Red Wings at Rangers … It’s Go Time!


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Game 65.
Red Wings at Rangers.

Just 17 games left for ya boys, who snapped a three-game losing streak in Raleigh on Friday and return to the scene Tuesday to start a stretch of three in a row, six of seven and 10 of 13 on the road.

Alain Vigneault goes with the same lineup in this NBC matinee, which means Derek Dorsett, Justin Falk and Raphael Diaz are prucha’d.

Henrik Lundqvist starts his fifth straight game in goal, seeking career win No. 300.wings

The Rangers are just 1-2-1 in their last four at home, and sitting at NHL-.500 (which equates to four games under .500 at 15-15-4) at the Garden for the season.

Detroit, banged-up all season long, sits just a point behind the Rangers, and eighth overall in the Leastern Conference, with three wins in its last five games.


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  1. Rangers aside, Wings is organization I always liked and follow. (not like Olga-Hawks relationship, but close) Exemplifies NHL hockey club, IMHO, making impossible to hate them even against your team.

  2. “Dear frozen yogurt, you are the celery of desserts. Be ice cream or be nothing. Zero stars.” – Ron Swanson

  3. Completely agree 4ever, Wings are my 2nd favorite after Rangers. Nothing but respect.

    NBC said if playoffs started today we’d be playing Philly… umm We are in 7th place and Flyers are in 6th… how would that work? We’d be playing Boston..

  4. “Have some fun out there” one of the greatest catch phrases ever. (s)

    I added the (s) but don’t really think I needed it.

  5. Thanks Carp…Oy vey… I mean ill take Philly over Boston for round 1 any day but was this confusion needed?

  6. Thanks for clearing that up Carp. The NHL sure knows how to f*** things up. 1 through 8 seeding, let’s see how we can mess that up.

  7. Thank God we don’t have to deal with Doc Emrick today! Kenny Albert is nothing but class, so great to listen to.

  8. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    E3 – you’re remarkably consistent.

    I’d like to see a little more of Pouliot – Zucc – Brassard on the PP today.

  9. Winning some faceoffs early. Hope we don’t hit our quota for the game during the 1st period.

  10. Boyle saw the back of the net. That’s five more weeks of winter for you guys. 1-nil.

  11. I’d be cool with a D Moore cross check to Bertuzzi’s neck. Too bad he’s all classy.

  12. NBC’s announcers ( and I like Albert), botched a call. Detroit wasn’t furious about the non-call they were furios about that offside

  13. Rob in Beantown on

    Since NBC didn’t tell us why the whistle was blown, I’m just going to assume Lundqvist’s fly was open

  14. Papa – The Boyle Den well stocked with Tallamore Dew and Poetry Books. Van Morrison on old reel to reel tapes.

  15. For all the knocks Stepan gets around here — and he deserves them — he’s still really good away from the puck. I can’t imagine how bad defensively that line would be without him.

  16. They moved the clocks, Sally. They didn’t tell anybody. Just moved them. Dammit.

    So good evening, Hambone!

  17. If he (Stepan) only had some burst and quickness to his skating and more of a physical aspect to his game.

  18. NHL is supposed to be a professional league but have refs that don’t know what a actually penalty is and isn’t, unreal.

  19. Ed Van Imp, hated that guy, always wore that swim floaty thing around his neck.

  20. Rob in Beantown on

    It’s so quiet I can hear Carp chewing on roast beef sandwiches from my living room

  21. great, another official crew that is clueless and the refereeing just keeps getting worse as the season goes on, brutal.

  22. AV pays too much reverence to the players salary when making his deployment decisions. (Richards. -Nash- etc.)

  23. Boyle has been feisty these past two games.

    That was also two penalties on Nyquil

  24. Carp wasn’t “Abdelkader” an old bonehead term? Can’t remember but Linda used to use it all the time.

  25. Sioux-per-man on

    Just nice to see some 4th line scoring.

    Can’t wait till St Loooooie heats up :) up!!

