigger and more physical teams.

  32. Sauvigneault blanc on

    #1 – Frolov is back in the NHL?)) Brings back bad memories. I guess it was supposed to be Frolik.
    Great review as always!

  33. Really, there’s a list of 7 Jets forwards where I’d give them our “big” 3 for any 3 they chose to trade. That’s bad.

  34. Carp re -Nash- and 8:

    Two important points which are missing:

    1) he hardly ever competes with opposing players for pucks along the wall and behind the net and,

    2) when he does, he tends to lose about 98% of the time.

  35. Nice game by Boyle…they should use St Louis and zucc on power play only …too small to play on regular shift…think we need to work Dorsett back in the lineup

  36. Mister D @ 11:17….. I agree on the first three. if you finish the list of 7, I’ll probably agree on all.

  37. CARP, I was going to post something about Frolov but the wine beat me to it. Dang!

    Mister D, why not include Stralman + a 2nd for Stuart in that trade?

  38. Carpie @ 11:18..

    Great point.

    Specifically, Has me wondering whether Lundqvist makes the huge save on Richer in OT of game 7 against the Devils (glove hand) that Richter made minutes before Matteau scored……… Or if Hank plays game six against the Devils like Richter did?

    Unfortunately I believe we’d be going on 74 years w/o the Cup if Hank was in net in 94.

  39. not much chemistry between MSL and Richards. And if you think about there isn’t much chemistry between Richards and anybody else.

  40. Stralman and Staal – what the hell has happened?

    They look like Poti and DelZaster ….

  41. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I still say trade Hagar before next year. Have to find a way to get dorsett in the line up consistently, we need more physicality badly.

    On that note, NATW needed to go last year and should be in the press box. I’d take my lumps with falk’s play and put him in for grit (rather have mcilrath but apparently that isn’t going to happen)

    I have been saying trade Staal and we still should, need bite back there we do not have.

  42. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    They pretty much have since day one, some just look at that pair through rose coloured glasses!

  43. ThisYearsModel on

    Glad they got the W. Not sure they deserved it, but Henrik came through. Happy for Hags. Glad we finally played a team whose goalies were not Dominik Hasek reincarnated.

  44. Hard to say Hank would win with 94. The team on paper was sooo tough, no weakness, however the were fragile and ripe for the taking because all of the pressure. I love Leetch but man o man Mikey bailed us out so many times during that run. If I had to guess I would say we wouldn’t have won. Totally hypothetical. Mikey with the Conn Smyth over Leetch that’s a good debate. Leetch had as good a playoff run for a D man as Orr including Potvin n Coffey, yet Richter was unbelievable

  45. Papa: Little, Scheifele, Buff, Frolik

    Obviously there’s an order of prefence, but list any 3 and I’m eventually saying yes.

  46. Hedberg….very valid.

    Both Leetch and Richter were magical in 94 and either could have won the Con Smythe. I think goal #1 of game 7 clinched it for Leetch.

    Great supporting cast.

    Magical team…too bad it didn’t carry over for a few genuine runs at the Cup.

  47. Staal has definitely hit a rough patch. You have to hold him and just about every other Dman responsible for the gaffs in post Olympic play.

    As for Richards not working well with St Louis I hope it remains that way. instant chemistry or any legitimate chemistry that gets them talking about “the ex Lightning duo” is just going to equate to a bad business decision to keep BR. A serviceable center making 2-3 million a year can replace him.

    RE: Nash. They need to find a way to unload him too.
    I feel like it’s the same scenario as Richards. For the money he’s tying up within the team’s budget they could be paying someone half of what he makes to get the results he produces. You’d have less skill but probably more consistency. Which one of those things matters more in the end?

  48. Is Brad Richards old enough to have played on the ’94 team or does he just play like RS that old?

  49. Is Brad Richards old enough to have played on the ’94 team or does he just play like he’s that old?

  50. “I have been saying trade Staal and we still should, need bite back there we do not have.”

    I agree

    “As for Richards not working well with St Louis I hope it remains that way. instant chemistry or any legitimate chemistry that gets them talking about “the ex Lightning duo” is just going to equate to a bad business decision to keep BR. A serviceable center making 2-3 million a year can replace him.”

    I agree

    “RE: Nash. They need to find a way to unload him too.”

    I agree

  51. Oncupin74yearsandcounting on

    Hank can break all the ranger records.. and there just ranger records remember that.. no parades for for that. But maybe they retire your number and hang in in the dust dolan cave called msg.

  52. He is playing this way because he wants to be bought out. Getting bought out is his ultimate goal, then he can either retire filthy rich or try to sign short contract at a lot of money. It is all about the money and not getting hurt by staying away from any physical play. The guy is an absolute cancer especially if he gives advices to our young players.

  53. Wick- I honestly think they need to find some physicality and skill at center if they’re ever going to have a chance at anything. That means Either Richards or Stepan have to go. Not that it won’t get me another lecture about “this is a win now team” but I wonder what would happen if they put Nash on the trade block this summer.

  54. Buyout definitely benefits him in the long run. and he isn’t looking to retire. He’ll sign a short-term contract for too much money somewhere else.

  55. “He is playing this way because he wants to be bought out. Getting bought out is his ultimate goal, then he can either retire filthy rich or try to sign short contract at a lot of money. It is all about the money and not getting hurt by staying away from any physical play. The guy is an absolute cancer especially if he gives advices to our young players.”

    I was talking about Richards

  56. Manny I bet you Mike Gartner can still out skate Richards if he had a summer to get in game shape and laced them up.

  57. “MSL trade makes Tampa gm look like a genius”

    no, it makes our GM look like a retard that he is.

  58. Carp, do you think it’s realistic that the buyout for Richards still happens? I mean, just like with Callahan it’s a business decision. You sat at that presser with Sather at the deadline. Does Richards really equate to the type of player Sather argued was the type to warrant 6 mill a year?

  59. i don’t know James. but somebody at msg has to be smart enough to understand the cap recapture penalty, right? I mean, the penalty will be much worse than having paid Callahan what he wanted … because there won’t be a player taking up that cap hit.

