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By Sioux-per-man


1) Say what you want but Brad Richards shares the lead in points with 45, but not so much when you watch the game against the Wild. If Richards, Nash, & St. Louis don’t start LEADING this team they won’t make it into the playoffs. They have to start putting up points. What worries me is that they don’t look like a playoff team this late in the year. They are having a hard time delivering a simple pass. Hard time making simple breakout plays.New York Rangers v Minnesota Wild

2) AV should put Marty St. Louie with Zuccarello. Zucc is making plays EVERY period, he was everywhere last night. Rangers get out-hit in the first period 8 to 4. Zucc has 2 of the 4 hits in the 1st period. The smallest guy on the team is leading the team on the ice, and on the scoresheet.

3) Parise was the best player on the ice tonight. He is ALWAYS around the net. Can you honestly say that about any Rangers on this team? Parise had several chances, and he just finds a way to WILL the puck into the net. Rangers are lacking the “will” for two games in a row.

4) Nash -o- Meter – looks like a temperature gauge in North Dakota in the death of winter, -29 below, maybe next month he will start to warm up.

5) Kuemper vs Talbot. On paper they looked almost identical, and during the game they mirrored each other last night. Both making huge saves at key times. Kuemper was huge in the net, even when he was on his knees his shoulders where even with the crossbar. Talbot played a great game, so calm, cool and collected in the net. You can’t pin either goal on him.New York Rangers v Minnesota Wild

6) Johnny Moore has to clear the puck along the boards. You can’t “clear” the puck between your legs in front of your own net, I think Nash was shocked it showed up on his stick. Do you give him the assist on the Wild’s first goal?

7) Stepan sure shined at home tonight. That was a goal scorers goal, he is now tied for the lead with 45 points. Perhaps he can lead the way for the Rangers.

8) McDonagh leads the Rangers in ice time with 26:18, if only the shot off the post went in. The game could have turned for the Rangers. No such puck luck tonight.

9) Finding Nino – boy did the Wild get the better part of that trade. He has 34 points this year playing on the third line, but did you know he has 148 hits. Only one Ranger has more, Girardi with 161.

10) 15 games left, 30 points to be had. Rangers will need 20 of them to get in the playoffs.

11) Parise Bobblehead night – Zach gets the game winner, and leaves with two bobbleheads for the twins.

Sioux-per-man’s Three Rangers Stars:New York Rangers v Minnesota Wild
1. Derek Stepan.
2. Cam Talbot.
3. Mats Zuccarello.
Mrs. Manny’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Cam Talbot.
2. Ryan McDonagh.
3. Ryan Callahan.
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Cam Talbot.
2. Ryan McDonagh.
3.tie, Derek Stepan and Chris Kreider.

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  1. First! Only on the Rangers could the names Richards, Nash, and St. Louis have a difficult time putting the puck in the net.

  2. Stranger Nation on

    Thanks for the write up Sioux

    Nice stars Mrs Manny

    This team is done, Slats killed it, going to the Wizard to find a heart. Softer than a mashed potato sandwich.

  3. Good job Sioux.

    This game was terrible to watch. we got outworked, outhit, and out chanced. I don’t understand it.

    Maloney kept harping on Stepan’s dump-in for that one goal….Staal got owned.

    we got outnumbered in our own zone. It didn’t just happen once… it happened so many times.

  4. Well..may as well make my usual post game rant….sit Richards down NOW before he gets hurt and we have to look at him in our Jersey past this year….ask Michiletti how easy something can go wrong. Besides…he is as good at getting points as givng them up….easily separated from the puck….passes to the wrong team…etc.etc.etc. Lastly…he is the last person to comment on Caiiy not being all that missed in the room…as he wouldn’t be missed in the room, on the ice, on the team…or in NY!

    Stepann deserved a star like Richards deserves a contract extension….Mrs. Manny nailed it. You knew Cally would score before Marty…

  5. Well..may as well make my usual post game rant….sit Richards down NOW before he gets hurt and we have to look at him in our Jersey past this year….ask Michiletti how easy something can go wrong. Besides…he is as good at getting points as givng them up….easily separated from the puck….passes to the wrong team…etc.etc.etc. Lastly…he is the last person to comment on Caiiy not being all that missed in the room…as he wouldn’t be missed in the room, on the ice, on the team…or in NY!

    Stepan deserved a star like Richards deserves a contract extension….Mrs. Manny nailed it. You knew Cally would score before Marty…

  6. Sioux, nice review kid! Thanks.

    I wonder if they count the 2/3 of the Rangers players as part of the total of those ” in attendance ” because it seemed like they were just watching the game too.

    Mrs. Manny Rules!!

  7. Stepan was 100% guilty in gwg! Awful dump in that became a turnover. Horrible back check at snails pace and was owning against the post while Minny had 4 whacks at the rebound.

  8. Stepan was 100% guilty on gwg! Awful dump in that became a turnover. Horrible back check at snails pace and was owning against the post while Minny had 4 whacks at the rebound.

  9. Thanks Sioux, nice wrap up. Zuccarello as usual a bright spot on a dim team. Nash in his interview seemed surprised there was a hint of lack of effort, what is AV doing? Dont need a Torts meltdown but maybe something. I know they’re all pros but really need a shake up. Start Cam again, give BR a maintenence day in the booth, call up JR, gotta do something. LGR!

  10. Nice write up, Sioux…I turned the game off after the second…sadly, did not take much imagination to figure out how it would end. Someone should have tried to figure out the age old problem of putting a square peg in a round hole, or a round peg in a square hole before hiring MSL.

