Rangers at Hurricanes … It’s Go Time!


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Game 64.
Rangers at Hurricanes.


Well, this should be interesting. Martin St. Louis and Mats Zuccarello in the same lineup. They should give them both the same number and really screw up Carolina in Game 2 of the post-Ryan Callahan era.

Zuccarello returns tonight from a broken hand suffered in the Olympics. So Derek Dorsett will be prucha’d along with Justin Falk and Raphael Diaz (who has been added to the widget ——>).

Henrik Lundqvist, who has lost three in a row, gets his fourth straight start.

From twitter: St. Louis has scored more points against Carolina than any other team.

Ya boys, of course, have struggled since the Olympics, barely hanging on at home against Chicago, losing two eyesores back-to-back against Philadelphia and Boston, and tossing away a point to Toronto at home, though they got the Bettman Loser’s Point.

With 18 games left, it sure might be a good time for the Rangers to put together a bit of a point binge here. After Sunday’s matinee against Detroit (change your calendars and your clocks for that one), the Rangers play six of the next seven and 10 of 13 on the road. The good news is that they have won 16 of 21 on the road while struggling at home, where they are NHL-.500 (which translates to four games under actual .500).

“How are they going to know I’m a Hurricane, Alice?”


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  1. Would have started Talbot. Henrik is being the Hyde instead of the Jeckle of late and sometimes he plays better after sitting for a game. Start him Sunday at the Garden. Like swapping Centers Bras & Stepan. The latter really has to pick up his game.

  2. Sam’s going to have a rough time tonight, keeping all those Staal’s straight.

  3. I’d normally say Hank needs an easy game, but whenever I say that a Cooke team usually shells him.

  4. Rangers are getting bumped from MSG in favor of the basketball team that’s currently 18 games below .500 in the worst division in sports. What a joke.

  5. Freaking must win. Enough of this crap. Someone show this team the standings. It’s go time

  6. Cally….still have never received a good explanation about why MSG does this. It’s like you’re a sucker if you’re a a Rangers fan: ripped off going to MSG, kicked to the curb if you watch it on MSG.

  7. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't hit me Callahan!!!"...says Greg L. on

    LETS gog og ogogg o gogogogo!!!




    IT IS TIME!!!!!

  8. Couldn’t agree more, Headzo. So aggravating. Every Knicks fan I know gave up on that team a long time ago, there’s no way Knick games pull better ratings than Rangers…right?

  9. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't hit me Callahan!!!"...says Greg L. on


    Pritty bad eh ORR , When the back up doesn’t suck like our Billion dollar starter.


  10. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't hit me Callahan!!!"...says Greg L. on



    St,Louisss is in da HOUWSEEEEEE!!!!!

  11. it’s ironic when Callahan would miss games over the years the rangers would struggle to win games and now it appears when Zuccarello is injured and missing games the rangers struggle. With the little hobbit back tonight I expect the rangers to score goals and win.

  12. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't hit me Callahan!!!"...says Greg L. on




  13. yep, that would be me. I gave up watching the knicks after they got rid of Ewing and never looked back and I was a fan since the late 60’s. It helps that I don’t care for the style of basketball that is played nowadays.

  14. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    Let me save your ears a little unnecessary verbal traffic…

    Linda and Henry Staal raised a family of hockey stars and operate a sod farm in Thunder Bay, Ontario.

    Eric (29) played for the Peterborough Petes and won the Stanley Cup as a member of the 2006 Carolina Hurricanes. In 2011, Eric concussed his brother Marc, and he is currently on geographic probation, banned from Thanksgiving dinner at the Staal home.

    Marc (27) played for the Sudbury Wolves before joining the Rangers.

    Jordan (25) played for the Peterborough Petes and raised the Stanley Cup with the 2010 Pittsburgh Penguins. If you watched HBO’s 24/7, you know that Jordan is a grunting man-child with the communication skills of a parking meter.

    Jared (22) played for the Sudbury Wolves and currently plays for the Charlotte Checkers, a minor league affiliate of the Carolina Hurricanes.

    They are hockey royalty, wonderful people, and may one day be nominated for the Nobel Prize in Athletics.