  60. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Anand won a beautiful game today and leads the candidates tournament after 3 rounds. Kramnik and Svidler, who drew their game in an extremely tense affair, are tied for 2nd third..

  61. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Richards and Nash are merely saving energy for the playoffs. Then, you will see what they are incapable of doing during the regular season. Both will be good come the second season.

  62. The cap recapture penalty isn’t a huge deal. The Canucks traded Luongo despite his cap recapture.

  63. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Richards and Gnash, come playoff time, I see scoring around a goal between them. If so, Captain Brassard, come get the Stanley Cup

  64. ThisYearsModel on

    I would very much like to see Byfuglen in a Blueshirt next year. The guy is a beast. I also like the nastiness of Stuart and Bogosian. I would like to see someone (McIlrath) back there with some attitude.

  65. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Richards must be extended. He brings to much to the table. Speed, skill, grit, leadership, character, goal scoring, physicality, and a winning smile led by some serious molars.

  66. Yea. That’s not correct, Alain. The Canucks retain almost all of his recapture penalty and a large chunk of his salary.

  67. ThisYearsModel on

    Not executing the buyout on Richards would be a catastrophic error by Sather. No way Richards plays to the end of the contract, and the Rangers bear all of the burden even if they would trade him. I am still puzzled as to how the NHLPA allowed a “retroactive” penalty like this. It is Bettman punishing clubs for contracts that were permissible under the old CBA. Just like the reduction of the Devils penalty for Kovalchuk, somebody should take this recapture rule to arbitration.

  68. It appears that I, along with the Vancouver Canucks, have a better understanding of the penalty than you do. With the salary cap rising by a large percentage in future years and the highest of the penalty coming in what would be the final 3 seasons of Richards contract, the effect would not be as crippling as you have made it out to be. You referred to not buying out Richards in the offseason this week as organizational suicide.

    Those clamoring for Richards buyout in the offseason should not complain about the consequential rising Cablevision and MSG ticket prices. The money that Richards will receive for not being with the team will also be reinvested in the attempt to replace Richards production.

  69. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I agree about the center position, that’s why I thought Kesler was such a good fit especially with Stephanie going the other way.

    I like hanzal a lot, and would be at the top of my “get” list.

  70. It is nuts, Stranger. But the recent penalty reduction of the Devils cap circumvention is an interesting angle for teams to lean on should they face recapture penalty.

  71. Let’s go penguins sweep the home and home. Phil plays 2x before rangers play Tom afternoon.

  72. ThisYearsModel on

    And let’s be honest…..Stepan appears to finally have his act together after missing camp. Losing Richards will not hurt all that much. I am not in favor of overpaying for Stastny. He is an on again-off again player too. I would be fine with a center group of Stepan/Brassard/Miller and Moore to start the year next year. Find someone else to trade for, but replacing Richards’ current production will not be that difficult. Much better risk to take than the risk of not buying him out.

  73. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    But Wicky, Stephanie is racking up assists like pool balls. How dare you trade his soft assen?

  74. Unless they upgrade the center ice on this team they will never be able to beat Crosby/Malkin and krejci and Bergeron.

  75. See if you feel that way in 2017-18, 18-19 and 19-20 when they can’t afford a player because they have dead cap space out there, with no player taking up that space.

  76. ThisYearsModel on

    And Cablevision and MSG ticket prices? LOL. The Rangers ticket prices have nothing to do with the salaries the Rangers pay. The cap ensures that the Rangers make huge bank on the Rangers regardless. Ticket prices went through the roof to pay for the “Transition.” Had nothing to do with player salaries. Alain-you are either a troll or a goof.

  77. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Why not play mcilrath at fwd, if he has skating and pivoting issues for a D man?

  78. not to mention the next three years where you have a rapidly declining player who is on the cap for $6.67M per.

  79. Shirley, the millions of dollars that Dolan would be paying Richards to not play for the Rangers in addition to the millions of dollars they would commit to his replacement would have no impact on the MSG ticket prices. :)

  80. and frankly, since I probably will still be doing this and I literally could care less whether this team loses every game or wins six Cups in a row, I hope they make the crippling decision … will be much more fun around here when they make it, and then for the next six years.

  81. ThisYearsModel on

    CARP–you are only allowed to leave if your predecessor, the great Sam Weinmann returns.

  82. I do find it funny, though, that people throughout the league front offices — including several in the Rangers front office — believe it would be catastrophic to not buy out Richards this summer. I think they understand it better than I do.

  83. wonder how much we’d have to pay Sam to come back. More than Richards and Callahan will make combined next season, probably.

  84. Robby Bonfire on

    I hear Sam is writing a book exposing the shoddy two-way play of Maurice Richard, and how he was an over-rated fraud. But that’s just a rumor.

  85. Am I correct that “Alain” argued against Callahan at $6.5MM but is ok with a dead roster spot at $5.67MM?

  86. “and frankly, since I probably will still be doing this and I literally could care less whether this team loses every game or wins six Cups in a row, I hope they make the crippling decision … will be much more fun around here when they make it, and then for the next six years.”

    CARP, you would really wish that ghoulish future upon us who support you from/by near and far?

  87. Sam Weinmann know nothing about hockey, or any other sport, for that matter. (Just getting him prepared what he’s in for from certain parties if he ever even THOUGHT of returning as Blogmeister) :)

  88. Robby Bonfire on

    “My sources” also tell me that Sam is making a move against the Tropagala. He can have the license, but I intend putting the squeeze on him, anyway. I don’t like his kind of people with their silk suits and oily hair coming up here to Montreal and polluting this clean air country.

  89. Nyr1979

    Haven’t heard about invoices. Won’t matter best case scenario a wild card finishing behind Columbus and Phil. Lose to bruins in 5.

  90. Cally’s absence has made us a bit ‘un-tougher,’ but, although they are generally non-fighters, we do have some pretty ‘tough’ guys in this lineup, e.g.: Girardi, McD, The K, Boyler, 2 Moores, Klein, Falk, and even little Topo when he gets his Italian up. Then, add Dorsett and Carcillo. I think size, more than toughness might be our problemo.

