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  1. Stranger Nation on

    Sather 2014 checklist
    Sign Hank
    Sign Girardi
    Trade Cally
    Trade for small and old offensive all star
    Extend Richards

  2. _Hmm. Why didn’t anyone notice that Cally’s No Trade demands played a part as large as salary disagreement?_

    Pretty selfish that he’d want assurances he got to stay in NY, huh?

  3. I believe I spoke earlier to the selfishness issue, exonerating Cally, available to all posters would care to read as well as to post.

  4. cooscoos,

    The actual Pierre LeBrun, not the one people here cited as a source for a Vanek trade to Pittsburgh, posted this 4 hours ago:

    Pierre LeBrun ?@Real_ESPNLeBrun 4h

    Callahan and Rangers were really close at the end, just $200,000 apart a year or so… lack of NTC in deal apparently big issue though…

  5. I find it mildly alarming that Sather says he traded away a #1 pick because he didn’t see a player who could contribute in the next 2-3 years

  6. Wicky©This team needs playable INTIMIDATION!! on

    WOW, stamkos sounds like his dog got run over

  7. I barely ever post anymore. Kind of got tired of dealing with a lot of these people.

  8. ThisYearsModel on

    Thanks for the audio Carp. clearly Sather does not value draft picks like other GM’s do. He does not value building from within.

  9. I wonder if Hank has a special relationship with Rafael Diaz and maybe that is why the management pulled the trigger on that one. That would be nice. He looked fine in the Olympics, right?

  10. So Sather has never heard of Ekblad or MacKeown, for starters. 2014 is a very good draft.

  11. Swiss and Swedish players are allowed to speak, Lloyd. Even allowed to be friends.

  12. so we’re down to assuming that two players who hail from the same continent, albeit 1,200 miles apart, must be friends. got it

  13. Gotta love Sather’s way of playing that no movement card over the last decade. Guys like Callahan and Leetch have no business asking for it but a guy like Nash and Richards nooooo problem…

    again, not saying Callahan deserved that kind of money but at some point you have to realize that Sather does what he wants when he wants. Never going to succeed with him at the helm. Once again, I hope they lock horns with Boston again this year and then he can talk about how they’re “close” He just wont have a coach to fire or a captain to gauge the team’s “pulse”

  14. Paul in sunrise on

    So I presume many would rather trade hags instead of a first? I will take hags over two firsts. He is a known quantity. He is a solid 6/7 forward complementary piece to a top unit and cannot be replaced by a draft pick in the upcoming drafts.

  15. Trautwig sucks. Can’t he stick to gymnastics?

    Oh cool. We traded for the guy with grey hair.

  16. They just got him his best buddy. Richards and St. Louis forever! If you give them enough chances they are bound to win!

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