    Now you can grab a beer or visit the rest room when Sam starts rhapsodizing about the Staals.

    You’re welcome.

  15. I see lundqvist is playing tonight. Rangers are going to have to score many goals to win tonight.

  16. Ha! Zucc making up for lost time. Backchecking, crashing the net, and now hopefully scoring this goal. Love the Hobbit!

  17. 4generations 4 cups on

    lol, why would we get a call? hilarious calls, seriously.

    consistent ridiculousness, all season.

  18. OMG!!! where did this clown ref crawl up from, are you kidding me, can’t barely speak English, great, another jackwagon for a nhl ref, great, nhl at there best.

  19. sadly
    we’re following the same road map
    of past several games…
    …not finishing
    which means
    it may
    bite us in the

  20. Wish I had kept track of the quick/slow whistle calls this season. Gotta be about 2 or 3 in the Rangers’ favor, 11-12-13 against.

  21. nevermind it should have been a goal but there should have been a penalty called on that play, zucc got taken down.

  22. ThisYearsModel on

    This league really is a joke. that puck went in of Zucc’s stick. This idiot is not paying attention and Toronto screws us anyway.

  23. why has the refereeing in the nhl become such garbage? It’s been going down hill since 2007 and has reached a all time low.

  24. Someone mentioned it last game,

    Why does it seem that 90% of Ranger shots come from l25 degree or less angles?

  25. No reason to keep J.T. Miller up at the NHL level. Who wants youth, energy, and goal scoring anyway?

  26. by the way, enough of the stupid crap about trading J.T. Miller, the guy is 20 years old for god sake.

  27. what happen to Bob Sanguinetti? rangers 1st round pick in 2006 who last year took out clowe for his first concussions that followed playing for Carolina.

  28. stuck with carolina broadcast
    i’ll give ’em
    they couldn’t believe ref
    didn’t blow the whistle when
    Girardi down
    after the uncalled boarding

  29. @rangersreport

    Nope. Starting the second unit again. Stepan and Nash really deserve the PP opps. (sarcasm).

  30. _No reason to keep J.T. Miller up at the NHL level. Who wants youth, energy, and goal scoring anyway?_

    JT Miller and goal scoring don’t sound right together

  31. It’s well overdue for AV to break up the stepan/nash/kreider line. Try replacing stepan with brassard, something, that line has been dead for way to long now.

  32. JT Miller….
    Rangers making a decision that makes
    hockey sense
    doesn’t make sense

  33. figures, Carolina finally gets a shot on goal and lundqvist lets it in, 8.5 for this goalie, yea right. Devils coach was right, 8.5, puke.

  34. Yep, that’s about right. Two minutes left. These guys are getting tough to watch.

  35. 4generations 4 cups on

    what happened to this team? i feel like all the neutral zone play has been extremely disorganized. there is 0 transition from D to O.

  36. I’m still at work but the word is same old, same old. No points by MSL…or any other Ranger

  37. They should have scored at least a goal in the period, yet we go into the break down a goal.

  38. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    Khudobin’s been the difference in this period.

    That’s right. Not Hank.

    Maybe he had a photo shoot or commercial today.

  39. Isn’t the back check failure on a winger? The Center doesn’t have to jump down that low there I wouldn’t think.

  40. Something is telling me that we will regret that quick, humongous Hank’s contract rather sooner than later…

  41. Why does kreider look like he has no idea what’s happening on the ice again???

  42. look at the bright side fellow ranger fans, this years 2nd round pick the rangers traded for St. Louis at least won’t be a 1st round pick because there is no way in hell this team is getting to the conference finals, heck, at this rate they won’t make the playoffs.

  43. papa, never wanted nash from day one when rumors started. Nash is exactly what I said he was back when the rumors started but people were going gaga over him because of the high light goals they showed on youtube that happened once a year.

  44. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    Good thing he took a discount, because it’s hard to win with just a goalie.

  45. I think The Doctor and I have been whining about trading Nash for Pacioretty for a while.

  46. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    John Giannone: “Good first period for the Rangers.”

    0 for 2 on the power play, and losing 1-0 to a team that blows in the first period.

