Rangers sign RPI free agent Ryan Haggerty


From the Rangers:


NEW YORK, March 12, 2014 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that the club has agreed to terms with free agent forward Ryan Haggerty.
Haggerty, 21, registered 28 goals and 15 assists for 43 points, along with 42 penalty minutes and a plus-seven rating in 35 games with Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) of the Eastern Collegiate Athletic Conference (ECAC) this season. He established career-highs in goals, assists, and points, while finishing third in the NCAA in goals and tied for eighth in points. Haggerty led the ECAC in goals, shots on goal (161), and game-winning goals (six), ranked second in the conference in points, and third in power play goals (10). The Junior posted eight multi-goal performances, including a hat trick on October 19 against Sacred Heart. He also recorded a season-high, six-game point streak from November 23 at Mercyhurst to December 15 against the U.S. National U-18 team.
The 6-0, 200-pounder has skated in 106 career NCAA contests over three seasons with RPI, registering 47 goals and 37 assists for 84 points, along with 102 penalty minutes. Last season, he tied for the team lead in goals (12) and ranked fourth in points (26) while skating in 36 contests. As a Freshman, Haggerty tied for second on the team in goals (seven) and ranked fourth in points (15) in 35 games during the 2011-12 season.
Prior to joining RPI, Haggerty skated in 108 career games over two seasons in the U.S. Development Program (USDP), registering 21 goals and 27 assists for 48 points, along with 66 penalty minutes. He established USDP career-highs in goals (11), assists (18), and points (29), while skating with the U.S. National U-18 Team in 2010-11. The Stamford, Connecticut native captured a gold medal with Team USA at the 2011 IIHF U-18 World Junior Championship, tallying two goals in six tournament contests.

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  1. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on


    I sure as Falk hope Diaz is NOT in for Klein. For NATW, yes. For Klein, no!!!

  2. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    First btw!!

    Put Stephanie on 4th Line for a while. Make him earn his keep. BUM

  3. Klein looked good last night.

    Put Diaz in for Stralman Sunday.

    It would make the game easier to watch for Manny :)

  4. Oh my god, that’s what they’re doing, isn’t it. “Hey Mister D, look at how easy it is for us to replace your boy. This is New Ryan from the tri-state area. We’re giving him the C.” Evil, evil, evil.

  5. Can’t go to the Wolfpack, it’s past the deadline date to add players there. So his NHL deal will kick in like Kreiders did.

    Looks like the kid can score. Over a point per game in college is pretty good.

  6. Sioux, I didn’t even know that was a rule. I’ll have to go check his birthday to see if anyone on the active roster is in trouble …

  7. Rob in Beantown on

    Anybody know anything about this kid? Apparently he can’t be assigned to Hartford so he’s going to at least be practicing with the big club.

  8. Stranger Nation on

    Haggerty had 28 goals and 43 points in 35 NCAA games so that translates into 2 goals and 6 points in 35 NHL games.

  9. sather and his signings to players who sather hopes can find lighting in a bottle, somewhat like Girardi.

  10. He’s had reasonable luck with guys like this. Zuc, Girardi are two examples. He’s young. Isn’t everyone screaming we are getting too old? Of course he’ll get good and we’ll trade him for Jerome Iginla or someone like that :)

    On the post in the last thread about the Rangers roster, I can recall after 2011 everyone screaming about how we can’t score, we need more scorers. So that’s what happened. Of course our last coach ran our other scorer out of town, so we were back to one scorer again. Now back to two.

  11. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    The more I see this Crimea situation the more of a joke the international community, the U.N., and the U.S. have become.

    Someone needs to punch schoolyard bully Russia right in the Falking mouth.

    Sorry, no politics!!

  12. It would take a lot for me to not like a move like this. Maybe if he were 5’6 or his last name were Hartnell or something. Otherwise, I’m in. Talented youth 4ever.

  13. St. Louis was NEVER drafted, and came out of the NCAA.

    So you really never know how good a kid is going to be, coming out of college, when there stats don’t jump off the page like they do in juniors.

    I’m sure MSL size out of college had a lot to do with him not being drafted, but to think he has scored 1,041 points in the NHL.

    You know the rest of the story.

  14. AV should crack the whip and sit Richards for a game.

    Put Haggerty in and watch him score 3 goals.

    How FUN would that be?

