Rangers at Jets … It’s Go Time!


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Game 68.jets
Rangers at Jets.


Ya boys come off back-to-back losses to start the road trip, their first consecutive road losses since that nine-game season-opening trip.

Henrik Lundqvist is back in goal, seeking to tie Mike Richter’s franchise record 301 career wins, and pass Eddie Giacomin’s franchise record 49 shutouts. He is 2-3-1 in six starts since returning from Sochi with his silver medal.

Alain Vigneault said he was likely to split up the Martin St. Louis-Brad Richards pair up front, since it has  clearly not worked for the two friends and former Tampa teammates.

(an aside: So Richards hasn’t been able to mesh with Marian Gaborik, Rick Nash, Ryan Callahan, Martin St. Louis? hmmm).

The rest of the lineup was undecided heading into warmups. If Vigneault makes no other changes, Derek Dorsett, Justin Falk and Raphael Diaz would be prucha’d. Diaz skated in warmups, and both Dorsett and Daniel Carcillo were on the ice for the optional morning skate, so Vigneault might go with seven D.


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  1. Loss in regulation tonight coupled with devil win and flyers having three games in hand and the rangers are on life support

  2. Carp

    Look at the schedules. Now games in hand don’t matter. Another loss tonight I don’t know how people could feel secure there fine.

    I think it will be harder over the next 15 games just to get in they I think if they were in 1st round series not playing Pitt or boston

  3. ThisYearsModel on

    Pie-O-My is heading for the same status he had at the end of last year, which is a blessing as it will eliminate any temptation by the 14 year failure of a GM to avoid the buyout.

  4. Stuff changes every day in these races though. You’ve been through them all before. You know how you win two in a row and you look golden, you lose two in a row you look done. Buckle up. It will be a ride.

  5. ThisYearsModel on

    Pie-O-My keeps being deployed by coach Richie Aprile and assistant coaches Pauly Walnuts and B.P Bompensaro.

  6. Yep AV is lost because blog “experts” think they know when it’s best to call a timeout.

  7. “So Richards hasn’t been able to mesh with Marian Gaborik, Rick Nash, Ryan Callahan, Martin St. Louis? hmmm”

    Carp, he also wasn’t able to mesh with Torts! Mutiny leader!

  8. kinda surprised he didn’t tweak
    the D pairings as well
    split Staal from Stralman
    or insert Diaz or Falk for tonight

  9. maybe it’s just me but it appears that the jets have had the rangers number recently.

  10. oh yea! that a boy Lundqvist, give it right back, our 8.5 million dollar trophy goalie.

  11. like I said earlier. jets have had the rangers number. I’m expecting another loss as the rangers slowly torture there fans as the playoff picture slips away.

  12. Talbot allowed 2 goals all game against Minnesota. 2 goals let in already by Hank.

  13. Get outmuscled out skated. Stralman freaking sucks the goalie blows but we’re not on life support.

    It’s a freaking sinking ship. With or without cally it would be same result so don’t use that crap anyone has an excuse.

  14. Stralman should not be playing today. Not after the past 3-4 games he’s had, Diaz deserved a shot.

  15. Yeah, that might be true Eric, it’s just easier to root for a team with Callahan on it.

  16. oh no Carp
    they’re still
    awfulier than awful
    at times
    lead the league in the
    celebrate the little teeny tiny victories

  17. btw
    it’a almost as if the team
    once again
    has gone
    against a coach
    as well as the organization
    and its fans
    since they didn’t like that their captain buddy
    getting traded

    sure looks like it by their play.
    grow up! you pukes!

  18. Good job trading Del Zotto. Btw, a guy with solid playoff experience and two Game 7 goals in his career.

  19. Yea Del Zotto’s been great with Nashville. (s).. and Nashville’s been great with Del Zotto. (s)

  20. Counteroffer to Stralman – he pays Rangers $9K per game when he wants to play, + mandatory community service cleaning room after THE and caddy his equipment.

