Rangers at Hurricanes again … It’s Go Time!


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Game 66.hurricanes
Rangers at Hurricanes.


Henrik Lundqvist is one win short of tying Mike Richter’s franchise record of 301, and is tied with Eddie Giacomin for the team record of 49 career shutouts.

He starts in goal again tonight, coming off a win in Raleigh Friday and a shutout of Detroit Sunday for win No. 300.

Derek Dorsett goes back into the lineup as Daniel Carcillo is prucha’d along with Justin Falk and Raphael Diaz. Otherwise the same lineup for the Rangers.

The Rangers have won 17 of their last 22 road games (with two separate six-game road win streaks), and have won 10 in a row against Carolina, including six in a row in Raleigh (and eight of nine there).

The Rangers begin a stretch of three in a row (in four nights) and 10 of the next 13 on the road. They will then play three of their last four games at home.

The Hurricanes have lost six of their last seven.


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  1. Jeff in South Dakota on

    What if the Staal’s all defect during the game and form their own independent team playing against both the ‘Canes and the Rangers?

  2. Geesh. Everybody all over, even SalmonJoe and Dave caprivated by Stralman’s play. If he’s really that much in demand, why not package him for a large, nasty scoring forward?

  3. I’m cooking shrimp scampi for dinner tonight in honor of the 4-0 Ranger win. 2 for Mar-tan San-Lou-E and 2 for Zucc.
    THE with 4 assists. None for Brassard.

  4. one of the best lines
    from Carp
    that i can’t help using again and again
    “….for what?”

    all this talk about getting rid of Stralman
    for a nasty d-man is great
    i’d love a top 4 nasty d-man (as would 29 other teams’ GMs)
    if we traded him, what do we really get and would it be an upgrade?
    if it is,
    see ya and good luck!
    if it’s just to trade the guy because he doesn’t have snarl 24/7 (although he had some of that recently) then what’s the point
    unless you’re just desperate to pass some time ’til faceoff

  5. Name me some #4 D-men that are better around the league. And tell me which teams have a better top 2 pairing than McD-Girardi and Staal-Stralman.

  6. You miss the point. I refer to all the accolades being thrown at Stralman as a #4 or better who supposedly has other NHL teams drooling.

  7. I don’t buy for a second that most teams would want Stralman as their #4 unless those teams also got to have our current top 3.

  8. Very diverting to throw McDonagh, Girardi, and Staal into the conversation when talking exclusively about Stralman.

  9. I asked two separate questions. You have yet to answer either. But at least we got the agenda out of the way :)

  10. This game seems vaguely familiar for some reason…

    Gotta love the brilliant NHL schedule-makers.

  11. Stralman is a quality defenseman. He has great puck possession statistics in 50 percent offensive zone starts while playing against other teams top lines. He does not produce points, though.

  12. From reading these threads from a few games this year, you’d think Hank was this era’s most overrated goalie!

  13. MSG hates the North Country!!

    For some odd reason the Sabres game cancels Ranger coverage.

  14. It really is ridiculous.

    I’ll tape it later and follow the play by play with youse.

    LGR !!

  15. Wth.. Canes feed just said Yezerman asked AV to use Nash on the PK because he was going to use him on the PK in Olympics. .And AV complied…. that’s just wrong!!!

  16. Memo must’ve gone out to all refs after Carp’s comments about the Detroit game. Call everything and anything!

  17. “Wth.. Canes feed just said Yezerman asked AV to use Nash on the PK because he was going to use him on the PK in Olympics. .And AV complied…. that’s just wrong!!!”

    Johnny, the other day I heard it was Babcock who asked. As far as I’m concerned, Babcock is the best of the best, so I would have complied too!

  18. ThisYearsModel on

    I am in Las Vegas. Kreider has done a great job with the money he has earned. I am staying at THE Hotel! The kid owns his own hotel!

  19. St. Louis showing off more of that NYR influence by letting Semin take the puck away.

  20. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I think if we are going to compare players and rate them, we should all use the same scale.

    From now on when comparing players lets use Nhl14 ratings as the go to ratings!!

    LGR abdlgd!!

  21. yeah Carp
    but no finish by MSL
    in other words
    he’s fully become a Ranger
    serenity now!