  91. Robby Bonfire on

    The beauty and uniqueness of Sam is that if he had been a hockey player, he would have been skating around the ice carrying a #9 golf club, while wearing his favorite number “49” on his jersey! lol.

  92. Shows how banged up pens are with both Kunitz and Neal out and Taylor Pyatt playing with skid.

    Better hope they find way to beat flyers once this weekend. Not happening today

  93. Am I correct in presuming you are an advocate of compounding one mistake with another mistake, and also spending $18MM of the owner’s money to the first mistake to play for another team?

  94. “and frankly, since I probably will still be doing this and I literally could care less whether this team loses every game or wins six Cups in a row, I hope they make the crippling decision … will be much more fun around here when they make it, and then for the next six years.”

    you are not a hockey fan?

  95. Very strange that Dolan, long acknowledged as a nefarious meddler with the Knicks, and an in-house presence at Ranger games, is seen as totally hands-off when it comes to the Rangers. Me wonders if he’s truly behind the curtain in Richie still being here. He prefers ‘Names” to effective performers.

  96. Richards is not even that big of a “name” I would be digusted if Richard is not bought out, we won’t get anywhere near the Cup with such softies like Richards.

  97. _Am I correct in presuming you are an advocate of compounding one mistake with another mistake, and also spending $18MM of the owner’s money to the first mistake to play for another team?_

    For me? Yes, I’m advocating spending the owner’s money, which I care nothing about, to rid the cap and roster of Richards for the next 6 seasons. That’s a no brainer. What’s nonsensical is advocating against Callahan but for keeping Richards when in years 4-6 the choice becomes Callahan at $6.25MM or the risk of an empty roster spot at $5.67MM. “Best case” there is Richards still playing his gutsy heart out for us on a technical $1MM cap hit rather than retiring. Choosing neither is a fine, logical choice. I prefer a yes on Cally and an amnesty on Richards. No on Cally and yes on Richards is, as I said above, nonsensical. 100%.

  98. Lev

    Rangers and devs for wild card spot. In my opinion I think flyers and jackets will be more consistent score more down stretch then rangers.

    I do however think both aren’t better teams

  99. Let’s also remember Richter let in Zelepukin goal with 7 left. Devils hit posts in overtime. Canucks hit post with minutes left in game 7. Richter gave up the center ice slapshot to Pens in 92 turning point game. I say this with Richter being one of my all time favorites. Fine line between immortality and disappointment. Hank never had a team close to what Richter had. Hank wins in 94 easy.

  100. Richter’s (slash the team’s) late game shakiness always seems to get overlooked because everything worked out.

  101. Also because that Matteau goal remains one of the best sports memories of my life, almost 20 years later.

  102. disagree, i think devils will be out of it… i think Detroit/Columbus/Washington will be fighting for the wildcard spots and Philly and NYR will be anywhere from 4-6.

    having said that id love to see a Flyers-Pens first round

  103. I went to Ocho Rios once, and there was a sign on the property that said ‘Phoenix Unit.’

  104. Mister D it was the best most euphoric sports moment I ever experienced live. That includes the cup winning game. I’m sure USA 1980 would be up there if I was there live.

  105. If Rangers lose Game 6 or 7 vs. Devils or Game 7 vs. Vancouver (and all of them were one-goal wins) we’re not even discussing Richter-Lundqvist. That said, I think Richter is better until proven otherwise, though Richter probably never gets in the Hall of Fame and Lundqvist might.

  106. Carp how could Hank possibly prove otherwise short of winning the cup? Which we know will not happen. I think you asked a great question earlier- would Hank have won in 94. Here’s another interesting one to noodle on- would Hank have won in 92?

  107. *Re: the recapture rule*

    If they draft well and develop players who can legitmately break into the lineup and contribute well during their entry level salary years…….the cap recapture rule becomes less of a concern.

    Problem though is Sather keeps trading away future high draft picks, making it more unlikely they score by fieldind a team comprised of 50% low salaried / high end / entry level players players.

  108. It’s 100% illogical for you, a fan, because you do not care about the $18MM that you desire the owner to waste.

    Then, when the MSG ticket prices rise more so than usual, you will be the first to complain.

  109. ThisYearsModel on

    If Henrik was on the 1992 and 1994 teams, I think he wins. Those teams were far superior to any of the Ranger teams Henrik has played on. Richter was great, but he was also human. The late goals he gave up in the semis to NJ and the finals to Vancouver, the long shot in Pittsburgh, the sieve-fest he produced in game 5 against Vancouver were regrettable. Richter’s finest moment was the 1996 World Cup of Hockey.

  110. ThisYearsModel on

    Not to mention, if the Rangers had a goalie with the abilities of either Richter or Lundqvist, there is no way the Tire Fires win 4 straight cups in the 80’s.

  111. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    You damn well better be doing this!!

    Flyers game has 71 hits so far
    Bruins game has 44 hits so far

    We are so Falking soft, this team is not built for the playoffs

  112. If we had Koufax, Drysdale, Ruth, Gehrig and Johnny Bench on the ’14 Mets, we win the East!

  113. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Richter was a bit overrated in my opinion, a couple of brilliant parts of his career (94 and 96 wc) but overall an above average goalie but not stellar (just proves my point with the correctly assembled group of skaters, you only need an above avg goalie to win the cup)

    I think hank is the better goalie of the two, but he has to win a cup here or he will not be considered tops among most fans (and rightfully so until he wins a cup), and isn’t worth the cap hit IMHO (no goalie is).

    I also think fatso is very overrated as so was osgood with Detroit. One had the benefit of league rules and a system and the other had one hell of a roster.

    I think Roy (as in future Jack Adams winner) was the best goalie ever.

    Just fodder for banter

  114. If Hank was the starter on the 94 team, the Rangers never would have won the Stanley Cup. He was 12 years old.

  115. Hank is a great goalie who whiffed in the biggest moment of his career, game 6 verse the Devils.

  116. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    TAM on the 94 team and rangers sweep every series. Moreover, every game a shutout.

    Book it

  117. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Papa – Hank did not play well in game 5 vs devils either. Especially given their comeback…..

