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1) The formula with this team is pretty simple, as it is with any team. We’ve seen good and bad from the Rangers through 65 games now. When they’ve been good, their top skill players have played well, their goaltenders have been sharp and they’ve defended. That has to be the formula for a team that still doesn’t have a lot of big-time scoring, isn’t very big or particulary rugged, but has depth, speed and a potentially very good set of defensemen.

2) So for two games now, the first line that is supposed to be the first line but hasn’t been that enough, has begun to hang up a few goals, the goalkeep, Henrik Lundqvist has stopped big shots at big times (or, in the case of yesterday, all the shots), and defensively the Rangers have put away some of those horrid D-zone mistakes they made in the previous four games. So we’ll see where they take it. This was a very solid win over a very good team — though let’s be sure to note that this isn’t the old Detroit Red Wings. The Leastern Conference should be thanking somebody that those old Wings were in the West.Detroit Red Wings v New York Rangers

3) Henrik Lundqvist. I know I’ve written this before, but Lundqvist — who got 59.5 million reasons to remain a Ranger for his career — always wanted to be here because of the franchise’s alumni and how they are always treated, appreciated and, well, around. He said it long before the new contract and he said it again after he became the second Rangers goalie to 300 wins and tied Eddie Giacomin’s record with 49 shutouts. So he ties Mike Richter’s record of 301 wins with his next victory, and he talked, again, about what it means to him to be mentioned with those great names. Read my story by clicking here.

4) But Lundqvist has some work to do outside the record book. Giacomin went to Cup finals, Richter won the franchise’s only Cup in the last, oh, 74 years. And to be fair, Giacomin didn’t have overtimes and Richter didn’t have shootouts. They had ties. But with seven years left on his contract, Lundqvist should make that a moot point. He ought to be miles ahead of both of those men when he’s done.

5) And since we’re talking about big names in franchise history … it’s really early, but each day you go, “Wow” about Ryan McDonagh. I know two of his teammates have been all-star defensemen in their careers, but McDonagh really has a chance to be, well, can we go as far as to say the second-best defenseman since Brad Park? What’s going to stop him from being that?

6) Chris Kreider. He took another penalty and he’s got to reduce those, no doubt, though I imagine the Rangers will live with the aggressive penalties. But other than that, he had no glaring defensive lapse that I remember, was very physical and involved — before he had either of his two goals — and was a force in the game. Then came the goals, both of them scorer’s goals. We put a lot of burden on Rick Nash, and rightfully so, but both he and Derek Stepan have to be better than they’ve been, and they sure were yesterday. For all the knocks Stepan gets around here — and he deserves most of them — he’s still really good away from the puck. I can’t imagine how bad defensively that line would be without him.

Detroit Red Wings v New York Rangers7) Which brings us to the Daily Nash-O-Meter. Guy was good for the second day in a row. Not so much on the 5-on-4, but strong on the PK, and very effective at 5-on-5, IMO. The needle is starting to point north again.

8) Good for Brian Boyle, who clobbered a couple of Red Wings and made his usual assortment of smart defensive plays — but, you know, sucks according to a lot of fans when he doesn’t score. So he scored. So now he’s good, right? I don’t have any idea what the Rangers’ intentions are with Boyle, or what his are about free agency, but I think he would fit very nicely into Detroit’s system if Glen Sather lets him go. (The Red Wings sure do interfere a lot. Holy smokes).

9) Well, we found out that Martin St. Louis can do a swan dive. You can see that in these last 17 games, he’s going to win a few for the Rangers. The guy is just one of the elite players in the game, and we’ve seen how he scores in bunches.

10) John Moore. His first period was kinda of a young Sergei Zubov type game — helping both teams stay in it. But after a couple of bumbles and a few terrific plays, I thought he gave the Rangers a ton of strong shifts. Guy can skate and loves to join the play, and his coaches want him to do it … maybe he needs a reminder sometimes. Maybe it’s confidence. Whatever it is, you can see the upside, can’t you?

11) Dominic Moore is one of those guys you don’t appreciate until you see him every day. Hard to believe so many teams let him go. So smart, got a little bit of an edge, can skate and, obviously, will score a few goals for you. Wouldn’t you have loved to see Moore somehow deck Todd Bertuzzi on the 10-year-anniversary of Bertuzzi’s criminal ending of brother Steve Moore’s career?

Detroit Red Wings v New York Rangers12) You don’t normally associate those two rosters with that type of play, but the game was pretty nasty.

13) And the two fine referees of the day, Mr. Ghislain Hebert and Mr. Tom Kowal just let it escalate. To be very clear, I like a little nasty in my hockey, but when they make all those pansy calls all season long, well, you just can’t believe that all of a sudden the rules changed. In a season overloaded with bad officiating, this game took the cake. El stinko.

14) About that New York Post report about Anton Stralman turning down three years, $3M per during the Olympic break: I have no reason to believe it’s not true. So I don’t know what he thinks he’s going to get on the open market, or if the Rangers have a number where they’d be willing to go to keep him. If he has a strong stretch drive, or a good playoff, Stralman could conceivably get considerably more. I like him on the second pair a lot more than Kevin Klein, and I like Klein a lot more on the third pair with John Moore.

15) Just because it’s getting late now (17 games left … the Rangers play three in a row and 10 of the next 13 on the road) let’s rehash the playoff scenario in the new, ill-conceived NHL realignment. This year, the second- and third-place teams in each division will play each other in the first round. The division winners will each play one of the wild cards in the first round. So as of right now, the Rangers, in second, would host the third-place Flyers in the first round. It is critical to finish top three, for very obvious reasons … not the least of which is that the fourth-place team certainly is not guaranteed a wild card. Both wild cards could come from the other division.

My Three Rangers Stars:Detroit Red Wings v New York Rangers
1. Henrik Lundqvist.
2. Chris Kreider.
3. Ryan McDonagh.
Kenny Albert’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Henrik Lundqvist.
2. Chris Kreider.
3. Ryan McDonagh.
David Rosengarten’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Chris Kreider.
2. Ryan McDonagh.
3. Henrik Lundqvist.
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Chris Kreider.
2. Henrik Lundqvist.
3. Ryan McDonagh.

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  1. McDonagh deserves the first, Hank the second…

    thats the way these Rangers will win. DEFENSE.

    like that one country in the Olympics… something…DUH.

    as long as nobody beats them up before Boston… they have a shot to do some damage.

  2. so…………..

    Is Pouliot gonna be here next year? after a terrible start, he seems to have some motivation.

    I really hope he keeps it up. He stumbles down the ice with the puck, but he is determined, and one of our most physical forwards…

    I think he can be even better than he has been, but I am happy with his compete level lately.