  22. for those with Center Ice package
    having the hurricanes announcers again
    do they seem more of homers tonight
    than they did last time?

  23. jpg… after being forced to watch the Pens and Bruins feed, these guys are liberals

  24. Dorsett better show something tonight
    score a hat trick
    and beat up both Staals at once

  25. JohnnyBoy

    i’m so so sorry
    if there’s something i can do…..

    maybe try drinking the sounds out of your brain

  26. Joe’s absolutely right. Need to get that puck, and other pucks, to the net instead of trying to thread a pass.

  27. Now St. Louis just needs to get jumped while his new teammates just stand idly by and look on. Then he’s a true Ranger.

  28. Canes playing this game likes it’s game 7. Rangers better get there A game going or this will be a loss.

  29. looked better in our zone
    but pretty awful in o zone
    lucky we got out of first period
    zero zero

  30. regardless of shot count, NYR had some Grade A chances, as AV calls them. Not many of those ended up on goal.

  31. Casey Stengel: “Two youngsters coming up next week, both 20. Over the next ten years, one of them has a chance to be something special, the other one has a chance to be 30.”

  32. Yea. I’ll withhold judgment on that period until I see Vigneault’s zone chances charts and spreadsheets.


  33. Yours was the humorous one, Johnnyboy. You jiggled my memory for Casey’s famous yak.

  34. looks like Vancouver is collapsing. Tortorella looks to be out of a job after his first season with the Canucks. I wonder if Tortorella will get another coaching job if he does get let go by Vancouver. it could take Tortorella a few years or maybe more before another franchise hires him to coach.

  35. If Torts gets canned, and is home, his wife immediately starts some serious volunteering.

  36. That’s the kind of goal the Rangers allowed late vs. Chicago, then the next 3 games vs. Philly, Boston and Toronto.

  37. that made a chinese fire drill
    and keystone cops look organized

    way to go Rangers!

  38. well
    once again
    Ranger players
    look like they just expect the opposing team
    to just give up and let ’em win

  39. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    uninspired and sloppy…

    and if they can’t convert great chances, you can mark this one down with the losses to the Oilers and Islanders (third period collapse).

  40. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    how about a timeout and an ass chewing

    nevermind….av doesn’t like timeouts

  41. right now i think
    Chinese Fireplace
    would be playing better wearing a Blueshirt

    at the very least it would have a shot on goal
    and maybe even score

  42. Gillis has run that franchise called the Canucks into the ground and it’s no wonder Kesler wants out. Torts isn’t to blame but he certainly isn’t helping either…

  43. Carp, the last 12 seconds vs. Chicago and the 3 games that followed were played sans Hobbitt.

  44. carp, if torts coaches philly, it will be like the old philly teams in the 70’s. That wouldn’t be good for the rangers.

  45. Stranger Nation on

    goal helped when Pullout took a hit to make a play off nice outlet by J Moore

  46. Nice to see Calvin get a goal, now if Marty could get on tonight that would be the bomb.

  47. don’t like the way this game is being played. rangers better get there game together or there not winning this game.

  48. Don’t worry about Richie. He’ll be our shutdown guy with a goal lead and a minute left.

  49. Swing and a miss by Pouliet. That could have gone in, had he played any baseball in his life :)

  50. Are they going to continue to force the issue with St Louis and Richie? Why can’t we see St Louis with Kreider and Stepan?

  51. sux
    that 4th line is having better offensive pressure
    Nash line
    Richards line
    those 2 are just

  52. Mama brings home blue cheese stuffed olives for Martini’s. Just in case the Rangers win.

    Do I really have to wait until they win?

  53. No review necessary, we suck. Never thought I’d say this, but I miss Carcillo; he’s better than Dorsett, and bigger.

  54. way to go you piece of cooke forwards
    Nash Stepan and kreider (he doesn’t deserve caps right now!)

  55. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    Carolina should have scored on that last bit of laziness to demonstrate what out compete level is tonight

  56. Did they really acquire MSL so he could play with Richards and Hagelin?

    Neither guy goes to the net.

    MSL needs to play with net crashers.

    What a waist, playing him with Hagelin and Richards.

