Rangers at Wilds … It’s Go Time!


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Game 67.wild
Rangers at Wilds.

The Rangers come off a shameful non-effort in Carolina Tuesday, a game their top six forwards, among others, mailed in.

Cam Talbot starts in goal, his first since he beat Chicago at MSG in the first game after the Olympic break. Talbot is 11-5, 1.75. .938 with two shutouts in 16 starts, and has held opponents to two goals or fewer 13 times.

Henrik Lundqvist will start tomorrow in Winnipeg and Sunday vs. San Jose, the Rangers’ only home game in a stretch of seven.

Daniel Carcillo replaced Derek Dorsett in the lineup. Dorsett, Justin Falk and Raphael Diaz are prucha’d.

Alain Vigneault is also thinking of taking Carl Hagelin off the Brad Richards-Martin St. Louis line to get more “net presence.”

Minnesota has lost three in a row.


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  1. Like adding Kreider (Miami, if it clicks, I’ll add the “the”!) to the MSL line. That could click, and Hagelin already showed he can play well with his former linemates.

  2. Anyone listening to this game on the radio? If Dave Maloney wasn’t going to be in the booth with Sam, I’d definitely be curious enough to see how Marty Biron fares with Kenny Albert tonight.

  3. ThisYearsModel on

    Go Time! I love Go Time! So sad that the best fans in the USA in the State of Hockey have the team with the dopiest name.

  4. I posted on here 3/4 weeks ago I thought Kreider should be moved to another line because it wasn’t working. it’s about time AV is moving kreider to another line. I guess better late than never.

  5. Big bounce back game would be really, really, really nice.

    Let’s get some!

    LGR !!!

  6. Rob in Beantown on

    McDonagh has 80 people in attendance to watch him. I don’t even know 80 people.

  7. 2 minutes in and this game is already infinitely more entertaining than the Carolina game.

  8. Biron is good so far. Maloney can’t be as expressive about the Rangers failings on TV, I’m sure. Love his analysis, but I’m listening to Biron unless he fails.

  9. what has happen to the rangers power play? looks to be back to the way it’s been for years.

  10. ThisYearsModel on

    Carp is researching any registration rights on the sports team name, “Brooklyn Tire Fires”

  11. Stranger Nation on

    Nash gets puck, runs away from goal, gets pressure and quickly gets rid of it.

    He is following Richard’s experienced leadership that, we learned recently, Cally did not have.


  12. Maloney is blaming Moore for surprising Nash, causing the puck to go off the stick of Nash. Nash passed that puck.

  13. leetchhalloffame on

    The descent out of a playoff spot has begun. St. Louis 0 goals as a NYR. Unreal.

  14. Matty"DissapointedInCallahan"Boy on

    MSL looking awesome out there. Leave it to the Rangers to exploit his lack of size and make him look average.

    What is it with this team??????

  15. Stranger Nation on

    Moore has to send that puck around the boards and The Good One has to push it in the corner if he cant control it

  16. Matty"DissapointedInCallahan"Boy on

    way to drive to the boards, Ricky!!! What hard work for an $8M a year player.

  17. Matty"UnbelievablySoft"Boy on

    What period will THE take his SPOG (Stupid Penalty Of the Game)???

  18. Matty"UnbelievablySoft"Boy on

    I truly believe this Ranger team IS a PO team. Don’t know how they’re gonna get there…..

  19. Pouliot is back picking frequent flyer points. You would think he would have enough Delta miles by now.

  20. Matty"UnbelievablySoft"Boy on

    Man, Nash is sure good at shooting directly at other team’s players skates.

    Freaking Nino Neiderider almost has as many goals as him.


  21. Matty"UnbelievablySoft"Boy on

    WTF is John Moore doing?? Another errant pass to the front of the net?

  22. Matty"UnbelievablySoft"Boy on

    Sorry, but is our team EASY to play against, or what?? Contrast that to how sore opponents are after they play…uh… Boston? La? San Jose???