  3. Stranger Nation on

    Girardi and Boyle had some monster hits and when those guys play physical, this team plays better

    Wings and Derbils are the two best at the off puck interference – Judging by their succes…guess it works

    MZA very good disrupting passes in neutral zone

    Game could have been 6-0 if we finished some more

    Howard played that 2on1 horribly. way too far too early coming out on Step

  4. Thanks Carp. Nice write up. Agree about Pouliot, Special K had some nice hits too and nice goals. MSL took the well acted dive after being crosschecked twice with no call, make the calls, refs are way too inconsistent.

  5. THE Kreider would have had a hat trick if he played with teammates who didn’t moonlight as complete-clowns .

    This team isn’t making the playoffs in the El Salvadorean cerveza league, much less the NHL.

  6. bull dog line on

    the Pouliot love is very funny. I guess if you play hard for 3 weeks people think you had a good season.

  7. bull dog line on

    this is the last I will bring up Cally.

    Hank wanted to be a Ranger, so he is. Girardi wanted to be a Ranger, so he is. Cally wanted to be a Sabre, so he will be.

  8. Robby Bonfire on

    The “New York” on the jerseys, frankly, looks awful. I cannot understand why they cannot put the nice team logo/crest on the front of the uniform when they want an alternative to R A N G E R S.

    Another missed uniform design opportunity in this league, for years, is the Black Hawks failure to put their wonderful “Tomahawk C” on the front of their jersey. The now politically incorrect Indian caricature logo they use looks like someone spilled an ink well, the way it is plastered on the center of their home ice surface. Once the Washington Redskins have been humbled into becoming the Washington Redjacks, or something, look for the protest crowd to go after the truly ugly and insulting Chicago caricature.

    Come on, Rangers, put the team logo on the front of the uniform. It is looks really good. “New York” looks cluttered and just awful.

  9. Matty"DissapointedInCallahan"Boy on

    Great review, Carpy!!!

    I have to give credit where credit is due. Can really see this team finishing 2nd in Eastern. How you saw it through the forest, trees, lava patch, etc, way back months ago is remarkable.

    In fact, this team has now got some talent, balanced 4 lines, ‘d’ that jumps into the play, a top flight goalie and good coaching. Only 2 east teams that seem better to me. That’s a revelation.

    But the MSL line secures another, whereas it was wasted prior.

    MacD. Just wow. Kreider. Wow. Staal. Sign and wow! Some good relatively young players.

    Next year should be very interesting around here.

  10. Nice review Carp. I like the Zubie reference.

    Funny how they get out from under Tort’s depressing defensive style and yet still the only way for them to truly play well is to defend. I once had a boss from down south who had a saying for that: “Same ‘cept diffrunt”

  11. Good morning, boneheads!
    Good review, Carp. And a well played game. I saw it late last night on DVR without knowing the score. Don’t ask how after full day of travel.

    Nice to be back home. I’m surprised the refs didn’t call diving on MSL. Especially on that boarding. I saw less blatant dives on the beach it Turks and Caicos last week.

    Carp, you keep comparing McD to Leetch. Don’t disagree. But something else crossed my mind last night. If Abdelkader did to Leetch what he did to McD last night, he would’ve been facing Adam Graves during his next shift, and would’ve eaten a few solid punches. Where was Carcillo when the score was 3-0? And it isn’t on Carcillo, it’s more on AV. Lady Byng meet Dan Carcillo.

  12. Robby,

    The Rangers of the 70s had a team logo jersey, and it was absolutely horrible looking!!

    Pouliot..He’s bee good for more than three weeks. I’d say since around the time they put him with Zuc and Brassard. He was horrible early, but I think he’s earned another contract with the NYR.

    I thought Stepan played one of his best games of the season. He was involved at both ends and his vision and passing were about as good as it gets. I hope this wasn’t an anomaly, because if he gets going, the top line will be better, and then you’ll have 2 lines really going and you just figure that the Richie-MSL-Hags line gets going eventually.

  13. Robby – See clown suits circa 1976. Personally think the third jerseys are outstanding.

  14. Gotta admit Carp, whenever the Rangers play an afternoon game I start jonesing for your recap at about 7-8pm that evening.

    The review is too damn -high- *good*.

  15. Stranger Nation on

    Pullout has been doing it for 3 months now; early December to early March. He is one of the few forwards who takes the body consistently and goes to the net with reckless abandon.

    First 2 months was offside at least twice a game and had some stupid Ozone penalty;
    Oct/Nov: 27 games; 2G, 2A; 31 PIM
    Dec – Mar: 36 games; 9G, 10A; 10 PIM

    Pullout? Put him in!

  16. Stranger Nation: Don’t you remember the Pouliot Hat Trick? Taking a penalty in each of the 3 zones.

  17. RE #14 – Stralman’s agent refuted the Post’s report in a Daily News article. If I were the Rangers, I would not go much past $3 million or so – $10 million for three years would be the the limit.

  18. great review carp! spot on brotha.

    stranger- was watchin the game online and you couldnt believe how whiny the wings fans are. they were crying about every little tap or collision where a wing fell down. i mean, yes, the refs sucked but not one of these wings fans admitted that it happens to alot of teams, not just them, and i said to them how many pp’s did both teams get? it was what 3 for them 4 for us? i guess its human nature but wow, these guys took it to another level. anyway, its good to restart a good rivalry again with another original 6.

  19. btw, i admit, i jumped off the ledge friday against carolina. how many times have we seen this team, this season come back in 3rd periods like that? maybe once all season. i jumped the gun on that one and will go sit on the penalty ledge and feel shame now :(

  20. pull-out has kinda cooled off the goals lately, but he still is a good fit on that line and does a lot of board work, is willing to stand in front on the pp for a tip/screen/rebound whatever. hes definitely found his role on the team but is he signed for just this season? if so we should get him for another season at least.

  21. Stranger Nation on

    Grabby – was at game and wings are constantly interfering with forecheckers as well as in neutral zone. Franzen got called on it once. MSL got nailed twice by crosschecks in front net prior to the final one into the boards. Call could have been an aggregate of the abuse he was getting.

    Chase Ledge is empty…for now

  22. Carp, you’re killing this blog. Your routine is complete and excellent and when it’s complete and excellent there is nothing much to say.(ya losing a lot of quarters).

  23. Pouliot was just smart enough to set expectations basement-low over the first few months so, now that he’s on a half-point-per pace for a few months, he looks like a world beater. Granted, that pace is still lower than inconsistent Brassard and dump-for-nothing Stepan, but who cares.

  24. ThisYearsModel on

    Living in a Western conference city, I have seen this baloney from Detroit for years. They feel entitled to get calls because they always have. Think about when the Rangers play in Montreal or Toronto. That is how Western teams have been treated whenever they play against Detroit for many years. They are expert divers.