  57. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    There’s a lot of blame to go around…it’s far from Stralman’s fault

  58. Its not Stralman’s fault exclusively, I agree. But talk about an impotent 1 on a 2-on-1.

  59. Olga Folkyerself on

    So who do we get from Carolina for the last Staal?

    We could get Gerbe, put him with Zuc and St Louis.

    The Munchkin Line.

  60. is this the team thats supposedly offensively deep now? where is nash? where is richards? mcdonagh is our best offensive player lately. we just love pissin away points to crap teams. hopefully one of brass-zuke-poulout score cuz nobody else seems like they are willing to drive the net n get a dirty goal

  61. Who is really killing us tonight is our heralded Staal. Out of position for first and crows counting for second. Returning favors for bros.?

  62. Stranger Nation on

    one of the Best Top 4 D in the league?

    Chain only as strong as weakest link…

  63. Olga Folkyerself on

    Richards is resting up for next season. Sather says: “He’s a Keeper!”

  64. This group, with the “top talent” playing the way it does, has had and has no shot at a playoff spot without McDonagh.

  65. Stralman falling down was comical, but by challenging JStaal, I thought Stralman bought enough time for a teammate (someone, anyone) to get back into position on the back check and take away the two long cross ice passes.

    They obviously didn’t skate with the required effort to arrive in time.

  66. If JT Miller does not take Brad Richards’ spot on this team next season, I’m gonna…do something

  67. and screw st louis. its 5 years too late for him anyway. we always get guys for their past acheivements. hes done after next season.

  68. Too many fans have no use for Carcillo or Dorsett unless they are tatooing someone.

  69. Buffalo getting smashed again. Once they get Cally, they will get only semi-smashed.

  70. exactly coos, when Boyle stands and watches Hank get run, Dorsett actually will take action,

  71. miller should be up here right now. he gets scratched after scoring a sweet goal a few games ago. great way to build the kids confidence

  72. buffalos losing? to a playoff bound team? thats just. just crazy talk. rangers wouldnt be so hurtful. theyd give buff a chance at least

  73. Here’s how you know your superstar isn’t a superstar: If you start to make a “Rick Nash for Riley Nash” joke then realize “well … Carolina might not want to deal with that contract”, you probably don’t have a real superstar.

  74. that play was post-FUBAR

    i think the Mighty Ducks
    even in the first film
    wouldn’t have allowed that to happen

  75. I thought we were down by four or so. We’re only down one. We can get back in this one. Time for an E3 post with some center or another with the GWG.

  76. Maybe the real problem is that we didn’t trade enough 1st round picks for nominal upgrades, Papa. Something to consider.

  77. Brassard looking like Wilburrrr with the long ozone cross ice giveaways sending Carolina on two odd man breaks this period.

  78. who the hell does Hags think he is with that pass across the blue line with THREE canes between him and the next Ranger?!?!?

    awfully awful tonight

  79. Admiral Akbar on

    Salmon Joe:

    At least 30 cross-ice passes to the high slot have been intercepted tonight. They’re flat, and not working. The rangers need to stop.”


  80. The Rangers’ new 3rd jersey will feature a flushing toilet as the logo. If the shoe fits…

  81. Can Brassard please make yet another cross ice flat
    Pass Through traffic? It works SO well!

  82. Now the third line joining in the lazy garbage. bad penalty by Zuccarello, awful pass by Brasard. So it’s up to Boyle-Moore-Dorsett to win this one (s).

  83. Admiral Akbar on

    Notice how the mighty Cains have not gone into “prevent defense” mode with the one goal lead.

    The mighty and deep and talented rangers with only 1 shot through 11 minutes this period.

  84. It’s almost unbelievable we aren’t getting shutout right now. That’s almost a victory in and of itself.

  85. btw
    i really hate saying that
    being sarcastic
    as well as being very
    p****d off
    right now

  86. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    sometimes u see it coming

    maybe they think their one point cushion is enough

    embarrassing and shameful

    worst game in months

  87. really wish that each time
    AV or any of the players try to talk about the “positives”
    Gross or Brooks
    John “Bluto” Blutarsky ’em
    and cough

  88. Matty"DissapointedInCallahan"Boy on

    So, perhaps giving them the day off was not a good idea? Sorry, but if I’m the coach that ain’t happening.