  11. Agreed this team may not make the playoffs this year, if their top players keep playing this way…except dynamo Zucc

  12. P.S. If GS does not buy out BR, I won’t even watch the first periods next season.

  13. Holy Shitake Mushrooms! The Rangers jersey is like kryptonite for snipers of all kinds. MSG is
    the place where Hart candidates go to die. Would the Devils trade Jagr for Nash?

  14. I can’t understand all the lazy plays. It’s like nobody cares except Zuc. Is there a chance Zuc signs somewhere else next year?

    Hope to see a better effort and result tonight.

  15. More overeaction after a loss…Do not see how Rangers do not make playoffs with this roster..they will start scoring. Didn’t think Parise was that special…just that Rangers left him alone in front of the net for game winner. Good player but not worth that contract

  16. Bobby

    Your lost if you think this team will start to score. Scoring never comes easy for them.

    Start looking at games in hand as after tonight flyers will have three and Columbus two.

    Without being officially eliminated tonight is as must win as they get. If not rangers are on life support.

  17. With all the $$ this team has spent over the last 10-15 years, we have not had a #1 center since Messier. Stepan has been awful all year. Add him to the list of the 3rd liners we draft in the first round every year. You can’t be an elite organization if you can’t draft.

  18. By the way, that GWG had more culprits than just Stepan not getting it deep and Staal losing his battle- I actually do not blame him for that play, he had no puck support. But then after he lost it he went to the circle instead of going to the net, and was late to cover Parise. But look where Hagelin is. He skates down, plants himself at the right post, and watches Parise score.

  19. St. Louis will start scoring…they have 15 games left…even if they don’t make top 3 in division they can make top 8 in conference

  20. Cam Talbot. This is going to be an interesting situation. He has one more year left at $562K before becoming an UFA. He isn’t signing his extension in NY, not if he feels he can be, and get paid like, a starter elsewhere. If the Rangers play their cards right, he can bring a good return next year.

  21. Oncupin74yearsandcounting on

    Great write Sioux–
    I agree with Rizzi about this team.. but they’re historically bad.
    What gets me is when ranger players say they love it here, I interpret as winning comes second.
    What is there to love when you don’t win the cup or don’t even come close?

  22. Oncupin74yearsandcounting on

    I think the best thing is for this team NOT to make the playoffs , it will hurt dolan’s A$$ and maybe open the door to sather’s departure.

  23. TheMessiah11 on

    Make the playoffs for what? A first round exit. POINTLESS. The season is almost over, and they are in pre-season form. Nash, Richards, St. Louis – how can a team with these names be so unable to put the freekin puck in the net. THIS IS SO FRUSTRATING!!!!

  24. Great job Sioux. Funny you mention Parise. Keep him in mind when thinking about Our organizations draft
    Mistakes. That #1 pick we traded
    For St Louis could turn into a similar player in this league some day..

  25. Ilb, that’s exactly what I was saying about Talbot at this years trade deadline had there been a GM making on offer and I was nearly escorted off the blog at gun point by our fellow ‘heads

  26. @themessiah11

    Because they have no net presence, they don’t have an offensive defenseman. Nash is a big zherdev. No threat down the middle. This team has major flaws.

  27. “Because Talbot is going to sign a home team discount and play back up until he’s 34 and then Hank will retire and Talbot can be the starter in New York where he loves to play!” (S!!!)

  28. Sioux-per-man on

    AND down the stretch they come. . . WILBUR leading the way!!!

    . . . To the back of the pack!

  29. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    When I look at the first three lines (on paper), I think, “This team has some talent.” Then they step on the ice and turn into pumpkins.

    I really don’t think they are going to make the playoffs. This isn’t like past years where they got better at the end of the year. The teams chasing/passing them are. They don’t deserve it, and they don’t seem too bothered by it.

    And I’m not normally a Nash basher, but my God, does that trade look bad right now. He has absolutely zero drive. And we thought Kovalev was an enigma.

    Tough to be positive right now.

  30. James G, I think he needs to be given more starts to maximize his return. I think his best value might be somewhere around Thanksgiving next year. That’s when some teams realize they may have serious issues with their goalies. That’s, of course, providing he continues to play at this level.

  31. Sioux-per-man on

    James Parise should have been a Ranger pick in 2003.

    How do you not mention him? Last night that is all they talked about. His Bobblehead was everywhere. He gets the game winner. They interview him after the game. He just smiles and tells like it is.

    FYI – for some reason no MSG for me last night. I had to watch the WILD feed.

  32. On the bright side, Nash is a pretty good penalty killer – not bad for $8 million a year.

  33. I don’t know about that, ilb. I would think that Talbot could get a nice return and go somewhere but after seeing what was returned for Ben Scrivens and the like, I was blown away. Will Glen Sather even be satisfied with a 2nd round Draft Pick if he’s lucky enough to get something that high?

  34. You can tell Nash is’t phased by pressure or media. Which is great in some cases, but not when your a hockey player. He’s too laid back about things when we need urgency. We had all the youth and potential, and then Glen freaking Sather strikes again. He’s been the franchises worst enemy.

  35. either way it was a s$@t show and its a glaring weakness of this team. they are always poke-checking and reaching around their net instead of dumping the opponent with a strong check. if parise is knocked down he cant get to the rebounds

  36. As promised: Here is a photograph of what my co-workers did to one of my decorated walls of my office in honor of my birthday. Please note the birthday hats on all the Rangers:

    @MrManager5 This is what happens when you have a birthday, hockey photos on your walls and a few GREAT co-workers!