  25. Did the Blueshirts get word ahead of the rest of the league that Bettman has banned fighting?

    The win is nice ( no Datsyukskes a difference ) but c’mon. Will anyone on this team stand up to an opponent and drop the gloves or willl they all continue to turn the other cheek ?

    I’m not asking for instigation, but how about a response once in a while? A message to the opponent and the remainder of the NHL that you’re willing to defend your star players when necessary?

  26. papa bear,
    there is no one on the rangers who fight, no one. Carcillo really isn’t a fighter, more of a antagonist than anything else. This is why the rangers are the softest team in the league hands down. This is also why if the rangers do make the playoffs they won’t get far.

  27. We’ve seen McDonuts and Stalll fight. I for one don’t want to see either have to drop the gloves again. We’ve seen opponents crash Hank’s net over and over again.

    Somebody please step up and do the right thing.

  28. teams will take full advantage of roughing up the rangers when they know there is no one on the rangers who will fight and beat the snot out of them.

  29. playable toughness, adam graves, unfortunately those guys don’t grow on trees. I wish one day before I go to the promise land the rangers would start drafting some playable toughness.

  30. Stralman can take his desires and stick them in his rump. Three years? No thanks.

    What did we get Rafael Diaz for if not to fill in there?

  31. Jamie, yea, the idea is to draft playable toughness that actually can skate and play the game.

  32. We should call up *McLlrath* (who isn’t the fighter everyone thinks but more of an open ice player) or *Bickel*

  33. Unfortunately they let those guys go … it’s gonna be tough if we make it to Boston in the playoffs.

  34. Great review as usually Carp.
    If I were Sather I’d also try to keep Stralman in the fold.

  35. The average free agent 4th Dman contract is $3.3m this year and presumably goes up with the cap, so Stralman isn’t being ridiculous.

  36. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Papa – I wouldn’t say McD fights. Even when his gloves fall to the ice…that ain’t fighting….more like “hey refs come separate us”

  37. matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties"Boy on

    TommyG, If you noticed against Boston last Sunday night, the B’s WANTED to fight someone, it’s just when you have a team as soft and small as the Rangers, they actually seemed like they were worried about violating ‘the code’ by going after guys that wear visors, never fight, or are so soft that it would be silly.

    I am sure they will redress the issue if they play us in the PO’s, but for now, we don’t have to fight much.

    Of course, we just get pushed around by bigger teams with no reprisal.

  38. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    Carp – thanks for #4

    Re: Stralman. I think he’s worth $10m for three years.

    I don’t think he’s asking for the moon. I’m sure he’s looking down the bench at Klein, thinking, “I’m better than that guy, I play more minutes than him, and he has a five year, $14.5 million deal.” He’s got a point.

  39. 3 for 3 sounds just right for Stralman. If he’s looking for more he can go scratch.

    I’d also give Zucc a contract around those numbers. Maybe 3.5 for 3. I’m really curious to know what he thinks is fair.

  40. Doodie Machetto on

    Just want to point out that Doodie Jr. has been to one game and it was a 3-0 shutout. Also, Kreider had two goals. Maybe the Rangers should make it so Doodie Jr. can go to every game.

  41. Doodie Machetto on

    A couple of regrets from his first game: we somehow forgot to take a family picture and we forgot to buy a program.

  42. Stralman will, most likely, get more in July. In terms of both money and the length of contract. He is only 27 and play 2nd pair minutes on the R.

  43. Here’s the Q I ask every time:

    Can you really picture a team with POULET as one that wins the Stanley?

    Case closed.

  44. I think we should decide an absolute number Staal is allowed to ask for then start pre-hating him if rumors are that he wants more. It shows he hates the Rangers and hates us and obviously wants to go play for -Buffalo- Carolina.

  45. “The Rangers must find out as quickly as possible if Marc, in his seventh year in New York, wants to become a lifer or instead has his sights on joining his siblings upon reaching free agency in 2015.” Larry Brooks in Today’s Post.

    Carp, he must be reading and stealing content from the worst blog on the internets. He owes Papa Bear two footnotes for two of my posts re: the potential selection of Staal as the next Captain during Go Time yesterday.

  46. Same, Sioux. Perhaps the key to the Rangers never losing is Doodie bringing the kid and us going on vacations.

  47. ilb – I think it THE KING had to get done first, then Girardi, Cally & Richie are gone.

    Then Staal to be done anytime before or after the draft, but for sure before next season starts. Right?

  48. Slats no doubt thought he’s have some effective, inexpensive D help coming up from Hartford by now and wouldn’t have to deal with Stralman next season.

  49. I think AV has Carcillo, and especially Dorsett thoroughly confused as to their complicated roles. Take penalties, you sit. They have to be super sure they take someone off the ice with them if they’re sent to the sandbox. And few on the opposition other than the big boys want to drop with them, so they have to be careful. Either one of them, IMO, if turned loose, would not allow the McDonaghs to be cheap shotted.

  50. Stralman is a 3rd pair Defenseman that plays 2nd minutes because he has an all star defenseman playing on his left. It covers his mistakes. Without Staal he’s in bad shape. That’s why, in my opinion, Vigneault plays Klein with Moore. Klein can cover for Moore quite well. Staal covers for Stralman. Balance.

    Although, if Quincy can get $3.75M/Season out of the Wings then Stralman can do the same. Salaries are never reflections of how good a player is. They are more a reflection of the market, player and agent abilities combined with how desperate the team signing that player is.

  51. Doodie I post here very infrequently, however taking your son to his first game brought back some memories. When I first took my son I would pose him at the front of the Garden marquee and wait until it flashed who the Rangers were playing that night, then take the picture. He’s 28 now and still each year when we go to a game together we take that picture. Believe me when you have them in an album over a 25 year span those memories as Sam says ,”lasts a lifetime”. Try it, I think you’ll like it.

  52. Doodie Machetto on

    “Can you really picture a team with POULET as one that wins the Stanley?”

    Yes. I totally can picture that. Players much worse than him have won multiple cups.

  53. Doodie Machetto on

    Rangerz, thanks for the tip. I will definitely do that next time around, which is most likely next season.

  54. Stranger Nation on

    Souix – here is what you, I mean, UND missed:

    Adam Tambellini was pointless in Calgary’s 2-1 win last night. Though he is without a goal in his last five games, he’s still been very good for Calgary in the offensive zone and *finished February with six goals and 18 points in 12 games*.

  55. Doodie Machetto on

    Sioux chalks it up to Tambo not being physically or mentally capable of playing the college game.

    I tend to agree, but not with the intention that Sioux listed. The college game is about hard work and physical play. Creativity and individual play gets snuffed out all too often. College players make excellent skaters, and if they have some good skill, they can be very good NHLers. But if your game is about avoiding punishment, you will have a lot of trouble finding success in the NCAA.