    Good, indeed!

  47. Yes Kreider d zone awareness is hideous. Mac not to be blamed. A forward needs to cover there and our crap goalie can’t make the key save anymore

  48. CraigWeather on

    Sorry but I’m not impressed by St Louis at all… Easily pushed off the puck so far… Not the slippery player I remember him being. Wait, what’s that.. He’s going on 39? Ah… Yes. Let’s give up a 1st and a 2nd for him in addition to Callahan.. Sather….pffft.. Dumba**

  49. Alain, no hate, which by the way is a strong word to use. It’s more like if the goalie on a team I root for takes my team to the cleaners than I expect him to play like a 8.5 million dollar player, like Crosby and malkin but that’s just me.

  50. Anyone thinks for gone conclusion we make playoffs your mistaken. We’re no better then the crap teams on there heels.

    Just as flawed as the rest of this crap.

    Can someone freaking finishhhhhhhh

  51. Btw, that goal was more Stepan’s fault than Kreider. McDonugh steps up, Stepan has to support McDonugh stepping up at the blue line by dropping lower than McDonugh. He drifted to the puck instead when he should have stayed in the middle, skated hard back and dropped low.

  52. 4generations 4 cups on

    its hilarious how people are making judgments about a guy who has played 4 periods in our system after being traded away from, essentially, his only team he’s ever really played with.

    blame defensive zone coverage all you want, but the newest dude? calling him out? damn you guys are critical

  53. and what I mean by that is Crosby and malkin are the top 5 best forwards in the league and lundqvist supposedly is the top 5 best goalie in the league but he is playing like a dog.

  54. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    “Rangers dominated the first period.”

    Giannone better lay off the bath salts.

  55. Manny, yes you and MrD have. But here’s the difference, I would Traid -Nash- for air just to get him off this team.

  56. Can we add Stepan to the list of third liners that this idiot has drafted? What an awful player he has turned out to be. Put St Louis and Nash together instead of wasting him with Stepan .

  57. I don’t think I would go that far, Papa. I like forcing him to the net on the PP. Maybe it will help him stop being afraid to get dirty.

    I might drop him down at this point. But a Kreider is worse now. So that line is a waste.

  58. AV doesn’t switch up the lines enough…torts switches too much…..AV doesn’t t use his TO’S…..torts burns his TO too much. My head is spinning

  59. When are these teams going to learn that you cannot beat Henrik glove side high?

  60. Jlone2Bubblehead on

    I haven’t been able to watch a game in a month due to work schedule/location. I listen to the espn feed over my tablet. It sounds like they dont have much confidence in the system or there isn’t enough structure within it.

  61. Stranger Nation on

    It looked like ‘the’ was back late to support off wing and Girardi was late coming up to play their center, Staal. Step and McD both played man at blue line who got it by Step ‘tough’ stick check. Nash watching comfortably from blue line…

    McBrando with another goof. When he is human, we cannot win. period.

    High glove side Henk -no nap time today

    Goal taken away from us

    Weren’t the Olympics great??

  62. Hedberg, I know you disagree with me … but who do you think is better from the slop after Boston and Pitt?

  63. from what i hear coming from
    MSG broadcast
    i’m probably better off with hurricanes
    of course
    it’s been on mute since the end of the period

  64. I think the lack of coverage for McDonagh on the goal is on Kreider. Regardless, Hank should probably stop that.

  65. Coos @ 8:00……. It’s pretty easy, he goes to Wendy’s and holds up 4 fingers for a #4 baconator

  66. Olga Folkyerself on

    The only discount you’ll hear from Lundqvist is after another puck goes over his glove hand.

    “Does Dis count?”

  67. Stranger Nation on

    Little lion man (MZA) back to show what effort looks like

    Don’t get caught up in shot totals – half weren’t scoring chances

  68. Philly, Habs, TB and maybe the Sens and I will take some heat on the last one, but I think the Sens have a run in them. Wings are unbelievable with the amount of injuries…just unreal but I gotta believe they fade.

  69. Carp: how excited are you for the game on Sunday knowing it can be “Stralman Sundae”?

  70. yea, I can see it now, rangers lose tonight against the hurricanes and the devils beat the hurricanes tomorrow.