  21. don’t why AV didn’t split Staal and Stral
    put Diaz and/or Falk in for
    and/or Moore

  22. Me too, Carp. LOL….

    On the radio he always calls him a wizard or a hobbit when he makes a play. I can tell he reads the blog!

  23. not saying to get rid of Stralman
    but other than him showing a nasty side
    in that one game with some hard hits
    he and Staal have been like a bad farce of chaos unleashed
    at least split them up
    as far as
    i don’t know…….why not at this point
    they’re all playing pretty awful

  24. jpg, I don’t disagree, but if you put in Diaz (or Falk) at this point and they cost you a game, you kick yourself.

  25. A small part of me wants the Devils the make the playoffs and face NYR in the first round. I’d love some revenge for 2012.

    Our last series win against them was so sweet. Avery tormenting Brodeur throughout the series. Nice payback for the sweep back in 2006.

  26. Colorado AVs are really impressive. By far the best team in the NHL the last three months…

  27. at least it’s tied at the moment
    was considering
    downing a nice cup of
    whiskey honey and lemon
    and just zoning out
    til my sinus infection/cough goes away
    or the playoffs start
    whichever comes first

  28. no idea ORR!!!
    but in
    with the Rangesr draft picks
    everyone’s a Bust
    until proven otherwise

  29. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    Sather doesn’t skate on the ice. Is it HIS fault that the Rangers stink?

  30. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    Knicks big announcement tomorrow. Sather is going to be dual GM! He starts trading hockey players for basketball players.

  31. Think aboot it Eric: when they won the cup you were drinking out of a straw. The next time they win one you’ll be eating out of one.

  32. CraigWeather on

    Richards…. Pffft- this guy is allergic to contact and coughs it up everytime someone throws a check on him. Well hey, here’s some good news- he didn’t have good chemistry w/ st loueeeeyyy, so the buyout is still on track. But uh… Can we buy st loooooueeeey out too?

  33. has anyone else seen a team so rarely pass to each other?
    (other than Torts’ teams)

  34. Cut San – Lou – E some slack. Nash still trying to find chemistry and look how long that’s taken

  35. as much love as Zuc deserves
    after the mayhem with Hank!!!

  36. Team looks an awful lot like the one that went 2-6 to start the year. They looked heartless. And guess who was out after shoulder surgery ?

  37. if MZA’s hand is hurting he has no business being in the lineup and that supposed best in the world medical staff should know that

  38. CraigWeather on

    True Carp…in all seriousness that was just sarcasm. But let’s call a spade a spade- this team needs size to make space for a player like St. Louis. How would you feel about Boyle on his line just to see if it would get him going? Couldn’t hurt. Maybe it would get them both going.

  39. ThisYearsModel on

    The midget line is not working. MSL and MZA are getting pushed around by Bogosian and the rest.

  40. CraigWeather on

    Lol Carp- I hear a guy like that will be available this summer. But you’d have to overpay for him. Well since he’s not on our team, Bank on Sather to do it ;)

  41. They can’t skate with this team. If this team was in west they be like Calgary.

    How bout winning a faceoff may help in not chasing puck leading to stupid pen

  42. yes Sam
    our penalty kill
    has been
    it’s what this team does best
    shoot the puck out of the zone
    and pass to NO ONE

  43. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    that was pretty

    almost as pretty as duguay

    not as pretty as the bay ridge Honda girl

  44. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    so what year do we overpay for Byfuglien so he can be our pp quarterback?

    What year does he turn 35?

  45. CraigWeather on

    Martin Gretzky behind the net ( looks familiar… Older Gretzky + Rangers = Setup man )

  46. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Marty Biron is the best radio announcer I’ve heard, makes Maloney look like Chico

  47. I think I get it. Large teams just have to lean on us. When they start hitting, it wakes us up.

  48. You will not keep MSL down for long. You are what your record says you are. (thanks, Tuna)

  49. Could it be true that the world has ended and I am the only one left? Twilight Zone.

  50. I went on a beer run. Got lost for ten minutes….

    Then I remembered where the fridge was.