  56. SN – I don’t miss Tinkerbelle Tambellini one game.

    If he turned sideways on the ice you couldn’t see him. He’s not ready for the Sioux program, he needs to play in the USHL for a year and put on some weight. He got knocked off the puck every other shift playing with the big boys in the NCAA.

    That said he has skills, and it will shine playing with 18 yr olds.

    Here’s a fact you don’t know. Tinkerbelle had 4 points the first half, he put his tail between his legs and went home to play with his friends.

    Brock Nelson HAD the same build, AND the same amount of points 4, his first half of his freshman year. He stuck with the weight program, put on muscle. And lead the team the following year.

    After 2 years at UND, he went to an 18 year old High School player, to lead the Sioux in points, lead the Sound Tigers in points in the AHL, to playing starting C for the fish sticks.

    We won’t see Tinkerbelle doing this for a VERY long time.

    I will bet ANY amount of cigars on that one.

  57. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I seriously hope NATW walks, he is nothing close to what we need on the blueline at any price.

    Also noticed in post deadline rumours that several teams made inquiries about dorsett, if AV isn’t planning on playing him, why not trade him?

  58. Doodie that is a fair assessment.

    UND usually has 14-16 drafted NHL players, so there is a good deal of competition for a spot on the starting lines.

    Tinkerbelle got a look at 1’st line, but he couldn’t keep up with Grimaldi, he was too slow, and could deliver a pass to continue the play.

    He would show flashes of skill with his stick handling, but the minute he got hit he was done.

  59. Now that said I have ZERO respect for a player that quits his team in the middle of the season.

    But I can’t complain since the Sioux have gone 12-4-1, since he left. So clearly the team has been better without him on it.

  60. Stranger Nation on

    Souix – glad I woke you up – you were way to relaxed after all that fun in the sun… ;-)

  61. Yeah, that’s all way too harsh for a 19 year old amateur who left your favorite team.

  62. Stralman does some things well but 3 million dollars could get them a solid dman and probably one who isn’t affraid of physicality. Don’t tell me Callahan is a dime a dozen but Stralman is essential to this roster lol

  63. Pouliot gets a lot of criticism but he’s been solid. not a fan favorite but definitely a good fit in a depth role.
    It’s the infamous “we need a third liner to be a top 3;top 6 forward.”

  64. As if the three mentions of Turks and Caicos were not enough during the previous week, a gratuitous fourth mention occurred this morning. Braggart.

  65. $3M gets you Kevin Klein, so…..

    Imagine if Manny has to deal with Stralman for more than 3 years?

  66. Stralman is fine on this roster for as long as he’s a no-risk committment. $3MM+ for 3 or more years ends that no-risk phase.

  67. I had turkey and cheese three times the previous week.

    Spolier alert, I really had it zero times.

  68. Stranger Nation on

    Agree on Staal extension, but at what numbers?
    Currently making $3.875 with a bump to $5.45 next yr
    Does he go $5.5 x 4 or auto bump to $6+ for his skill set?

  69. Doc I don’t blame Mac for wanting to play with his brother in college.

    Miller opened the door for him by bolting days before the season opened.

    And I’m not harsh on Tinkerbelle either, it was clearly win/win for him this year. And UND has done better since he left.

  70. Rob in Beantown on

    Girardi got six years, why would Staal settle for four? Especially with his health issues I bet Staal swings for the fences in terms of years.

  71. LONG term I think it would have benefitted the Rangers more had he played against NHL players, while developing and NHL body hitting the weights.

    But that would be more work….. he just wanted to play.

  72. Doodie Machetto on

    There’s this guy in my section who used to just KILL Rozsival. Just roast him every time he got on the ice. He’s got a killer ‘stache and is always wearing unique and vintage sweaters. Great gruff voice for harassing players.

    With MDZ gone, his new target appears to be Boyle. And he was really laying into Boyle before Boyle scored. Seems like one of the people Carp mentioned in his post.

  73. Doodie Machetto on

    Sioux, not necessarily. It might benefit the team long term to get a good AHLer point producer than a fringe NHLer. I find guys like that do really well at the AHL level, like Jason Krog.

  74. Luke Johnson is head and shoulders above Tinkerbelle.

    As a freshman he is 8-12 20 pts tied for 4th in team scoring. He has taken over Tinks position, and has produce 5X, what he did.

    We shall see how they finish up. Now that the playoffs have started.

  75. Doodie the game has changed over the years, to win the NCAA you have to have 4 lines that can skate and score, and Defense wins championships.

    In the tournament, one game and a hot goaltender can knock you out. So its a role of the dice to get 4 wins in a row.

  76. I’ve watched college hockey for 30 years. I enjoy it as much as the pro’s.

    That said I will be in NEW YORK in 16 days, for the Flyer game :)

    So get your tickets boys, we will have to meet up somewhere for a pint!

  77. Larry Brooks read it and weep……..

    My First repost from yesterday re: Staal….

    Papa Bear

    Staal will have to commit to a new deal over the summer before he gets the C.

    That’s why they’re not going to name a Captain till next season. If they can’t get Staal to agree to an extension, he’ll be gone before you know it.

    March 9th, 2014 at 1:44 PM

    Repost # 2

    Papa Bear
    If Staal re-signs for long term this summer he’ll get the ‘C’. If he doesn’t, in my mind he’s gone to Carolina. Sather will trade his arse before camp.

    Pay attention now and

    Book It.

    March 9th, 2014 at 6:38 PM

  78. gRAVY, Klein was acquired in a “your problem for our problem” kind of deal. It was more about trading Del Zotto..

  79. James – I also believe the Rangers were NOT going to resign him for the money DZ would have wanted.

    It was win/win for both teams.

    Rangers are better team defensively with Klein>DZ

  80. I don’t get it Sioux, didn’t MacMillan bail on St. Cloud midseason, which is the offense you seemed to slam Tambellini for?

  81. Richards will (effectively) sign a 6 year deal and be the next captain of the Rangers. I will punch myself in the face!

  82. Either Sralman or Klein will be gone next year can’t afford both.

    Boyle will probably be gone as he will get a raise from either NYR or others. His role will have to be filled for cheaper.

    I think Dorsett may also be gone as his role can also be filled (as recent past points out) for cheaper.

    I’m assuming they are keeping Richards.

  83. Stralman is a solid defeseman. It would have been a bargain had he signed the rumored 3 year proposal.

  84. Robby Bonfire on

    SteveKNJ –

    Yes, you are right the Rangers had a logo jersey in the 70’s and it was horrible. I am talking about the club substituting their current logo for their current R-A-N-G-E-R-S uniform, as an alternative jersey.