  118. Robby Bonfire on

    How in the hell anyone can blame a goalie for allowing an “extra attacker” goal is beyond me? In fact, all goalie GA averages should be for even-strength, exclusively, with minutes played factored in, of course. So I cut Richter 100% slack on that late New Jersey goal, in ’94.

    Can’t believe how everybody in the world actually treats this phony, gratis power play rule like the teams are really at even-strength!

  119. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I’ll say it again. The white Pony deserves the C

    Neighhhhhhhhhh brrrrrrrrrrrrr

  120. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    So do I. If I could address a couple of glaring roster holes by trading hank before his new contract kicks in, I would absolutely do it and go with talbot!!

  121. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Seattle Slew, Secretariat, Brad Richards. Greatest 3 stud horses I’ve ever seen run.

  122. Clutch – a group of eggs fertilized at the same time, typically laid in the same session and incubated together.

  123. I’d start the rebuild by trading Hank, Staal, Haglin and -Nash-, buyout of Seatle Sewer, max McDonough.

    Fire Gernander. Bring an AV like coach for Hartford.

  124. Robby Bonfire on

    Well, friend, if you have 25 players, on the Mets or whomever, of the Don Drysdale “ability level,” your team wins 83 games in a 162 game schedule. That was Drysdale for his career, moving up the teams he pitched for an average of two games per season, which you calculated by deducting the pitchers W-L record from the teams’ overall W-L record, and multiplying the percentage difference between the two by 162.

    Hall of Fame country, in this regard is 5+ games per season. Koufax had four HOF seasons, 1962-1965, when he moved his team up 7-7-8 and 8 games in the W-L column. His 1961 season, reflexively written up as a HOF caliber season, falls way short of the mark.

    We do know the Don Drysdales, Tony Perez’s, George Kell’s and Scooter Rizzuto’s, etc. of the world do not belong in the HOF, do we not?

  125. bull dog line on

    speaking of Hartford. anybody else notice the season JT Miller is having there?

  126. Franklin Kistner on

    Thanks Carp for putting up with us. Please do not give up this gig. Seeing real journalism this often takes me back to Arthur Dailey, Red Smith and Walter Cronkite. You are very much appreciated.

  127. “speaking of Hartford. anybody else notice the season JT Miller is having there?”

    yes, sadly almost everybody else is having a disappointing season there. So rurprised this Gernander weasel still has his job after so many failed seasons.

  128. bull dog line on

    you asked earlier if anybody thought the Rangers win the Cup with Hank in 94. I say no. Richter was a superb athlete, and that Ranger team was not a defense first team. an athletic goalie was needed on that team. I do not think Hank is an athletic goalie. he is more of a positional goalie. a let the puck hit him goalie. I do not think Hanks style would have thrived in that era.

  129. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Bulldog – put hanks equipment and gigantic pads on Richter and opposing teams never would have scored….

  130. bull dog line on

    yeah I know. and put Richters equipment on Hank and his GAA is in the high 3’s.

  131. but put Richter behind this team and who knows what his stats say. Richter was on far superior teams until the post-Messier meltdown era.

    Thank you, Franklin. Much appreciated. I was just kidding. I’ll probably still be here writing about Kreider’s retirement.

  132. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Franklin -,have no fear. Once carp gets his golden parachute and gold plated pen…I’ll be running this blog. I’m a Pulitzer Prize winning Nobel prize awarded fields medal winner. There will be no letdown in quality. I will also allow naughty language. Stay tuned for more….

  133. “Hank did whiff in Games 5 and 6.”

    I’ll give you that he whiffed in Game 5. Richter had little work to do in rounds one and two in ’94, but he definitely came up big in rounds three and four. Henrik had it all to do in rounds one and two in ’12. So that’s two rounds in each season that the goaltender was pivotal in. Hank hasn’t played on a team anywhere near as good as those Rangers, so I’m going to give Henrik a pass on one bad game until he gets close a few more times, if he ever does what with Slats Revere and Dolan running the show.

  134. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    My first act once I’m running this blog will be to have Beatles music piped through so that the Fab 4 will serenade all who post.

  135. bull dog line on

    its hard to have Richter, Hank comparison’s with sounding like I am knocking Hank. Hank’s numbers say all you need to know about him. he just has not yet had his signature moment. when and if he does, it becomes a different conversation. until then, it Richter.

  136. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Slats Revere – oneth by pee, twoeth…..well there is twoeth…..just drps of oneth

  137. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Richter never had a horse like Richards on his team. Messier? TGO? Lame. No one compares to our #19….

  138. bull dog line on

    one could argue that Richter was so good in rounds one and two, that it enabled the team to rest. while Hank could not get over the hump till game 7 both times. for example, Richter was out of his mind in game 3 against Isles in round 1.

  139. Hard to believe a Ranger fan who witnessed the 94 playoffs could criticize the only goalie who has won a cup for the organization in the last 74 years by recalling several hit posts and goals scored while the other team pulled their goalie. Watch the tapes and look at the unbelievable goaltending display in game 6 while the Rangers were down 2-0 and getting soundly beaten to every loose puck. The Devils came in waves and Richter withstood the onslaught in spectacular fashion.

    Posts hit??? is that the talk of a major league jack wagon or what?

  140. Wow! Carp getting his shoes shined Army bright by a coupla posters today! And some of it deserved:-).

    Great review, except for 2.

    Hank doesn’t have to save every shot. But, in a sense, he and Brad and Rick are “on-ice dead money.”
    Toronto, a handful of games back: there are goalies in the league who would have, as part of their everyday style, stopped the pass from behind the net for the winning goal. Relatively deep-in-his-crease Hank usually won’t. Just one of the ways a goalie, especially like Hank, can’t dictate the flow of the game the way a skater can, and why most sane orgs would never think of paying a goaler that much, and why almost every cup lately is not won by the highest-paid guy at that position.

    But as he failed to even be in position to stop that pass, he was still (or will be) making the same huge dent in the cap, and the better players that the blind squirrels MIGHT have acquired with the extra dough weren’t on ice to score that one extra goal often the difference in Hank games.

    When Rick plays one of his patented low-effort half-a-mil
    games, that $7 mil+ left over is not available for the blind squirrels to rush a replacement. Still goes to Rick.