  37. For rent:

    One 20 story building with wooden plank on the roof for boneheads to take a running leap and jump off.

    This place is great to come to if you are in a good mood and feel like being depressed.

    It’s pretty simple. Watch any game during our hot streak and you’ll see our offensive thrusts came from long breakout passes from our own zone through the neutral zone. it helped set up odd man rushes and our forecheck. But you know what? During the Olympic break teams must have been watching our films because those passes are no longer there. Watch the last two games and you’ll notice that teams are clogging the neutral zone and forcing turnovers. And the Rangers fall into the trap of trying to force things through. It leads to bad turnovers. And they’ve also gotten back into “one too many passes” mode, especially on the PP. Maybe it’s adding a scorer and trying to force the puck to him. Not sure. So the team needs to figure out how fix this and fast. Notice the drop in the number of shots? This is why.

    And to add, our defense are WAY too in love with their sticks. For crissakes, can SOMEONE take the man, just once? You can say our forwards are soft, but our defense, if not big hitters at least leaned on a man every so often. They stopped doing that. Staal in particular. I know he’s good with the stick, but you can see teams playing away from his stick and putting him out of position.

    All these things are fixable, and they played really well for about 40 games, there’s no reason they can’t again. Yes, even with this team, and yes, even without Cally.

  38. Stranger Nation on

    Hags on one post, Step on the other; Norris prone on one knee, Staal moseying back from his ineffective check and another player comes waltzing by at the end…Nick Rash

    It wasn’t Step failing to get it deep, but his support on side boards with Stall which left one Wild in the corner and then Norris coming out with a poke check and getting beat like a rented donkey. Norris should have been anticipating closer to corner and RW should have been down low to support. RW is …..Rick Cash

    Poor Cam…guy is a stud

  39. If you watch ANY hockey game, even with the best teams, you’re gonna find mistakes like what lead to the goals on every team. We gave up TWO goals with our BACKUP goalie. We should win 90% of the games we give up TWO goals. Sorry, I’m not putting this game on poor defensive play. It wasn’t that bad, except that they’ve forgotten how to clear the crease a bit. Our problem is scoring and creating scoring opportunities. You have to think with the talent we have, eventually that will come. But ONLY if they take advantage of the opportunities and shoot the puck AND they make better breakout plays to give themselves scoring chances.

  40. I don’t get these comments about trading Cam. He’s a cheap competent (maybe more than competent) backup goalie. Where are you going to find someone like that that’s not going to kill your cap? Ask the Flyers how hard it is to even get ONE decent goalie? If Hank goes down then what? At least with Cam, you have a goalie who give you a fighter’s chance every game. Someone you could win with. If someone blows you away with an offer, then you have to consider it (like a 1st rounder and another backup in return), but who’s going to do that for an older backup like Cam?

  41. I thought the effort around the offensive net in the final seconds — could the forwards get further away from the crease??? — and the effort around the defensive net on the GWG were two of the SOFTEST plays I have ever seen from a group. Wowzer.

    Maybe Richards can go crying to Brooks again about how they don’t miss Callahan’s leadership.

    ps, the third-liner is playing the third line in Tampa with Stamkos.

  42. The rangers are done and I don’t mean just this year. The sad part of all of this is Sather will still be the GM and this crap will continue to go on.

  43. Great job Sioux! I thought Talbot played as good as he possibly could given the pumpkins playing in front of him.

    I disagree, however, about your take on Zucc. I thought he was trying to force too many passes last night and he wasn’t all that effective. I think, though, it WOULD be interesting to see him and St. Lou on the same line… could be the Lollipop Guild!

  44. TheMessiah11 on


  45. Carp, while you’re here, I have a mini charp question for you: what do you make of Richards’ comments yesterday? At first I thought it was a petty and stupid thing to say, but reading them again last night, I’m thinking that maybe he was taken out of context. Either way, the comments were unnecessary. Hey Richards, the jerk store called, they’re running out of you!

  46. Nice job, Sioux!

    Eveyone on the ice was to blame on the Parise goal, except Talbot (I counted 4 saves before Parise slide it under him).

    Stepan, bad dump in. Staal bad clear up the boards (although he was double teamed…where’s the support??) Stralman caught deciding where to go, then one knee snow angel and couldn’t recover. Where the heck did all the forwards go on the five shot attempts??

  47. If Pidto had asked him that question and made the Jerk Store joke then Richards could have easily used the retort, “how could they be running out of me when you’re their best seller!?”

  48. Remember how some were saying Brassard needed to play with top players to produce? How do you think MZA feels right now?

  49. Doodie Machetto on

    It’s weird. It’s as if playing with Richards as your center hurts your ability to score goals….

  50. Doodie Machetto on

    In all seriousness, they’re playing like a .500 team. Playing .500 hockey the rest of the way will cause them to miss the playoffs.

    Columbus is really rolling right now and I’d pay attention to the Devils. They have a really soft schedule over the rest of the season.

  51. The only WILL on the Ranger team right now is –

    WILL Nash show up?
    WILL Marty score his first goal?
    WILL Richards keep up?

  52. Doodie Machetto on

    Has anybody looked at St. Louis’ game log? He’s only scored in 2 games out of his last 18 (they were consecutive two goal games). He picked up some assists over that span (9), but is anybody else concerned that maybe he’s just old?