  23. J. Moore is a disaster with the puck below the net. He’s horrid. Even worse in the corners.

  24. Matty"UnbelievablySoft"Boy on

    Gotta wonder how many ‘checks’ the Rangers are credited with that period. If it’s more than 3 I’d ask for a recount.

    This is prissy hockey.

  25. looks like the Rangers
    really really
    from their last game


  26. You can say what you want but this team is composed of the sorriest bunch of banana-players I’ve ever seen.

    What a farce of a squad. These no-talents should be riding taxi squad.

    Amateur-hour horror show right in front of our eyes.

    They’re worse than the Malaysian Transportation Board squad.

  27. I don’t like this team. I rather have the hard team to play against that would fight there way to a victory. This team won’t get any farther than those teams did so what’s the point, I rather have those teams, pre nash days. This team blows.

  28. But everyone knows my defensive plan: Move Klein up, Move Diaz to the 3rd pair and then euthanize Stralman.

  29. Hey Step!!

    how about the theme for next 2 periods

  30. Stepan’s chances of finding a teammate with a pass are about as good as the Malaysian govt finding that plane on their own.

  31. Just saw the goal against.

    Only question I have. Does -Nash- and JMoops each get a negative assist on that goal???

  32. Re: J. Moore in his own end.

    This system is very challenging for the defenseman because it puts a lot of pressure on the D-Men for their “first pass”. The forwards are very stretched out during breakouts. Thus, we see a lot of D-D passes down low and not much forward movement.

    Might be that a forward needs to come back and get the Puck from the D.

  33. Manny @ 8:49….. that plan for the defense is about as solid as Custer’s plan was for Little Big Horn.

  34. ThisYearsModel on

    St. Luois is looking around expecting Ashtin Kutcher to leap out of Brian Boyle’s jersey

  35. Rick Nash – Has the size and skill.

    Sadly he has the battle level of a doily. This whole team seems to have the battle level of an ice dancing team.

    That playoff spot is gonna disappear really fast while this team does all it can to not break a sweat.

  36. Pat Leonard ?@PLeonardNYDN now
    Ryan Callahan just scored his first goal with the TB Lightning FYI

    Still waiting for MSL to join the party…

  37. wtb?!?!

    nice dad is there
    where’s Step’s mom and sister?
    they need some camera time!

  38. Good to have The Kreider screening the goalie on that one. Give him the assist rather than Nash

  39. reason why St. Louis
    isn’t work out with the rest of the Rangers
    is that he decides and makes his move
    rest of the team
    spends an extra second or two
    figuring out what they’re going to do

    imagine going to dinner with them. would take forever!

  40. Stepan’s parents are separated I assume. They are never at the same game.

    I prefer his sister to the lot of them.

  41. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    If the Bay Ridge Honda girl signs up for the Rangers Alumni Cruise, count me in.

  42. Who’s the kid that kept on sucking on that drink next to Stepan’s dad? He needs to clip, or at least clean his fingernails. Those things looked so dirty, i had to clean my room after they showed them on TV.

  43. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    “Ballard’s the most physical guy out there right now, which isn’t saying much.”

    Nice, Dave.

    Joe – don’t rush your recovery. Those Achilles injuries are tricky.

  44. He has a nice goal tonight.

    His position on the penalty kill is stellar.

    He’s making plays.

    Good “home ice” showing for him.

  45. Ryan Callahan scores his first goal tonight for TBL. Playing on a line with Palat and Filppula…

  46. So Cally now with 1g, 2a in 4 games for Tampa. Plus he hits people. Our instantly best forward with 1 assist in 5 games as a ranger. What exactly happens to these people when they come here?

    Another brilliant move there Glennie…..

  47. Strahlman wasn’t standing arouns. He was where he should be, on one knee in the crease. (s)

  48. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    way to look at Parise, Stepan and Stralman….

    how about someone knocking him on his aasen?

  49. “Is it bad that I like Parise?”