    You can win a cup, these days, with a relatively modest
    (4-5 million at this year’s levels?) goalie hot at the right time, blessed with a few short series by the collected talent around him (one reason Hank struggled against Devs was that his guys made him go seven against the eighth and seventh seeds, wearing him down). Yet to be proven you can win with a cap-blaster, especially a guy making 20% more than any other guy at that spot.

    Hank vs. Mike: I watched Mike as a Badger. Every reason to like him. But game in, game out, Hank is better.
    No doubt. But does Hank rise to occasion the way flawed
    Mike (and many cup winners of late have) did? Some doubt.
    Some serious doubt.

  141. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I met Richter once as he was entering the Garden. Chatted just a minute or so….incredibly humble. A great great NY Ranger. As I much as I love my namesake #1, Mike Richter is the man…

  142. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    SNation – werd up yo…..The TAM MAN CAN.

    People want to go to the game on Saturday…..

  143. Latona, you can him the pass, but remember, he was on his belly helpless in the OT against Henrique and the Devils after the team came back from 3 goals down.

    Hank’s had way more than “one bad game” in the playoffs. he blew a 3-1 lead against the Caps.

  144. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Hank is horrible with the puck, cannot move it to save himself…why that part of his game hasn’t improved over years defies logic….

  145. “Latona, you can him the pass, but remember, he was on his belly helpless in the OT against Henrique and the Devils after the team came back from 3 goals down.”

    Papa, NYR came back from 3 goals down in Game 5. I was at that game and pinned the loss on Hank. The overtime goal in Game 6 wasn’t great, but it wasn’t as if he had a bad game.

    The “one bad game” reference was to that Game 5. Hank’s had plenty of bad playoff games, but so did Richter.

  146. Every game we go to OT in the playoffs with Hank in the net, I feel like we are going to lose.

    Can’t help it, I just feel that way.


  147. If I can’t make it past Kreider’s retirement, I hope to then be there when they fire Gernander around 17 years from now :)

  148. “Hank is horrible with the puck, cannot move it to save himself…why that part of his game hasn’t improved over years defies logic….”

    Yeah, I don’t understand it either e3. You think all Benoit Allaire would have to say is “this summer we’re going to work on your puck handling” and that would be the end of that.

  149. Papa, I once did a study of that OT hunch considering I feel the same way. Hank’s collectively faced 40 more shots in OT than opposing goalies have, and has played in 4 games where NYR failed to even register a shot in OT. I can also think of two fluke OT losses off the top of my head – Madden off Staal’s skate, and Gaborik to Chimera in 2OT. In the latter game he stopped Ovechkin on a breakaway in the first overtime period.

  150. Latona, you’re right it was a

    3 goal deficit in game 5.

    And a

    2 goal deficit in game 6.

  151. Richter was awesome, CARP made some interesting points in the review which reinforce that, and he was the reason I played puckstopper in my younger days. But if/when (not by/from) Hank gets a cup, I think the debate between the two swings a lot more in favor of Hank.

  152. eddie eddie eddie on

    ricardo – richter was no marty…but i think he was better than hank at handling the puck….my opinion

  153. Carp, re: Gernander, I don’t get it, so please help me understand.

    If Gernander was a Torts type system coach teaching the kids and preparing them to play in Torts system ……how than can he also be an AV type coach teaching the kids and preparing them to play in AV’s system too?

    If he is so good that he can master 2 entirely different systems, why isn’t he coaching at the NHL level????

  154. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Hank seems more like a regular season goalie to me (kind of the Washington capitals of goalies) and richter is more of a playoff goalie (kind of the Los Angeles kings of goalies)

  155. why can’t he coach two different systems? Most important is his ability to teach and develop. The organizational hierarchy loves him in that role.

    ps, Torts coached two different systems in Tampa and New York … plus this third system which is called the shipwreck.

  156. e3. I disagree. I think he was worse than Lundqvist … but maybe he understood better that he was deficient and didn’t try to do it as much. Plus he kinda had much, much, much better puck-handling d-men.

  157. agree Latona. Plus when Hank has 550-600 wins with a Sather-built team, that might him in the Hall by itself.

  158. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    Thanks for promising to stay so long, Carp.

    When they fire Gernander, they can bring back Muckler or Trottier.

  159. bull dog line on

    Hank had a great glove hand Carp. playing the puck, he and Hank are both equally bad.

  160. I said earlier, IMO it’s:

    1) Richter
    2) Giacoman
    3) Lundquist

    Until Hank wins a cup or two. Lets hope Hanks on top at the end of his contract.

  161. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    So just for hypothetical sake, we trade hank before his new contract kicks in, who to and who/what do we get for him?

    Carp? Anyone?

  162. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ricardo – Hank has stralman. Who did richter have? Brian Leetch? Advantage Hank.

  163. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I think Richter had a better glove hand. Richter was better with the poke check too.

  164. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Biron/Healy (tie)

  165. I’m not a Gernander fan. I don’t see the teaching and developing that others do. But, like beauty, teaching and developing may be in the eye of the beholder, so I’ll come off that argument for now.

    For example, I personally think Kreider has learned more and developed better at the NHL level.

    My argument against Gernander is silly.. If he were that good, he’d probably be in the NHL by now.

  166. The 2011-2012 team was 11th in the league in scoring. Don’t let facts get in the way of your argument.

  167. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Wick – I think Blackburn could have been a great goalie had he not hurt his wing. The kid had a terrific run his first season here….Also, Villemure was no slouch either…

  168. bull dog line on

    over the summer my suggestion was to trade Hank to the Ducks. I suggested Hiller, for the rest of this season, plus Gibson for the future, and there 2 young Dmen. Vatanen, and Lindholm.

  169. Speaking of posts, when JD was a baby, hang-out, “Huge” goaltending pup with about a 4 goals against average, he said to me over a beer in Rye, “The pipes are part of the equipment,son.”