  15. Crazy how the kid WON a GOLD medal in the U18 team in 2011, and didn’t get drafted in the later rounds.

    That’s ODD, don’t you think. If he’s considered to be one of the “top” 12 forwards for his age, and play on the USA development team and not get a look.

  16. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    If he didn’t play hockey at North Dakota, he sucks! Don’t waste your time rooting for him, he’s a bust.

  17. Yup, Manny. Hearts for Tort.

    Maybe the new guy can also design video games for road trips and mix *bangerz* for the locker room.

  18. Straal has his worst game of the season and the answer is ….bench Stralman?

    Makes a lot of sense.

  19. Sioux, if I didn’t kiss some serious IT azz here at work, this amazing site would be blocked and thus, I might die of boredom by working a lot more.

    No *filters*.

  20. Carp, in giving #15 top star should give many of Dorsett’s critics pause. He brings 100% effort every shift and in his (admittedly) non-illustrious role, excels.

  21. Diaz, who has been traded twice in three weeks, would have made a huge difference in the outcome last night.

  22. like this new kid from RPI. He’ll step in just like Kyle Jean, who was the “real deal” 2 years ago, did.

  23. Hail, dear old Rensselaer, the college of our heart.
    For dear old Rensselaer, we all must do our part.
    True to old Rensselaer, we’ll always strive to be.
    Now, dear old Rensselaer, hail to thee

  24. So we sign a free agent for the second year in a row.

    Perhaps Sather is pretending they were his 2nd round picks he gave up for Clowe :)

  25. He must have been worried someone else was going to grab him.

    Hartford needs more scoring too, even if it’s next year.

  26. Stranger Nation on

    Emerging goal scorer – check
    over 6 feet tall – check
    over 200 pounds – check
    plays the body – check

    Who sits? or who doesn’t sit? many options…

  27. that would explain why the rangers never draft/sign big players. They look 6’2′ 220 pounds but are actually 5’9′ 175.

  28. Sounds Good. We fly in on Wed. so it will be a rush to get to the game on time. I can never trust an airline to get you there on time, my luck lately is 1 out 3 something happens along the way.

  29. Stranger Nation on

    turns out the kid had a breakthrough year this season after only scoring 12 goals last season which probably kept him off the radar somewhat.

  30. Stranger Nation on

    Right now only one righty ‘shot’ in top 9 forwards (step) with dorsett on 4th line; this kids a righty shot with PP experience.

    that being said, he will be spending his time most likely trying the new roast beef sandwiches.

  31. *Ryan Haggerty, RW*
    Junior, Renssalaer Polytechnic Institute (ECAC)

    Ryan Haggerty started this season as the NCAA’s hottest goal scorer. He was named the ECAC Player of the Month for October after amassing 10 goals in RPI’s first six games. During that time, Haggerty also posted his first career hat trick on October 19th in the Engineers’ 7-1 win over Sacred Heart. While he has cooled off a bit since, Haggerty is still among the nation’s top goal scorers.

    The Stamford, CT native currently leads RPI with 43 points (28 goals, 15 assists) in 35 games to date. His 43 points exceeds his point total from last season, while his 28 goals are more than double his sophomore total. Haggerty’s 28 goals also rank third in the nation, while his 10 power-play goals is tied for fifth.

    Haggerty is a 6’0”, 200-pound power forward who simply knows what to do with the puck when it’s on his stick, and it’s an attribute that has made scouts really take notice of Haggerty this season. He can score from just about anywhere, but is especially dangerous around the net. He uses his size, strength and tenacity very effectively in driving to the net and protecting the puck. He competes and isn’t afraid to go into the dirty areas. Haggerty has greatly improved his play along the walls, playing tougher and smarter in that area. He’s a powerful skater with some speed that does a very good job of keeping his feet moving.

  32. When the acronym is as long as the phrase it is intended to represent , that’s pretty funny.

  33. ‘A bottle of red, a bottle of white
    It all depends on your appetite
    I’ll meet you any time you want
    In our Italian Restaurant.’

