Rangers trade Callahan to Tampa Bay for Martin St. Louis (UPDATED)


Will update as we go here. I don’t think the Rangers are done.

The Rangers were close to re-signing  captainRyan Callahan, but apparently not close enough, and probably not even thrilled with the best offer they had put forward for six years and more than $6 million.

So they consummated a deal for a player they had targeted for a while, a soon-to-be 39-year-old Martin St. Louis, who despite his size and age immediately becomes the Rangers’ best forward. St. Louis is signed for next season at a manageable cap hit of $5.625 million.

St. Louis was attempting to get to New York in time for tonight’s game against Toronto.

In addition to Callahan, the Rangers surrender a first-round pick in 2015 and a conditional second-rounder in 2014. If the Rangers reach the conference finals that becomes a first-rounder in ’14. If Tampa Bay re-signs Callahan, who is due to be an unrestricted free agent July 1, the Rangers get Tampa Bay’s second-rounder in 2015 and the Lightning gets the Rangers’ seventh-round pick in 2015.

St. Louis asked to be traded after Tampa Bay GM Steve Yzerman originally did not pick him to play on Team Canada in the Olympics (St. Louis eventually replaced injured Tampa teammate Steven Stamkos, but played sparingly). He also said he would only accept a trade to the Rangers, with his off-season home in nearby Greenwich, Conn.

St. Louis and former Lightning teammate Brad Richards worked out with other NHLers, including Los Angeles’ Jonathan Quick, in Connecticut during the off-season. Richards and St. Louis, who won a Cup together with Tampa Bay, will be reunited, though it could be brief. Richards is very likely to be bought out after this season because of the hefty cap-recapture penalties that could cripple the Rangers when Richards retires.

The Rangers refused to negotiate a seven-year contract that Callahan originally sought, at a cost of more than $6.5M per, considering his injury history and the way he plays a big man’s game in a small body. Also his offensive numbers had been dropping. But when he dropped to six years, and to a lower salary number, the sides got closer. In the end, the Rangers felt they were better off not signing Callahan, and figured it would be much better to get something in return rather than let him walk away for nothing in July.

It is widely believed that Buffalo, near his hometown of Rochester, will be willing to go to seven years for Callahan in free agency.

Callahan participated in the Rangers’ morning skate today but refused to talk to reporters following the practice. Then, as the lockerroom was cleared, the trade news broke. His teammates, who expressed hope that Callahan would not be traded, appeared to be shocked and were not available for comment. Also, Rangers coach Alain Vigneault, who normally addresses the media following a morning skate, chose to wait until after the deadline to do so.

I believe that Marc Staal will be the next Rangers captain, with Dan Girardi getting an “A” and, if Richards is indeed bought out, either St. Louis or Ryan McDonagh getting the other “A.”


More to come shortly …

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  1. ThisYearsModel on

    So fast forward to next year. Henrik gets hurt or sucks again, Rangers miss he playoffs and the #1 becomes a lottery pick. Connor McDavid ends up in Tampa. No problem with Cally being dealt. Like St. Louis. Hate giving up #1 picks.

  2. Fast forward to rewind. That bruin game convince anyone it was time for change. This is the first step. Pieces for a run are in place. There are legit youngsters on team/in system. I am more optimistic now than I was an hour ago, can still sign cally for normal money this offseason.

  3. as offensive forwards, there’s no comparison. St. Louis is at least twice the offensive force that Callahan is. but you’re losing a lot of shot blocking plus 2 high draft picks for a guy who will be 39 years old in 3 months. don’t like that aspect of the trade.

  4. Mr. Marty St . Louis on

    I’m glad to help the organization with the size and grit they need to stop being pushed around by Philly and Boston and every team in the West.
    Thank you Glen!

  5. Wicky©Carp jinxed my macbook! on

    I think hagar gets traded today, size/grit for that MSL secretariat line

  6. matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties"Boy on

    I’m stunned, saddened, don’t understand.