    The trashy-looking W.H.A.-type uniform of the 70’s was the idea of one John Ferguson, who came down here from Montreal as G.M. and sabotaged the organization, starting with crapping up the uniform, cutting Rod Gilbert from the team when he was still late-career productive, and trading young Rick Middleton to Boston for old Ken Hodge who had 33 NHL goals left in his gunbelt.

    Not the brightest chapter in Rangers history that we entrusted a Montreal system goon with the oversight of running our organization. Hopefully we learned something from that experience. And hopefully John Ferguson is still dead, as we speak.

  85. Rob in Beantown on

    Not having a logo sweater is one of the *cool* things about this organ-eye-zation, in my opinion.

  86. Oncupin74yearsandcounting on

    Well unless hank wins a cup or appears in a final
    in ny all his stats are secondary a compiler of stats.

    He’ll need a cup or two to be considered a truly great ranger.
    And Giacomin played during the 6 team league , mask less and with smaller equipment.
    Its about Winning the CUP.

  87. Rob in Beantown on

    I just spent 4 days at the in-laws, flying back tonight, and I feel like *now* I need a vacation :)

  88. Doodie Machetto on

    Onecup, then I guess Gilbert, Bathgate, Howell, Rattelle, Park, Hadfield, Giacomin, and every other Ranger from 1941-1993 is a worthless bum.

  89. Anyone ever have the “Black Label Burger” at Minnetta Tavern?

    Need some advice here.

  90. Doodie Machetto on

    iManny, you’re going to have the peanut butter
    soup with smoked duck and mashed squash. New York magazine
    called it a ‘playful but mysterious little dish.” You’ll
    love it. And then…the red snapper with violets and
    pine nuts. I think that’ll follow nicely.

  91. ps, in the six team league it theoretically should have been much, much easier to win a Cup than it is now.

  92. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    There’s this guy in my section who used to just KILL Rozsival. Just roast him every time he got on the ice.

    How ironic. Rozsival has his Cup ring, and this guy will yell himself hoarse until either he or Sather dies.

  93. Rob in Beantown on

    A six team league should be easier to win, yes, but weren’t there all sorts of scouting rules that favored the Habs? The Habs had exclusive recruiting rights to all the great French-Canadian players, while the rangers had exclusive rights to all the great hockey players in the tri-state area. Still, you’d think the Rangers would have won some more cups by accident or something.

  94. right, Rob. That’s why I said theoretically … but when Montreal wasn’t winning, Giacomin had his shots too. Not blaming him at all. Just saying, it’s not an excuse that he didn’t win because he played in the original six.

  95. And that whole rule where your PP is two minutes regardless if you score or not. I think the Habs capitalized on that one.

  96. Sioux, no need for me to stop being pedantic now …

    _St. Cloud State sophomore forward Mitch MacMillan has left the team and a report in Tuesday’s St. Cloud Times says his departure had to do with ice time.

    MacMillan had played in 14 of SCSU’s 20 games thus far, but was a healthy scratch in the last three.

    “I wasn’t happy there with my playing time and I decided to move on to further my hockey career,” MacMillan said to the Times._


  97. _while the rangers had exclusive rights to all the great hockey players in the tri-state area_

    Heard we aren’t to fond of those guys even today.

  98. But you’re right – he did leave mid term. But then again if they weren’t playing him, and he has a chance to play with his brother at the same school, that’s a once in a lifetime experience. Plus he will have 10X the scouts checking him out, and more TV time playing for the Sioux.

    I don’t blame him.

  99. _Doc – there’s a BIG difference in schools. Have you been to either one?_

    C’mon, man, just say you’re biased. You can’t kill a kid for leaving your school midseason and excuse one for leaving his and coming to yours.

    (Especially when the former is the only one I care about!)

  100. Not at all doc. Mitch isn’t going to the next level. He’s a senior, and his younger brother is the better player that will.
    Mitch has 3 points this year. I don’t blame him for wanting to play with his brother. I just don’t.

    That’s something they will for the rest of there lives.

  101. I’m not killing Tinkerbelle. He clearly made the right choice to play with 18 yrs old. He wasn’t ready for the NCAA. He wasn’t.

    I’m a little down on him, that he could have been a real good player for the Sioux down the road. He seriously needed to put on some NHL weight, and the program at UND is tailor made for a player to go pro if they have the skills. And Tinker has them, I think he would have been better off years down the road playing for the Sioux.

    That is all doc.

  102. I still wish Miller would have played 2 years.

    But he is going to get a bigger pay day sooner, so I can’t blame him.

    I really think he would have hung #8 at the Ralph had he played last year with Kristo & Knight.

  103. Staal Serenade:

    ‘There are things in life more important than money –
    Brothers and sisters and Daddy and Mummy.
    But Slats has come up with the years and big cash
    So I’m staying up here with Richards and Nash.’

  104. Richie is definitely running at Calder, 15-1 in the Sixth; don’t know about Kreider.

  105. Eric Staal was in town for Cullen Charity weekend, last year. I asked him if he was going to recruit Marc when his contract was up. He just smiled and said, Marc pretty happy where he is.

    Fun night for sure. Eric’s wife won the biggest prize of the night. It was a dinner ring worth about $5,000. Everyone bought a colored string with a key on it.
    I think purple was pulled, so the 10 keys got a chance to open the box. My wife was one of them, but Eric’s wife key opened the box.

  106. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    From Bleacher Report and CapGeek:

    Besides Anton Stralman , these are the Key New York Ranger Free Agents

    Player Position Cap Hit Contract Status

    Derick Brassard $3.2M RFA
    Mats Zuccarello $1.15M RFA
    Chris Kreider $800K RFA
    Benoit Pouliot $1.3M UFA
    John Moore $840K RFA
    Dominic Moore $1M UFA
    Daniel Carcillo $825K UFA
    Raphael Diaz $1.225M UFA
    Brian Boyle $1.7M UFA

    Who do you want to keep? Who is due for a raise?

    I want to keep everyone but Carcillo and Diaz. I think Stralman, Zuccarello, Krieider, and John Moore are due for raises. I think Brian Boyle may have to take a little less. I think Brassard, Pouliot, and Dom Moore are fairly paid.

    What do you guys think?

  107. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, Rozsi also isn’t still making 5X5. He wouldn’t fit on this team at that salary.

    That was always his problem. More overpaid than bad. But when you make that kind of money and are an average player, your mistakes tend to get magnified.

  108. Doodie Machetto on

    Dom Moore is getting a big raise. Percentage-wise, it’s going to be close to the largest on that list. Probably MZA-Kreider-Moore in that order.

  109. Carp:

    Actually in the 6 team league the deck was stacked against NYR, Boston and Chicago.

    It is no accident that MTl. Toronto and Detroit won all those cups.