  53. Doodie Machetto on

    Great write-up, Sioux. I’m surprised the whole column wasn’t a Parise love poem.

    I had it Talbot-MZA-McD.


    “Look, it wasn’t the eminently reasonable request for a no-trade clause that doomed Ryan Callahan’s future as a Ranger. It wasn’t that at all, for by the time that became a point of discussion, the ship had already set sail for Tampa Bay.

    Even a day before the deadline, league general managers were beyond skeptical GM Glen Sather actually would trade Callahan. Maybe that’s why an auction never developed for the former captain and why Sather had only two credible offers, the one from the Lightning and one from the Sharks that contained an only mildly appetizing helping of futures.

    The Post has learned Anton Stralman rejected the Rangers’ offer prior to the Olympics for an extension believed in the three-year, $9 million range, which is somewhat shocking. The Blueshirts, who have righty Kevin Klein on the third pair at $2.9 million, will take another go at it after the season. If they succeed in extending Stralman, that would seem to throw a detour into Dylan McIlrath’s path to Broadway.”

    What about the offer from the Blues?

    Stralman has been terrible this season AND refused 3 years @ 3mil? AND he wasn’t traded? AND Sather is not getting fired for his blatant incompetence?

  55. ““I think my work ethic has been there but obviously the production isn’t. I wish I had a few bounces but you have to earn those bounces and that’s what I’m trying to do. I’m going to work my way through this.

    “Once I get going, I will get going.””

    wow this MSL guy is so full of himself. Why don’t you maybe throw a hit once in a while like Zuccarello does on regular basis?

  56. ““Individually I guess it’s been a tough start for me,” St. Louis told The Post following the Blueshirts’ 3-1 defeat to the Hurricanes on Tuesday night. “I’ve gotten my looks, but they haven’t gone in, and it hasn’t been good enough.”

    St. Louis led the Rangers with five shots against Carolina in a club-high 20:03 for forwards. The winger, who recorded 29 goals in 62 games for Tampa Bay, had his best chance on a power-play breakaway at 14:54 of the first period, but was denied on the backhand cutting from left to right by Cam Ward’s left pad.

    “No one is going to give you anything; you have to go out and earn it,” St. Louis said. “Getting chances this time of year is definitely not good enough.

    “I expect more out of myself. I’m going to keep working at it.””

    thanks a lot, you “worked” us out of a playoff spot.

  57. I had McD in the top 3, but Step scored the goal, and broke up several power plays with his position and stick. So I gave him the “home town” star.

    Zucc – had the only hustle last night, and his motor never stopped running. To bad he couldn’t get a goal, he sure worked hard enough for one.

    Talbot – had 29 saves, a lot of them under stress. Neither goal was his fault. The game winner was a comedy of errors, and he still made the first 4 saves in that scramble.

  58. ““Things that have to be said will still get said,” Richards said. “I’m not taking anything away from Cally, but he was pretty young and not that vocal.

    “It’s not like he was 38 and had been in the league for 18 years, so everybody was looking to him to listen to what he had to say,” Richards said of the 28-year-old Callahan, a seven-year veteran who was in his third season as captain. “We have other guys here who know what to say and when to say it.”

    Richards is such a moron. Nobody cares what 38 yearold MSL has to say and 29 is young?

    Richards you are cancer, you backstabbed your ex-coach for whom you wanted to play and now you are talking stupid things about your ex-captain. Why don’t you maybe throw a hit once in a while you coward.

  59. “Raphael Diaz, yet to play in a game since his deadline acquisition from Vancouver, skated with John Moore at practice when Kevin Klein was paired with Justin Falk, who has not played in a game since Dec. 29.”

    this trade sure made sense.

  60. Can’t blame Richards for being honest if he really said that. Cally is also in decline. Watch a game of his three four years ago and he looks faster, hits harder. He plays too big for his body to handle. Byw. You Can pair John Scott with stamkos and he would get points.

  61. Rangers have 9 out 15 games on the road, but they are against very winnable teams.

    Senators, Blue Jackets, Devils – they might drop 1.
    Flames, Oilers, Canucks – all wins
    Avalanche – end of the 4 game road trip -1
    Canucks – away -1 they never win at the Bell Center.
    Sharks at home – that will be a tough game. -1

    4 losses 11 wins out of the 15 games.

    Throw in a couple loser points 10-4-2

    Sound about right?

  62. “You Can pair John Scott with stamkos and he would get points.”

    so we got John Scott in MSL?

  63. @QQQ

    No we didn’t lol, but stamkos makes everyone around him a lot better. I hope St. Louis can find some chemistry with someone on our team before the season ends.

  64. If you look at Flyers schedule they have a nightmare of a schedule 12 very tough games, against winning teams.

    Columbus has 8 loses, in there 16 game stretch.

    Rangers have the easiest schedule.

    They will make the playoffs, if they just had an ounce of Leadership – ON THE ICE – from the top 3.

    If not it’s all on Hank.

  65. Messiah, all caps & ship sailing aside, this team needs more Callahans not fewer. I understand why they had to move him. Doesn’t mean they don’t or won’t miss him.

  66. Just a quick tidbit.

    SOG when Rangers win 35.4
    SOG when Rangers lose 32.1

    I thought the difference would have been bigger than that, but certainly, more shots give them a better chance to win.

  67. By the top 3 I mean Nash, St. Louis, Richards.

    Top 3 paychecks.

    Zucc & Stepan are also tied as the point leader at 45. But I’ve always thought of them as secondary scoring, who thought either one of them would be the point leader at the end of the year for the Rangers?