    No. I love the guy. I think the Rangers made a big mistake going with trading for Nash instead just signing Zach for 20 years and $1 Billion …

  50. So, Maloney is harping on the fact that Stepan failed to get the puck deep into the offensive zone, but doesn’t say a word about Staal coughing it up in his own defensive zone?

  51. only reason our pk is any good (so far)
    is that the team is in CONSTANT PK MODE
    notice how their passes don’t go to a
    teammate but just send the puck down ice
    to the opponent
    supremely awful
    especially at this point in the season

  52. They’re soft, they don’t hit anybody, and they never have the puck.and carp was right they needed more guys like Cally not fewer. Good job glennie you showed him.

  53. I love Marty St Louis. I think he’s great. But, why is his first season in NYC at 38 years old? Apparently, he’s wanted to come here since 2009. And, I’m sure he would have loved to play for Tort. Sather probably could have made a deal 5 years ago…Why didn’t he?

  54. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    Manny – why don’t we compile a much shorter list….like the guys who are playing well

  55. Where are the quality grade a chances where . Never enough sustained pressure with high end scoring chances

  56. You got it, Brad. Hagelin has been solid. Talbot has been terrific. McDonagh is good.

    I love You guys.

  57. susie chapstick on

    Cally with a goal…MLS with nothing…Ranger uniform is probably the best way to destroy someone’s offensive talent…its amazing…and of course rangers losing to another no 2 or no 3 or no 4 goalie

  58. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    >>What exactly happens to these people when they

    >>come here?

    They start to retire… Life is good.

  59. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    MSL would be better off if Rammer and Kenny Albert were in his line. Richards sux

  60. This is why Tort was a great coach. Doesn’t matter who wears the Sweater. This team will never score enough.

  61. No first or second last year. No second this year. No first next year. Bottom of the league in terms of respected feeder systems. Play-off challenged.

    Yes, Glen Sather is one superb GM.

    Being a Ranger fan is a glorious thing!

  62. I knew the Olympic break was going to screw this team up. The rangers were playing there best hockey of the year before the Olympics, now there back to playing there worse hockey at the wrong time. The season is slipping away before our eyes. I would actually be happy if they didn’t make the playoffs if I knew it meant sather would get fired but we know that won’t happen.

  63. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    If Richards isn’t bought out, good chance they’ll miss the playoffs next year…

  64. Eddie: Yep and then they will lose the lottery and the Bolts will draft Connor McDavid!


  65. the lighting and yzerman will be laughing all the way to the draft board, especially if the rangers don’t make the playoffs this year and next year.

  66. susie chapstick on

    sweet…pp opp in a clutch time…we got this….i think nash or msl scores 2 goals on this pp

  67. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    what a yawner…headed straight for the wild card gladiator cage

    I can’t say this team peaked too soon, when they never peaked at all

  68. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    Brassard – Pouliot – Saint Louis

    Three guys saying “pass it” in French

  69. Nash trade was the beginning of the end of the rebuilt in the right direction. It’s all down hill from here folks. The only thing left in my mind is when is Dolan going to wake up and fire Sather. Enough is enough already.

  70. susie chapstick on

    i, for one, am shocked we didn”t score there…i mean rick nash…marty st. louis…b richards…talk about all star clutch…i mean if that was the bruins 4th line then id expect them not to score but oh right

  71. Bunch of pansies if you ask me. Even now with the game on the line they can’t take the body. This team is getting really bad to watch.

  72. susie chapstick on

    Serious question: can anyone find out the win/loss record of backup goalies vs nyr rangers over the last 10 years? seems like something elias would have

  73. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    Shame on Stepan and Stralman on the winning goal.

    They hung Talbot out to dry.