  34. Oncupin74yearsandcounting on

    For signing Haggerty sather should give someone, anyone a 1st and 2nd round pick

  35. Oncupin74yearsandcounting on

    Carp I actually ate in Louies restaurant on white plains rd as a kid.. my friends dad was the cook , today you call them chefs.
    And in GF the man smoking the pipe was the owner

  36. Kid’s a 21 year-old undrafted free agent. Serendipitous things sometimes happen, but not often.

  37. Oncupin74yearsandcounting on

    It went from restaurant to fortune teller storefront to fabric store today

  38. Cook=Chef, lol. When I was on a Carrier, sailors hanging over the side on scaffolds chipping paint were called ‘Exterior Maintenance Engineers.”

  39. ‘That mutt thinks who he is’
    ‘Hey, I’m dyin’ ova here’
    ‘What’s the skinny from the stoop?’
    ‘Gimme tree cannoli’s and one a them bagels’
    ‘I had it up to here with that cheewtch.’
    ‘Not fa nuttin’ but who died and made you boss?’

  40. What if the kid pulls a “Step” and gets a hat trick in his first game?

    There’s always hope when they are new.

    You just never know until they play some games.

  41. Lol, Manny. It’s very colloquial. It was the opposite for me, I grew up with it and assumed everyone called it a stoop.

  42. _Mister D – Ryan Callahan is not from the Tri-State Area. At least not this one._

    Is this real? So I finally solve my upstate NY issues and now I find out tri-state area only refers to …. what … metro NY, north NJ and western CT? I assumed it was all 3 full states.

  43. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Carp and Sioux
    NATW is just Norris After The Whistle.

    Mannulok once again gets a 2 minute for embellishing!

  44. Rob in Beantown on

    I wonder if the Stamford kid gave the Rangers a little hometown discount with this signing?

  45. Come on, we know you can handle yourself and that you’re not afraid to go hard to the net.

    Bruins v Habs could be worth watching. Task just robbed Pacioretty, he’s kind of good.

  46. Torts has 4 more years & $8M remaining on that contract with Vancouver according to SportsNet.ca

    Not sure he will get canned. I think they hired him for a rebuild. The Canucks were a playoff team for years but firing AV was about changing the mentality of the team from the top down. That usually doesn’t happen in 1 season.

  47. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    My brutha. Torts has changed the culture alright…doubt it’s for the better tho…

  48. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    True. Curious to see player changes with them.

    Clearly Kesler not in plans, probably not edler or burrows.

  49. Yeah, wick, I think they could trade some bodies for a young goalie. Young guys like Kassian, Horvat and Fox should develop into scorers. I agree that they will try to get rid of the old regime i.e. Kesler, Burrows, Edler etc…

    It’s all going to to take time. It’s a process.

  50. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Blog in Vancouver thinks the boring style that torts preaches, along with the great results ( 6 wins in 2014), could lose 3000 + season ticket holders……

    Another post calls the team the ss CanuckTanic

  51. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Google torts fired and read a couple….province.com is one – the replies are best…

  52. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ricardo – NHL revealed just showed you during Sather’s presser announcing the Cally-MSL trade.

  53. The NBA is a joke. That’s why the NHL and its relatively small fanbase has to hold multiple outdoor hockey games in an effort to attract more fans.

  54. Why don’t you man up, Wicky? Too little of a man to fight your own fight. Got to get all these inbreds on your side.

  55. wasn’t able to listen to the Cally interview on radio

    can someone give a few specifics of what he said or what LaGrecca said?


  56. I can’t even go down the stoop without I got to see that cheewtch parked out there with his fat azz.

  57. He said he loved NY, loves Tampa, loved his teammates, loves his new teammates, loved the NY fans, loves, too, the Tampa fans. Very enlightening.

  58. He must be making the rounds. He was also on Francesa. BTW, You can purchase a Francesa at Home Depot.

  59. Matty"DissapointedInCallahan"Boy on

    Nice comments by back-stabbing Brad:

    “I don’t want to make it sound like we don’t miss him. What he did on the ice, you can’t replace. It’s just that nothing is really going to change in the way we approach things in the room.”

    He also said Callahan was to young and quiet. Not like a ’38’ year old.

    No buyout for you!! (S)

  60. Robby Bonfire on

    The Slats trades one Ryan and signs another in the span of a few days. Got to have our “Ryan” fix, coming up for St. Ryan’s Day, right, Fat Man?

  61. Played against Haggerty in high school for a year when he played for Trinity Catholic in Stamford. Seeing as it was a public high school league he was obviously head and shoulders above all of us and only played there for one year.

    Best of luck to him

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