  68. What’s the point of barely making the playoffs if we’re going to get run over with any physical team?

  69. Carp, I get it (and sorry for the CAPS). It just gets so frustrating. Does this team have a clue as to which direction we are going? Are we a “go for it now” or a “building for the future” team? It seems like they have not a clue, and that is all on Sather.

    It is very disheartening to not know what your team will look like after every off season.

    On another note – do all players who come to play for the Rangers (except McD) forget how to play?

  70. matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties"Boy on

    This is a very interesting experiment by Sather to have almost no playable toughness/usable size on a team and expect it to play tough in front of both nets, create offensive space, and keep team morale up.

    There is little question to me they look like the little kid who’s being bullied at school by much bigger kids every night. Against moderate sized teams we stand a chance. Against big teams, almost none. Eventually you succumb because you know you don’t have what it takes.

    In fact, we could be watching the team’s increasing recognition of their gaping hole in this area before our very eyes.

    The ONLY way we can move forward is with speed and creativity. An overwhelming amount, like an elite team. I’m not so sure we have what it takes to do that, but this team is better than these last few games.

  71. They don’t ever seem to have a plan except going for it with slightly above-average teams. Though the previous coach had them on a good path before he went bonkers. Overachieving is always better than underachieving. Btw

  72. Stranger Nation on

    4 losses 11 wins out of the 15 games. Throw in a couple loser points 10-4-2. Sound about right?

    Sue – what flavor Kool Aid you drinking? Admire the optimistic approach, but this team is a middling bunch since the break with a 3-4-1 record.

    How does 7-7-1 sound?

  73. Manny – NO not blaming.

    We just need points from them. They HAVE to score goals!

    IF they don’t in the next 15 games, yes they will be blamed.

  74. Well done Siouxp-Nazi! And I can’t believe you made it through an entire write-up without mentioning your boy Kristo!
    Sounds like the boys really puked it up. Glad I missed it.
    What’s next? The boys explode for 8 goals against a sleeping team, the “superstars” get their stat points, then they meander back to mediocrity.

  75. Last night was why the Carolina game was inexcusable. Minny was a more acceptable effort. If they’d split the two it wouldn’t be awful.

  76. Where’s Doc today?

    Maybe he could remove Zucc’s heart and put it in Nash’s Body! Then we might have a winner.

  77. Carp now we have to wait for Philly and Columbus to drop a winnable game.

    Just think if Torts & AV are both sitting come playoff time.

    Crazy to think about, but its possible.

  78. SN – Kristo might make the “stars” on our team look bad!
    Can’t wait to see him & Haggerty sniping together someday (for another team of course when they get traded for a 39 y.o. has-been). So depressing.
    PS – Did Sather Tonya Harding Mick’s Achilles?
    PPS – Sire Father

  79. Probably the most bizarre thing about Glen Sather is that he seems to change course or philosophy and style of team so often.

    Rangers seemed to be making progress building with home grown youth. That seems to again be thrown out the window for a win? now philosophy. Now draft choices are not even necessary.

    Can anybody identify what the identity of the current NYR is?

  80. “What’s the point of barely making the playoffs if we’re going to get run over with any physical team?”

    playoff revenue and playoff experience.

    “Probably the most bizarre thing about Glen Sather is that he seems to change course or philosophy and style of team so often.”

    he changes it every year based on whatever team wins the Cup. Last year a fairly soft team won, so he said screw toughness we can do it with skilled players.

  81. Maybe James Dolan looked at all his success with Glen Sather and is using it as his inspiration for Phil Jackson.

    Hire an older man who was successful as a coach with superstar players make him President and let him split his time between New York and Palm Springs.

  82. Cap at least Jackson has 11 Championship rings.

    Take the GREAT ONE away from Sather, how many does he have?

  83. Don’t forget Phil won as a player for the Knicks in ’70 & ’73. So there is some Garden history there.

  84. Give Slats credit for 1 thing. He was anything but soft as a player. Makes it even stranger how he built current softness.

  85. AV wants quick up-temp hockey, in your face, hard on the forecheck. Make the other team make mistakes.

    I found it somewhat ironic last night, is that is how the WILD played against the Rangers last night, and won the game off 2 mistakes.

  86. Doodie Machetto on

    Can we get Isaiah in here to run the team. It would make not supporting the Rangers much easier for me.

  87. 1 vs 11

    I agree, I give him credit for that one. They made a deadline deal for that Cup, trading youth, for Playoff GRIT to win it all.

    Many thought those trades where a big time gamble at the time.

  88. When this team is winning, and the AV style is working, you HAVE to admit – IT’s FUN to watch.

  89. So the Rangers get the WIN tonight, and steal a win from the SHARKS. Then we are back on track with some momentum.

    It could happen.

  90. Stranger Nation on

    Marc Staal since break: -10. He has really dragged this team down and also had a golden opportunity on the door step in Carolina he missed.

    Fact is this team cannot win if any of its best 3 D have an off nite, especially with the dogs breakfast effort from our ‘stars’

  91. AV has to coach this team to maintain possession into the offensive zone. This is supposed to be why he is so successful as a coach. He has the personnel to do this, now are they too old, and does he have enough time to get the stars to align?

  92. Lose tonight and there done. That’s how important tonight is. I will throw the Eric guarantee and say they miss playoffs with a loss in regulation tonite.

    Like doodie said the devils schedule is very favorable. Columbus is team that is surging.