    Where did the ‘building with youth’ program go? Now we get a squirt to play with our other squirts, but this one is 39 years old?? He’s a darn fine offensive player. So, now we lose 6-4 instead of 2-1. The team is still flawed. Very flawed.

    What did the Penquins give up for Iginla? Is that apples to apples, only Iginla is a few years younger and not as good an offensive player. But, 39?

    I dont mind getting rid of Callahan. Taking a stand, but the 1st round pick is sickening.

  7. Gravy

    MD, don’t forget that we traded for cap space.

    Should have swapped the picks for MSL and then used Callahan in another deal to get player(s)/picks.

    Agree with this.

  8. Guys on TSN made a good point, it’s not like Callahan didnt see this coming. If he wasnt willing to come down 250,000 to the Rangers of 6 for 6 he shouldnt be all that surprised to be traded. At that point 250K makes little difference so everything was in his control.

    Holy smokes Brian Burke is a donkey…

  9. Puckdaddy’s take: Yzerman wins the trade even before making a single pick. There’s no replacing St. Louis. He’s a special player. But Yzerman potentially just got a top-six captain and two first-rounders for a 38-year-old that was all boo-boo faced over an exhibition tournament snub.

  10. matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties"Boy on

    So, now, I’ll predict Hags and a few more draft picks (who cares, we don’t use them wisely anyway?) for Stuart.

    Let’s just blow this up and get worse in 3 hours time.

  11. as long as sather is the gm the rangers will never sniff the stanely cup or play in the stanely cup finals.

  12. “Old Slats” – Ryan Callahan

    Old Slats look at the ice,
    Didn’t ask a lot from you.
    Old Slats look at the ice,
    Didn’t ask a lot from you.

    Old Slats look at the ice
    Wore 24
    and there’s so much more
    Captain of the team yes that’s right
    It makes me think of two

    Draft picks, on the way,
    Down the coast
    To Tampa Bay
    I’m like a coin that just got sent
    Skating away from you

    Old Slats take a look at the ice
    Didn’t ask a lot from you
    I need someone to pay me
    My earnèd dues
    Ah, one look in my eyes
    You can tell I bled blue

    Sad goodbyes, look in their eyes
    The captain’s gone, the children cry
    Would’ve meant so much to me
    To mean that much to you.

    I’ve blocked shots left and right
    Didn’t want to feel this slight
    But I’m in the sun at last
    Skating away from you

    Old Slats take a look at the ice
    Didn’t ask a lot from you
    I need someone to pay me
    My earnèd dues
    Ah, one look in my eyes
    You can tell I bled blue

    Old Slats look at my life,
    Didn’t ask a lot from you.
    Old Slats look at my life,
    Didn’t ask a lot from you.

  13. to the people complaining about St. Louis’ size, what’s Callahan got 2 inches on him?

  14. Even though St. Louis instantly becomes their best scoring forward, I think Callahan plus two picks is too much.

    Maybe it will work out but this is probably the saddest I’ve felt about a trade since Leetch was dealt in 2004.

  15. Too me it’s more about the picks then the player cally.

    2015 deep draft one of deepest in years

  16. So now we have to hope we make the playoffs but pray we don’t get to the CF.

    Also need to triple pray that Richards doesn’t play well with his -new- old toy.

  17. Wow, hate losing our Callahan and giving up a #1 but look forward to seeing St-Louis in this system.

    Even more of a pressing need to get an agressive banger in here, better be something else brewing.

  18. Eric,

    That’s absolutely the problem here. If The Moron swapped Callahan for St. Louis and even one lower pick, I would be fine with it. But to throw in 2 potential #1s? No way.

  19. I think Cally maybe outsmarted himself here. And it was an unanticipated gaffe by Tampa, dissing MSL, that allowed it. This particular trade never would have happened in the real world.

  20. What is Sather’s next move. Plenty of time for him to get rid of the future. 2015 is going to be a deep draft, most gms collecting picks. It will be interesting to see if Tampa trades Cally elsewhere.

  21. agree. The first-rounder and then another possible first is too, too much. Would have rather given them Miller.