  74. As far as I’m concerned, your team loses, you shouldn’t be one of the stars of the game.

  75. Staal really sucks and they should take whatever they can get for him at the end of this season.

  76. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    Duguay got up really early today. It looks like he got dressed in the dark…

  77. susie chapstick on

    E3, you couldn’t handle me…not even in your wildest prepubescent dreams while sleeping across the hall from your mommy and daddy

  78. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    MSL should never have put on a line with Richards….Richards is a black hole. His best days were 8-10 years ago…

  79. That trade’s looking great… Sickening how small and soft this team is. And I’m sure Sather will address it in the offseason by picking up another Taylor Pyatt’ish player along w/ a George parros… F minus!

  80. Long Beard my man, looks like next June is the earliest shot you have at shaving and that’s being generous.

  81. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Grabby – Susie is playing hard to get….but you know she wants one of the E3’s….

  82. Long Beard Since 1994 on

    Pre game practice tomorrow: YES: Pass, Pass, shoot on net. NO: Pass, Pass, Pass, Pass, miss the net, scramble.

  83. Long Beard Since 1994 on

    SeeeDubbb: Ya, I agree. Was hoping for a shave and a haircut THIS year. Yikes.

  84. Honestly Sather makes me sick. He’s killed this competitive team now into the Blue Jackets. He’s just continuing the cycle of giving up all our players for underperforming aging stars. I still agree with him on the cally trade, but the Columbus trade is now looking terrible. Dubi himself might have been more useful than Nash. Richards sucks horribly. Nobody give a damn about the Rangers organization besides their money.

  85. So, this might be unpopular, but what about something along these lines: Take one of our offensive players and look to move him for an admittedly less talented but much more complete player, like a 2nd line grinder type you know is going to show up every night he’s in the lineup. Granted, we lose skill, but I’d argue we might gain enough overall to make it worthwhile. And maybe we can get the other team to even throw in a 1st rounder. Who knows, maybe the other GM will be an absolute goddamn moron who would give us both a 1st rounder and an escalator 2nd as well. Can’t hurt to ask, right?

  86. Btw minus the first rounder I agree with the MSL trade. He’s just ruining this team yet again. When is upper management going to realize this guy sucks.

  87. _MSL should never have put on a line with Richards….Richards is a black hole. His best days were 8-10 years ago_

    Wow, I *totally* disagree. He’s tied for the points lead which means he’s pretty obviously tied for our best skater this year.

  88. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    “He’s tied for the points lead which means he’s pretty obviously tied for our best skater this year.”


  89. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    MR D – the problem isn’t so much the trade it’s more that AV is pairing Richards with MSL. Put MSL on a line with Brassard and zucchini and you’d sing a different tune me thinks….

    Where is Susie? My lips are dry…

  90. Sather was bragging to Kevin Weekes in Del Boca Vista the other day about how much the fans prefer the high skill offense of the Rangers this season more than the different “style” in previous seasons. This new style “wins games” and is what you “need to win a Stanley Cup”.

    I wonder if Sather uses medical mary jane?

  91. May as well play Dorsett, CarBomb, trade for John Scott, beat the hell out of everyone and operate from the Penalty Kill, our most offensive force!

  92. I wouldn’t sing a different tune because even at the time, I thought it was good-short-term-awful-long-term. I barely even considered it could be bad in the short term.

  93. AV’s continued lack of consternation tells me he knows he hasn’t the horses and will just pluck forward, on a wing and a prayer.

  94. Sather is delusional. Quite literally. Only person who doesn’t see this is himself it seems, and Dolan, and he needs to go too. Both msg franchises have suffered because of him. Dolan only shows his ugly face when the rangers were in the conference finals as if he had to do with it.

  95. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    Columbus just got home-ice advantage in their playoff matchup with the Rangers

  96. Stranger Nation on

    We need to get one of the wild cards and play Pissburg in round 1; its our only chance.

  97. AV: “We definitely need someone out there to give us a little shock of electricity, so I’m sitting Dorsett and playing Carcillo. Tomorrow, I will sit Carcillo and play Dorsett.”

  98. John Moore should be in the AHL playing big minutes and learning how to play. That’s all I’ll say because I like the kid…but man was he lost tonight.