    After tonight we lose

    Flyers point back three games in hand
    Jackets tied two games in hand.
    Devs more home games and soft schedule.

    Caps won’t include schedule by far tough as can be. Trip to all three California teams plus Chicago st Louis 2x and boston.

  93. At Columbus next Friday at jersey next Saturday.

    Question is do rangers get any wins before next Friday.

    At Winnipeg
    Home sharks
    At Ottawa.

  94. Good post but disagree with point 7. Stepan did make that dumb pass in the neutral zone that allowed the winning goal. The reamining games are going to define the character of thsi team. It’s crap or get off the pot. New lines playing with more desperation should be as follow:
    Zucci, Brass, St Louis
    Poilot, Richards, Hags
    Kreids, Step, Nash
    Boyle Moore Carcillo *
    *normally win when he plays
    Can’t go anywhere in this order without the best in Staal, Giradi, Henrik, Nash, Richards. Zucci, Brass, Poilot, and particularly BigMac bust their asses every nite. This is the moment of truth. It’s in their hands. There is no way this team is going to back in this year.

  95. Maybe not, 3rd game in 4 days, and on the end of a back to back, and have a short flight in between.

    Yikes. Might need some fresh legs for that one.

  96. Fair enough Lone.

    BUT Steps goal was a beauty, and I gave him extra credit for the penalty kill, he broke up a few key passes and cleared the zone.

    Talbot made 4 saves on the game winner, Stralman takes a knee, and NOBODY clears the puck, or ties up their man, so to put that on Stepan alone is debatable.

    Parise slides it under Talbot in the free for all. How many times have you seen him do that as a Devil?

  97. I can easily see a loss tonight and Sunday.

    Oh, and Richards talking about leadership is laughable. Every single shift he’s on there is a guarantee of a defensive blunder, errant and risky pass along blue line, lazy ass backtracking into the defensive zone. Yeah, guys, follow my lead!

    The only two consistent players have been McD and Zucc.

  98. Rangers win tonight.

    Marty is going to break out tonight.

    Hank shuts the door on the Jets & Sharks, possible back to back shutouts.

  99. Rangers don’t have to worry about losing to a Fighting Sioux player tonight :)


  100. Sioux Agree with your comment. He certainly was not alone.
    Stepan usually is one of the few players that gets back to play defense. Man I just wish he were faster. Keep up the good work Sioux

  101. Struggling for the last spot, not definitely 3rd in the east is n has been the reality. We got hot for a bit but this is the new norm. Lazy soft n our biggest forwards … Stars are anything but

  102. This team is shot. This has sather’s signature all over it. Two over paid dogs in richards and nash, softest team in the league and poor drafting. Who cares if this team makes the playoffs. They won’t get past the first round, sound familiar. I’m so done with Sather and his garbage.

  103. funny how I remember people on this blog killing Dubinsky about being over paid yet the rangers have the top 5 over paid dogs in the league in Richards and Nash and you now can add lundqvist to that list. I would take 5 Dubinsky’s over Nash and Richards.

  104. You beloved-clowns are funny.

    This team ain’t winning against the Jets, much less vs the Sharks.

    This team is losing the next two and falling out of a playoff spot … and that’s all she wrote.

    Much like I predicted in the beginning of this season, these two-bit wannabes are cashing out of the party … Bay of Pigs -style.

  105. I don’t get NASH. All that talent and he refuses to show up night after night.

    Richards WILL be bought out, but not soon enough.

    Marty St. Louis – I can’t wait till he breaks out. He WILL it’s just a matter of time. His DNA is 100% – 100% of the time. Here’s hoping it’s tonight – this team needs a “go to” guy, because Nash has proven he is NOT the guy.

  106. Well it’s kind of funny, right? We were soaring with a completely over achieving Pouliot, a trending up Kreider, a 4th line contributing, a hobbit wizard being our best Forward, Richards on the Wing and our 3rd line being by far our best line. Also, a tremendously effective PP.

    How long was that going to last?

  107. Well that’s how they *make* the playoffs, Carp. Because Washington, Philadelphia, New Jersey and Co. are God Awful. But that is where it ends. They aren’t going very far. But we knew that from the start of the season.

  108. Yes, Manny but there is nobody they will play in the first round that they can’t beat provided they aren’t a wild card.

  109. That’s probably true, Carp. Once they gave that conditional pick to Tampa Bay it became obvious that this team would in fact make the ECF so that pick becomes a first. But if not for the angry hands of fate…..

  110. I’ll respectfully disagree with THE CARP …

    This team couldn’t beat the Malaysian Federal Aviation brunch-league squad, much less another NHL team.

    They’re finished. Or, as I like to refer to it, “sathered”.

  111. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    This says it all

    Cam Talbot says of Parise’s winner: Too many bodies in front not being cleared.

  112. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, I think the Flyers, Devils, and CBJs are all playing better. And don’t ever count out Detroit.

    The Rangers are guaranteed nothing.

  113. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, I think they CAN beat any team in the Metro over a 7 game series, but not if they continue to play like they have since the Chicago goal.

  114. Team building to annually compete with the elite teams over an extended period of time, not happening unless you have great drafts for at least 3-5 consecutive years.

    Never happened under Sathers tenure. Not going to.

  115. Doodie Machetto on

    But if we are a wildcard against the Bruins (meaning we finish poorly down the stretch), I think our 2014 1st rounder will be safe.

  116. “The Rangers are guaranteed nothing.”

    I thought they were guaranteed to make us suffer!