    Is Nash playing today? Or do I need new glasses?

  26. Carp, can’t you swipe half of uncle Larry’s sandwich when he’s busy tweeting?

  27. AV makes one comment about the Wings’ interferences, and *now* NBC is all over it as if they came up with that idea by themselves. Hilarious.

  28. Headzo, Abdelkader was definitely an old Bonehead thing. Did he join Detroit while they were in the playoffs or something? I remember him sort of coming out of nowhere.


  29. Sioux-per-man on

    Unless THE Kreider can find his mean streak and play hockey he might have to sit a game

  30. True Carp, but just saying I’m not sure NBC would be paying as much attention to that had AV not said anything about it

  31. look at the bright side, kreider continues to play like this the rangers won’t have to pay him to much in the off season.

  32. Sally not sure how he became a subject of bonehead terminology. I think it was part of the Cooke/Carcillo class of adjectives however!

  33. Sather better approach Staal’s agent in the off season and find out what the deal is with staal. Does he want to exten? if not, than trade him, better not wait until the trade dead line next year.

  34. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    I could be wrong, but I find it hard to believe the team would give the ‘C’ to someone who doesn’t currently have an ‘A’

  35. it’s about time, jeez, I counted a hand full of penalties that weren’t called against detriot.

  36. power play seems to have somewhat diverted back to last years power play where they stand around to much and pass in a circle.

  37. Carp,,

    Staal will have to commit to a new deal over the summer before he gets the C.

    That’s why they’re not going to name a Captain till next season. If they can’t get Staal to agree to an extension, he’ll be gone before you know it.

  38. Maybe … or at least start some negotiations. But he’s kinda the team leader now, with Girardi and McDonagh and, unfortunately, 19.

  39. This pp is an utter disaster. Costing this team pts. Desperately need the next goal.

  40. They probably don’t want to have to trade their pending UFA Captain again in season at next years trade deadline.

  41. eddie eddie eddie on

    Stall is next captain. richards is a horse. Horses sleep in a stall, Richards is your next captain

  42. Rob in Beantown on

    Do you think the Rangers will dangle the captaincy in front of Staal to get him to sign during the offseason? That’s my guess of what will happen

  43. all I know is sather better find out one way or the other on staal and not wait until season starts.

  44. I’ve witness today blatant penalties that weren’t called against detriot but somehow these clowns will call a soft penalty against the rangers.

  45. Tommy, I think Staal will be asked what he would prefer. Gotta hope he is honest. Still, Sather needs to sign him during the summer if he says he wants to stay or otherwise launch him.

  46. Refs just will not give big advantages to any team. Really benefits dirty/chippy teams. (i.e. Flyers)

  47. No
    Doubt were get called for some touchy penalty in off zone lead to tying goal.

    I’m still pissed from last night caps game and flyers tying it late

  48. it’s ironic the first year after the 2004-2005 lockout the refereeing was excellent, since 2006 it’s been going down hill to the point where it’s so bad now it’s like watching the wwe wrestling and this from a so called professional sport.

  49. Carp
    Kreider … yeesh.

    March 9th, 2014 at 1:27 PM

    Kreider needs to be benched.

    March 9th, 2014 at 1:27 PM

    THE yikes

    March 9th, 2014 at 1:28 PM


    Soup for THE KREIDER!

  50. I have to be optimistic.

    Maybe -Nash- for no -Nash- can bring back McDonuts # 2?

  51. rangers should get some odd man rushes with Detriot’s defensemen trying to pinch because of the 2 goal lead, need to capitalize.

  52. “Veganism is the sad result of a morally corrupt mind. Reconsider your life.” – Ron Swanson

  53. 11:30 am start (12:30 DST)- game on NBC- hope nobody paid money to watch this practice.ZZZZZZZZ!

  54. This team has to learn how to put teams away when given the chance. A PP goal there would have been the end of the game.

  55. wow!!! I think people on this blog should talk bad about kreider more inn the future when he’s playing. appears he heard youse and has woken up.