    Brassard…I just don’t know. He reminds me of Christensen. Except just a tad less inconsistent. Talent is there. Not sure what’s going on upstairs.

    Dorsett…can this guy buy ice time? I feel like he never plays. Injured or scratched most of his time as a Ranger…

    Gaborik with an assist on the Kopitar goal. 2-0 Kings.

  99. Dooogay: “The effort is there. They can’t be disappointed in the way they played.” When you’re at Home Depot buying a Francesa, take a look in the Duguay section and pick one of those up, too.

  100. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    AV “I’m sitting Dorsett and playing Carcillo. Tomorrow, I will sit Carcillo and play Dorsett. It’s like juggling two balls at once.”
    SATHER: I remember juggling two balls, just before the prostate problem…”

  101. _Mr D – touché. I hear you_

    Speaking of agreeing, who was your 2nd best forward tonight?

  102. Hag’s speed and his usual 10-15 goals does not make him a bone fide factor here. Shop him.

  103. Stranger Nation on

    so trading your Captain after a season long prolonged contract squabble is not a good thing?

    who knew…

  104. _Brassard…I just don’t know. He reminds me of Christensen. Except just a tad less inconsistent. Talent is there. Not sure what’s going on upstairs._

    He’s already surpassed Christensen’s career high point total and thrown more hits than Christensen does in two years. That’s a bad comp. A real bad comp.

  105. Stranger Nation on

    That was playoff hockey….tight defense with a couple of miscues ending in the back of the net.

  106. _so trading your Captain after a season long prolonged contract squabble is not a good thing?_

    You’re only saying that because he scored tonight because only goals matter, right???

  107. Doogay is a tool too. Just be honest. The Wilds second goal was a joke. Five rebounds with not one Ranger taking the body. If I was Talbot I would be pissed. Pansies and hockey should not have to be used in the same sentence.

  108. Stranger Nation on

    Brassard has been off since we started up after so-she. Pullout has lost his edge, even MZA has been sub-optimal the last two.
    One of the three lines have to be taking advantage of going up against the 3rd pair.

  109. Stranger Nation on

    Cally scored – sign him in the off-season to a huge deal, this team needs goal scoring…

  110. Ok, very bad comp but I didn’t say that their stat line was the same. I should elaborate. I meant to say that the talent is there to be a world class offensive player…except you’re on the third line and considered an underachiever your whole career.

    Might be frustrating to watch. Isn’t nearly as soft as EC.

  111. Before every game here on out, all players shall have their bean bags slathered in Ben Gay by the trainers, and then thrown into hot tubs, a la Roger Clemens. Instant Cup…no pun intended.

  112. Most cherry-picked stat (and a shaky stat at that) ever: Of the 132 players entering tonight w/ 36 or more points, Brassard is T-26 in hits. The perception of his game (talented, inconsistent ghost) and his actual game (talented, inconsistent guy who still works every night) don’t really line up.

    (1st on that list is Mr. Ideal Hockey Player David Backes. 2nd is Dubinsky. St. Louis and Richards are both in the bottom 20. Nash would be 2nd to last (Jagr) if he could get to 36 points.)

  113. Matty"UnbelievablySoft"Boy on

    Can Phil Jackson be in charge of hockey and basketball operations at MSG???????

  114. Matty"UnbelievablySoft"Boy on

    Dave: “But, Sam. That was for The Wild. He had an assist for the Wild.”

    Sam: ” Dave, an assist is an assist. Great game.”

  115. Seriously… Anyone who find value in -Nash- at this point in his Ranger tenure is borderline delusional. Look up -Nash- in the dictionary, next to his photo are these words ..”empty suit, no heart, gutless loser.”

  116. As Retire Brad Park’s #2 said, quoting Dave Maloney:

    “Ballard’s the most physical guy out there right now, which isn’t saying much.”

    That’s the real Maloney; from then on, he stymied himself with the Dolan waltz.

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