    There was no draft system until mid 60s so top prospects played for home town teams. There was a 50 mile rule that acted as preference to top prospects and MTL had the right to top 2 French speaking Quebec residents every year.

    That is why between NYR, Boston and Chicago there was only 1 cup over a 30 year period.

    Game was sort of semi-fixed.

  110. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    Doodie _ I see your point about Moore. I would rather he get a raise than Brassard.

  111. Derick Brassard – Keep

    Mats Zuccarello – Keep (although I’d be curious what his trade value is)

    Chris Kreider – Keep forever

    Benoit Pouliot – Gone

    John Moore – Keep

    Dominic Moore – Keep at current level of commitment

    Daniel Carcillo – Gone

    Raphael Diaz – Keep as 3RD

    Brian Boyle – Keep

  112. Sioux, there’s no way to know what’s inside Sather’s head, but keeping Richards could be organizational suicide.

    and to what end? Not like the guy’s been an all-star.

    … and why is anybody down on Pouliot at this point? Wow. The guy has been about as good as could have possibly been expected, as a third-line cheap winger.

  113. _and why is anybody down on Pouliot at this point? Wow. The guy has been about as good as could have possibly been expected, as a third-line cheap winger._

    Its not down on his last 3 months, its whether you’d want to buy into that continuing or go in a different (younger, cheaper, homegrow) direction.

  114. I obviously agree with keeping Boyle. I also would like to keep Dom Moore but on a 1-Year deal as I would like to take a run at Gregory Campbell next off season.

  115. Sure, because you’re apples-to-apples here. Saying “Ryan Callahan shouldn’t get $6MM because Pavelski didn’t” isn’t a comp because you aren’t picking Callahan over Pavelski. Its a false option. If you’re saying Brassard isn’t worth $3.5MM or whatever, you should probably look at what $3.5MM really buys you.

  116. I also would NOT object to keeping Carcillo for the 4th line. He’s been very good. That would mean the departure of Dorsett, I assume.

  117. But, Stepan is on that list and he didn’t have arbitration rights when he signed his contract.

  118. Keeping Richards would not be close to organizational suicide., especially with Callahan’s contract demands gone and the salary cap rising in the future.

  119. If the Rangers continue to NOT score on the power play teams will not be afraid to take penalties against them.

    Someone made the comment earlier that if Leetch had been hit the way McD was in the Wings game yesterday, they would have had to deal with Graves next shift. Well this is not 1994, the Rangers are not winning the Presidents trophy, they are close to not making the playoffs.

    And if memory serves it was Girardi leveling a Wing into the boards with a nice open ice shoulder yesterday and when the Wings decided to get their panties in a bunch, it was the Rangers who kept the Wings pinned in their zone for the last 2 minutes of the second, then came out and scored 2 goals in the third.

    I’m all for standing up for your teammates if some cheapshot artist takes a legit run at one of your elite players. But Abdelkader is no cheap shot artists. I’d love to have that guy on our team. In fact I give the Wings credit for turning the game into Slap Shot when it got out of hand, the way the Pens, Flyers, Caps, etc. do.

    True the Rangers are a bit soft on the forward lines. But if teams are gonna take penalties by playing rough, the Rangers MUST score on the PP to negate that style of play.

  120. But Richards was signed BEFORE the new CBA so, under the precedent of the NJ Devils punishment being cut in half, shouldn’t the Rangers be able to get out from under the Recapture penalty of Richards? Thus, he would be a fine keep. Especially with the ability to move him in 2016-2017.

  121. Carp
    great review…..as usual

    glad to see THE getting more into the groove
    thinking of that one shift where he was hitting
    any and everyone who didn’t have a Blueshirt on
    and then made a good defensive play too
    getting the goals

  122. Carp, great review. The boys looked pretty sharp throughout yesterday, I’d like to see that same level if play tomorrow night.

    Got to sign Stralsie, he’s legit and the bonus would be having Manny spew his venom for three more years. lol.

    Where is Musky!!!

  123. Carp

    in regards to Staal contract and his brothers in carolina–

    from being around him do you think he WANTS to be with them on a constant basis?

    i kinda view as being his own person and a bit of an outsider from the others….thinking of it in context of him being a little quieter and leaving Eric’s bachelor party early while the others were getting into trouble.
    obviously, an outsider view
    maybe he’d rather stay here and just see them a few times a year on the ice and at family gatherings during holidays and over the summer.


  124. Thanks, C-Dubs. You could be a bit nicer to me seeing as it’s my birthday and all.

  125. _But, Stepan is on that list and he didn’t have arbitration rights when he signed his contract._

    Right, the full list is not his comps. Pretty much anyone over 27(?) who has reached UFA age without a LT deal would be who you look at since they’re what open market $3.5MM buys. Gaustad, Stoll, etc. That doesn’t replace Brassard.

  126. As I’ve said a million times, If Brassard is being paid to be the 2nd line Center then you re-sign him. If we get a 1st line center, a/k/a Richards 2.0, then it’s scary to drop that coin on a 3rd line Center when JT Miller can fill that role for much, much less.

  127. I really don’t have a problem with Stepan-Brassard-Miller-Boyle next year. I know people flip out about that idea, but I have trouble believing there’s much separation between Brassard, present day Richards and the 2013 version of Stepan. Going forward you need Stepan to be last year’s version and Brassard to produce more on a higher line, but its playable.

  128. bull dog line on

    I would not have a problem with those 4 centers. though I suspect Boyle is leaving for $greener pastures.

  129. Doodie Machetto on

    Toews is never coming to New York. It’s Chicago or Winnipeg (home of Lake Toews) for him.

  130. Ha Toews as a Ranger.

    I would die if any of Toews, Parise, or Oshie put on a Rangers Jersey!

    Still hoping for Kristo.

  131. Oh yea. I forgot about how the Rangers have the ability to acquire Toews when the Blackhawks let him walk… (S)

  132. Staal sounds to me like he loves it right here, jpg. He’s going to be the next captain, IMO. But money talks …

  133. Happy birthday, Mannü!

    If I were to read between the lines on Staal’s recent quotes, he wants to stay. Probably because his brother concussed him (s).

  134. In all of del boca vista?

    Sioux, not sure … but Toews is probably one of the top five or so players in the game, IMO. McDonagh makes it a tough question.

  135. of course Toews only ranks 17th in the nhl in goals, so the simpletons who don’t know or comprehend any better probably think he sucks, is greedy, overrated, and that intangibles don’t matter.

  136. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Interesting convo…

    Pouliot has been one if the few consistent physical ranger forwards, no way I get rid of him at this point.

    Dorsett is interesting because apparently teams wanted him at the deadline and we didn’t deal him but AV doesn’t play him so….

    I keep him tho. Maybe they keep d Moops and use dorsett to replace Boyle (salaries are same now).