    Will he give them tomorrow off, too?

  89. feared this was going to happen tonight

    to make matters worse
    eric staal is skating breathing his sick germs
    all over our players

  90. Admiral Akbar on

    Close the door, put out the light.
    You know they won’t be home tonight.
    The snow falls hard and don’t you know?
    The winds of Thor are blowing cold.

  91. You can’t win a game if you don’t show up to play awful awful performance performance

  92. SAM makes it sound like Stephan’s point scoring streak is important.. Winning is the key Sam. Points for the team. Duh!

  93. Admiral Akbar on

    Last 4 ranger goals over 120 minutes:


    Recipe for disaster

  94. leetchhalloffame on

    Yup. That trade for St. Louis really sparked the offense. 0 goals for #26 and not counting.

  95. Serious Question…….

    Has -Nash- won a one on one puck battle along the boards in the offensive zone this year???

    (Other than the Olympics)

  96. but we got st louis. who scored 29 goals!! none as a ranger in 5 games. why do players want to come here so bad? most have their careers ruined and shamefully to

  97. I know I will take crap for this but I actually hope the rangers don’t make the playoffs just to screw Dolan. FU Dolan you piece of crap.

  98. “Day late and a dollar short”

    We should have had St Louis when Torts was here. Richards was a mistake. Nash is good. He makes $7.8M.

  99. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    nash is invisible

    the corners are kryptonite for him

    the front of the net is radioactive

    the fringes are Shangri la

  100. Matty"DissapointedInCallahan"Boy on

    So, Marty has 1 point in 4 games? This was, by far, his worst game. Is he regressing into Rangerland?

  101. Rangers don’t show up and give the canes 2 points. Sad effort all around. Feel like I wasted my evening praying they would light the afterburners and play hard and smart hockey

  102. ThisYearsModel on

    Impotent and lazy performance. Richards sure looks like he wants to avoid the buyout. Not.

  103. Matty"DissapointedInCallahan"Boy on

    only one game. gotta wipe the slate clean. CLEAN THAT SLATE.


  104. Will give them $100 to not have the raffle again. AND..get rid of that lottery commercial where those kids sing.

  105. Sam: “Stepan’s point streak coming to an end.” lol. I guess that sums it all up.

  106. Yeah, Manny, tell us again who cover for who’s mistakes in 2nd pair… Marc would be sitting on the Honor chair at Family dinner tonight

  107. Should have traded three more first round picks for a human player then said “hey, we won that trade because we have a human player and who knows [shrugs] what those picks will turn into”.

    _Mr. D, drinking a Dreadnaught now…this game has left me with no choice._

    This makes me insanely jealous.

  108. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    January 21 Islanders 5 Rangers 3 (home loss, after leading 3-1)

    February 6 Oilers 2 Rangers 1 (home loss to a team that was 19-39)

    March 11 Hurricanes 3 Rangers 1

    Remember these six points. They won’t be the last ones that haunt them at the end of the year. They are the difference between making the playoffs (or not), having home ice advantage, or being a wild card led to slaughter against a division winner.

  109. Relax, it’s just one stinky game. They will be fine and sun will rise in the Rangers Fandom Kingdom.

  110. Zebras obviously allowing evil crosschecks around the net. About time we employed some.

  111. and not for nothin, but i like to think we ranger fans can come here to vent, and say whats on our minds. we used to have a group of people here who would bash u if u said anything remotely negative about the rangers. well, if they played hard and tried and lost then fine, nobody should get too down on them. this was not one of those times.

  112. When Brassard, Staal, Stralman et el. come in and ask for triple their salary during the summer, Sather should have a video of this game cued up and ready to play.

  113. Ok, Miami, Dog’s Breakfast it is…arghhh, arfff…Zucc and Hank against the world!

  114. eddie eddie eddie on

    rangers 4th line was very good. richards, hags, and msl need not be a line…no chemistry.