  170. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Alain – throw those stats out the window. Too often when the rangers needed a big goal, it never happened. That team had serious issues on the PP and scoring in general. Then, out if the blue, they’d score 5,6, or 7 goals. But when needed most, the Rangers failed to deliver…

  171. Robby Bonfire on

    Papa Bear, don’t overlook the Gumper. Great here, great in Montreal. Gutsy as hell too, in that pre-mask era. In fact, I think he was the last of the non-mask old guard.

    Please, never overlook Gump Worsley when discussing all-time great Ranger goalies. One of the local elite for all-time, he is.

  172. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Kooz – that is way kool that you got to hang with the rangers of the past like that….did they ever slip you killer red seats at the garden?

  173. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Interesting ideas…

    I liked hank to the ducks for perry, hiller, and a pick.

  174. e3, I think they kept the reds for the girls. Saw some nosebleed blues on a few occasions (which is where Nicky liked to throw them.) :)

  175. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Gump was a great goalie…and any name that rhymes with Hump and Dump is added benefit…

  176. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Reds for the puck bunnies…figures…I got down to reds for many games late in the third….but I had a great scalper connection for orange seats center ice opposite the benches…

  177. :)) Papa, Nicky was such a great counterpuncher, he and his “opponent” were called for delay of game on a couple occasions that I remember. They kept distance and wouldn’t throw first. Them was the days. We need a man like Herbert Hoover again!

  178. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    In fact my 3 greatest treasures are my Domi puck, giants-pats I super bowl ball, and my autographed copy of David Bronstein’s classic “Zurich 53”

  179. Funny part – some of them would come up to me, holding a beer, and say “How you been doin’? inflating my ego. Then, they’d say, ‘I saw you talking to that babe over there in the blue top, how about an introduction.” I think I was used more of a pimp than a good buddy. :)

  180. Papa, I don’t pretend to know anything about Gernander — though I did cover his entire NHL playing career. Maybe some coaches’ are seen as teachers/developers and not necessarily NHL win-at-all-cost coaches. I know Bill Dineen, for one, was a wonderful minor-league coach, and didn’t get much of a sniff to be an NHL head coach. Again, I’m guessing. I have never ever seen a single shift of a Gernander-coached team, except when he coaches some Rangers preseason games while Torts was upstairs (strapped into his seat).

    and, yeah, you say he should develop a lot of talent if he’s a good developmental coach, except that they have to give him talent before he can develop it. He had guys like McDonagh, Staal, Callahan, Dubinsky, Hagelin, etc. for brief times and they did OK. He also had Asham, Brashear and Avery, so …

  181. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Torts – “turn the ******* radio down or ******* change the ******* radio ******* station. I hate this ******* song.”

  182. I hope next year J.T. Miller is playing for the rangers. This kid is going to be a decent player. He is only 20, shows good size, has some playable toughness and I think he can be a 20 goal scorer. I would have him replace Pouliot next year. I am all in on trading Lundqvist. The rangers can get a good package for lundqvist now that he is locked up for 8 years. Than make Talbot the starting goaltender. That would be the smart move fore the organization but we all know it won’t happen because Sather loves making dumb moves to keep the rangers mediocre.

  183. I also would buy out Richards and try to find a team on Nash’s list that is dumb enough to want to trade for him.

  184. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Torts at a red light strapped in – back seat – window rolled down

    Car in next lane: “hey look it’s torts – hey torts you guys gonna ever win a game?”

    Torts – ” **** you. Roll the ******* window up before I ******* go ******* ballistic. And ******* step on the ******* gas. I don’t ******* want anyone ******* seeing me ******* strapped in like this”

  185. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Tommy – miller should be on this years team seeing minutes on a line with Hags and Poo

  186. I think Miller should be given a chance to replace Richie. He probably will get that chance if Slats isn’t drooling on his tie.

  187. “Every game we go to OT in the playoffs with Hank in the net, I feel like we are going to lose.

    Can’t help it, I just feel that way.


    me too, I have no confidence in this team especially in OT.

    “and, yeah, you say he should develop a lot of talent if he’s a good developmental coach, except that they have to give him talent before he can develop it. He had guys like McDonagh, Staal, Callahan, Dubinsky, Hagelin, etc. for brief times and they did OK. He also had Asham, Brashear and Avery, so …”

    if your AHL team fails to make playoffs year after year or gets eliminated in the 1st round, you are missing out on a lot of important development time for the prospects.

  188. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I want Pouliot back next year. One of the few physical forwards on this team.

    Miller would/should be up here next season for sure (unless he is traded in a deal for a top six guy.

    I’d quite honestly love to see a carcillo miller dorsett line now!!

  189. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Wicky :

    THE Stephanie Gnash
    MSL Brassard Zucchini
    Dorsett Miller Poo
    Car bomb Moore Boyle

  190. If AV is looking for ‘energy,’ what’s Dorsett doing watching and eating roast beef sandwiches with Falk?

  191. “I want Pouliot back next year. One of the few physical forwards on this team.”

    me too

    Dorsett needed to be more productive, I think he and his cap hit should be traded, then sign a legitimate grinder with better size.

  192. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Torts – “close the ******* sun roof. The ******* sun is in my ******* eyes and I ******* can’t see a ******** thing”

  193. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I’d use these lines

    Pouliot brass Nash
    ENIGMA step msl
    Mza miller dorsett
    Carcillo j Moops Boyle

  194. And Carp’s “See what I did there?” Why am I still laughing at that, whenever I think of it?

  195. Step TRIES, which is more than can be said for a couple others, but he’s so often a nanoscond slow and behind, and won’t hit.

  196. I once wrote to Richter about supporting important environmental causes in the city and environs…he never wrote back, but did obviously forward it on and had attention from the higher ups…due to privacy reasons, I can’t name them, but have respect for management at the time (it was not anyone with initials GS)

  197. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Penguins showed the league today why they are poised for a deep run. They totally stuck it to filthy.

  198. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Wild places – good for you….mutha earth is crying over how she’s been treated by mankind.

  199. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Kooz – you’re right. Step does try. Just wish he had a meaner streak. Our future captain can’t even offer up a legitimate effort on half of his shifts …

  200. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Carp – I still get a kick out of you in the presser laughing till you cried the first time the car seat hit the blog…I laugh thinking about how that must have looked….