  56. Kreider can look so elite offensively (not many people on earth can skate and shoot like that), but also like a completely lost rookie in the d-zone…

  57. Carp
    lol, Yev. But the yeesh was for that penalty and all of them lately.

    March 9th, 2014 at 2:28 PM

    I know it was Carp! Just busting chops. The kid does take at least 1 bad penalty a game. But, let’s not forget, this is his first full year in the NHL.

    Has the goods to be a BEAST.

  58. I like how Kreider had patience there to hit the wide open net.

    Horrendous defense and goaltending should translate to a more confident Kreider.

  59. Good afternoon all! Looking sweet! Are more votes coming for THE in the poll I hope!!!

  60. Horrendous defense? It was text book execution of a 2 on 1 against a goalie who challenges and doesn’t play back in his crease.

  61. We should have traded Boyle for Franzen. I think Babcock would have made that trade! He is Boyle’s #1 fan!!

  62. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Looks like Detroit finally found a team they can manhandle.

    How sad is our team that we are getting physically intimidated by the red wings?!

  63. 7 out of 12 points sound a lot better than 3 out of 8

    I missed the whole game but it’s been a long time since we have been able to handle Detroit, let alone sweep a season series

  64. didn’t leave out the best part….I had the bisque…

    I am BB’s number one fan too….wish us Babs were related….

  65. Robby Bonfire on

    Imagine how painful it must have been for Slats to know, when he brought Kreider up, he was probably going to have to keep him here? Next time he gets a 10-minue promotion to Broadway, let’s call him “The Miller,” so that he can stay.

  66. Detroit’s inaugural season in the Leastern Conference isn’t going so well, is it?

  67. The other original six teams have classic sweaters. Do you think their fans feel the same way about The Rangers’ jersey, or do they say “yeah, letters”

  68. Wow great WIN! Missed the game but I bought two NYR tshirts this morning at SAMs club and broke the no more financial support of Dolan promise. Coincidence?

  69. bull dog line on

    the Kreider comments here are pretty funny. you learn who knows there stuff, and who does not have a clue from them.

  70. Nice win, but they need to practice that 5 on4 power play…they did control the puck and kept it in their own end (more than on some past occasions) but what happened to that hot PP? They won a game they should have won, and preserved the shutout for a solid Hernrik

  71. GG by the Rangers. Hopefully they build on this win. Considering Detroit scored 9 goals against the Debbie’s. Also how the do they get away with all that interference? It’s ridiculous and I’m glad AV brought it up even though Pierre got upset. Shows Av’s got a good hockey mind.

  72. bull dog line on

    Stepan has now brought his point total up to 44, and his plus minus is almost starting to look Stepan like.

  73. bull dog line on

    I hope that as the Rangers get closer to the playoffs that AV knocks off this 4 lines stuff. they have an advantage over most teams with the top 9 they have. use it. also, if Carcillo is going to continue to try to win the lady byng trophy, then there is no real reason for him to play.

  74. ThisYearsModel on

    THE rules! As long as he scores as many or more points per game than he takes idiotic stupid penalties, we will be fine.

  75. bull dog line on

    I would switch Hagelin and Kreider. St, Louis needs a finisher with him. somebody with size, and good offensive instincts with him. thats Kreider.

  76. bull dog line on

    I don’t know if you missed it, this years model,
    but Kreider needs to be benched or sent down.

  77. bull dog line on

    McDonagh game is nothing like Leetch’s game. his game is more like Scott Neidermayer’s.

  78. ThisYearsModel on

    Face it…..this coaching staff does not destroy the confidence of players after they make mistakes like the last one did. THE would be in Hartford and Zucc would be on the 3rd/4th line-healthy scratch rotation if the former staff were still here. THE makes mistakes, the coaching staff sticks with him and it pays off.

  79. bull dog line on

    right on TYM. AV does not randomly bench players. sticking with young players pays off for you in the long run.

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