  117. If they had shown up in Carolina or if somebody knocked Parise on his can it would be a totally different vibe about this team.

  118. I’m almost done with this team. IMO, other than a few exceptions, they are a sad sack of individuals who collectively are not cut out to deliver a consistent effort with the neccessary intensity to win in the playoffs.

  119. Guaranteed Parise doesn’t tee that one up four times if Dorsett were there at net instead of Hags. He’d be right now putting ice bags on his glutes.

  120. Richie would have preferred that Capt. Cally had been more vocal? Like telling him that he was a slug?

  121. ThisYearsModel on

    I think that the Rangers will make the playoffs, barely like usual, and Dolan will get his 2-7 home playoff games of pure profit, and they will be out by the end of round 2. The problem I have is that I am old, have been a Ranger fan for a long time and a short playoff run does not excite me. What will excite me will be if something happens to Henrik next year like a serious injury, we miss the playoffs and Tampa has the lottery pick in the McDavid draft that should have been ours that we spent for a terrific player who is 38 years old. Clearly, a doomsday view but it is based on history and the epic failure that Glen Sather has been as Rangers GM. No way this team gets past Boston or Pittsburgh unless Fleury spits the bit again. These guys are who they appear to be, a playoff worthy team at the bottom. They need an infusion of size and skill to win the cup. That is not happening soon.

  122. Outcomes may change from game to game. Not really a big deal. At the end of the season, they will need to flush all the high paid underachievers from the group.

  123. Robby Bonfire on

    If this team does NOT make the post-season, nothing will change at the top. The fossilized old guy who has demolished the chemistry on this team, blocked the seamless flow of promising young prospects in the system to the parent club in favor of signing Dead (a.k.a. “Free”) Agents, and mortgaged its future will not be held accountable, and will just go on as though the team is just one upgraded body from making the playoffs instead of being just one upgraded body from from winning The Cup.

    Call me, “bone weary” from this never-ending soap opera. Wake me when it’s over.

  124. No maybe, Carp, no maybe. We can say the loss of Prust or Dubinsky was surprising in its effect but with Callahan you knew what would happen before it even happened.

    Related: Derek Roy is a UFA after this season and tied with Nash for hits so I’m thinking he’s a really logical target. Thinking then maybe we can dump Stepan (not enough goals!) and a 1st or two for Jason Spezza to add a little more no-touch name power up front.

  125. Carp, it is a shame we don’t have more players capable of competing with the consistency of Callahan, but to my eye they need much more than just the a Cally like player

    If your asking though, I would have tried to unload -Nash- at the deadline.

  126. Robby Bonfire on

    Good point, TommyG = only the names have changed – from Gomez and Drury and Redden to Nash and Richards. It never friggin’ ends with this man’s myopic, profligate asinine, jerk-off stupidity!

  127. What if … crazy thought … we looked for players who could score _and_ play other facets of the game. Granted, we’d have to look beyond points and be willing to not just chase the most point scoring guy available, but its possible that could work, right?

  128. “What’s in the Daily News?
    I’ll tell you what’s in the daily news.
    Story about a man bought his wife a small ruby
    With what otherwise would have been his union dues.
    That’s what’s in the Daily News.”

  129. ‘When a lazy slob takes a goody steady job,
    And he smells from Vitalis and Barbasol,
    Call it dumb, call it clever
    Ah, but you can get odds forever
    That the guy’s only doing it for some doll
    Some doll, some doll
    The guy’s only doing it for some doll!’

  130. IMO, -Nash- is the worst acquisition in terms of opportunity cost Sather has made. The players he gave up, the performance of the player contrasted to expectations, the team results contrasted with expectations. He was supposed to take us to the Promised Land. WTF happened? It’s time to cut our loses and move on.

  131. _You mean like Dubinsky/Prust/Callahan types, Doc?_

    Right, that “type”, but without the desire to make a lot of money. And I’d like them to guarantee me 30+ goals per.

  132. SHould change the name of this team to the NY CREAMPUUFS. You look at the video of the Minny winning goal and all you see are Wild players in front of the net. Stepan is leaning against the post and Stralman (I have no idea what he was doing) are the only 2 rangers close to being involved in the play. Not that they were involved just close. Conversely when you look at video from the end of the game when the CREAMPUFFS are trying to score the tying goal all you see in front of the net are 5 Wild players and zero CREAMPUFFS. This team is going nowhere. NO heart, NO compete, NO grit, NO interest.

  133. I guess we could just field a team full of old guys that never won a cup so they have one last chance to team up and play for it. That would be experience, intangibles, desire and hockey smarts, right?

    How’s that working out for the Phoenix Coyotes?

  134. Maybe, Papa, 3rd time will be the charm in terms of not overpaying for a high priced, offense only player who has declared its NYR or nowhere in a trade. One can dream.

  135. Manny, if I’m reading between the lines, I’m totally on board with offering Stepan, Miller and a 1st for Shane Doan.

  136. Strallman was doing his cheap imitation of Girardi on the Adam Henrique goal that knocked us out of the conference Finals 2 years ago.

  137. “SHould change the name of this team to the NY CREAMPUUFS. You look at the video of the Minny winning goal and all you see are Wild players in front of the net. Stepan is leaning against the post and Stralman (I have no idea what he was doing) are the only 2 rangers close to being involved in the play. Not that they were involved just close. Conversely when you look at video from the end of the game when the CREAMPUFFS are trying to score the tying goal all you see in front of the net are 5 Wild players and zero CREAMPUFFS. This team is going nowhere. NO heart, NO compete, NO grit, NO interest.”