  201. Remember when Captain Clutch used to come around, and Uncle Glennie.

    When Captain clutch had to get a new clutch for the Clutchmobile I nearly had to change my pants.

  202. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I bet that isn’t water or Gatorade in Marty’s water bottle on his cage but liquid turkey drumsticks….

  203. Papa you misread. Richter is an all time Ranger. He was as much responsible for the game 6 comeback as Messier, stopping wave after wave of Devils counter attacks when Rangers were down 2-0 and pressing for their first goal.

    The point about the posts was that there is a very fine line between Richter’s immortality and being an all time disappointment. He let up some bad goals, at bad times, had some bad games, in all his playoff runs. Game 5 in 94 finals the Rangers came back and tied it and Richter failed to stop the Canuck counter attack. Could have sewn up the cup in game 5. He arguably cost them a cup run in 92. As someone said all is forgotten because of the win.

    I love Mike Richter and none of this is to take anything away from what he accomplished. But to not acknowledge how easily thngs could go either way for a goalie, and to not acknowledge that his teams were miles better than anything Hank played behind, and generally the Hank bashing, is just silly.

  204. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Matthau – Hank is oodles more prettier than richter even on a bad hair day…

  205. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    92 was a cup winning year if there ever was one….that ranger team was amazing. How they lost that series is mind boggling….richter gagged that series….

  206. My Ranger history is filled with ‘prevent defense’ nightmares to this very day.

  207. The Captain pretty much sucked in that series too. Was hurt early. Got abused by Francis on the GWG in OT (I think it was OT, after the 65-footer). He looked like Richards in the d-zone in that game.
    Then he decided to get the coach fired, but that’s another story.

  208. Dear Coos,

    I’m in a Moroccan restaruant. Should I order the CousCous?

    Best Regards,

    Papa Bear

  209. I guess a Dolf is not a fish, so it’s all academic. Which reminds me, I was all-academic.

  210. Papa, whenever I eat out, I bring along a pocket sized Oxford English Dictionary just in case I get caught up in a ticklish situation like yours. :)

  211. Only place Cally could conceivably get what he’s asking is on a rebuilding team seeking leadership. Did anyone say Buffalo?

  212. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Matteau – the devils series in 94 was so insane it actually made the finals anticlimactic

  213. ORR, then he mentioned resigning with NYR. I really wonder if Callahan knows he effed up and think about reclaiming his C.

  214. Coos, I refuse to turn down a good Marockon meal just because the owna has a spellin pwabwem.

  215. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Game 7 devils. Leetch’s spinner ramma should have held up. I almost threw up when NJ tied….the curse lived

  216. “What are you doing?”

    “I’m breakin’ in your car, shorty. You got a problem with that?”

  217. Any of you guys who missed Carp’s George McPhee story should scroll back. (Yesterday?)

  218. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Slats needs a nice ceremony – a going away urinal – thanking him for years of service

  219. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Cally and his agent overplayed their hand. Too bad slats wasn’t so firm when signing Richards. Nash needs to go too. Softer than the other side of a pillow….

  220. If Cally gets bad hurt the final 20 or so left, he’s personally in worse shape than with us watching Richie go down.

  221. I know Saint Looey has been pretty average, but he’s responsible for two game winning goals. Once he gets a little used to playing here, he’ll be a lot better. I’m not too worried aboot him.

    He’s got 15 games or so to get used to everyone.

    I still think he should be on the top line with Nash.

  222. Robby Bonfire on

    Just think, if The Slats does go this summer, to where he cannot come back, Cally can and might just crawl back to the new man in charge, for a reasonable contract amount and length. I would put him down for 5 Mil and tell him he gets an extra 150K for each goal over 20 he scores on the season. Incentives work.

  223. LOL! The Tampa fans barely even reacted to the ref pointing for penalty shot – I bet half of them didn’t even know what the signal meant!

  224. “Chico just said he was told Tampa’s not planning on signing Callahan.

    Not really surprising. Thought I’d pass it along, for what it’s worth.”

    That would be brutal for us, because we would miss out on the conditional 2nd rounder.

  225. Matty"NeedWinsAndNoRichardsInjuryPlease"Boy on

    The ‘d’ is letting Derbils down. Marty has made some good saves, for an old man.

    Derbils digging a BIG hole.

  226. Matty"NeedWinsAndNoRichardsInjuryPlease"Boy on

    Now, the irreplacable Chico is saying that the ref’s missed an interference call…..of course, on Tampa.

  227. Chico needs to realize the refereeing in the nhl is horrible and teams get screwed every game, some worse than others.

  228. “That conditional second rounder was dumb. Did Slats really think Tampa would re-sign him? Pointless.”

    possibly, because there are no state taxes in Florida and probably no City taxes they could have offered Callahan lower money, but after tax amount would have been higher than in NY. But Callahan might be obsessed about Buffalo and his grandma.

  229. Let’s go wild get your butt in gear. Columbus controls play.

    As for devils there like the rangers don’t score enough.

    That’s why I keep saying flyers and jackets because if there consistent scoring will finish 2-3 with rangers making wild card.

  230. I wonder if Yzerman thinks Callahan is nuts asking so much after seeing him play up close. But if they would offer Callahan 6 mil per year that would mean about 6.8 million in NY, because NY has higher taxes and higher prices. Let’s hope they warm up to each other after more games and maybe a playoff run.

  231. didn’t roy basically do the same thing in a game before Christmas where he pushed the glass that divides the benches. Typical nhl, nothing will be done to roy. Than the nhl wonders why they can’t expand the fan base.

  232. Callahan just said “the Rangers moved on.” He didn’t say he did. Come back in the summer Cally!

  233. Matty"NeedWinsAndNoRichardsInjuryPlease"Boy on

    sorry about my presumption, but Callahan’s body language says to me he is not happy in Tampa. He’s doing his best to convince us and him that it’s a ‘fresh start’, but he is lying through his teeth. He blew it.

  234. Avs are very impressive, I don’t even think they made any trade at the deadline.

    How stupid are Capitals for firing Boudreau?