  22. matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties"Boy on

    Which is worse? Losing 2 draft picks for MSL, and Callahan, OR signing Drury and Gomez same trade deadline?

    Yes, he is the MASTER of trades. The Hockey Maven. Mr. Glen “I haven’t won in a quarter century plus” Sather.

  23. Wicky©Carp jinxed my macbook! on

    Love the Burke!!

    is slats done, or do you think there will be more ranger deals?

  24. matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties"Boy on

    Carp, but Miller is almost 6’0″, and almost 200 lbs. He could be one of our biggest forwards some day. He needs to be protected, doesn’t he?

    Sorry. I am pretty cynical on this one.

    The good news, the Rangers won’t make the ECF, so no worries there.

  25. I think I’m more happy that we kept Miller than I am pissed for giving up a 1st. I think.

    I have no freakin clue how to *feel* right now!

  26. When the Rangers win the Cup this year, we’re all going to laugh about this (s).

    Carp, even if Miller’s ceiling is 3rd liner, do you think the Rangers would draft better than him with #20+?

  27. ThisYearsModel on

    CARP–seeing as we cannot trust Sather, do you think there is any scenario where he does NOT buy out Richards now?

  28. Can we not fish to bring Cally back in July after buying out Wilbur? Then wouldn’t we have only given up picks for MSL? That’s a big IF…not sure I’m thinking through it clearly…

  29. I don’t know that a random pick, made by Glen Sather, would be better than JT Miller.

  30. The thing is the 39 year old St. Louis is not only better, but his body is probably in better condition than the 29 year old Callahan.

    The Rangers are a better team tonight and next season because of this.

  31. Rangers aren’t making it to the conference finals. I would bet high on that. I highly doubt Callahan will sign with Tampa, and the draft picks do not equal good players. It’s a gamble. We have a world class scorer for this and next year. Possibly more. Yzerman wants to continue building. It’s not like Tampa is all of a sudden a cup contender. They hurt there immediate chances for that.

  32. Interesting trade. Can’t say I love the cost, as the first rounder seem steep. Part of me wants to say St. Louis was still in the top 15 of Canadian Olympian forwards at 38, which has to mean something but on the other hand, even I could rack up a lot of points passing it to Stamkos. The Rangers are offensively better immediately, which is where I think the bulk of there problems are. Callahan always played hard to his credit but his demands proved too high. Someone else will easily pick up his PK duties.

  33. That’s exactly what’s going to happen. They are going to re-sign Callahan.

    For 7 years, $49M.

  34. I’ve got a real fear now that part of the impetus for this move was to give Richards one of “his guys” to play with again and he won’t get bought out

  35. Proof positive that Slats wants to win now at the expense of the future (when everything will be someone else’s problem. Top picks tossed, plus probably keeping Richie. What does that road sign say: DANGER, FALLING ROCK ZONE.

  36. And when St. Louis’s contract expires, Toews and Kane are also FAs. So is Bobby Ryan and David Kreicji

  37. St. Louis production has not slowed at all since stamkos has been injured. In fact I think he has more goals. So Stamkos isn’t the reason for MSL success.

  38. If the Blackhawks let Toews get to Free Agency then they are the single stupidest team in the NHL

  39. _when everything will be someone else’s problem_

    Sather is going to outlive every one of us.

  40. Losing your captain is huge, yes, but at least we’re getting back possibly the most respected player in the league.

    Don’t think this will have a big impact on the *room*.

  41. Can count on Sather to hemorrhage the future for the shot at a glorious flash in the pan run at the holy grail.

    If any organization is looking for picks/prospects, Sather’s phone line is always open. Give him a call.

    Lose your heart and soul shot-blocking captain (injury prone? sure) for an upgrade in offense from a going-on-39 year old captain. But once MSL/Richards are out the door, we’ll have plenty of talent in the barn to help out…oh wait…

    Rangers win? Not IMO…

  42. matty"WeShouldWearPinkPanties"Boy on

    Losing Prust hurt this team. Losing Callahan’s heart will have an effect, too.

    Both asked too much for their ‘intangibles’ and, on paper, they were very overpriced. It is understandible, then, whey they were not resigned.