    John, I dunno about you, but I’ve had cream puffs WAY better than this team.

  138. Conundrum: Doubt Nash goes anywhere. Reason: If he starts playing like the ‘star’ that he supposedly is, we’ll keep him. If he doesn’t, who would give up anything of real value to pay him?

  139. Cally to #19: “You’re playing like a cream puff!”

    Rich: “You’re not old enough to make that evaluation.”

  140. Stranger Nation on

    Presuming if anyone would take Nash, you would have to take a similar contract, who would you take?
    Contract is $8MM x 4 years
    here are some comps:
    Semin $7.5 x 4
    H Sedin $7 x 4
    D Sedin $7 x 4

  141. Carp
    Again teams that are better … Pitt Boston mtl Philly TB maybe Detroit n I like Ottawa. TB n ESP Detroit have been killed with injuries which our boys really haven’t. Unless u count Richie getting hurt these last games. Price has been out for the Habs as well.
    TB has had Stamkos out
    Mtl -price
    Detroit- Datsuyk plus… Minor league roster

  142. Stranger Nation on

    The guys who need to sit will never sit. AV will wait until we are down 0-3 in the first round to sit Bucky the Backstabber

  143. Richie: “For a Captain, Cally was too young and not very vocal. I only wish he had been older and more vocal and told me what a one-way fading daffodil that I really am.”

  144. Doodie Machetto on

    I only want Doan if he comes with Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, then passes it along to Sather.

  145. Easy to name which Rangers would and wouldn’t run out ground balls on the summer softball team.

  146. Stranger Nation on

    Max has a $4.5MM x. 5 deal – what MTL garbage would you take as well. Say an physical winger who gets hurt a lot and has a history here @ $2.5

    Max and Prust for Nash

    No way would Manny go for that…

  147. Nice work today, Sioux. I enjoyed it best I could under the circumstances.

    Being a Rangers fan sucks extra lately.

  148. Does Joe Mich’s injury mean that we have to keep paying him for 5 years, totally ruining the Announcers’ Cap?

  149. I’m running out of daylight…..

    I have about a 3 1/2 hour drive to the Jets game, or play in the Garage Poker Tour?

    Getting down to flip a coin….

    spend the money and watch them WIN :)

    or stay home and beat up on your buds?

  150. or just go and hour North and watch the Sioux pound on Colorado College in the 1’st round of the playoffs.

  151. I don’t see how Philly, Tampa are better. Ottawa has better skill, but has played like crap under Teddy Roosevelt/Jack Adams this season. Ya boys just kicked Detroit’s tail. Montreal? No, IMO.

  152. and AV doesn’t want to make statements because he obviously thinks 21, 19, 20, 26 and 61 have been just fine, creating chances, not getting bounces. Plus he doesn’t make statements. But he does collect timeouts. Saved that one from last night instead of burning it in the last minute. Must have a whole shoebox full of timeouts by now.

  153. Latona, Stepan was in excellent position … in case Parise scored there, he was able to quickly fish the puck out of the net for the officials. That’s where you want to be on that play (s).

  154. Mister: Matt Moulson, who also works out with Richie in Connecticut … who will then after getting what Callahan wanted, will become a soft 15-goal scorer.

  155. “Latona, Stepan was in excellent position … in case Parise scored there, he was able to quickly fish the puck out of the net for the officials. That’s where you want to be on that play (s).”

    CARP, don’t know what you’re talking about???

  156. You mentioned how Stepan was leaning against the post. Just the way coaches teach it. If there’s a scramble, lean against the post and be in position to fish the puck out of the net for the officials. (s)

  157. Hedberg :) .. from Kevin Allen/USA Today:

    New York Rangers

    Story: Martin St. Louis seems like a perfect fit for Alain Vigneault’s offensive coaching style.

    Injuries: None.

    Strength: They have quality goaltending, respectable scoring and defensive potential.

    Weakness: They haven’t been as impressive at home as needed.

    Forecast: If St. Louis has the expected impact, the Rangers should be the East’s third-best team by playoff time.

  158. Might be interesting to see if officials, season by season, call fewer penalties on guys who fish the puck out of the net for them, or more on guys who skate right by whistled down pucks and force the zebra to skate over and bend down. To whom can we assign this research?

  159. Is it safe to assume Nash was hanging around the blue line looking for someone else to do the dirty work and free him for a rush the other way?

  160. CARP, I was quoting John’s post to make a comment about cream puffs. You should redirect your sarcasm by/from me to him.

  161. -Nash- has waved the NTC once already. He’ll wave it again.

    Tell him it’s not working out, it’s time to move on. Maybe if it were the old days and he was getting booed like he ought too, that would help convince him.

  162. As Doctor Samuel Johnson observed, the prospect of being hanged in a fortnight does wonders for the powers of concentration.

  163. Carp

    Here’s where I disagree with other teams being better. Phil Tampa Columbus devils. It’s not that these teams are better when you line them up next to the rangers it’s that I think when you have games in hand can score more consistent then the rangers these teams especially Phil and Columbus will figure a way out to win more games down the stretch then the rangers will.

    I do happen to think though that if rangers get in they are more of a threat to top teams Boston and Pitt then the other teams in there pack. Most likely they lose anyway.

    I think the challenge of rangers making playoffs is greater then there first round matchup outside of Boston or Pitt.

  164. You know we’re currently 7th in goals against, and that’s with 15% of the total scored on us in the first 5 games.

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