  235. Yeah, Matty, unless he goes to one of the old Atlantic division teams, I think he’ll always be a Ranger in my eyes.

  236. Matty

    Are you an expert body language reader? :)

    Of course it isn’t easy for him right now. He’s getting used to the new life…it’ll pass, though… I bet he stays in Tampa.

  237. “Callahan just said “the Rangers moved on.” He didn’t say he did. Come back in the summer Cally!”

    he moved on a long time ago when the greed got the best of him.

    “sorry about my presumption, but Callahan’s body language says to me he is not happy in Tampa. He’s doing his best to convince us and him that it’s a ‘fresh start’, but he is lying through his teeth. He blew it.”

    I agree, I saw 1 highlight few days ago when Tampa players were celebrating a goal and one of the Tanpa players tapped Callahan on the helmet pretty hard and Callahan did not look too happy about that. He was “the man” the captain in NY, now he is a nobody a mercenary.

  238. Matty"NeedWinsAndNoRichardsInjuryPlease"Boy on

    agreed. He ain’t going to the Derbils or Icelanders. Ever. No way.

  239. I don’t miss Cally as much as I thought I would, tell you the truth.

    He’s a professional, but there’s no way he’s happy where he is. Captain of NYR to this? How can he be?

    Where does he go from here? Buffalo? Will that make him happy? Doubt it.

    He put himself in a bad spot.

  240. Matty, money talks, carcillos walk. Callahan will sign whichever team gives him the most money.

  241. But seeing a behind the scenes video of the players in the Olympics it was very clear that Callahan is just too uptight and not very vocal or talkative to be a very good captain than compared to guys like Dustin Brown.

    Girardi is more loose, smiling, and talkative he would make a great captain and is locked up for next 6 years.

  242. If I were Callahan I would fire my agent and negotiate my own deal with Tampa where he would save money on taxes and enjoy warm weather.

  243. Carp, now that Callahan is gone can you tell us what his part was in the mutiny against Tortorella?

  244. did you see how Gudas was in the face of Ryder? Why can’t any of our Dmen play that way and why does Sather never gets Dmen that play that way?

  245. wow!!! I just realized the flyers beat the pens 4-0. It appears the flyers are playing there best hockey at the right time of the year. I see the flyers coming in 2nd place inn the metro division.

  246. watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NIXGhWNiseI

    the comment that he made about Callahan tells me that as a captain all the guidance he gives players is he tells them “always do it the right way” without any actual detailed advice or guidance. That is not a captain material, maybe “A” but really just a guy that keeps his mouth shut and plays hard.

  247. By the way Friday night in Columbus Rick Nash homecoming for first time in a gigantic game . Jackets announcers can’t stop talking about Friday game

  248. I miss a lot of people. This team was good. It had an identity. Guys that wanted to win. The team got gutted and we, as fans, definitely have to bear some of the responsibility for wanting Nash types in our team. Being enamored with guys who score. We always think something new will be better but it never is.

  249. yea, jacket front office will be laughing there butts off as they watch Nash coast around like he is skating on a Saturday night at rockefeller center.

  250. I wonder if Rangers scouts actually scouted Nash or just viewed the highlights on Youtube

  251. why didn’t Islanders try to re-sign Moulson instead of trading him is that idiotic deal?

  252. Matty"NeedWinsAndNoRichardsInjuryPlease"Boy on

    QQQ, that’s a good question. Anyone who watches this guy can tell he’s Mr. Softee.

    I admit I wanted him here, having not seen him play much. Size? Yes. Also, good hands. Finally, figured he was never surrounded with talent, so he would flourish.

    Turns out he’s not as cancerous as Richards, but is not a player I’d want on my team.

    What was Sather thinking????

  253. Sather recently overpaid in a trade for 2 soft players that threw a fit with their teams that they wanted to go to NY Rangers. Sad. What a sad of excuse of a GM we have. Other GMs work hard to find good players and make good trades, our schmuck just accept any ridiculous deals that other GMs throw at him.

  254. Wild tie jackets 1-1.

    I can’t freaking believe this habs game, I want to curse so freaking bad. Christttttt

  255. I didn’t see the comeback until last goal was thinking at 4-1 it was over tuned into the jackets.

  256. Don’t u all know the rangers never get help. Not a chance in hell in this rangers would ever come back from4-1 down with 3 mins to go.


    what’s the bottom line scoring goals something we struggle do do consistently

  257. Habs go from 1 up even in games to three up now after this comeback. I’m just looking to get in at this rate cause I dint trust our team with flyers and jackets games in hand

  258. Eric: you need to stop having hope. Even if this team gets in they aren’t winning. Even in a best case scenario they could end up giving up their first round draft pick and not winning.

    There is no hope

  259. Completely off topic…. Dany Heatley, wow did that guy fall off fast! 2 time 50 goal scorer who looks slower than rich pilon. What happened to that guy?!

  260. I assume Heatley declined the moment he found out the Rangers were interested in acquiring him.

  261. The fuggin jackets down 2-0 early in shootout have three chances to lose convert and now win it

  262. Three chances to win shootout and wild can’t close deal. Unreal. Why do I care so much whyyyyyy

  263. unbelievable. First 2 wild players scored in the shootout, first jacket player missed and the 2nd, anisimov scored with a unbelievable move. all the wild goalie needed to do is stop the next jacket player and the wild win and of course he doesn’t, now tied 2-2. The wild player misses and the jacket player scores, game jackets who are now tied with the rangers with 76 points and a game in hand. I see the rangers fighting for the last wild card spot to make the playoffs.

  264. You know, Columbus and Ottawa sound like a couple of teams a guy could really root for.

  265. Carp, my apologies. just back from a long night out. Didn’t intend to ignore you’re Gernander rebuttal.

    I hear you loud and clear. I really have no legit foundation for my argument against Gernander except to say I’m tired of the same old, same old with this organization. But, that’s probably more due to transference of my Sather hate than a legit tangible argument to have Gernander canned.

  266. Eric,

    Across several sports and many years, I’ve spent too much time and energy rooting for other teams to lose so my team could get in. I’m totally done with that.

    Now, I root for one team, to win.

  267. “Now, I root for one team, to win.”

    Which means all you need to do is root for one GM, to get fired.

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