  43. Whoever said that there shouldn’t be a ‘C’ the rest of this year, but rather three ‘A’s) is probably correct, or should be. We need a couple more large players and less controversy.

  44. Guess St. L has no need for a domicile search unless his Greenwich mansion is rented out.

  45. Elliot Friedman reporting penguins are in on vanek. Don’t go there prob lose 1st round to them

  46. Mister D’s Projection: Nash gets the C, shrugs, Rangers make it to the ECF, get swept by Boston, Richards gets plowed by Lucic trying to start an early handshake line with 0:03 to go in a 7-0 Game 4 loss, Mister D obtains never-ending diarrhea

  47. The more I think about this trade I think it’s obvious that Sather is “going for it”. Realistically, when do we think Lundqvist’s window of prime play closes, 2018-2019?

    Sure they give up a 1st round pick but what is that worth to the organization? The Ranger’s will probably finish in the top half of the league every year or conversely, be at the tail end of the 1st round draft. Looking at past drafts back to 2009 (five years) – there’s a lot of guys in the bottom half of the 1st round who still haven’t made the NHL or aren’t crushing it.

    Even if they drafted someone decent in 2015, that guy is probably not an impact player until 18-19 at the earliest at which point this team’s window is most likely closed anyway.

  48. Sather Must Go! on

    the rangers (sather) just do not value draft picks like other teams, which is silly with a salary cap deictating personnel decisions a one for nash, a 2 and 3 for Clowe, a 1 and 2 for st Louis..poor ken gernander

  49. Sather Must Go! on

    the rangers (sather) just do not value draft picks like other teams, which is silly with a salary cap dictating personnel decisions; a one for nash, a 2 and 3 for Clowe, a 1 and 2 for st Louis..poor ken gernander

  50. Re-post:

    Personally while I don’t like Sather I think this whole thing was a gianty CF by Cally’s agent. Way overvalued him based on what some second rate organization in complete disarray (see Lafontaine, Pat) would pay, then got into a staring match. I guarantee you Callahan wanted to stay here in NY and his agent told him to hold on, hold on, wait, we have all the leverage. Sather got PO’ed. Plus if you are Callahan you could have just signed for $36 million in a situation you knew you liked. Instead, you gave up being captain of the NY Rangers and have to pray you dont get injured in the next 20 games.

    I recognize Sather should have dealt with this earlier and much differently to begin with, but Callahan’s agent just blew this. 6 years, 36 million for him is absolutely very fair. No way in hell this is what Callahan wanted to happen or expected. No way.

  51. If Richards is named the new Captain, that will tell you all you need to know about him being bought out.

    From Sather’s perspective, maybe he realizes this is his last shot. Waiting 5 years down the road means he probably won’t be here. Losing the picks will be someone else’s problem.

    The thing is, with the youth movement, at some point, you have to get out of the rebuilding mode and into the go for it mode. I think that’s what Slats is doing. It’s not like Cally is young. He’s a beat up 29. And if you think you can win in the next two years, then you give up the picks. Sather is betting it can happen. We’ll see.

  52. sather will never get it and the rangers will never reach the stanely cup under his regime. Look at the successful teams to name a few, pitt, boston, blackhawks, the draft. The redwings are struggling to make the playoffs but you don’t see them throwing away draft picks for a quick fix. Redwings will draft well and be back near the top in a few years, book it.

  53. We’re talking about next years first round pick, and most likely a 2nd rounder this year. These do not translate into great players. Rangers fans of all fans should know this, and those prospects will be young, and most likely not play for many years. Herman probably has his eyes set on some prospects and want to increase his chance of getting them.

  54. We’re talking about next years first round pick, and most likely a 2nd rounder this year. These do not translate into great players. Rangers fans of all fans should know this, and those prospects will be young, and most likely not play for many years. Yzerman probably has his eyes set on some prospects and want to increase his chance of getting them.

  55. Rangers Rock on

    Enough crying already! 11 goals compared to 29. First line player to third line. Team player to greed. What are the lines going to be?

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