  115. mister bear, after cally was shot down, i dont think stralman will eff with satherpuss. staal had a bad one, but he does deserve a raise. brass has basically hit his potential. he might get lucky one year and hit the 20 goal mark. he shouldnt be asking for much more than he already makes. but u know how players love to bleed us dry for that big payday. and most of the time they get worse, or at the least, complacent

  116. A lot of good the 4th line being good did. Save the money there and spend it elsewhere.

  117. Carp, Callahan had 8 hits (and an assist) last night but I think that means nothing and doesn’t help a team very much at all because I need to see atleast 25 goals before I think a guy has serious value.

  118. eddie –

    Cally won the game because his 8 hits were more than the other team’s 7 hits.

  119. If you aren’t scoring goals, you aren’t helping your team win. Plain and simple. Score a goal, you’re a winner. Don’t score a goal, you’re a loser. I would literally pay $0 on the free agent market for something that isn’t goals.

  120. eddie eddie eddie on

    Alain – as you know, at the end of the day goals count for something….hits are important in a 7 game series no doubt, but cally’s hits aren’t exactly bone shattering unless you count his own bones which shatter more often than not…

  121. Score goals, create scoring chances, deliver tape to tape passes, maintain puck possession.

  122. eddie –

    I have learned in a short time here that goals don’t mean anything, nor do the skills associated with creating goal scoring opportunities. The only things that matter are hits, penalties, toughness, leadership, and locker room chemistry

  123. One reason. among others, that we have the Dorsetts and the CarBombs is theoretically so that the Zuccs and the McD’s don’t have to take retaliatory penalties and get thrown off the ice.

  124. eddie eddie eddie on

    the canes were lucky that the rangers played with zero passion…..if that’s a lucky bounce, so be it

  125. eddie eddie eddie on

    alain – Ive always argued that you really don’t need goals to win if you can keep the other team to negative one…..zero beats negative one every game

  126. You can win without scoring if you hold the team to negative 1. It’s very tricky to pull off, but it can be done. :)

  127. Playing Hagelin and Richards with St. Louis is like putting a blond wig, bustier, thigh highs and red pumps on Sam Rosen.

  128. eddie eddie eddie on

    olga – you might be right…filthy has a real rough stretch coming up next 6 games…could lose every one…

  129. eddie eddie eddie on

    kooz – i like the toughness angle too….but, the white horse in the room continues to be the rocket

  130. eddie eddie eddie

    alain – Ive always argued that you really don’t need goals to win if you can keep the other team to negative one…..zero beats negative one every game

    eddie- u just blew my mind man!! lol that was good.

  131. eddie eddie eddie on

    the team that scores the most goals in a game stands a good chance to win that game…

  132. Sam would probably be a fun date, if you could tolerate the probability that he’ll overdose on the lipstick, mascara and Chanel #5 applications.

  133. Boggles the mind that nary a word is said by the bosses to or about Richie’s half court play. The Fair-Haired Boy.

  134. eddie eddie eddie on

    kooz – totally agree…….the MSL trade is a colossal waste when he is on a line with alydar…..Richards is too slow – and just not physically capable to keep up…sit ritchie and recall miller…

  135. Still mulling over Anson’s remark that Zucc has “eyes behind the back of his head.” How far behind?

  136. Ludicrous display tonight. Worst effort from the Rangers this season, imo. Hopefully a good turnaround on Thursday and rally up a good string of wins to cap off the week.

  137. What a horrible game this was. From start to finish.

    Am I the only one who thinks that MSL has no chemistry with his linemates?

  138. Well this is FOR SURE to cheer everyone up…

    I went to the Panthers-Coyotes game tonight, and sitting behind me is this annoying chick who kept screaming “goooooo scottttttt” for your favorite player and mine….Scotty Gomez.
    So after the 5th time (let’s face it, how many times can she scream his name given how few shifts he’s given) I look back at her and laugh.
    She immediately confronts me and says “What?! Is there a problem? You’re at a hockey game! If you don’t want to hear screaming, don’t go to a hockey game.” So…. I then respond by telling her “well here’s my problem, the best thing your boy Gomez has done in the last 5 years was sending McDonagh to the Rangers..” Yeah, she didn’t care for that comment and here’s why:

    Turns out, that annoying chick happened to have been Gomez’s Sister…. Oops :)

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