    If carcillo played with more of an edge I’d keep him, but he seems to have gone a bit soft.

    I’d keep Klein over NATW any day especially at the $$$$.

    Need more size on roster and some physical intimidation.

    I’d trade Staal for the sole reason of his longevity. He falls into the same category as cally did for me.

    I’d love to see a bieksa type on D.

    Richards better be gone, but like many have said, you just don’t know with slats.

    I like Hagar, but I’d trade him for size/grit.

    Stepan is overrated IMO, and is going to get a stupid contract after next season. Soft, disappears for long stretches, not worth his next contract.

  137. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Carp – the difference between Tays’ intangibles and Cally’s are mountain sized. Cally ain’t in Tays’ league.

  138. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    And Callahan was greedy. And over rated his deserved pay by 20 miles. He had a dream job at a salary that was already too high. I highly doubt he’s getting anywhere near 6@6

  139. Back to the howling old owl in the woods
    Hunting the horny back toad
    Oh I’ve finally decided my future lies
    Beyond the yellow brick road

  140. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Wicky – vibin on stepan. I’d keep Dom Moore, Carcillo, and Dorsett As the 4th line.

  141. Carp, what about the those who believe Nash is worth his contract and status as an elite superstar because he has 20 goals? Are they simpletons as well?

  142. I’d trade McDonugh straight up for either Crosby, Toews, Malkin, Stamkos, Weber, Keith, Doughty,

    Tavares (before the knee injury) Ovechkin (probably)

  143. bull dog line on

    if you disagree with Carp, or any of the Carpies, you are a simpleton. if you thought Boyle had a lousy season last year, you are a simpleton. very simple rules for being a simpleton.

  144. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Boyle, while Ok As a 4th winger, shouldn’t be signed to huge contract. It’s not like the earth will stop rotating if he isn’t here next year. For all the intangibles that players like cally and boil bring to the table, the fact that as constituted the rangers were/are scratching to make the playoffs tells me there is more to the game than intangibles. At some point scoring goals kinda helps given you need goals to win games.

  145. So…I was playing the NHL 14 for PS3 earlier today and noticed that Richards was wearing the “C”…

  146. Only a simpleton would think I compared Callahan to Toews.

    Simpletons aren’t those who disagree with me, but rather those who can’t see past, simply, goals. That other players who don’t score a lot of goals might have value to a team.

    Or those who can’t understand that sentence.

  147. A simpleton is someone that attributes the disliking of a player to the player not scoring goals. The player can’t pass, can’t possess, and can’t put the puck on net. He is also slow and doesn’t use his size effectively.

  148. That post did not have to do with you. That is my definition of a hockey simpleton. My description of Boyle was very accurate, though, for you to know exactly whom I alluded to.

  149. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    A simpleton is anybody that supports paying 3rd line checking wingers 6 million plus for 6 years or more.

  150. Cally looks like a 3rd line winger for the Bolts.

    Here’s hoping the Phoenix can step up and steal one on the road.

  151. That Johnson kid is looking really good for the Calder, not sure THE KREIDER is going to catch him. He just netted his 20th goal of the year.

  152. His 4th shorthanded of the year……. as a rookie.

    THAT’s impressive.

    We can’t even play THE Kreider in overtime, let alone short handed.

  153. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    How’s this for a paradox,..I want the pens to beat the caps (it almost pains me to type this) but at the same time wish Crosby, Malkin, and Coonitz break both legs.

  154. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I think Nate McKinnon has the Calder all sewn up…22 goals bunch of assists….

  155. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ricardo – Boyle has a role to play, no doubt. An important role. Checkers and grinders are extremely valuable and you can’t win without them. But, to receive a pass, make a pass, and hit wide open nets isn’t really asking a lot. I don’t mind Boyle. Callahan, on the other hand, was simply asking too much for too many years for what he was worth.

  156. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I think Nate is 18 or recently turned 19. The kid is a monster talent. Has no problem going to the dirty areas…

  157. I meant, agree on Boyle/Callahan. And now agree on McKinnon. And, in advance, I am agreeing with your next post.

  158. _Cally looks like a 3rd line winger for the Bolts._

    Cally had it made here…no other franchise will come close to offering him the career, stature, and future that he had here. He will be so insignificant anywhere else. What a fool.

  159. THE KREIDER is 22.

    Just imagine what MacKinnon is going to be like in 4 years.

    Why can’t Sather’s first rounders be THIS good :)

  160. “Marty St. Louis, why only 1 assist in 3 games?”

    “What are you a simpleton? Its not that I’m old and washed up. My center is freekin talking horse.”

  161. CCCP – agreed you have to tank for 3 years to get the tip picks, to turn a franchise around.

    But still, we trade them away, pick McIlrath’s & Jessimans that with never play.

  162. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Before Slats was interviewed, Colin Campbell was on and sounded 3 sheets to the wind….

  163. Very Serious injury ito Rich Peverly in Dallas blue jackets game both teams left the ice

  164. watching Columbus/stars game and rich peverley apparently had a heart attack or something on the bench. Players started screaming for medical attention immediately in the middle of play. They stopped the game and doctor/medical staff ran to bench. There now has been a announcement that he has been rush to hospital, strange situation going on in dallas.

  165. Dallas Stars center Rich Peverley collapsed during tonight’s Blue Jackets-Stars game in Dallas, leading the game to be suspended pending news of his condition.

    Peverley, who missed the preseason and a game last week due to a heart condition, was rushed from the bench following a collapse midway through the first period. American Airlines Center remained nearly silent for ten minutes before Stars coach Lindy Ruff announced Peverley would be OK. We’ll update as we get more news about Peverley’s condition. [FSSW]


  166. “…but at the same time wish Crosby, Malkin, and Coonitz break both legs.”

    6 legs involved. Specify, please.

  167. Slatkso Folkyerself on

    Stogypuss will get Toews the same way he gets every star, at age 35 with a 7 year 7 million dollar contract with a NTC.

  168. Glad Peverly is OK! And you seriously have to love hockey players.. just read this!

    Dallas Stars ?@DallasStars 4m

    Per Dr. Salazar, Peverley was aware of where he was when became conscious and wanted to get back in to the game.

  169. Sounds like Peverley will be ok. Scary stuff. I remember him having an arrhythmia called A-fib discovered during the preseason physical. He had an ablation procedure and came back very soon.

  170. That is unreal news about Peverly. As someone who suffers from a wart condition and I going arrhythmia issues all I can say is that I know how unbelievably scary that can be. That’s just awful.

  171. based on what Peverly said
    i don’t think he’ll be too pleased
    that they cancelled the game

  172. so ilb
    if they did the procedure
    is it possible they did it wrong
    of there’s another arrhythmia or…?