  51. boy Bill Pidto has not improved since he did play by play at my highschool football games… fits in nice next to Ronnie

  52. sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezus
    the kreider

    you dangle the puck
    and then make a STUPID STUPID STUPID
    pass that
    makes us all think of MDZ!!!!!

  53. yes
    didn’t see your reply til now
    posting here
    watching game
    and trying not to watch game
    in order to keep my blood pressure
    below 200 over 200

  54. now we know why the team can’t keep their minds on the game
    they’re all thinking about the

  55. Isn’t this what usually happens to the Rangers. Outplay, no goals, other team comes back and scores.

  56. Admiral Akbar

    Aside from Lundqvist, this is awful

    Admiral Akbar

    Hat trick!!!

    March 14th, 2014
    ^^^^That’s funny stuff right there^^^^^

  57. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    First star – Ondrej Pevelec (for letting us use that space between his pads)

    Second Star – Carl Hagelin

    Third Star – Hanka Hanka

  58. the
    with all the time in the world and misses the outlet pass

    THAT SCREW UP has now led to jets back in our zone
    and the ensuing penalty


  59. thank you for being a sucker……….

    Don’t you pay enough taxes already?

    the lottery is a tax on the feeble minded……

  60. Broadway hat goes to my mute button….for consistent outstanding performance defending against ny lottery & geico commercials

  61. Hank stepped up his game after the first few minutes and picked up a big win for the Rangers.

  62. How we walk out of this building with 2 pts.

    I would take big buff and Kane any day of week.

  63. Hank never would have reached 301 if Callahan was still on the team. Hank’s struggles this season were due to the Callahan negotiations.

  64. After giving up 2 goals in the first few minutes, Hank never would have kept the goals allowed at 2 if Callahan was with the team.

  65. I wonder how many Richter might have had if he weren’t saddled with that woeful post-97 team, and then if Chris Tamer didn’t crack his skull.

  66. Big Buff. Quality defense is more valuable than LW. RH defense is even more valuable. An offensive defenseman is a longstanding need of the Rangers.

  67. Damn, McDonuts hits the pipes. I was rooting for him to overtake Richie in goals this year.

  68. Jets website has Buff listed as a defenseman. His familiarity with forward also makes him versatile as he can play multiple positions.

  69. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    Buff played big in the ’10 Hawks Cup. Too bad he had to be moved. I’d love to have him back in Chicago.

  70. Pretty sure it was Richter told the story about coming to NY circa ’88 or ’89 relatively penniless and moving into a cheap one-room tenement. Downstairs was a deli, and he asked the deli guy if he could run a tab and he got the cold shoulder. He took a walk, then came back and found a bunch of food at his door. Could have been Leetch. Memory fading.

  71. Thanks Carp. I think I was at that game where he let loose a rising slapper that nailed Richter’s dome….and that was it.

  72. You are correct. I found an article stating that the Jets moved him back to F in January. An example of why the Thrashers have not been competitive for years. Buff is much more valuable at D than F.

  73. Early ’90’s, Nilan, playing for Boston, took ten penalties in one game, six minors, two majors, a misconduct, and a game misconduct.

  74. If I remember correctly, Beaton once beat up a gas station attendant who didn’t fill him up fast enough.

  75. G. McPhee once caught a guy trying to steal his car stereo outside his Rye apartment. When the guy saw how little he was, he attacked George with a flashlight. Big mistake.

  76. Big junkie Bridgeport thug in Rye cell to cellmate. “I can’t believe I just got seriously hammered by a little commuter guy in a suit and tie.

  77. Stranger Nation on

    Nash was painful once again. What if they really kept real turnover stats.

    Was Montoya wearing roller skates out there?

    Richards with a nice Faceoff win and primary assist on 1st and 4th goals

    Thought Klein played well again

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