  71. You don’t understand supply and demand for the best goalie for the past 8 seasons. Supply is 1 Hank. Demand are multiple suitors. Result is a more lucrative contract.

  72. Yeah, I’m not buying Philly, Habs, TB at all. I think Ottawa has some of the best skill in the conference. Detroit road kill … of course the Wings will probably destroy NYR at MSG Stralman Sundae afternoon.

  73. Joe just said Hagelin made a good play on the hook.

    Does that answer your question, manny?

  74. Yeah, I understand supply and demand … every team has a No. 1 goalie. They’re not breaking the bank like that, for seven years, for an upgrade. And that doesn’t even factor in the year he’s having.

  75. Carp
    You are usually right so I’ll lay off and hope your right. I just see trouble this year for some reason

  76. Olga Folkyerself on

    You lost me when you used “Hank” and “Discount” in the same sentence.

  77. If we weren’t too cheap to give Henrik another year and another 8 mil, maybe he’d have incentive to give us some better goaltending.

  78. Every team has a goalie that’s one of the best in the world and has been for the past 8 seasons? Cut it out, you sound foolish.

  79. 4generations 4 cups on

    I wish that the players that played for the rangers thought the rangers were more than just a bank, we’re a franchise with at least SOME proud fans. I understand the history of overpaying free agents, but thats just so we can get help for the players who almost always consistently underperform in our uniform. I feel like Staal is going to walk just to be with his brothers in 2015 rather than show any loyalty to us (because, honestly, if Callahan and Lundqvist refuse to take ANY discount to stay with us, who will)? It’s really disappointing.

  80. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Soft soft soft team

    Horrible best centre (as some here think he is)

    Speed means nothing if you don’t do anything with it

    Again only consistent stand up for your teammate forwards have been Pouliot brass and mza…sad

    There has to be a goalie time share starting…talbot has been better than hank this season…FACT

  81. if only i could cough enough to black out
    make this game must more watchable

  82. “AV likes turtles and people, Torts loves dogs and hates people.”


  83. This cruise summarizes everything that is currently wrong with this organization.

  84. Jordan Staal must have onion breath the way -Nash- went down without being touched.

  85. Figure skater fail!

    tommyG, he must have gotten the “don’t score ever” memo.

  86. so again, a goalie nobody has heard of stands on his head against the rangers, can’t make this crap up, only the rangers.

  87. I usually hate even to this topic, but something is wrong tonight with those zebras

  88. Kreider is seriously the most frustrating player ever. All the talent in the world, but nothing between the ears.

  89. Nice of the officials to call on Carcillo WHAT THEY LET THE DEVILS DO EVERY SHIFT OF EVERY GAME.

  90. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Habs are my dark horse in the lead term conf.

    I don’t believe any goalie is worth more than 6 mil per, including hank.

  91. Missing Malaysia Airlines plane from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing…. some things more important than hockey.. Prayers to all.

  92. Every goalie that we face must wake up with puck-shaped welts right in the middle of their gut

  93. Responded to “Jordan Staal must have onion breath the way Nash went down without being touched.”

  94. The virus known as Rangerous non-scoriuos has the brutal effect of removing offensive prowess of even the most reknown talent. Symptoms include visible lack of effort, pansification, and the inability to penetrate poor opposing defenses. There is no known cure outside of removing oneselves from the blueshirt environment, which is particularly difficult to do due to inflation of salaries.
    Source: Headzopedia

  95. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    Oh, so now their getting frustrated.


    Now they no how we feel.

  96. Olga Folkyerself on

    Rangerous non-scoriuos – Also known as the Green Flu. Every Ranger free agent gets it…

  97. 4generations 4 cups on

    these games have been so unbelievably boring its hard to watch the entire thing

  98. Espo, Dionne, LeFleur, TGO, Bure, Jags, St.Louis the never ending spinning wheel

  99. Where are these scoring chances that Sam and Joe keep talking about? I see the same low % shots to the breadbasket…goalie never needs to move his glove

  100. Rangers are tanking so that TB gets a better draft pick

    That’s so nice of them

  101. Olga Folkyerself on

    Alain Amour

    “Hank keeping this a one goal deficit.”