  173. An ablation will deaden the part of the heart from which the arrhythmia originates but that only the spot they can find during the procedure. This means he might have another part of his heart that is contributing to the inaccurate sinus rhythm.

    They will probably have to go back in for another ablation.

  174. I should know at this point, ilb! Some psycho doctor suggested one for what she thought was sustained V-Tach.

    Turned out she was misreading what turned out to be pacemaker interference on a halter. Thank god I found access to the single best doctor for my condition ever and he figured it out before they dove in!

  175. Apology accepted. Not everyone is as fortunate. Some of us have to struggle to put food on the table for our families.

  176. Sounds familiar…Anyone very sick in close/distant family? Abused as a child? Name change doesn’t mean the style goes away. Or intentions. Done with you.

  177. What the hell are you talking about? Some people have to work two jobs to support a family and don’t have the ability to take vacations. People don’t need to be reminded of your vacation every day.

  178. What in the holy hell just happened?

    Ilb works plenty hard saving lives, training others to save lives and giving to those less fortunate than him as well as having such humility it’s absurd.

  179. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Alain – Ilb is as gentle, caring, and a decent human as you’ll ever deal with….he wasn’t bragging about his vacation but humorously busting on y’all that are dealing with this insane winter….Really, he is a good egg.

  180. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I’ll be leaving soon for a trip around the world….then I’m going intergalactic …..planning on visiting the world and elsewhere….

    Happy birthday metal man

  181. I live in a hole in the ground that fills with water each time it rains, yet I make it my business to rent a villa in the South of France twice a year.

  182. Slatkso Folkyerself on

    We used to dream of living in a hole in the ground… it would be a palace to us!

  183. Slatkso – Some of the funniest stuff ever. If I hear it 10,000 more times, I will still be laughing!

  184. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I’m on the moon. Internet is a little iffy…..but what a view of earth…..

  185. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I might be gone for a bit….entering a black hole soon and I’ll be doing some time travel…..see you on the other siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide

  186. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ricardo – thx for agreeing to my future post which turned out to be that I, and you, think Brassard is top 5….I’m hoping he gets the C next season…

  187. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The captaincy will be icing on the cake after his conn Smyth (daughter patty) this year

  188. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Hey torts – no matter anyone says…your the best coach ever….well, at least for the next week or so…

  189. Matty"DissapointedInCallahan"Boy on

    Manny, NYR, ….

    Happy Birthday, Youse Guys!!!! Manny, manny more!!!

  190. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Kreider would be in Hartford, MZA on a 4th line getting 3 minutes per game and Pyatt would on the first line…

  191. Strike 2 for having an issue with someone repeatedly bragging about a vacation. What was strike 1? Calling someone out because he wished injury on Nash, MSL and Hank?

  192. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Alain – Mickey is a girl. In your defense, I agree that she was over the top with her comments…wishing players to get hurt isn’t right…but I think she was having a bad day…

  193. I would like to see Boston play either LA or St. Louie in the finals. Well, I’d love to see the Rangers in the finals but I can’t see this team getting past the second round, at best, and the Kings and the Blues would just be way too much for this team to handle.

  194. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Torts – “what thev**** is going on in this ******* game? Am I ******* taking ******* crazy pills?”

  195. It’s gonna take a few seasons before the Canucks are “stiff enough” to play under Torts and win. If you give Torts time he will turn that franchise around. Just like he did here.

  196. Stranger Nation on

    Boston – St Louis finals would need to be monitored by the Red Cross. That would be fun to watch

  197. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Torts will be lucky if he lasts this season….don’t think he’ll be around to inject his “process”

  198. @bruce_arthur 2m

    John Tortorella’s going to have to be held back from getting into his own team’s locker room

    Bruce Arthur ?@bruce_arthur 8m

    Roberto Luongo must feel like the guy who walks away from the explosion in slow motion and then has a pina colada

  199. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Alain – before you hit “add comment” just make sure you aren’t insulting someone…that said, if you must insult, use humor ;)

  200. _Agree with getting rid of Luongo but trading Schneider was big mistake_

    I think hiring Torts was a bigger mistake here. He was a good fit here (in the beginning, I admit). Not a good fit in Canada.

  201. Just a half an hour ago I was going to bed mad. Lost half an hour of sleep, but now I’m going to bed laughing. Maybe I’ll just sleep a couple hours later tomorrow.

  202. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Sather on nhl channel ripped torts’ system. Don’t think the GM liked wall ball…

  203. @rangersreport

    Of course, according to Jiggs, the other time the Isles scored 7 in a period, it was against the Rangers.

  204. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    “This style of game I think is the way it should be played” on how the rangers play under AV…

  205. Stranger Nation on

    admittedly do not know Canucks roster up and down but some of their primary guys would seem to be his kind of players.

    Needs to replace Sully. Cant have an uptight angry coach assisted by another uptight angry coach.

    Maybe he needs to start chewing gum like AV

  206. Stranger Nation on

    Torts D first system made sense, but no desire to build any offensive system was crazy

  207. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Torts – “You ******* players ******* suck. I have ******* never been so ******* em arrested in my ******* life. You all ******* make me ******* sick to my ******* stomach”

  208. Torts stayed within himself and hung in there against some tough media. Vancouver media is brutal…

  209. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I have a friend up in Vancouver and he admits they don’t have the players….the team has gotten old and stale…but he’s not a torts fan,,,,

  210. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    It wasn’t me….my connection is too slow and I couldn’t pick up the presser :(

  211. Yea that vicious Vancouver media (was there really like 4 people in that room with Torts?) asking about the nightmare game in Dallas the other night and today’s game….

    Surprised no one brought up dogs.

  212. Torts Lament:

    Extreme Ways

    Oh baby, oh baby
    Then it fell apart, it fell apart
    Oh baby, oh baby
    Then it fell apart, it fell apart
    Oh baby, oh baby
    Then it fell apart, it fell apart
    Oh baby, oh baby
    Like it always does, always does

  213. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Nucks were better than “all right” last year….they simply ran into a hot sharks team in rd 1 of the playoffs…

  214. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Had Schnieder not had the groin injury. They might have won that series….Torts has ruined that team…

  215. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    That was great 2-0 …spezza hustled back but too late…the Sens D man was too involved in extra curricular to pay attention to the two on 0 break

  216. ‘Honey Badger’ to get 1st NFL start against DallasGLENDALE, Ariz. (AP) The “Honey Badger” is about to get his first NFL start.Arizona coach Bruce Arians said Tuesday that rookie Tyrann Mathieu will start at free safety in place of injured Rashad Johnson when the Cardinals play the Dallas Cowboys on Saturday.Mathieu has been a sensation in training camp as he looks to make a comeback after being booted from the LSU team for marijuana use and sitting out football altogether last season.In his NFL

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