    That means Hank let’s in the next one.

  102. jpg, i don’t know if Allaire is good or not. But he’s almost as safe as Sather because of Hank’s new contract.

  103. This team needs some good old nastiness. I suppose I’ll have to wait until next season fro that.

  104. Anybody want to buy out Nash instead of Richards? Especially since that goal is now J. Moops

  105. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I’m sorry but…

    I said we shouldn’t pay hank what we paid him and I still say he fluffed by torts system

    Talbot has been better than hank all season

  106. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    But I don’t think hanks NMC kicks in until after the draft…traid hank!!

  107. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    I liked St. Louis’ pass, but let’s be honest. They were lucky as hell to win this one.

    There’s no joy, just relief that it’s over.

  108. weird game, rangers looked lost. I should send a thank you note to the hurricane players who shot the puck over the glass to give the rangers a 5 on 3. That was the difference.

  109. Eric I don’t have to type a thing during games because you say exactly what I am usually yelling, I wanted to throw my beer bottle at the tv when danny g made that ridiculous play on the pp. big win!!!!!

  110. Lundqvist once again outplayed by no name >$3M goaltender.

    That contract is looking really sour.

  111. >>they scored 4v5, 4v4, 5v3 & 5v6

    They obviously can’t score 5v5. This team is doomed!

  112. LOL, Pidto reading a tweet: Best win of the year. Um, he realizes they beat Chicago twice, Boston, Pittsburgh, LA … both Stadium Series games …

  113. Referee, motioning to locker attendant, raising his right arm, sniffing.

    “Oh, you want the showers? Straight down the hall and make a left.”

  114. It’s actually let the cat out of the *bag*, not hat. Dr. Seuss is flattered, though.

  115. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    Four goals for us

    1) a slap shot on the ice, right between Khudobin’s legs. If he had his stick on the ground, an easy save.
    2) a deflection off a defenseman
    3) a nice setup by #26 (and a nice goal)
    4) an empty netter

    No chest beating deserved tonight

  116. Lethargic performance, the W nonetheless. Big, aggressive team would have punished us tonight.

  117. Ref leaves Girardi writhing in pain by his goal, yet whistles #13 on a girl’s team call.

  118. Rangers 9, Detroit 8 Sundae. Talbot relieves Lundqvist, then Lundqvist relieves Talbot. Brassard ENG, then Detroit scores on a breakaway on the next faceoff.

    GWG: Stepan. Of course. Or Stralman Sundae.

  119. In the playoffs, muscle, intimidation, and aggression are legit. Interference calls reign. Beware.

  120. carp, if the game goes down like that I don’t think I will survive, my ticker will explode.

  121. Nasher was far from a world-beater tonight, but he did put his big azz in front of the net much more than lately.

  122. JMoops speedy as a winger, offensively aggressive; now if he learns how to play defense, and/or he gets some forwards to protect back, he might someday be a primo defenseman.

  123. Carp you got the score right but it’s a Bettman bonus point game and The Kreider used all the hot water in the new Billion dollar round square garden with nothing living

  124. Is this the building within which Jimmy V strode, or does NC State have a separate basketball venue?

  125. Notice that AV speaks English when doing local interviews? Think Torts speaks any French up there?

  126. AV, on radio interview, with a coughing fit, apologizes, says: “Too much screaming at that French referee tonight.”

  127. Yep MSG showed AV saying that to the reporters who laughed….

    BTW Pens and Ducks playing right now. Another good game though it’ll be hard to beat yesterday’s Pens-Sharks game.

  128. ThisYearsModel on

    Detroit scored 7 on Fatso. The ice quality at Joe Louis was horrible…..the worst ever in an NHL arena. Did Eric Staal play tonight? Other than the slash of Affirmed’s hand, I didn’t notice him at all.

  129. Matty"DissapointedInCallahan"Boy on

    Carp, at some point, please comment on Richards being given an A.

    In particular, does it mean we can expect him to stay longer than this year? Is it possible he…ugh….gets the C????

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